The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 5, Episode 1 - El cuaderno del Doctor Wulf - full transcript

DNS earlier chapters ...

The boarding Black Lagoon ...

An elite school in a privileged

The wealthiest families in Spain
to send their children.

It seems quiet.

It seems.
But things happen very strange.

Héctor de la Vega.
Professor of literature.

An idealist.

It is those who believe that education
can save the world.

The end does not justify
the means.

I do not want you to
be competitive.

I want you to be individuals.

But he is hiding something.

Elsa Fernández.

Daughter of the former owner
of the orphanage.

I thought you'd be happy to be the
mother of the abandoned child.

You'll be an amazing mother.


Latin teacher.

He was a professor at
the Black Lagoon

since the time of the orphanage.

There are problems.

Your dear Jacinta does not
know to keep quiet.

The housekeeper from the
time of the orphanage.

She spent her life in
the Black Lagoon.

Nothing happens at boarding
without being aware.

My patience is wearing thin.

Farewell, Jacinta!

Daddy, no!

Martín Moreno, professor
of science.

One of the stolen children
at the orphanage.

Lucas, put your seat belt.

Arrived at the boarding school three
months ago with his son, Lucas.

You remember what we
said to our names?

Do not use the real ones.

I found this.

You threatening me?

You better stay quiet.

I think you have plenty to hide.

Our man, Carlos Almansa

Fermin alias,


is infiltrated as a cook
at the boarding school.

The murderer of my father
is at boarding school.

You knew, huh?

No idea who is the murderer
of your father.

What matters is the treasure.

Amelia Ugarte. Teacher.

He wanted to marry a
woman very wicked.

She wanted to leave
them in the forest.

She had an affair with a student.
Marcos Novoa Pazos.

It's strange, but I do
not care, you know.

It changes nothing.

María Almagro.


Arrival at the boarding school while fleeing from
the asylum where she was serving her sentence.

Carlos began to shit falling
in love with her.

If I tell you I love you
is that I love you.

And then?

Never stop you from being maid?

He knows she is his mother?

Happy birthday.

If you are ashamed to tell her that you
are his mother, it's your problem.

Me, I'm ashamed of nothing.

I found a very interesting
case in your trunk.

To retrieve it, give
me a lot of money.

Hold on, Toni.

What happened to me better in
my life, it's your mother.

My mother?

Mar. ..


What the papers say, the
judges and the rest ...

I am your father.

And you, my son.

Jacques Noiret.
Current director of
the internship.

Elsa and companion.

It is my duty not to leave
the center in his hands.

What you said on the day
of your resignation,

that people can make mistakes and
learn from their mistakes,

you have forgotten?

The new director.

His philosophy is somewhat different
from that of Héctor de la Vega.

In education, second chance ...

and all other values ​​of
this wonderful school.

Blah, blah, blah ...

I toast to you all.

For that you learn to
stay in the light

obscure some of the waters.

Call an ambulance, please.

What is it?

The papers of parental

I signed.

It says that you Ottox actions.

But you'll have nothing
before 18.

That's why your father
wanted you to sign.

Ottox denies illegally
experimented on humans.

You remember the films
of underground?

Where my grandfather
operated children.

Here, we experimented
on children.

There is something else!

They go to the hermitage.

There must be something.

We gotta go.

Only the weak must die.

Herr Wulf

I regret to inform you that
the fall of Berlin

rendered it uninhabitable.

We received orders to destroy
all classified information.

But I managed to save the archives of
the flames that you have requested.

I am sending you

by someone you trust absolutely.

Listen to me.

You gotta do something for me.

It is very important.

At the Spanish border, someone
waiting for you,

It'll take you see an old friend

Dr. Wulf.

You gotta give him this book.

It is very important.

Much more than you and me.

Dad, what will it happen?

Do not worry.
Everything will be fine.

Despite the fall of Germany,

we put in you the hope that
the project Géminis

persists in time for the supremacy
of the Aryan race.

Long live the Führer

and German National Socialism.

\} Aguni FS20 BLACK



Good and you, it's
serious with him?

I dunno.

We just get together.

- But you signed?
- I'll tell you ...

I dunno ...

- Well, you and Javier Holgado?
- I know.

It seems that between Javier
Holgado and Evelyn

there were more than words.

Marcos us why he made
an appointment here?


Good. We finished for today.


It's good, Rodrigo.
The course is completed.

You still want a beating?

This foil has no protection.
You're not Rodrigo.


What is it?

It burns, shit!

It is for me to remove
my clothes?

It is very hot, no?

Damn ...

Forty ...
forty-one ... forty-two.

Leave here.

Is closed.

It is closed from the outside.

That means you think more Iván?

Well, yes.

That's better.

Given the attention
it brings me ...

He plays with his ghost hunter.

What was that?

I know. It looked ...

Girls ... girls, we shoot.

- What?
- We shoot!


There is a lack of air.


And you, hold out. Hold on.


Julia. Do not shit. Wake up!

No. You do not sleep. Go!

Open the door!

Son of a. .. !

Open the door!

I am so sorry for your
mother, Carlos.

Where've you been?
We need to talk.

I've told you all I had to say.

Leave me a good peace time.

No, you've not.

- Yes!
- No!

- Yes!
- No!



There is a gentleman in
the office of Elsa

I say he is a policeman.

Evelyn thinks not.

How can he be if police
did not have a uniform?

If malignancy.
And he came to seek
the father of Elsa.

Inspector, we hope
to have news soon.

- We'll find it.
- I hope so.

- See you soon.
- Bye.


You are a policeman and have
come to look Elsa's dad?

Well, yes. You found me.

You see?

But you have caught any nasty?

For now, it is unknown
if there is a villain.

But if there is one, we have it.

When they are caught,
they did what?

They are sent to the
electric chair.

Eh, yes, Mr. policeman?

No. In Spain, they are
sent to prison.

But sometimes they are
caught not, right?


It always catches the bad guys.
Sooner or later they
end up in prison.

- Goodbye, kids.
- Goodbye!

What a strange boy.

Yes, but it is so beautiful ...

Oh, damn!

You okay?

I twisted my ankle.

You're the new history teacher?

Thou art he who follows
women in the woods?

I'm Martin.

Science professor.

To knowledge, this
is the best way.

Help me to get up?


Relax, will not give
you a hernia.

I stood alone.

So ...


It's nice to meet new so nice.

It was not a word of Marcos.
It was a trap.

Of course it was a trap.
They tried to kill us all.

Damn, where's Marcos?

You guys will not believe
what happened to me.

Maybe it does.

They tried to kill you?

Welcome to the club, dude.

It was also tried with us.
We are alive by a miracle.

They would not kill us.

The fire in the woods, it was a joke?

They shot without touching you.

Julia and me, we were open and
Marcos is there, right?

They could kill us
but did not want.

So if they have not
wanted to kill us

- What did they do?
- We scare.


It passes through the wood
and it becomes suspect?

What do you need to see more
Amelia is one of them?

Carolina, I'm tired of you.

I'm sick of your bullshit.
Do it for yourself, stop
ridiculing you.

The only one who is
ridiculous, it's you!

You realize no account?

You all think?

You think Amelia is one of them?

What is it?

A policeman came to the father of Elsa.
I do not want you to go to jail!

Lowers his voice, calm.
Nobody will go to jail.

The officer said that the
wicked never escape.

- They catch them!
- But we're the good guys!

- You killed Elsa's dad!
- Do not cry!

Calm down. Breathe.


Calm down.

Listen to me.

Elsa's dad threatened us with a weapon.
It would kill Jacinta.

I killed him in self-defense.

If the police catch me,
which will not happen,

I would go to jail.

But I do.

Because it's my fault.

You killed him with what I wanted.
It's my fault.


Nothing is your fault.
You understand?

It was only his fault.

Nothing is your fault, son.

You have done nothing wrong.

So nothing will happen. Okay?

Come on, approach.

Calm down, son.

Hi, Paula.

What you have there?

A scratch.

You know I know a
police officer?

Ah, yes?

Yes. Research and Elsa's dad.

You think he's dead?

I know.

Maybe it's like mom and dad.

We thought they were
dead, but then not.

You remember what I said?

Nobody must know they are alive.


But if they are alive, why
not they come get us?

Marcos, why do people disappear?

They all leave.


Who's left?

Mom and Dad. And Héctor too.

No. Hector has gone
nowhere. Héctor ...

Héctor is a doctor.
It will be up soon.

I know.

Everyone goes away and nobody
ever comes back.

Well, Hector ...

Hector returns.

Want to know why?

Because it has the same
problem as me.

I can not live without you.

Same as for mom and dad.

That's why I know
he will return.


Carlos, let us go.

It has nothing to do here.

I have every right to mourn
my mother, right?

You can not go on like this.

Stop your little speech, please.

When you came home without
explanation ...

the sky fell on me.

I thought you would fall
in love with me.

I never promised anything,
never asked.

I want to ask you something.

I have not the courage
to throw at me.

If you come back, I will open.

But do not come back. Please.

What's the point?

I know you have not forgotten the
woman from the boarding school.

I do not know what happened
to you there, but ...

you suffer for weeks,
you're running ...

Why did you leave if you
love him so much?

I do not want it to end
with a guy like me.

She deserves better.


I also deserves better than a guy
with me who thinks another.

Fermin and was very upset?

What did he say?


But his girlfriend must surely
help to overcome.

Do not tell me: "I told you so.

But, what do you,
kind of pitcher?

He disappears for a month
without explanation.

Where is the eye, it is something else.
Like others.

You have a thing for burns?

Yes, of course.

At any hour.

What happened to you?

I burned myself with one
of these heaters.

You gotta be more careful.

It's very ugly.


Nothing. You ...

You take care of me always.

And yet, since your arrival,
I have always bullied.


And it was a bit since.

I do not care.

Plus, I think you
start to like me.

So ...

you always come and rescue me?

Ready to do anything for me?

You are finished.

In two days, it healed.

When will you tell him?

She told me her!

It is the addict who sold
me at birth, so ...

It's your mother, Iván.

It not look like a junkie.
It's a great girl.

Since her arrival, she did what
she could to take care of you.


All this seems very strange.

I do not remember it.

If I could have my mother
too close, you know.

Why is she back?

- Where was it all these years?
- And then?

The important thing is
that it's there, man.

Which way you all have to
beware of everybody!

- Not everyone.
- Yes!

On the one chick who gave me birth
and made me raise by psychopath.

Now I have to call ...
Mommy dearest?

And it's good?

Mistrust, you say
that for Amelia?

For example.

Why you're not wet?

Tell me again what
you really think.

You want me wet?

Very good.

I think ...

you're wrong, Marcos.

Amelia is very good.
And whatever you want.

But it is with them.


Well, in the end we will
see who was wrong.

The level of the students
surprised me.

It is quite high.

They lack discipline.

Today's children are like colts.

It Camilo.
If it were up to him, it
would be a barracks.


You should have seen the school where I am.
There, it lacked discipline.

There is room for a teacher


Do not get up.

What happened to you?

I stumbled into the woods.

Fortunately, our new history
teacher helped me.

I'd never gone out
without your help.

I do not know what suits you best.
The irony running through
the fields?

It continues that the news
in the wood or all?

I rarely go to the woods.

You pass me the salt or
is it too much to ask?


What did you neck?

A fellow fencing has taken
a little too seriously.

And you, what did you
do this morning?

I went to the woods.

I was looking for a school
assignment sheets.

With all this rain, the
wood is beautiful.

Thou art beautiful.

You're heavy, damn!

There is someone too, here.

Iván Noiret, come to the
principal's office.

Iván Noiret, come to the
principal's office.


You're in too.

Your father calls you.

Course. Do not wait.

My dad said if you kill someone
who would kill you first

do not you go to jail.

Oh no?

And then you grill not a chair?

No. Because it is killing
in self-defense.

And that can be done.

Let's go.

What happens here?

It flies, but against our will.


Yes, if you take cream dessert
before the big eat

it's against our will.



And we can do without
going to jail.

Yeah. Well, I think

those who steal cream

can take forever.

Go, spin in the dining room.

With creams. Go.

Have you heard from your father?

No. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It is as if the earth
had swallowed.


It must be very hard.

Jacinta, you know the past of my father.
You think ...

someone could hurt him?


I think not.

The worst is not knowing
what is happening.

The uncertainty is awful.


You ...

you never had easy relations
with him, but ...

anyway, you love, is not it?

For you it's also very hard, eh?


Poor Elsa.

When I did not know what happened to
my parents, I was also very sad.

But if his dad died, it
is better not to know.

Otherwise, it would
be even sadder.

No, silly.
Did not you hear?
She prefers to know.

Do not be sure of one
thing is worse.

So if anyone knows what
happened to papa d'Elsa

you think he should tell him?

You had an accident?

I knew coming and going in
the boiler could be good.

You worry me, Iván.

That's true.

This school is so large, it
can be so many accidents.


Surprising that you did not put your
personal touch to the office.

Some swastikas, for example.

You took me for a fool?

I prefer that you have
removed your mask.

The role of good father ...

do not you were going.

It is better that
you show yourself

as you are.

A psychopathic shit.

Well ...

what a father needs to hear.

I am concerned for you both.

If you're going to kill me ...

do it directly.

Let's get!

I may not finish with you.

Not yet.

I want to retrieve something
that belongs to me.

I know you have a folder that
has stolen your friend Toni.

So here it is.

Or you make me the papers ...

or you and your friends ...

you're screwed.

Next time it will
not be a fright.

I promise.

Renoir stolen by the Nazis
in Paris in 1944

finally going back the hands
of its rightful owners.

And all thanks to you.

If you did not find
the treasure room,

we never recovered from that.


I have something for you.

This ...

belonged to your family.

It is just as you recover.

That's what your father wanted.

My father ...

was a hero to me.

He taught me to

Art between love ...

many other good things.

How could I imagine that it
was actually a murderer.

Do not be so hard on him.

After everything we've
been children,

it was easy to get carried
away by hatred.

And you, why did not you
become a murderer?

And you?

Can you tell me?

You have my word that we
will not after you.

Even with that!

You want me to believe that Don Joaquin
hit you and left for dead

then disappeared?

For the last time,
I have not killed.

And I have no idea
where it can be.


Now it's over, you will leave with
her children Sandra Pazos?

There is more to do
at boarding school.

Do not count on me.

I have already sacrificed
too much for you.

What will you do?

Recover lost time.

Nazis sought to capture

Ivan is not here?

Why will not you see what
happens in this office?

He hit maybe.

If he wanted to hurt him, he would
have not called by megaphone.

And that?

What are those names?

Franz Mannil. Gynecologist.

Responsible for the death of thirty-five
thousand Jews to Treblinka.

What is it?

A list of wanted Nazis.

After the war, we lost
track of them.

How did they disappear to?

Some went to other countries.

Spain or Argentina, for example.

Living alone all this time.

Much time has passed.
They are surely dead.

Do not know for sure.

They arrested one in
Chile recently.

What relationship
with the intern?

Remember those initials inscribed
on the seats ...

hall nazi?

It could ...

that these correspond to the initial
list of names of Nazi fugitives.

You mean some of these guys are
alive and meet the bottom?

What happened?

What did you say your father?

He did not have enough leave
me a lifetime of beatings.

He wants to finish with me.
Finally, with ...

all of us.

That's what he told you?

It'll kill us?


If he makes it I do not know
what papers stolen by Toni.

Those of heritage?

I do not know what papers.

But it must be enormous.

So he threatened to kill us if
he is given no papers ...

we did not even?

What we must do is expose
these people.

And we finally get here.

That's it.

We must get out and look for
the names of the chairs.


I drop.

All this is beyond us.

You realize it?

There are nine school days.

I do not know about you ...

but I want to stay alive.

Do not count on me.

You should not make sport
with this injury.

I'm still having nightmares.

I'm fine, Jacinta.

But seeing the police
around here worried.

Have you ...

spoke with Elsa?


She knows nothing.

For now.

We never had to hide the body.

We should have called
the police.

I explained everything.

We could not go to the
police then or now.

We have already spoken.


If they found out ...

you stole a child
from his mother.

It is you who say that?

Thee know a lot about the
theft of children.

I did not know that Joaquin was
stealing children for adoption.

When I learned ...

I gathered evidence.

I was going to hand them
over to police.

You could not have, anyway.

He was going to kill you!

Had I not been there, the
body was missing yours.


Jacinta, this man died.

And you're alive.

That's what matters.

I can not live ...

with this weight on
my conscience.

Listen to me.

There are thirty-five years, you've
separated from my real family.

If you talk now, you separate
me from my son.

And we will go to jail for having
removed a dead body.

It is too late.

Nobody can know what happened.

Dear Elsa,

Do not be sad.

Your father is dead.

It was very nasty.

He wanted to kill me.

That's why my dad

No, not my dad.

any man

had to kill him in self-defense.

Forgive him, please.

This is the book that you asked.

Ah, yes.
Maybe it'll distract me.

The children, once the work
is done, I may replace.

They will all be on the wall
for a mural spring.

- Amelia.
- Yes?

I finished mine. You like?

It is pretty. You're an artist!

I've brought them here
for the baby.

Well, the concern is not
yet to the drawings, but

the colors they like very much.

Oh, that's nice.

Anyway, thank you.

Well, well, I'm going.

I'm here for what you want.

Thank you. Ciao!

Thank you.

Let me explain.

I do not care what you did
during those weeks.

We are no longer together, you
have nothing to explain.

- I want to give them.
- I do not want to hear.

I no longer believe in
your twisted stories.

And sorry for your mother.

Well ...

What are you doing here?

Jacinta, I ...

I want you to reemployment.

And I want to measure
half a meter more

to play basketball.
But it will not happen either.

I would not have left
like that, but ...

I had a month horrible.

If Maria did not accept
your explanation,

me, even less.


I understand that "you
would like to see me.

But ...

I just ask you a second chance.

At the first prank,
you make me vires.

But let me try to get Maria.

Say ...

it is a kitchen, you know.
Not a dating agency.

In addition, Maria saw you with
another girl at the cemetery.

I know I fucked up. But ...

I love her, Jacinta.
I know I can make her happy.

I have not yet proven, but
if you let me stay,

I will not spend one day
without doing so.

Please, Jacinta.

More ...

nuggets that will make
you like mine?

- Do not drop.
- Okay.

Iván whore.

Any opportunity is good.

I never understood how you can
be friends with this type.

Well, Ivan, at bottom, is nice.

- One must know.
- Yeah.

It's you I want to know better.

- Ah, yes?
- Yes.

Here is a bit complicated.

I expect very much summer!

And me ...

To go to the beach,
the movies ...

In fact, my cousin told me about
a great movie, Brain Drain.

Ah, yes?

At any hour.

You not come to the hermitage?

If we stop them, they
will kill us.

So better if we all
rest in peace.

And Marcos?

These bastards have
always his mother.

I know!
What do you want us to do?

It is powerless against them.
It's been months since we try

and we have done anything.
Do not you see?

And Cayetano?

They killed him, right?

We'll let them get away?


I want to end up like him.
You dig?

I want to die, bitch!

Think, Roque.

It's not worth it.

You okay, man?

I see nothing.


- I see nothing, everything is black.
- What?

Wait for me here,
I will seek help.

Do not go!

You're bleeding from the nose.

I will seek help.
Do not move here.

No, wait. I think it's better.

I see it again.

Saying is very strange.

We should go to the
hospital or ...

No. Relax.

I treat myself alone.
Thank you very much.

You okay?

- Yes, I'm better.
- Here we go again?

We go to chapel, we're waiting

The hardest thing for children to be living
here, isolated from the world?

For children and adults.

They are happy here.

We're like one big family.

You'll see.

I go, I have school. Goodbye.


What's the point of complaining
to a new teacher?

You have a problem?



It's harder every time.

Pull the kids in the woods.

With such controls, I
can not go unnoticed.

You discuss our orders?



They got the message.

We'll see what happens.

Having them in the legs is
the last thing we need.

The demise of Joaquín.

The filing of works of art
plundered under our noses.

I think he is the party
with the works.


This is not him.

THE 1945 MID orphanage


You know?

Know what?

They said on the radio.

The Fuhrer had
ommitted suicide.

All is not lost.

It is the child?

It Helmuth.

The son of Captain von Hammer.

Welcomes Dr. Wulf.

I think you have something
that belongs to me.

Thou hast made me, is not it?

And my dad ...

when he comes?

Joaquin ...

Take care of him.

Your father fell yesterday
as a hero.

Is he dead?

The Russians were shot. Sorry.

We'll take care of you.


You see?

It's you ...

And then there is your new name.

Only the weak must die.

Talk about a home.

It has no ghosts, but underground,
crazy, comedy festival.

Do not say anything.
It really fucks scared.

... KF

Let's see.

KF. There is a KF.
Karl Fleischer.

Head of the Gestapo in France.
Responsible for torture

of fourteen thousand three hundred and
eleven durable, missing since 1948.

Tell me another.

HW ...

Hans Weigel. Head of Chancery.

General of the SS.
Hitler's personal secretary.

In what we started?

And LH?

Ludwing Henninger.
Captain medical camp at Dachau.

On the run since 1945.


Otto Ulrich.
Commander of the armies of the Rhine,
and Marshal of the Luftwaffe.

We lost track of him
after the war.

On this chair, there RW.

He who sat there was to
lead the whole party.

There is an HR, Ralf Heim.

But not RW.

I know that is not one, but the
others were Nazi officers.

And if he was leading
the meeting ...

This was to be Hitler.

What would all these
criminals here?

My mother has to do with it?

What do they want from her?


I'm Rebecca, the new
history teacher.

Delighted. Fermin, I am ...

Do not say anything. Director?

The director would also have
a nice suit as mine.



Well ...

I go there.
Otherwise, Jacinta will kill me.

Surely we'll meet again
in the corner.


I've already said I do not
like you ride alone.

Let's see.

What's more?

Is ...

I did something that
you will not like.

What have you done?

You do not eat the dough?


Is ...

Elsa was very worried
about her dad.

And I wrote him a letter explaining
what happened.

- For it is reassures.
- You did what?

But I did not say it was you.

In addition, not suit
you in jail.

For thou hast killed
defending your body.


Not true, Dad?

Sure, son.
It happens to me nothing.

So ... you're not angry?

No. Of course not.

You did well.

- And that Elsa told you the letter?
- Nothing.

I do not know if
she has read it.

I put her with the books
she read to her baby.

Like this ...

she will when she reads.

You know what we gonna do?

We will do part of échechis
drinking a glass of milk.

Prepare the plate, I'll get
the milk to the kitchen.

It does not in my head.

How can you hire him after
all he did to me?

Say ...

I just left back in the kitchen,
not in your bed.

I warn you ...

I do not let him get another
chance, even if he tried.

Maybe it was not a good idea.

Maybe with the years ...

I'm becoming a s
ntimental senile.

Sentimental, perhaps. Senile ...

I think not.

I love this home!

I'll have to leave the boarding
school more often.

How are you?

Like a lab rat.

For a month, exams, exams ...

But ...

they found nothing.

- So you're okay?
- Perfectly.

You look really well.

Because I'm happy to be
back here with you two.

The little mouse ...

Let's see ...

There is a small fish ...

There are few colors,
is not it, my heart?

We will choose another.

Rosita ...

Rosita ...

playing hide and seek.

What looks like Rosie?


Let's see who it is.

I'm coming.


What do you want?

Hector has just returned.
He is in his room.

Ah, thank you.


Say, I want to apologize .....

for this morning.
I was a little heavy.

Good. Do not worry.

I'm not like that.

In fact, I know ...

I saw myself ...

It's good, relax, I will defer.

How are you?

Good. Nothing serious.

Everything is under control.

No news of your father?


Nothing. It's horrible, Héctor.

You do not imagine as
you do not live.

Do not lose hope, Elsa.

It's good, it's over.

Well ... I ...

I'm glad your back and

you go better.

Go, you are claiming.

I arrived, my heart.

I'm here.

Hello, my pretty.

It's over, darling. It's over.



All other names appear below.

But no trace of the RW.

But if his initials are
below, is a fugitive.

Click on it.


It was Hitler with three types
we have identified.

Hans Weigel, Otto Ulrich ...

and Karl ... Karl Fleischer.

And the fifth?

It is not in the list.

It is called ...

Ritter Wulf.

Look at this: RW.

It is hard.

I'll print it big.

It is written that
a Ritter Wulf ...

was chief of the medical division
of the SS during the Third Reich.

He was the surgeon of the extermination
camp of Belzec.

Known as the Butcher of Belzec.

He died in a bombing in 1945.

We never found his body.

That's why he is not on the list.
He died.

I hope he has made the bomb on
his head, this son of a bitch.

Ritter died in Wulf
is no bombing.

He died there a year and a half
home from a heart attack.

How do you know that?

I knew him.

Butcher of Belzec ...

was my grandfather.

And this walk in the woods?

Like this morning?

If the fresh air makes
you much good,

you will double rations.

All in the yard.

What is it? A problem?

It's raining in torrents.

Even nature is on my side.


The desire I had to return
to the old room

and sleep in my bed again.

Me, you do not fool me.

You are not going well.

I ...

Things got complicated.

They said that I have a very
strange disease ...

not yet been identified ...

with no treatment.

How ...

How long have they been?



Six months.

I do not do that, Jacinta.
Do not cry, no ...

Please, listen to me.

Nobody must know. Okay?

I'll use the little I
have left to live.

I will not waste time crying
or complaining.

What will you do?

What will happen to
Marcos and Paula?

I do not know. That I know.

I do not know if I should tell them or not.
I have no idea.

What makes me the worst
is that I am dying

without being able
to kiss my sister.

Where are you?

You've really missed.

Why were you so long?

I missed you too.

You will stay there until they lose
the urge to go for a walk.

So you learn not to leave school
without permission.

Where he goes, what type?
He has no right to
do this to us!

The director of the school and
he can do what he wants.

He wants to undermine morale.

I prefer it to be killed.
You forgot this morning?

We are there to stack the logs.

Well, no! No!

I have the ass!

Do not go! Iván!

You can leave us out all night.

But your punishment will not do you anything.
For nothing!

We'll see.
The night is just beginning.

- There was none of your papers.
- Me, I think so.

Only you or the maid can have.

Do not touch María.
Do not even think.



You've come to tie
you to the right?


Maria told you something?

Wait ...

She told you she is your mom?

That's ...

If you touch her, I'll kill you.

You're so stupid that
thou hast believed.


One who pretends to
be your mom ...

is crazy.

An escapee who has

I believe nothing
of what you say.

No need to believe me.

You have everything there.

A mental patient escapes from
the asylum San Antonio.

And you feel better?

Yes, the doctors gave
me medication,

and I heal.

I was very scared.
I thought you would return it.

I had to come back.

Missed you so much.

Each passing day,

I thought of you more
than yesterday.

Why did not come back sooner?

Switzerland is very far.

It's long to return.

Do not go over too far, then.

You promise more leave me alone?


At bedtime, it's late.

See you tomorrow.


Jacinta, what is it?

- It is not well at all.
- Who?

What happened?

Come on, what did he say?

María has escaped
from an asylum?

She is sought.
It's written there.

Access psychotic violent ...

Paranoid delusions ...

It is completely siphoned.

And there's more ...

This is the report from
her psychiatrist.

The patient ...

claims to have had a child ...

cons medical evidence.

You know what that means?

She said for years that she has
a child and that is wrong.

It was invented!

There must be some explanation.

Do not tell me that my father
still scammed, Marcos.

This does not lie, dude.

The report makes clear. María

never had children.

Someone told you to stop?


One of us got the wrong room.

It's not the chamber
Carlos Almansa?

So tell me where he is?

You do not know.

It recovers stolen works of art
to the Jews by the Nazis.

In addition, he has a nine
millimeter in that drawer.

Fortunately, it is not loaded.

What do you want?

- Let us work together.
- Not even in dreams.

I not venture my head
for four stones.

This time it's serious.

No tables.

I hunt men.


I need your help.

You're wasting your time.
I'm out of touch.

You have spent time here.
You have contacts.

- And you're the best.
- It is a nonsense.

I fucked up, actually.

Nobody is perfect.

Listen to me.

I got away from the murderer of
my father, you understand?

Martin von Klaus.

Known here as Joaquín.

He escaped through my fault.

Do not you know?

And you will sit back to wait?

Well ...

Say that I avoid being
seen for some time.

I'm looking for people did
not kill your father.

But thousands of people.

And they are out, free.

Unpunished for their crimes.

Crimes against humanity.

It's up to you.

Can you help me to do justice.

Or ruin your life to
feed on rich kids.

- Get up, it'll be worse.
- No, damn!

This guy is going to keep
us here until we die.

He's right.

There are only nine
days of school.

We should try to survive.

Guys, I can not do that.

Not me, okay?
Surviving is not enough.

I need to know where my parents are
and what we want these people.

But you need not continue.

Do as Vicky.

It is best to do.
She's right. And Julia.

- Julia also ...
- Marcos!

I do not care days remain.

This is what is this
son of a bitch ...

I will not abandon you, man.

I'll be with you till the end.
Until the end!

It will all end up.


Guys, they we will not.

They will not we!

What happened?

Go inside. Marcos, inside!