The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Episode #7.4 - full transcript


COOPER: You told him about the money?

I did what I had to.
You didn't leave me a choice.

You had a choice. The choice to
do exactly what I told you to do

and leave it alone.

I don't take my orders from you.

You have no idea how much worse
you've made this, Hutton.

That some sort of threat?


Oh! I'm hit!

- Oh, God! I'm hit!
- Hold on, hold on, hold on!



- Get us out of here.
- Minesweep!

This is Minesweep One!
We are under attack.

Three clicks north of Al Jahra!

Hutton, get down!

This is Minesweeper One.

Lieutenant Harold Cooper.
We are under fire.

Repeat... This is Lieutenant
Harold Cooper, Minesweeper One.

We are under attack.

Hang on, Hutton. Hold on!



Well, what do you think... great, right?

She has a lot of experience.

Yeah, all her references raved about her.

We're meeting this afternoon,

but I have a good feeling about her.

Looks like you found yourself a nanny.

Which is a huge relief.

I mean, it's impossible
to find someone great.

Mm. I wouldn't know.

Have you reached out to her
yet... to your daughter?

I haven't worked up the courage up yet.

You should just do it.

I put her through some dark times.

Have you noticed the men
parked across the street

every day? Every night?

I thought so, but I wasn't sure.

They're there for my protection.

Yours? Why?

Who do you need protection from?

My mother.

No, that... that can't be true.

Just trust me. Whatever pushed
you and your daughter apart,

it's nothing compared to what me
and my mother have gone through.

Just call her.

I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Would you appreciate it
if your mother called you?

It doesn't matter. She's not going to.

- But if she did.
- She won't.

My mother isn't like you.

You want a relationship
with your daughter.

She doesn't.


Hey. What's going on?

We've done great work.

Important work.

Work we can be proud of.

I... think so, too.

I've made up my mind about
Reddington's true identity.

I'm going to tell Main Justice.

And risk having them shut us down?

As I say,

we've done great work.

But does it really matter who he is?

To the job we're doing, I mean.

- Not to me.
- It will to them.

Was there something you wanted?

Yeah. I, uh, wanted this afternoon off.

I found a nanny. Well, I-I think I did.

I'm meeting with her this afternoon.

I told you before...
take whatever time you need.

About Reddington.

Have you already reached out
to Main Justice?

Yes. I've set a meeting
with Cynthia Panabaker.

- Sir.

Uh, this just came in over SIPRNet.

- Odd, right?
- What's odd about it?

It was sent from an unofficial
CIA outpost... in Zahedan.


- You're sure this is correct?
- I decoded it myself.

I need verification.
Fingerprints, dog tags,

a photo... whatever they can
send us right away.

Yes, sir. But... who is Daniel Hutton?

A man who died 30 years ago.






Visiting old ghosts?

I received some news today.

Daniel Hutton is alive.

Well, that's not possible.

He walked out of the mountains
of Southern Iran yesterday.

Found his way
to a classified CIA outpost.

Daniel Hutton is dead, Harold.

- We both know that.
- Do we?

Because it seems he's risen
like Lazarus from the grave.

Hutton is reporting
he's been kept prisoner

at multiple locations
in the Middle East since 1989.

He escaped from captivity a week
ago, asked for me by name.

CIA assets in Iran
reached out to us directly.

They don't want anything to do with this.

He's asking for my help
to get him out of the country,

or his captors will
hunt him down and kill him.

Did you know? All this time?

Did I know what?

That he's alive?

While you held this over my head.

I gave you that so you could put
the whole incident behind you,

not carry it like an albatross
around your neck.

I believed, as you believed,
that the man was dead

and that the issue
of what happened there in Kuwait

was resolved.

I won't look the other way again.

I've carried this secret
for way too long.

I have to do something.

I suggest the utmost discretion.

To preserve flexibility.

What do you mean, flexibility?

It's Iran, Harold.

We can't just stroll
through the front door.

We don't know what we're walking into.

So we keep it small.

No team.

Just you and I.

Until you look this man in the eyes.

Until you know for sure

what you plan to do.

I plan to do the right thing.

We'll soon find out, won't we?


COOPER: It happened fast.

I remember Lieutenant Hutton getting hit.

I remember radioing and returning fire,

but they were everywhere.

I tried to keep him safe,
but next thing I knew...

they had taken him.

He was gone.

INTERVIEWER: Your actions were
commendable, Lieutenant Cooper.

But I have to ask you about reports

that you and Lieutenant Hutton
were seen having an argument

prior to these events.

- That never happened.
- What never happened?

That you had words, or
that they were argumentative?



- What are you doing?
- What is this, Harold?

These are supposed to be med supplies.

- Close the crate.
- Where's this going?

Who are you funding? Is it the Kurds?

You're smuggling cash
over the border to Iraq

- to fund rebels...
- I said close the crate.

We're here to help stabilize this region,

not bankroll some private,
dirty little war.

Dan, I'm warning you...
just close the crate.



I forgot how handsome
you were back then, Harold.

And how loosely tethered to the facts.

You're one to talk about facts.

Aren't you, Mr. Koslov?

Ah! So Elizabeth finally told you.

She took longer than I thought she would.

Once word was out, I figured
I was on borrowed time.

And I'm sure, knowing you as I do,

that you'll feel an obligation

to report this to the powers that be.

- I don't see a way around it.
- If you do that, Harold,

they'll take the task force
away from you.

It'll be the end of what you've built.

I'm sorry. It's my duty.


Well, we're not finished
just yet, are we?

You must admit, though, it's ironic.

Us jetting over there
to protect your secret,

and you refusing to protect mine.

We're not "protecting" anything.

We're righting what was wrong.

Keep telling yourself that.

How do you even know about Hutton?

The real Reddington was there.

He was part of an oversight panel

and testified about it later.

But you're not him.

How do you know anything about it

if you weren't there?

I know because...

I know.

Because whoever I once was,

I am now and will continue to be
Raymond Reddington.

Given where we're going, the
real question is, who are you?

Are you the man in front of me

who I know to be good and decent?

Or are you the man from years ago

who got himself into this mess
in the first place?


We'll be arriving shortly.

Farhad will meet us at the airstrip.

Do you think Hutton knows?

Do you think he has any idea

what part you played
in what happened back then?

I don't think so.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked for me.

Let's hope not. Because
if he does hold you responsible

and if he plans to tell the world,

then we'll have to shut him up.

- I'm not gonna do that.
- No, I know.


I guess that's why I'm here.


I can work pretty crazy hours.

DENORA: Oh, that's fine.

Some weekends, some traveling.

Honestly, whatever you need.

If it helps, I can stay here
when you're gone

so Agnes can keep her routine.

I spoke to some of your references.

Is it true that you watched
their kids and cooked?

Yes, I love to cook.

Oh, good, 'cause on my best day,

the best I can do is peanut
butter and jelly and tuna fish.

You're busy. My job is to
put time into areas you can't.

You have no idea how much I need that.

How much Agnes needs it.

I'd be lucky to do it.

Great. When can you start?


RED: Farhad! You son of a cur.

It's been an awfully long time.

You look good, my friend.

- And prosperous.

May Khodah in his infinite wisdom

keep the sanctions in place
for as long as possible.

Of course, you remember Dembe.

And this is the associate
of mine we spoke about.

You violated sanctions on Iran?

Sanctions have caused
a certain amount of investment

in Iran to dry up. It's a barren garden.

I decided to water it.

At a healthy interest rate.

It's all the rage!

Despite my associate's
reflexive flag waving,

he's a fine man
in need of careful guidance

in and out of this CIA outpost

everyone pretends to know nothing about.

I've made the arrangements
as discussed...

one of my best men to drive you

and a backup vehicle for protection.

This close to the border,

there are checkpoints all over the place.

They can be tricky.

Fortunately, the right bribes

can get a man where he needs to go.

I'll have a double Scotch waiting for you

when you get back.

You're not coming?

I've made a lot of trouble
in Iran through the years.

Best not to have a sore thumb
sticking out.


When we get to the checkpoint,
don't speak.

Don't draw attention.

Just look out the windshield at the view.

They'll forget me the moment they see me.






These dog tags were the only
thing he had on him.

You have a release?

You kidding? We don't exist.

We didn't invite this guy here,

and we sure as hell
don't want him found here.

He's your problem now.





HUTTON: Harold?

Hey, is it really you?

It's me, Dan.



I've dreamt of this moment so many times.

I can't believe I'm looking at you.

I went to your funeral.

How did you survive?


I don't know.

They tortured me for...

I don't know how long,

traded me,

sold me for intel... different factions.

Do you remember anyone who had you?

Even for a short time?


There was an Iranian.

They called him The Simoon.

Everyone in the intelligence
community has heard of him.

He's been a dangerous intel leak
in the Middle East for years.

Name means "poison wind."

Everywhere he goes, people die.

The intel he's given to terrorist cells

has led to armed embassy raids
in Pakistan,

a consulate bombing in Syria,

the death of countless U.S. citizens.

Dan, it's a miracle you're alive.


It's a miracle we're both alive.

I remember that day in Kuwait.


How did you survive that?

I'm not sure.

But you did, thank God.


Harold, the last time I saw you...

I want to apologize.

That's behind us now.

I was young.


What you saw was none of your
business in the first place.

It's too late. I went to the Captain.

I'm not gonna be an accomplice

to whatever you got yourself
involved with.

I told him everything I saw.

You told him about the money?

I did what I had to.
You didn't leave me a choice.

You had a choice. The choice to do

exactly what I told you to do.
Leave it alone.

I don't take my orders from you.

You have no idea how much worse
you've made this, Hutton.

That some sort of threat?


Oh! I'm hit!

- Oh, God! I'm hit!
- Hold on, hold on, hold on!


It all seems so unimportant now.

But I knew, sitting in
captivity, despite what I did,

that you would come back for me.

You would never abandon me.

Because you're honorable.

That's what sustained me.

That if Harold Cooper
survived that firefight,

he would come back for me,
no matter what.

COOPER: Minesweep! This is Minesweep One!

We are under attack. Under fire.

This is Lieutenant Harold
Cooper, Minesweeper One.

We are under attack.



So when I finally escaped and I
knew enough to get myself here,

I also knew there was only one person

that I could reach out to...

one person who would stop at nothing

to get me the rest of the way home.

And here you are...

to rescue me.


I'm gonna get you home.


Thank you, my friend.

Thank you.


Taste a bit of allspice?

You're right.

For arthritis and libido.



Whoever your friend's package is,

I assume the outpost
wants to get rid of him.

I would assume as much.

But I'm sure the Revolutionary
Guard would like to have him.

They'd find him sooner or later.

Well, time, for now, is on our side.


I think we may have a situation.

Have you heard from Harold?

No. But our scouts say

the route between him and the airstrip

is suddenly swarming with patrols.


How many extra men can you bring me?

I'm paying $3,000 a man now.

I'll double it. I need
men who can shoot straight.

I'll make the call.


- Ah.

Harold? You on your way?

Not quite. I've spoken with Hutton.

- There's been a development.
- What kind?

Hutton told me the last person
who held him in captivity

is a man known as The Simoon.

Harold, you got to get the hell
out of there right now.

Why? What do you know?

The roads are swarming with patrols,

which means The Simoon
is already on the scent.

You need to get back to
the airstrip as fast as you can.

We'll have the engines running.

He's mobilized to find Hutton?

And he'll burn the city to find him.

I'm bringing on extra men.

We'll lock down the landing field.

You just get yourself there in one piece,

and I'll get us airborne.

We can be there in 30 minutes.

30 minutes. Go. Now.

That gives you 15.

Notify your men.
Tell them to expect a fight.

It's gonna be a hell
of a lot more difficult

getting out of town
than it was getting in.



- BERDY: Denora Mejia?
- Yes?

Agent Kevin Thompson.
This is Agent Ritter.

Can we talk?

It's about Elizabeth Keen.

I don't understand.
But you're familiar with

- the name Raymond Reddington.
- What does this have to do with...

Have you heard of him?

Of course. He's a wanted fugitive.

He's also Keen's father.

Open it.

That man is one of our agents.

He's staking out Keen's building.

Four years go, Reddington and
Keen went on the run together.

She was on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

It says here her name is Masha Rostova.

It also says she's the daughter
of a KGB agent.

A notorious KGB agent
named Katarina Rostova.

The agent out front...
He's not looking for Reddington.

He's looking for her.

As bad as he is, Rostova's worse.

The child you're being asked to
care for is their granddaughter.

They're in Keen's life,

and if you take this job,
they'll be in yours, as well.



I'm sorry.

I never meant to put anyone in danger.

We'll make it, Dan.

20 minutes, and we're in the air.



All seems too familiar.

Long ride, hostile territory.

Try and relax.


I can't go back, Harold.

Not another hole in the ground.

You're not going back.

Yeah, well, this guy, The Simoon,

if he comes after us...

[LAUGHING] maybe he can take you
this time instead.



You answered the phone,
so you're still alive.

Where are you?

COOPER: We're approaching
the checkpoint. Hang on.







- I don't like this.
- What's wrong?

The policeman at the checkpoint...

He's carrying an H&K416.

That's pretty new.

- And expensive.
- Too expensive for police.

Harold, you need to get the hell
out of there right now.

[SPEAKS FARSI] We got a problem.

- Harold. Harold, talk to me.

What happened?

Get the Post Office on the phone.




Tell them I work for
the United States government.

The FBI. We're here on official business.

They know who you are, Harold.

How could they possibly know that?

'Cause I told them.


Looks like The Simoon
wants a word with you after all.

- Anything?
- Nothing.

But Aram's on with Reddington now.

Okay, I've got eyes on the checkpoint.

RED: The last thing I heard
was men yelling in Farsi.

Lots of it. That was 13 minutes ago.

And if Harold was taken,

they may have put him in another vehicle.

This is about the SIPRNet cable.
Daniel Hutton.

Got it. Okay, looks like they
shoved him into a blue sedan.

All right, tracking from there,
they headed northwest,

made their way to what looks like

some kind of old palace
or estate outside Zahedan.

RESSLER: We should call
the State Department.

No, there's no time for that.

They could start
back-channel negotiations.

- I can do better.
- What, better than the State Department?

Way better. And more importantly, faster.

We have one chance
to get Harold out alive.

So listen carefully.


HUTTON: How quickly fates change.

Isn't that right, Harold?

What have you done?

What I had to do to survive.

Do you know how many different
groups held me over the years?

The Kurds, the Iranians.

Couldn't keep track after a while.

So, tell me...
How easy was it to sell me out?

- I never did that.
- You left me for dead

because I found out
you were illegally funding

- those same Kurds.
- That is not what happened.

Because I blew the whistle.

I had no idea we were gonna be ambushed.

I heard you got the Navy Cross
for your bravery that day.


But we know what really
happened, don't we?

This is Minesweeper One,
Lieutenant Harold Cooper.

We are under attack.

Hold on, Hutton. Hold on.






But we weren't ambushed, were we?

Your Kurdish pals came for me, not you.

[HUTTON GRUNTING] Get your hands off me.



- Cooper!

Cooper! Cooper!




HUTTON: They traded me.

Sold me to their enemies

to fund their war.

Everyone may think

that you would never
leave a brother to die,

but I know you'd never think twice.

You can believe what you want.

But I didn't plan the ambush,
and I wanted to go after you.

Then why didn't you?

Was the ambush your idea?

- Mind your tone, Lieutenant.
- Was Hutton captured to keep

- our arrangement a secret?
- He threatened to expose the mission.

Get me on a plane back to Kuwait.

Lieutenant Hutton was executed
by Kurdish rebels an hour ago.


You survived an ambush.

Fought valiantly.

I'm going to recommend you
for the Navy Cross.

That'll put you
on the fast track, Harold.

Any job you want.

Or you can raise a stink
and throw it all away.

Either way, Hutton's still gonna be dead,

and the cash flow continues.

You had him executed.

I followed orders.

And if you're as smart
as I think you are,

you will, too.

HUTTON: You were a traitor

treated like a patriot.

I was a patriot

treated like a traitor.

So that's what I became.


It's you.

You're The Simoon.

Pleasure to meet you.




Excuse me. Do you know
how to get to the White House?

Sure. Spend a lot of money.

Good to know Reddington
hasn't lost his sense of humor.

- I'm Ressler.
- Campbell.

You know what we're supposed to do now?

Yeah. Find the Dungeon Master.




Didn't you see the sign?

- Yeah. It said "open."
- Well, we're not.

Yeah, well, you are to us.
Mr. Homan said so.


What the hell is this thing?

It's not a PlayStation, pal.

Let's see the case.



And a set of coordinates.

Mr. Homan said
you'd know what to do with them.

I do.

Let's get the party started.

I know what to do.

Thank you very much.




What did we just pay for?

No idea.

And with Reddington,
it's pointless to ask.

So, you work for him?


No, but he certainly thinks so.


Yeah, it's done. Whatever it is.

Splendid. Please thank Francesca for me.

And trust that as far as Harold
is concerned,

we are now in the gifted hands
of a master.

Time to storm the castle.

It's a heavily armed compound,
and there is only five of us.

You're right. Even the
Magnificent Seven had seven.

Slim chance of survival.

Impossible odds.

This'll be fun.

COOPER: How could you do it?

The intel you gave Iran
Mobile cost people's lives.

I held out for years.

Through beatings, in solitary, in cages.

[CHUCKLES] Then I realized

no one was coming.

How could I do it...



How could you?

You gave them access
to Naval intelligence.

I did.

Then they upgraded the network,

and I got shut out.

After that, I interpreted data.

It was easy when I knew the players.

That gave me value.

But now the only player I know is you,

which is why you're here.

I won't cooperate with them.

Because it's the wrong thing to do.

The wrong thing.

You certainly know all about that.


LIZ: By text, not by phone.

She quit via text.

KATARINA: That's unbelievable.

I know. I thought she was perfect.

- What are you gonna do?
- Well, that's why I'm calling.

I am stuck at work,
and Agnes is gonna be home soon.

I'm happy to help.

I'm so sorry about this.

Oh, don't be silly.
I'd love to look after Agnes.

Really? Are you sure?

Of course. Take your time.

The longer you stay at the office,

the more time I'll have
to spoil her rotten.

Thank you. You're a lifesaver.
I don't know what happened.

Don't beat yourself up.

Sometimes people just
aren't who they seem to be.


FARHAD: No way we are getting in there.

- Where's your faith?
- I left my faith on the jet.

Let's go back and get it.

We breach in two minutes.

- Raymond, even with help...
- It will be a bloodbath.

Yes, but not our blood.

So many of my prisoners, during torture,

they break down, beg for mercy.

But not you. Right, Harold?

Remember those cages
I said they kept me in

those first few years?


You're in one.

I'll check back on you in a few decades.

For what it's worth, Dan...

I am sorry.





- 20 seconds.
- This is a death sentence.

Farhad, you and your men to the south.

Dembe, you and I to the north.

They will kill us all.

Ready on your go.

We are not ready.

- 10...
- I am not!

- ...9, 8...

What the hell?

Here we go.



I won a rather high-stakes game

OF "MAGIC: The Gathering" recently,

and I've called in my chits.



Wait, listen to this.






That our cue, fellas. Let's go.














Not another step.

Looks like you have better
friends than I did.

At least they tried to save you.


DEMBE: Raymond, I'm out of ammo.










What took you so long?

It's over, Dan.


I won't let you leave me behind again.

If I can't trade you to the Iranians,

I'll trade you to your own
people for a way out.






Help me!

Please, help me, Harold.


Harold, please.


Cooper! Cooper!

Cooper! Aah!






[STRAINING] I'm sorry, Harold.

You should've learned
your lesson the first time.



Harold, you okay?


- I couldn't leave him again.
- We have to go.

He isn't your burden anymore.

- Isn't he?
- RED: What is it you need, Harold?

A reminder that you're
a good man, a moral man?

'Cause you didn't need to save
Daniel Hutton to know that.

You just needed to look in a mirror.

What I did to him
has followed me half my life.

And it's time to let it go.

Now come on! We need to move.





You did what you thought was right.

- Mm-hmm.
- Put your safety on the line

for a man you thought was your friend.

He betrayed you, and now he's dead.

Your secret is safe.

If there was ever a reason to celebrate,

The Simoon is finished.

You helped yourself and your country.

Close the book.

Raise a glass.


How do you do it?

Wake up each morning
content to live a lie?

How do you put on a face for the world?

I don't live a lie.

I may once have had another identity,

but that identity no longer exists.

I am exactly who I am.

And I can assure you,

I'm a far more interesting
Raymond Reddington

than Raymond Reddington ever was.

And what about Ilya Koslov?

I've always believed
who you are should define you,

not who you were.

And I don't know anyone

that should be more at peace
with who they are than you.

Whatever decisions you make
going forward...


I hope they grant you that peace.


Do you like contests?
Because I love contests.

What kind of contest?

I was thinking a drawing contest.

I know you like princesses,

so I got a princess coloring book.


I bet you can't color a whole page

in, say, five minutes.

Do you think you can?

Then that's the contest.

Take this book and these pencils,

and you go into your room.
In five minutes,

I'll come in and see
if you've finished. Okay?




Mr. Reddington called in a drone strike.

From a gaming store.

I don't know how he did it...
just that it saved my life.

Why were you there in the first place?

And why go with Reddington?

Other than that he can
call in a drone strike

from a gaming store.

I went with Reddington because
we have no authority in Iran.

And the reason I went was simple...

30 years ago, I thought
a soldier in my unit

- had been killed.
- Daniel Hutton.

The SIPRNet cable
told you he was still alive.

Right. I went to try and bring him home,

and in the process, he died.

That's awful. Were you two close?

We were, once.

In many ways, he was instrumental

in shaping the person I am today.



Is your mind made up
about what you're gonna tell her

about Reddington's identity?

It is.

It's made up about a lot of things.

Well, isn't this like finding
four peas in a pod.

Is there a snowball's chance in hell

I'm gonna like anything
y'all have to say?

I'd say... definitely not.


[SIGHS] Harold, to the Scotch.



[SIGHS] You said you wanted
to talk about Reddington.

So talk.

Reddington is...

He's not the person you think he is.


Okay. I'll bite.

Who is he?

♪ 'Cause yesterday
a bullet found my chest ♪

He's a much better person
than I gave him credit for.

♪ And I don't got the energy ♪

- I, on the other hand, am not.
- ♪ To dress myself ♪

Harold, you're not making any sense.

♪ And I can't walk without help ♪


What is that?

A truth I should have told
a long time ago.


♪ And I ♪

♪ I can't remember
why I joined this war ♪


♪ And I can't tell you
what we're fightin' for ♪


♪ I guess I wasn't smart enough
to see the game ♪

Okay! Five minutes are up!

Ready or not, here I come!



You're giving the Navy Cross
to The Simoon?

Putting it where it belongs.

He was a brave man.

I was a coward.

He refused to follow an illegal order.

I insisted on carrying it out.

I knew the payments weren't authorized,

that someone up the chain of
command was breaking the rules.

They were higher on that chain
than I was,

so I didn't ask any questions.

And I didn't stand with Hutton
when he did.

I left him behind.

You were told he was dead.

I should've gone back to look
for him, found him.

But I didn't.

And that turned him into The Simoon.

The Daniel Hutton I left behind
that day deserves this.

If it had been you, you never
would've betrayed your country.

He tried speaking truth to power,

and the powerful punished him for it...

and rewarded me for letting them.

I gave Panabaker the flash drive.

That won't wipe his slate clean.

I didn't do it for him.

I did it for me.

And I have you to thank for that.

You told me that people should
be defined by who they are,

not by who they were.

The cover-up, the medal...
They represent who I was.

A man willing to look the other way.

Who I am... who I hope to be...

is someone who takes
responsibility for his actions.

So you're a truth-teller now.

Did you tell Panabaker
the truth about me?

I did.

I told her your true identity.

Who you are, not who you were.

I told her you're Raymond Reddington.

♪ Mistakes and all ♪

I love it.

More importantly, Agnes loves it.

[LAUGHING] We had fun.

You really saved me today.

I told you before, I'm happy to help.

I still can't believe
Denora bailed on me like that.

You'll find the right person.

And until you do,
you can always count on me.

I think I'll be counting on you a lot.


Fun times with the urchin?

Productive times.


So what am I looking for?

Second photo. Top of the page.


Ilya Koslov. Who's he?

The one person who can tell me
what I need to know.