The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 9, Episode 1 - The Skinner - full transcript

Previously on
"The Blacklist"...

If you took over
for Reddington,
inherited the Blacklist...

One task, then it's done.

What could possibly
be left for me to do?

To take my life.
I can't do it.

It's all right.

Raymond, we must.

I'm sorry.

How does it end?

You'll find out.

Her name is Elizabeth?

Do you believe
in love at first sight?

I didn't. Not until she
walked into that restaurant.

I knew an Elizabeth.

You know, I've only
known her for two weeks,

but when you know, you know,
am I right?

I never did,
but I'm glad you do.

So, tell me about her.

Your Elizabeth.

She wasn't my Elizabeth.
She was my friend.

She died two years ago.

I'm sorry.


The truck's loaded up.

Wire the payment,
and you're good to go.

Yeah, listen.
Uh, about that...

The agreement was
you come alone.

Agreements change.

My associate's
a trusting fellow.

He sees nothing
but possibility

in stealing a truckload
of precious microchips,

especially when one of the
eagerly corrupt port employees

asks a lot of questions.

So I asked some of my own.
He's a cop.

What should I do
about that?

Make sure
he's never found.

Kill him. Go on.
Your partner's a cop.

Show me
you're not one, too.

See? I told you.
Nothing to worry about.

Hmm. There's no blood.

Like I said,
he's very trusting.


Ah. Looky here.

Special Agent
Dembe Zuma.


No, no!

See what the FBI knows first,

then kill him
and get rid of the bodies.

You, get the truck. Go.

There's a diamond ring
in his pocket.

Oh, I'm through
trusting you.

It's two carats
at least.

Well, well.
What do you know?

No! No, no, no!

A shootout at a Los Angeles
port left one FBI agent dead

and another wounded,
raising fears about disruption

in the supply
of vital microchips.

With us to discuss
the incident is former

FBI deputy director
Harold Cooper.

So, what happened
and why?

The "why" is simple.
The world runs on microchips.

Our phones, our cars,
the planes we fly in.

The concern is that
America manufactures

only 12% of the
world's semiconductors.

The most advanced chips
are manufactured in Taiwan.

If our ability to
import them is threatened,

then so is our economy.

You say
the attempted theft

poses a national-security

What are you watching?

My ex-boss.

The target was a shipment
transported from Asia.

The Bureau assigned
an undercover team

to infiltrate and identify
the perpetrators,

which I'm told
they were unable to do.

In the past two years,
this country has seen...

Come on. Why are we
listening to this?

You aren't taking the meeting
with Conroy seriously.

It's okay.
I'm prepared for it.

...rise in crime...

No one's prepared
for Conroy.

You endure Conroy.
You suffer him.

You supplicate yourself in
the microscopically vain hope

that he will agree to be
an angel investor in our idea,

which, to date,
is notable only for costing
us our life savings.

So, you know...

So when they...

I need you to focus
on that, only that.

I got you, Nick.

Criminal empires are like
authoritarian regimes.

Most often ruled by a single,
all-powerful leader.

When that power becomes
decentralized or fractured,

it leads to a period
of chaos and instability.

So when the leader of
a criminal organization

steps down or dies,

there's inevitably
a rise in crime

as others fight for control
over what he left behind.

Are you saying

powerful crime bosses can
actually make the world safer?

There are a lot of criminals
that we don't know exist.

The best of the crime bosses
know them all

and have the power to keep
many of them in check.

So, when they stop doing that,
then, yes,

the world is less safe
as a result.

I can boost your meds.

It's fine.

My friend. I came
as soon as I could.

How is he?

His flak jacket
acted like a furnace.

He's got third-degree burns
on his upper arms and torso

and not enough pain meds
in his system.

Not until we talk.

So you're the reason.

I'll give you a few minutes.
Please talk.

So he can have some peace.

I need to find him.

The man who killed Laver.

The passcode...

The first photo.

Six months undercover,
I don't know the buyer.

All I have is that.
Both mercs had it.

Do you know what it means?

Neither does anyone
at the Bureau.

But we both know
who might.

When was the last time
you spoke?

A year and a half.
I can't reach him.

But you have Agnes,
so I assume you can.

What's the protocol?
How do we make contact?

I'm getting too old for this.

What were you thinking?

Killing an FBI agent.

You're putting us at risk.
Jeopardizing the brand.

You gave me this opportunity,
so I come to you when you call

and I listen to you

about playing it so safe
that if I didn't know better,

I'd say you were once the CEO
of an insurance company.

But I do know better.

Certainly better than
some old fool
the world's passed by.

What you see as a problem
I see as an opportunity.

I doubt the buyer
thinks his microchips

getting incinerated
is much of an opportunity.

Plan "A" was to get
the product.

Plan "B" is to get
to the secret to how
the product is made.

That way, the buyer can make
the product themselves.

There's gonna be
an investigation.

Things could get exposed.

If I were you,
I'd let it go.

You were me.

And you gave it all up
to play golf.

May I borrow this?

You gonna hit some balls?

I might give 'em a whack.

It's not my fault.

I told you
everything I knew about
where the chips would be.

How could I know the FBI
was watching the port
in Los Angeles?

That's all in the past.
Now the plans have changed.

I need to know
how to make them,

the knowledge and
the processing software.

Luckily, the person who can
give me both is your boss.

Where does he live?
I don't know.

You golf?

Are the fingers supposed
to be interlocked?

Forget it. Heh.

If I get it wrong,
I'll take a, uh...

What do you call it?
A mulligan?

Yes. A mulligan.

Thank you.

Perfect timing.

I'm not here to drink.

I know why you're here.

I've sent for the doctor.

I came to see Reddington.

Which is why
I called the doctor.

Like you,
I follow protocol.

Put a mark on a mailbox,
I call the doctor.

If Reddington wants you
to find him, you will.

If he doesn't, you won't.
Sit. Drink.

The doctor
will be here soon.

A list of sights
to see in Havana.

I highly recommend
La Cabana.

I'm leaving. As soon
as I speak with Reddington.

I'm sure you will.

But that won't be
for a few days.

There was a flood
in the Amazon.

The Amazon?

I thought he was
in Cu... Cuba.

He might be.

I can't wait.

Why I came,

Once you finish your scan
and his identify is verified,

I'll call the sisters.

Look at me.

Come closer.

I'm here
to see Reddington.

Crack it
into the water.

What do you see?
The shape.

Tell me.

A cloudy orb.

The sun breaking
through the clouds.

Is that good or bad?

You may pass.

Very few do.

I will watch over you.

How is Agnes?

She's good.


I see you've met Weecha.

And a bartender
who drugged me,

and a shaman who rubbed me
with an egg.

Hm. Weecha protects my body,
Mierce my soul.

I wouldn't have survived
the past two years

if I hadn't found them.

What do you want,

It's about Dembe.

How is
Special Agent Zuma?

In the hospital
with third-degree burns.

His partner
was shot and killed.

We don't know anything
about the assailants

except for this tattoo.

You don't want
to show me that.

I do if it
will help Dembe.

During the past two years,

I've learned what to hold onto
and what to let go of.

If I look at that,
if I come back, even once...

...I fear all that work
will be for nothing.

There would be names
to be taken,

people would be
held accountable.

Down the line,
things would get very dark.

Then don't come back.

But tell me
what I need to know.

The symbol.

Do you know it?


You know
who we're looking for?

I do.

A 700-year-old pirate.

I'm sending you his itinerary.

Chen is staying
at the Fountain Grand

with his wife and daughter.

The more the merrier.

FBI! Open the door!

Put your hands
where we can see them!

Put your hands
where we can see them!

You're all dead!

Well! That sucked!

We didn't sweep
every room.

And the first rule
after a breach?

Sweep every room.
Let's run it again.

Hello, Alina.

I heard about Dembe.
How is he?

Not good.
Which is why I came.
We have a case.

I'm not a field agent

And I'm not
with the Bureau.

But Dembe
asked me to do this.
Now I'm asking you.

Just this once.

I trained Ken,
and I want to help Dembe.

Congratulations, by the way,
on the wedding.

I'm happy for you.

It's been great.

And if I want
to keep it that way,

I can't go back
to the field.

I promised Peter
I wouldn't go back.

I didn't know
you trained Ken.

He was in my first class.

He was a good agent
and a better man.

I know the stress that field
work can put on you. I do.

And, still, I'm asking.

That's how important
I think this is.

So, Flagify is a company
that warns clients

about security issues
or red flags.

It has
multiple platforms,

each designed to fulfill
a different security need.

Now, ShadowSee
is piracy detection.

It scans up to a million
websites an hour

to determine if a specific
production is being used

in violation
to copyright restrictions.

Now, Greylock uses
key words to, um...

I'm sorry.

It's, uh...

It's nothing.

You were
talking about Greylock.

Yes. Greylock uses
key words to determine
sentiment analysis.

This function
has a forensic...

Oh, dear.

Uh, I think
I should take this.
I'm... I'm so sorry.

I don't invest in sorry.

I invest in focus
and concentration.

In the people who have it.
Not in the people who don't.

Just... Um...
Just... Um... Sir?

My parents took out
a second mortgage for us.

So tell whoever that is
he just cost them their house.

One second.
Nick, Nick.

Mr. Cooper.

I hope it wasn't a bad time
to bother you.

It wasn't bad.

It was
a horribly bad time.

There's the Scotch.

What did Peter say?

What makes you think
I told him?

Thanks for coming.
Let's get started.

Uh, what about Ressler?

Nice ride.

The answer's no.

You don't even know
what I'm gonna ask.

Well, I know you came all
the way to Detroit to ask it.

I saw you on the news
talking about Reddington.

At least it sounded
like Reddington.

I was just answering
the question.

Then, please, answer mine...
Is Reddington involved?

Not really.

"Not really" isn't "no."

Which is my answer.

He still blames Reddington
for what happened.

We all do.

Well, uh, I guess
the difference for me

and... and maybe you guys,
as well, is that I believe

Mr. Reddington
blames himself.

Um, and I forgive him
for it.

The Silicon Shield.
Tell me what
you know about it.

Um, it's a term used to
describe the protection

Taiwan gets for being
the sole manufacturer

of next-gen microchips...
protection from America,

which might go to war
to prevent the supply
from being disrupted.

Which means we're talking
about a tripwire,

one the Skinner
apparently wants to trip.

"The Skinner"?

How to explain this.

According to Reddington,
highway robbery and plunder

may not be the world's
second-oldest profession...

...second-oldest profession,
but it runs a close third.

The Skinner practices

a well-documented version
of brigandage.

The dacoits in India.

Gentlemen Reivers
in Scotland.

In Devonshire,
the Gubbings.

In America, Highwaymen.

Different countries,
different centuries.

All outlaws.

And in France.
And in France.

The ecorcheurs.

The flayers.

Armed bands who rose up
in opposition to Charles VII.

They took what they wanted,
and when people resisted,

they burned their feet
in fire.

The mercs Dembe shot
all had this.

Fire, surrounding
the letter "S,"

for the "Skinners,"
who burn people alive.

So we know who they were.
Who are they know?

The original Skinner died
quite suddenly in 1452.

He had a fearsome

and his followers worried

that, without him,
their days were numbered.

So, as no one knew
he had died,

they elevated
one of their own
to take his place,

beginning a line of succession
that continues to this day.

The Skinner
is more myth than man,

so the identity of the man
personifying the myth

has always been
a carefully guarded secret.

And does Mr. Reddington
know the secret?

If he does,
he's not saying.

He's not coming back?

E... Come on. Even for Dembe?
How... How is that possible?

I don't know.
And he wouldn't say.

All I do know is it's our job
to find the current Skinner,

whose goal it was
to steal 800,000

of the world's
most advanced microchips.

Dembe stopped him once.

Unless we find him,
I'm sure he'll try again.

Before we do that...

I know none of us
expected to be here,

and it's...

It's hard.
And it's a little weird.

But, um,
if it's okay with you,

I'd, uh, like us
to take a moment to,

uh, to remember Liz.

You know, uh,


Think we can do that?

I'm embarrassed
I didn't suggest it myself.

I bet she's happy here.

She's also asleep.

Mierce has powers, Harold.
All for the good.

Agnes is fine.

What if I wanted
to see her?

I don't think
that'd be a good idea.


I don't know
who the current Skinner is,

but I do know
his predecessor,

and that's where
we're gonna start.

He just showed up?
In the middle of the night?

With a witch?

The more you think about it,
the less sense it makes.

It makes as much sense
as a Skinner living

in a retirement community.

Don't let the salmon shirt
fool you.

Remember what Reddington
told me about the old Skinner.

His name
is Vincent Duke.

He ran the organization
for almost 30 years.

Built on its history
of hijacking

whatever commodity
was most in demand.

His predecessors
commandeered guns

from the Spanish Armada,

gold from Russian tsars.

Duke's plunder was
a little more contemporary,

everything from intellectual
property to uranium.

If you know him,
why do you need
our help to make contact?

We had a falling-out.
Over a word.

One word?


As in ex-wife.
Apparently, she wasn't.

Here we go.

Sir, are you
ready for this?

I'm not looking forward to it,
if that's what you mean.

He's leaving the country club,
turning onto Saw Mill Road.

He's heading your way.

I have a twenty.

You all right, sir?

I'm fine. Go.

Deal with it and get us
out of here quickly.

What the hell happened?

That's my question.
You slammed on the brakes!

I don't believe this!
I just bought this car!

It's brand-new!
You stopped short!

I stop...
Oh, so this is my fault?

You hit me from behind!

Everybody! Step to
the side of the road now!

Who was driving?

I was. And this man.

Hands in the air!
Whoa! Take it easy.

I'm licensed to carry.
Up against the car, now!

We're both
armed security!

If that's true,
then there's nothing
to worry about,

but we are gonna
have to check it out.

What's going on?
Officer, this was an accident.

Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you
to stay right there, please.

Let's wrap this up
before anyone else
can crash the party.

Need a lift?

That's why
you've kidnapped me.

To ask me to betray
my own organization.

To urge you to save it.

What makes you think
it needs saving?

Well, I know
about the microchips

and the dead FBI agent and
the one in intensive care.

I know port security
has increased as a result,

which certainly hurts
my organization.

Oh, so you're not here
to help me.

You're here
to save yourself.

Self-serving as always.

How is Bianca?

No idea.

You'd have to ask
the golf pro.

The last thing
you and I want

is the American government
on alert,

adding billions
to Homeland Security.

Is that really gonna happen?
Over a shipment of microchips?

SCG microchips
that, apparently,

none of the brilliant minds
in America know how to make.

Any hint of a weak link
in that supply chain

will be viewed as a huge
national-security threat.

I don't like what he did,

but I have no influence
on my successor.

Believe me.
I've tried to exert it.

You picked
an unworthy successor.

That's not a judgment.

I failed spectacularly
when I tried.

But it's true, and something
needs to be done about it.

I'm sorry about the golf pro,
by the way.

Don't be.

Before they ran off,
he fixed my slice.

All in all,
a pretty fair exchange.

Vincent, you're certain?

Beck? Thank you, Vincent.

I'll call you
when it's resolved.

Harold. I have news.

The Skinner is in New York
at the Fountain Grand,

under the name Clayton Beck.

You trust Duke's intel?

That he's willing
to betray his successor?

He understands
that the legacy

is more important
than any one Skinner.

Why New York?
It can't be the microchips.

They're not shipped
to the East Coast.

Perhaps he's found another way
to skin this cat.

Listen. I have Edward
standing by.

If you want it,
you can be wheels up
as soon as you're ready.

That's a generous offer,
and I'll take you up on it,

but before I do, I wanted
to circle back to Agnes,

our conversation earlier.

You were clear
about boundaries.

Yes, and I want to thank you
for respecting them.

Elizabeth made you
Agnes' guardian.

She was confident that
you'd do right by her.

I have no doubt that you have
and you will.

When will you tell me?
What she means to you?

I can tell you now.

She means everything to me.

I'm sorry,
but something's come up.

I don't know how late,

Yes, as soon as possible.

Mm-hmm. Love you, too.

Take it from me...
keeping secrets

is not the secret
to a happy marriage.

I'm not keeping secrets.
I'm...keeping the peace.

Is it possible
Peter will understand?

How could he? I don't.
What am I doing in the field?

I left for
my mental health.

Yeah, well,
you and me both.


Here's a pleasant

Aram called me
about Dembe.

I'm sure he'll appreciate
your concern.

Well, I came out of concern
and curiosity

about his health and,
uh, how the hell
he became an agent.

You look a mess.

Where's Aram, anyway?

Well, that's another reason
I'm here... to take his place.

He called,
said he had to bail.

Something about everything
he's been working on

for the past two years
blowing up in his face

and him needing
to try to fix it.

You were right, by the way.

Reddington is involved.
Sort of.

Then for his sake,
I hope we're never
in the same room together.

But Aram tells me
we're going after some
700-year-old pirate?

We don't know his real name,
but Dembe's given us

a description,
and Reddington's told us

he's on his way to a hotel
in New York, and so are we.

You're sure
this is right?

The concierge said
that Beck came here?

Said he asked for directions
about an hour ago.

He didn't know.

Well, I'd say it's a safe bet
it's not to smell the flowers.

Well, whatever the reason,
we're not gonna leave here

until we find out
what it was.

Okay. Deep breath.

Oh. You're not
Eric and Barbara.

No. Not Eric and Barbara.

Or... Or Eric.
Or Barbara.

Honey, is that
Eric and Barbara?


You've got to be kidding me!
I know.

I am way out of line, uh,
coming to your home like this,

but I was hoping, uh,
you'd give me just, uh,

two minutes to explain.
You had your two minutes.

Well, actually, uh,
you walked out after
about a minute or so,

so, technically, I have
unused time on the clock.

At least, um... At least
about, uh, say, 40 seconds?

You should leave.
Come on, Henry. He's here.

And he's flop sweating.

The party can spare your
sparkling conversation

for 40 seconds.

You'll get your 40 seconds

once my guests all have
drinks in their hands.

Okay, I used to be
an FBI agent.

The call, during the pitch,
it was from my old boss.

You're wasting your
40 seconds telling me

about what you used to do
for a living?

He needed help
on a case with national
security implications.

He's actually
working the case
now without me

because I am here,
with you, flop sweating.

I'll be back.

Don't sit.
Don't touch.


So, Dembe's
an FBI agent now, huh?

I think it's cool.
Special agent for the FBI.

It sounds like you have
a problem with that.

Problems, questions.

We started with
a background check.

Did the Bureau
abolish them?

Hang on. That's him.
Right side of the statue.

Maintain your position.
What's he doing?

Watching the concession stand.
Looks like he's on comms.

Which means
he's got company.

All right.
I've got a second suspect.

Near the Madison Avenue exit.

Careful. We have to
assume they're armed.

He's surveilling
somebody by the vendor.

The family buying hot dogs.

I see them.

Who in the hell is that?

I'm sending you a photo.

Sir, I, I told Ressler...
I know what you told him,

but the Skinner's
tracking someone,

and I need you
to tell me who.

Uh, I'm not at my desk.

Then sit at someone else's.

Aram, this is important.
Hang on.

Okay. Um, an Asian man.
That's... That's it?

The chips come from Taiwan.

Okay. Great.
That helps.

SCG microchips.

All right. That's better.
That helps narrow it down.

All you need to do us to hack
into the employee database.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's not great or...
or better.

I can't do that.
I mean, sir, I can do that.

I know how to, but I can't.
Not... Not from here.

Call me back with a name.

Sir. Sir, I don't...
Sir? Sir.

Oh. Okay.

Yes! Boom.
There you are.

What are you doing?

Uh, not nothing.

Uh, I needed to hack
into a company's website
for just a second.

On my computer?
In my house?

I know. It looks
really bad, doesn't it?

But my boss really needs
this information.

Beck's on the move.

I thought you weren't
working with the FBI.

I'm not. Technically.
Bu... It's complicated.

No, it's not.
It's simple, really.

Get away from the computer,
or I'll have you arrested.

Do not answer that phone!

Sir, I have a name.
Chen Yu-lan.

He's SCG's chief
technology officer.

Certainly someone
who would have details

to the company in question's
manufacturing process.

He couldn't steal
the microchips,

so he's going after
the man that made them.

Great work, Aram.

All it takes is a little
focus and concentration.

All right.
Beck's following him out.

Stop him!
Move in, now!

Get in the van.

Get in the van! Let's go!

Get in the van!

Stop! FBI!

Tell J. Edgar Whoever-It-Is,
the more you try to stop me,

the more innocent people
get hurt.


You can't leave. Not now.

I did what I came to do,
identified the Skinner.

Who we now know
has abducted a man
capable of mass-producing

the world's
most advanced microchips,

as well as his wife
and daughter.

What's happening?
What are you doing?!

Why are you doing this?!

I'm doing this because
I'm following orders.

I was told to.
If you're smart,
you'll do the same.

I don't know
who his client is,

but if I were the Skinner,
I'd think big.

The superpowers want
to be self-sufficient.

Who knows... it's possible
some government

bankrolled this
from the start.

And you're just
gonna walk away?

I recently spent time
in a monastery
above Boudhanath

with sweeping views
of Kathmandu,

meditating alongside
36 Tibetan monks.

I achieved an inner harmony
there that

was more mind-blowing
than any psychedelic,

and yet more fragile than,

than an origami swan.

That has to be cared for.

If I stay here,
it will be torn and crushed.

Be honest... is this
about inner peace

or is this about my reluctance
to reintroduce you

into Agnes' life,

a reluctance I know
you blatantly ignored?


You have her watched.
That was a pleasant surprise.

Nothing will happen
to that girl.

Not while she's in my care.

She didn't see me.

We need your help.

We can't find the Skinner
without it.

Keeping the girl from him
is cruel.

Is that what you want?
To be cruel?

I'm told
you're feeling better.

Hm. I am.

because I'm wasted.

Yeah, I think
you're entitled.

You look good.

Sorry to hear
about your partner.

Thank you.

Are you all right?
You look a mess.

Is it really that bad?

Yeah, it, uh...
it's not great.

Was I hallucinating,
or was Raymond here?

He was, but he's gone.

Gone as in, like...
he's gone gone?

It seems so.

Along with his resources.
His contacts. His jet.

And any hope of
finding the Skinner
and the family he took.

I don't know about that.
We know his real name

and have a list
of known addresses.

I brought you a dossier.

A dossier that you copied
on Agnes' printer?

The, uh, unicorn stationary.
It's a nice touch.

Okay, yes.
We are a bit ragtag.

We're up against
a well-financed
Blacklister with no budget.

Or access to any databases
and no authorization.

And you thought we were here
to cheer you up.

Every two hours,
an ICU nurse debrides me.

She snips off dead skin
with tweezers.

It's slow and painful.

And it's the only way to heal.

We all have dead skin.

All of us.

And healing
will be slow and painful.

But seeing you here,

I can't think
of a better way to start.

So, um, now what?

We have a case to solve.

And no time to solve it.
Which means
we start right away.

I'll stay and bring Dembe
up to speed.

If you have anything to
rearrange in your own lives,

rearrange it
and meet back here in an hour.

** Action, reaction

** Stay with it...

Okay, okay.
Are you insane?

You talked to Conroy.

You went to his house?
I'm so... I'm so sorry.

If there's any way I can
make it up to you, Nick...


You could...
drop your pants.

Except, uh, maybe that?

Mnh-mnh. I'm serious.
I need to see 'em.

"Stones"... and I quote...
"the size of Montana."

What... Uh, what are you
talking about?

Conroy. I don't know
what you did,
but the guy was impressed.

He said that?
He said that about my stones?

That's not all he said.

Did he say he's in?

He said he's intrigued.
And he wants to hear more.

Like, now.

As in now?

As in, our dreams
are about to come true.

unless you have somewhere
else you'd rather be.

No. No. Uh...

Uh, uh, I wanted to also
talk to you about that...


No. Not yet.

Yeah. Long day. But...

Not at the office.

I had a case. In the field.

I know, I know.
I should've told you.
I'm sorry I didn't.

I know how you feel. I do.

But a family was abducted.

No. It's not over.

Not even for tonight.

** Update

An agent is here.
The bearded one.

** Head on **

This is the last
place I ever wanted to be.

And yet here you are.
Please, sit.

Liz... she knew all
about being where
she didn't want to be,

doing what
she didn't want to do.

Like running your empire.

And all she wanted
was a life with Agnes.

But the Blacklist
changed her mind,

knowing the world would be
safer with it than without it.

I mean, that's why she agreed
to be your successor,

why she gave up everything,
including her life,

to protect it,
keep it running.

And then she died.

We all just walked away
and left the Blacklist
to die with her.

A life with Agnes
wasn't all she wanted.

She wanted a life
with you.

I know you don't need this.
I don't, either.

As painful as it was
to walk away,

it's just as painful
to come back.

Maybe more.

But the Blacklist
was her calling,

and if we loved her,
it has to be ours.

That's why I came back,
because as much as I hate you,

I loved her more.

His real name
is Graeme Anderson.

He was a foster kid,
bounced around
until he aged out.

Two years unaccounted for,
and then he does a year

at Stanford,
where he becomes obsessed

with the French
adventurer and smuggler
Henry de Monfreid.

Of course.
A former Skinner.

Why are you
telling me all this?

Graeme Anderson
is the next name
on the Blacklist.

Your Blacklist,
the one that Liz died for.

And whether she died in vain
is up to you.

I like him.

He has a good soul.

I believe he does.

I'm less certain about mine.