The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 8, Episode 19 - Balthazar 'Bino' Baker (No. 129) - full transcript

Hoping to move some precious cargo quietly, Red enlists the assistance of an enforcer who specializes in transporting items through an underground network.

Previously on The Blacklist:

I used to believe in salvation.

Wait. Wait, no.

That good was rewarded...

and evil punished.

I don't believe in that anymore.

Not in this life.

I've opened up a new directive. Like
for Rostova, but double the bounty.

That won't be
necessary. I'll be there.

With Keen.

Looking for me?


Put the gun down.

Not until I get the
answer I'm looking for!

No! He knows where Townsend is!

- We have her in custody.
- Bring her here.

- I'm the only one who can save her.
- Not today.

Elizabeth Keen is a criminal.

She will never
be an agent again.

She will never be a civilian.

Her only hope for
survival exists in my world.

- Mr. Townsend is sleeping.
- Keen is being moved.

- He can't be disturbed.
- I need to see him.

- We have people in position.
- He was very clear.

Keen is in FBI custody.

- So?
- So...

hitting a federal
convoy is public.

Messy. I need to see him.

Hey. We work for a madman.

I'm separating the
man's medication,

so I know better than
anyone, he's insane.

- This is insane.
- Watch your words.

He's feeding off this.
Destroying himself and us.

The FBI raided us. There
are warrants for our arrest.

- You're out of line.
- What is this even about?

Elizabeth Keen has to die.

We should go out, shoot feds,
risk our lives for some lunatic?

What? What did you
call Mr. Townsend?

I didn't mean it.

The man is avenging the
death of his wife and children.

We're the only
family he has left.

So we will take care of him
the way he takes care of us.

Now, let me do my work.

And don't ever disparage
the good man again.

Where are they?

The decoy convoy is
passing through the 7th Ward.

- Keen and Ressler?
- They held back.

Left just six minutes
ago. Thank you.

Best guess is they
are... 23 minutes out.

No interference?

Uh, nothing yet.

Maybe Townsend isn't crazy
enough to hit an FBI convoy.

- You really believe that?
- I do not.

Just, uh, trying to
stay optimistic here.

Why are you doing this?

You know what
happens if you take me in.

I know what happens if I
don't. Townsend won't stop.

And I won't bury you, Keen.

I won't stand next to
Agnes crying at your funeral.

You think I'm safer in custody?

Townsend has people everywhere.
He can hit me from the inside.

- I won't last more than a few days.
- We'll see.

Even if you're right, what then?

It's over. I'll never
be an agent again.

- I'm going to prison.
- You don't know that.

If Reddington can still
walk around, you can too.

The rules are different
for Reddington.

What I've done, I can't undo.

Mary Bremmer's death. The
bomb in Reddington's hospital room.

Everything that
happened in Kansas.

You're holding onto a
reality that doesn't exist.

Ressler, you have to accept it.

Things are never going
back to how they were.

I tried to convey this, Harold.

But once again we find
ourselves in a situation where,

when faced with... a unique,

complicated and volatile
set of circumstances,

you immediately punt
to bureaucratic protocol.

Elizabeth's coming in.

I'm not releasing her, and
I'm not turning her over to you.

Things have changed.

From the day I arrived,

my intent has been
to keep Elizabeth safe.

To do that, I had to keep
certain facts about my life hidden.

Well, the truth is out.

Whatever you're
hiding, Townsend knows.


And because he knows,
his focus has shifted

away from me and onto Elizabeth.


To try to make me
understand how he suffered

the day his family
was slaughtered.

So he wants to kill
Elizabeth to make you suffer?

Not just suffer, to understand.

He experienced something
too dark to comprehend.

To avenge what was done
to his family and to him...

he wants to...

feel that I've experienced a
similar darkness for myself.

Why tell me this now?

Because you can't protect her.

And you're about to find
out what you're up against.

Part of it is my fault. I didn't
stop you before you went too far.

- Ressler...
- The calls,

meeting you without
telling Cooper...

And that night you showed
up at my apartment...

You weren't wrong
for wanting to help.

But I didn't help, Liz.

I only made it worse.

I mean, I let how much I care
about you cloud my judgment.

This wasn't about your judgment.
I knew exactly what I was doing.

Look, if Reddington
wants to keep his secrets...

that's fine. He
can keep them all.

Except for the ones that are truths
about my life and my daughter's life.

Except the ones that explain
why psychotics like Townsend

wake up every morning
drooling about new ways

to murder me and my daughter
as payback for something he did.

Those he doesn't get to hide.

I'm telling you now, I am so
tired of the double standard.

- What double standard?
- You know.

Reddington can do
whatever he wants,

and the task force
just takes it in stride.

We don't even know who he is.

Except for that he's a Russian spy
who murdered my adoptive father,

my mother,

is responsible for the
deaths of my husband,

- half-sister, grandfather...
- Nobody's okay with that.

You accept it.

Doesn't matter what he
does. It's okay. But me?

I fight back and
I've gone too far.

Looks like we just
got some backup.

Hey, uh, I'm monitoring your
progress. Everything okay?

So far so good.

No sign of Townsend,
and backup just got here.


Okay, and what
backup would that be?

Local. Two MPD units
just joined the convoy.

Okay. Negative.

I'm checking scanners,

but we specifically chose not
to ask for city reinforcement.

Those aren't cops.


Shots fired. Officer down!

Get us out of here!

Where's Keen?

Last chance.

Right behind you.

- Hey. Ressler, you okay?
- I can't...

- I can't hear what you're saying.
- I can't breathe.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

We gotta go.

We cannot stay. We
gotta go. We gotta move.


- Tell me it's done.
- Almost.

Two of our men are dead,
but the convoy's down.

- She's on foot?
- In the Seventh Ward.

- Less than a minute ahead.
- I'm sending more men.

Lock the area down. Clear
every block until you find her.

And then?

If possible, bring her to me.

If not, kill her and anyone
else who stands in your way.

Reports indicating shots
fired. All units, officers down.

All units, officers down.

Witnesses on site
report multiple fatalities.

EMS and SWA T en route.

Excuse me. Convoy's down, sir.

- Down?
- Attacked.

By two gunmen posing
as Metro PD units.

They're saying
three agents down,

two in the support vehicle and
the one driving Liz and Ressler.

- Aram, what about Elizabeth?
- She's unaccounted for.

So is Ressler.

A witness claims she saw a man
and a woman running from the scene.

They're on foot?

Where? What location?

The convoy was hit
moving southeast...

on Central at Wilmont.

That won't be the end of it.

- Townsend will have more teams.
- We'll handle it.

- Area will be swarming with police.
- We're running out of time.

Look your way, I'll look mine.

I need your badge.

- What about the gunmen?
- Both dead. Found shot at the crash site.

I want you and Park on site.

Coordinate the bureau
and Metro response...

and find them
before Townsend can.

Take your coat off.

All right.

I got you.


We have to keep moving.

Raymond, even if we can avoid
the police and Townsend's men...

Elizabeth won't be easy to find.

I agree. We're not
looking for Elizabeth.

- We need to find Bino.
- Bino?

I think his real name
is Balthazar something.


Anyway, he came up as
muscle with Moms Wimbley,

back when she went to war
with the Italians in the mid-'70s.

- An enforcer?
- One of the best.

Story was he had more
hits than Babe Ruth.

People started
calling him Bambino.

After a while, just Bino.

Nowadays, he runs a payday
loan operation in the Seventh Ward.

His people move at least half a million
in cash on those streets every week.

He's got eyes on every corner.

Locals on the payroll
who move his money

right under the law's nose.

If Elizabeth and Donald are
still alive, he can find them.

He owns an underground chess
club in the Seventh Ward, The Castle.

Bino's a hell of a player,
way better than me,

maybe even better than you.

You're still here?

Rashad, go home.

Take a shower.

Eat a sandwich.


The latest victim.

Let me guess, the
Greek Gift sacrifice.

First a shootout in the street.

Now you show up?
Can't be a coincidence.

I need your help.

They're still in my ward,
you sure about that?

I'm not. I'm hoping.

You could make some calls, Bino.

Let your network know
that these are our friends.

Friends who are hunted by shooters,
not to mention the police and the feds.

- These people are important to me.
- My people are important to me.

They could be killed. Or
worse, arrested and interrogated.

Sit down.

- Call Aram.
- No.

It's not safe, you
said it yourself.

Townsend's got eyes
and ears everywhere.

We reach out, he'll know.

We have to risk it.

No, no. Keen, you should go.

You won't make it out
carrying me around.

I am not leaving you.

You have to tell the
police where you are.

I don't care if I get arrested,
as long as you get to a hospital.

Where are we?

It's Ressler. We need help.

I'm with Keen. We're on
foot, but I've been shot.

- Townsend's men are closing in.
- We're at Danton and 56th.

We're at Danton and 56th.

Ressler's having a
hard time breathing.

The bullet might have
collapsed his lung.

Danton and 56th.

- Reddington?
- Elizabeth. Listen to me.

I have a way for
Donald to get help

and to get both of
you away from danger.

Decision time, Bino.
Help me and I'll help you.

Don't just focus on
the move in front of you,

look a few moves ahead.

There's a bar on Danton
and 59th. The Outpost.

If they can get there,
help will be waiting.

- Hear that?
- Yeah.

- Who's that?
- A friend.

The Outpost.

You're only three
blocks away. Get moving.


Because, like it or not, he's our best
chance at getting out of here alive.

If you die, I'm gonna kill
you. You know that, right?

Officer down! Officer down!

There! One block east on Danton.

Circle up to 58th. Go,
go, go, cut them off!



This way. Quickly.


Watch your heads.

Find them!


It's all clear.

They didn't go out the back.
Door's bolted from the inside.

They were here.

So where the hell did they go?

This takes us under
the buildings going east.

- You work for Reddington?
- Honey, I don't know who that is.

You're in the pipeline
courtesy of Mr. Bino.

Whoever you are, you
got powerful friends.

Metro's got a dozen
officers looking.

So far, no sign of either.

I just checked with Dispatch.
No sightings came in to 911.

Maybe they aren't running.
Maybe they were taken.

Hey! We got a report of
gunfire. Patrol heard the shots.

- Where?
- About eight blocks north on Danton.

A bar called The Outpost.

- They're here. Keep searching.
- We're out of time.

Someone must
have heard the shots.

Sir, if we don't go now, we're
gonna have to fight our way out.

Fine, clear out.

- Take her to the safe house on Bowden.
- I don't have her.

I thought we did, but it's
almost like she disappeared.


We have to clear this
area. Our location's blown.

Seems I made a mistake
entrusting this to you.

- No. Sir, I can find her.
- Apparently not.

Here you go, darlings.
Far as I take you.

- Hey, Walter.
- Delores.

Wanna tell me what's going on?

Don't know. Bino said snatch
them up, so I snatched them.

All right, in you go.

This is how the pipeline works.
Whatever's traveling is called the baton.

Gets handed from
one runner to the next.

We're the baton?

Normally, it's a brick of cash
half the size of Cleveland.

But if Bino says
it's you, it's you.

He's hurt. We need
to get him to a hospital.

- Nobody said anything about a hospital.
- He's been shot.

He's having trouble breathing.

We don't know where you're
going. Only the last runner knows.

If you want a hospital,
let the cops get you.

Not an option.

Then get in. Time's ticking,
we got a handoff to make.

- A gunfight?
- Shots fired into and out of the bar.

My guess is Liz and
Ressler were inside.

Looks like
Townsend's guys got in.

Nobody's here, so we have
to assume they were taken.

Hang on. I've got another call.

It's Reddington. Maybe
he knows something.

I'm concerned. We
tracked them to a bar,

but we can't be
sure they made it out.

Not to worry, Harold.
They are in safe hands.

Thank God.

- How do you know?
- I arranged the pickup.

An associate of mine
in the Seventh Ward.

- And he has them?
- I'm told they're in transit.

Donald's hurt, but holding on.

They're not out
of the woods yet,

but we have reason to hope.

- Keen. If I don't make it...
- Stop.

Almost everyone I love is gone.

As it is, I'm barely hanging
on. I cannot lose you too.

So now you love me?

And you waited until we're in
the back of a hearse to tell me?

Maybe you shouldn't
speak. Save your strength.

It's okay, Liz.

I know what you mean.

I know how to do the math.

Just saying, they make
calculators for a reason.


Is he handing out money?

Hey, mister. Can I get one?

Depends. You want a job?

- What kind of job?
- That money's a finder's fee.

I'm looking for finders.

If you're any good, there's a
lot more where that came from.

- Who you trying to find?
- Big crash over on Central.

These two took off running.
They're hiding in the Ward.

- You could find them yourself.
- Maybe.

But I know how it goes around
here. People talk, but not to outsiders.

If you wanna find someone,
make arrangements with the locals.

No trouble, just information.

You know where they
are, call the number.

Anybody has a problem, tell
them Mr. Townsend said it's okay.

Anton. What's up, little man?


I'm hoping this is good news.

Neville Townsend, that's who
your people are running from?

- Does it matter?
- You're damn right and you know it.

If you had told me, I
would've never gotten involved.

- Well, that explains my reluctance.
- I don't believe this.

Do you know what Townsend
will do to me when he discovers

that I'm the one who helped you?

Hard to say.

Probably what I would've
done if you hadn't helped.

- This isn't a joke.
- I'm not laughing, Bino.

Townsend doesn't know, so
we have to keep it that way.

I'm out.

- You hear me? I'm out.
- It's too late.

You're in. They're in transit.

Deal's off. I'm
turning them over.

- That would be a mistake.
- You should've told me.

Bottom line, I'm more
afraid of him than I am of you.

Don't do this. If you give them
to Townsend, he'll kill them.

Better them than me.

We're here.

Head in and take the
staircase on the right.

That leads to a storage room.
Someone will take you from there.

Give me a hand, he
needs help getting out.


He's unconscious.

Can you hear me? Open your eyes.

He's still breathing.

- The car keys.
- Hang on.

I do not care where
you were told to take us,

we are going to a
hospital now, understand?

FBI, Walter.

He's a federal agent.

If he dies, your life is finished.
Now, give me the keys.

- We can't go to a hospital.
- He's dying.

The nearest hospital's 30 blocks
away. He doesn't have that time.

- He won't make it.
- I have to try.

There's a place,
but it's not a hospital.

There's a doctor, used to be a
surgeon before coming to America.

Bino keeps one on the payroll in
case one of his people gets hurt.

What happened to him?

Are you the surgeon?
This is where you operate?

- Who's this?
- You don't wanna know.

Shot in the chest,
probably a collapsed lung.

Stabilize him until an
ambulance gets here.

- Get them out of here.
- Please. Save him.

- Give that back.
- Won't let you call.

This place doesn't exist.
No cops or ambulances.

- He can't stay here.
- Careful.

You don't wanna insult
these good people.

Harold. Sad to say,

things have taken a
nasty turn for the worse.

The associate I told you about
has reconsidered our arrangement.

What? I thought
they were in transit.

I'm sure they are,

but Bino has changed
the delivery address.

He found out that Elizabeth's
being hunted by Townsend,

and he intends to give
Townsend what he wants.

- You never told him?
- Of course not.

I was trying to motivate him.

- So now what?
- Now we rally, Harold.

Now we shock Mr. Bino
and the rest of them...

with our poise and ingenuity.

- And how do we do that?
- I have no idea.

Well, that's not entirely true.

I have one place to start.

That bar you mentioned,
is it still a crime scene?

No. Agents Mojtabai
and Park had it processed.

- They cleared out a while ago.
- Good. Stay by the phone.

If this works, you and the task
force will need to work quickly.

- Who are you?
- I'm the man you answer.

I'm the man you tell the truth.

Yeah, sure.

Let's start with your
name. First is fine.

My name is Arthur.

I clean up, mostly.
Mop, take out the trash.

Okay, Arthur.

Two good friends of mine

were told to come in
by a man named Bino.

- Know who I mean?
- Everybody knows Mr. Bino.

Yes. Bino told them to come in
so they could enter the pipeline.

You still with me? Know
what I'm talking about?

- The pipeline?
- So you don't?

Well, that's either true,
or you're playing games.

I love games.

In fact, I'm playing
one now with dominoes.

First I line them up, then
I knock the first one over.

It leads to another, and
then another, and another,

until the trail takes me
where I'm trying to go.

I don't know anything.

I should think not.
You're the first domino.

Problem is, I can't reach the
end of the trail unless you fall.

Leave him alone.

Look at that, Arthur. The
second domino has revealed itself.

I'm the one who
helped your friends.

Sometimes the dominoes
fall without even pushing them.

♪ I saw the part of you ♪

♪ That only when you're
older You will see too ♪

He's stable for now. But
his lung is badly damaged.

I don't know if it can be saved.

Thank you.

Can I see him?

He's not awake.


♪ You held the
balance of the time ♪

♪ That only blindly
I could read you ♪

♪ But I could read you ♪

♪ It's like you told me ♪


I'm here.

I've been thinking
about what you said.

How everything I've done,

the choices I've made
are partly your fault.

You know that's crazy, right?

Aside from being
sort of chauvinistic.

You now, Reddington, Tom...

for whatever reason, I live in a world
where people aren't who they seem to be.

♪ Pitch-black flesh and bone ♪

It's hard to know...

what or who to believe.

But you...

you've always been there.

♪ Well, you talk
like yourself No ♪

The real you,
telling me the truth.

♪ Well, you look like yourself ♪

And I love you for that.

♪ Only it ain't on the surface ♪

There, I said it.

It wasn't in the
back of a hearse,

but, hey, the back of a
Chinese restaurant's pretty good.

You're okay.

We'll make it out of here.

I promise.

Sorry, Ms. Keen.

That's a promise you
won't be able to keep.

It's like the sewer
system, only with cash.

I like that. The sewer
system with cash.

Bino's got spots
all over the Ward.

You come in, ask whoever
runs the spot for a loan,

guaranteed against your paycheck,
which is coming but you don't have yet.

- And if you're approved?
- We give you the cash.

Or, if you're here to give back
the loan that we already gave you,

we accept the money
and flush it to Bino.

Through the pipeline.

Bino's got pipes all through the
Ward. This is just one of them.

Bino called me, said he
was sending two people over,

that I should snatch them
up and send them through.

These pipes, where do they lead?

Bino's not stupid. The runners only
know the next step in the journey.

The next step,
then. I need a name.

Walter Stevens.

You found the right guy, but I
don't know anybody named Delores.

It's all right, Walter.
We're associates of Bino's.

I don't know who that is either.

- Are you in the right neighborhood?
- Listen, friend...

- I'm not your friend. I don't know you.
- Now's not the time to be brave.

It's the time to be smart.

If you two and this
Mr. Bino were really tight,

go ask him what you want
to know and leave me alone.

I'm out of time.

That's not your fault, but
I'm making it your problem.

Did you see the two people I'm
looking for? A yes or no will suffice.


You handed them
off to another runner?

Again, yes or no will do fine.


Last chance.

- Tell him.
- I am telling him.

We never made the handoff.

By the time we got there,
that agent was out cold.

He'd been shot.
Wasn't breathing right.

You didn't take him to a
hospital. If you did, we'd know.

It's not a hospital.
Not a real one, anyway.

I've got Agents Mojtabai and Park
standing by in the Seventh Ward.

Good. I've got a location.

Elizabeth and Donald were
taken to the Shanghai Palace,

a restaurant at Weston and Grand.
Dembe and I are headed there.

- A restaurant?
- I don't have good news, Harold.

Donald had to be taken
to an underground surgeon.

There wasn't enough
time to get him to a hospital.

- You don't know his condition?
- No.

- What about Elizabeth?
- I don't know. We're on our way.

Call an ambulance. Tell
Aram and Agent Park to hurry.

So you're what all
the fuss is about.

Elizabeth Keen.

And you're Bino.

I'm confused. Reddington
said you were a friend.

Reddington has no friends.

Your people are helping us.

Only because Reddington
withheld the truth.

He never told me you were
running from Neville Townsend.

Take her back to The Castle.

Townsend doesn't
know you're helping me.

You don't know that. He may.

Which is why my best option is
to turn you over and apologize.

No, no, no. Wait. Listen.
We're in the same boat, Bino.

Your life is at risk because
Reddington withheld information.

Believe me, I understand that
more than anybody on this planet.

- Take her.
- Townsend doesn't even care about me.

He only wants me dead
to get back at Reddington

for something he
did a long time ago.

- What?
- I don't know. What I do know is...

if you wanna make
peace with Townsend,

you're not gonna do it
by turning me over to him.

You're gonna do it
by killing Reddington.

Let me guess, you'd
like to help me do that?

Bino, I can't think of
anything I'd like more.

Put her in the car.

No. No! No, Ressler!

You. That man never
wakes up. Hmm?

Whatever you did,
undo it and get rid of him.

FBI! Show me your hands! Hands!

- No! Stop!
- Hands!

Stop! No.

Put it down.

She's not here.

Ressler, don't try to move.
Help is on the way, okay?


What's he saying?

Keen, the castle.

Hey, here! Over here.

He's not breathing properly.

- Hello?
- Elizabeth. Is she there?

No, uh, but Agent
Ressler's here.

He's injured, but
EMTs are on-site.

- No word on Elizabeth?
- We don't know where she is.

But Ressler said
something about a castle.

Does that mean anything?

I'll look into it. Tell
Donald to stay in the light.

I'll call you when we know more.

The Castle. Bino took
Elizabeth back to his club.

You did the right
thing by calling.

I hope you'll accept my apology.
Reddington intentionally misled me.

I would never intervene if
I'd known you were involved.

- And you have Keen?
- With me now.

- Your people are in the Ward?
- So am I.

I'm handling this personally.

Even better.

I have a small club. I'll
send you the address.

Keen will be waiting.

And, uh, Mr. Townsend...

I really do appreciate your understanding,
this was all an unfortunate mistake.


Castle. What does that mean?

We don't know. A place?
Maybe some kind of safehouse.

If that's where Bino took
Keen, we need to find it fast.

He's gonna kill me for
something I had nothing to do with.

That doesn't bother you?

You sound surprised.

You own a chess
club. You like the game.

I'm a pawn and you're
serving me up for the slaughter.

It's a gambit.

You know that term?

It's when a player sacrifices a piece
in order to gain a positional advantage

later in the match.

A calculated risk.

And what advantage are
you hoping to get, exactly?

Are you kidding?

We're talking about
Neville Townsend,

the one man powerful enough...

to make Raymond
Reddington think twice.

Look around.

I may be small-time,
but that doesn't mean...

I don't have
big-time aspirations.

A man like Neville Townsend
snaps his fingers and my life changes.

Or it ends completely.

Like I said, a calculated risk.

But all things considered,
I like my chances.

You don't know him. I do.

Apparently, you're
really important to him.

So important that he came
to take care of you in person.

Seems to me that he'd be very grateful
to a guy like me for making it easy.

That's not how he thinks.

- He must've gone around the back.
- He'll kill us both.

We'll soon find out. Open it.

I have to say, I'm finding it hard to
resist a chess pun in this moment.

If you can't say checkmate
at a time like this...


Drop your gun.

♪ I've not stopped crying... ♪

Elizabeth, I'm certainly
not looking for a thank you,

but this does seem uncalled for.

Why? Because you saved me?

From a man I didn't know who
wanted to kill me because of you?

- I can't take it anymore.
- You're not wrong.

I understand your anger.

They're all dead because of you.

Tom, Esi, Jennifer, my mother...

Elizabeth, please.

We have to go. Put the gun down.

Yes. They're all dead.

I tried to tell you that
this is what would happen.

Everything I've been afraid of,

everything I came
into your life to prevent.

It's happening.

Secrets I've been keeping
because to tell them

would mean dangerous people
like Townsend would stop at nothing

to kill you and your daughter.

And now some of those secrets
are out, and they are coming.

I'm sorry.

I've tried so hard for so long

to protect you from all of this.

I've failed.

♪ Memories I have... ♪

♪ Of you ♪

♪ Of you ♪

Raymond, we're out of time.

We have a car nearby.

They're coming, front and back.

That doesn't sound good
under any circumstances.