The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 6, Episode 13 - Después de la luz - full transcript

Julia, to whom you speak?

You arrive not to sleep?

Qui es-tu?


Your name is Eva?

You died in 1945. This is what you want to say?

Click là ...

Wulf ... Ritter and his daughter, Eva.

- This is my grandfather. - And the girl?

She is the ghost.

It must be Eva's room.

Look at this: Ritter Wulf.

What happened to this girl?

You speak German?

Must be translated to me.

The virus is lethal. For now, it is transmitted by blood.

Do not touch that!

One day ...

I find the cure against the virus.

I will stay not.

I do not go there with you, you hear?

Remember the embryos?

They are part of a plan to revive his daughter.

That's why my sister and my mother both like Eva.

He needed it for his tests.

Marcos is dad.

Paula go to boarding school. They come looking for her.

I have to leave my sister there.

- Let me take Paula. - What?

I know it is in the loft.

You're going to trust Paula Amelia?

Paula has no chance with me.

What are they doing?

They will look Paula.

- We will go faster by underground. - Guys, wait!

Julia will die.

I will only pick up my sister. C'mon.

- Come on! - Be careful, eh?

It is a lethal virus created by the Nazis in the forties

in concentration camps.

These people are located in several cities in Spain.

This is the time that remains before the virus is released.

We succeeded. Beggars are quarantined.

Without medication two days before they die.

Yes, Saúl.

Take them out today and take them to the warehouse 3567

south polygon.

Give me a kiss for the day.

Mary qu'y at-il?

I can not betray you, Fermín.

This is Hugo ...

he told me he knows that I support you.

He promised to heal Iván forever ...

if I help him find a Saúl.

We need to find these drugs. If they wanted to cause a pandemic,

is that they have plenty in stock.

They offered Maria a cure for his son.


If there is, we must find it.

Calm, you want no harm.

We'll get you out of there.

Fermin mountain. That fais-tu?

Downstairs, there must be an antidote. I leave not without him.

I have to save the world.

Apolo is about to have the evidence against Ottox.

Do not hide, little brother. You can do nothing.


So it's you, Apolo!

Daniel, what are you doing?

My brother knew I was there. You sold me!

Drop your weapon and talk about it. Daniel, trust me.

I thought that would be Daniel.

What he would say.

There is something only he and I know.

Air tickets requested. Where did you think you run away?

In Alaska.

Sorry ... And the virus?

I found my gift. It is a remote controlled car!

We will try it.

I'm with Apolo. There is evidence against Ottox.

It was the strain of virus they develop.


She is abandoned pool.

Meet me there and ...

we shall give you.

Hey, Lucas. I have to leave a few days, okay?

Then listen Rebeca during my absence.

- What has happened? - Risks of art.

Elsa enrage ...

Thank you, Jacinta.

Where you know Jacinta?


Hey, my car!

Javier Holgado, make us the car!

Javier Holgado, give me the car!

This is the gift my father and you will damage it.

Fernando Alonso distance rivals!

I'll beat you up!

Okay, I'll give it back.

Javier Holgado, you're stupid! What did you do?

My birthday present!

Calm. I'm sure we can fix it.

Yeah, nothing fits. Even the wheels.

I want more.

Javier Holgado, you will rot in hell.


He had to return to the wood by the door.

No trace of anyone.

Surprise !

Throw your weapon.

You'll lead me ...

where you store the drugs.

Why do you want drugs?

You hurt somewhere?



Marcos, I'm here!

I wanted to go to boarding school.


No, Paula! Do not! Paula!

Course, Paula! Do not listen!

Who goes there?

Who goes there?

Do not kill me ...

You killed him?

What fools you there?

I followed you.

This man ... he was going to kill you?

And me too!

Returns to boarding school. This is very dangerous.

Why this old away to your sister?

Marcos not leave me here!

What the hell?

Marcos, what are you doing with that gun?

You're not going to use it?

You hear me?

It is below. I do not want to go back.

She wants to kill me.

It's over. You hear me?

Wake up, wake up.

It must be hot drink.

- Drink hot. - Quickly!

It's over. Calm down.

She wants me to go underground.

She is in a coffin like the book.

She was cold and me too.

She wants me to die as she died.

It will not happen.

It's okay, it's over.

There is nobody here.

What do I do in the body?


Attention !

It is you who should be more careful.

You do not know you or care about you, or anyone.

What's the point?

You say that because I try to take care of our son?

You can stop because I'll take him.

- All over my body. - And above all it will take.

My child is not your toy.

His life was miserable before I knew you, and there he was threatened.

I control the situation!

I see it. Super controlled.

Make yourself to the idea. You will not see him ever again in life, understand?

Listen to me. I have as much right as you to be with him.

I am his father, got it?

Do not you dare pass me.

You will lose for sure.

No doubt. But first, I put my son out of your reach.

I'm going away from you.

Because you're worse than the plague.

That's it, I'm there.

Hold on.

Damn, I not feel it.

Who left the door open?

This is it.

Julia, I do not know if this is a good idea.

Yes it is. I beg you, Ivan, help me.

Come on.


Hold on.

Thank you to leave your message.

Fermín, it's me.

Where are you? Everyone is looking for you.

Call me.

Maria, you can know where your layabout fiancé?

I do not know.

Qu'y at-il?

You have played?

Yes. We had a big shouting match.

Yeah, as you are unable to solve your problems in adults

Private school can be found throughout the evening dinner, right?

Very nice!

Please, tell him from me that if he does not return soon, he is fired.


And you, the second pass, eh?

If dinner is not ready on time, you will be next. Got it?

I want a nice foil, tape, a sticker that says "Happy Birthday".

- Oh, and also a scotch. - A scotch?

You're not too young to drink?

Come here.

And why do you want all these things, eh?

To wrap the gift anniv 'Lucas.

And this gift ...

must be very nice, of course. And what is it?

This is a perfume sample.

My mother was when she spends a fortune on anti-wrinkle creams.

She sent me to Paris to give to my fiance.

Of course ...

Say, do you think it is not? If I add the water, there will be more.

No, lady! Do not even think.

What matters is that it feels good.

Not quantity.

And what does it feel?

I dunno, I could not open it. The cap is hard and not open.

Of course it opens. Come on.

Leave it to me.

Jacinta, Fermín left no instruction for the second dish.

Now what?

Oh, really!

It's always up to me to take care of these things ...

The virus will kill within hours.

Their immune system is very weak and the process is accelerating.

We will have at least prevent them from contaminating more people.

What will you do with those who have been out of the underground?

For now, feed them.

Then I hope they will testify against Lucía and others.

But now he must find Carlos. It was something about him?

He does not answer.

I should not have let him alone.

What could you do?

Calm. It must go well.

Find him and ...

find the medicine to save these men.

- Hugo, wait. - Now I do not have time.

We entered through the door of the fireplace.

Who have you seen him in?

There's what in there?

This is me asking the questions, understand?

Well, I saw Ivan and Julia.


But where were they going?


Mail Movistar ...

Thank you to leave your message.

Iván is Roque, man.

Exit the underground. They know you're down.


What were you doing?

I was in class.

Stop kidding me. Come to my office.

But there is a problem or what?

Where are you going? I told my office!

What do you expect?

- I freelance anything they say. - What will happen to your sister?

Why they would kill you?

- Who was this man? - He used to work for my grandfather.

It was he who took your sister?

He takes her where?

Does it happens?

Prepare everything. Bring the child to the restricted area.

To you finished.

What is this small area?

This must be the second basement underground.

- They take my sister. - Second basement?

What is this?

Where are we going?

You go nowhere.

- I'll take my sister away. - You're going to go back?

Marcos, call the police!

Listen to me. Go away.

Go away and forget what you saw. You will live better.

How can I forget that? You are crazy!

You have to.

Otherwise, you will also be in danger. And most importantly, do not say anything to anyone.

- We saw you? - I think not.


I have to get you out of boarding before Hugo or are you Clara.

- Clara? The dance teacher? - Yes.


She is Hugo sent to the pool to kill me.

I'll ask for reinforcements to central.

The day will be very long.

- Wait ... - What?

I'm not a cop but I can stop four large disks.

You have to find the virus.

They will not gift you.

If it's full of police, you can forget it.

Daniel told me that the strain it out of the lab is very dangerous.

Puree, I have more my remote controlled car.

This is the worst birthday of my life.

It can still work out. There is time before your birthday.

If you do not offer me another car ...

I have not had time to wrap. And it's not a car.

It is even more special. Do you like it?

- It is pee? - No, yuck!

It is the perfume of Paris.

It is very expensive and unique.

I've never had a scent.

My father says that his attracts women.

I do not know if I want to attract women.

What smells?

Paris perfume. If you not want it, give it to me.

No, I keep it.

How it opens?

I do not know. The cap is very hard.

What is it?

Quel boulet! Va-t'en, Javier Holgado.

It is an intimate moment of torque.

This is the perfume that Evelyn gave me for my birthday.

But I know not to open it.

By overwriting.

Javier Holgado, makes the perfume that I offered to Lucas for his birthday!

Awake, Julia.

We're going where?

Come on, tell me!


By that?

Come on, Julia. Hold on. Hold on, honey.

Shit! We will be having both.

Well, we'll go.

Come on, Julia. Hold on.

Wait here, wait.

Attends is.

What is this shit?

Hey, do not move there. Stop it!

What do you want?

Enter between.


And a little mouse.

Today is feast day.

This is Hitler's birthday?

Do not.

It is today that we win the game.

In a few hours, the plan will start.

And all this is a bit thanks to you.

Your services have been quite helpful.

To control my son and your cronies.

What did you do them?

Do not worry about it. I do not think you will see them again.

Qu'y at-il?

Are not you happy?

There will be no one to blame you for Carolina dwarf or call you.

You called me what?

For the best.

I bet on you, Roque.

And you also betrayed me.

You played both ways.

It's not that at all.

- I'm sorry, but this is my ... - Are you sorry?

You regret?

You betrayed your friends ...

you became a murderer, and all that ...

for nothing.

I hope at least that you have enjoyed the month that made you offered.

And you?

Have you enjoyed killing these innocent children?

Or kill your son?

Hein, son of a bitch?

You can go away, brave!

That's right ...

I am a coward.

But at least I'm not a monster.

I'm not like you.

So you were looking for drugs?

You should have tried the corner drugstore.

The seller is super good.

And the men that you managed to get out of here?

Where are they?

They not seem to want you to return the favor.

You should never have to leave your kitchen, Fermín.

Stoves you do better than weapons.

Well, you ...

as proud to arms ...

you're not bad.

Glad you hast not lost his sense of humor.

Because you're going to crave.

I will ask you once.

Where's Saúl?

I do not know what you mean.

I know of no Saúl.

Very well.

You are an example of loyalty.

We'll see if your girl ... the maid ...

resists as much as you.

Do not approach or I guts you.

Is this jure que is t'étripe!

Hear you, bastard? Do not even try.

I give him a kiss from you.

It does not.

I can. Do not you know who I am?

Damn this kid will not stop crying.

Open up, I'll see what he has.

I have orders to let anyone in.

About my stepfather.

And, in his absence, I supported.

- No one told me. - I'm trying to tell you.

Come on.

Are you deaf?

Sorry, I have strict orders.

This is good.

My stepfather will be happy to know his obedient soldiers.

Marcos is Vicky. I called you ten times.

What the hell? Where are you? Call me as soon as you can.

- Fermín happened? - No, it has not happened yet.

You, come here.

Ask me if I saw the kitchen boy.

What have you done to him?

Relax, it will survive. For the time being.

This idiot does not mean that we will hide his head.

Is that not know.


If he knows it.

Just like you.

I do not know.

I swear.

Where is Fermín? What have you done to him?

Good question. It is overbooked ...

and we did not want to put your son and his girlfriend.

What did you do to Ivan?


For now, it has done nothing to him.

Listening. If you want to see them alive ...

you'll have to give me the address.

Resists, Julia.

We must hold on.

Ivan, I can not. I feel nothing.

If you can, Julia. You can.

Think of heat, hot stuff.

Imagine you are on the beach.

Not. You're in the desert.

You crusts in the heat. You burn, you hear?

Come on ... you burn ...

Look at me, Julia!

Look at me!

We're in the desert.

It is very hot.

We both bronze on the beach.

The sand is very hot.

You'll feel the heat.

I am very cold ...

I want to sleep.

You can not sleep, you hear? You can not, because ...

you ride down with me on the sand ...

And it would make me shit that you plant me there. Come on, get moving!




Idiots !

Javier Holgado, montre-toi!

We know you're there!

Give me my perfume!

Get out!

Idiots !

How does a virus?

You and your friends are sick?

They infected us to control us.

They are Nazis. They use their experience to my sister.

What experiences?

I hallucinating ...



- Bastards! - Did you hear?

Get us out of here!


This is Iván!


Marcos, get us out of here, quick! Julia is very bad.

She died of cold.

We'll get you out of there.

- Amaia, something to pry. - No time. Tire!

Hang in there, Julia. We're going down.

I promise we will draw.

We must go into the restricted area.

Eva will kill Julia if it is not out of the thing when it is frozen.

- Eva? Who is Eva? - It does what here?

Take it easy. She saved my life.

My sister is also located downstairs.

How are we going to open?

Never mind, advance.

I can not answer. Leave your message.

Rebecca, c'est Martin.

My God. I hate talking to machines.

I left the internship.

You know, forced vacation.

I just wanted to say goodbye and ...

I also wanted to say that ...

I would have wanted it any other way between us.

Martin is not in his room. How we are going to the attic?

Wait a moment.

Yes, I see.



Mom says she will take me elsewhere.

And I'll see you again.


And I regret it. But wherever you go, you will be much better.

Yes. Because here, I'm afraid of the monster.

Of course.

Do not worry.

No more bad man will not make you afraid.

You'll see.

Mom always told me that monsters do not exist.

But they exist, right?

Well ...

but your mother will protect you so that no one will get hurt.

And you're going to stay here to take care of your other son?

Your mother told you ... I have another son?

Yes. Iván.

That's why you're never came to see me.

Because you took care of him, eh?

He, too, was afraid of monsters?

I do not know.

It is larger.

And it is very brave.

When I grow up I want to be brave.

As Iván and like you.

You're sad because I'm leaving?


Me too.

But I'm glad to have known you.

I know how I will later.

Give me my perfume!

Give it to me!

Javier Holgado, give me perfume!

What flavor?

I have not.

Ramón is who!

What's all this scandal?

Go sit in your seats.

- Where is Amelia? - I know.

Ah, let's see ... she told me anything.

Study your books operations. That's good.

The phone is off or out of network.

Tension is high, it has contractions every two minutes.

At this stage, it would sacrifice the baby.

Should be?

This means that you can save.

Yes or no?

Yes. But Amelia die.

And? It does not interest them.

There are only ten percent chance that the baby will survive.

That's enough.

So, let's go.

You're not listening to me?

You force me to commit murder.

We have no time to lose.

Do what I told you.

Please ...

I have very bad ...

Help me.

They need this medicine!

I know. My men are over.

... So this disease infected

if they had not found, it would be of biological bombs.

It would have been an unstoppable disaster.

It has at least managed to avoid a pandemic.

Also avoid it die.

Qui es-tu?


Do not move.

Raise hands. Slowly.

Clara, you're under arrest.

You have the right to a lawyer.

- So you're a cop? - Unfortunately for you.

You looked like a gnat flat.

Same for you.

What they accuse me? Rummaging through an attic?

Do not.

Attempted murder.

Offense against public health. Illegal detention. Selected.

Wait a moment.

What were you doing there?

You were looking for the virus, right?

You did not!

So it is at boarding.

Who goes there?

Throw your weapon.

Help her.

Approach fool.

Where do you have Paula?

The girl, where is she?

The block.

Which block?

Right lane.

Meeerde ...

This is good.

Opens his mouth. Mouth! Opens!

Here it is.

And now, you hear me? Do not flinch.

Rest in peace. Come on, let's go.

On y va ...

Where are they?

Pardon ?

Iván, Julia and Marcos. Where are they?

Say it is not too late to play the hero?

Do you not get out, bastard.

It is a way to talk to the owner of the school?

Remind me to deprive you of medicine tomorrow.

Where are my friends?


Well ...

Breaks my balls ... more

Otherwise, what?

You're gonna kill me?

As Cayetano? As Nacho?

Well, yes. For example. I think nobody will regret it.

Well, go ahead, do it.

It is the height.

Listen ...

Do not think it will stop there.

Of course not.

Listen! Hey, Julia ...

Hold on. You're going good, you hear?

Come on ...

Let's go.

Hold on.

It's there.

Go ahead.

- I'll get Paula. - OK.

Good luck.

Be careful.

Come on.

Tu l’as eu ?

Roque, what are we really?

Give it to the police, put it on the internet. I do not know.

If it happens to misfortune or Iván Marcos, we can say that is the culprit.

This is good. Let's go.

- Already? - Yes.

What do you do? Are you crazy?

If they learn that it is we, more medicine!

I do not care!

It is infected with this shit and we will all die!

They do not care about what we can do, we're dead!

We will all die.


What are you doing here?

I did not know if it was you.

You convinced the police that you're part of the Gentiles?

The police? It comes stop Javier Holgado is a thief.

He stole my birthday gift.

- The car? - No. He has broken me.

- The scent offered by Evelyn. - It is brand!

Where you go right?

My mom sent me to Paris.

Evelyn dear, do not lie to me.

Where does it come from?

When the car is broken, I picked up the pieces.

It was hidden inside.


Qu'y at-il papa?

Let's see. Listen to me.

Do not move from here, okay? And do not leave the room.

I want to see the soap you're going to spend Javier Holgado!

I said do not move there!


Damn, she is not there!

Paula, where are you?

Stop !

Raises his hands, that I see well.

Open this door. I know you Fermín.


Do not fuck. This is his torch.

Get out the keys.

Iván not respond either, damn! Noiret had the bust.

I'm underground.

Stay there. If I return not use video.

Roque, where are you?

We do not know what happened or where they are.

We can not take any risks.

- Have you seen how Noiret threatened thee? - I do not care!

- I want to help. - Me too, Roque. Me too!

I have a bad feeling.

You want to end up like Carol?

They had to see them go underground and have mugs. Shit!

Vicky, I need help!

Because ...

- Vicky, I ... - Damn, Roque, wait!

We have to think, okay?

I do not want to lose all the friends I have left the same day.

Children, stop talking.

Open your books to page ...


Where Marcos, Ivan and Julia? Victoria?

And Amaia? It also lacks.

I do not like the absences then when you see them,

tell them that I am waiting in my office. Start.

You're sure it's there?

Damn ... it's like Chernobyl ...

We will leave here with tumors up nails.

Hold on, Julia, hold on!


You alright?

Loose this girl.

What are you doing to my sister?

I will not repeat. Loose the girl.

Throw your weapon.

Hands in the air!

You have to get out of there, no time to lose.

There is a staircase down the hall to the right.

You have to see a doctor, Andrés.

Go away. Children go from here.

Find Paula and Marcos. Tell them ...

tell them I'm sorry.

Do not ...

I regret having destroyed their lives.

This is not the container.

This machine is light. Of course!

Hold on there. Hold on.

That's it.

But it looks like Paula!

It was frozen. As the book Wulf.


Unplug it, I beg you!

Yes, but how? How?

It should be out of there!

I'm dying.

Drop it!

Drop it or I'll kill you.

Here, there is none. The maid has fooled us.

So in Celestine, one can find the most characteristic ...

Come on!

He picks it?

... The dialogue is a part ...

Wait ... the signal.

To chat, no need ... a laptop.

Elsa, give it to me.

This is not a way of speaking, miss.

Elsa, give it, I need it.

In class, you do not need to hear that.

Elsa, give it! My friends may be dead!

Comment ?

It may already be too late, Elsa! They are gone!


In this school, it kills people!

Nacho and Cayetano were killed!

Carolina and has not left school!

Carolina is dead!

She is dead.

She died ...

If you do that, you're dead.

One who died, it is this girl.

Your daughter is dead!

My daughter is not dead.

With this machine, I can heal. And you too could heal you.

Get away from it.

And I will help you.

Loose this extinguisher.

But what do you do? Tire!

Kill him once and for all!

Julia, wake up. Open your eyes, Julia.

We must go.

Come on. This way.

Pull over!



I am a police officer.

Sandra. Everything is finished.

There is a casualty. It takes an ambulance.

Take me near my children.

- What's he? Where are you going? - You saw Javier Holgado?

- What's he? - Get the kids! Evacuate the School!

A moment ... what's happening?

Do what I tell you. No time to explain.

Javier does not move!

Go, go!

Marcos, I want to leave here.

You do not ever see it again here.

Oh, it's you!

Small ... you alright?

We arrived on time.

Come on, must be out of here.

You feel better?

Paulita, glad to see you.

Especially dressed like that.

You're going to get better, my child.

Everything will be as I promised you!

When the counter is zero, the capsules break ...

... And the virus release.

Those who will cross over the two days

be contaminated.

In the space of three weeks,

the pandemic will be extended ...

To be continued ...