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Oh. Not again.



This is Zimmer Security.

We have an alarm alert.

Yeah, everything's fine.

Uh, raccoons tip the can.

They set off the alarm.
There's no need to...

I have officers en route.

They should arriving momentarily.

Well, listen, this is like
the third time this month.

Just tell the officers that they...

Sir, we have officers on site now.

Police. Is anyone home?

Police. Answer the door.

I tried to tell you...

Interrupt a man while he's sleeping,

find out how a man sleeps.

I'm gonna make this easy, Carl.

Trip the alarm, your wife dies.

Look at our faces, your wife dies.

The key for box C112. Hand it over.

- You know who that belongs to?
- Stay down.


Once your wife calls, you're free to go.

Carl? They're gone. Are you...


Hey. It's me.

Call Reddington.

Tell him we got a problem.

Carl, I entrusted you with my belongings

because I believed
that you could keep them safe.

Clearly I overestimated your abilities.

Yes. But with all due respect...

"With all due respect"?

What an absurd little qualifier.

Why do people insist
on stating their deference

right before undercutting it

with a mildly disrespectful provocation?

Whoever robbed you knew where to look,

and they didn't learn it from me.


with all due respect, if there
was a failure of security,

it wasn't on my end.


Thank you, Carl.

Now, with all due respect,

your cologne is beginning
to make my eyes water.

That was Marvin.

He's closing the other
deposit boxes as we speak.

Your hunch was right.

Elizabeth was behind the robbery.

Which means it had to be Hadley
who tipped her off to the box.

Carlos is holed up in Turin.

Yanka's nursing a gunshot wound
in Bariloche.

You think she hired the Confidence?

Yes, actually. I believe I do.


It appears we can add bank robbery

to Elizabeth's burgeoning
criminal résumé.

What happened? Have you spoken with her?

Do you know where she is?

I do not, but I know
a few of the criminals

she's been mixed up with.

They call themselves
the Fribourg Confidence.

In the past three years,
they've stolen over $25 million

from at least six U.S. banks.

Six robberies?
Why haven't I heard about them?

The thefts were never reported.

The Confidence targets accounts
held by criminals

who have arrangements

with somewhat unscrupulous
bank managers.

I've never concerned myself

with the Fribourgians
or Fribourgers or...

I don't know. They never bothered me,

so I never bothered with them.

Until now.

Last night, they stole
something very important to me.

I want it back.

You mean Elizabeth stole from you,

and you're not going to tell me what.

What she stole is my concern,

but finding Elizabeth concerns us both.

This case may help us to do that.

$4 million stolen
from a Los Angeles bank.

A Monet taken from
a safe deposit box in Oslo.

Millions in forged cigarette tax stamps

vanish from a vault in Kobe.

According to Reddington, the
same heist crew which robbed him

have targeted banks
from Seattle to Ankara,

and none of the thefts
have been reported

because the targets were criminals.

And Reddington's sure it was
Agent Keen who hired them?

He wouldn't say what Agent Keen
was after or why,

but whatever it was,
he believes finding this crew

is our best chance of finding her.

And what happens when we find her?

We bring her in and just, you know,

pretend like none of this ever happened?

Something tells me that's not
what Agent Keen has in mind.

What exactly are you suggesting?

I don't know. It seems kind of crazy
to me that, um,

we're still calling her Agent Keen.

Agent Ressler, Agent Park,
see if you can find any leads

on this heist crew
from the bank manager.

We'll save the ethical deliberations

till after we've found Elizabeth.

This is crazy. If there was
a breach, we'd call the police.

But there was no breach.

And the security feeds?

A brief system glitch.

Which I was notified of, which
is why I came down personally

to check things out
and reset the system.

I need to see what's inside box C112.

- Excuse me?
- Box C112.

I need you to open it.

Of course. Uh, Liam,
while I show them the box,

could you please go to the server room

and see if you can
put last night's feeds

on a drive for the agents?

We know the box belongs
to Raymond Reddington.

Actually, it's registered
to a Mr. Lloyd Wilke...

It's how we know it was hit.

We had people sitting on it,
waiting for him to show.

Mr. Wilke.

Play it cute,
we charge you with conspiracy

and you get a decade, maybe more.

Drop the Mr. Wilke BS,

and you might be home
in time for dinner.

One of them, the leader,
I think, she pulled the lock.

The other wiped the security system.

The whole thing was over
in 5, 10 minutes.

I didn't see their faces.

- So the leader was a woman?
- Yes.

She went right for the box.

There's hundreds of boxes in here.

- If she knew where to go...
- She'd been here before.

Cynthia, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Shelve the pleasantries, Harold.

I'm hotter than a Laredo parking lot.

Alban Veseli has filed a motion
to withdraw his guilty plea.

I don't know that name.
Of course you do.

He's a contract killer
and the first criminal

you and this task force put in prison.

You're talking about The Freelancer.

Hid his murders within the headlines

of ordinary accidents and disasters.

If you're here, he must be making
an argument that concerns you.

His argument hasn't changed.

Our case was based
on information given to us

by a confidential informant.

Veseli says the trial judge erred

by not forcing us to disclose
the informant's identity.

So we violated his 6th Amendment

right to confront his accuser.

Sounds pretty standard.

Not this time.

He's hired Scooter Rovenpor
to handle the appeal.

Rovenpor could get
the devil off on appeal.

Old Scoot certainly got
the judge's attention.

We fought it, but he's ordered
both parties to appear

for oral argument
on the motion to withdraw.

Who the hell are you?

Agent Keen swore out the affidavits

based on the informant's knowledge,

so he wants to hear from Keen directly.

I'm afraid that may be difficult.

Agent Keen's in the field.

Then get her back.

She's due in Judge Velchek's
court first thing tomorrow.

We need to neutralize this, Harold.

If the evidence we got from
Reddington gets excluded,

our case is gonna be shakier
than cafeteria Jell-O.

A thousand dollars an hour?

A fee I've agreed to waive.


Not saying I don't
appreciate it, but why me?

I don't think you got a fair trial.

You believe I'm innocent.


But I believe even mass
murderers deserve equal justice.

You think if I get it, I'll walk?


But that's all gonna depend
on Agent Elizabeth Keen.

Is anything more boring
than bird watching?

Six hours to maybe glimpse
the bill of a toucan

you can see on a box of Froot Loops.

Bird watching is more
than just birds, Cvetko.

It's seeing ourselves in connection

with the world in which we live.

I live in laboratory.

The only birds I connect with are dead.

Your world is uniquely inanimate.

Which is why I asked you here.

I need to know who wrote this.

It's not Elizabeth Keen?

Someone in her employ.

Who may have left a fingerprint,

a clue that could lead you
to her identity.

In the world I'm living in,
nothing is more important.

I'll see what can I do.

Under the greenwood tree,
who loves to lie with me,

and turn his merry note
unto the sweet bird's throat.

Nice rhyme.

Shakespeare thought so.


You said the robber
had staked out the bank,

so I pulled a list of people
with safety deposit boxes.

Thought I'd catch Park up to speed

on The Freelancer's handiwork.

Collapsed buildings, overturned ferries,

all to kill one person?

Yeah, he was a real peach,

who may walk free unless
Liz shows up in court.

We have to find her.

The only way to do that is
to find the thief on this list.

Well, we better hope that Cooper

can stall the judge until we do.

To be clear, Mr. Rovenpor,

your client pleaded guilty
to one count of murder,

namely the murder of a woman
named Floriana Campo.

A notorious human trafficker,
Your Honor.

At the time, Mr. Veseli's attorney

moved that the government
be ordered to disclose

the identity of
the confidential informant

who supplied most of the information

that led to his arrest.

- A motion I denied.
- Yes, Your Honor,

and in light of your ruling,
and only because of it,

my client felt that it was in
his best interest to enter a plea.

Many cases are founded on intel supplied

by confidential sources, Your Honor.

You weighed the variables at the time

and made a perfectly reasonable ruling.

- I agree.
- You agree?

It was reasonable
based on the information...

you made available at the time,

but since that time, new
information has come to light.

For starters, we now know
that Agent Elizabeth Keen

has made a number of high-profile cases

based on intel
from confidential sources.

A shocking number.

More, in fact, than any
other major case agent.

We'd have to review those numbers.

The vast majority, if not all,
of those cases

were based on intel
supplied by the same individual.

You believe that based on what?

I've read the defendant's papers.

All these cases... Ms. Navarro,
can you assure me

there were multiple sources?

We are not able to answer that.

Because if she did,

you'd wonder if there was
any informant at all,

since one person couldn't possibly have

such a wide variety
of criminal knowledge.

Maybe Agent Keen fabricated
her quote/unquote "source"

as a way to get defendants
to cop a plea.

There has been no fabrication,
Your Honor,

and there is no evidence
to show that there has been.

Not yet, but that's why you're here,

because I'm not prepared
to take your word on that.

I want to hear from Agent Keen.

Your Honor, I am

Assistant Director
Harold Cooper of the FBI.

I'm Agent Keen's immediate supervisor.

Unfortunately, she's on assignment

and unable to be here today.

Her assignment was to show up
in my courtroom.

I'm afraid that won't be possible.

How convenient.
Your Honor, this is intentional.

Until when? How long before
she can answer my questions,

in person and under oath?

I honestly don't know, Your Honor.

Well, that's not gonna cut it,
Mr. Cooper.

Have Keen here by 4:00 p.m. today.

I can't guarantee that, Your Honor.

I can guarantee this...
If she's not here,

I will grant the defendant's motion

and Mr. Veseli
may very well be released.

He's here.


Red, you should know,
Keen approached me last week.

She said you were dying.

That she's the heir apparent
and I should throw in with her.

Did you find anything?

No prints or DNA.

But you said the note
was left by a bank robber,

so I checked it against a database

of information on robberies...
Other notes, documents...

And found a handwriting match
to a previous robbery.

Thank you, Cvetko, for your work
and your loyalty.

The Bell Tower heist in '94?

You know it?

I do, and the man who did it.

Three pills, half a glass of water.

Nothing else until I come back.

She's rather charmless.

We both know you didn't come here

for a skip down memory lane.

Two nights ago, I was robbed.

Thief left a note.

The writing matches a note
you gave a teller

during the Bell Tower job.

You think I robbed you?

I take two steps,
I gotta rest for an hour.

I can't even steal my wallet
out of my own pocket.


- Anything?
- We went through the names

of everyone with a safe deposit box.

Two weeks ago,

Terese Krissoff opened one.

Only the real Ms. Krissoff
died three months ago.

The impostor opened an account

with a fake Social Security number

so she can case the room.

The robbers avoided surveillance

when they broke into your box.

But we pulled a photo of Krissoff

from a week ago
when she was prepping the job.

We just sent you a copy of the image.

We can't make a positive ID.

Can you?

No, but I may know someone who can.

I was once held captive
by the Shining Path.

Three months of unrelenting
heat and humidity

in the Peruvian jungle,

mixed with the occasional
round of electroshock.

All in all, it was a rather
unpleasant experience

but for my cellmate,

a delightfully monkish,
bookish Polish aid worker

who was also, inexplicably,

something of a handwriting expert.

While fending off the daily
onslaught of rhinoceros beetles,

he would hold forth
on why a child's handwriting

is often nearly identical
to that of at least one,

if not a little of both, of his
or her parents' handwriting.

Apparently, the similarity
isn't genetic at all,

just subconscious imitation.

I didn't know you had a daughter.

I did once. But not anymore.

I owe you an apology.

It's not your handwriting on the note.

It's hers.

You didn't rob me. She did.

No. That's impossible.

I need you to tell me where she is.

Where is she?

Jennifer and I are estranged.

Now, I-I got those photos
from her mother.

She and I agreed that Jen
should live with her

s-so she could have a life, a good life.

An honest life.

Where is she, Abe?

I'm not gonna ask you again.

I can't tell you because I don't know.

But if you're right that
my baby's a thief, go ahead.

You may as well kill me now,

'cause I ain't got nothing to live for.

The photo Aram sent you...

Were you able to ID the woman in it?

Yes. The lead bore fruit.

So you know who robbed you,
who Elizabeth hired to rob you.

I do. We're looking for her now.

We need to look together.

After all these years, Harold,

I would think you'd know
I don't do halfsies.

If we don't find Elizabeth
by 4:00 p.m. today,

the case we made against
Alban Veseli will fall apart.

- Alban. The Freelancer.
- Yes.

And he has a new attorney

who claims we violated his civil rights

by not disclosing
that you were our source.

If Elizabeth doesn't appear
in court to defend the case,

the judge may let him walk.

So are we doing halfsies or what?

The woman we're looking for...

Her name is Jennifer Anne Moores.

According to Reddington, she's
the daughter of Abraham Moores.

Reddington claims Moores
is a retired bank robber.

Like father like daughter.

Moores was arrested in '98,
did nine years and retired.

Or maybe passed on the family
business to his daughter.

Reddington doesn't think so.

He says the last thing the father wanted

was for his daughter
to follow in his footsteps.

He told her that. They became estranged.

Reddington doesn't think he
knows where the daughter is.

The DMV database shows
637 Jennifer Anne Moores.

But once I cross-check that

against the photo
we got from the bank...

We got her address.

And her occupation...
Well, alleged occupation

since I doubt she's gonna list
"bank robber"

on her mortgage application.

I want teams at her home and work.

Should we bring her in?

No, I want her followed.

Hopefully to Elizabeth Keen.

- Aram, what's up with your audio?
- I don't know.

I'm getting some nasty
frequency interference.

Hang on.

That's the second call
she's had in five minutes.

What's she up to?

The whole thing's sort of
a double-edged sword, isn't it?

What whole thing?

This business with Keen.

And The Freelancer. Him getting out.

The guy derailed a train,
killed 60 innocents

in an attempt to hide one murder.

- He's not getting out.
- He may if Keen doesn't show.

He could walk.

On the other hand, if she does show,

the killer stays in prison,
but we're forced to arrest Keen.

Double-edged sword.

Well, at this point,
all we have are bad options,

so arresting her may be
the best bad one we've got.

You haven't been able to yet.

Yeah, but with the way things are going,

that might be the only way
to keep her safe.

Now, who's this here?

Think he's part of her crew?

Aram, where's that audio?

Nasty frequency interference. Hang on.

Oop. Hang on.

We got someone else now.
Female to the south.

Aram, we need that audio.

Okay. Just, um... Alright.

Give me 20 seconds,
and I will get you sound.

What the hell is he doing?

We're not supposed to meet

until I deliver the drive to the client.

We have a problem.

Reddington showed up
at your father's apartment.

Raymond Reddington?
You're sure it was him?

I knew this was a mistake. Let me think.

What's the move, Jen?

Oh, excuse me. Uh, s-sorry.

Uh, did you guys happen to see,
uh, a woman walk by,

about, um, 5'7", uh, dark...
Uh, dark curly hair,

uh, super smart and funny,
so really... she's really funny.

We haven't seen anyone. Sorry.

Thanks anyway. It's just, um...

I can't remember if I was
supposed to meet her at 1:00

and I'm super early

or noon and I just, like,
totally stood her up.

You could just text her?

I can text her. I can text her.
I'll text her.

Oh! I'm sorry!

Such an idiot. Sorry.

Oh, my God.

- Spilling all the sugar.
- It's fine.

Okay. Thanks.

What exactly did Reddington say?

He asked your dad about you.
About the job.

If he finds us, you know
he's gonna kill us, right?

What do you want to do?

Call Reddington and say you're sorry,

that you'll give it back?

What's done is done.

We need to split up. Lay low.

Yes, but not until after
we deliver the drive to Givins

and we get paid.

- Givins.
- You know that name?

Carolyn Givins.
It's one of Keen's aliases.

Carolyn. It's me.

I need to move up the meet.

Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park,

3:00 p.m.

All worked out.


Jennifer Moores is making
the drop to Keen today.

- Do you have the location?
- Rock Creek Park.

We're getting units in place now.

The moment she's in custody,
bring her here.

And, Agent Ressler, let's keep
this an internal matter.

We can notify Reddington once
Keen's safe and in our custody.

We've got movement.

Unit 1, hang back a bit.

Did you see that?

All teams, report.

Unit 1, clear.

Unit 2, holding
just south of the location.

Your drop's blown.

What? No.

If Reddington's people knew,
I'd be dead by now.

It's not Reddington.

It's the FBI.

Who's she talking with?

This has gotta be it.

Check your account.

Okay. I have the funds.

Where are you? I have your drive.

Slow down. Listen to me.

If you want a shot
at staying outta prison,

I need you to do exactly as I say.

Park. 7:00.

The woman in the red jacket.

Copy. Unit 1, you have eyes?

All units, move in now.

Jennifer Moores. FBI.

You're under arrest.

FBI! Hands in the air! Hands!

What's going on? What did I do?

- Stand still.
- Don't move.

Don't move.

Put your hands behind your back.

Do you have anything in your pockets?

Park, what have you got?

Nothing. Pack's empty.

Empty? You sure?

The coffee cup.

Where's the cup?

I know you. How you operate.

She'll be here.

The way you handle Reddington

while all the while letting him
think he's handling you.

The velvet shiv you use
to get your agents

to do what you need in a way
that makes them feel

like they can do what they want.

Harold, you are a wonder to behold.

No one could've done what you've done

these past seven years.

Yet here you are,
steaming up like a tea kettle,

and I want to know why.

What's going on with Agent Keen?

I can't tell you that.

And I can't protect you if you don't.

And believe me when I tell you,

if the criminals you've arrested
start getting released,

you're gonna need more protection

than a pair of teens
in the back of papa's car.

Let me get this straight.

I ordered Agent Keen to appear.
She didn't.

I gave her a second chance
to comply. She hasn't.

Your Honor, may we approach?

- Who is this?
- Cynthia Panabaker, Your Honor.

White House Counsel.

If we could talk to Your Honor ex parte,

make a proffer for your ears only,

maybe we can move things along.

Absolutely not. Your Honor...

It's the only way
this happens, Your Honor.

You're in the dark.

You want to release a mass-murderer

because you don't have information?

Do it. See how that works out for you.

Or grant our request
and step into the light.

I'll clear the courtroom
and hear the proffer.

Relax, Mr. Rovenpor.

Once I hear the truth,
I'll make a ruling

about what, if anything,
stays privileged.

Bailiff, please clear the court.

All rise. Court is in recess.

This better be good.

Raymond Reddington

is Agent Keen's confidential informant.

That's right. The President is aware.

So is a very small handful
of federal agents.

And now the list includes you.

You're telling me
the United States government

is willingly in business
with Raymond Reddington?

You're not the first person
to express... some concern.

Oh, I'm not concerned. I'm offended.

You don't find many swans
swimming in the sewer.

Reddington's the source
behind all these cases,

the one feeding Agent Keen
a steady diet of major criminals

for the last seven-plus years?

You can understand why we need
to keep that from being exposed.

We didn't want you to think
we were simply

refusing to comply with the court...

You don't think you had an obligation

to inform those defendants

that the source of the intel
used against them

was maybe the most prolific
criminal mastermind

in modern world history?

Express your distaste all you want,

but three presidents have come
to a different conclusion.

We didn't come back here
for your moral judgment.

Then here's my legal judgment.

I find anything the FBI learned
from Reddington

with regard to this defendant

to be unreliable as a matter of law.

All evidence that came from him

or was the fruit
of the relationship with him

should have been declared inadmissible.

- Your Honor, please.
- Absent that evidence,

does the government
have sufficient proof

to make its case against Mr. Veseli?

We'd need time before
answering that, Your Honor.

That's too bad, 'cause time's up.

I am granting the defendant's motion

to withdraw his guilty plea,

and I am forced to dismiss
the charges against him.

Don't do this.
I'm not doing it, Mr. Cooper.

You are.

He's in for a pleasant surprise.

It'll take a few hours for
the prison to process him out.

I'll do what I can to slow that down.

- What good will that do?
- I'll take another look.

It's a long shot,
but maybe there's enough

to hold him on another charge.

In the meantime, find Keen.

We have Jennifer Moores in custody.

Now, I don't know who Miss Moores is

or how she can lead you to Keen,

but if you don't bring her in
soon, you're on your own.

If this is gonna blow up,

I won't be the one
jumping on any grenades.

Well, I wouldn't say
it was a total loss.

Did you get Elizabeth?

Well, no. Uh, not exactly.

Was your goal to get Elizabeth?

Okay, it was a-a total loss.

But on the plus side,
we got her associates.

I sent you their photos
to see if you can ID them.

So now you want my help.

Harold has a unique definition of


Halfsies? I love halfsies.

Especially for food.

Tell him that I don't recognize
anyone in the photos

and that the next time
he has actionable intel,

I expect him to share it with me

before it's squandered, not after.

You lied to me, Abe.

Raymond, I told you what I knew.


Then why didn't you tell me
about your nurse?

Let's try this again.

Talk to me about your daughter.

No pressure, but getting Moores
to give us a lead on Keen

is all that stands between
Veseli and his release.

I thought the judge ordered his release.

She did, but Panabaker
thinks she can keep him

from being processed out
before the end of the day.

If we can find Keen by then,

maybe we can get the order stayed.

Why don't we start by talking

about your options here, Ms. Moore?

- How about the lawyer option?
- Yeah, we can do that.

And they can tell you
you're looking at 20 years.

Or they can tell me that without
any evidence or witnesses,

I should keep my mouth shut.

Yeah. You're right.
We don't have any witnesses.

But what we do have are
your friends that we picked up.

Your, uh, co-conspirators.


I don't know what you're talking about.

How can I be a co-conspirator
if I don't know the woman?

She sure knows you.

At least, she seemed to when
we recorded the three of you

meeting at True Cafe.

I'm done talking.

Raf's not.

Raf's got plenty to say.

About you.


How you met through her father.

That's a lie.

No, it's the truth.

Silvina spent every day with him.

She's his live-in nurse.

How could they not know each other?

- Did Silvina say that?
- You leave my father out of this.

Your father is a legendary thief
and a safe-cracker,

and you don't expect us
to overlook that, did you?

He went to prison when I was 7.

Okay. Enough already.

She's your daughter.

I never wanted this life for her.

She's the first thing
you think of every morning.

Which is why I thought it best
to stay away from her,

even after I got out of prison.

I cut ties.

You can't imagine how hard that is.

For the purposes of this conversation,

let's assume I can.

I hated the man.
He walked out of my life.

He abandoned me.

Until one day, I walked back in.

Not to be with her,
you know, not to talk.


Just to see her.

And what did you see?

I saw my kid crack the Vaultsafe 200

of a two-bit meth dealer
in under four minutes.

She was unrefined,
a little rushed, but...

God, she had the touch.

Even if I knew where he was,
I wouldn't talk.

He's an old man.

I should have called the police
right then and there.

But she was your child.

I figured I had something to teach her.

To share with her.

A reason to be in her life.

Is that what he told you?
Well, he's lying.

I think he's still
very much involved in your life.

In fact, Raf says he's the one
who selects the targets.

Of course I did.

She needed marks who
wouldn't report the crime,

and I knew where to find them.

You certainly found me.

Now, wait... I told her
that you were off-limits.

I did, Raymond.

But she wouldn't listen
because of the money.

It was a lot of money.

The job was a contract.

Yes. A woman.

Uh, some American.

- Tell me about her.
- Only on one condition.

You leave my father out of this.

Tell me about the woman.

They met through an acquaintance.

Jennifer said she was
laying low after a job.

Cape Town. Didn't have anywhere to go.

But Jen found this safe house.

Part of a network.

Sanctuaries for criminals
on every continent.

Anyway, the woman who runs it,
her name's Vee.

She's the one who approached me.

She said she had a client
at another safe house

who needed a job done.

Said she was raiding a safe deposit box

and it had to be done quickly,

so she and Jennifer met in D.C.

Talked about the job.

She said it was personal.

That she was targeting
Raymond Reddington.

She said that you were more vulnerable

than anyone might believe

and that she was building an alliance.

And that when this was over,
when Reddington was dead,

that she'd be in my debt.

I told her not to do it.

But this woman, whoever she is,
she had on blinders.

She had money, and she was persuasive.

When they met.

Where the woman was laying low.

Do you know where that was?

Of course I do. And I can tell you.

But again, I want assurances.

You keep my father out of this.

Raymond, lay this at my feet,
not at Jennifer's.

She's just a kid.

My girl.

Your girl.

My baby girl.

We got it. Keen's safe house.

It's an address in Deanwood.

We're sending units now.

No, wait.

Reddington. What is it?

Greetings, Harold. Text me the address.

I'm calling to see how your crack team

is doing with the prisoners.

Moores and her associates have
invoked their right to counsel.

They're refusing to talk.

That's predictably unfortunate.

Have you heard differently?
Any news on your end?

I wish I had something
to tell you, Harold.

Let me know if your prisoners
decide to talk.

I'll do that.

What's going on? You going alone?

It's probably hubris,

but I still think
I might be able to reach her.

Agent Keen. It's Harold Cooper.

I'm alone.

I just want to talk.

Open the door, Elizabeth.

I'm afraid we're too late, Harold.

It appears she's already gone.

The photo we ***

you said you didn't recognize anyone
that wasn't true, was it?

No, Savine *** real works
for Abraham Moores.

Once I saw her in the photo

I knew Abe had lied and *** be persuaded

and tell me what *** know.

Perhaps you should have share
that information with us sooner

Elizabeth wouldn't have eluded us.

Sins, stones, and glass houses, Harold.

Neither of us has played fair
with the other.

Now, seeing as how your job description

is to play fair and mine is to not,

then an argument could be made

that you're slightly more at
fault than I, but why quibble?

Elizabeth's gone and she's taken
something of mine with her.

I couldn't be less interested
in what she stole from you.

My sole concern is her well-being

and getting her back to help her
heal from the wound

that you caused
when you killed her mother.

We are each responsible
for the choices we make.

Elizabeth has made hers.

She's responsible for it, not me.

I suppose you also think
that she's responsible

for The Freelancer's release,

which now that we're here and she's not,

is guaranteed to happen.

I think she's not only
responsible for it,

I think it's what she wants.

That's absurd.

One day, Elizabeth steals
millions of dollars from me,

and next, The Freelancer has
a brand-new expensive attorney

demanding his release

unless Elizabeth Keen
magically appears in court.

That doesn't strike me
as absurd, Harold.

That strikes me as unsettling.

I stalled as long as I could,

but Veseli's out on bond.

So you're out of time,
and I am out of patience.

What aren't you telling me about Keen?

She wants to kill Reddington.

Which is why he's put her
on the Blacklist.

Elizabeth Keen is on the Blacklist.

Maybe I ought to start at the beginning.

Mr. Hadley.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Unmarked? As discussed?

Where is he?

You're the lawyer? The one
who's representing Keen?

There's a number pre-programmed.
You ask for Charlotte.

You tell them you got caught
in the rain and need to dry off.

Keen put me in prison.
Why is she helping me now?

Miss Keen arranged for your release

because she requires your services.

What does she need me to do?

For now? Nothing.

"You got caught in the rain..."

"And need to dry off."

Edward confirmed it.

She flew on a private jet out of Dulles.

Then she's gone.

The thumb drive with her.

What will she do with it?

Nothing good.

We need to inform
our friend in the East.

I'll arrange the meeting.

Dembe, let me out up there, would you?

Where are you going?

Clear my head, get some air.

Do you mind if I join you?

Not at all.

You're just in time.

There's a Cape May Warbler

who usually starts up right about now.

Do we know each other?

I don't believe so.

- Should I know you?
- No, no, no.

I was just curious if we'd ever met.

I'm Anne.


Well, now we've met.



She's really gone, isn't she?

Agent Keen?

I, uh...

I was up all night thinking about it.

I mean...

I mean, I know she's gone,

but then I find myself
hoping she isn't, you know?

You think we'll ever hear from her?

I'm fairly confident we haven't
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