The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Elizabeth Keen - full transcript

As Red and the task force search for Liz, she sets a new plan in motion that has catastrophic consequences


LIZ: Before I start running,

I need a rest.

Even if it's just for one night.







You know how this ends.

I can't find my sock.

We're gonna try and stop you.

It's purple with little unicorns on it.

Agnes thinks unicorns are good luck.

Unicorn socks to protect
against Reddington.

You got any better ideas?

Yeah. Don't go after him.


Thanks for letting me stay.




I'm texting you an address.

Meet me there as soon as you can.


A few years ago, I found out

my husband was living a double life.




He had secrets. Lots of them.

Including this apartment.


I thought maybe we could find
something here that could

- help you out a little bit.
- Me?

Yeah. It's not much, but it'll
get you out of the city.

Go on, take it.

I've already gotten you
into enough trouble.

You do know we are gonna need
more than that.


We're gonna need more of everything.

Money. Weapons. People.

- Do you have anybody in mind?
- I have a list.

First, I... we...

Call everyone on it,
and then we get my daughter.

We've been made.


Elizabeth Keen, will you marry me?

Liz. We got to go. Now.










We're too late.



I ju spoke with Reddington.

He says Keen just left
a Kalorama address

in a Ford Bronco.

I want a BOLO on the car, not on Keen.

And when the cops find her in it?

We'll do what we can to protect her.

Did she protect you when
Reddington was in the hospital?

She planted a bomb that
nearly killed you.

So it's okay to protect

an actual killer like Reddington,

but not one of our own?

Look, what Keen almost did once

is nothing compared to
what Reddington does

on a daily basis.

And yet, he put her name
on the Blacklist.

Reddington wants her found, not hurt.

But given her overwhelming
desire to hurt him,

I don't know that
she'll leave him any choice.

Which is why we have to find her first.

I'll put out the BOLO.

Before you do,
I want to say one more thing.

As fond as we are of Agent Keen,

I believe she's equally fond of us.

Given that, it wouldn't surprise
me if she were to reach out,

solicit our help to find Reddington.

If and when she does that,
I know how tempting it'll be

to give her the help that she needs,

but that would be a mistake.

It would make matters worse
for her, not better.

So if she does call
or show up on your doorstep,

I need to know.

Now... Park, get on the BOLO.

Aram, Ressler... Put eyes on Agnes.

We may not know where Agent Keen is,

but we do know she's in the city,

and she's not gonna leave it
without her daughter.


Liz, hi! What are you doing here?

I don't have much time, Tadashi,
so I'm gonna get to the point.

I want you to come and work for me.

Thanks, but I already have a job.

It's got a great health plan.

As long as I do it well,
Mr. Reddington won't kill me.

Reddington is dying.

He'll deny it, but it's true.

And when he's gone,
I'll be in a position

to give you all the work
you'll ever need

because I'm getting everything.

Call Marvin Gerard, he'll confirm it.

One more thing.

These are all of Reddington's
associates that I'm aware of.

I need their phone numbers.

I'm sorry, but I don't have them.

I know. But you can hack them.

She said you were sick.

Like pushing daisies sick.

Aspirants are all the same.

A little bit desperate,
irrational, always impatient...

They never wait for the body to cool.

I told her I was with you hot or cold,

but since you mention it,
are you, you know, cooling?

Like a lion in winter I am both
diminished and dangerous...

As anyone who offers to help
Elizabeth will quickly find out.


Exactly how would you define help?

Because she had this list...


I know it's a shock, but it's true.

Raymond is a traitor?

A Russian spy codenamed N-13.

He's been playing us for years.

- One sec. Sorry.


- Hello?
- Ruddiger,

have you spoken with Elizabeth Keen?

Yeah. I'm on with her right now.

She says you're a traitor.
Not sure to which country.

Ruddiger, please.

I'm loyal to principle, not country.

And the first principle
I'm loyal to is loyalty.

Do I have yours?

HEDDIE: Now hold on, you gotta back up.

- Say that again for me.
- He cut a deal.

Yeah, a deal.
What are you talking about?

- A deal with who?
- With the FBI.

Are you telling me that
son of a bitch is a snitch?

Yep. Which is why I want you
to come and work for me.

I'll tell you who I won't work
for, and it's that turncoat,

- that quisling, that...

- Hold that thought.

- Someone's ears were burning?

You've spoken with Elizabeth.

Pardon my French, but what a Yenta!

LIZ: I can hear you both.
Spreading rumors, are we?

- Telling truths.
- Oyoyoy.

I think I hit conference
instead of call waiting.

Who's next on your list?

Wouldn't you like to know?


He's the past, Morgan. I'm the future...

That's right, Tony, he works for Moscow.

Sure, Glen, I'll hold.

No, no, no, Chuck,
before you take the other call,

just hear me out.

I mean... Chuck?




I got a message from our friend
in the East.

He wants to meet.

He won't be easily appeased.
Put him off for the moment.

I'm fighting a war on one front.

I'm not sure I have the strength
to fight it on two.


So you're saying you wouldn't
tell Mr. Cooper.

I'm saying it depends.

Depends on what?

I'm just saying, if she did
reach out to you,

if you actually saw her,
you might think differently.

- Did she reach out to you?
- No, she didn't.

But if she did... I'm just saying

it might make a difference.



- Can I help you?
- Mrs. Marks?

We're with the FBI.
We work with Elizabeth Keen.

Is everything alright?

We understand you're
looking after her daughter.

Has she arranged a time to pick her up?



In the old days, drug cocktails
were decidedly more appealing.

I spoke to our friend in the East.

Ah. Thank you. That's a relief.

He expects you in Moscow
the day after tomorrow.

And it gets worse.

Worse than Moscow
at this time of year...

at any time of year.



- Mmm. Oh!


Ah, well.

Looks like the second front
has officially engaged.

ESI: No one said yes?

LIZ: Not even an "I'll think about it."

Is there anyone else?

There is one other person,

and he's worth more than
everyone on this list combined.

If I could get him,
we'd have a fighting chance.

- Who's that?
- Marvin Gerard. Reddington's lawyer.

He may not know where
all the bodies are buried,

but I think he knows where a lot
of the money is kept.

You got to assume Reddington's
already contacted him.

Which is why I need to
talk to him in person.

I need you to follow him

and tell me when he's somewhere safe
to talk.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna make
arrangements to pick up Agnes.

I can't believe they pledged
their lives, fortunes,

and not-so-sacred honor
to a traitorous sociopath.

Are they all really that scared?

It's fear.

Take this burner. It's clean.

Call me when you find a safe location.

About Agnes? Be careful.

You know they're gonna be watching her.



COOPER: We found the Bronco.
Abandoned in a parking garage.

Have you gone outside the Task Force

- for help on this?
- We can clean up our own mess.

Evidence would suggest
otherwise, Harold.

Broadcasting her fugitive
status would ruin any chance

Elizabeth has of putting
this genie back in a bottle.

Is she the genie or am I the genie?

- I'm confused.
- You know what I find confusing?

The tape Elizabeth played me
of you and Katarina

where she accuses you
of being a Russian spy.

Oh, by all means, Harold,
let's take what Brunhilda says

on that tape as gospel.

N-13. What does that mean to you?

It means you need to get your
priorities straight.

You picked up the telephone
and now we're talking.

When was the last time
you talked with Agent Keen?

Elizabeth Keen is your target. Not me.

There he is.




I'm not an errand boy.
I won't be ordered about.

RAKITIN: Our friend
has concerns about Keen.

Elizabeth Keen is not to be touched.

I accept our friend's concern,
nothing more.

You're familiar with Scuti Global?

Of course. It's become quite
the profit center.

Which it will continue to be
as long as I have their trust.

And you're a little concerned

that trust may be broken

now that your name has surfaced as part

of this House Intelligence
Committee investigation.

Before you go to Moscow, we'd
like you to make this go away.

I see. So I came here to be
interrogated and solicited.

I like to think you came here
to do the right thing.



Oh! Alright. So, go and change.

And I'll be right in.




Is this really necessary?

Well, you said that Liz didn't tell you

when she was gonna come
and pick up Agnes,

so we have to assume that
she could pick her up anytime.

So you're just gonna follow us
everywhere we go?

We don't want to frighten Agnes,
but we have to find Liz.

So you can take her away from
her daughter?

That's the last thing we want.

Then promise me you won't.




Hey, girl. Need any help?

What are you doing here?

Just admiring my beautiful girl.

There are agents in the lobby.

AGNES: I already told her.

How about you go to class
and I'll tell Merritt

about our plan, okay?

Okay, Mommy. See you tonight?

Yes, you will. I can't wait.



- Your plan? What plan?

♪♪ _

You're working the night shift
at the hospital tonight, right?

Liz, the FBI is following me.

Not anymore.
Not if you do exactly as I say.

Now, listen carefully.


MARVIN: Even if Reddington liked you,

which I suspect he doesn't.

And even if he trusted you,
which I am positive he doesn't,

he wouldn't hesitate to kill you
if you showed him this.

I thought you wanted me to
organize the accounts.

I did. But digitally?

He insists on analog accounting.

A book. A ledger. Something offline.

LIZ: Marvin.


- The answer is no.
- Hi. I'm Liz.

Skip. I know who you are.

Sort of a legend around the office.

- I know who you approached.
- Mm.

Brimley. Heddie. Ruddiger.
Morgan and Chuck.

And I also know that
they all turned you down.

They turned me down because
they don't know the truth.

You do. You know he's sick.

You know that when he's gone

I'll be in power because
you wrote the will.

That's right.

You wait, you get everything.

- So wait.
- I can't.

Why, because he killed your mother?

You're declaring war to defend
the honor of a woman

who abandoned you as a child

and murdered your grandfather.

If you help me,

you write your own ticket.

We'll be partners. 50/50.

I could make you ridiculously rich.

Red's my friend.

Sure, if you can help him out.

But if you can't, you're out.

He's not loyal, he's transactional.

You really think if he were
sitting where you are now,

knowing that the balance of power

was shifting in my direction,

he would really choose you over me?


Maybe you should think about it.

Law review at Yale.

- Moron.
- He seems pretty smart to me.



I'll think about it.










[GASPS] Who are you?
What are you doing here?!

Getting you ready for the big move.

- I'm calling the police.
- To say what...

A group of strangers

- made all your dreams come true?
- Hey.

Is this making the move?

Heaven forbid.

- Tadashi, say hello to Guinevere.
- Hi.

Personally, I like a good cherub.

Taste aside, Tadashi will make
the task ahead of you

- quick and easy.
- The task. What task?

Erasing certain information
from the computer server

of the House Committee on Intelligence.

Tadashi has a skillset

and, as counsel, you have the access.

As I said, quick and easy.

What makes you think I would do
something like that?

Danielle Steel. You have 16 hardcovers.

No one has that many romance novels

and wants to live alone
in Cleveland Park.

And if I say no?

Keep up, Gwen.

Tomorrow you'll go to work as usual,

except that when you're alone
and the moment provides,

you'll contact Tadashi

who will walk you through
the steps of inserting

the thumb drive into the server

which will contaminate
and eliminate the data

- on said server.
- Absolutely not.

I would be fired.

- I would go to prison for treason.
- Not if it was a mistake.

The malware kit's designed to
mimic liquid contamination,

a leak in the gasket around
the head assembly

and corrosion on the platter surface.

You'll spill a cup of
coffee to cover our tracks.

And I'd be fired.

Yes. Walking out of your old
life and into your better life.

Go on, have a look.

I guarantee it's a plot twist
worthy of "Passion's Promise."


What is it?

A home on a beach. Money in the bank.

A happy ending to your story.

If you're smart enough to take it.


Please leave.

Guinevere, Tadashi tells me
you're something of a scofflaw.

He says you haven't paid all your taxes.

- Some, but not all.

Not even close to all in... What?

Four years federal, three state.

My mother is sick.
She doesn't have insurance.

Listen, don't get me wrong.

I couldn't be more
understanding and supportive

of a righteous tax dodge...

Or not righteous
[CHUCKLING] for that matter.

But I doubt the FBI will share
my sympathies,

which is why I suggest you
carry out the task ahead.

What do you say?

Comedy or tragedy.

How this story ends
is entirely up to you.





Liz! Liz, I'm sorry. Liz, it's over.


- Who are you? Where's Keen?
- I don't know. I swear.

A woman, she paid me to wear
this hat and approach the car.


[WHISPERING] It's okay.

Fan out.

Scan vehicles, scan faces,

coordinate with the hospital security.

Liz isn't here,
but her daughter still is.

She's gotta be close by.


My name is Aram.

I don't know
if you remember me, but, um,

I have known you since you were born.

In fact, I was at your christening.

You couldn't have even been
a... a few months old,

so if you did remember me
that would be, like, super cool,

- or... or weird probably.

But, anyway, what I remember,

that you... you are incredibly brave,

which came as no surprise

since your mom is just about

the bravest person I've ever known.






- Ressler.

I need my girl.

- And she needs you.
- So let me have her.

RESSLER: She's coming to
the post office with us.

CFSA has already been notified.

She doesn't need a social worker.

She needs her mother.

What, on the run? As a fugitive.

Is that what you really want for her?

My mother abandoned me
when she was a fugitive.

I'm not gonna make that same mistake.

- Allison?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?

Why'd you call?

I don't know.

I guess...

because every time we say goodbye,

I'm afraid we might actually mean it.




♪ I won't care, I won't cry ♪

♪ If you're there, I'll get by ♪

♪ I won't care ♪

♪ Long as I ♪

♪ Long as I have you ♪


♪ And if the sky
should shatter and fall ♪

You gonna tell me about it?

The washer.

- Oh.
- Back at the apartment.

We nearly got caught because of it.

I think you owe me an explanation.

It's my engagement ring.

Attention, Metro travelers...

Tom used to have this boat
he was always tinkering with,

you know, repairing.

And one day he just pulled this
out of his tool box

and got down on one knee
and asked me to marry him.

How sweet.

♪ So let the oceans all turn to sand ♪

He was...

much better at this than I am.

He never would have let Agnes
get taken into custody.

You know what you got to do.

- ♪ I won't care, I won't cry ♪
- Yeah.

♪ If you're there, I'll get by ♪

I wish he would have gotten to know her.

Seen the person she's becoming.

♪ Long as I have you ♪

Attention, passengers. The escalator...

Come on. It's time.

♪ Long as I, long as I have you ♪




How long is this gonna take?

On average, I'd say two hours.

- Two hours?

People will be here by then.

You know the Gutman Data
Sanitizing Algorithm?

No? Nothing?

Anyway, I used a keylogger
to gain access to it,

tweaked a few lines of code
and as a result

this baby should be sanitized
right about... now.

Do you even know what was on
those files you just erased?

Me? No.

My boss and I are strictly
don't ask, don't tell.

Okay, we're clear.

Pull the thumb drive and cue the coffee.

Hey. Question.
You ever have AOC sightings?

That'd be so cool.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Okay, I'm hanging up now. I got to go.

I'm about to be fired.


What's happening with her daughter?

Elizabeth has walked away from her.

I never thought she would.
I was mistaken.

ARAM: Okay,
while the grownups figure out

all the boring grownup stuff,

you and I

are going to play
a paper airplane contest.

Sound good?

I suppose.

You suppose? You suppose?

There's no supposing.

The goal is to figure out who can fly

the most paper airplanes
into that garbage can.

You do know how to make
a paper airplane, right?

Okay. That's alright.
I'll make them. You fly them.

Sound good?


Here we go.






- Ressler.
- How is she?

- This text. It's from you.
- Is she okay?

Sure looks like it.

[CHUCKLING] Her and Aram are
making a mess of the office.

I got Marvin Gerard to turn.

So I have the resources
I need to get out.

- What about Agnes?
- You were right.

Being on the run is no place for her.

And the mistake your mother made?

I guess I'm more like her
than I care to admit.

So these lists of TV shows and food...

They're what Agnes likes.

And the address is a self-storage unit.

There's a locker there with her
favorite clothes and books.

- She's gonna be okay.
- Promise?

I do. Until you're back,

she's gonna have lots of doting uncles.


- I got to go.
- No, you don't.

I do. And this time I have to mean it.



- Oh.

I'll be right back.

- What's up?
- Keen called me.

I couldn't run a trace,
but I did record it.

Liz called you?

Look, I don't know from where,

but there were some muffled
sounds in the background.

I need you to enhance the audio.

Okay. I may not be able
to beat a 6-year-old

in a paper plane contest...
Seriously, she's destroying me,

she's like a... she's like
a mini Chuck Yeager...

But I do know that when you say
"Keen called me"

what you're really saying is
"Keen called me again."

Look, I know what Cooper said...

He didn't "say," he ordered.

Yeah, but I told you, if you saw
her you'd think differently.

You saw her?! When? Where?

Was it at your apartment?

Please. Please tell me
it wasn't at your apartment.

Was it at your apartment?

The audio. Enhance it.


We know where Keen is.
The Silver Spring train station.

She called me to ask about Agnes.

There was noise in the background.

Aram was able to enhance it.

WOMAN ON P.A.: arriving
on Track One, the Blue Ridge,

en route to Washington,
this is the Silver Spring stop.

I'll inform Montgomery County PD.

You get a TAC team and roll out.

Any fingers crossed, Donald? Toes?

What's got your goat?

It's not a goat, it's a wild goose.

The one I fear you have us all chasing.

- Now, what's that supposed to mean?
- You're a good agent.

But I wonder if maybe you're
an even better friend.

You think I'm helping her.

I mean, that this is some sort
of a trick,

a false lead to draw us one way
while she goes the other.

I think it's a possibility.

[CHUCKLES] That's rich coming from you.

When the only reason she may get away

is because she turned one
of your people.

Marvin Gerard's giving her
all the resources she needs.

Elizabeth told you that.

She did. And I believe her.

I believe you do.

That's what worries me.



Well what?

- Is there anything to it?
- Well, she trusts me.

And that's not a problem.

I mean, it's why we have a lead.

Has there been other contact?

Well, she called me twice, and, um,

she came to my apartment.

Called it.

We'll talk about this when
we get back from the station.

What do you mean "we"?

This is clearly complicated.
For all of us.

If this is a chance
to apprehend Elizabeth,

it appears we may need
to give each other

the strength to do it.

Please allow passengers to exit
the train before you board.





♪ Boat by lake ♪


♪ I fleet it down ♪

♪ Down to the ruin ♪

- She's gone.
- You saw the security feeds?

She was here for over an hour.
Along with Esi Jackson.

But the train's still here.
Maybe they're already on it.

Liz didn't get on.

The feeds show her leaving the station.

- When?
- What time did she call you?


Two minutes later,
she walked out the front door.

Why would she come to train
station and not get on a train?

♪ Way down ♪

Oh, my God.


- 30 seconds.

Halfway to a new world record.

Can she go all the way without
putting a toe on the floor?


- ♪ Woul way down ♪

Mr. Cooper, did you find her?

- No. The train was a diversion.
- A diversion from what?

Why would she want you to go there?

- So she could get her daughter.
- But her daughter's right here.

Yes. And Agent Keen just swiped
into the post office.





I'll have to call you back.

- LIZ: Oh, look at you.

Oh, my gosh, you busy bee.

I got all the way across
without touching the floor.

All the way?

A new world record.


- We got to go, honey.
- Can I try it one more time?

I'm afraid not, honey.
Go get your shoes on, okay?

Go on.

I saw you in the parking lot.

The way you talked to her.
And now this... thank you.

I didn't do it for you.


I have to take her now.

And you have to let us go.


Who are you?

You know who I am
and why I have to do this.

You forged my signature to get
16 ounces of Semtex.

You nearly killed
Mr. Reddington and Ressler.

I knew who you were, Liz.

But I don't recognize who you've become.

Say thank you to Aram, honey.


The security section's
already been alerted.

We need a two-minute head start
to get out through Level C.

Two minutes.

That's all I ask.


[WHISPERING] Come on. Let's go.

Let's go.


Sure, I said I'd think about
throwing in with her.

And I did. For all of two seconds.

As a courtesy. Then I turned her down.

That's true, Mr. Reddington.
I was there. I saw it.

- You saw it.
- Yes, sir, I did.

Did you also see Marvin buy
airline tickets to Switzerland?

Of course he didn't.

Because I didn't buy airline
tickets to Switzerland.

My mistake. You bought tickets
to Switzerland

and booked a suite
at the Kupfer Grand in Zurich.



You don't see it.

It's staring you in the face

and you're so puffed up with
anger that you don't see it.

Enlighten me.

My name. It's on the reservation.

You think I'd throw in with Keen

and make getaway plans
using my own name?

That I'd steal from you without
even attempting to hide it?

I think you never forgave me

for the three years you spent in prison.

I went to prison
because I was loyal to you!

Yes. And now that you know
my days are numbered,

your loyalty has shifted. I understand.

You're just looking ahead,
playing the long game.

You're the one who's being played.

Getting you to hurt me

is her way of getting you
to hurt yourself.

Except I won't be hurt,

not with the adorable Skip

- stepping up to fill the void.
- I'm sorry, what?

Has Marvin been locked out
of the accounts?

- As of 20 minutes ago.
- Excellent.

You're making a huge mistake.

Please, let's bring Skip up to speed

and have his biometrics synced

for account access
in Nevis and the Caymans.

Mr. Reddington, I'm... I'm honored,

but Marvin... I promise you
he wasn't disloyal.

- Yes, well, we'll see about that.
- You're in luck.

Yesterday was Benji's spa day.

He's shampooed, rubbed,
rested, and ready.



You were right.

It is different.



Contacts. Safe houses.

She even mentioned an asset
named Mr. French.

Whatever resources of
my mother's you can find,

we're gonna need them.

You, too, thanks, Esi.


Aram's nice.

Yeah, he is. The nicest.

Will we ever see him again?

I don't know, honey.

I hope so.

I just...

don't know.


- To meet our friend as scheduled,

we have to be in the air
free now within an hour.

I'm not leaving without an answer.

Tadashi did his job.
The files have been erased.


Besides you,
Marvin is my oldest colleague.





I want to ask you a question.

When I do, I need you
to give me an honest answer.

Of course.

Did you want Elizabeth
to see you shoot her mother?

Knowing that if she did,

it would send her to a place so dark

she would never go back to her old life.

Why would I ever do that?

Because you live in that dark place.

And she can't take over your empire

without living there, too.

You mock the FBI for being conflicted

about arresting someone they love,

but you love her, too,

and I'm not sure you
want her arrested, either.

I never said I wanted her arrested.

But I do want her found.

You can see what it's done...

You keeping so much from her.

It... It's hardened her.

Made her worthy of the Blacklist.

What I want to know is if this
was your plan all along.


I... didn't...

I didn't have a plan.


If I could just ask you
to place your hand here.




[CHIMES] The transfer is now complete.

Is there anything else I can do
for you, Mr. Hadley?


You sure I can afford this?

- I've told you 10 times already.
- I know. I'm sorry.

I'm just having a hard time
believing it.

35 million.

That's how much we transferred
out of Reddington's account.

35 million.

Yeah. In euros.

That's 41 million in dollars.

So, yeah,

this I think you [CHUCKLING] can afford.



♪ One way or another,
I'm gonna find you ♪

- ♪ I'm gonna get you ♪

You're wrong about Marvin Gerard.

Elizabeth, for someone looking
to go off the grid,

you continue to be quite chatty.

Suisse Capital. You had one account.

Now you have none.

What does this have to do with Marvin?

And all this time I thought you knew

how to think like a criminal.

Skip Hadley.

My knight in shining armor.

♪ And I will drive past your house ♪

Marvin was my last hope.

When he turned me down,
I thought I was finished.

No money, no support. It was over.

- Hey.
- But then...

He's in the bathroom so I only
have a minute but, uh...

I'm in.


♪ One way or another ♪

I thought using Marvin's real name

to book the plane tickets and hotel room

might be a red herring that
someone clever would detect.

But I guess I'll have to
try it on someone clever

to find out.

As my third grade teacher
Mr. Threet used to say...

One swallow doesn't mean spring is here.

Yeah, but 35 million euros
sure feels like spring break.



♪ And if the lights are all down ♪

Oh, my God. We're almost there.

Marvin, I am so sorry.
Will you ever forgive me?

- Is he alright?
- Should be fine.

Though Benji did go a touch Hai Karate.

I'm guessing it was his aftershave.

Smells like grapefruit. Or blood orange.

Is it blood orange?

Go to hell, Raymond.

- I think it's blood orange.
- Oh!



Agent Keen played you both.

She played on your feelings for her.

As an agent. A friend. A mother.

She used you.

Yes, she did.

Given that, you should recuse
yourselves from the case.

We agree.

Which is why we prepared
our letters of resignation.

The Task Force has one job now...

To bring Keen in.

And we've proven that
we're not up to that job.

You both agree this is for the best?

- We do.
- As do I.

But if I ask you to leave then...

if I'm honest, I'd have to as well.

Why? You've done nothing to
compromise this investigation.

No, but I've felt like compromising it.

I've wanted it to be compromised.

Would I have taken Agent Keen
into custody

if she'd been at the train station?

Yes, I would have.

Was I relieved that I didn't have to...

You're damn right I was.

Was I angry that she tricked us
into going there

so she could come here to get
her daughter... absolutely.

Am I glad they've been reunited,
of course I am.


So... what do we do now?

I tell you what we're not gonna do...

Let total strangers
go after one of our own.

I do not look forward
to having Reddington find out

that we let her slip through
our fingers once again.

I spoke to him just before you
came up here.

I doubt he'll do much gloating.

It seems he misjudged Marvin Gerard.

- Yeah, Keen told me he flipped.
- So you'd tell Reddington.

So he'd empower Gerard's number two...

Who turns out to be in her pocket.

When you say empowered...

Reddington gave him account access.

Which he used to transfer
35 million euros to Elizabeth.

♪ I'll walk down the mall,
stand over by the wall ♪

♪ Where I can see it all,
find out who you call ♪

Did they bring you luck?

♪ Stand over by the wall,
where I can see it all ♪

Oh, yeah.

They did, honey.

So much.

So Keen used me to steal
Reddington's money.


It feels strangely, uh, therapeutic.

This is, uh, all well and good,

but seriously,
what if we don't catch her?

What if our concern for her
gets in the way

and she succeeds
and kills Mr. Reddington?

♪ Where I can see it all,
find out who you call ♪

You want to see what else
brings me luck?

♪ Drive by your house ♪

What is that?

Did I ever tell you how your
Daddy asked me to marry him?

♪ And I'll see who's around ♪












What interests me
is why after nearly 30 years

you suddenly act as if I work for you.

- I don't.
- We know about Keen.

What she's saying.

That you're N-13.

An allegation no one believes.

A fact no one knows is true.

We must do whatever we can
to keep it that way.

I flew 15 hours so I could
look you in the eye

and tell you what I told Rakitin...

Elizabeth Keen is off limits.

And I asked you to fly here
so I could look you in the eye

and tell you I agree.


For now.