The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 13 - Newton Purcell - full transcript

The Task Force investigates a series of attacks on data centers perpetrated by a blacklister with a peculiar condition, as Liz conducts a secret investigation on the side. Meanwhile, Glen ...

We weren't expecting you.

Beg your pardon?

I said, we weren't
expecting you for another few hours.

Y'all got quite the pull
in this town.

- Boss called me at home.
- Well, I'm glad he did.

With the power out, generators
are running the server,

but they won't keep up
for long.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Which way
is the server room?

This way.

Here it is.

I'll be back to check on you
in a few.

Figure it out yet?

Yeah. Uh, should be ready
in just a minute.

Oh, all right.

- Uh, what was the problem?
- See for yourself.

Hey! Come on!
Open the door!

Let me out!
Come on! Let me out!

Now may seem like an odd time
to mention it,

but the men in my family
have a low sperm count.

You're right.
That does seem odd.

When I'm 10,000 feet
off the ground,

- that's what I think about.
- Your sperm count?

And, uh, before I die,

I'd like
to have kids.


Look, no one wants to hear more
about your sperm count than me,

but we're over
the jump zone.

What? Oh. Okay.

Do you, uh...
Do you want to have kids?

Of course, but I've accepted
that might not happen.

But you deserve
to be happy.

I was the only one
Charles recognized,

but after
this last incident,

he... He can't even
do that anymore.

But I can't leave him,
no matter how much I want to.

Is that out of, um,
you know, guilt

or obligation
or lifestyle?

- No, it's not guilt or obligation.
- Oh. Oh, gosh.

And it's certainly
not lifestyle.

I mean, we don't have
a prenup or anything.

It's just... You know,
it's the right thing to do.

Oh, of course. So,
um, where does that...

Uh, where does that leave you
and... And me and...

Well, I hope
it leaves us together.

Ahhh! Ahhh!

This is a bad idea!

Of course it is!
That's why we're doing it!

- Ahhh!
- Whoo!


No, it doesn't work. I can't.
Because I can't!

- What about dinner?
- I told you I'm busy.

- Drinks?
- Glen, what the hell's going on?

Um, it's probably best
if we discuss it face-to-face.

Discuss what?
What's happened?

You know what?

Truth is, my day's
pretty wall to wall.

I got
the Digimarc tech here,

Phyllis is out
with a stomach bug...

Something to do
with raw butter.

point is, this can wait.

I have a sinking feeling
it can't.

I'll be there
within the hour.

Everything okay?

It's a little unclear.
I'll get right to it.

Three weeks ago,
there was an explosion

at a data center
in Virginia.

Last night, a data center
owned by the same company

- was attacked in Maryland.
- Optimus.

From what I understand,
their servers store NSA data.

So naturally,
the FBI will assume

they were targeted
by some foreign entity

looking for
classified intel.

That makes total sense
to me,

which is why I'm certain
you'll completely disagree.

I'm a contrarian by necessity,
not by choice.

If people were wrong less often,
my life would be much easier.

And considerably
less smug.

My sources
have ruled out

Tehran, Beijing,
Moscow, P'yongyang.

Dollars to doughnuts,
this was a domestic affair.

- An anti-government group.
- Some extremist group

against the government,
in favor of more privacy.

I don't know.

But whoever they are
and whatever they're after,

it appears they won't stop
until they get it.

Optimus is the largest data
storage company in the country.

They contract with
Fortune 500 companies

and government agencies,
including DOD, CIA, and NSA.

Sorry I'm late. I was
jumping out of an airplane.

Really. Uh, skydiving.

Have, uh, any of you
ever done it?

It's, um, insane.

Your enthusiasm
is duly noted,

as is your tardiness.

- Agent Park?
- The police report indicates

that three people died
in last night's blast

that shut down
their backup generators.

Optimus was running
on backups

because their power
had been knocked out.

What do we know
about the outage?

Culpeper Electric
was alerted by Optimus.

But a crew didn't arrive
until after the explosion.

And the DOD stores highly
classified information there.

Hard to think
that's a coincidence.

Reddington would say it is.

He thinks we're looking at
a domestic threat.

assuming he's right,

we could be looking at
corporate sabotage.

Optimus has been taking over
more and more market share.

Maybe one of its competitors
got desperate.

There's also
the privacy angle.

Optimus collects metadata
on citizens

whether they like it
or not.

Ressler, Park,
go to Optimus.

See what they could tell us
about the latest attack.

They have 50 data centers
across the country.

We don't find those responsible,
any one of them could be next.

- Anything wrong?
- No.

I just, uh, had a friend
helping me find something,

and he's having a hard time
doing it.


Need a jump?

Uh, yeah,
if you don't mind.

Yeah, pop the hood.
I'll grab my cables.


What the...
The battery is g...

What do you mean the Tokyo
shipment didn't go as planned?

It got sort of

- How?
- Clerical error.

Someone transposed two digits
on the VIN number,

typed an "O" instead of a zero.
Simple mistake.

Could have happened
to anyone, really.

So the vehicle's
not in Houston?

It's in Scranton.

Which is
considerably closer.

- Glen, we talked about this. You wanted an assignment.
- We did.

I did, but this...
I can fix this.

- It's a bump in the road.
- My guy in Tokyo did his job.

That vehicle came off the line,
factory-built and shipped.

Approved by customs.
It cleared the port.

I can go to Scranton,
get the truck.

All you had to do

was make sure it was routed
to the dealership in Houston

so you could buy it
with the money I gave you!

I'm already
looking at flights!

Glen, look at me.
Do you understand?

That truck
isn't just a truck.

It's a test balloon
carrying a shipment

of black market tritium
valued at over $12 million.

If this shipment
goes right,

I land a contract that will
pay dividends for years.

If it goes south,
I can't begin to tell you

how badly things go
for everyone involved,

starting with
present company.

Aye, chillax.
I'll handle it.

Oh, yes.
You're gonna handle it, all right.

You're gonna get on
the next flight to Scranton,

walk into that dealership,
buy the damn truck,

and get it here
by Tuesday

before my buyer
is any the wiser.

Am I clear?

Truck. Two days.

Here by Tuesday.

Might I ask
one question?

This may seem like a reach,
all things considered,

but would you be comfortable
with me flying business class,

you know, for my back?

You have two days.

Okay, so you know
how Culpeper said

its crew didn't arrive until
hours after the explosion?

According to Optimus,
there was a truck there within minutes.

- Why is that relevant?
- Because the truck that showed up,

Culpeper reported it stolen
three weeks ago.

We pulled CCTV feeds
from a nearby business.

It shows the van approaching
the Optimus facility

just after
the power went out.

Okay, so whoever did
this cut the power on purpose,

showed up in a stolen truck
to fix it,

and then got waved in
like a Trojan horse.

I see plates.
Did you run a BOLO?

We were about to. But first,
we wanted to give you this.

From Optimus.

The information
that was stolen

was backed up
onto that hard drive.

Now, we don't know
who stole the data yet,

but once you go through it,
we may know why.

If you need to
deal with it,

whatever it is
you're looking for...

I do, but I-I can go through
the data first.

Let me know
what you find.

Okay, where do you
want to start?

Would you have stayed with Tom
if he didn't want children?

So that's where
you want to start?

I want to stay with Elodie, but I also
want a relationship with a future.


You know what?
Forget it. Here.

You know, as I recall,
Samar didn't want kids, either.

Elodie wants kids,
but they can't have any.

And... Samar
was different.

They are different,
but you're the same.

I just don't think
it's a coincidence

you've fallen in love with two
women who don't want children.

So you think my being
with Samar and Elodie

means I don't
want children?

What I think is
you think too much.

And if you're meant
to be with someone,

all that matters
is that you are.

Ah, there you are.

We came
as soon as we could.

Oh, my.
I do like that coat.

- Merino or cashmere?
- Looks like alpaca.

That does not
look like alpaca.

- It's vicuna.
- Ah, yes.

What's going on?
Is there a problem with Houston?

Oh, heavens no. A slight delay is all.

My people at the port decided
to take extra precautions,

which is what you pay me for,

to get your product here
without incident.

- But we're still on for Tuesday?
- It's him.

Oh, speak of the devil.
My man in Houston.

Please excuse me.
Do you have it?

Sort of. Uh, there's been
a bit of a development.

Oh, my God, Glen. Is the truck
there in Scranton or not?

It's here,
but it's not for sale.

- Was it sold? What happened?
- It's complicated.

Well, uncomplicate it for me.
Explain it to me like I'm a fourth grader.

Yeah, well, as is turns out,
Big John's Auto here in Scranton

has a competition every year,
sort of a promotional event

where they
give away a truck.

They call it
Hands On a Hardbody.

These nutters
gather around the vehicle,

standing as long as they can,
day and night,

one hand on the truck to see
who can last the longest.

The last one left standing
wins the truck.

- It really is a test of endurance.
- This isn't happening.

I'm only 30 hours deep,
and I've already seen four people drop.

I'm telling you, it's a real...

- Oh, hey. Got to go.
- No, wait. Glen.

We get a 15-minute break
every few hours,

but so far,
I am feelin' strong.

I'm coming there myself.

I appreciate the support,
but I got this.

As long as my hammer toe
doesn't act up,

I think I can
go the distance.

Within two days, I plan
to be eastbound and down

and headed your way.

Wish me luck!

What a guy.

- Is everything okay?
- Jolly good.

Your cargo is in country.

That said, I think
it may be worth discussing

a slight adjustment
to our Tuesday delivery plan.

It's time I introduced myself.
My name's Newton Purcell.

I doubt you remember me,
but we met some years ago.

We talked about
the impact sound can have

on a person's mind,
body, and soul.

To put it charitably,
you were something of a skeptic.

Ah! Ahhh!

Ahhh! Ahhh!

Shock wave lithotripsy
is what doctors use

- to crush kidney stones.
- Ahhh!

By making a few small
adjustments to the amplitude

and frequency
of the sound waves,

I can cause mild tingling,

disrupt blood circulation
and nerve functions.

Please stop.

You didn't believe me
when I told you

sound could
drive a man insane.

- I believe you. I do.
- Oh, I'm sure you do... Now.

So I'll pose
a different question,

one which you'll never
be able to answer.

Can a person
be killed by sound?

No. I'm begging you.


Ahhh! Ahhh!

- So Reddington was right?
- Yes. According to the data,

none of the stolen files
relate to national security.

- What do they relate to?
- Internal company data,

personnel files,
contracts, lobbying.

For what purpose? Blackmail?
Corporate espionage?

At this point,
we don't know.

Keen, I know you have to go.
Aram, go over the data again.

See if there's anything
you missed.

BOLO came back with a match
on the Culpeper van.

Abandoned in an allay
in Annapolis.

Looks like we have ourselves
a body.

I hope you got my text.
And I wish I had better news.

It's not your fault.
You did what you could.

- Yeah.
- So there were no hits on the guy I'm looking for?

Nothing. Not off the BOLO
or from the field offices.

He's a ghost.
To find him,

you're gonna need
a ghost hunter.

A P.I.?

Crazy expensive.
Cash only.

and worth every penny.

You're telling me
that sound did this?

M.E. thinks so.

His ears were perforated
and the joints degraded.

He thinks it might be
some kind of a sonic weapon.

He's never seen one but says
that directed ultrasonic waves

can sever nerves
and burst blood vessels.

The victim was
a Westlake city councilmember.

He served two terms before

opening a consulting business
in Annapolis.

Westlake? Isn't that the site
of another Optimus facility?

Exactly, and besides the van
connecting Healy to Optimus,

this was in
the stolen files...

A series of hidden payments
made from Optimus to Healy

and to a woman
named Libby Bishop in 2015.

And she is?

Agent Mojtabai?

Um, uh, right.

Uh, Bishop, Bishop.

She is another member
of the city council.

Find her and put her
in protective custody.

We have to assume if the
blacklister went after Healy,

he'll go after her,

Skydiving get canceled?

I'm sorry.
Uh, it's Elodie.

Her husband, uh,
he's back in the hospital.

- Hey. I'm sorry to bother you.
- Hi.

Um, my dog slipped free
of her harness.

I think I saw her
go in your backyard.

- Do you mind if I take a look?
- Oh, not at all.

- What... What's her name?
- Macy.

- She's a slippery one.
- Poor thing.

Go around back,
and I-I'll meet you there.

Macy! Here girl!

Come on.

- Hello?
- Libby Bishop?

This is Agent Alina Park
with the FBI.

Is this
some kind of joke?

Did Darren
put you up to this?

Ryan Healy's
been killed.


Macy! Here girl!

Are you somewhere safe?

- I'm at home.
- Are you alone?

I'm helping a man
look for his dog.

Okay, Libby, I want you
to stay calm, all right?

If he can hear you,
answer my questions

like you're talking
to a friend.

Nice and relaxed.
Do you know this man?

No. No,
we haven't found her yet.

What time
will you be home?

We're less than
five minutes away.

If he comes after you,
you have to scream and fight like hell.

Do you hear me?
You have to fight.


Libby Bishop?


We're too late.

But maybe
this will help us.

What's that?

Nothing, honey.

Your daddy just always taught
me to be ready for a rainy day.

But it's not raining.

Aren't you too smart
for your own good?

Come here.
Get up here.

Have I ever told you
how your daddy and I met?




How is he?

They did angioplasty,

put stents in
to open up his arteries.

He's in recovery.

All right, good.

I'm glad you're here.

So, I've been
thinking about...

There's something
I want to...

- Oh.
- I'm... I'm sorry. Go ahead.

No, please.
You first.

What's been happening
with Charles,

his... His recent
health scares,

it just made me realize how...
How selfish I've been.

This is my burden.
It's not yours.

You deserve a life.

And I can't give you
the one you want.

Okay. Wow.

Maybe I should have
gone first.

Because what I've been realizing
is that I think too much

and that I need to stop
thinking and just feel.

And when I do that,
I feel like I want to be with you.

Look around.

You don't want this.

I'm looking in the only
direction that matters.

And I'm telling you
I do.

- Mrs. Radcliffe?
- Oh.

Can I see him now?

I'm afraid there's been
a complication.

I thought
he was in recovery.

He was.

An aneurysm burst,
causing a brain hemorrhage,

and there was nothing
we could do.

He passed away.
I'm sorry.

Wait, no.

He can't be gone!

It's okay.

I didn't even get a chance
to say goodbye.

What's with
all the police?

I don't know,
but that's a lot of police.

How long has it been?

Forty-one hours.

Oh, my...

I don't know how you do it!

Okay, go ahead
and take a five-minute break.

Let's give him a call.


- Yeah?
- What the hell is going on?

It's the hammer toe.
She's back.

I'm not talking about your feet.
I'm talking about all the cops.

Why is this place
crawling with cops?

Tell me about it.
They're all here

to support that rookie on
the force over in Old Forge.

Sundance Kid
they call him.

I'm not worried about him

or any of the other
competitors, for that matter.

Real competition
is Pastor Ritzen.

He won in '16,
then again in '18,

and now God's soldier's
back for blood.

Honestly, my feet...

Glen, the merchandise
on that truck...

No, really. My feet.

I know you can't come here with
all the boobies on the beat,

but maybe Dembe
could come rub 'em.

Everyone else has someone here
to cheer them on.

- I got nobody.
- Glen, please. Listen to me.

This is psychological warfare.
Don't worry, chief.

I'm gonna get you that
merchandise on that truck...

Okay, we're back.

Got to jump.
We're back.

Wait, no, Glen! Hold on.

- You're not back.
- I got this.

Eye of the tiger.

You want me to call his
mother, get her involved?

Oh, my God, no.

Talk about bad to worse.

He's dug in
like a deer tick.

Well, I'm not
rubbing his feet.

We need the names
and information

of every contestant
with a hand on that truck,

because believe me,
Glen's not going anywhere,

but if, all of a sudden,
he drops like a sack,

one of these other clowns is
gonna be driving around town

in our $12 million.

You know how the M.E.
said that Healy was killed by sound?

- We found it at Libby Bishop's.
- A hearing aid?

On the phone,
I told her to put up a fight.

That tells me she did.

I spoke to Aram.
Elodie's husband died.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm not sure
you should be.

Is it a tragedy if
you're dating a married woman

- and her husband dies?
- He said he'd be here as soon as he can.

The hearing aid,
what does that get us?

Well, it's not a what.
It's a who.

Dara Lin... The doctor
who designed it.

See, it was specially made
not to amplify sound

but to block it out.

I make these
for a lot of my patients.

There is a serial number on it.
Can you find a name that way?

- You say he killed someone?
- And abducted someone else.

If we wait on a warrant,
he'll kill her, too.

You made him a hearing aid
that blocks out sound.

Is it really that common?

When I became an ENT,
it was unheard of.

Now I find that my patients
are as concerned

by what they can hear
as by what they can't.

Noise pollution.

The surgeon general
has been warning

about the health hazards
for a generation...

Anxiety, depression,

- Sound can cause all that?
- Not one sound, no.

But we live in a world
of continuous sound...

Low-frequency radio signals,

electrical substations,
server farms.

Server farms.
You mean like data centers?

Exactly. The noise generated
by their cooling system

is precisely the type
of low-frequency sound

which can elevate
stress hormones

like cortisol and adrenaline,
which, over time,

can lead to high blood pressure,
stroke, and heart failure.

And apparently murder.

Here it is.

The man you're looking for
is Newton Purcell.

I always figured it would
be Gordon or Cartwright.

But I was wrong,
wasn't I, Libby?

whoever you are...

No, no, no, no, no.

You had your chance to speak.
Now you're going to listen.

We had an agreement.

You said
you could get this done.

And it's getting done.

Clearly it's not.

You've already moved
the timeline once.

You're asking
to move it again.

Don't get you vicuna in a bunch.
Take a breath.

You came to me because
you had no viable way

to get your product
into the country.

This pipeline we're testing,

this concept
of moving a single vehicle

from the assembly line
as a courier, it's new.

And it's going to have
unforeseen obstacles,

which we obviously now have,

which is why I asked
for the extension.

If that's a problem,
we'll work around it.

But rest assured,
I have my top man on the job.

Mmm. Top man.

My top man.

A man I trust,

a man with whom
I share a history,

a man with whom
I'd go into battle

shoulder to shoulder
any time, anywhere

because his dedication
knows no bounds.

If there is a man who can
get you your shipment on time,

it's my guy Glen.

So you can doubt me,
you can doubt my services,

but do not doubt Glen.

Eye of the tiger.

Those were powerful words,

- I wish I believed them.
- Yeah, well, so do I.

But they needed
to be reassured.

You and I, on the other hand,
know the truth... please tell me you have the
information on the remaining contestants.

I do.

Good. Because we need to fix this thing

before Glen bungles it
more than he already has

and costs us
a fortune.

Dr. Lin was able to use
the ear piece to ID a suspect.

Name's Newton Purcell.
38-year-old mechanical engineer.

Last known address is on Pine
Road in Westlake, Maryland.

The same town where Healy and
Bishop are on the city council.

And home to
an Optimus facility.

Agent Keen and I are on our
way to Purcell's home now.

Back when we lived in Ohio,
Melody and I

used to go for walks
after I got home from work.

Best part of my day.

Peaceful, quiet.

Dr. Lin says Purcell suffers
acute auditory distress

caused by the noise
generated by the server farms,

and he's not alone.

Apparently, thousands
experience similar effects.

It was faint at first.

At that point, they only had
a handful of units online.

But as time went on,
the hum got louder and louder.

Until one day...

...when I went for a walk
on my own,

the hum came back home
with me.

- Ahhh!
- I heard it all the time.

I couldn't sleep.
I lost my job.

We sold the house,
moved to Westlake.

And then six months later,
guess what?

I found out Optimus was opening
up a facility just a mile away.

Back in 2014,

Optimus selected Westlake as
the site of their next center,

but construction was held up

due to an environmental impact

which recommended
further study

of the acoustic effects
of their new facility.

Melody said that sound knocked
all the kindness out of me.

I wasn't surprised
when she left.

Truth is,
I hardly noticed.

He didn't
only want to hurt Optimus.

He wanted to punish
the people responsible

- for allowing it to be built in the first place.
- Healy and Bishop.

So Purcell knew that Optimus
was paying somebody

to fast track construction.
He just didn't know who.

I mean, there's no record of the
decision, which explains

why he went digging through
Optimus' corporate data.

Three days after Optimus made
payments to Healy and Bishop,

zoning commission
canceled the study.

Construction started
six weeks later.

I thought I was helping,
cutting through red tape.

It was gonna bring jobs
to the city.

I-I-I didn't know.

People think of sound
pollution as a nuisance...

An annoyance.

But something tells me...

...when the world hears
what happened to you,

they'll understand just how
dangerous sound can be.



Park, cut the power.

Are you all right?





Newton Purcell,
you're under arrest

for the murder
of Ryan Healy.

Okay, folks.
That concludes hour 64.

Take a break to rest
and use the facilities.

Looking good out there, Father.
A little too good, maybe.

Excuse me?

Well, you got
the big fella.

But the little guy,
the sweatband, track suit,

and terrible feet,
who's he got?

It doesn't seem like
a fair fight, does it?

The Lord works
in mysterious ways.

Yes, but there's nothing

about the pain
Glen is in...

Sciatica, herniated disc,

But the real pain is,
the guy's a natural-born loser.

He has never won anything,

and he's got his heart
set on that truck.

You've won, what? Twice?

Well, you of all people
would know,

if he could come away
a winner,

it would be the answer
to all his prayers.

It's because
I've won twice

that I know
salvation doesn't come

with being
the last man standing.

It comes from
doing your best,

which I'm sure your friend will
realize when he comes in second.

Have you driven a Mercedes?
How about a Mercedes?

Surely, you can find salvation
in German engineering.

Are you offering me
a bribe?

Consider it tithing.

I need to get back.

I'm a sedan man, myself.

The S-Class
is heavenly.

But perhaps you'd be more
comfortable in a G wagon.

Or, hey, what about
an SL Roadster?

You and the missus
out on the open road,

feeling the wind
in your pulpit gown?

Have you seen
the Maybach?

Ah, with the executive rear
seats, the massage function.

And the calf rests
and the pull-down tables.

For your wafers and wife.

Let me pray on it.

Or perhaps a Sprinter
for the flock.

We know about the hum.

Is that why you killed Healy
and abducted Bishop?

Because you blame them for it,
for causing the hum?

- Have you ever seen the stars?
- The stars?

Not one or two.

Not the North Star
or a dot in Orion's belt.

I'm talking about Pegasus,
Leo, the constellations,

the Milky Way,
the heavens.

We can't see them anymore.

Light pollution has blocked
our view of Heaven,

and no one cares.

Let's talk about
Ryan Healy.

And what did God create
in Heaven?

Wind whistling in the trees,
waves crashing on beaches,

the love song of the
nightingale and the lark.

And we can't hear them

Sound pollution has drowned out
God's music, and no one cares.

Is that why you killed Healy?
Because you care?

I killed him because
I want the hum to stop.

And because I know
it never will.

I'll reach out to Main Justice,
tell them we have a confession.

Hopefully, they won't think
we beat it out of him.

He attacked me.

Which put you into
survival mode. I get it.

- But you crossed the line.
- From what I've seen,

I didn't think this task force
had a line.

It's blurry at times,
but it's there.

You shot
the Attorney General.

Which is why I get it...

What you did to Purcell,
what happened in Anchorage.

It's also why I understand
that whatever it is

that sets you off,

you need to deal with it.

You can see the Milky Way
in Alaska

and hear the wind
in the trees.

I don't miss it.

You must be
a friend of Elodie's.

Uh, I am.

So sorry.
Aram Mojtabai.

Uh, we met, uh, after Charles' accident.

I know she was devoted to him.

So sorry. Uh, would you excuse me one...

Thank you.

Agent Keen, is everything okay?

Fine. The case is over.
It's all good.

I'm just checking in with you. How's Elodie?

She's, um...

She's holding it together.

And how are you?

Shockingly calm.

When I got to the hospital,
before we knew

that, uh, Charles had passed,
we, um...

I took your advice
and stopped thinking.

And the minute I did,
everything just clicked into place.

I'm so glad
to hear that.

I realized that's why I like her so much.

She doesn't think. She... She feels.

She lives in the moment, and she stays there.

Not just when it's easy,
but when it's hard.

Like with Charles.

She didn't stay with him
out of guilt or obligation.

She stayed with him
because it's the right thing.

Aram? Are you still there?

I have to call you back.

This is inexcusable.
This whole thing was a mistake.

- He'll be here.
- Do you see him? Do you see the truck?

Do you have any idea how much
that shipment is worth?

Over $12 million.

And now, because of your guy...

I'll be your huckleberry.

Look who showed up!

And with two minutes to spare,
no less.

What a man.
What a truck!


Sorry I'm late, fellas.

Few of the boys
at the dealership

insisted on photographs.

As I said,
never doubt my man Glen.

I have to admit I was starting
to doubt you, Glen.

Never doubt the Jellybean.

The shipment, tritium,
uh, what is it, anyway?

Tritium is an extremely rare and
radioactive isotope of hydrogen.

- Sounds kind of serious.
- It is.

You got that stuff
in the gas tank?

Not in the tank, Glen.
The vehicle.

Tritium is a gas that
can be safely stored

as a metal hydride.

In this case,
as truck parts.

Which parts,
I have no idea.

I have no idea.

It's, you know,
like Goldfinger.

So, who are
these chowderheads?

I suspect they're CIA.

Tritium is an important
component in nuclear warheads

and has to be replaced

because of its short

In any case,
that doesn't matter.

You got the job done.



What about my truck?

Know what?
It don't matter.

What matters is
I wanted to prove to you

I could do this
on my own.

I wanted you to know I could get
the job done without your help

and that you didn't
need to intervene.

I wanted to go the distance.
That's all that matters to me.

Your faith,
not some vehicle.

The hell's that?

That, Glen,
is your payment.

My man, R-squared,
taking care of his own!

Don't mind if I do.

And, hey, uh, boss,
don't forget.

You know who you can count on next
time you get yourself in a pinch.

Eye of the tiger, baby!


Flip down the rearview.

in the backpack.

And information
on the target.


You want to kiss him
or kill him?

I want him found.

Don't call me.
I'll call you.