The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 8, Episode 2 - Katarina Rostova: Conclusion - full transcript

As Liz pushes a source for answers, Red and the task force grapple with the implications of her actions. Tensions boil over and a drastic action is taken, which will change Red and Liz's relationship forever.


Don't call me that.

Your mother.

You tried to murder my mother.

And you lied to me about Reddington,

convinced me he was Ilya Koslov.

That woman.

You abducted me for her.
My mother's been...

How hard can I push him?

- You won't get away with this.
- I asked you...

- And the people looking for her...
- hard? hurt me or Agnes if it would
help them get what they want.

And I didn't abduct you for her.

I abducted you for answers...
To make it stop.

Help me understand.

For the first time,
stop protecting Reddington,

and God knows who else,

and make the decision
to protect your own family.

Three generations of women
fighting to survive.

- Mr. Reddington, please.
- Take a swing, Eduardo.

Go ahead. This is what you
wanted. Take your best shot.

Because I assure you,
if you don't, I will.

Mr. Reddington, please,
I would never betray you.

Come on. Nice big swing.

I told you... I swear...

I didn't know your people
were the target.

If you're not gonna hit me, you
could at least say something hurtful.

I mean, how am I supposed to
deal with this?

You're so plaintive,
I feel like I should apologize

for your betrayal.

You know what? I...
Just help me track the van.

Give me a VIN number, license
plate, whatever you've got.

You know what I've got... Nothing.

My clients don't want me
to be able to track them.

But for you, if I had any idea
your people were in danger,

I would've put a trace on the vehicle.

But I didn't. Because I didn't know.

You're a good man, Eduardo.

And I'm glad you didn't clock me
with the tire iron.

I was thinking, "Boy,
that's really gonna hurt."

- Anything?
- Not yet.

They must have a safe house nearby.

We don't think they were
on the road for long.

That's it? With all the sources
we pay for information?

Everyone's looking.

But wherever they are, they know
better than to show themselves.

Dembe, Dom's too old.

He'll try not to break,
but if they push him,

he'll die trying.

I'm terribly sorry about
the theatrics, Eduardo.

I should have known better.

I do hope I haven't made you
too uncomfortable.

Take Kate to Argonne.
Have dinner, a few laughs.

I hear Chef Gilbert does a ris de veau

that'll make your toes curl.

Raymond, where are we going?

We need a lead. If we don't have one,

we need to talk to people who might.

Tell me. Where are we?

So far, we're working two possibilities.

Uh, first is this man.

A roadside surveillance camera
picked him up

just before the spike strip deployed.

We believe he placed the spike
strip at Keen's instruction.

- Can we enhance the resolution?
- You're already looking at it.

- The plate's a fake.
- So how are we gonna find her?

We can circulate this image
to local merchants, Metro PD,

see what shakes loose, but problem is,

how do we do that without exposing
Keen to a kidnapping charge?

My question exactly.

Please, tell me we had
better luck with the van.

Not much. Surveillance feed
shows it continued north

for another six-tenths of a mile.

At that point, it turned
off the main road

and took smaller surface streets.

To avoid any cameras.
Keen knows what she's doing.

- What do you want?
- Our help.

He wouldn't be here
unless he needed something.

Good to see you all, as well.

Like it or not, I believe we're
all pulling on the same oar.

Harold, perhaps we could go find
a comfortable chair somewhere.

What are you looking at?

You want to know if she's here.

I know.

Tell her to come out
where I can see her.

She's not hiding. I asked her
to let us talk alone.

I know you're not gonna
tell her the truth.

I know a lot more than
the last time we talked.

I know about the Sikorsky Archive.

That's right.

And N-13.

Careful, Masha.

Say "N-13" around the wrong
person at the wrong time,

and you won't live to regret it.

I told you not to call me that.

And I'm not the one in danger here.

N-13 has the Archive, doesn't he?

- Assuming it is a "he."
- Now, you listen to me...

- It's Reddington, isn't it?
- He framed my mother.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

If he doesn't have it,
you know who does.

You're protecting someone.
Who could be so important

that you would sacrifice your daughter?

My daughter.

- Some daughter.
- Don't lie to me.

I swear, it'll be better if you
just said nothing than...

That's enough!

You think I want this?

To live with this, to die for this?

To keep these secrets?

Then stop keeping them.

I can't.

You don't understand.

Whatever secrets I know,
they're not mine to tell.

You don't have to believe me,

but if I die, I'll know

I did my best to protect you and Agnes.

If you want to protect us,
stop keeping secrets that put us

in danger and start
telling us the truth!

- He needs to be sedated.
- We're not finished.

You are for now.

You want information. So you can
get to Agent Keen before we do.

If history is any indication, Harold,

you may never get to
Agent Keen without me.

- We'll take our chances.
- Really?

With an old man's life at stake?

A sick old man in need of medical care?

If he dies...

If he dies, it'll be no less
your fault than hers.

Imagine risking everything...

Her career, a life with
her child, her freedom...

All to get answers you already have.

Oh, come on, Harold.
We've been over this.

She's gone way too far.

Felony abduction. Very possibly torture.

Hell, she could kill
the old son of a bitch.

She wouldn't.

What do you imagine she's doing, Donald?

Saying, "Pretty please" "Mother, may I"?

I'll tell you what she's not doing...
Behaving like you would.

Boy, she played you.

She took advantage of your
rather significant blind spot

- in matters of... the heart.
- What does that mean?

I mean that if this were
the high-school prom,

she'd be the pretty loner
standing on the sidelines

and you'd be the
second-string quarterback

guzzling down the punch,
hoping to cop a feel off her

- during "Stairway to Heaven."
- I've had enough of you!

Okay. That's it.
That's enough. We're done here.

In fact, it's possible
after this we're done, period.

If and when we find Agent Keen,
we'll let you know.

- How'd it go?
- I placed it under his lapel.

You want to release him?
You can't be serious.

Look at him. He's unconscious.

He's sedated, that's all.

When this seizure subsides,
we can try again.

And again and again.

- He's not gonna talk.
- Oh, he will.

Not willingly.

But he's too old to withstand
a more aggressive approach.


You understood what we were doing here.

We agreed not to stop...

- Until what?
- Don't give me that look.

I've been crystal clear about
how far I've been willing to go.

You said you were in agreement.

I know what I said, but I can't,

not if it means torturing
an 80-year-old man.

Whatever he's done,
he's still your father.

- And my grandfather.
- So what now?

We can't just take him back
where he came from.

Maybe we can.

Let me make a call.

Katarina. Mother!

I need to know you're
not going to hurt him.

You've never called me that.

You won't, will you?

- Ressler.
- It's me.

Where are you? Are you alright?

I'm okay, but this was a mistake.

Cooper's going out of his mind.

I need help with Dom...
Equipment, medications.

Same place as last time?

I'll be there.

30 minutes.

We should have Chuck
and Morgan follow Donald.

I want to know as soon
as they make contact.

- Is it done?
- He's conscious.

The seizure has abated, but I'm
concerned that he might have...

I'm aware of your concerns, Doctor.

You've made them very clear.

No, you don't understand.

He's having some kind of episode.


He's been drifting
in and out of Russian.

Calling for a woman named Lena.
Do you know who that is?

Lena Volkova. She was his wife.

Dom. Can you hear me?

Lena's not here.

Dom, open your eyes.

It's you.

You're here.

I'm here.

He gave you back to me.

I thought I'd lost you forever.

- Any movement?
- Negative.

- He's still parked under the overpass.
- How does that work?

Is he "under an overpass"
or "in an underpass"?

Stand by. I got a car coming in.

It's Agent Keen.
She's walking to his car.

- What now?
- Let's just wait and see.

- Keen, I...
- Don't say it.

Don't say what exactly?

Of the 10,000 things I should say...


What, don't commit felony kidnapping?

Don't betray everyone you work with?

The only people who've proven
over the last seven years

how much they actually care about you.

It's done. I made my choices.

And I'm not here for your
forgiveness or approval.

Then what are you here for?
Why did you call me?

Just to inform me that you're torturing

your grandfather for information?

No one's being tortured. Come
on. You know me better than that.

Do I? See, I thought I did,

but lately, boy,
you're full of surprises.

He's in a safe house...

in the warehouse district.

With your mother, the woman
who shot him in the chest!

- She's not gonna hurt him.
- Oh, and you believe her.

Well, you got it all figured out.

He had another seizure.

We need more doctors,
advanced equipment.

So that's why you called me.

He needs more doctors?

He has answers. All of them.

I thought if he wouldn't talk
to her, he'd talk to me,

have some human response

to his granddaughter pleading for help.

And he said nothing?

It's my mistake.

Whatever humanity he had
died a long time ago.

- What's happening to him?
- It's not uncommon for seizure patients

to experience delusions,
even hallucinations.

He's talking like it's years ago.

He's lost any sense of time.

I can administer an antipsychotic.

It may work to block the
dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

- No.
- No? I don't understand.

I want the truth, Doctor.

And I don't care if he tells
the woman I am now

or the woman I was then.





Tell me where he is.

I'll go myself with a transport van,

get him whatever help he needs.

And what about my mother?

Liz, you know this has to end.

I know how Reddington wants it to end.

Or how it'll end if you go by the book.

But can't you just ignore
the rules, just this one time?

Think about what you're asking me to do.

She tortured Reddington,
shot Dom, abducted Dembe's imam.

To save her own life! And mine!

Liz, listen to me.

You're on this quest to find
answers about your family.

Well, I'm as close to family as you got,

and I'm telling you... if you
don't stop protecting her,

you'll end up destroying yourself.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I shouldn't have put
you in this position.

You don't have anything
to apologize for.

I would do anything for you if I could.

But you can't do this.

Now I'm the one who's sorry.

Keen's on the move.

Let her go, Raymond.

Lock it down, Chuck.


We're good here. Targets secure.

Listen to me.

I know what you're planning.

I know you think it's your only way out.

What I'm planning?

I know you're in danger.

In danger? I'm being hunted.

They will stop at nothing until
they find me and destroy me.

We can handle the Cabal.

You're not listening. It's Townsend.

They put a bounty on my head.
I have to run.

No! You can't leave me again.





Yes. Yes. Help me stop them.

Help me understand
why they think I took it.

Because you did.

What are you talking about?

I can help you.

But what you are planning, it...

It breaks my heart.

We know Katarina is holding Dom
somewhere in this 2-mile radius.

I want every building scrutinized.

See if they're occupied
and, if so, by whom.

Any abandoned buildings
get top priority.

I have six teams mobilizing.

She chose this area 'cause it's
filled with midsize warehouses.

Here. These six blocks.
Two dozen structures.

That's where I'd go.
So that's where she'll be.

- You followed me?
- Of course I didn't.

I had you followed.
Take it easy, Donald.

The veins on your neck are straining.

You don't want a ruptured aneurysm.

As for you, I can't begin to
describe my disappointment.

- Oh, thank God.
- Be disappointed all you want.

She's still a federal agent.
And so am I.

You can't hold us!

You and Harold... Always telling me

what I can't do while I'm doing it.

Tell you what. Why don't we
split the difference?

You go, Agent Keen can stay with me.

I won't tell you where she is.

Then I won't ask.

Run along, Donald. Call in the cavalry.

I've got quite a head start.

The FBI won't find them before I do.


You can't be on board with this.
I mean, he's out of control!

Promise me he won't harm Keen.

He won't.

Do forgive me, Harold, but
I'm a little busy at the moment.

I know what you're doing, and
I'm calling to tell you to stop!

You're angry. That's understandable.

I would be, too, if my agent snuck away

to have a secret meeting with the woman

my task force was searching for.

That's for me to deal with.
Is it true you're holding Keen?

Well, what choice do I have?

If I let her go,
she'll warn Grendel's mother.

We've talked about that. Elizabeth's
mother is not to be harmed.

- And I agreed. Anything else?
- I'm not kidding, Reddington.

Well, you don't sound like
you're kidding, Harold.

But you've always known
where this is headed.

What she's done must be avenged.

Not by her murder.

When it's over, I'll look up
and see what remains.

If there are any bridges, I'll
cross them when I get there.

Get our people to
the warehouse district.

Bring Agents Mojtabai and Park
up to speed.

It's a long shot, but maybe
we can find them first.

I need a name.

It's not enough to say I was framed.

I need to prove who has the Archive.

- You know.
- It wasn't me.

Why are you saying that?

Okay, it doesn't matter
who took it back then.

What matters is who has it now.

I need a name.

Is it Reddington?

Is he the one you're protecting?

Goodbye, Papa.

No! Don't go!

I have to go.

They're coming for me. They're close.

If I don't leave now,
they'll kill us all.


Reddington. He has the Archive?


You took it, but he has it.

And so do you.

We both have it?

How is that possible?
Tell me what you mean.

Tell me now, or you won't see me again.

How long have you been helping her?

That's how you know
about Ilya, isn't it?

You were there when
she was questioning him,

helped her get away.

You know you can't trust
that woman, right?

That woman is my mother.

Oh, she's just using that
to exploit you.


So you'd do exactly
what you've already done.

I know about the Sikorsky Archive.

That's why the Townsend
Directive was issued.

She was framed.

Is that the story she told you?

She's a victim?
An innocent wrongly accused?

Are you N-13?

Because she certainly believes you are.

Do you have it? The Archive?

I see. So this is a ghost story.

And you believe her.

What choice do I have?

She's the one looking for answers.

You're the one hiding them.

Maybe she's not telling me everything.

Do I still have questions? Of course.

But for now, the only one
I need to answer is this...

Am I willing to let you kill her?

And the answer is no.

- What's the word?
- I think we found her.

It's a medium-size
shipping complex on Paxton,

only nothing's getting shipped

'cause the company went
bankrupt six weeks ago.

It's a good spot for a safe
house... easy in and out,

close to the main roads out of town.

Any movement?

Definitely. Bud popped the lock.

We can't see who,
but there's people inside.

I'll see you there.

If you hurt her, we're done.


Whatever this is,

whatever relationship we had or have,

will be over.

Hands! Show me your hands!

- Don't shoot. It's me.
- Where is she?

- Gone.
- How long ago?

A-A few minutes.



It's Raymond.


You're too late.

S-She was here.


I told her.

Told her what?

Dom. What did you tell her?


We just crossed into
the warehouse district.

Focus on the streets east of the pier.

We're scrambling units.
I don't like our chances.

I don't think we're gonna
find that warehouse

- before Reddington does.
- Actually, maybe

they already have.
I'm looking at satellite feeds,

and there is a lot of activity
on Paxton Ave.

Copy that.


Dembe, look at me.

Please. She's my mother.

You can't let him kill her.

You know this is wrong!

Why are you helping him?!

I can't answer that.

Let me go.

Let me try and stop him.

It's okay, Dom.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Mr. Reddington, I need
additional equipment.

His heart rate is irregular,
blood pressure's spiking.

You said I'd never see her again.

But she... she came.

Mr. Reddington, I really...

Thank you, Doctor.
You've done everything you can.

I held her hand.

Touched her face.

At least...

I got to say goodbye to her.


My daughter.

My Katarina.

She loves you.

She always has.

Nothing can ever change that.

I got eyes!

Target heading north on Ridgemont.

You can check the
purchase order tomorrow morning

when they're back at the office.

Will do. Have a good night, Carol.


Yes. Hi.

I'm sorry. Do we know each other?

I thought that was you.

Donna Hays. We met
a few weeks ago at John Adams.

Right. Donna. How are you?

- So good.
- I'm sorry. Remind me again

- how you're connected to the s...
- There.

The keys. Give me your keys.

Cover the exit!


You can try and spread the blame
around all you want,

but this is on you.

Keen was looking for answers...
Answers that you have.

If anyone's responsible
for this man's death, it's you.

You're probably right.

Dom's dead, Dembe.

- No.
- He's dead.

And she's gone.

Raymond, I'm sorry.

She knows everything.

So we have to find her.
We have a plate number

for the car she's driving.

It won't last long.

If she does know...

There's only one move she can make.

Our best chance is to intercept it.

That's dangerous.

I have Chuck and the others.

I should be with you.

Take Elizabeth to the apartment.
Hold her there.

I'll call you when this part's done.

Hey. Boss expecting company?

Negative. Nothing on the schedule.

Oh! Oh, oh, oh.

Roll down your window, sir.

Hey, we got a wise guy here.

Open up.

Mr. Heidegger's office.

Mr. Heidegger, please.

I'm sorry. He's not in right now.

Can I take a message?

It's urgent that I speak with him.

A personal emergency.

May I ask who's calling?

Katarina Rostova.

- I'm sorry. Could you...
- You heard me.

Put him on the line.

I understand. We all thought so, Susan.

No, you did the right thing
calling me at home.

Go ahead and put her through.

This is Heidegger.
To whom am I speaking?

You already know.
That's why you took the call.

Dear lady, I don't know
who you think you've reached,

but there's some misunderstanding.

You're William Heidegger.

The highest-ranking representative

of the Townsend Organization
in the Western Hemisphere.

Well, whoever I am is irrelevant.

Katarina Rostova is dead.

You believe the Kazanjian
Brothers killed me

because that's what
I wanted you to believe.

It was a good plan.

It tricked Townsend into
paying the bounty on my head,

part of which I used
to prove my innocence.

Assuming, for the sake of discussion,

you are who you claim to be,

what proof could you possibly have?

I have the identity of N-13.

You're N-13.


But I know who is.

And I'm willing to give you his name

in exchange for my safety.

There's a park on the corner
of Wabash and Grant.

I take my granddaughter there
to feed the ducks.

West benches. Will that do?

I'll be there.

Well done, William.

You won't survive this.

I appreciate your concern.

Oddly enough, I was about to
say the same thing to you.

- Raymond.
- We were right.

She reached out to Heidegger,
set a meeting.

I'll text you the address.

Is it done?

Did he kill her?

I know you're not gonna help me,

but you could at least have the decency

to tell me
whether or not my mother's dead.

I know you're loyal to him,

and I'm not asking you to be disloyal.

But I do have a right to know.

Your grandfather, Dom.

He passed.

I'm sorry.

You asked why I'm still helping Raymond.

And I said I didn't know
anymore, but that's not true.

I know it seems like
Raymond can be selfish

and sometimes cruel.


He's killed everyone
I've ever cared about.

My father, my husband, my grandfather.

And now you're dropping me off?

Why? So you can help him
kill my mother, too?

It isn't what it appears to be.

I was always glad you were in his life.

He had a better angel

that might influence his behavior.

But now I know you're not.

You can't.

You're no better than he is.

I can't anymore.

I'm done.

I can't fight him anymore.

He wins.

He always wins.

He's not gonna win this time!

Before you get any ideas,

I have teams watching from every angle,

and I'm armed.

Reddington is N-13.

He has the Archive.

He's the one you've been looking for.

Say something.

Did you hear me?!

No, I don't believe he did.

The pistol.

Dominic's dead.

He wasn't when I left him.

No matter. You killed him,

just as sure as I killed
poor Heidegger there.

Am I supposed to feel
something about that?

Dom set me up,

led me to what was supposed
to be my public slaughter.

Think what you want,

but I won't be shedding
any tears for that monster.

No, I wouldn't think so.

You've reached
Elizabeth Keen's voicemail.

Please leave me a message.

- Dembe?
- No, Ressler. It's me.

Keen? I'm sorry. We...

We got here too late. Dom's gone.

- I know.
- You do? How? Where are you?

Why are you calling me
from Dembe's phone?

Ressler, listen to me.
He's going to kill her.

Reddington's on his way
to kill my mother.

- Hold on. Slow down.
- She's there now.

The park on Wabash and Grant.

That's where he's gonna meet her.

You got to send units there now.

Done. But, Keen, you got to realize

the best-case scenario here
is we arrest her.

Then arrest her. Just get there. Now.

- Where are you?
- I'm on my way, but I'm unarmed.

You got to stop him.

All those years searching for answers,

and you were right
in front of me the whole time.

For what it's worth, I didn't know

what Dom was planning in Belgrade.

I believe you.

But after... you let
the world believe the lie.

You dangled me out there,

let everyone think I had the Archive.

And now I know why.

Because if they were chasing me,

it meant they weren't chasing you.

It's not quite that simple.

You're N-13, aren't you? You framed me.

You fed me to Townsend as a patsy,

and Dominic knew and helped you do it.

Sir. Sir, I just got off
the phone with Agent Ressler,

and he's gonna do it. Mr. Reddington's

- really gonna do it.
- Do what?

He's gonna kill Agent Keen's mother.

City Park. Wabash and Grant.
They're there now.

Scramble units.

I could've helped you

the way I always have,

kept you one step ahead.

But staying safe wasn't enough.

You needed answers.

Well, now you have them.

And now they've destroyed you.

What if I promised never to tell
a soul what I've learned?

Well, that would be
the last lie you ever told.

You won't kill me.

You can't.

Why is that?

Because Elizabeth
would never forgive you.

You don't know a damn thing
about Elizabeth.

Oh, that's not true.

I've gotten to know her.

She chose me. She's helping me.

She has no idea who you are.

Me? I'm her mother.

And even now, there's love there.

I can't let you leave.

My God.

I can't imagine what
this must be like for you,

knowing you can't kill me

because of how much
Elizabeth loves her mother.

You're never gonna get away with this!