The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 8, Episode 3 - 16 Ounces - full transcript

Previously on "The Blacklist"...

I knew her as Katarina Rostova,

one of her many names.

Many powerful people were
looking for your mother.

She was being hunted.

And she knew she needed
to disappear, to fade away.

As I feared would happen,
elements from Katarina's past

are circling Elizabeth like
a pack of wolves in the night.

I'm not sure Elizabeth
will ever be ready

to learn about what you did to Katarina.

I need to control
the danger to Elizabeth.

I have built a vast criminal network

predicated on that very principle.


I've always helped you.

You were never on my side.

I'm your mother.

A mother protects her children.

I did protect you, by hiding you.

And I didn't want you to be hunted, too.

I love you, Masha.

You know you can't trust
that woman, right?

"That woman" is my mother.

No, she's just using that
to exploit you.

If you hurt her, we're done.

Whatever happened here, it's over.

There's no sign of Reddington or Keen.

No visible blood or spent shell casings.

We can get a forensic team,
see what they find.

Do it, but my guess is,
we won't find anything.

Reddington probably had
his cleaners on standby.

He didn't kill her. He wouldn't.

I mean, uh, it is Mr. Reddington,

but, guys... guys, still,
i-it's Liz's mother.

Agent Ressler, any word from Keen?

No. Nothing. When she called to tell me

what Reddington was going to do,
it was on Dembe's cell.

If she still has it,
she's not answering.

What about her phone?

She doesn't have it.
Reddington's people took it

and her service weapon
when they grabbed us.

You need to get to her apartment.

Agent Mojtabai, call Agnes' school,

find out whether Keen picked her up.

You have reached the voicemail box of...

Elizabeth Keen.

Hey, Liz, it's Merritt.

We got your message. Yes, of course,

you know Agnes can always
come home with us after school.

I'm sure Kelly will be thrilled.

Hope work goes well.

Next message.

Hey, Keen, it's me.

We need to talk.
Look, I'm not mad, okay?

But I'm worried about you.

Call me when you get this.

Next message.

All those years searching for answers,

and you were right in front
of me the whole time.

For what it's worth, I didn't know

what Dom was planning in Belgrade.

I believe you.

But after, you let the world
believe the lie.

You dangled me out there,

let everyone think I had the Archive.

And now I know why.

Because if they were chasing me,

it meant they weren't chasing you.

It's not quite that simple.

You're N-13, aren't you?

You framed me.

You fed me to Townsend as a patsy,

and Dominic knew and helped you do it.

I could've helped you...

the way I always have.

Kept you one step ahead.

But staying safe wasn't enough.

You needed answers.

Well, now you have them.

And now they've destroyed you.

What if I promise never to tell
a soul what I've learned?

Well, that would be the last lie
you ever told.

Raymond, we should go.

You think this was a mistake?

You ask a tactical question.

I see only an ethical one.


It was not a mistake, but it was wrong.

Because of Elizabeth.

You've pushed her too far.

I wonder.

Most of her clothes are gone.

Where are you, Liz?

What are you doing?

Thank you, Mrs. Thomas.

And how would you like to pay
for the room this evening?


You won't kill me.

- You can't.
- Why is that?

Because Elizabeth
would never forgive you.

You don't know a damn thing
about Elizabeth.

Oh, that's not true.

I've gotten to know her.

So, she left her apartment.

What about Agnes?

I spoke to a woman named Merritt Marks.

She took Agnes home with her
daughter after school for a play date.

Now, Liz called her a few hours ago,

saying she had to leave town
for a work emergency

and asked her to take Agnes
for a few days.

So we're nowhere.

We've lost track of Keen and her mother.

She chose me.

She's helping me.

She has no idea who you are.

Me? I'm her mother.

And even now, there's a love there.

I can't let you leave.

My God.

I can't imagine what
this must be like for you.

Knowing you can't kill me

because of how much
Elizabeth loves her mother.

That's right. Keen, Elizabeth.

It's just my gut, but I don't
think she left the city.

Thanks, Joe.
I appreciate your discretion.

Do you have any idea
how many favors I've called in

trying to find you?

He killed her.

Thank God you're okay.

Did you hear what I said?

It was an execution.

We went to the park.

We couldn't find any evidence.

That's why I'm here.

I have all the evidence you need.

I can't imagine
what this must be like for you,

knowing you can't kill me

because of how much
Elizabeth loves her mother.

You saw it happen?

With my own eyes,
and I'll testify to it.

I don't care what happens to me,

but he can't get away with this.

Say something.

I-I'm thinking. About what?

He murdered my mother.

The Russian spy who tried
to bleed him to death,

who had your grandfather shot?

Who our intelligence bureaus
believe killed

at least a dozen American agents
for the KGB and the Cabal?

I know what she's done.

None of it justifies her execution.

I'm not trying to justify it.

Like hell you're not.
You're making excuses,

looking the other way,
like we've always done.

I was clear with Reddington your
mother was not to be harmed.

Well, he obviously took
that message to heart.

You know why he did it?
Because he could.

He knew that no one on this task force

was gonna do anything about it.

- That's unfair.
- It's the truth.

When he shot her, I wanted to run,

just get Agnes and go
where nobody would find us.

But I'm here because of you.

Because I thought maybe
you were the one person

who still cared about what's right.

I won't be lectured by you
on professional ethics.

Reddington's out of control.
I know that.

I also know that I can't take him down

without taking you down with him.

I don't care anymore.

Then I'll care for you.

You kidnapped your grandfather.

A felony kidnapping charge alone
is enough to destroy your life,

send you to prison,

sever any relationship you have
with your daughter.

You may be disgusted
by my silence, Agent Keen,

but you will benefit from it.

Everywhere I go, there's a man
who insists on protecting me.


if you want out, go.

But I hope you'll think about
what we do here before you decide.

It's over.


But I'm asking you...

talk to Reddington first.

What he did is inexcusable,
but if you talk to him,

if you could get him
to tell you why he did it,

it won't bring her back,

but it may start the process of healing.

It won't.

But for you, I'll consider it, sir.

If this is the last time
we see each other...

...for the first time, I wish
you would call me Harold.

Even when you know
I'm not gonna like it,

you've always been honest with me.

Very few people have.

Thank you for that...


- Any luck?
- No calls.

We're running taps on her cell
and apartment lines

and a third on the friend
she asked to watch Agnes...

If anyone can find me,
my money's on you.

You're here.

You look tired.

Does... Does Mr. Cooper know...

- Yeah, Cooper knows.
- So you talked?

Talked? Yeah. Communicated? Not so much.

Oh. Don't worry. I mean, I know
he's angry, but in a day or two...

Look, I don't know
how to tell you this...

He's gonna let you come back.

I don't want to come back.

I wanted to tell you in person that I...

have to step away for a bit,

and so I'm not gonna see you
for a while, and...

I just want you to know
how grateful I am.

This is so hard.

- Whoa.
- Oh, wow. I'm so sorry.

No. Don't worry.
I'll just... Uh, hang on.

- I'll just grab some paper towels.
- Sure.


It's just a part of life.

Watching the generation ahead of you,

the people you care about, grow old.

And at some point, you start to...

do the mental work necessary

to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

And yet, I'm afraid
I stand here, Marvin...

woefully unprepared.

There's no way you could
prepare for this, Raymond.

Dom didn't die of old age.

He was taken from you.

House won't be worth much.

It's a relic from another time,
like he was.

You should bulldoze the house.


Skip, the house has
incredible emotional value.

Mr. Reddington has no interest
in bulldozing...

Well, ultimately, it's not my decision.

The house belongs to Elizabeth now.

Well, why do you say bulldoze it?

Well, the value's in the land,
not the house.

You said there's five acres.
You subdivide.

You put up a quarter-acre
McMansion on each lot.


Take my advice...
Stop while you're behind.

I must say,
it sounds pretty awful, Skip.

But send me a proposal.
I'll forward it on.

God knows if it were up to me,

given my recent bouts with mortality,

I find myself more and more
in the liquidation phase.

You are not going anywhere.

As your lawyer, I forbid it.

But while we're on the subject...

You want to know
if I still intend to leave

most everything of mine to Elizabeth?

Agent Keen. What brings you
down to the dungeon?

Hey, Mark. Uh, Agent Mojtabai's

running some urgent wire taps,

and he asked me
to drop this off for him.

Whoa. You don't see that every day.

What do you got going on?

Same as always.

Causing trouble for
the worst of the worst.

I figured you couldn't tell me.

Hang on. Should be just a few minutes.

You don't want me to change your will?

Even after she took sides against you?

Okay. So, today, she opposes me,
maybe tomorrow.

But not forever. Look at Dom and I.

There were years when he hated me.

Many more bad years than good.

And yet, in the end, we...

...found our way to each other.

It's Elizabeth.

- Elizabeth.
- I told you what would happen

- if you hurt my mother.
- Where are you?

You killed her. In the park. I saw it.

I know what you saw,

and it wasn't everything
you thought you saw.

I told Cooper I'm done.

I'm taking Agnes, and we're leaving,

and you're gonna let us go.

Not until we talk.

We're talking now.

Not like this.

There's a lake near Dom's house.

I'm scattering his ashes there
this afternoon.

Meet us at the house,
and we can talk on the way.

And if after our talk,
you still feel the same,

you can say your goodbyes to us both.

- When?
- 2:00 p.m.

Is that a yes?

I'll be there.

You see, Marvin?

It may feel at times like the end,

but our story isn't over yet.

There you go. Careful, now.

Thanks. Wish us luck.

You won't need it. I don't know
who your target is,

but if you use that the right way,

he won't know what hit him.

Keen. Keen.

How'd you find me?

Doesn't matter. The point is, I did.

If Cooper sent you to ask me
to come back, I'm not doing it.

Okay, first of all, he didn't ask me to.

He doesn't even know I'm here.
And, second, I agree.

I don't think you should come back.

Is that what you came to say?

Come on. I came to say
you're both right.

Charging Reddington isn't an option

if it means that you go down with him.

But... you coming back to work,

like nothing ever happened,

well, it's also not an option.

- I gotta go.
- Keen, what are you even doing here?

I mean, you left your apartment,
you parked Agnes with...

- That's temporary.
- Until what?

- What's going on with your car?
- Nothing. Just...

the passenger door
was sticking a little bit.

You want me to take a look?

No. I fixed it.

I know you. We've been
partners a long time,

which is why I know
that you have no intention

of letting this rest.

- I'm worried about you.
- Join the club.

You, Cooper, Reddington, the whole crew

can just sit around and talk
about what's best for Liz Keen.

That's not fair. Look, I care about you,

and there's nothing wrong
with me saying that.

Are we done? Like I said, I gotta go.

Yeah. We're done... Allison.

How'd you know that? My alias?

You got drunk one night. Wing Yee.

You told me.

So that's how you found me.

I'm gonna miss celebrating
your birthday there.


I'll think about what you said.

I promise.

I'm glad you came.

We have a lot to talk about.

What's your plan?

To try and sell me half-truths
that I can never verify or...

to confuse me with double-speak?

There is an explanation.


Only a confession.

I watched you kill her.

And before you try to "explain"
how you didn't...

My God.

I can't imagine what
this must be like for you.

Knowing you can't kill me

because of how much
Elizabeth loves her mother.

My mother prepared me for this moment.

She gave me all the proof
I would ever need.

If you came to play me that recording,

you've done it.

You can take it and go.

Or you can stay while we lay
your grandfather to rest...

and perhaps have a conversation.


You ride with me.

We'll talk on the way.

Good idea.

Dembe and I will go ahead,
and we'll meet you at the lake.


Traveler is down.
We need a mobile triage.

Come on.

No more than a 10-mile radius
outside 236 Glenellen.

Outside Sharptown. Get in.

Listen to me.

You are not allowed to die.
Do you hear me?

Okay, hang in. Hang in.

Whatever happens...

he loves you.

You know that, right?

You chose that woman over him,

and he still wants
to leave everything to you.

"That woman" was my mother.

And he killed her.

And I don't want anything from him.

What the hell are you doing here?!

You're on call for an emergency.

At a mobile unit. Not here.
This is a public emergency room.

How am I supposed to...

I spoke to the Colonel.

Closest mobile unit's 17 minutes out.

He needs help now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll handle it.

Mr. Cooper. I need your help.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

We're trying to help your friend,

but to do that, we need your help.

He doesn't have insurance.

And that's fine, but he has to
have personal information.

Family history. List of medications.

And as I explained to Miss Keats,

I can only share those details
with his attending physician.

Yeah, well, his attending
doesn't enter him into my system.

I don't want him in your system.

Please. Mr. Vaughn.
What's really going on here?

- Who is that man?
- Who are you?

A spiritual advisor.

What kind of spiritual advisor
carries a gun in a hospital?

Dembe. How is he?

Not good. They're doing tests now.

Who are you? Another one
of his spiritual advisors?

No. I'm the Assistant Director
of the FBI.

And I need you to get your
security team up here right now.

Tell them to secure this floor.

Lock it down.

Woman, are you out of your mind?

- Yes.
- You want to murder Reddington?

I already tried to murder him.

I need your help to finish the job.

And why exactly would I do that?

Because you know
he's gonna kill you anyway.

That's why you're working with him.

He threatened your life,
forced you to turn on me.

What do you think happens to you

when you're no longer of use to him?

Esi, I understand.

If you don't want to do it,
I'll figure something out.


I'm gonna kill him
with or without your help.

- How?
- The "how" is the easy part.

I got to get to him first.

- You know where he is?
- Everhart Memorial Hospital.

In lockdown. Surrounded
by an army of FBI agents

and protective detail.

Being assisted by hospital security

who have every inch of
that building secure with CCTV.

Not to mention his body man
and the security team

which is undoubtedly en route
if not already there.

Let me.


I can get to him.

Reddington trusts me.

I'm part of his team.

He'll kill you if he finds out.

Didn't you just say
he was gonna kill me anyway?

- Yes.
- I don't doubt it.

His threats to me were very real,

and I'd rather get this done

than be dragged into the grave with him.


Here's what I was thinking.

Our best option is to just
lean into the truth.

All it'll take is one call
to cause pandemonium.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on.
What's going on?

Gib Horn. Deputy US Marshal.

An anonymous caller
gave us a credible tip

you have a fugitive on site.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't play dumb with me.

Raymond Reddington. Where is he?

Now, the Marshals
will cause a diversion,

but we're still fighting the clock

because everyone in Reddington's
inner circle

is working to move him
as fast as they can

from the hospital to a secure site.

Yes, he's medicated
and under observation,

but he's not stable enough to be moved.

Well, he's certainly not safe here.

Which is why you shouldn't have
brought him here to begin with.

We didn't have a choice.

No. What we have is a protocol.

Sir, we have a situation.

He's a fugitive, so
he's our responsibility.

Not if we're guarding him.

What does that even mean,
"guarding him"?

- Guarding what?
- Harold Cooper.

What the hell is going on?

Gib Horn, US Marshals.

I'm here to take the top fugitive
from your Most Wanted list

into custody.

Is that gonna be a problem?

That's... complicated.

How about you uncomplicate it?

- Our other ticking clock is Aram.
- Who's Aram?

He's a very smart colleague of mine.

I got my hands on the weapon

by using one of his requisition forms,

and it's not gonna take him long

to figure out something's wrong.

Yes, I'm positive.
Meaning no, I didn't request it.

Could you just please
check the logs for me?

Okay. Hold on just one second.

Say we call in the Marshals
and they cause this whole mess

and say your Aram friend
doesn't figure out

that you've stolen
military-grade explosives

from the FBI requisition locker...

and say, just for the sake of argument,

that I do get inside that hospital,

we're still gonna have to come up

with some cock-and-bull story in order

for Reddington's guards
to let me anywhere near him.

That's the beauty of it.
We don't need a story.

All you have to do
is tell them the truth.

What exactly is the truth?

Dembe, she won't tell me,

but she says that it's urgent

and that she needs
to speak to you directly.

Esi, the Feds have cleared the floor.

They're not even letting the
Marshals see him, let alone you.

I don't care what you all
want to believe or not.

I'm telling you... Elizabeth Keen

is on her way here now
to murder Raymond Reddington.

No, that's not what I'm saying.

We're not even confirming he's here.

I'm not asking you to
confirm whether he's here.

I know he's here, otherwise you
wouldn't have cleared the floor.

What I'm asking is,
is what JTTF you work for?

Then get her out of the meeting.

I don't care who she's with.
Tell her Harold Cooper

has a mission request
that's urgent priority.

The reason he can't verify
is because we're off book.

Well, somebody sure as hell
calls the shots.

Okay, I-I've got DOJ on the line.

If you give me just a few minutes.

Deacon just spoke to Judge Wolf.

- Court order is in the works.
- Okay, hold on.

I'll hold, until my court order
comes through.

Then we're taking Reddington
whether you like it or not.

Cynthia. It's me. I need you
to make a phone call.

Talk to me.

She came to me, said she needed my help.

Said she was gonna kill him.

- Elizabeth said this?
- Yes. She sounded crazy.

She said something about her
mother, how he killed her,

how she couldn't let him
get away with it.

Okay. Calm down.

There are police everywhere.
He's well-protected.

You don't get it.

She knows he's here.

She told me to come see you
to get her his location.

Elizabeth is coming here?

Come on. She'll never even
make it past the perimeter.

Don't underestimate Elizabeth.

Get back downstairs.

Tell me exactly what she's planning.

I don't know, only that
she wanted me to be her eyes,

said she wanted me to give her
his room number.

Let me see your phone.

Esi. Hey. What's going on?

Liz, if you're gonna do it,
you gotta do it now.

- Is it clear?
- Yes. Just like you said.

They cleared the floor.
He's in room 312.

- You gotta hurry.
- I'm already in the building.

Liz, you gotta get here now.

I'm in the east stairwell,
headed your way.

Get out. Go.

And, Esi... thank you.

Bud, Elizabeth is in
the building. East stairwell.

Do not leave his side.

What do you mean? What requisition form?

From my desk. Liz used it to
withdraw 16 ounces of Semtex

from our requisition lockup
at 10:42 this morning.

- Meaning...
- She's coming for Reddington.

Alright, Aram, get here now.

Park, notify Cooper.

Keen's coming for Reddington.

I know. She's in the building now.

How do you know that?

We need to move Raymond. He's not safe.

Park, tell Cooper we need
to mobilize the Medevac unit.

We got to get Reddington out of here.

- Now.
- Why? What happened?

Keen is in the building.

It's okay.

Go to sleep. It's just a dream.

What's going on? Who are you?

Esi Jackson.

Dembe asked me to stay here
with Mr. Reddington.

Alright. You gotta go. It's not safe.

Park, where we on that Medevac?

- No. Wait. She...
- You gotta go. Now.

Agent Ressler. Pilot just arrived.

Get Reddington to the helipad.

Alright. Copy that. We're on our way.


What the hell's that?

Is that thing what I think it is?

Hey! You...

Go. Now. Get out.

Park, I need a bomb squad
in unit 312 now.

Where is she?

She was never here.

Donald, what...

You finished all of them?
Every worksheet?

Oh, that's fantastic, honey.

You want to know what else is fantastic?

After today, Mommy's not gonna

have to leave for work ever again.

Okay, whatever's going on
at the hospital,

- that is some bull.
- What a silly question, Agnes.

Wrap it up. We gotta talk.

What do you think I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna be with you.

I just have to take care
of one last thing,

and then I'm coming to get you, okay?

Goodbye, munchkin.
Mama loves you very much.

"Munchkin" is right,
because we are somewhere

over some kind of rainbow.

- What'd you find out?
- Not a damn thing.

What do you mean?
We heard the explosion.

What I mean is what I mean.
I don't know.

I mean, I do know.
He couldn't have survived.

But no one would confirm it.

You know the whole "if a tree fell,

did anyone hear it" thing?
Well, this is like that.

Except this is a bomb,
and people definitely heard it.

Okay. Tell me again.

Is there a possibility that anyone

other than Reddington was hurt?

Not if your plan would have worked,

- but your agent friend...
- Yeah, the agent

you said went back into the room...

Is there any way he made it out in time?

I don't think so.

I'm sorry.

Was he a good friend?


Are you at the hospital?

- Agent Keen.
- Aram, are you there?

If by "there," you mean
at the scene of your crime?

Yes. I'm there.

And Reddington, i-is he...

Do not ask me to bear witness
to what you have done.

So... he's dead.

I know about the requisition form,

how you forged my signature.

Thanks to you, I am a
co-conspirator to attempted murder.

Did you say "attempted"?

I looked it up.
I mean, I knew what it was,

but I thought I would just,
you know, double-check.

I could go to jail for life.
For each count.

Each count?

That is two life sentences,

and with my luck, they won't
even be served concurrently.

Aram, listen to me. You got to
tell me exactly what happened.

Mr. Reddington survived.

And Ressler?

The doctors are with him now.

But he's gonna be okay?


I was just thinking, um...

next time I see you...

you'll be under arrest.

You saved Reddington's life.

Is that a compliment or a criticism?

And possibly the lives
of everyone on this floor.

I just... I can't understand

how Liz could've been okay
with... with any of this.

I don't think she was.

I think she knew full well the protocols

that would kick into place would
leave Reddington vulnerable,

and I'm sure once forensics
are run on the explosive device,

it'll indicate the blast radius

was limited to Reddington's room.

And that's okay?

Absolutely not.

Just because I don't believe
she intended to hurt anyone else

doesn't mean I think it's okay
she tried to kill Reddington.

What's the prognosis, Doc?

Eh, some of the lacerations
will require stitches,

and I've ordered a CT scan
to check for internal bleeding,

but all things considered,

I'd say you're
in miraculously good shape.

Huh. Pretty hot.

The Marshal wants a word.

The warrant.

If he got it, it's over.

I think it's over either way.

I assume that's your court order.

It should be.


But you've got some serious juice.

A cease-and-desist order
from the Deputy AG herself

and a gag order.

My entire team's
gonna have to sign NDAs,

make like this never happened.

It's nothing personal.

I appreciate your needing to dot
your I's and cross your T's.

If I were in your position,
I would have done the same.

But you're not in my position.

I'm here to arrest a criminal.

You're protecting him.

Our task force does good work.

I'm sure you do. Sometimes.

But what that order tells me

is that you've got a tiger by the tail,

and that means for every job well done,

there's a corner that gets cut,
a rule that gets bent,

an I that doesn't get dotted,

a T that doesn't get crossed.


nothing personal...

but if I was you,

I couldn't live with myself.

Well, this sure worked out.

Now we've got Reddington
after us and the FBI.

It's gonna be okay.

Really? How?

Because this, right here,

this is about as not okay
as I've ever felt.

86 bodies.


A few years ago, Reddington's cleaner

unearthed the bodies
of 86 people he'd killed.

Handed them over to the FBI.

Evidence of 86 murders.

And he's still out there.

I've seen how he does it.
Stays one step ahead.

I know how he does it.

And we can do it, too.

Dembe, it's me. Put him on.

Admit it. When you thought I was gone,

you realized how dull
life would be without me.

If by "dull", you mean normal,
then, yes.

And it was very peaceful.

What do you want? I want to thank you.

You told me to think like a criminal,

and now I am one.

You prepared me for this.

Maybe because you knew
it was inevitable,

but because you did, I'm ready
and I'm coming for you.

That would be such a mistake.

I don't think so.
You're sick, you're old.

You're an easy target.

Yes, I have my liabilities.

But then, of course,
I have so many assets.

Well, I have something
you'll never have.

And what is that?

I'm willing to kill you.

You don't have it in you to kill me,

and you never will,

and that's why I'm gonna win.

What a terrible waste of your life.

Maybe. But it's my life.


- Are you okay?
- You shouldn't be here.

I spoke to Aram, and when
he told me you'd been hurt...

You know we're gonna have
to come after you, right?

When I thought you wouldn't make it...


I'm sorry.

Well, you should be.
You nearly killed me.

I know.

And when I thought I had...

...nothing else mattered.

I'm a fugitive again...

and you have to come for me,
but before you do,

before I start running...

I need a rest.

Even if it's just for one night.

Will you let me do that?

I need help.

About what happened with Katarina.

Help me understand why you did it.

The truth is, after all these years,

I'm not sure I...

understand all of it myself.

Harold, um...

I know how you feel about Elizabeth.

Yet... you killed her mother.

How could you do that
to someone you love?

What you did to her,
what you did to... Katarina,

I don't think Elizabeth
will ever forgive you for it.

She might.

Some day.

But before then...

I fear she may...

do something that...

...she can never recover from.

And of all the tragedies

that you and I have
experienced together,

that would be the most tragic.

We have to do... everything in our power
to prevent that from happening.

I agree.



how do we even start?

By putting Elizabeth Keen
at the top of the Blacklist.