The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - Louis T. Steinhil (No. 27): Conclusion - full transcript

Liz, Dembe and the Task Force continue to search for Red, who attempts to escape his abductors with help from a surprise ally, but discovers he is not Katarina Rostova's only target in her hunt for information.

6,000 milliliters.

That's how much blood
an adult male of your size

has in his body.

It's a little more than a gallon of milk.

76 over 54.

They say a man can lose
up to 40% of his blood,

but not much more.

You've lost 20%.

That's why you're feeling
the palpitations.

Your heart can't fill with blood
before it contracts.

It's the beginning stage

of what doctors refer to
as exsanguination.

Raymond, please,
I don't want to hurt you.

This isn't easy for me.

Sorry you're having a hard time.

You can help me.

I've always helped you.

No. You pretended to help me.

You were never on my side.

I came to Paris to warn you.

You came to Paris to control me,

to keep feeding me your narrative.

But I'm done hiding.

I won't do it anymore. I can't.

Not with Elizabeth asking questions

and telling ghost stories.

Nobody knows you're alive.

They're asking the questions.

That's enough.

I never betrayed you.

The Townsend Directive
is my death sentence.

Even with your help, I can't outrun them.

There's only one way to survive.

I have to give them what they want.

Tell me how.

I have nothing to tell you.

We'll see.

If you think those secrets
of yours are worth dying for?

Prove it.

What do we know?

We questioned everyone
who worked the con.

Steinhil used doctors, nurses,

ex-cops, intel agents. Smart group.

But not as smart as Steinhil,

who kept everything need-to-know.

None of them know the name

of the woman who hired him
to con Mr. Reddington.

Just why she did it... to ask
what he knows about my mother.

I'm less interested in the why
than in the where.

If Steinhil employed all these
people to create the illusion

that Reddington was in a French hospital,

where the hell was he when we got there?

Apparently, he escaped. Or tried to.

He got less than a block.

But the hospital gag was blown,

so they moved him somewhere else,

but we don't know where.

Let's start at the beginning. Paris.

Mr. Reddington went to meet with
someone he felt safe enough with

that he didn't bring Dembe.

Or he went alone to keep a secret.

From Dembe? That must be some secret.

What else? He was abducted in Paris,

then flown to Annapolis. Why?

Could be there's something there

that they needed Reddington's
help to find.

Something or someone.

Katarina Rostova.

I thought your mother was dead.

Maybe that's what she wanted us to think.

Even you?

Apparently, she's not the maternal type.

So far, I'm hearing a lot
of maybe's and could be's,

a lot of theory, almost no fact.

Here's a fact... creating
a French hospital in Annapolis

takes planning.

All the doctors, nurses, police,

they all were sent to the same location

to get fitted for their wardrobe.

You have a location?

Textile warehouse in Anne Arundel County.

Get there.
If they couldn't con Reddington

into telling them
what they wanted to know,

they're probably trying
to beat it out of him.

Agent Keen?

I brought Agnes home thinking
my mother wasn't a threat.

Now I'm not sure.

He's a tough old bird.

He'll give you what you want.

I don't want this.

It's the best of a bad situation.

I wouldn't be in this situation
if you'd done your job.

I told you I needed three months

to create the illusion
you were looking for.

You gave me three days.

The FBI, have they released anyone?

I spoke with Abigail.

How much do they know?

About me? Very little.

About you?

Absolutely nothing.

I never planned on killing him.

He'd find you if you didn't.

It's better this way.

Better. To kill a man.

This man. Once you've bled him
for what you need.

The nurse was with him when he escaped.

I trust her.

Then the only question left is,

should I trust you?

How long do I have?

Half an hour.

Maybe less.

I've met my share of killers.

I know who has the capacity

to take a human life.

I know the...

the look in their eyes.

You don't have it.

It wasn't my decision.

But it is.

If you help her...

if you do nothing

to stop her,

you're responsible.

You almost escaped.

- She blames me for that.
- Shh.

I can't take the risk. I'm sorry.

I'm afraid hypoxia has set in.

The drip, drip of your blood
taking with it

the oxygen your organs
so desperately need.

I'm told hypoxia can be
quite uncomfortable.

I know a little something about pain.


Everything I cared about died that day.

I didn't want that.

I'd made a life for myself, a family.

You blew all that up.

I didn't know.

Dom promised me no one would get hurt.

Said he loved his child
and just wanted her to be safe.

Do I seem safe to you?


chased into the shadows.


I can't give you what you want.

What I want

is my family back.

No one can give me that back.

Least of all you.

You can't give me what I want.

But you can give me what I need.

You want me to believe you had
nothing to do with Belgrade.

I didn't.

That you care about me.


Then prove it.

Who's coming for me? How many?

And most importantly, the truth.

I can't.

What is it?!

Very well. Dom then.

That's right. I found him.

I know it's cruel
to go after the old man,

but you leave me no choice.

Something tells me
he won't hold up nearly as well.

Leave him alone.


If you give me what I need.

Goodbye, Raymond.

Shh. Be quiet.

- What are you doing?
- Shh!

I can't do this alone.

I need you to get in the car.

Hey, stop!

- I said stop!
- Don't. Please.

Please. I don't want to hurt you.

Excuse me.
Agents Ressler and Keen... FBI.

How can I help you?

We, um...

That is, are you okay?

Oh, this?

No, no, no. It's just... It's... It's...

The Kennedy Center's doing Phantom.

We're doing the effects.

We thought you were a wardrobe house.

Wardrobe, effects...
whatever a production needs.

We're here to see Margaret Teague.

I'll let her know you're here.

Illusions. Cons.

People pretending to be
something they're not.

- Just like Reddington.
- Or my mother.

Look, Keen, you did the right
thing by bringing Agnes home.

But if she isn't who I thought
she was, if she's a threat...

- Then we'll deal with it.
- We?

Don't think Cooper, Aram, and I
haven't talked about this.

You've put your life on hold long enough.

It's past time you start
living it, and I...

I'm Margaret Teague.

Agents Keen and Ressler.

We're looking for Louis Steinhil.

I'm not familiar with that name.

He's a con man, sets up
elaborate illusions...

If you think I had anything to do with...

...the last one being a French hospital

in an Annapolis warehouse.

See, their doctors, nurses,
and cops who worked that con,

- you outfitted them.
- I'm a supplier.

What people do with my supplies,
I'm sure I don't know.

I don't care if you know or not.

I'm looking for someone I care about,

and in order to find that person,

I got to find Steinhil.
So lets cut to the chase.

What you provide, does he
pick up, or do you deliver?

I've never met the man.

- So you deliver.
- Yes.

To where?

Oh, my God. I just shot that guard.

I didn't know what else to do.

I need your phone.

If he dies...


Mila, your phone.


You're alive.


I thought...

It's been a week.

I was going to enact
The Protocol. Where are you?

You have to get to Dom.

She's going after him.

He doesn't know he's in danger.

- She?
- Bring the cooler.

I need platelets,

frozen plasma... eight units.

Raymond, you sound bad.

Come alone.

If you won't make it to Dom's,
you need to get to a hospital.

If I don't make it, you...
you know what to do.

Raymond. Be safe.

I'll be there.

Who's Dom?

You need to get us to the highway.

You need a doctor.

No, no, no, no doctors.

Just the highway.

You are not okay, all right?

You're not gonna make it. You're sick.

If you don't make it to a hospital...

What are you doing?

Give me your arm.

- We need to get to Dom.
- Listen to me.

If we don't do this right now,
you're gonna be dead

before we get to wherever
you think we're going to.

I didn't save you
to watch you die in my car.

If we don't keep moving, they'll find us.

They already have. Hold still.

- W-What?
- Don't move.

What do you mean they already have?

You have to trust me.

Why did you help me?

Like you said, I'm not a killer.

And I have terrible judgement
when it comes to men.

Hello? Anyone here?


You'd better have
a damn good excuse, darling.

Are you Dom?


Is he dead?

Tell me what she said.

Not your interpretation, her exact words.

I'm not interpreting anything.
She's coming for you,

and she made it very clear
she's closing in.

Nonsense. I'm off the grid.

Elizabeth found you.

You mind your own business.

There's no reason to risk it, Dom.

This is your house.
I know it won't be easy to go,

but there's nothing heroic

about dying when you don't have to.

This isn't "Rio Bravo."

For your information,

going out with a fight,
standing your... your ground,

dying on your own terms,

that sounds pretty good to a man 81.

81. Are you 81?

Secondly, nothing about this situation

resembles the plot of "Rio Bravo."

She knows you tried to kill her, Dom.

She wants answers,
but she also wants revenge.

You set her up, betrayed her...

Whose is this?

My daughter's.

Katarina. That's your daughter?

- Katarina Rostova?
- Put it away, please.

Your own daughter wants to kill
you because you betrayed her?

It's complicated.

I never betrayed Katarina.

She betrayed me.

Oh, come on. Enough.

Not just me. Our country,

our... our values,
our entire way of life.

The truth is, Mila,

you've stumbled headlong
into a family squabble.

And the Rostov family
can be rather eccentric.

She broke my heart.

Made choices I couldn't understand.

What was my response?

Wait, what did Tolstoy

say about unhappy families?

Despite all my anger, my frustration,

I did what I thought was necessary...

"Happy families are all alike,

but every unhappy family
is unhappy in its own way."

Did I make mistakes? Yes.

Do I deserve to die for them? Eh, maybe.

If I die, at least I will go to my grave

knowing that I did what I did

to protect my own.

We found him.


A farmhouse a few hours north.

So I was right to trust you.

Will he give you what you want?

No. Just what I need.

I'll talk to my halawadar.

The balance due will be paid
by this time tomorrow.

He means a great deal to you.

He did.


If the situation were reversed,
would he show you mercy?


Then you can't show him any.

Thank you.

For what?

It's my job to protect him.

I couldn't do that. You did.

He was supposed to be a bad man,

a criminal, a fugitive,
the worst of the worst.

That's why I signed up.
Not to protect him.

But to take down the Most Wanted.

In my experience,
who people are supposed to be

is rarely who they are.

Steven Biel. Contractor?

Call him.

Tell him Raymond sent you.


Raymond takes care of the
people who take care of him.

I didn't do this for the money.

No. You did it because
it's the right thing to do.

You give me too much credit.

Take the card.

It's not just money. It's protection.

You think she'll come for me.

Please thank him for me.

No thanks are necessary.

He seems so decent.

How is that possible?

Because he is decent.

I should go.

He said I'm not a killer...


He said he could tell
just by looking at me.

Then you're not.

He knows nothing about me.

He knows enough.


- What was that?
- I don't know.

Show me your hands!

- Police!
- You go.

He was here.

I need help here! I've got something.

Someone inside. It's locked.

It's Steinhil. He's alone.

FBI. Open the door.

Steinhil, I said open the door.

Damn it! I could've sworn I had
another box of shells in here.

Dom, we can help you.

We'll take what we can.

I'm too old to run.

But too young to die.

Wh... Where would I go?

To the beach, the mountains.

How about the Tetons?

You really think she's close.

I think we have the day.

You don't.

What do you mean, "don't"?

You don't have the day.

You don't even have the hour.

She knows where you are.
She's been tracking us

since we left the safe house.

How? You took the chip
out of Raymond's neck.

Yes, out of my neck,

but not out of her own.

We didn't escape, did we, Mila?


She ordered me to help you.

Hoping I'd lead her here,

to Dom.

How much time do we have?

Mila. How much time?

She'll be here in 20, 30 minutes.

I didn't have a choice.
She said she would kill me.

Dom, I suggest we find
that extra box of shells.

Who are you?

You've thrown your lot in with me.

I should at least know your name.

Francesca Campbell.
People call me Frankie.

Tell me, Francesca.

How is it that...

you turned out to be my guardian angel?

That is not what I am.

Are you really a nurse?

I'm a former combat medic.

That's why Steinhil picked me.

- Steinhil.
- He created the illusion.

Was part of it, too. Inspector Oban.

Tell me about it... the con.

- They'll be here any minute.
- Tell me.

All I know is Katarina Rostova
hired him because she thinks

people are trying to kill her

and that you might know how to stop them.

The plan was to con you, not kill you,

to get you to tell Inspector Oban

who the assassins are
and what they, or you,

might know about her sources
and safe houses.

You don't believe in assault rifles?

Open that.

Steinhil's smart.

He knew I'd be overconfident

after figuring out
the hospital wasn't real...

Carefully, carefully.

...that I'd think I'd solved the puzzle

when I'd only gotten one piece.

I believe in plastic explosives.

He knew I wouldn't see his fingerprints

all over the escape.

Everything was planned,

down to the last detail...

leaving you alone to die,
the car parked outside.

You shot the guard.

No, I didn't.

All that and the chip in my neck.


When this is over, I must see about

putting this Steinhil on retainer.


you're not a nurse who's
afraid of her own shadow.

You're a soldier.

That's right.

And I'm not leading you or
anyone else into an ambush.

Four shotguns...
two pump action, two lever.

Three bolt-action rifles...
all single shot.

And a few souvenirs from home.

Let me help you.

Your help is what got us into this mess.

She'll kill me, too.

When she realizes
that you knew she was coming,

she'll know I warned you.

Raymond, we could use an extra gun.

Not if it's pointed
at the back of our heads!

What do they call a combat medic
in the army?

68 whiskey.

Dembe, give the woman a shotgun.

I want a full autopsy.

No one accesses that body
until I get a solid I.D.

You got that?

They tricked him,
made him think he escaped.

Reddington escaped, but he didn't?

He was being tracked. They both were.

Both? What do you mean both?

One of the security guards
said there was a nurse on site

who befriended him,

made Reddington think
she was on his side.

She orchestrated the escape.

So they could track him. Why? Where...

Where did they think he was gonna go?

My grandfather's house.

- Your grandfather?
- Whoever took Reddington

was trying to find out
about Katarina Rostova.

If he wouldn't tell them,
maybe they think Dom will.

And if they do to him
what they did to Reddington...

We're not gonna let that happen.

They may already be there.

Keen. It's not gonna happen.

They're both here?

Reddington's recovering
in the downstairs bedroom.

He's not mobile.

The old man's working
at the back of the house.

- Anyone else?
- No.

Did everything you said.
It went all as planned.

You three, inside with her.
Find Reddington and kill him.

Berdy, tell the others
to go around the back.

Bring me Dominic. I want him alive.

♪ It all falls apart ♪

♪ Constant fear of explosion ♪

♪ Crypto-fascist contagion ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ They took no time to unwind it all ♪

♪ Manufactured suggestion ♪

♪ Wag the dog and then drown him ♪

Don't move.

You didn't tell us there was
anyone else in the house.

Drop your guns. Do it now.

He said drop 'em!

♪ Oh, no ♪

♪ Oh, no, no, no ♪

♪ This can't be how it all whimpers out ♪

♪ Live to die in the gutter ♪

♪ Empty ivory towers ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ They pay no mind just to wind you up ♪

♪ Informed auto-suggestion ♪

♪ State-sanctioned assassination ♪

♪ How hate keeps passing on ♪

♪ This is how the hate keeps passing on ♪


♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ How the hate keeps passing on ♪

♪ This is how the hate keeps passing on ♪

Dembe! Dom's hit!

Okay. One more step.

That's it. All right, sit.

Something for his head.

There you go.

Single round to the chest.

Please tell me he has a hemostat.

How bad?

Some Quick Clot powder? Celox?

- I don't see any.
- Gauze?

Oh, the... the plastic.
Give me the package, too.

All right. Get him up.

How bad is it?

How bad?!

That's it.

They're here.

Gentlemen, it's over!

Go to hell!

Seems you may get there first.

Raymond, I told you I want answers,

which means I need him alive.

Send him out, and I'll have
no choice but to save his life.

We open it, she'll kill the three of us

and eventually kill him.

He may not make it anyway.

Then we fight.

Open the door, Raymond,

or my men shoot their way to you.

Raymond, this is my last warning!

Move up, move up!

- Clear!
- Clear!

Ressler, in here!

Dom? Dom, it's Elizabeth Keen.
Are you okay?

Elizabeth! It's us!

- Is it clear?
- It's clear!

Dom's hit. We need to get him help now.

That's it.

You have Reddington?

Yeah. Been through hell, but he's okay.

- Better than Rostova.
- Katarina?

No. Dominic... her father,
Keen's grandfather.

This, everything, it was
about getting information

on Katarina and the people hunting her.

Getting information for who?

Are we any closer to finding out
who hired Steinhil?

No, they were gone
by the time we got there.

And by the looks of things,
they came in guns blazing.

The nearest hospital's
in the opposite direction.

- Yes, it is.
- Then why are we going the wrong way?

Because we're not going to the hospital.

- What?
- What?

I'm sorry, but who are you?

He needs an operating room, a surgeon.

Yes, and I intend to get him
the best one available.

What if he dies before then?

He's a Rostov, Elizabeth.

If we take him to an emergency
room, questions will be asked,

questions he's not prepared to answer.

Please don't tell me she's the
nurse from the French hospital.

- She was very convincing.
- She was in on the con.

Yes, and now she's the best hope

your grandfather has to survive.

Dr. Stein and his team have
been alerted. They're en route.

Called Dembe on my way to Dom's,
and given my condition,

he felt it prudent to assemble
one of our triage cubes.

Turns out, it was.

- What's happening?!
- Tension pneumothorax.

Air's leaking out of the hole
into his pleural cavity.

We need to remove the seal,

or else the pressure's
gonna collapse his lungs.

It's not just air. He's bleeding
into his chest cavity.

We're losing him. How far out?!

Three minutes.

We're almost there.

So much to say.

And a lifetime left to say it.

GSW! White male, 80.
Sat-level... 76 and dropping.

Got it.

Hemopneumothorax. His lungs are drowning.

Which one of you is the surgeon?

- Doc's still in transit.
- ETA?

- Six minutes.
- He'll be dead in six minutes!

If we don't put a chest tube
in him in the next two,

both of his lungs will collapse.

- Then you do it.
- Me? I'm a field medic.

I don't care what you are.
Do you know how to do it?

- I've never done it before.
- Do you know how to do it?

Just do it. These people can
help you with whatever you need.

Do it!

...CO2 number.

♪ If they pull you under,
you're buried alive ♪

Knife. Doesn't matter
which one. Just pick one.

♪ Don't wait for an answer
'cause no one survived ♪

Seventh intercostal.

Give me the smallest ET tube you've got.

♪ It's force of habit ♪

♪ Take something from it ♪


♪ You called, it came ♪

♪ It's here to stay ♪



♪ These wounds don't heal ♪

♪ But they won't show ♪

♪ They've already been out there ♪

♪ They've been walking for miles ♪

Those questions you don't want asked,

well, I'm gonna ask them anyway.

Why don't we start with who did this.

Not now, Elizabeth.

Yes, now.

Someone out there thinks
Katarina Rostova is still alive,

and clearly they think you know
more than you're saying.

- That isn't a question.
- Who grabbed you in Paris?

Who tortured you?

Why is my grandfather
dying in a lumberyard?

My question is, what the hell happened?

You did. You and Agent Ressler.

Excuse me?

How many times have I told you?
Leave it alone.

I warned you. Even saying the name

Katarina Rostova has consequences,

and now you see.

Now you see what that name
will make others do.

These questions of yours
have gotten their attention,

and now they will crawl out of
whatever hole they were in,

and they will hurt whomever
they must just on the chance,

just on the notion that
she might still be alive.

"What happened?"


You raised an old ghost,

and that's why your grandfather
is dying in a lumberyard.

Reddington blamed you?

- He's not wrong.
- Of course he is.

None of this would've happened
if Ressler and I hadn't started

asking a lot of questions
he told us not to ask.

You wouldn't have had to ask them
if he'd been honest with you,

if he'd told you his real identity.

Have you decided whether
to tell Main Justice?

Not yet. But telling them
Reddington is really

a former KGB agent
whose name is Ilya Koslov

will cause a firestorm I have
no interest in dealing with.

What I am interested in
is you and making sure

you know that none of this is your fault.

Reddington wouldn't tell us
who abducted him.

And it's not like we can ask Steinhil

or whatever his real name was.

Aram's following up with the M.E.

If we can identify the body,

maybe we can work backward from there.

In the meantime, I've assigned
a security detail

to your apartment.

You think that's really necessary?

We don't know who took Reddington,

but she's asking about your mother

and has shown that
she's willing to go after

anyone who may know about her,

so, yes, I think it's necessary.

I'm sorry my family is so...


Katarina Rostova is your relative.

We're your family.

And we're not gonna let
anything happen to you.

- Sir.
- Agent Mojtabai.

- Something wrong?
- Definitely.

I did what you said and followed up with

the Medical Examiner's Office,

and they didn't know
what I was talking about.

They don't have Steinhil.
I mean, they never even got him.

Apparently, the call we made requesting

they respond to the scene was canceled.

Canceled by who? Well, the log says by

Special Agent Gerald Host.

G. Host, as in...


I've been trying to decide
what to do about you.

I suppose by warning us,
you saved our lives,

but you're also a large part

of the reason our lives needed saving.

The things you've done...

I've killed others for less.

I appreciate what you did for Dom.

It's the reason you're still alive.

But to be clear,

it does not make us even.

Why didn't the FBI arrest you?

I intend to find the woman who did this.

You're number one on their list,
and they just let you go.

Perhaps you can help me find her.

Perhaps not. Time will tell.

But until we are even,

you're not going anywhere.

If you don't mind me asking...

how's he doing?

We don't know if his brain
was deprived of oxygen,

and if so, for how long.

If he ever does wake up,
he may not be himself anymore.

I didn't realize you two were close.


I've known Dom a long time.

Most of it's been...


Still, something happens when you've...

when you've known someone that long,

when, after all of life's
twists and turns... look over and there they are,

still in it with you, still...


I'm sorry my questions caused all this.

But they are questions
I deserve answers to.

Maybe not now.

Now it's too dangerous.

But someday, I'm going to
insist on answers.

And you're going to
have to give them to me.

When he gets better, you
should bring Agnes to meet him.

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

If we don't leave here
in two minutes, Agnes,

you're definitely
gonna be late for the bell.

Wait! My headband!

Ears or no ears?


Mom, that's not Mrs. Monzewski, right?

Oh, my goodness! I love those ears!

Uh, hello.

I'm Liz. This is Agnes.

Maddy Tolliver. Your new neighbor.

It's funny. Mrs. Monzewski's
lived there forever.

I didn't know she was thinking of moving.

She didn't. I'm just subletting.

It all happened very quickly.

The woman who showed me
the apartment said something

about her going to Pittsburgh for a while

to be closer to her grandson.

You're pretty.

Thank you, sweetie! So are you!

You remind me of my granddaughter.

We have to run, but it was
nice meeting you.

So nice to meet you both.

I'm sure we'll be seeing
more of each other.