The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 5, Episode 9 - El último día - full transcript

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- I have the papers.
- Those of my father?

You should see them.

It should never have happened
at the hands of Mary.

What to do with her is obvious.

Forget it.

We will not kill her.

Thou hast not.

You do not go back to
boarding school.

What will you do? Kill me?

And you say be my mother?

He picked me up.
The psychiatrist who locked me up.
It will confine myself.

Tell me everything.

I'm your mother.
I beg you, help me.

It seeks María Almagro.

You saw?

It's here.

I'm sorry, Maria.
For Your Own Good.

You need to heal, you know?

I like your style.

What did you see this time?

A woman.

She drowned in her bathtub.

She wanted to give me something.

A bullet.

You gotta know who it is.
And what she wants.

It's my fault.
Going out with esoteric

- You have to listen.
- Let me go.

You know the worst?

Is that you believe me and
you know it's true.

You do not have enough

Break me!

I think you do not understand.

Without you, life holds
no interest for us.

I am nauseous whenever I have to
do what these bastards want.

Do it.

But with that, you're
still alive.

At what price, Amelia.

I know who you are, Amelia.

I know your lies.

Where are my parents?

Answer me. Where are they?

It comes with Marcos?

He does not suspect you?

For if, because of your incapacity,
we discovered Marcos ...

you will be personally responsible
for removing from our path.

How could you be so stupid?

What were you thinking?

Hector leaves you and you
try to commit suicide.

However, your son dies ...


... and you, as usual.

You dare speak to me like that?

I understand Héctor
tossed thee left.

You are a tyrant and you treat
me psychologically.

I do not remember anything.

I did not kill the old.

The suspect, nicknamed
the Killer,

is a man of Spanish nationality

measuring 1.80 meters, 40,

brown hair, light eyes.

He wears trousers and
a white shirt.

It is an armed and dangerous

I need your help.

Andrés ... Novoa ...

It is written that you are dead.

I have two children.

It has opened the door of the
underground and the other day

Noiret, video did not mention the
Gemini project as something past.

Marta Lucía Hernández is.
The fourth orphan.

Any good doctor she is,
you can not trust him.

- I have no brother. And you?
- A sister.

She died.

I'll get to the truth.
Even if I do not live
to see it ...

I'll do that son of a bitch
responsible to the law.

He carries a wooden box.

We must find him.

It looks like blood.

So this is that Don Joaquin
gave Wulf each week.

Susana had dried blood
under his nose.

And the same mark as the nephew
of the neck guard.

Here it kills people.

The dead children ...
had the same symptoms.

Dizziness and nose
were bleeding.

Nacho, wins.

The pulse is increasingly

There are few areas.

It is they who have it.

Do not worry. We'll find it.

Is associated with this pharmaceutical
company where my dad.


There is a complaint to
human experiences.

Nacho, look at me!

That will not keep. We must go!

Come on, let's go!

Please, no!

If we find his body, it leads
him to the police.

At least his death will have
served some purpose.

Damn, it's not there!

Take everything you can.

L \ fs18} {ERNIE \
FS22 J} {\ fs18} O

This is not happening ...

I can not believe we
have shut Héctor.

After having broken the head.
It is crazy or what?

Vicky, he would not hesitate
one second to lock us up.

- And we infecting virus.
- Guys, we hurry.

Damn, it's day.
The corridor will be
full of teachers.

Héctor you believe is linked to
the death of Nacho and Susana?

Hector had an internship, he knows the underground.
What more do you want?

These keys ...


It's the keys to my house.

Your house?

He has not sold to
pay your debts?

This was called the pig.
Obviously, we stole it.

That may be a double?

People keep these things.

People also caches hidden
in the shoes?

There are also porn magazines.

It is a digital tape.
She goes into the camera Julia.

I think not.

Dido and Aeneas.

The boat of my parents. Cast.

He has recorded.

Why would he keep it?

Because he is complicit in
the demise of my parents.

And not content with
that, we flew home.



Why would not we
all on vacation?

Huh? Why not?

Because the girls go
on a family holiday.


But I have no family.
I want to separate myself
from Evelyn.

Neither me Paula.

Let's see.
See that, Paula.
Thou hast indeed a family.

You Marcos Héctor ...

And you, what happens
to you does it?

You do not like to go to London to
spend a few days with your dad?


It rains all the time.

And we will crush me because
we drive on the left.

You would not go because
of your dad's fiancee?


That's why, because
it is a stepmother.

And without doubt, she poisons.

Or it whipped.

Or she asks him to
cut his toenails.

Please. You have the stuff ...

It must be very nice.

My mom says it's a
witch and a viper.


Come on, girls.
Hurry up with your luggage. Go!

We hurry, go!

You miss your daddy?
It makes you not worth it?

Yes, but is that ...

I want to spend the summer
apart from you.

Nor I you.

But what will we do?
We're only girls.

I have an idea ...

Come on, come on.

Guys, wait.

Have you seen Héctor?

Not ...

It was not seen.
It is also seeking.

We hit it is not there.

If you see him, tell
him that I seek.

And what can you do?

They will find Héctor

I learned that Maria has
put in an asylum.

She asked you for help ...
Why did not you hidden?

I have not seen when the
nurses took her away.

I would have done instead
of abandoning it.

She just wants to be near
you, you get it right?

What do you sing to me?

You're worse than it, dude!

I am perhaps the only
worry Maria.

I strangely obsessed.
She needs treatment.

It is grounded!

It's every mother's obsession
for his son.

But you're blind.

You'll regret it all your life.

I assure you.


Sheet and consult me ​​peace.

Marmiton ...

So ...

it has been good to you
play on the kid?

As if it was not quite
mentally confused.

It's easy to blame others.

Ivan is a child.

But you ...

where were you ...

when she needed you?


I regret it.

I also regret.

I do not know what came over me.
I thought I had overcome.

That will not happen
again, I swear.

Obviously it will
not happen again.

What will you do?

You're not going to leave me?

Do not touch me.

Elsa, I beg you.
It was a moment of madness.

Because ...
for I too am destroyed by
the story of Samuel.

I can not remove the
head, you know?

And it makes me nervous.
That's why.

But I love you.

We can overcome together.

Give me another chance.

I will change.
I will follow therapy,
whatever you want.

Do not leave me. I beg you.

Julia, are you there?

Where are you hiding?

They're looking around
for a while.

Ah, yes?

I was tired of you up.

Where were you?

I thought you had
gone without me.

Why would parties
be without you?

Do you think Ivan will
have you forsaken me?



He wants to get rid of me.

He will not listen.

And the dead ...

I put the pressure.

- His adoptive mother.
- Yes.

It's unbearable.

I can not take more.

It will not stop until that
Ivan will not listen.

It's a nightmare.
Why chose me dead?


If I were dead, I'll
choose well.

I thought that starting
with Iván.

We had planned to run
away together.

I must be crazy.

Too bad. You come with me, eh?

You can do medium at fairs.

Me, bearded child ...
and profits are made.

Come on.

You're the best friend
I ever had.

Where did you sleep last night?

It took Hector in a cage
in the basement.


That bastard is with them.
We searched his room
and found a band.

We need your camera to watch it.

You have your bag with
everything, huh?

So it's good. On vacation!

You take your costume of a king?

Or you take it?


Where you were before?
I've been looking all morning.

I went to the labs.


You went to labs?
Are you crazy or what?

I took the suitcase
with my medication.

I for two months.
One can start from here.

Yes. You're crazy.

You're in for two months.
And then what?

You can find someone to copy.
Other physicians.

And you think they will
keep us out the door?

I do not care, Amelia.
It starts here, period.

You've looked in the mirror?

You are destroyed.

And it is my fault, damn!

We are slaves to these people.

This can not last.

It broke by now.

Prepare to see more
underground tests.

Damn, what a pain.

You think Héctor able
to record it?

Twenty euros it on Ottox,
Susana and Nacho.

It's my legal guardian.
My sister and I depend on it.


It's ready in a minute.

You want popcorn?

Hello, Marcos.

Hi, Paula.

I hope you do not watch this.
If you look at it, it means ...

good, that the disease
has gained

and I am no longer among you.

I do not suffer death.

I'm tired of fighting.

But what makes me suffer,

do it without ...

told you the truth,

without telling you who I am.

I am your uncle.



Samuel Espí!

I hid for years.

The only way to protect yourself
was to hide ...

my true identity.

Since ...

the disappearance of
your parents ...

I tried to take care of you.

I did it for you, of course.

But I mostly did for her.

For your mother.

My sister.

The last time I saw her
she was 6 years.

You like her, Paula.

We were separated.

And I promised that
one day we'd met

in the orphanage where
we grew up.

So I created the
nternship for that.

Just for the wait.

But I'm leaving without
having kept my promise.

Without being reached.

And I regret it.

And I also regret not being
able to be with you now.

I do not have much to leave you.

Even if I bought the house for
your parents that you ...

future, so you have ...

I dunno ... something ...

to you.

Paula, I regret not being able
to play again with thee ...

or ...

answer these questions
you ask me ...

which sometimes made me mad.

But I remain calm, because ...

you have your brother.

He will look after you.

Marcos ...

I am very proud of you.


If I could take care
of my sister

like you do for Paula.

I love you.

And if I remember, sometimes
you is painful ...

forget me, because ...

Finally, what I want
is you to be happy.

As much as I could be with you.


I love you.

This is my uncle.

This is the bag of my dad.
As part not on vacation ...

it will certainly not
consider them.

And those keys?

Is that of Hector's car.

Your parents will
be sad for you.

That's true.
They will cry a lot.

- Are not you sad?
- Yes, they will cry.

And they'll call the police.

And you will be in
every newspaper.

And there will your
picture everywhere.

They believe that you
have been removed.

There will be events
that I be released.

Everyone weep for me.
And you bring flowers home.

And it will be my dedications.

I am sad for your parents.


They go together in TV shows.

And they kiss each other, thinking
they'd never see again.

Et ..

being so close, they
will remarry!

Yes, but they will always
be sad for you.

No, for I will appear by surprise
at their wedding!

And they will be very happy!

And we return all three
together forever.


Come on, we will choose the pictures
for signs of the event.


Going somewhere?

You forgot that your brother
has to give a summer course?

You'll leave him alone here?

No. I store winter clothes. I'm
going where with so much sweat?

Amelia, forget it immediately.

Classes are finished and
there is much to do.


What is it?

At 18 hours there is a meeting
at the hermitage.

Make sure that Novoa company
does not bother us.

Meeting about what?

Nihil sub sole novum.

Nothing new under the sun.

How could I be so stupid
to lock him in a cage?

I have facilitated the work
of these fucking Nazis.

Marcos, how could you know if Hector
thee never said anything?

I would have thought.
I'm an idiot.

It's good, man. It happens.

Damn, I knew it! They took him!

Relax, Marcos. We'll find it.

We must separate.
Some in the woods, the others
in the dormitory.

Holy shit!

You have the results?

Yes. You will not believe it.

The blood belongs to someone
genetically modified.

Genetically modified? For?

Surely to create a human
immune system with a ...

... infallible.

- You tried kryptonite?
- Carlos is serious.

I do not know whence
this blood ...

but I assure you that no disease
can not touch this person.

And no idea who it came from?

This is what we must now find.

I came to wish you
a happy holiday.

Meeting in 18 hours.


They insisted that no one comes
close to the hermitage.

They certainly expect
someone important.

Any idea?

Maybe the man you spoke
to me, Wulf.

Who will be there? About what?

That's all I know.

This is my farewell gift.

You go?

Be very careful.

When it is finished, we will
not forget your help.

You know the kind of things
they forced me to do.

You saved my life.


Evelyn, how are you?

e. I took something in the eye.

You can see?

t know. It's dark in there.

Hector's car is still far away?

No. Almost there.

I think the idea of ​​Evelyn in
the bag was not very good.

No, evil? And why?

Because I think that
Jacinta is right.

And each must go with
her parents.

I rather think you are jealous.

Because thou art here, and
we are going on an island.

We will swim in a sea
with colorful fish.

What is it?

Moby Dick!
We must take him for discharge
into the sea

for him to live with other fish and
make friends like Evelyn and me.

You'll take Moby Dick?

Yes, take Moby Dick!

Evelyn, it returns immediately.

Well, even a suitcase that
has been forgotten.

Please, take her
to the entrance.

With others.

- Thanks.
- Nothing.

Holy Mother!

The bag!

If Hector was always hidden, that
he saw things as a child.

Of course!
Remember the drawings!

The design of the well, the word "First there was the light, then the crimes.

It is not there.

Or underground.

He has escaped?

It may be in the woods.

Of course there is.

But in a hole.
I told them it easier
for these Nazi shit.

I'm sure they've already killed.

If you must kill me, bury
me with my family.

- What do you say?
- You do not know what I mean?

What do you, Amelia?

I understand your hatred.
Listen to me.

I have no time to discuss.

I regret it to end like
this between us.

I assure you I loved you.

I've really liked.

Amelia, I hate you.

When I remember your kiss,
I want to vomit.

Much looking for a needle
in the haystack.

At least we know Héctor
is not dead.

Otherwise, it would already appeared
in this ghost hunter.

At least you got the balls to
fuck you in front of me.

- I thought I heard you the dead.
- Go you!

I'll get Héctor.
Between-kill you if you want.

Ivan, I have the ass!

Stop breaking my ovaries.

Love you though I'll break
something else.

The girl wanted to take a bath
with everything we have to do?

Listen ...

you will not believe me.

Your mother was down there.

It starts to do well, right?

Your mother was in the water.
She gave me this.

You believe me, fine.
Otherwise, fuck you.

Is disinfected.

You have dizziness?

It's no longer playing doctor.

Tell me how you knew I was
locked in this cage.

Where do you know
the underground?

They are after you, Hector.
And after the children.

How do you know that?
Tell me which side are you?

I have not delivered, right?
So you know which side I am.


Can you explain what
is going on, Lucia?

Hector, you have no idea how
dangerous these people are.

Leave immediately!

- Otherwise, they make us what?
- I know!

But they will not hesitate
to kill you.

Promise me to be careful.

They must not know
that you ran away.

I bring you to your room rates.

Why are you doing this?
Why you help us?

Because I love you.

I fell in love with you.

I'll see you again?

I hope.

Please, come with me.

- Come with me.
- I can not.

- Please.
- I can not tell you why.

Do not ask anymore.

I'm sorry.

- Here we go.
- One minute.

You will not throw in the towel
when I went to myself.

I do not go a few days.

I return for summer school.

Carol, here we go.

Here we go.

Well, well ...

Have fun.

See you in September.


Carol, here we go. Come!



I can?


That is, Rebeca.

You're avoiding me all week.

After I catch yourself doing
low masses with my son ...

then you tell me I please you.

What are you playing?

This is no game

True, I like you.

- So we could ...
- But ...

you must know something
about me.

I do ...

I'm not easygoing.


No way!

If you touch me ...

I can see ...

- Your darkest side. I can ...
- Wait.

How can you see ...?

It happens to me since
very young.

I do not know why
but it happens.

So when you kissed me, I saw
you kill Don Joaquin.

And I saw you bury
it in the woods.

But I know you did it to save
the life of your son.

You're not a murderer.

You have nothing to hide,
I know I can trust you.

You're good.

I thought you'd been
taken by my fault.

- Calm down.
- I'm sorry.

Calm down, hey, calm, Marcos!

I'm fine.

You saw the tape?

Why you tell me?

It was time to talk.

It was time to talk
about everything.

Now we must get out
of here, you know?

This place is safest for you.

We can not leave like this.

- What will happen to these bastards?
- Calm down.

They will pay for what
they did to us.

I promise.

No, but you do not understand.

They kill children.

Did you know?

Héctor, Susana was
not a suicide.

It was an assassination.
They killed her.

Ranger's nephew also.
And Nacho, Vicky's boyfriend ...

Nacho died in his arms.

What do you say?

They injected them with a virus.

They all had the same symptoms.

Blood dripped from their noses,
then they became blind.

In less than forty-eight
hours they were dead.

- How do you know that?
- I've watched all year!

I can tell you a lot about them.


You know why they killed
your parents?

Mom and Dad ...

are alive.

We have buried the bodies
were not theirs.

Mom was a time sequestered

I do not know where she is.

But she is alive.

My sister is alive!

It was here ...

all the time ...

She was here.

And here she gave birth
to her baby.

You know how it called?


Samuel. Like you.

Elsa is the baby was found
outside the door.

Noiret was abducted
from my mother.

He is behind all this.

He is the culprit.

Calm down. Listen to me.

First, we must get out of here.

If your mother is alive,
I swear ...

we will find it.

Everything is ready.

You just gotta take care ...

Paula released unharmed ....

this internship.

You promise?

Come here.


Elsa Fernández, please?


Sign here.

Manuel, you keep calling, please?
Thank you.

- Thanks.
- Nothing.

I will do what it takes for you to forgive me.
I love you.

You've found Evelyn?

It is not outside.
And if someone has made?


Someone who got the wrong bag.

With all the children he is here,
it may be anywhere in the world.

In the world, no evil.
The bags do not go that far.

If it can.
And if it was put on a plane?

She is so afraid of the plane!

She'll pee on it.

Yes, if it does not die.

Why she died?

The planes fly at an altitude
of one hundred thousand km

to not hit any houses.

And at that altitude,
you can not breathe.

The lungs explode.

No. I'm already gone by plane
and my lungs did not explode.

Because it brings oxygen
to the passengers.

Not for suitcases.

So what can you do?


You okay?

- Go more slowly!
- For that we catch?


I'll see what a.

We are stuck in a rut.

We'll get there.

And your meds?

There are more, eh?

Come on, come on.

But what do you want?
Die in two days?

I'm not going anywhere.

We searched all the wood.

We went to the lagoon. Nothing.

No trace.

To me, he died.

- I found Hector.
- What?

Where was he?

He escaped.
I talked to him, I told
him everything.

Needless to close this place.

I heard it so often that
I can not believe it.

No, Ivan.
Dude, this time it's good.

That's good.
It will take us there and
help me find my parents.

- Have confidence.
- Sure.

There are so many drooled
it sounds too good.

It will not be easy.

We are in danger.

He told us to go
very cautiously.

We never go out of
here like that!

There are teachers in the bus.

We can not go out together.

We must separate.
I go with my sister.

Me with Vicky and Roque.
And you go with Ivan.

Yes. Paragliding.

What will you do?

I will find.

Iván, where are you?

We are in danger,
thee not got it?

Worry. I'll be back.

I never thought it was you
that we are boring.


The weapon.

Put it on the table.

What have you done
with Don Joaquin?

You killed him, eh?

I knew him under another name.

And works of art,
where are they?

Forget all that.

Forget your friend Martin
von Klauss, tables.

They are with their rightful owners.
You do see more.

You do not understand.

Or you tell me ...

or I ask your boss in his house.

This Road Tudanca.


You did not expect, is not it?

What did you?

We do not find you?


Drop your weapon.

Well, well ...

You too?

I will not repeat it.

Throw your weapon.

Tire, if you want.

But the first to fall
will be your friend.

One for each other.

If you want him ...

throw your weapon.

Ah, you're here.

Do you like it?

Very pretty.

I too have a thing for you.

Ah, yes? What is it?

My resignation?

I saw the judge of
domestic violence.

He spoke of doubling the penalty
for repeat offenders tyrants.

Then you'll complain.

It depends on you.

You sign?


Consider it more like this.

You ...

you save you a long
stay in prison ...

and the school gets its
former director.

So, you're not able to take care
of a baby of 6 months ...

that ...

I put you in the arms ...

but you feel empowered to lead a
school of four hundred students.

Much more empowered ...

a tyrant, unable to control
his violent impulses

whose only personal success

is to have destroyed the
life of her own son.

- Yeah.
- Because ...

for the suicide of her mother,

you, you had nothing
to do with it?


Remember that I remain a shareholder
of that school.

Yes ...


And the shareholders
of this school ...

I get outside of school hours.

Can you leave my office, please?

No, son.
Nothing explodes anyone in
the hold of an airplane.

If the lungs, because
there are no oxygen.

And frozen.

And if we lose a suitcase in the Caribbean,
for example, and there is no name?

They do what?

They must put in a warehouse.

And what all this?

We can not say. It's a secret.

So perfect.
Do not tell me anything.

You said goodbye to your friends?
The bus will leave.


We must do something.

We will give the photo to every
newspaper in the world.

Which may be Evelyn?

- Where you going?
- At the boarding school.

You lied to me!

You have no treatment for two months.
Not even for two days!

I had to do it!
I had to get you out of here!

To see you die in my arms
in twenty-four hours?

I prefer that to become a
slave to these people!

It's disgusting to see what
you make with my fault.

They are criminals!

You do not.

I just want you to be free.

Do not you understand?

I do not want to be
free without you.

This is not a problem.

You do not need me.

But if I need you!

Of course I need you!

Iron ...

I'm pregnant.


And Marcos?

He knows?

It's a kid.
I told him pretty rotten life.

Now more than ever you can return
to the boarding school.

It's not what you want
for your son?

I just want you to help me.

Please, do not abandon me.

Do not worry.

Of course I'll help you.

I love you!

Fernando opens.

Fernando, open up!




I put it on the floor.

You see?

It's beautiful.

I bury you whole.


I die.

You lose a lot of blood.

I'll get out of here.

Saúl warn.


Your house is not safe.
They found you.

Come out now!

You read me?

Stay behind me.

Wherever You Go, Sandra?

You read me?

You read me?

I am surrounded and
Sandra escaped.

You read me?

You read me? "

- Here, take my suitcase.
- Thanks, honey.

Where is Ivan?

As soon as Noiret turns, enter the other
side of the bus, we see you not.

- Well ...
- Where were you?

It should go without being seen.

What are you doing? Let me go!

Forgiveness. You were right.

I opened a drawer Noiret
with this key.

Come with me.

I drop. I'm tired, Iván. Marre.

I beg your pardon.


I was an asshole.

- An idiot and a pig too.
- Good.
An asshole and a pig over.


Good luck, man.

I hope we'll see you outside.



Now, Vicky.

When all is finished, we'll
be together forever.

Hey, wait!




I stay here.

You are, for me, what is
more like a mother.

Come with us, please.

You always looked after me.

So let me take care of
yourself, please.

If only you could have better take
care of you and your sister.

Understand me, Hector.

My place is here.

Now more than ever.

I will face what comes.

Listen to me.

You are responsible for
anything that happened.

You saved my life.


Irene found.

Et ..

met the mother and her children.

Okay, really.



What is it?

Evelyn I wanted to come with us.

So they put her in a suitcase.

And we know where she is.

Everyone says it's stifling.

And she will die.

Red. A red suitcase.

What the hell are you doing?

Exit. Immediately!

This is it, Arturo!


Wait here.

You okay, honey? Yes?

What an idea to put Evelyn
in the suitcase!

Do not ever repeat
it, understand?

The next time I travel to first.

You surprise me every
day a little more.

I hope, for the summer,
you better stand.

Because, at the start, I want
to see renewed vigor.



But what will he do?

Hit the bus?

I dunno, but it's not finished.

So we will spend the
summer with Hector?

Yes. Are you happy?

And buy me ice cream
every day as mom?


You know why?

Héctor because Mom and ...
are brother and sister.

They are brothers?

Like you and me?

Like you and me.

We'll look?

It is racing. I'm going to win.

No. That's me.

Wait, cheater!

Paula, wait!


Looking for someone?


My baby ...

You're leaving?


I leave the boarding.

And you do not expect
me to talk?

Sorry. It's a long story.

Someday I'll tell you.

Take care of yourself well.

You're not going anywhere.


I'm sorry, Héctor.

It is also a long history.

And if Hector is not coming?

It will come.

Do not worry.

It will come.

And we back this summer at
home with Mom and Dad?

Hello, Andrés.

Who are you?

Do not move.

Do not you recognize me?


Calm down.

Calm down ...

Look over there.

So ...

then you ...

Who are you?

Your family, Andrés.

I am ...

your family.

María ...

I found some papers that
had hidden Noiret.


Forgive me for not having flood.

I'm sorry.

I promise to get you
out of there.

I promise ...

... Mom.