The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 18 - Roy Cain - full transcript

As the Task Force investigates a kidnapping executed by seemingly impossible abductors, Dembe lands in a perilous situation. Meanwhile, a recent health scare causes Red to think about a successor.

Previously on "The Blacklist"...

I found something.

A fingerprint on the corner
of the imam's desk.

Belongs to a man who's been
in prison for 15 years.

Arturo Ruel.

- About my chart.
- I didn't look at it.

I'd appreciate if you didn't mention

anything about it to Elizabeth.

Who are you?

How about you let me ask the questions?


Why do you trust
the words of men so faithfully.

They weren't mere men.
They were prophets.

They gave us the word of Allah.

How do you know Allah has anything to do

with what's in that book?


I'm also a person of faith.

I have faith in myself.

Faith in false prophets

is worse than no faith at all.

We're both innocents.

Caught in someone else's web of deceit.

Raymond Reddington's.

How could you know that?

The same way I know who you are.


You're his father confessor.

Which is why I will
‭never betray his confidence.

Even to save my life.

I don't know how to do that.

No. But Dembe does.

- And if he's confided in you...
- I am bound to secrecy.

Even if it kills me.
That's what your faith requires.

My faith requires me to pray for you.

Your faith is a death sentence!

Why should I honor your faith
if it doesn't honor me?

You honor faith because
without it, you are lost.

Is Dembe faithful?

He is.

I wonder.

Clearly the prospect of my death
doesn't shake your faith.

How about we see if the prospect
of yours shakes his.

Why don't you pray on that?

Vitals are... okay.


You need an MRI as well as a CT-scan.


Hey. Are you listening?

Maybe you can get him
to listen to reason.

That's unlikely, but I will try.

Try hard.

His life depends on it.

What? Everyone knows wine is dehydrating.

If you won't get help for yourself...

Sakiya. Did she find something?

...then get it
‭for the people who love you.

Does she have a lead?

She does.

But it makes no sense.

We were wrong. I was wrong.

Imam Asmal was not abducted by extremists

or because he's involved with extremists.

Dembe knew that,
and I ignored his counsel.

I can only hope that won't
prove to be a fatal mistake.

You say you have a lead.

One of my cleaners went back
over the scene of the abduction,

and she lifted DNA from

a fingerprint she found
on the imam's desk.

Aram, if you would be so kind.

Meet Arturo Ruel.

His résumé includes two stints at Wallens

for carrying out targeted kidnappings

in the US and Mexico.

What's his connection to the imam?

- None.
- ‭We can circle back to the why

after we figure out the how.

The two stretches at Wallens?

He's doing one of them right now.

Ruel is in prison. In complete isolation.

It does provide us

with quite an engaging riddle.

Maybe the print
‭was planted to throw us off.

Why plant a print that belongs to a man

who has an ironclad alibi?

Yes, I love a good locked-door mystery!

Where the victim is killed inside a room

- no one has access to.
- This is one better...

the criminal is inside a room
no one can get out of.

Ressler, Keen, get over to Wallens.

I'll reach out to the warden,

let him know you're coming
to speak with Ruel.

I'd like a list of all the prisoners

who have been housed there
in the last six months.

Ruel may not have had
a connection to Imam Asmal,

but perhaps someone else does.

Consider it done.

‭How is this even possible?

That's exactly what
we're trying to figure out.

- And you're sure it's his DNA?
- Without a doubt.

Arturo Ruel has spent the last
three years in isolation.

He's 23/7... he don't talk,
he don't see the sun,

he's like a vampire.

His DNA would suggest otherwise.

Maybe he was framed.

For all we know, he morphed into a bat

and he flew to the crime scene,

but we're not gonna know for sure

until we talk to Ruel himself.

Well then, by all means,

let's go get the little critter
out of his cave.

Mr. Ruel, thank you
for agreeing to speak with us.

Who says I'm talking?

I'm here for the view.

Yeah, I know I'm pretty,
but you're not my type.

So how about you tell us
why we found your print

at a crime scene less than 48 hours ago?

Don't know.

What'd I do?

I don't think you did anything.

I think you were in that
little concrete box of yours.

So I'm free to go, no?

You're free to be charged
with kidnapping.

And depending on where the victim is,

and what condition he's in,
you could be looking at

anything from assault to murder
by the time we're through.

Well, put it on my tab.

So why don't you
just tell us who set you up?

May I?

Tell you what.

This is my agent in Tepito.

Call and ask why his cartel

is letting me rot here in the States.

Once he answers that,

well, I'll tell you
whatever you wanna know

about my prints and wherever
you think they were found.

But until then, well...

...tuck tail and go.

‭He can laugh all he wants,
but the kid's gonna help.

Why do you say that?

It seems like our friend Ruel

knows how to get through a locked door.

Trial started two weeks ago.

I thought our people would have
it taken care of by now.

Tell me about the girl.

Case rests on her testimony.

She saw it happen.

State plans to call her up
first thing Monday.

- Not enough time.
- I understand that.

And I was under
‭the impression that we could

handle this on our own,
but that's not the case.

This lady, her testimony, it's
about a lot more than a murder.

- Who's the kid?
- Collateral damage.

They're keeping the two of them
at a federal safe house.

Heavily guarded.

- It's too fast.
- ‭Which is why I came to you.

I got less than 48 hours.

I have it on good authority
that doesn't matter.

I heard you have access to people...

people with special skills

who can help
‭in short situations like this.

Can you do that or not?

You and I need to talk money,

but, yeah...
‭we can take care of the lady.

First we take care of the money.

A list of prisoners
in and out of Wallens Ridge

in the last year.

Hmm. ‭Where are you on Arturo Ruel?

He's willing to talk.
We're working on immunity now.

- New hangout?
- The chef is a friend.

He needed an investor,

and I need
‭his pumpkin pepper vichyssoise.

You bought a restaurant
so you could eat vichyssoise?

I bought a restaurant because I can.

A privilege you will soon enjoy.

I don't like vichyssoise.

Plus the name is terrible.

It sounds like a Nazi collaborator.

Chicken soup then.

Lobster bisque.

Whatever you'd like
wherever you'd like it.

As soon as ‭the transition is complete.

- What transition?
- ‭Of assets.

From me to you.

I think it's almost time.

Yeah, that's not happening.

There are quite a few people
to be taken care of.

Dembe and others.

It's a fairly substantial list,
but arrangements have been made.

Protocols put in place.

Most things
‭will take care of themselves.

But there are a lot of assets.

Billions of assets.

Of which, to a great degree,
you'll be in control.

Of a criminal empire?

I'm an FBI agent!

You're also the daughter
of Katarina Rostova.

Believe me,
‭it's not what I had hoped for,

or what I had planned for.

But as the good book says, man plans.

- God laughs.
- If it's not what you plan, why do it?

What changed?

Destiny. Fate.

Me. You.

Marvin Gerard.

Your lawyer. He's at Wallens?

Got out three months ago.

Haven't spoken since.

Perhaps it's time to mend that fence.

- I got your message, what's going on?
- Situation with Ruel.

- No, Ruel kept his mouth shut.
- That's what I thought.

But we caught this on surveillance.

Talk to the boys.

Take care of it.

Marvin, nobody abandoned you.

I went to prison.

You were in prison ‭before
I broke you out of prison

to come work for me.

The only reason you were walking free

is because I got you out.

Three years, Raymond.

Three years I'll never get back.

Marvin, ‭what do you want me to say?

Becky hit menopause
‭while I was in that bird cage.

We wanted kids, but if you must know,

I had performance anxiety
during our conjugal visits.

Do you have any more Fun Foam Putty?

I need it in blue.

Uh, all of our Fun Foam Putty
is at the end of that aisle.

- Yeah, I didn't see blue.
- Then we're out.

You wanna check in the back?

No, I don't want to check
in the back, ma'am.

I just told you
it's at the end of the aisle.

If you don't see it, we're either out

or you're not looking hard enough.

‭Marvin, listen,

you went to prison,
you kept my relationship

with the Task Force to yourself.

I appreciate that. I am in your debt.

Is that why you're here?

No. I'm here because I need information

about the prison where you served.

Wallens Ridge, something's
happening inside those walls,

- and I need to...
- I'm afraid I gotta stop you

right there, pal.

I can't assist you.

- Why not?
- ‭Because I am working in a toy store!

I'll give you money. Whatever you need.

This isn't about money,
it's about my law license.

When they locked me up, I was disbarred.

I've served my time, petitioned
the state to be reinstated,

and passed the exam...

but the DC Office of Disciplinary Counsel

is opposing my application on the grounds

that I don't possess the
moral character to practice law.

You're a lawyer. What the
hell does moral character

have to do with anything?

Tell me about it.

But this guy... Paul Wynn is his name...

he's a real prick.

And he's the one guy who gets to decide

if I pass the ethics review
and get my license back.

Marvin, I'd love to help you,
and I will, but this...

I'm putting my foot down.

You're holding me hostage.

It's called a negotiation.

You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Just talk to this guy.

Try and move the needle.

You want me to threaten
the Disciplinary Counsel

so he'll certify your moral fortitude.

Sounds about right.

Code Three, Code Three! Everybody down!

Code Three, Code Three! Everybody down!

Code Three, Code Three!

Call it in. We've got one stabbed.

Hold on, he's been stabbed? Stabbed when?

Just now. I don't know...
We're just getting word.

- Any idea his condition?
- You know as much as I do.

Sir, CRT has commands. What do
you want to do with the A and B blocks?

Lock 'em down. If C's clear,
get the medics in now.

All due respect, sir,
this is a federal investigation.

We're gonna need
‭to assist you in questioning

any of the inmates or prison staff.

Fantastic. You can have access
to anyone you want.

I want the truth as much as you do,

but right now,
‭I got a prison to lock down.

Look at you.

Look. At. You.

Hey! ‭Al.

Good to see you.

Dembe. How are things?

Ah, better for seeing you.

How long has it been?
Must be close to a year.

That dinner at Le Coucou.

- The red deer and chestnuts.
- And the crepe suzette.

The crepe suzette.

And that fantastic, crazy bassist

from Dizzy's
‭with the shoes and the hair!

- Oh, my God, what a night!
- What a morning.

Ah, honestly, Al, our schedules
couldn't be more out of sync.

Imagine the trouble we'd find
if you could stay up past nine?

You are the devil on my shoulder, Ray.

What... What's going on?

I... I came as soon
as I got Dembe's text.

I'm in ‭a bit of a sticky wicket.

- The Bulgarians?
- ‭No.

This time it's a friend. A lawyer...

Well, he was a lawyer.
You remember Marvin Gerard?

How could I forget Marvin Gerard?

Oh, my gosh, those Hawaiian shirts.

And his voice...
‭they were louder the shirt.

I know, I know.

Ah, so is he okay?

- Eh, you know, he...
- Hello?

Indiana Avenue between 2nd and 3rd.

One hour or he dies.

How do I know he's not dead already?

I'm looking for information.

He wouldn't give it to me.

I'm betting that
‭to save his life, you will.

- Let me talk to him.
- If I see Reddington,

if he's involved in this in any way,

the imam dies whether or not you
tell me what I want to know.

- Understood?
- Understood.

Please don't let your imam down.

I've grown quite fond of him.

Arturo Ruel was murdered.

Do you know anything about that?

- I don't know.
- Don't know or can't say?

Can't say if I know or not.

Your cell is next to Ruel's.

Any idea how his fingerprint

ended up at a crime scene
over 20 miles away?

You're asking the wrong guy.

When it comes to fingerprints,
I'm not expert.

Imam Sadiq Asmal. Ring any bells?

I'm a Buddhist.

Ruel ever mention anything
about Muslims to you?

You're a hacker. Banks.
Insurance companies.

I am a security consultant
only in reverse.

An insecurity consultant.

And Ruel works in K&R.

Only instead of getting
people back, he took them.

Cool. Maybe I should check
his Linkedln page.

- You're both known criminals.
- A getaway driver.

An explosives expert.

Glorified leg-breaker.
And yet you're in isolation.

- What's your point?
- My point is

people with rap sheets like yours

don't usually end up
in the isolation cell block.

And yet here you are.

Why is that?

I'm just not a people person.

It's weird, right, the records
of the inmates we spoke to.

They didn't merit isolation.

Could be the warden
uses the isolated block

to get them to toe the line.

I mean, it explains
why they wouldn't talk.

Didn't wanna cause any trouble.

Hmm, could be. But trouble for whom?

Who are they protecting?

Maybe Gerard knows.

I mean, if that mouthpiece
knows anything,

Reddington'll get him to blow.

Reddington wants to hand down
his empire to me.

You seem surprised.

What did you think, he was just
gonna give it to charity?

I didn't think about it,
and I'm not going to accept it,

but it's a little odd
that he would bring it up now.

He found out I hired a PI
to shadow Ilya Koslov.

So he knows that you know
that's not his real identity.

Yeah, and instead of
confronting me about it,

he decided to try and hand down
the keys to his kingdom,

and there's got to be a reason.

What about mortality?

His life is always in mortal danger.

Yeah, from criminals who don't scare him.

But this is different.

What do you know?

You remember when Reddington
reconnected with Spalding Stark?

You haven't mentioned
my blood panel results.

- You've been too busy.
- Yeah.

You said that was
‭for an investment purpose.

I told you ‭what he asked me to tell you.

But the truth is,
when I was in Stark's lab,

I saw Reddington's medical file.

- What did it say?
- I didn't read it.

But it was ‭the size of a telephone book,

and clearly he didn't want me
to see what was in it.

I let it go, but if he's
thinking about his successor,

my guess is that's why.

Paul can be a prickly guy,

but... but he's a good man.

As is Marvin. ‭Prickly, and a good man.

Paul's smart as a whip.

I haven't been with him that long,

but I don't want to lose him as a lawyer.

Guy's a shark.

You won't lose him. Trust me.

He doesn't wanna lose you as a client.

Oh, speak of the devil. Excuse me.


I should go, Raymond.

Chuck and Morgan will cover
while I check on imam's wife.

- She seemed worried.
- Of course, take your time.

Tell her we're doing everything we can.

Paul, I... I'd like you to
meet Ray and his friend Marvin.

- What the hell's this?
- A meeting of the minds.

- Why is he here?
- You know Marvin, you know why he's here.

It's about his license to practice.

- That's never gonna happen.
- Think again, you evergreen dip spit.

- The hell'd you just call me?
- You heard me, counselor.

I swear to God I'll have
your nuts in a Cheerio.

- Really?
- ‭Okay, all right,

everybody just calm down.

Look, Paul, like it or not,
Ray is a friend.

A dear friend.

And you get to decide
if his friend Marvin

gets his law license back.

- Al, come on.
- Not here.

Okay, all right, just hold on a minute.

Let's sit down, let's listen.

Mr. Wynn, say what you will
about Marvin Gerard,

and God knows there's a lot to say.

But the man has suffered a great
deal of hardship in his life,

and through it all,
he has remained resolute

in his advocacy for
and dedication to his clients.

His principles and sense of justice

have always remained intact.

Now, his personality, his demeanor,

that's another subject entirely.

That being said, Paul,
you're the Disciplinary Counsel.

You run the ethics committee.

So let me pose an ethical question...

is it so wrong to reinstate a man

with a questionable character
in exchange for, say,

keeping a client
with an unquestionable one?

You wouldn't leave me.

Reinstate him or I'll walk

and take my guaranteed contact with me.

You wouldn't.

Oh, dear.

Listen, for what it's worth,

I once lost a bundle to Al

thinking he was bluffing during
a hand of seven card stud.

He has the sweetest,
most child-like face,

but my guy Al is as serious
as a heart attack.

But please, ‭don't take my word for it.

Talk it over with your client.

See what's happening
in his neck of the woods.

I understand the committee
is meeting this afternoon.

Get in.

Harold, are you there?

- We're here.
- Ha!

So, I'm here with an old friend

who may have some helpful intel

about Arturo Ruel
and his mysterious fingerprint.

More of a hunch, really.

Is that Marvin Gerard?

Aren't you supposed to be in lockup?

- Hello, Agent Keen.
- Who's Marvin Gerard?

Let me start by saying
I have no conventional proof,

but I suspect Ruel's fingerprint
wasn't lifted or moved,

but ended up
‭in the office of Dembe's imam

because Ruel was there in person.

How's that possible?
Someone let him out of prison?

I won't pretend to know the details...

I was in an entirely different
cell block.

But people like to talk in prison,

and what they say is that in this prison,

there is a small,
‭but trusted group of inmates

who get special favors.

Well, that's true for every prison.

Yes, but in Wallens,

the warden frequently puts his
favorite inmates in isolation

just for looking ‭at
someone the wrong way.

Why would he do that?

Well, there's no better alibi
than being in isolation.

It only requires
‭a small crew "on the take"

to say you're there when you're not.

And the leader on this crew
is Vincent Martin.

Longtime prison guard and
warden Cain's right hand man.

You believe they're putting
inmates into isolation

so they can let them out
to commit crimes?

Well, what Marvin is suggesting
is that something fishy

is going on at Wallens Ridge,

so if we're trying to understand

how the DNA of an incarcerated man

ended up at a new crime scene
while he was in jail,

we need to start
by looking at Vincent Martin.

He's the one ultimately responsible

for the vanishing of Imam Asmal.

I'm telling you, dollars to donuts,

this guy is up to something,
and it's not good.

Aram, pull what we have on Martin.

Keen, Park, get eyes on him.

Let's see where he might take us.

That's the guard? Martin?

Yeah, that's him all right.

Where's he going? His shift
doesn't end for four more hours.

No idea, but that's
what we're gonna find out.

What do you think?

I don't know.

Call it in, see if Aram
can give us any details.

- Where are you going?
- For a closer look.

It's them. The inmates from
Wallens... guys we interrogated.

- Heavily armed.
- ‭Armed for what?

Okay, Agent Keen,

the address you gave me
isn't in the system.

- It's an unknown.
- Aram, we need to roll units here now.

- The inmates...
- Inmates? Wait...

From Wallens. They're on site

with enough military grade
equipment to start a war.

No lights or sirens,
have 'em set up a two block...

- Whoa! Hang on.
- Hang on? Why? What's going on?

Aram, they're on the move.

Get units here now. We're in pursuit.

Sir, Marvin Gerard was right.

Evidently, Martin smuggled
several inmates out of Wallens.

They're heavily armed and on the move.

- On the move where?
- That's unclear.

Roll assets their way.

What the hell are they doing?

I got the ones with the ladder.

Aram? 2318 Central Ave.

Four unsubs. All armed.

Okay, I have units en route.

I got something else...
a car with government plates.

Surveillance. This could be a sting.

DC plates...


Copy. Part of the Marshals' fleet.

- You think that's...
- It's a protective detail.

Reach out and see what you
can find out about operations.

Whatever's about to happens here
is gonna happen fast.


Cameras are down.

Copy that. Here we go.

All right, we're in place.

45 seconds. Go. Go.

Don't even think about it.

Agent Keen. I just hung
up with the Marshals,

and they're holding a witness
named Sarah Wims.

Now, she's the lead witness
in a murder trial

and is being held next door
to the address you gave me.

- Next door? ‭
- Marshals are getting word

to their teams now
and has units on their way.

FBI! Stop right there!

- Freeze!
- Get to the target!

The park is literally across the street.

Maybe just 20 minutes?

The building next door is
housing a witness... Sarah Wims.

- That's the target.
- What?

What do you mean next...

- What was that? What was that?!
- Get in the bedroom.

Stay and don't come out.

Shots fired! We need help!

We have shots fired.

Notify base and seal the perim...

Please. No.

Please don't. Stop!

FBI! Hands!

Drop your weapon.

You okay?

It's over.

- Thank you.
- It's gonna be okay.

- Thank you.
- I promise.

Hello, Mr. Zuma.

It's time to find out
with whom your loyalties lie.

Tell me how it worked.

We're given targets.

- We?
- ‭Yeah.

Me, Waats, Fingers, and, uh, Cisco.

Who gave you these targets?

Was it the guard... Martin?

Did he let you ‭in and out of the prison?

Tell me about today's target. Sarah Wims.

We don't get names. Or reasons.

- Just targets.
- ‭And she was an extraordinary target.

No one would blame you
if you chose not to testify.

After this,

nothing could keep me from testifying.

She'd agreed to testify
against the Doyle gang.

Mobsters who traffic heroin and cocaine.

Imam Sadiq Asmal.

I told you. I don't know names.

You took him from his mosque.
We need to know where he is.

I don't know.

Well, who does?

Martin? Does he know?

They take care of my family.

All our families.

They look out for us.

Right now, I'm the only one
looking out for you.

And I can't do that unless
you give me a reason to.

Like a name.

It went sideways.

- How?
- The FBI, that's how.

Calm down.

We got to Ruel
‭before he could say anything.

They got Tank. The others escaped.

Tell the others ‭to go to the safe house.

I'll meet them there.
You get back to the prison.

Discover the jail-break, issue a BOLO.

Follow protocol.

It's the warden.

The inmates he puts in isolation,

he takes care of their families.

And they take care of him.

He's the man with the key
to the locked-room.

He tells them what to do,
and it's very need-to-know.

And they don't know where the imam is?

No. They don't.

We're clear then.

You know the information I'm looking for

and what will happen
if you refuse to give it.

- Yes. ‭
- Talk it over ‭

with your spiritual advisor.

After all...

it's his life that hangs in the balance.

Are you hurt?

Only by the thought that you could be.

You are devoted to two men

and are being forced
to betray one for the other.

A man's life is more important
than a man's secrets.

Some lives are built on secrets.

And when they are revealed...

the life they're built on ends as well.

Are you trying to confuse me?

I'm trying to help you see
there is no easy answer.

That either choice carries a burden

I wish with my whole heart
that you didn't have to carry.

If I let you die to save Raymond's soul,

how will I ever save my own?

This is not your fault.


Do you hear me, son?

You are not to blame.

You are not to blame.

You are not to blame.

You are not to blame.

What are we doing here?

We're doing what we're told to do.

The op was blown.

The warden will take care of us.
He always has.

The warden has got no juice
left after this.

- What do you say we should do?
- We're escaped prisoners.

- I say we escape.
- That's one option.

I'm not going back.

No, you're not.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

We're on your side.
All right? We're a team.

We were.

A damn good team.

My doctor told me to stay
away from grapefruit juice.

- Who are you?
- ‭He said something about statins

and how grapefruit affects
the metabolic this or that,

I don't know.

But whatever the risk,
ruby red is worth it.

Please, sit.


My name is Raymond Reddington,

and as a general rule,
innovative is not a word

I would use ‭to describe a prison warden.

The indignities that the men
in your charge are subjected to

are cruel and often inhumane.

But you...

you found a way
‭to monetize that cruelty.

I imagine your clients pay top dollar

for you to commit the perfect
crime on their behalf.

Street crimes using men
who are off the street.

I'm curious how you landed on the idea.

The light-bulb moment.

I love hearing about light-bulb moments.

Do tell.

That's an order, not a request.

I inherited the business from my daddy

and his daddy before him.

My great-great grandpa
used to catch freed Blacks

and lock 'em up down in Angola.

Then he'd lease 'em out
to the highest bidder.

They'd work people's fields, timber.

There's no reforming 'em.

They come through my gates,
they ain't people.

They're broken.

Might as well put 'em to some use.

I guess that just about
says it all, doesn't it?

Imam Asmal.

Who hired you to abduct him?

Time is of the essence.

Her name is Maddy Tolliver.

Think again.

About what?

- You asked me who...
- Maddy Tolliver is dead.

She wasn't dead two weeks ago.

I swear to God she wasn't.

Where did she have you deliver him?

If I tell you that,
are you gonna let me go?


I see you've prayed on your decision.

Release him,

and I will tell you
what you want to know.

Let's record this
‭for the world to see, shall we?

I need an answer.

I'm not waiting.

Ma'am, you gotta go. Right now.

He sold you out.

Where is she?

Did you hear what I said?

He talked.

No, he didn't.

If he had, they'd be dead already.

- I got him.
- You're not going after her.

I'm here to make sure of that.

You got him?

We're just gonna stay here
and have a nice chat.

Did you tell her anything?


But I was going to.

Got the call a couple hours ago.

It's two gunshot wounds
to the torso at close range,

based on the GSR and the stippling.

That's him. I'll call off the hunt.

We're almost done here.

I'll get the autopsy filed

to your Task Force by this time tomorrow.

Sir, just got off with the DA.

Sarah Wims testified.

Looks like guilty on all counts.

And the man who contracted the warden?

Colin Anglim.

You're under arrest for the
attempted murder of Sarah Wims.

Sarah who? Like I'm supposed to
know who that...

It was in Warden Cain's ledger.

Which is good, since he's not
around to tell us about it.

The warden's dead.

His ledger gives us
the people who hired him

and Imam Asmal was safe.

I think we can close the books on this.

Well, ‭I looked over the ledger,

and it gives us every name but one.

The person who hired him
to take the imam.

And the imam won't say.
I spoke with him myself.

He says it's a private matter
between him and a congregant.

I've missed you.


You think he had a binary choice.

I think he had no choice at all.

We always have a choice.


If you have situational ethics.

He doesn't.
‭There is a right and a wrong.

And you were right, and I was wrong.

You and I were...

irrelevant to his struggle
for spiritual discipline.

Dembe and I have done this dance before.

I made it clear
‭there wouldn't be an encore.

Jihad doesn't start and stop.

It is constant.

For him. For me.

And for you.

What do you know of my struggle?

I know we all have one.

Every day.

Today, my struggle was whether to

tell the FBI who had abducted me.

Tomorrow it will be why I didn't.

Dembe asked you not to.

Yes, he did.

He left me no choice.

Whether I liked it or not.

Dembe's imam.

Was that really necessary?

You mean he's not in the game.

- A bystander.
- I mean was it necessary.

In the situation I'm in,

in the situation Reddington put me in,

there are no bystanders.

Does he know?

That you're alive?

He does now.

‭I don't know what you did,

but whatever it was... thank you.

Thanks can wait.

I need you to do something for me.

Um, thanks cannot wait.

I was about to be disbarred.

One conversation with you

and I'm suddenly
‭a paragon of legal ethics.

You're welcome.

You're going after
the people I care about.

I'm not going after them.
I'm giving them a choice.

Dembe made the right one.

If it comes down to it, one day,
I hope you will, too.

I thought I already had.

You did. And it saved me.

It's about my will and my various trusts.

Seeing as how
‭she's the primary beneficiary,

I'd like you to set aside a time
to review them with Elizabeth.

You're giving a cop
the keys to your kingdom.


But there will be...

more choices for you to make.

- Between you and him.
- Why do it?

Because where she's going,
she'll need it.

And where, pray tell,
is our plucky heroine going?

To a very dark and dangerous place.

I don't think one of us can live
while the other survives.

She doesn't see it, or can't accept it,

but her path is undeniable.

You make it sound like she has no choice.

What did you say?

I said you make it sound like
she has no choice.

I guess that is what I'm saying.

Sometimes there is no choice.

And I think the outcome is in your hands.