The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - The Prize - full transcript

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Season 01 Episode 16

Episode Title: "Prize Day"

Only one sleep to go.

What are you wearing,

I haven't decided yet.

Imo, you should so wear
that dress you wore last year.

It was so pretty.

It wasn't that nice.

It was.

And you know it was.


It was pretty nice.
[magic zaps]

Alright, I know you're all
excited about Prize Given Day.

What day?

The DMI Student Awards,
3 o'clock tomorrow.

Right here.
We get to host them this year.

No one told me.

I sent the notifications
to the parents magically.

Your father's not on that list.

So sorry, Kyra.

Of course
you're welcome to come.

You have to.

It's the most important
day of the year.

All the local magic schools
will be here.

So is this the end of term?

Does that mean
we're about to have holidays?

[scoffs] What's a holiday?

That's how school works.

After Prize Day,
you get a break.

Not in our world.
Magic never sleeps.


My dad will make a speech,
then they hand out prizes.

And after that,
there's a party.

Which means serious party frocks
are needed.

So, what are you gonna wear?

I don't know.

- Excellent.
- What?

That just means I'll come over
later and help you choose.

Dressing up is
what fairies live for.


Excuse me.

Do you mind if I sit here?

Of course not.


- Good juices here.
- The best.


I wonder if you could help me
with a little problem I've got.


happen to have two tickets
for tomorrow afternoon

for the new movie
"Revenge of the Top Menaces."

But there's only one me.

Any chance you
could help me out?


that sounds great.

But tomorrow afternoon
is my school's

prize-giving ceremony.

- Oh.
- Cheer up.

I promise I won't have any fun.

- Is Kyra going?
- Of course.

She's one of us now.

You having a clear-out?

We haven't used any of
this stuff since... you know.

Mom passed away.

Michiko loved the outdoors.

And we always used to go camping
on her birthday.

That's this weekend.

So I thought maybe
the time was right.

I'll hire a car, and we'll
go away for a couple of days.

If I could just find
my fishing rod.

You loaned it to Peter.

- Right.
- [chuckles]

So what do you think?
Are we on?

Sure, Dad.
Sounds great.

We'll do everything
like we used to:

sing songs,
burn marshmallows in the fire.

KYRA: That's your job.


I swapped shifts
and got time off.

So, if we could leave around
4:00 tomorrow afternoon?

Could we leave the day after?

But then we only
get one night away.

I want to get
to the campsite before dark.

But if you've got
something else on, tell me.

I know it's short notice.

No, it's all good.


This is gonna be
a wonderful trip.


[engine starts]


[siren wails]

Whatever it is, Officer,
I'm innocent.

Relax, Peter, I just need
my fishing rod back.

Kyra and I are off
camping tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon?


I used to do it with her mom.

Now I think we're ready
to pick it up again.



So if you could
drop that rod off.

- No problem.
- STEVEN: Terrific.

Oh, stay under the speed limit.


Too casual, too bright.

Too stripy.

Too just not right.

How long is this ceremony?

About an hour.

Then there's the after-party.

That's when the fun begins.


Do you think
I could get away early?

Kyra, this is
the most important day

of the school year.

It wouldn't be
a good look at all.

Nope. Nope.
Is nothing any good?

- Not really.
- Agh!

that's my entire wardrobe.

What am I goning to wear?

[phone ringing]


I'm with a special friend
right now.

I believe you're going
to an award ceremony tomorrow.

KYRA: You've been
talking to Ruksy.

I can neither
confirm nor deny that.

Well, yes, I am.
So what?

I just got pulled over
by your dad.

He told me that
you're going on a camping trip.

Spot the problem.

I know.

PETER: I got the impression
that this trip

means a lot to your dad.
Don't let him down, Kyra.

Ditch the ceremony.

I can't.
It's really important.

PETER: You can't do both.

Or can you?

Is there a spell for being
at two places at the same time?

I'll figure something out.

Good luck with that.

We need marshmallows, bread,
baked beans

in case you don't catch

Happy Birthday, Mum.

Thank you.

[speaking foreign language]

BOTH: [laughing]

I was backing up everything
on this from our last trip

and got a little sidetracked.

That was a wonderful trip.

Yeah, it was.


Except for the part where
you hung out our sleeping bags

- to air and it rained on them.
- [chuckles] Oh yeah.

And you didn't put the top
on the ice chest properly

and possums
got into the food.

- If you're going to be picky.
- [giggles]

But apart from that...

yeah, it was
a fantastic trip.


Mom's so graceful.

It's hard to believe
she was a Judo champion.

You wouldn't say that if she
ever flipped you onto your back.

Pretty brave to go out
with a woman

who can throw you around.

Good morning,
sleeping beauty.

Good morning.
It's too early.

ALL: [laughing]

I'll do the shopping
and load the car

when I get home from work.

I wanna get out of the driveway
by 4 p.m.,

so make sure you're ready.
No problem, Dad.

I'll be here.

That would look great
on you, Ruksy.

I can so see you in that.


She's working on
her acceptance speech

for when she wins her award.

What if she doesn't get one?

She claims she won't care.

I don't.

Yeah, right.

The awards are important.

But I want you
to remember that, today,

you are representing
this school.

I want you all
on your best behavior.

Whether you receive
an award or not,

I want you to know that
I'm very proud of you all.

Professor Maxwell,
that's so sweet.

If there was a prize
for teachers,

- you would get one for sure.
- Oh.

See you all later.

I'm sure you want
plenty of time to get ready.

And no comments
on my suit.

Okay, you can look now.

Lily, that's fantastic.

I thought so.

What about my dress?

Don't you think
it's a little...

over the top?

You wanna make an impression,
don't you?

I'm sorry, Lily,
but I can't go wearing this.

I'll have to wear
one of my dresses.

And commit a sartorial sin?

I don't think so.

Let me give it another try.
We're going to be late.

If you don't like it,

you can wear
one of your... things.



[magic twinkles]

[piano music plays]

No, thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

[piano music continues]

Nice to see you, Jared.

Sorry your wife
couldn't be here.

She's skiing in Austria.

Doesn't like jumping back
such a distance.

Well, I'm sure she's still
as proud as you must be.

Imogen and Darra
have very well this year.

I'm looking forward to seeing
them receive their awards.

Any hints?

As you know, the DMI
makes the final decisions.

good luck, you two.


Kyra's still not here.


I hope she hasn't changed
her mind about coming.



[indistinct chatter]


You look amazing.

Thanks to Lily.


Why is everyone staring?


Imagine they're all wearing
ogres' underpants.


[indistinct chatter]

Kyra, this is my father,

Ah, the Tri-ling
I've heard so much about.

I must thank you for saving
my son from the Eye of Horus.

It was nothing.

No, it wasn't.
It was totally amazing.

Son... why don't you get
the young lady some punch?


I can see you've made
quite an impression on Darra.

It's easy to confuse that
with other feelings.

But my son is destined
for bigger things.

I'm sure you understand.

- Good luck this afternoon.
- Thank...


[plastic bag crunching]

[indistinct chatter]

[soft piano music playing]

Welcome, everyone,

to the annual
DMI Awards presentation.

And thank you to the Maxwell
School for hosting us.


My warmest congratulations
to all the students here.

Your hard work and dedication
to the safety

of our magical world
is impressive.

Today, we give awards
to those students

who've shown
outstanding abilities.

So I won't keep you
in suspense any longer.

The first award is
the Blackwell Prize

for Advanced Transmutation,

kindly sponsored
by Jared Blackwell.


And the award goes
to Neesha Bonadree

the Marjorie Kravis School.


Congratulations, Neesha,

who by the way, has finally
broken the record

of Rumpelstiltskin.

Not only did she spin
straw into gold,

but also into silver and lead.

So I think there's going to be
a few gnome miners

who'll be looking
for some work.


The next award is for

the Transformation
of the Most Teeth.

And this award
goes to Lily Reegan.




I knew you'd get one.

I'm proud of you.

And the dusk of all
Riversteen magical schools

for this year is

Ruksy Tevala
from the Maxwell School.


[trunk slams]


[phone ringing]


"Be there soon.
Keep Dad busy."


And finally, as head of DMI,

I would like to give
a special award this year

to someone I personally think
has exhibited

an extraordinary
control of magic.

I'm giving this award
to Kyra Glenn.

DARRA: Go, Kyra.

[crowd cheering]

And Kyra's phone
was about to die,

so she called me to come and
tell you she wouldn't be long.

Why didn't she call me

Uh, well... because...

she knew I wanted
to talk to you.

- What about?
- What about?

Good question.

Uh, well, it's about me
becoming a policeman

when I leave school.

You're considering
a career in the force?

I like solving mysteries.

And the uniform is cool.

So, talk me through it
step by step.

- [magic zaps]
- [crowd cheers]

Congratulations, Kyra.

As the newest member
of our magical community,

anything you'd like to say?

Oh, um...

I really wasn't expecting this.

I don't know what to say.

Except I'm honored.

Thank you.


Well, that concludes
the formal part of proceedings,

so enjoy the music and the food.

And as my daughter would say...
[magic zaps]

party on!


[lively piano music playing]

So, after constable
comes senior constable,

then sergeant?

Oh, I forgot first constable.

How's it go again?

Did Kyra talk to you
about camping?

Yeah, she said
she couldn't wait.

She's almost an hour late.

She doesn't want to go,
does she?

She never said that to me.

Well, I've got
the message now...

loud and clear.

[indistinct chatter]

Congratulations, Kyra.
Well done.

And you look
absolutely beautiful.

It's just a little something
I whipped up for her.

Thank you, um,
I really have to go.


Giving the Tri-ling an award?
What were you thinking?

She doesn't belong here.

- She is not one of us.
- SEAN: Jared, please.

JARED: This is an insult
to all magical beings.

Orla, you're with me on this,

Jared has a point, Sean.

Giving the girl an award
makes it appear as if you

condone this situation.
Whether we like it or not,

the girl has orb magic.

Now isn't it better
to treat her as one of us

then make an enemy of her?

There are other ways
of dealing with her.

And what might they be?


Kyra, this is
not your concern.

Go enjoy yourself.


You're afraid of me,
aren't you?

I'm afraid of you.

The most powerful being
in the entire magical world

is a teenage girl,
and she was born human.

Orla told me how
you performed in the test.

It's clear
where your loyalties lie.

You're right, Mr. Blackwell.

I'm not one of you.

I'm an ordinary human girl
who had an accident

that let me enter
into your world

and gave me powers
I never asked for.

What do you
intend to do with them?

You are the only one amongst
us with orb magic, Kyra.

Do you understand
how powerful that makes you?

And how uneasy that makes us?


There are people here
who accept me for what I am.

Not an elf.

Not a fairy.

Just me.


I would never do anything
to hurt them.

That's why you don't
have to be afraid of me.

Not because you gave me
this award.

You thought you had
to buy my loyalty.

If you knew what it
cost me to be here,

you'd know you already had it.

[magic zaps]


[magic zaps]


[crying continues]

[guitar music plays]

[singing in foreign language]


I am so sorry
I'm late, Dad.

I completely
lost track of the time.

We'd better get going.

[TV shuts off]

I know you don't wanna go.

No, I do.


You're growing up now,

and you don't wanna do
kid stuff anymore.

Your mom would have got that.

And I'm fine with it, too.

Dad, I'm really, really sorry.


We can still go.


That was amazing,
what you did.

Darra had a big argument
with his dad after you left.

What's wrong?

This was the most important
day for my dad in three years.

I should have been here
with him, and I wasn't.

Can't you just
apologize to him?

It's not enough.

I need to make it up to him,

but I don't even know
where to start.

Then it's lucky
you have two fairies here.




How did you
set this up so fast?

If you want something
badly enough...

you find a way to do it.

[magic twinkling]


Mm, strawberry.

Of course.
Mom's favorite.


Happy birthday, Mum.

Happy birthday, Michiko.


I'm sorry
about this afternoon.

You and Mom are
so important to me.

I shouldn't have let it happen.

I know you have
your own life now.

I'm just glad
we get to share this.


Pretty perfect, isn't it?

Just like camping.

There's just one thing



[guitar plays]

♪ Fly as high ♪

♪ As you can see ♪

♪ Spread your wings ♪

♪ And you'd be free ♪

♪ Nothing here
will ever hold you down ♪


♪ You will always find a way ♪

♪ And you'll be free ♪

Singing in foreign language...

♪ Fly so high ♪

♪ And you will see ♪

♪ Spread your wings ♪

♪ And you'll be free ♪

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