The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Marko Jankowics - full transcript

Liz and Jennifer's pursuit of a lead on the truth about Reddington puts them in unexpected danger. Red steps in to help mediate a brewing prison gang war.


Sir, ma'am, come with me, please.

- Excuse me?
- ‭Step out of line and follow me.

- We've been in line for nearly an hour.
- Follow you where?

- Is there a problem?
- I can help you right here.

Oh, my Go... ‭[CHUCKLES] Oh, my God!

Thank you. Oof!

Yeah, my wife's due in two weeks.

So I'm sure you're ready to get
out of here and f your feet.

Seriously, we may have to
name the baby after you.

- [CHUCKLES] So, we have Angela...

...and Russell Chambers of Montreal.

What brings you to the nation's capital?

We're on our babymoon.

Gonna see her sister here in D.C.

and then drive up to New York City.


Welcome back to the United States.


You look like you're about ready to pop.

Any problems on the way?

None. Just get it out.









Sarkany. Hey.

It's a boy.

Another flawless delivery.

I'll celebrate tonight.
Like a proud papa.





DEMBE: Raymond.

I got your message. What's the news?

Dr. Nikkila's files.

I got an address to
where the stuff was sent.

- An address, not a name?
- Michael Falkirk.

An alias. But I have
an address in London.

- You need to go there.
- What do you want me to do with him?

Nothing, not until we know what
he plans to do with the toxin.

I'd love to have something
to trade the government

in exchange for my freedom.

Will the target be that important?

[HUSHED] Guards!

- I have to go.



Things are getting worse.

You just watch.
‭We're gonna have a riot in here.


LIZ: I found her. Marguerite Renard.

The nurse who used to
work for Dr. Koehler

walking her dog in
an upscale neighborhood

no nurse practitioner
could possibly afford.

Did you talk to her?

She used to help criminals
get new identities.

I doubt she wants to chat about
it with a perfect stranger,

especially one who works for the FBI.

Okay. So what do we do?

Well, since we can't go to the Bureau,

we got to get her ourselves,
get her to talk.

You mean like kidnap her?

She was in the room

when the man we know as
Reddington changed his face.

That's what you mean. You mean,
like, physically get her.

She knows who he was.
She knows everything.

That's crazy!
‭I can't... I can't do that!

You got to remember why we're doing this.

We had a plan, and it is working.

Sideline Reddington
so we can get to the truth.

Marguerite Renard has the answers.

Our answers.



So what do I have to do?


I'll handle it.

All you got to do is drive.


I think maybe you and I
got off on the wrong foot.

- You think?
- ‭Since then, I feel I've been

quite accommodating.

In exchange, I'm hoping
you might accommodate me.

Is this connected, perhaps,
to that little dust-up earlier?

We got a potential war brewing.

A situation between two rival groups.

You say "groups," but you mean gangs.

One's a motorcycle club.

Runs drugs between
New York and Baltimore.

They call themselves "The Cyclops."

How unfortunate.

One of their young members,
Oscar Sandoval,

did some gambling with a soldier

from a group of southern inmates
called the Rock River Crew...

What's the plural of Cyclops anyway?


Or is it like "deer"?
Singular and plural?

Not to mention a cyclops
is an epically tragic figure.

Blinded by the hero
with some flaming stick.

Homer, Euripides?

Unfortunately, the Rock River soldier

refused to pay his debt.

So the winner is forced
to punish the infraction

or risk making his own gang look weak.

If someone doesn't mediate,
more people are gonna die.

I'd like to help, but as you can see,

I'm preparing for trial, so...

I'm letting you listen to this crap

and take books out of the law
library, all this nice stuff.

You need to make a call for peace.

Those groups, they respect you.

I'm respected because
I mind my own business,

and I intend to keep it that way.


- But...

...if you're not gonna give...

[CLEARS THROAT]'re not gonna get.


I feel I think better
in the silence. Don't you?




You okay?

I will be. When it's over.

We're just gonna talk to her.



Excuse me. We're looking for 95 North?

Oh, go up to Fort Avenue and make a right

and then a left on Hanover.

- Get in.
- What is this?

Who are you?! ‭Where are you taking me?!




- What the hell is happening?
- Out of the van! Now!









- Keen.
- I need to show you something.

Jesus. Are you all right?

It's not mine, but I am in trouble.

Will you come outside?

HANNAH: Don. Who is it?


Hannah, Liz. Uh, Liz is my partner.

Oh, my God. It's okay.

"It's okay"? She's covered in blood.

- I-It's not hers, though.
- It's someone else's blood?

- I shouldn't have come, so...
- No, no, no, no. It's fine.

Liz has to show me something outside.

It's just gonna be a minute.

It's gonna take longer than that.

Let me get my jacket.


I'll be back as soon as I can.

Okay, uh, just... Be careful.


Keen, what's going on?

First of all, I got a stolen van
parked downstairs.

Okay, that's not so bad.

Yeah, well, the thing is...

there's a dead body
inside the stolen van.

RESSLER: I'm sorry. I'm just...

I'm trying to run my head
around all this.

So Reddington's not Reddington. He's...

- An imposter.
- ‭Who you turned in.

I mean, he's in prison,

facing the death penalty because of you.

If I had gone to the FBI,
then he would have

found out that Jennifer and I know.

- And you're sure he hasn't?
- The only thing I'm sure of

is that he'll do anything

to keep anyone from knowing the truth.

Remember Hans Koehler?

Sure, the plastic surgeon
to the criminal elite.

He's the one who transformed
the imposter into Reddington,

and by giving us that case,

Reddington got ahold of Koehler's files.

Which he gave to us.

Yes. Every file except his.

And all of this connects
to the dead guy in the van how?

Jennifer and I were able
to track down Koehler's nurse,

the one person who may know the truth,

and by the time we got to her,

we were attacked by two armed guards.

One of them took the nurse and Jennifer,

and the other one's in the back.

So the bones in that duffel bag,
the truth that Kaplan knew,

the one that got Tom killed

is that Reddington's an imposter.

Yes. He stole my father's
identity, ruined his name,

and lied to me about who he really was.

All I want to know is the truth,

but in trying to find it,
I lost my sister.

We'll find her.


Same way we always do.





Jennifer's on a plane.
How do you know that?

I was tracking her cellphone,
and the signal died

at around 21,000 feet,

headed north over Vermont. That's good.

At least we know she's probably alive.

I'm pulling the flight plans
for every private plane

that left BWI, Martin State, and
Tipton over the last few hours.

This nurse, the one who worked
with Reddington's surgeon...

- Marguerite Renard.
- You said that she had guards on her.

- You think that was Reddington?
- I don't think so.

If he suspected me, I'd have known.

But you don't think that he
knows that you suspect him?


Maybe he didn't. Check this out.

Our dead guard...

Tristan Benedek. 30, Hungarian.

According to his rap sheet
and the Bureau file,

he's a known associate
of Marko Jankowics.

A few years ago, there was
a joint DEA/Bureau task force

dedicated to Jankowics.

They never caught him.

He specializes in LSD. Pure crystals.

One gram has a street value
of almost $15,000.

That's $7 million a pound.

And Jankowics is also Hungarian?

LSD is not easy to make.

You have to have access
to a type of fungus

called ergot alkaloid,

which, in the U.S.,
is nearly impossible to buy.

But in Eastern Europe,

the restrictions are a lot looser.

And according to this,

our best intel says he ships to Canada,

more than likely Montreal,

and then he gets it across
the border with mules.

It says here he's also
known as "Sarkany,"

some kind of multi-headed dragon
in Hungarian folklore.



Who are you?

Surely you won't withhold a first name.

One wave of my hand,

and my men will have you begging
to tell me your life story.


My name...

My name is Jennifer.

Who do you work for, Jennifer?

It's not DEA.

I don't know anything.

I swear to God. I don't know anything.

You're better off staying silent
than lying to me.

I'm not an agent.

I swear.

The woman who has my man...

what is her name?



You don't have to tell me.


I won't believe you anyway.

We have your phone...

that should prove very informative.


Please! I swear to God,
I don't know who you are!

Whatever you do,
‭it has nothing to do with me!

I swear to God!

I found the only four photos
the Bureau had of Jankowics.

That's her. Marguerite Renard.

- She's his girlfriend.
- Now we know why

she was being guarded so closely.

And how she could afford
that penthouse apartment.

When she was Koehler's nurse,
she was working around

some of the world's
most dangerous criminals.

I guess she likes the type. Now what?

Well, if Jankowics has ties to Montreal,

that's where that jet's headed.

It's got to be across the border.

Jennifer could be anywhere.

I got to call it in, tell Cooper.

Should have went to Cooper
from the get-go,

but now, uh, it's way past that.

Now you only have one move left.

Go to Reddington?

He's gonna want to help.
Jennifer's his daughter.

Jennifer is not his daughter,

because he isn't Raymond Reddington.

Well, whoever he is,
he runs a criminal empire,

and if anyone can find Jennifer,
it's Reddington.

[SCOFFS] What am I gonna say?
I can't tell him the truth.

Lie. You've been doing it for
months, and no one's the wiser.

Well, I'll take that as a compliment.

Look, Reddington may not be your father,

but he cares about you.

You ask him for help, he'll give it.


You got a visitor.


Thank you.

I have no earthly idea

what would bring you here at 3:00 a.m.,

but I was in the midst
of a glorious dream

with two mermaids, a sea cucumber,

and an octopus.

I need your help.

What's wrong?

It's Jennifer. She's been taken.

Jennifer was kidnapped

by guards working for a man
named Marko Jankowics.

I didn't realize you and Jennifer

- were still in contact.
- ‭We're not.

I hadn't heard from her in months,

and then she called me
last night, crying.

I could barely understand
what she was saying,

something about being scared
and on the run.

From a drug dealer like Sarkany?

You know him?

- Does Jennifer use drugs?
- I don't know.

She said she was stranded

in Federal Hill in Baltimore.

She hadn't even started
thanking me for picking her up,

and SUVs blocked my car
and two armed guards got out.

I killed one,

but by the time I had, Jennifer was gone.

And the print from the guard I shot

showed that he was muscle for Jankowics.

What are you not telling me?

Nothing. That's all I know.

Sarkany is an Eastern European
purveyor of LSD.

Even if she was using something,

Jennifer would not be worth
the time and effort

to get nabbed.

There must be more to the story.

If there is, I don't know it.

I generally practice willful ignorance

when it comes to the drug trade.

On the other hand, this place is crawling

with inmates who don't share
my reservations.

I'll ask around.

You think they'll know where to find him,

- how to reach him?
- ‭I hope so,

for Jennifer's sake, as well as my own.

I'm having a bit of a tug-of-war
with the warden

over Beethoven's violin sonatas.

This might be just what I need

to return the maestro
to his rightful place.


The sun isn't up. This better be good.

I've decided our interests are aligned.

I thought you might.

Oscar Sandoval.

Maybe a meeting in the mess hall.

- Right now?
- ‭Well, I'd just hate

to have the day get away from us.



Is this about the money?

In part, yes.

As I understand it,

your brothers aren't being very...

brotherly toward you.

They sent you? That what this is?

You know who I am.

To warn me I gotta kill Salinas
for not paying what he owes?

Well, let me tell you
what I told my brothers.

I sling.

I've been doing it a long time.

But ending a dude?

I got two years left on a six bid.

I want to do my time and get out.

I want a life, a family.

But if I kill Salinas,
I'm never walking out of here.

It's a simple question.
Do you know who I am?

Everyone knows.

No one sends me anywhere.

As I said, I'm here in part
because of your problem,

but also because that
I have a problem of my own.

You help me solve mine,
and I'll help you solve yours.

You're gonna help me?

Talk to a few of the managerial
members of your group.

Help me to find the man
they call Sarkany.

My information puts members
of his organization

in Federal Hill in Baltimore.

Maybe someone you know can...

pick up the trail from there.


I told you not to lie to me.

I didn't.

I traced your phone to an Elizabeth Keen.

She's FBI.

She is an agent. I'm not.

We're sisters.

We're looking for information
about Raymond Reddington.


Because he's our father.

Reddington's in jail.

The Bureau is not looking
for him anymore.

We were looking for information
about who he was...

before your girlfriend
helped change his identity.

She was a nurse working
for a plastic surgeon

named Hans Koehler.

My girlfriend?


You've got the wrong lady.

No, it's her.

She helped him with
a number of surgeries.

Stop lying to me!


But it seems your girlfriend has.



Sarkany owns a place in Federal Hill,

but he doesn't live there.

Who does?

His woman.

Who's she?

French lady. Fancy French name.


Marguerite. Marguerite what?

Rennerd? Renard.


- What else did you find out?
- If I solve your problem,

how do I know ‭you're gonna solve mine?

Because based on what
you've already told me,

I'm deeper in your debt
than you could ever be in mine.


















DEMBE: ‭I photographed his files.

There was a Blockchain Wallet ID.

I sent it to Tadashi.
He accessed the account.

Five million was sent
to Axion Cryptosolutions.

He's converting the cash
to untraceable cryptocurrency.

I can look into the company.

Later. I have something more
urgent for you to handle.

More urgent than finding a way

to restore your immunity agreement?

Elizabeth knows.

She knows I was once someone else.

She doesn't know who, but she...

is looking for someone who can tell her.

Marguerite Renard.

We need to get to Renard before she does.

How does she learn about Renard?

I don't know.

And we don't have time to find out,

because after I tell you
how to locate Renard,

I'm also gonna tell Elizabeth.

Why would you do that?

Because she's looking
for her sister, Jennifer,

who was kidnapped and possibly taken

to a place where Renard is located.

Telling Elizabeth may be the only way

to save Jennifer's life.

- You're doing the right thing.
- That may be.

You just get to Renard first
so I don't regret it.


To find Jankowics,

you'll have to start
with one of his couriers.

I'm told she's a young woman,
white, with red hair.

Where can I find her?

She's arriving later today at Dulles

on a plane registered to FarTide Holdings

coming from Montreal.



There. Two o'clock.

Excuse me. Miss?!




It's okay. It's fine.

Agents Ressler, Keen, FBI.

We have to ask you a few questions,

but before we do, I need
to make sure you're okay.

I'm fine.

- How far along are you?
- I said I'm fine.

In that case, you're under arrest.



W-What is this place? Where are we?

Sit down.


- Who are you?

You're not the FBI.
‭Where's your arrest warrant?

Why are we in some apartment?

Jankowics. I need you
to tell me where he is.

- Come on. Answer the question.

Hey, I thought that was your car.

I thought I would bring you
lunch, make sure you're o...


- Oh, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

Obviously, it's a bad time.
I shouldn't...

No, no, I can explain. Uh...


What is it? Is it the baby?

It's not the baby. The baby's fine.

Why do you have a pregnant woman
zip-tied in a chair?

Hannah, it's, uh, work.

Uh, my job. ‭I'm not stupid, Don.

Whatever that is,
‭I'm pretty sure you're not...

that is not in the Bureau manual.

Jankowics. ‭The one they call Sarkany.

He's holding someone,
a woman named Jennifer.

It's not what you might think it is.

‭Oh, really? 'Cause what I think is
I should call the police.

WOMAN: Look, I don't know
who you think I am.

- I'm a grad student at...
- Yeah, right.

You're not a grad student.

Alexandra Ivers. You were sent
to deliver Sarkany's product.

This woman has information,

and if we get it,
‭we could save someone's life.

- That's what this is.
- Your boss is holding my sister,

my family. If anything happens to her...

You'll what? You've got nothing.

I lawyer up, I'll be released
on my own recognizance

before you can spell "ROR."

Oh, yeah, you sound like
the average student to me.

SAY CHEESE. HANNAH: Whatever you say,

you're still interrogating
a pregnant woman

in the living room.

RESSLER: I'm not interrogating
a pregnant woman.

I'm interrogating a witness
in the living room.


Deal with whatever you're dealing with...

and call me when it's over.


There's only one number
saved to speed dial.

It's got to be his, right?

If Sarkany trusts her to make deals,

he'll probably trade her for Jennifer.

Hey. She'll be okay.

She's definitely not gonna be okay.

Let's talk about this trade.


Get your hands off of me!

Marko, what is going on?

Who is she?

Did she tell you
‭why they tried to take me?

Did you ever work for Hans Koehler?



I-It w... It was a lifetime ago.

Then you know about Reddington.

His client. Who he was before.

How did you find me?

JANKOWICS: She didn't find you.
The FBI did.

Which means they found me, too.



It's Alexandra.

You better hope the FBI
didn't find her, too.



I never spoke to Mr. Reddington.

Or the woman who arranged
for him to have the procedure.

A woman? What woman?

Some Russian. I don't know her name.

W-Was it Katarina Rostova?

Was that it?

Was it Katarina Rostova

who took Reddington to Dr. Koehler?



RESSLER: Alexandra can't come
to the phone right now.

- She's been arrested.
- ‭Who is this?

You took a friend of mine,
I took one of yours.

Now I'm calling to suggest a trade.

You're burning up. Something's wrong.

We got to get you to the hospital.

You're probably going into labor.

It's not the baby.

- You don't know that.
- There is no baby.


Oh, my God. ‭You're not carrying a child.

You're carrying drugs?!

I fell... at the airport.

I think maybe...


- Maybe the package ruptured.
- You're overdosing.

Okay, a vacant lot.
Yeah. No, we'll find it.

- ‭Ressler!
- All right. Put Jennifer on the phone.

- I don't think so.
- That's a deal-breaker.

Get it out of me. Get it out now.

- I'll call 911.
- Listen, lady!

I am carrying 8 pounds of LSD.

That is 10 million doses, maybe more.

I'll be dead before EMTs arrive.

- You need to cut it out.
- Absolutely not.

Please! I'm gonna die!

We're not swapping your girl for
Jennifer until we know she's alive.

Trust me, my friend, she's alive.

Ressler, you need to get in here now!

What the hell's going on?
Is she having the baby?

Open the stitches and...
[GASPS] pull it out.

- Pull what out?
- It's a plastic bladder.

- What's going on?
- She's OD'ing.

They implanted a prosthetic. It ruptured.

You gotta get it out.



All right. Hold her down. Hold her down.

Come on, come on. Hang on.


Okay. All right.

Okay. Hang on.








DISPATCHER: 911. What's your emergency?

Hello? Hello? Are you there?




Okay, he's coming over here.

Now, don't ask me how he pulled it off.

- How'd you pull it off?
- Cost me three bags of Red Vines.

The point is he's coming,
and I told him you were cool,

so, you know... be cool.

Thank you, Vontae. Vega.

You asked to see me.

I did.

I understand you're the Grand Poobah

of Rock River.

If you want something,
it's best to spit it out.

This ugliness between your boys

and the dreadfully named
motorcycle boys...

I need that to stop.

That's got nothing to do with you.

Vontae here says you're a reasonable man.

No doubt that's why you've risen

to the highest rank in your organization.

So your decision to support your soldier

who's refused to pay a legitimate debt

is confounding.


Your man owes money.

I want him to pay it.


I'll see what I can do.

Smart kid. ‭Very.

There was nothing else
we could have done.

Only a monster would
use a woman like that.

That monster has Jennifer.

We have $50 million worth of his product.

He'll give us Jennifer to get it back.


Tell me about Hannah.

Don't worry, Keen.

You didn't come between me
and true love...

even if you brought over a dead guy

and a fake-pregnant,
convulsing drug mule.

She had a key to your apartment.
It seemed pretty serious.

We chased Reddington for a decade,

and... not only didn't I catch him,

but now I know that
it wasn't even really him

that I was chasing.

So things aren't always as they seem.

Tell me about it.

I thought Reddington was my father.

I thought Tom was just a teacher.

I paid Hannah to be my girlfriend.

Say that again.

She works at Alter Ego,

a place that hires actors out to, uh...

Play parts, yeah. No, I remember.

Brothers, sisters, brides...


You took her to your cousin's wedding.

As I recall, someone pointed out
that I was pushing 40

with no real prospects.


You make it sound like
I said you were a loser.

I distinctly remember saying
that you were an amazing loser.


And I saw the way she looked at you.

I mean, clearly,
she saw the amazing part.

Well, I appreciate you saying that.

That, or she was an amazing actor.


We're gonna get her back.


I make it a habit to avoid the FBI.

But I get the impression you don't want

your colleagues to know

about this any more than I do.

Where's Jennifer?


You have Alexandra?

There has been a situation.

The prosthetic you implanted ruptured.

We tried to save her life.


The rest of my product?

We have it. $50 million.

You'll get it when we get Jennifer.


Bring her.


Get in the car. Get Alexandra's body.

Put it in the car.



I'm a pretty good judge of character.

But on the off chance
that you're planning

on telling your colleagues about me,

I'm afraid I can't let that hap...







GUARD: Everybody move! Down! Get down!

- What the hell did you do?

We take out our own trash.

I handled it. They were gonna pay.

It was done.

No one asked you to handle nothing.

It was his job to do, and he failed.

He brought disrespect.

I can't have other crews
thinking they can disrespect us

and get away with it.

I gotta look out for all my people.

This is nuts.

Watch yourself.

No, I think you're the one
who needs to watch yourself.

In fact, I'd keep
‭all three of your eyes open.

You never know when you're
gonna to run into a hero

with a flaming stick.

GUARD: This table. Single file! Move!

- Now!
- Let's go!


- Second table, let's go!
- Yeah, all right.



I talked to Marguerite Renard.

She refused to say anything
about Reddington,

but she said there was a woman
who arranged the surgery.

- What woman?
- A Russian.

She wouldn't confirm it.

Katarina Rostova?

She was there.

My mother?

Why was she there?

That doesn't...
‭I don't... I don't und...

I don't know, but this...
that woman, that nurse...

She knew the name.
‭I could see it in her eyes.

That doesn't make any sense.

Why would my mother help some imposter

- become Raymond Reddington?
- I don't know.

But Renard does. She knows
more than she's saying.

You have to get her.

And I can get us there.


JENNIFER: That's it. This is the place.

There were guards there before.

Not anymore.

Word's out on Jankowics.

And this nurse, Renard, where was she?

She was in a bedroom in the back.

Once we do this, we'll know the truth.

It'll be over.

All right. Let's go.

I never got to say thank you.

Don't thank me yet.



LIZ: Ressler?


We're too late.

She's gone.

As I said, you accommodate me,
I accommodate you.


You asked me to try to stop
a young man's murder...

and he's dead.

You met with Anton Wyndham,
got him to do the right thing.

Oscar Sandoval's still dead.

You lost the battle...

you stopped the war.

In my book, that's a win.

You could prosecute his killer.

Why would I do that?

Matt Quill's already doing life
with no parole.

Nothing if not pragmatic.

In any case, thank you for the amenities.

Is there anything else you need?

As a matter of fact, there is.

I've been considering a new work detail,

maybe something in the kitchen.

Consider it done.



So it's not over.

Without Jankowics, she doesn't have

the resources to run.

We can find her again.


I don't think so.

We can do this.

I don't mean that. I mean me.

I-I don't think I can do this.

I spent my whole life
running from Reddington

because I didn't want his world
bleeding into mine.

We are so close.

Yeah, but to what?

To becoming him?

I was always so afraid

of what he might do to me and my mother,

and now I'm equally afraid

of what he's making me want to do to him.

I understand how you're feeling.
Believe me, I do.

But you're like me.

You will find a way to...

To do what? To get used to it?

I was gonna say survive.



I'm sorry, Liz.

I really am.

Where are you gonna go?

I've got a friend with
a place on Long Island.

It's peaceful there this time of year.

I could use peaceful. [SIGHS DEEPLY]



This will end.

And when it does, I'll find you.


HANNAH: [SIGHS] It's my fault.
I broke my own rule.

I should never have gotten
involved with a client.

This really isn't gonna work out.

There's a perfectly
reasonable explanation.


♪ I spilled the ink ♪

- I'm just not allowed to talk about it.

I know all about secrets, Don.

I work for a company
that creates the illusion

of authentic relationships.

But I... [SIGHS]

I have all the lies I can handle
in my work life.

♪ It won't fly the seven seas to you ♪

I can't have them
‭in my personal life, too.

♪ 'Cause it didn't leave my room ♪


♪ But it awaits the hands
of someone else ♪

♪ The garbage man ♪


LIZ: Well, that was a fun weekend.

My sister left me,
‭and your girlfriend left you.

Well, guess we're not
as likable as we thought.

You think we're ever
gonna find that nurse?

My gut says no, but...

if you want to look, I'm ready to help.

♪ Got to say, mm ♪


Oh, hey. You guys got here early.

Bagels. Happy Monday.

Oh, my gosh. I gotta
tell you a funny story.

I had the craziest weekend.
You are not gonna believe this.

Um, hang on. Are these gluten-free?

♪ Got to say, mm ♪

I acquired the package.

Did she say anything before
you got there? To Jennifer?

Yes. That Katarina
arranged the procedure.

Nothing more.

That's more than enough.

You know what needs to be done.

There are alternatives.

There were before, not now.

Not when she mentioned Katarina.

Now Elizabeth will stop at nothing.

Wherever we put Renard,

she'll be found, and she'll talk.

I'd do it myself if I could, but I can't,

and it must be done.

I understand.






Have you ever been to Scotland?



But I've always wanted to go.

It's a beautiful place to be.

♪ Tweed jacket, trucker hat ♪

♪ Cup of tea ♪

♪ I'm just sittin' at the table ♪

♪ Thinkin' about me ♪

♪ Like a tearless drone ♪

♪ I am the deep down clown ♪

♪ You better throw me a bone ♪

♪ 'Cause I know ♪

♪ Don't leave me hangin'
like a spider with no fly ♪

I don't know where the hell Dell is.

I'm gonna go wipe down his tables.

♪ I'm too dry to cry, no, no ♪

♪ Don't leave me hangin'
like a spider with no fly ♪

♪ 'Cause I've been bangin' on the walls ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm too dry to cry, oh, no, no ♪