The Boss Baby: Back in Business (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Number One Problem - full transcript

Gigi's potty training strategy has a diaperless Boss Baby hanging out in the buff. But a horrified Tim can't handle all the nakey time.

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Hold all my calls

The boss baby

Get set



Yeah I was sick and tired of spending so much time dressing my dollies

And I think your parents felt the same way about dressing babies

Why not

Stupid has always said

But market research shows only 14% of parents are comfortable firing cannons at their babies

This is used

Sandy Lee Hughes

The frontier about dreams lies at the edge of all Nightmare

What is happening at this


This week in research and development is all about





The time to think

This week

And then we rebuild it


How are you





You fail to grasp the spirit of Smash

The Box


What's this

Gypsy baby boots

It's not quite ready


Bad it's a baby leans too far

Maybe you can stack boxes idiota

Field operation


Manila file folders

I know how to seize the inside track on becoming the next CEO

Working on the consequence


Was awesome

Free business tip there is no better way to impress a boss to being proactive

Without Mom and Dad asking me

That never happened

The most frustrating

And I'm going to sell them all

Fight between Simmons gay

No idea what it does but it looks cool

You're punching box through

Who's to say mysteries of science really

Let's see

Lost her anti baby activist the classic puzzle

Baby who will not

He doesn't smile for pictures he doesn't laugh

Raul's a tragic case

He's big sister that's about as helpful as handlebars on oatmeal

Okay Grump Grump

A comedy joke

They don't understand joke

This one has a physical punchline there for a high-yield laughter rated babies 3 to 14 months

What do you call a list


Finish my joke


Look innocent

A really don't have to do this GG

Summer going to be over before you know it

I can't go home without leaving this family with one final gift of

Potty train baby

Potty training is the worst

Don't you think he's too young I potty trained cat at this age

And he turned out great

Pineapples contain the protein

I don't know it's really true about pineapple

The potty training Ted

Might be nice

Potty train


Everywhere all right

You think you can

I got a family member from the old country

It puts the baby in total control the process


As I was what

Naked baby potty

Naked help

I said a potty chair over the house no need for help from Grown Up

That way when it's time for baby to go

I just crawled over to the nearest body and achieve

My major milestone

Something bothering you Templeton you are naked

Cooking again to prove it but yes you are

Totally different from regular

You are naked but it's still going to get all over everything

Honestly I've never felt so

I thought you left.

Who doesn't

But I owe you

Mom and Dad film


I'll be back in diapers in a hot second

I love that you indeed you're finally getting along if your butt wasn't all over

About you Templeton

You better hope that the clean one

I am not looking

Add a naked baby

Wait for GG

Can you just go on the potty right now



Before bedtime tonight


Naked butt

What the hero in the football wars

All right baby Grump Grump

Let's take a look at you with

Fresh eyes

Brandy Jim Beam


Would making a lot of noise

Don't feel so grumpy now do you

I just came to me

3 hours and nothing


You're right

It'll happen when it happens

I know you can do this

Come on

The office way and Wrangle up some Lonesome files

I want to help I really really do

Looking at baby butt

All I can think about is how much am I

Naked Marques on

My beauty mark on the cover

You coming to the office with me or not


I am coming with

When he talked about how inventive you can be when your tanks


You seem extra relax today first haircut


Baltimore tea

New power tie

She's not wearing any dang dance

Yeah hey good luck on your Beats baby nudity

Boss baby

I need an opinion I'm pushing A disruption Focus sleeping for the food to our technological desk

Clean the Slate become the customer and field the unspoken need

Define that need

Culture shift

Thank you

You understood her I overstayed her

Could it be

My clothes

I've organized the files in three categories

Easy card

And only naked Baby Genius going to figure these out I'm pretty sure pants on Baby Genius

But you promise you're going to party tonight

I promise

Babies not ready


What's problem

Honestly did not even notice

Naked baby Jesus

Nobody would care about

Alien ideas

Let's get to work

I found the optimized cases for each of us because

Accounting department

Sounds like math

You sure this job is for me

Remember a few years back when the company tried keeping money in teddy bears instead of banks

Teddy bear and baby Corp and when you find a crunchy one dollars to Donuts lb cash inside

You're giving me the problem

Call from Human Resources

Where's your baby a magic worker baby pigs brownie 3 years ago and they still won't talk to me

Which other string around the number

The only solution is violence

A baby brother

Listen I'm really sorry about my freak out earlier

Let's move past your Hang-Ups

I brought you an extra comfy chair to help you get even more relaxed and even smarter

Thank you

Set your baby new. Right down here

Sorry about the brownie pack

After analyzing your file from every angle

I think I know what's happening with your missing toys do your worst


And keep it on

The crayon baby

Good I'm starving

Just having a sit-down about having a sit-down

Brandy hasn't gone anywhere yet

By this point kids are usually unloading all over the place


Monson not talk or think about how the zoo animals do their business

I made your favor

Peanut butter and peanut butter

Smeared with baby Bye baby Bye baby Bye baby Bye baby Bye baby Bye baby Bye baby Bye

I'm not hungry anymore

Try a different tack

When will you know

She can wear something pants will use the potty when he's ready

Even if he has to be naked for the rest of the summer

I'm a stubborn old lady

Nothing Outlast me

I want that in a protest on the steel mill floor for three straight days

And that was just to get tuna salad sandwiches in the vending machines

I think I know how to get the baby to go

We admire our work

I sold every single problem in this room in a few days

File drawer


A very big box

This transforms my mood from regular to impress

I can now

Who's that being inspiration

All I can say man

Is when it comes to

Smashing the Box

You miss me

I am no longer impressed

Stupid Hospital


Here at the top

Vybz I Lincoln mean

Secret secret


I need to talk to Simmons

You know what this mean

Always worried about Industrial

Can we get this idea

Meat flavored formula toys that dissolve for no reason

Baby bronzer stink lacerum


How did I do

What's performance

Character with a cowgirl I can tell

And now for the grand finale


This is your last chance

Put something pants

The verge of breaking stubenhaus

Have you know

Just a kid is sick of baby butts on stuff

I'm sorry

But you leave me no choice

Nao for potty training

You move an alarm sounds you move too far

Go ahead and pink baby celebrate and you get something pants back on

You think you have the upper hand from the throne

Get it

Talk to me


Stupid house love anagram

Words to make other words

Invisible ink

GTA cat

Weird but he's a genius I'm a genius oh I get it

See baby

I think he's really close to going on the potty

I'll lose my Competitive Edge


No pants

No dance

Liquid soap


It's come to this

Here Comes

Don't worry GT this is definitely going to

Potty chair

Danny petrosky's Uncle Works in a baby research lab that seems reasonable because it's the truth

How to make sure


What did you say to me




What did you eat

Guess you were right what accident you're back in diapers in a hot second

Terrible signs

That secret code was all me

Right Simmons useless

Carry-on bag

Play the invisible ink by where I knew someone would find it

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Smarted by a kid in denim shorts



But you were gone I put my naked butt on your pillow