The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 9, Episode 10 - Arcane Wireless - full transcript

The Task Force's investigation into Arcane Wireless, an untraceable cellular network for criminals, leads to unexpected consequences. Red races against the clock to get a colleague out of trouble.


Guys, that is
a packing job
if I ever saw one.

Bravo! I love
that stuff.
♪ I woke up this morning

♪ Toes out of my shoes

Um, yeah.
No, not that.
That's 10:00.

♪ Cold north wind
Was a-howling

please, please.

♪ Bringing me the blues
Okay, good boys. Good.

Glenn, this is great,
but I just need these,

and I need them moved
to the truck. Good.

♪ I said,
"Blues, good morning"

Yeah, what's
shaking, boys?
Keep it going!

♪ Excuse me
While I have a smoke

Thank you.
Thank you.
Good job.

Come on.
♪ If I can't find a light ♪

Okay, let's get
these crates sealed.

Last truck
is rolling in 20!

Chop, chop!

Patented plants.

What a concept.

What's next, Bobby?
Copyrighting clouds?

I'm sure you'd find
a way to turn a profit
on those, too.

You bet your ass I would.

♪ Tomorrow's gonna be
A better day ♪

put that on the line.

What the hell?

♪ Open up the door

♪ And let the good times in
Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!

♪ Tomorrow's gonna be better
Than today ♪

Raymond. We got trouble.

You know, Raymond,
I am not surprised

you didn't anticipate
the raid.

You have been

Looking for the person

for Elizabeth's death
is hardly a distraction.

No. It's a waste
of time.

Not if I find them.

Even if there was someone,
which I doubt,

finding them will not
bring Elizabeth back.

It only delays you healing,

or, apparently,
house hunting.

Heddie may be
just another cog

in the machine
of my organization,

but she's a fragile
and unpredictable cog,

and she won't last long
behind bars.

You need to get her out.

I'll do my best,
mon capitaine.

Though perhaps you might
have more luck

talking to your
task force pals.

What else are
FBI friends for?

Investigating the Seer.

You mean
on the blacklist?


It's brilliant.

Absolutely not.

Come on, Harold.

Hedwig Hawkins
was caught with over

a million dollars' worth
of pirated soybean seeds.

Pirated? Heddie was
just selling seeds
to farmers at a price.

If my associate is guilty
of anything,

it's simply trying to ease
the economic strain

on the hardworking
men and women

who put the tofu
in your turkey,

the cotton in your shirt,
the beans in your coffee.

Everything it means
to be human.

But our immunity agreement
is with you,

not with your employees.

If she talks,
it will be damaging.

How much
is hard to tell,

but it would certainly
have repercussions for me

and for this task force.

We have a deal with you.

The rest of the Justice
Department doesn't.

I can't just pick up the phone
and get her out of custody.

I can only hope that
reciprocal generosity

is a concept that one day
will have meaning for you.

Until that day,
have you ever heard
of Arcane Wireless?

Sounds like
a phone company.

With a black-market
operating system

that cannot be tapped
or traced by law enforcement.

A couple of thousand
beta phones

have been sold to date,

but word is the company
is about to go wide.

That's cause for alarm.

One of the FBI's
most powerful tools,

other than me,
is the federal
wiretap warrant.

Last year,
those warrants resulted

in nearly
7,000 arrests.

Imagine all
of those criminals,

all of that evidence,
well outside of your reach.

That's what will happen
if you don't stop
Arcane Wireless.

Juan Miguel Rojas,
enforcer for the
Castillo Cartel.

This image was captured
from a bank in El Paso

minutes after
he murdered an
informer's family.

Richard Slade,

weapons trafficker.

Clients range
from Boogaloo Boys
to the Taliban.

And Clyde MacFarlane
leads the Mount Porte
Motorcycle Club.

Though they started out

and are still based
in West Virginia,

they now handle
a large portion of the
methamphetamine trade

from the Great Lakes
all the way down
to the Gulf Coast.

Yeah, but it's nothing
new that criminals
use cellphones.

Arcane Wireless
isn't a public company.

It's underground,

and those invites
go to the worst of the worst.

The service is like
an electronic cone
of silence.

It's working.

Arcane's clients
have been avoiding arrest

ever since they started
using the phones.

And Reddington says
these phones are about
to flood the market?

He does. Which means
we're on a clock.

And all we have
to go on

is the moniker
of the man in charge.

According to Reddington,
he's known as The Seer.

You're the Seer?
Where's your boss?

You want his business?
You play by his rules.

If these
phones are interfering
with active investigations,

maybe the Bureau
has open case files.

I can reach
out to a contact

over at Information
Security who'd know.

Who is it?

FJ Powell.

He, uh... He actually
was my mentor

who taught me
everything I know,

including that
I could never
be as good as him.

This should be fun.

Step through.

Ah! Geez.

You trying to make me
lose what little hearing
I have left?

Can I see
my client now,

or you want to do a full
cavity search, too?


thank Christ.




First of all,
how are you?

Were you hurt
in the raid?

No, I'm...
I'm fine.

But where'd those
fed bastards
come from anyway?

You let me
worry about that.

Until we sort this out,

you just luxuriate in
your right to remain silent.

Of course.
Anything for you.

So, how long
before I'm sprung?

I need to warn you
that this is bigger
than a few soybeans.

They are planning
on throwing
the whole book at you.

Racketeering, conspiracy,

aiding and abetting
a fugitive, like...

Yeah, but you say that
like it matters.

We have a 52-card deck
of aces up our sleeve.

Right, Ray Ray?

No. Not this time.

Wait. No?

But I...
I have macaws.


Not to worry.
I've got a very sweet guy
to watch your birds.

For how long?
They can live to be 60,

and Mango needs the ointment
for her beak disease

and Princess
is more demanding

than an opera singer
with allergies
on opening night.

I... I need
to be there for them.

Heddie, just relax.
Take a breath.

Marvin smuggled an earwig

into a federal facility

so that you could
hear my voice

telling you we will
take care of this.

You have nothing

to worry about.

So sit tight
and stay strong.


I'm okay.

I trust my associates

treated you respectfully.

In my line of work,
one has to take

security precautions.

That's funny?

What's funny is that
you think blindfolds

and driving
around in circles
equals security.

Your phone.


Location services
are off.

You'd think that
would be sufficient,

but people
just can't resist

using their phones
for things like...


Jalapeno poppers
on Grubhub.

Thanks to your
late-night cravings,

every 30 seconds,
his phone is sending
out a ping

to see if he's in
a Grubhub service area.

Any law enforcement
officer with cause

can walk right through
that door right now.

Grub what you love.

That's one
liability down.

I can get rid of all
of them and replace
them with phones

that can't be hacked
or tracked.

I want to see them
in action.

I'll schedule
a demonstration.

Bring any expert
you like.

I've never had
an unhappy client.

Minor players,
no doubt.

I do business
on four continents.

You traffic
on four continents.

Women, children.

You're a troubled person
who does terrible things,

and one day,
you'll be caught.

You're invisible.

If your product is
as good as you say,

I'll be buying

Four continents?

Odin, I'm about to give you
the whole damn planet.


Hello. I, um...

I was, uh, going...
Well, the...
Uh, your door...

Still a fumferer.

Uh, what?
I hate fumfering.

Yet you cause
so much of it.

Sir. Agent Powell.

Um, hello, FJ.

You had promise.

Why did you waste it?
I didn't know I had.

The private sector. Tech.
I thought you'd be
in it by now.

Oh. Yeah. Tech.
Uh, I tried that.
Didn't take.

Um, but now I am on
a federal task force

looking into
Arcane Wireless.

Have you heard of it?

Well, if I had, why should
I tell you about it?

Well, actually, because,
uh, after a few

between my boss
and your
boss's-boss's boss,

uh, you've... Uh, you've
been ordered to.

You outrank me,
don't you?

Oh, only if you mean,
you know, hierarchically,

but in any kind of
meta way, you are this,
like, alpha beast,

and I am...


Law enforcement has run
into a handful of these

over the past year.

Yesterday, highway patrol
in West Virginia

stumbled onto a biker
running drug money.

He had this, fresh off
the factory floor.

It's been bricked.
This network is not connected

to anything
we've ever seen before.

It's totally impenetrable.

Even when we get our
hands on a phone,

they're able to wipe
all the data remotely.

I'm gonna
call this in.

My task force is gonna
want to interview
the, uh, biker.

In the meantime,
do you, uh, mind
if I, uh, stay here

and take
this phone apart?

I'll get back to you
on that.

As soon as I check
with my boss's-boss's boss.

it's that boss's boss,

if you want to be
hierarchical about it.

Which, um, I don't,
but if you did,
then that boss's boss.

How was my client
supposed to know

that she was buying
the asexual clones
of a protected legume?

I mean, it's not
like the beans
were stamped

with a copyright logo.

And I happen to know
that seed patents
are hell to prosecute.

First, you got to
prove disclosure,

then you got to test
the specimens,

then define the content.

I mean, who needs it?

I'll tell you
what we can do.

In exchange
for reduced charges,

my client will testify
against the company

that sold her
that spurious product.

Are you done?
Tell him
you can keep going,

all day, all night,
all year, for eternity.

That's it for this
angle, yeah, but I got
plenty of others,

and I'm gonna keep going
until we make a deal.

The state only has
one deal to offer.

Oop. Here it comes.

Immediate release.

A new name, a new life,
a fresh start.

In exchange for?

Everything she knows
about Raymond Reddington

and his activities.

Full cooperation.

We want names,
we want dates,

we want every
possible detail.

Okay. Done.


Marvin, really?
You're saying she'll flip
on Reddington?

Of course not.

Look, we can protect you
against your employer.

What we can't
protect you against

is his rather
colorful lawyer.

Mr. Gerard may say
he's representing you,

but we both know
he's here to look out

for his real client.

And that's
the Raymond person?

Who's that again?

That's my girl.

20 years, Miss Hawkins.

20 years in a federal prison
rubbing elbows with killers.

That's what you're
looking at, minimum.

Is that really how
you want to grow old?

Well, what about
that guy

from the prison film
with Burt Lancaster?

The one with the birds?

Do they let you
keep birds?

Macaws, specifically?
I... I have two.

Okay, so whoever
developed this is a genius.

Not that I'm a genius,
but I found
the log directory,

and it looks like
it recorded
a time stamp

every time a call
was connected,

but what's weird is,
it seems like every
time that happened,

the phone sent
an outgoing data packet
to a server farm.

Do you have
a final destination?

Uh, no.

In other words, you might
have found something,

if we can trace
the server.

And if we can,
if the server
pings us back.

And if it does,
whether it pings us

where the messages
have been sent.

Okay, but, uh, imagine
how great it'll be

if all those ifs
all happen.

I'll start
running a trace.

What's that?

It's a tech company
with security platforms.

No, yeah,
that, uh, I know.

Why are you
looking at it?

That's none
of your business.

No, of course
it's not.

Normally, it... It...
It wouldn't be.

I know that it...

Spit it out
or swallow it,

but for God's sake,
stop fumfering.

It's my company.

Yeah. It is.

Or it... It was.

It... It's not now,

I created it.

You're the CTO who left.

How do you know that?

Because I'm applying
to be the CTO.

You're applying for my job?

Yes. The job you left.

Before you were vested.

I was vested.

I chose to make
a clean break.

What makes you think
that I wa...

Are they offering you
ownership shares?

Oh, looks like the trace
is a dead end.

Proxies all
the way down.

They haven't offered me
anything yet.

I'm in
the application stage.

But the offer includes
ownership shares.

Shares that I gave up.

We should keep looking
in the directories...

See what other
we can find.

The Mount Porte
Motorcycle Club, huh?

It looks like you got
pulled over
in West Virginia

driving a truck carrying
$2 million worth
of drug money,

all because of
a broken tail light.

I got nothing to say
about money.

Well, we don't care
about the money.

We're here
about your phone.

Oh, my phone?

What, you brought me
here to offer me
an upgrade?

Clyde MacFarlane.
The president of your club.

The phone he's using...

It's the same model
you had when you
were arrested.

Where did you get it?

I dunno.


Look, we need a name.

Or we put out the word
that you're a snitch

and that the $2 million
wasn't confiscated

after an arrest,

but actually handed over
as part of our arrangement.

We don't have
an arrangement.

We will if you
don't cooperate.

Riggs who?

I don't know
his first name.
He's part of the club.

He ran the whole thing.

Gave us all new phones,
made us toss our old ones.

Where do we
find Riggs?

He's always
in the same place.

Far end of the bar
at Kelly's in
Randolph County.

I'll get you another
one, Riggs.

Thank you, sugar.

That smells good.

I'll have a plate
of what he's having.

♪ Course there's
No lights on

And take your time
coming back with it.

♪ To show me the way

What are you doin'?

Well, one of your boys
was just arrested,

carrying one
of my phones.

So? They're untraceable.

Thought that was
the big sell.

They are. I'm not.

♪ But the captain
Drank himself into his grave

Arcane is about
to go wide.

I can't have the FBI
sniffing around.

Not now.

Your head ain't right
if you think I'd tell
a Fed the time of day.

Unfortunately for you,

I'm not willing
to take that chance.

♪ Did you sweep me
Off the floor
Or out the door...

On second thought,
I should've asked
for this plate to-go.

♪ Under the pale
Moon spotlight

♪ Did we see each... ♪

Excuse me.

Agents Ressler
and Zuma, FBI.

We're looking for a man
named Riggs.

You and me both.

One minute,
he's ordering his usual,

and the next, he has
taken off without even
saying goodbye.

And now that I see
the two of you,
I know I was right.

How did she seem
in person?

She's trying to act tough,
but it's not a performance

that's gonna win
any Tonys, you know?

Heddie's got a big heart,
and it's in the right place,

but if they
send her upstate

to eat franks and beans
with the tough gals,

it's anyone's guess
how she's gonna react.

Well, in that case,
we got a serious problem,

'cause on my way out,

I got wind that
the U.S. Attorney's office

has petitioned
the court to find
Heddie alternate counsel.

Why? She has you.
Yeah, you also have me.

You pay me,
and they know that.

Despite my protestations

They're, uh... They're citing
conflict of interest.

They're cutting in
to talk to her in private,
lean on her.

They lean on her
hard enough,

that woman will fall faster
than a lawn chair.

Heddie might
surprise us.

She does exhibit a certain
can-do attitude.

Raymond, she knows
enough to make it hurt.

If she rolls on you
to that lawyer,

they will whisk her
straight into hiding

in Never Never Land,
and the next time
you see her,

she will be sitting
in a witness box

testifying against you
in a federal court.

Who do we know
in the Eastern District?

Judge Smathers.

Get Heddie's case
transferred to his
docket right away.

Line some pockets.
Get it done.

Who's this?
This is Itzhak.

15 years in
digital analysis
for the Mossad.

He's here for
your demonstration.

I won't be placing
an order without
his sign-off.

I am told that you
make a phone
that is untraceable.

A skeptic.

what's your emergency?

It's not my emergency
you should worry about.

Do you know what atrocities
we're committing abroad

right now, originating
from this very city?

Bet you don't.
You don't care.
You're asleep.

But I'm about to
wake everyone up.

Sir, can I have your name?

I've planted an IED
in the Metro.

What are you doing?
There are 40 stations
in the District alone.

You won't have
time to find it
before it goes off

with enough force
to take out an entire block

and who knows how many
so-called innocents.

Sir, you sound upset.
Can we send someone
to your location?

Are you there? Sir?
The instant I cried bomb,

she pressed a button
alerting her superior.

Can I have your location
so we can send someone...
As we speak... speak with you?
...they're attempting
to triangulate

my location
using cell towers.

Itzhak, if you
would be so kind

as to set
a 60-minute timer.

If their trace
is successful,
within the hour,

agents will break
down that door
and arrest us all.

None of which
is going to happen,

because I called on
one of my phones.

And if you're wrong?
But I'm not wrong.

Which is why I brought
a deck of cards.

We've got about
an hour to kill.

What's your game...
Hold 'em, hearts, gin?

You just called in
a bomb threat

and you want to play
a game of cards?

I guess that means
I'm playing solitaire.

You stole
the phone.

No, I took it
without permission.

From your mentor.

He stole my job.
I stole his phone.

He didn't
steal your job.

He's applying
for the job you quit.

Okay, do you know
how much Greylock raised

in Series A financing?

$19 million.

Do you know what my share
of that would have been?

$4.75 million.

Which is why you
stole the phone.

Okay, first, no,
it's not his phone.

And second, yes,
that is exactly
why I stole it.

Your mentor wants
the job you left.

That should
be rewarding.

You know what would
be rewarding?

$4.75 million.

There's nobility
in poverty.

We know who
The Seer is.

We got a link
to surveillance
footage of Kelly's.

A dive bar gave you access
to their security cameras?

No, but the Wellness Center
across the street did.

That's why Riggs
wasn't at the bar.

The Seer
got to him first.

Our Seer
is William Meyers, 46.

A fallen software engineer
convicted of bilking

the tech company he founded
out of $2 million.

On his release,
he hooked up

with the Lyon
Crime Syndicate.

I guess he was looking
for cash,

and old Alonso Lyon
wanted his communication
systems updated.

So, someone from
the Lyon Crime Syndicate

took out someone loyal
to the Mount Porte Club.

That's not
gonna end well.

I tried pulling a BOLO.

Seems the Bureau
issued one on Meyers
three years ago.

Turns out he's almost
as elusive as Reddington.

Then it's a good thing
we're working with Raymond.

He's done business
with Lyon.

Maybe he can
broker a meeting.

Call him.


Who are you?

My name is Kamina Gilford.
I'm a defense attorney.

Oh, I already
have one of those.

The court has
appointed me
to meet with you

because an allegation
has been made that
you're represented

by Raymond Reddington's

The court's intent
is to assure

that any decisions
you make
are your decisions

and not influenced by
a lawyer who also
represents your boss.

A crime boss.

That's a lot of words.

Words have power.

Your words have the power
to save you, Heddie.

You want me to snitch.
Can you honestly tell me

that you want to spend
20 years in prison,
if you're lucky,

to protect a man who
kills without conscience?

The evidence
against you
is airtight,

and I can say
as a trial lawyer

that if I had to defend you
on these facts, I'd lose.

Does Marvin
know you're here?

And if you accept
the state's offer
of Witness Protection,

he won't be advised
this is happening

until you are safely
in protective custody.

Your birds, too.

U.S. Marshals
are standing by
right now.

Let's be clear,

This is your one
opportunity not
to die in jail.

The U.S. Attorney
has extended
this offer to you,

and it's only open
for one hour.

You need to decide now.

We're getting
some more information now

on a bomb threat that has
prompted evacuations...

...of several office
buildings downtown.

There's something
inexplicably rewarding

about winning
at solitaire.

You're not
beating anyone

and yet it's really
quite satisfying.

How about you?
Are you satisfied yet?

I'm intrigued.
Only intrigued?

You just witnessed
an incredible demonstration.

It's one thing
to be untraceable.

It's a whole other thing
to be intercepted,

hacked, and decrypted.

Itzhak pioneered hacking
techniques for the Mossad

that would make
your head spin.

I'll be calling
from 771-555-0136.

The operating system on both
phones is chainOS Secure.

What else
do you need?

Serial numbers?
Storage capacity?

You couldn't be closer to it
than you are right now.

You know, I'm always
looking for talent.

I might have
a place for you,

if you can penetrate
this call.


This is unusual.

The encryption?

No. I... I can't even
get that far.

The phone is plugged
directly into my system,

and I can't even register
a call in progress.


I've never seen anything
like this.

Satisfied now?

With my technology
in your pocket,

you'll dominate the global
market in trafficking.

You've made a believer
of me.

I'll buy every phone
you have.

Smart man.

Now no one in
law enforcement
can touch you.

Ah, Alonso.

Thank you for coming
on such short notice.

It better
be important, Red.

You just pulled me
from my daughter's
dressage competition.

I wanted to know what
$30,000 in horse
lessons bought me.

I'll explain everything

Where's Reddington?

Here's our
other guest now.

Alonso Lyon,
may I introduce you
to Clyde MacFarlane,

President of
the Mount Porte
Motorcycle Club.

You got some nerve
to summon me, I don't
care who you are.

Why the hell am I here?

Oh, I'd like to know
that as well.

You know what I love?
A good documentary.

Would you look at that!

One of your men
being taken
by your men.

Son of a bitch.
You took out Riggs?

Didn't take out anybody.
How do you even
know he's dead?

He got walked out
of his local bar by
a couple of creeps.

His ex-wife's

'cause he missed
his son's
first hockey game.

And he's never missed
a single day

dropping by
the clubhouse
in three years.

Except yesterday
and today.

Now, tell me he's not
gonna show up in
a ditch somewhere.

Well, whatever happened
to him didn't happen
on my orders.

Well, I believe
that's The Seer.

The Seer
is in your employ.

The Seer?
Is that the phone guy?

Yeah, he worked
with me, yeah.

And I let him
branch out
on his own

for a nice piece
of the action.

a valuable service...

to both of you.

The question is,

is it valuable enough
to turn the other cheek?

Not to me.
I got nothing
to do with this.

And yet there's your former
tech guru in living color.

Rumor has it
he redesigned
your syndicate's

entire security system,

Transported you
into the 21st century.

Why are you doing this,
stirring up trouble?

My goal is the opposite.
Conflict mediation.

Gang wars are bad
for all of our businesses.

let's sort this out.

There's nothing to sort.

Except which of his
people I kill
to make us even.

An eye for an eye leaves
the whole world blind.

Riggs was a full member.
That means something.

Someone's got to pay.

An understandable

From my vantage point,
The Seer caused the problem.

Perhaps he's
the solution?

I am not gonna sign off
on the death of a friend.

I've had to part company
with people myself.

I'm sure we all have.

Peace and prosperity
for all

is sometimes more important
than one particular person.


All right, let me
hear it from him,

and then I'll do
what needs to be done.

You'll just hide him.

I don't want him

I want him dead.

When the time comes,
I'll handle the job.

Does that work
for both of you?

All right.

Well, the hardware
told us nothing.

Did you check
his trace?


For the same reason
you stole the phone.

And don't say
it was out of spite

because he's applying
for your old job.

It was out of spite
because he's applying
for my old job.

It was also
so you could
check on his work,

because deep down,
you know you're every
bit as good as FJ,

if not better, because
you know he might have
missed something

that you might catch.
The trace was a non-starter.

Too many dummy servers
to identify the end location.

So he says.

I will run the trace again,
but it won't lead anywhere.

And while you're at it,
call Nick

and recommend FJ
for the job.

It's the nice thing to do,
and you're a nice guy.

I suppose you think
that is a compliment

and that it is not FJ's
fault that I took

a vow of poverty

and that if anyone else
deserves the job, he does.

That's exactly what
I think, and despite
how you feel,

I know it's what
you think, too.

You're right.

Then you'll make
the call?

Uh, no.
Absolutely not.

You're not right
about how I feel.

In fact, no, you're
absolutely wrong
about that.

What you're right about
is my running the trace.

Checking his work.

Data packets are being sent
directly to an end server.

FJ Powell is the father
of modern forensic infosec.

He could've found this
in his sleep.

Then why didn't he?

That's the thing.
I think he did.

Ah. Ms. Gilford.

I've been waiting
with bated breath.

What tune did
our songbird sing?

A song of silence.


I've never seen
anything like it.
20 years in hell,

and she's willing
to serve them
all for you.

The loyalty you inspire
in your people,
or is it fear?

That's entirely
case dependent.

In Heddie's case,
it's loyalty.

The woman has the heart
of a Basset Hound.

I'm just glad
she passed the test.

And what
if she failed?

You never told me
what the contingency
plan was.

No need for unpleasant
"what ifs" today.

The fact is,
Heddie stands tall.

Thank you for your time,
Ms. Gilford.

Give my regards
to Judge Smathers,

and I hope your
new bungalow
on Sint Maarten

is everything you've
always dreamed of.

Best afternoon's work
I've ever done.

I would agree.

The gentleman
who brought you here

is waiting to take you
wherever you'd like.

Thank you.

Heddie has
a rough road ahead.

I'll make some calls.

See that she gets
the best bunk
in the whole place.

commissary account.

That won't be
necessary, Marvin.

I'd say Heddie's
earned her freedom,
wouldn't you?

I mean, I know
you're good,
but the, uh,

woman's in a federal
holding cell.

What, are you planning
on staging a breakout?

In a manner
of speaking, yes.

Hello, Alonso.

You killed a full member
of the Mount Porte
Motorcycle Club?

What were you thinking?

The FBI was on its way
to question him about Arcane.

You should have
come to me.
I don't work for you.

Only because
I allowed you to go.

You operate
under my protection.

Don't forget.

I introduced you to many
of your clients.

Nobody even knew
who you were
two years ago.

I think sharing half
my profits with you

expresses the appropriate

amount of appreciation.

Profits that might
have disappeared

if the FBI
had gotten to Riggs.

You crossed a line,

and I'm staring down a war
with a dangerous enemy.

We need to fix this.

When and where can
we meet to discuss?

I'm on my way to close a deal
with a new client.

Rock Creek Park
in 45 minutes.

We can talk after.

I'll be there.

Make it
as quick as possible.

Don't let him suffer.

He won't feel
a thing.


Harold, I have
a time and place.

What am I missing?


You always said
it wasn't enough
to see only the code.

To be great,
you need to see
the big picture.

Well, I cannot see it,
or I don't want to,

because the only big
picture I see is that
you're a traitor.

A convenient accusation,
as even uttering it

might prevent me
from getting
your old job.

That has nothing
to do with this.

But you don't want
me to get it, do you?

What I want is for
you to tell me,

why didn't you run
the trace?

Is that what you want,
or is that an order?

Both. And if you don't
believe me,

why don't you
call the boss?

I don't need
to call the boss.

I know exactly
what she would say.

So do I. That I should
arrest you.

Actually, she would curse
your infernal meddling

and then grant me permission
to read you into the situation

hoping to prevent you
from causing
any lasting damage.

The only thing
I'm trying to damage
is the Arcane network.

And by doing that,
you damage the country.

You think I'm a traitor.

But if you saw
the big picture,

you'd see that
I'm a patriot.

Yes, I've been protecting
the Arcane Network.


I created it.

We got eyes
on the target.
Perimeter secure.

Stand by.
Let's see who
he's meeting first.

Who's the unsub?

Odin Interdonato.

Head of a human
trafficking operation.

The largest trafficking
operation in the country.

He's destroyed literally
thousands of lives
and families.

And if he starts using
The Seer's phone,

his operation
goes invisible.

If we move in now,
we can take them both down.

You're all clear.
Do it.


Sir! Sir, you have
to shut it down!

It's the FBI!
What's the FBI?

The Seer,
Arcane Wireless.
It's all an op.

The Seer,
he's a deep
cover agent.

He's one of us.

Agent Ressler,
Agent Zuma,
pull back.

Target is engaging.

Don't move!

You have no idea
what you just did.

You know what?
Save it for
the judge.

We had one chance. One.
And you ruined it.

Don't even
think about it!

Moving out!

Right there, right there.

Interdonato is dead.

You had no authority
to move in on my operation.

You were making a deal
with a human trafficker.

You think I was making
a deal? Give me
one of my phones.

See if I can spell
this out for the
nosebleed seats.

Criminals make a call.
Totally encrypted.

Not identifiable
by any traditional method

of forensic wiretapping.

It was keeping
arrests down.
For now.

Short-term concession
for long-term gain.

What our clients
didn't know

is that every one

of their conversations
was recorded

and sent back
to our server farm.

I wasn't aiding
Odin Interdonato.

I was bugging him.

I convinced him to use
our phones, exclusively,

to run his operations.

Thousands of criminals,
all around the world.

Do you know
how much work
went into this?

Millions of dollars
in R&D.

I spent years developing
my criminal bonafides,

and you rush in like
John Wayne's Cavalry

after two days of recon
and shoot up the place.

What about Riggs?

You killed him
to protect your cover.

Killed? No.

FJ heard you were nosing
around Mount Porte,

so I arrested Riggs
before he could get to him.

He's in a safe house
in Cleveland.

We were done
with them anyway...

We'd gotten the intel
on their big shipment,

so we busted out
the lights on their truck

to give Highway Patrol
a reason to pull him over.

DEA was taking it over
from there.

Why didn't someone
in the Bureau notify
us to stand down?

We would have, if FJ
could have determined

who Agent Mojtabai
worked for.

But apparently, that's an
incredibly well-kept secret.

I am sorry.

For what?

Saying you're sorry
is meaningless

unless you say
what you're sorry for.

It's a pretty long list.

I'm sorry
for messing up the op.

The phones you created,

they are incredible.

I honestly don't know

how you did it.

They could have been used
for so much good.

I'm, uh, sorry
that we messed that up.

You should be sorry
about that.

Anything else?

Sorry I thought
you were a traitor?

that's two things.

What else?

Resenting you for wanting

to take my old job.


There's more?
I don't know.

Um, my very existence?

You don't owe me
another apology.

But you do owe one
to yourself.

You are a smart
young man with
a bright future.

What I created at
the Arcane Network

is no more impressive
than what you created
at Greylock.

I've been asked to join
dozens of start-ups,

each more pedestrian
than the next,

but what you
created here, it's...
It's inspired.

Which makes me
think that what
you're doing here

is also inspired,

or you wouldn't be here
and not there.


Forgive yourself
for the choices
that you've made.

As far as I can tell,
my friend...

They're the right ones.

I'm telling you,
the sky was the limit.

Odin was
our latest prize,

but we had our eyes
fixed on an even
bigger fish.

Number one on
the Most Wanted List.

Raymond Reddington.

You were targeting him.

We slipped a few
of our phones
into his ranks.

Taking him down was one
of the main priorities

of the wide release.

Now we will never
know what we could've

This was all
about protecting you
and your organization!

I guess you've spoken
with The Seer.

Yeah, and it became
abundantly clear

that this was about
saving your ass.

We're each looking out
for our own interests,

operating according
to our own principles.

When those interests align,
so be it.

Today, they didn't.

That task force
was conducting

a years-long
surveillance operation.

And look how well
it worked out.

Odin Interdonato is dead,
and ongoing intel gathered

by whatever is left
of the Arcane Network

will lead to the arrests
of Alonso Lyon

and Clyde MacFarlane
and who knows how many more?

A convenient vacuum
I'm sure you will have
no trouble filling.

Not interested.

I've got other fish
to fry.


I do not appreciate you
making an end-run

around my

Excuse us.

People have the right
to an attorney,
not a mouthpiece.

I tried to get
her one.
Oh, yeah.

An attorney who will
get Heddie to do what
you want her to do.

It doesn't really
matter, does it,
Mr. Gerard?

Reddington got his way,
thanks to you.

You're a disgrace
to your profession.

Am I? And how do
you figure that?

In case you
haven't heard,
Miss Hawkins chose

to turn down
the deal.

For the next 20 years,

every time you see
your boss's face,

I hope you think about
that misguided,

manipulated woman
rotting in prison.

Yeah, uh, no, that is, uh...
That is not gonna happen.

What, you're not gonna
think of her?

No, she's not
going to prison.

What do you know
about the Arcane

Wireless Network?


Well, tell your superiors
all it will take

are a few
well-placed phone calls

to spread the word

to every drug runner,
gangster, and con man

who are still in possession
of an Arcane phone

that they are bugged

by the very same people

that they are supposed

to be kept invisible to.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

But I do know this
is not a negotiation.

No, no, no.
It isn't.

Not between the two
of us, anyway.

But the next time
you hear about this,

it'll come
from someone high up.

And when that
happens, let me
tell you something...

The only way that you are
going to stop a mountain

of failed hopes
and dreams

from coming tumbling
down on you

is gonna be when
you set my client free.

Got that?

Hey, uh, Chloe.

Yeah, yeah, I heard.

$19 million.

Yeah, no, that's great.
That's great news.

Come to the celebration?
No. Uh, I don't know.


In Tahiti.

On a private jet. Oh.

No, I'm... I'm good.

Yeah, no, I'm...
I'm positive.

Listen, um, is, uh...
Is Nick still around?

No. No, that's okay.
Just, um...

Just tell him I sent
over a resume, uh,

for someone
to take my old job.

Yeah, he's gonna want to
hire this guy.

He's awesome.

My hero!

Come in, my dear.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, no, thank you.

Please, have a seat.

Thank you
for getting me out.


I am so sorry.

It was the phones,
Heddie, not you.


So, how do you know

that they won't be
a problem going forward?

It's been taken care of.

You should know that I was
approached by a lawyer.

The bloodsucker wanted me
to turn on you.

Yes, I know.

Ms. Gilford
is my bloodsucker,

along with the judge
who assigned her
to your case.

So, wait, you sent
her in to see if
I was loyal to you?

Kind of like a test?

A pass or die test?

I'm sorry, Heddie.

Tests have always
made my nerves wacky.

They're the reason
I dropped out
of high school.

I barely passed the GEDs.

Oh, and the CPA... I spent
more time in the bathroom

than I did
on the worksheets.

If I had known
that you were
giving me a test,

I... I probably would have
flunked, but instead...

You passed
with flying colors.

I'd offer you an alcoholic
beverage to celebrate,

but I seem to recall
you have a taste for...

Yerba mate.

I didn't show you
the ritual when you
were last here, did I?


It's one meant to be
shared with friends.

A gourd.

The leaves.

♪ Step back
From the line of fire ♪