The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 8, Episode 22 - Konets - full transcript

Reddington makes a disturbing request to Liz in exchange for the truth about his identity.

All right. Down.

Oh, my God.

It's him. Townsend.

You should go.
There could be others.

I'll call Edward. Tell him to
have a medical team standing by.

- Can you walk?
- Walk?

Townsend's dead.

I could fly.

The bullet went clear through. No
organs were damaged. She'll be fine.

Thank you. Have yourself a drink.
Make it a double. You deserve it.

You deserve it too.

You won.

I wish there was
time for celebration.

But Mother Nature and the criminal
world quickly exploit a vacuum.

We should set a
time to see Harold.

Call Dr. Clemons.

Thank him for his services and
tell him they're no longer necessary.

- Did you find another doctor?
- No.

You're giving up.

Why? You just said
there's a fight to be won.

There is.

But it can't really be
won unless I'm gone.

Perhaps I will have that drink
after all. Toast to better days.

Will it end when I know?

When Reddington's told me the last of
it, will I be able to live a normal life?

What is normal?

Not this.

We live the lives
we are meant to live.

I understand you blaming
Raymond for how yours turned out.

I blame him too sometimes.

But fate takes the laboring
oar. In our lives and his.

Fate and destiny.

Ah! You're up. Excellent. I
have a bit of a surprise for you.

- Mommy!
- Hey!

Oh, pumpkin. What
are you doing here?

It was Pinky's idea.


He says his name is
Red, but I prefer pink.

I thought she'd
be just the thing.

And as it turns out, Mrs. French and
I share a great love for Jacques Tati.


- How are you, my dear?
- I'm better now. Thanks to Pinky.

- Oh, Mr. Reddington!
- Aram. Nice.

I heard about Townsend.
We're so relieved.

What's the celebration?
Who's getting well?

Oh, these are for Agent
Ressler. He's off the ventilator.

- The doctors say he's doing much better.
- That's good news.

Care for a toke?

I'd give almost anything to hear you
talk like a member of the Lollipop Guild.

Come in.

What a relief. Knowing the
threat to Agent Keen is gone.

We're all quite happy

with the way things
turned out, Harold.

And here I thought Aram was
the only man-child around here.

Please tell me you're
above such things.

I think it's childish and
completely unprofessional.

Please indulge our weakness
for life's simple pleasures.

We've come bearing dark tidings.

You wanna tell me, or
you'd like finger-painting first?

I would. More than you
can possibly imagine.

But, unfortunately, Townsend's
death is about to trigger

a firestorm of
criminal activity.

In the absence of
a clear successor,

everyone will be vying
for control of his empire.

I assume you're here
to give me a case.

That the next name on the
Blacklist will be in service

to help you take
advantage of this situation.

I do have a bunch of likely
contenders for the throne.

And I am giving you them

so that someone can take
advantage of this situation.

- But not me.
- How magnanimous.

I've heard that one's true
colors emerge at the end.

I'd love to think that
magnanimity is one of mine.

The end? I knew
you were sick, but...

Exactly how bad is it?

Harold, over the years,

you've served as a wise
counselor to Elizabeth.

I'd like to know that in my
absence, that would continue.


How sick are you?

Do I have your word?

Of course. I'll always do
everything I can for Elizabeth.

Thank you. You're a good friend.

Is this really necessary?

It's the best way I can think
of to ensure her protection.

Your blood tests are better.
The treatment is working.

You're getting
better, not worse.

I'm dying. Whether it's this
year or the next doesn't matter.

What I've got doesn't go away.

It just takes a pause, regroups
and comes back stronger.


Where's Agnes?

Mrs. French took
her to the park.

Thank you for bringing her
here. That was very thoughtful.

The conversation we've
been having... Or trying to have.

About who I am and
why I came into your life.

How my mother got
you to watch over me.

Your mother. Yes.

She foresaw this moment.

The answers are here. In
a letter she wrote to you.

Why do you have a letter
my mother wrote to me?

For when the time was
right to let you know the truth.

I think we can both
agree it's long past time.

- One condition remains.
- No. No conditions.

One task.

Then it's done.

What could possibly
be left for me to do?

To take my life.

What do you mean?

I mean literally
and metaphorically.

I'm dying.

You've known for
a while that I'm sick.

Before I die...

I need to make sure
you're protected.

And how will
killing you do that?

By showing the world you're
a force to be reckoned with.

That you did what
no one else could.

No law-enforcement
agency, no criminal rival.

You found and executed
Raymond Reddington.

You know I don't wanna
take over your empire.

I do.

And under other circumstances,
I wouldn't want you to.

But Neville Townsend
learned certain things about me.

Things that we should assume
others now know as well.

I'm afraid that people will come
for you just like Townsend did.

It took all of our
strength to fight him.

You'll need help
to fight the others.

This is the way to get it.

It's quite a story.

Full of...

ambition and hope.

Love and loss.

How does it end?

You'll find out.

Oh, you're so cute!

I could just squeeze
you like this forever.

Where's Pinky?

You know, I don't
know where Pinky is.

I never quite know where
Pinky's gonna show up next.

He's funny. He tells me stories.

Oh, yeah? What kind of stories?

About a Russian princess.

She doesn't want
to be a princess,

but other people keep
telling her it's her destiny.

What do you think she should do?

Mom. She's a princess!

I got train tickets for 4 p.m.
I'll meet you at the station.

I got some people I
wanna say goodbye to.

It won't take long to close
up the apartment in New York.

We'll sleep on the jet and be
in Europe by this time tomorrow.

This will be so good for you
two. To get away from it all.


I hope so.

We've had some times.

We have.

Get in.

- Have you spoken to Reddington?
- I knew he was sick,

but I had no idea
it was this severe.

He asked me to
take over for him.

I'm not surprised.

I said no.

I'm leaving.

We're gonna get away.

I wanted to tell you in person.

And thank you for
everything that you've done.

So your mind's made up?

About taking over
for Reddington?

Is there a decision to make?

There's so much I want for you.

Above all, I want
you to be safe.

Right now, you're a fugitive
on the Most Wanted List.

If you took over for Reddington,
inherited the Blacklist,

I could probably convince
Panabaker to give you immunity.

You'd be protected,

you'd have a reason for taking
over that you could feel good about.

We could still work together.

Taking over for Reddington
has risks. Physical and emotional.

Both of those concern me.

But you not doing it
concerns me more.

- How's Ressler?
- On the mend. Worried about you.

Yeah, I wanna see him.

Probably safer to call.


Where's the fun in that?


I heard you're feeling better.

Well, I am now.

I've got a decision to make.

Cooper's wrong.

He called you?

You're not like
Reddington. You're better.

You're good.

Too good to do what
he wants you to do.

I don't feel good.

You're not a criminal.

Pretending to be one
won't keep you safe.

Russian mob. Serbians.
Italians. Chinese.

And a few Americans and
Brits thrown in for good measure.

All did business with Townsend.

According to Reddington,
all want a piece.

Mr. Reddington doesn't?

He wants us to move on
the United Nations of Crime

so he can take over.

But not for himself, for
Elizabeth. So she can take over.

- That's not funny.
- It wasn't meant to be.

But she can't.

I mean, even if she
could, she wouldn't.

- Would she?
- Why would he let her?

What would he do, go play golf?

Reddington's sick. He wouldn't
say with what, but it's clearly terminal.

Wait. Mr. Reddington? But...

He always seems so invulnerable.

He isn't. Neither is Elizabeth.

If she decides to take over for
Reddington, she'll need our help.

Starting with a workup
on the people in this folder.

I'm in the chairs
next to the escalators.

Okay. I'll see you soon.

Excuse me?

I'm sorry. I don't
mean to stare.

Are you Agent Keen?

Elizabeth Keen?

Do we know each other?

Beth Ryker.

Daniel Ryker's my dad.

General Ryker.

He said not to take it off.

Oh, my God. It can't be you.

I think about you all
the time. What you did.

- Ah...
- You saved my life.

You were a very
brave little girl.

You probably don't remember
the story you told me.

About the scar
your dad gave you.

How it was your secret weapon.

Whenever I'm feeling sad or
afraid, I just touch it like this

and it makes me brave.

Wanna see if it makes you brave?


I left the bureau.

What do you do now?

I'm... trying to
figure that out.

The Keystone Service
3:45 to Philadelphia,

now boarding on track nine.

Keystone Service...

That's my train. I can't
believe it was really you.

All aboard.

Thanks for saying hello.

My dad told me that if you
hadn't defused that bomb,

thousands of people
would have died.

Most people just, I don't
know, live their lives,

but you made the
world a better place.

So whatever you decide to do, I
really hope you'll keep doing that.


Tell him I want to meet.

Hear him out.

Okay, hold on.

She wants to
discuss your proposal.


Tell her we're in New York.

Can you meet in New York?

I'll text you.

Is it wrong? What
I'm asking her to do?

It's not that simple.

Right and wrong have
never been simple in your life.

You love her and you
want to keep her safe.

You're desperately
trying to do that.

I wonder if it makes
any difference.

Hi, baby. Who's ready
to go to New York?




Thank you for coming.

I understand you've given
some thought to my proposal.

I have.


I need you to explain
something to me.


If we go through with
this, if I actually do this...

what makes you
think it's gonna work?

Me. As your heir.

Why do you think people
are gonna accept that?

They'll accept it when
I'm dead in the street.

They'll accept it
because you're a criminal.

Is that what I am?

Or is that what I
am because of you?

I've considered that question...

so many times.

How things might have
been different if I had never...

re-entered your life.

Would you be safer?


Was it my presence alone...

that brought you
to this crossroads?

Or maybe none of
that ever mattered.

Maybe you were born to this.

Out of a lie, the
daughter of a spy,

genetically predisposed
to deception and danger.

I don't know.

I've thought and
thought about it.

And I just don't know.

What I do know is that...

whether it's chance,
or karma, DNA or fate,

or just bad luck...

this is where you are now.

This is who you've become.

A criminal.

A fugitive.

And taking my life...

is a way forward.

Humor me.

How would it work?

The restaurant's been undergoing
renovations for over a year now

and will be opening soon.

But first, Pascual's having a
little soiree for family and friends.

Tomorrow night.

I'll be there, as will Dembe.

We'll have dinner,
see some friends.

By one o'clock, I suspect
things will be winding down,

the families will be gone.

I'll say my goodbyes and exit,

Dembe will stay
back to thank Pascual,

you'll be waiting in your
car parked down the street,

with a clear view
of the entrance.

It should happen on the sidewalk,
right in front of the restaurant,

and happen fast.

By the time the police
respond, you'll be long gone.

I'm quite sure Pascual will have
to show them to the CCTV footage.

And, of course, it'll be leaked.

And within hours, the image
of you standing over my body

will be on the front page of every
major newspaper in the world.

- You've really thought this through.
- Yes.

Tomorrow night.



Of all the times I've
wanted to kill you...

I don't think I can
pull the trigger.

Let's not worry about that.

Not now.

Let's just...


That sounds nice.

♪ An empty land ♪

♪ I knew the pathway
Like the back of my hand ♪

♪ I felt the earth ♪

♪ Beneath my feet ♪

♪ Sat by the river And
it made me complete ♪

♪ Oh, simple thing ♪

♪ Where have you gone? ♪

♪ I'm getting old And I
need something to rely on ♪

♪ So tell me when
You're gonna let me in ♪

♪ I'm getting tired And I
need somewhere to begin ♪

♪ I came across ♪

♪ A fallen tree ♪

♪ I felt the branches
of it Looking at me ♪

♪ Is this the place
we used to love? ♪

♪ Is this the place That
I've been dreaming of? ♪

♪ Oh, simple thing ♪

♪ Where have you gone? ♪

♪ I'm getting old And I
need something to rely on ♪

You said you made a
promise to my mother.

That you'd dedicate your life to
keeping me safe, no matter what.

I did.


Who was she to you?

♪ Why don't we go ♪

♪ Talk about it somewhere
Only we know? ♪

This photo.

There was someone standing
behind the lens, holding the camera.

Was it you?

You were there, weren't you?

I was there.

You knew her well.

Better than anyone.

♪ Oh, simple thing ♪

♪ Where have you gone? ♪

♪ I'm getting old And
I need something... ♪


♪ So tell me when ♪

I'll do it.

♪ You're gonna let me in ♪

♪ I'm getting tired And I
need somewhere to begin ♪


But in exchange, I have
to ask you a question,

and I need you to give
me a straight answer.


You said I can't see
my mother's letter...

that I can't know who you are until
after you're gone, when my future is cast.



Why can't I know who you
are until after you're dead?

Because if you knew,
you'd never agree to kill me.

Let's go through it again.

We've been through this.


The evening ends, you go.

I hang back to thank Pascual.

Elizabeth will be
waiting down the street.

St. Vincent is the
responding hospital.

Our man on the inside will handle
transport via their ambulance.

The city will never take
possession of your body.

And the remains?

Spread over the Yenisey.

Raymond, we've
been through this.

And then you get
what's yours. All of it.

- Yes.
- No less.

Yes, I know, Raymond.

Are you sure about this?

Elizabeth is a fugitive.

The only way for her to survive
this world is to become part of it,

to become bigger
than it, stay ahead of it.

And you're prepared to
die to make that possible?

I'm always prepared to die.

- Hello?
- Aram, it's me.


Listen, I don't have much time.

We may have a lead on
some criminals moving in

to pick over Townsend's legacy.

Good. I hope you get them.

Mr. Cooper thinks you should
replace Mr. Reddington, Ressler doesn't.

If you're looking for a vote to
break the tie, I'm with Ressler.

- I know, that's not why I'm calling.
- I won't help you.

I know I have in the
past... but I won't.

I wouldn't expect you
to. That's not what I want.

What I want...
what I'm hoping for

is that you can find it in
your heart to forgive me

for the things I've done,

for what I'm going to do.

What I have to do.

I just spoke to Liz. Um...

She asked for my forgiveness.

Given her choice, that's
perfectly understandable.

Agent Park, have you
reached Reddington?

No. And I called his restaurant.

Somebody answered, said
they're opening in a few days,

but tonight's a private party.

When all this began, I
was such a different person.

Blinded by passion
and inexperience.

What we built...

it's been fulfilling in ways that
I can't even begin to describe.

It's been a wonder.

Thrilling and challenging.

A blessing and a curse.

Whatever it's been...

it's become who I am.

But at some point,

it became clear to
me that I wasn't...

really in control
of any of this.

I thought I was.

At times, I feel like I am.

But I'm not.

No matter how much I try
or care or give of myself...

I have no control over
how any of this ends.

And that is...

crushing, if I think
about it too much.

So I don't think about it.

I ignore it, deny it.

And try to convince myself that I
can keep Elizabeth safe, Agnes safe,

which is why I...

I feel I have to do this.

I have to believe
that I can help.

Because the
alternative is just...

I understand.

I know you do.

Only when I'm gone.

Give it to Elizabeth
but only when I'm gone.

You ready?

- No.
- Me neither.

Let's go.

What's wrong, Mom?

Oh, nothing. I'm just...

I'm just sad.

But I'll be okay.

We had such fun in
New York, didn't we?

Why are you sad?

Well, uh...

someone that I
care about is sick.


very sick.

- Did he see a doctor?
- No.

Unfortunately, the doctors
can't help him get any better.

Is he gonna die?

Yeah, honey. He is.

That is sad.

I know.

But I think my friend
is trying to be brave.

I think he feels fortunate.

What's "fortunate"?

Well, I think my friend
knows he's lived a good life.

That he's seen a lot of
neat and different places...

and he has a lot of
friends that love him.

- Dembe, will you stop the car, please?
- What's the matter?

I want to walk.

- It's not safe.
- I'll meet you at the restaurant.


even though he's
sad he's gonna die...

he feels fortunate that
he's lived a good life.

Your friend's blessed.

Yeah. Blessed.

Where did you learn a
word like that, smarty?

You always say that even
though Daddy had to go to heaven,

he was okay with that because
he felt blessed to know me

when I was a little baby.


I think my friend feels
blessed like Daddy.

I feel blessed because of you.

Oh, honey.

Me too.

I'm blessed because of you.

Don't forget, no
matter what happens,

I love you to the moon and back.

I love you too.
More than hearts.

One more sleep, okay?
I'll see you in the morning.

I spoke with Keen myself,

she turned Reddington down, said
she was gonna leave the country.

I think she already left.

Except she hasn't.

Elizabeth phoned Aram. She's in
D.C. She also asked for his forgiveness.

Forgiveness? For what?

Your guess is as good as mine,
but I fear it has something to do

with Reddington positioning her
to be the heir to his criminal empire.

So he convinced her.

- Now they'll need to convince the world.
- I don't follow.

You and I both know

the people who work
in Reddington's world

aren't gonna accept Keen's taking
the reins just because he announced it.

If he wants her to be taken seriously, if
she's gonna be respected in his world,

she's gonna have to make a
statement, demonstrate her value.

Which is why she'll
need Aram's forgiveness.

Agent Ressler, I'm putting you
on speaker with Park and Mojtabai.

- Whoa. Hey, hey, good news.
- Hey, what's that?

What do you mean? You're
alive, that is incredible news.

- I thought you were not gonna make it.
- Thankfully, he did.

Do we have any updates?

I still can't reach Reddington,
Dembe or Agent Keen.

Oh, my God, that's it.

He's not gonna make it.

She's gonna kill Reddington.

Wait. Who is?

Keen. She's gonna kill him.

She's gonna make a statement,

demonstrate she's
no longer an agent.

Kill Mr. Reddington?

That's how she's
gonna prove to the world

she's seizing
control of his empire.

She'll do it in
public. She'll...

She's gonna kill him.

Reddington was here,
talking about his death,

about taking care of
Elizabeth when he's gone.

Wait, back up, you think
Reddington knows this is happening?

I think it's his idea.

The party. At the restaurant.

That son of a bitch is gonna
sacrifice himself to save her life.

We have to get to him,
convince him to call it off.

♪ And fill your arms
wide With all the sanity ♪

♪ You wish you could steal ♪

♪ Just think how
it used to feel ♪

♪ Before the sadness
And the fear had drilled ♪

♪ A hole right through you ♪

To Raymond.

For his friendship and support
to make this dream come true.

♪ Keep watch over me ♪

♪ We're scared to believe ♪

♪ All the things that we read ♪

♪ Minds desperate to feed ♪

♪ Veins aching to bleed ♪

♪ Voices will secede ♪

♪ Minds sick with disease ♪

♪ Just three words I will need ♪

♪ Smog wash over me ♪

♪ And let all the voices
repeat On and on, endlessly ♪

♪ We can run until
the work's complete ♪

Salud, my friend.

To Raymond.

♪ But what if our
fate is to be choking ♪

♪ On the lives we lead ♪

I can't do it.

That's all right.

I don't want to.

I understand.


Raymond, we have to go.

Raymond, we must. I'm sorry.