The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Episode #6.5 - full transcript

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Dembe, I trust Raymond. I do.

He and I go back decades. But
what the hell is going on?

I wake up this morning, make
an espresso, open the paper...

It's under control.

We have hundreds of
millions of dollars

invested in Reddington.

Which have always returned
a handsome profit.

Your boss is looking
at the death penalty.

What happens if he cuts a deal?

Do you believe that Raymond
would cut a deal with the FBI?

My partners do.

Carlo Androssani thinks we
should cut ties with Reddington,

insulate ourselves from
any of the, uh, fallout.

Is that a threat?

He called for a vote.

Can Raymond count
on your support?

I'm the least of his problems.

Does he have your vote?


But you prepare for war.

Carlo and the others
are out for blood.

D We'll meet again d

d Don't know where d


Hello, honey! Good to see...

I missed you all day.
Let's go see Mom.

D I know we'll meet
again some sunny day d

Oh, boy, that smells
good, whatever that is!

Are the Clarks here yet?!

Daisy, be quiet!

Hey, I found that Slovenian
wine you wanted... this Rebula.

I-I had to go all the way

up to, uh, the Crestview,
uh, winery to find...

d Drive the dark
clouds far away d


Cyn? Oh, my God. Cyn,
can you hear me?

Cynthi... Please, honey!
Open your eyes!


d I won't be long d

d They'll be happy to know d

d That as you saw me go d

d I was singing this song d

d We'll meet again d

d Don't know where d

d Don't know when d

d But I know we'll meet again d

d Some sunny day d

d We'll meet again d

d Don't know where d

d Don't know when d

d But I know we'll meet again d

d Some sunny day d

d Keep smiling through d


D Just like you always do d

d Till the blue skies d

d Drive the dark
clouds far away d

d So, will you
please say hello d

d To the folks that I know d

d Tell them I won't be long d

d They'll be happy to know d

d That as you saw me go d

d I was singing this song d

d We'll meet again d

d Don't know where d

d Don't know when d

d But I know we'll meet again d

d Some sunny d-a-a-ay d

This case is calendared
for a 12 hearing.

The defendant is challenging
the constitutionality

of a search that led
to the discovery

of an unregistered,
defaced firearm

seized from his possession. Is
that correct, Mr. Reddington?

Yes, Your Honor, on the grounds
that the search was unreasonable

and therefore a violation
of the Fourth Amendment.

So you are familiar with Fourth
Amendment jurisprudence?

One of my favorite Amendments.
Top three. Maybe five.

Feel free to make light, Mr.

but this is serious business.

If you lose and I allow that gun

to be admitted into
evidence against you,

the Government
will consider that

a violation of your
immunity agreement.

And without immunity,

you will be facing
multiple capital offenses.

Your Honor, please.

I'm on pins and
needles as it is,

and you're not
helping the matter.

I want you to hire an attorney.

And I appreciate your concern.

It's my obligation to let you
know what you're up against.

A motion to suppress involves
a complex legal analysis,

one that should be done by
someone with a legal education.

- Which I have.
- You'll need to explain that.

We're both legal professionals.

Your business is to apply the law.
Mine is to break it.

You studied your profession.

Why would you assume I
haven't studied mine?

So you're familiar with the
legal standard I'll be using

to evaluate Officer
Baldwin's search?

If you're referring to the
reasonable-suspicion standard

as articulated by Justice
Warren in Terry v. Ohio, I am.

Fair enough, Mr. Reddington.

Though it may literally be
your funeral, let's proceed.

A-Apologies, Your Honor.

If I could request
a brief recess.

Oh, here we go.

I'm sorry. Did you
say something?

Let me guess. Your suit isn't
quite pressed to your liking.

Or did you prefer sparkling
water instead of still?

Michael, really. The
process is brutal enough.

I'm doing my very best despite
my feelings about you.

You could at least make
the effort to be civil.

Denied. I see no reason
to break this early,

unless it's some
kind of emergency.

That it is. I need
to meet with the FBI

about a time-sensitive case.

My immunity agreement
may be in jeopardy,

but while it remains intact,

I intend to live up
to its obligations.

You can't just pause the legal
proceedings to give me a case.

- I have a situation.
- The judge is furious!

Ever since word of my
capture hit the press,

certain associates are looking
to kick me to the curb.

I know you've got a lot
of enemies out there,

but right now your biggest
enemy is in that courtroom.

Harris Van Ness.

What if you lose this hearing

and they throw out your
immunity agreem...

Do you know who I'm talking about?
Harris Van Ness?

The billionaire... big
in cargo freighters,

died in a fire last week.
Van Ness was murdered

because of his business
affiliations with me.

You're being paranoid.
It was an accident.

There are no
accidents around me.

Not unless they're on purpose.

Reddington claims the explosion

was a targeted hit
aimed at Van Ness

because he's
supporting Reddington

- in ongoing business dealings.
- What business?

Van Ness is one of a
group of associates,

some of whom want to sever ties with
Reddington because of his arrest.

A one-percenter gets
knocked off for being

in league with Reddington, and now
he wants us to find his killer?

And Reddington has
no idea who did it?

He's got a lot of enemies who
want a piece of his empire.

Lucky for him, he's got
the FBI to protect it.

As for protecting
Reddington, he's our C.I.

Should he ever get
out of prison,

we're gonna want him to be
as powerful as possible.

Let's start with the family. My
guess is a man of his wealth

is gonna have a lot of people
coming out of the woodwork.

How many people
were given notice?

32. Mr. Van Ness
had many bequests.

We understand that the reading
of the will can be emotional.

We'll do what we can
to respect that.

I'm sorry. What's your name?

We might have some questions
after we talk to the family.

I don't know why you'd
have any questions.

Paper said it was an accident.

These are good people.

You want to respect them?
Let them mourn in peace.

"$10 million each to
Human Rights Watch,

the NAACP, and Brown University.

The remainder of my estate

I leave to my son,
Timothy Peterson."

I didn't think Van
Ness had kids.

Uh, apparently neither
did anyone else.

Harris wanted this letter
read along with his will.

"Timothy, forgive me.

I loved your mother,

but I didn't have the
courage to stay with her.

I know this is an awkward way

to introduce you to
your extended family,

but it's the only way I
know how to make amends.

Take the fruits of my labor
and do great things.

Love, your father."


What a pleasant sight.

My friend.

Thank goodness for
the prison chaplain.

He said you designated me to
provide spiritual advice.

Oh, it had the dual benefit

of getting you in here
and also being true.

Van Ness is dead.

Without him, I don't
have the votes

to prevent Androssani
from cutting me off.

I need you to
reassure Androssani.

Reason with him.

And if that doesn't
work, kill him.

That should scare
up a vote or two.

Then what?

We'll see.

And then what?

You do know I didn't
really ask you here

to give me spiritual
advice, right?

I'm going to give
you some anyway.

Be honest.

I need that vote.

Tell Elizabeth the truth.

Everything rests on this.

Money rests on this. Power.

Not peace of mind.

Something has to be done.

It is. You are fighting
for your freedom.

Every day I pray
that you get it.

For now, you must leave
the rest to fate.

I make my own fate.

Not from here.

I'm asking you to do this.

And I am trying to
save your soul.

Uh, there's signs.

The inability to
recall prepositions

is a common symptom of aphasia.

Recommended therapies include
word games, rote repetition,

uh, either on your own
or in a individualized,

- one-on-one, or group-therapy format.
- Under. Above. Following.

The important thing
is to start early.

- To. Unto. Despite.
- Without.


That is the national
bird of Guatemala

and, weirdly, one of
its monetary units.

- Good to know.
- No, wait, wait, wait, wait.

No, no. If you put the Q and the
S on the triple word score,

it's worth over 300 points.

Did you find out about
Timothy Peterson?

Right. Work.

As of the reading of
his father's will,

Tim Peterson is the
511th-richest man in America

and, I'm fairly confident,
the only billionaire

working in a bowling alley and
living in a trailer park.

Looks like that apple fell a few,
uh, light-years from the tree.

Oh, that's putting it mildly.

His credit score is 580,
he's $62,000 in debt, and...

he has got a criminal record.

Unpaid speeding tickets,
public intoxication,

a bar fight that got him
thrown in jail for a week.

It seems like more of a
slacker than a killer.

His inheritance came as
a complete surprise.

Then what motivation
would he have

to kill his father if he
didn't know about it?

Well, let's say he did know.

How does a kid living in a
trailer park outside Arlington

connect in any way to Mr.

And if he doesn't, why are
we even on this case?

Because something doesn't add
up, and I want to know why.

Navabi, the people in his posts,

I want to know
everything about them.

Ressler, Keen, talk to Peterson.

Find out what he knew about his
old man and when he knew it.

Well, it didn't take him long
to spend the old man's money.

Sure beats the trailer park.

I've been to my share of Irish
wakes, but this is ridiculous.

Hate to interrupt Miller Time,
but where's Tim Peterson at?

Hey, Tim! Hide your cash!

The IRS is already here.

Tim Peterson. Agents Ressler, Keen.

FBI? Don't worry. The hotel
suite is bought and paid for.

We just have a few questions
surrounding your father's death.

You and me both.

When was the last time
you spoke with him?

Far as I can recall, I
never spoke to him.

I didn't even know he was my
father till the lawyer called,

told me to come to the
reading of the will.

What questions do you have?

Why didn't he get in touch
with me when he was alive?

What kept him from wanting
to get to know me?

And most importantly, why'd
he leave me all this dough?

You don't seem too
upset about him dying.

It's just DNA. Like I said,
I never met the man.

Tim, who are the late arrivals?

Hey, princess.

These are my new
friends from the FBI.

Hi, new friends from the FBI.

I'm Deidre. I'm Tim's...

She's my shooting star.


Can I get you a drink?
What would you like?

Answers to a few questions.

I swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the
truth so help me God.

We met at the bowling alley.

It only took her three frames

to get her shoe stuck
in the ball return.

I had to press the
little "help" button,

and he came and
got my shoe back.

But I'll be damned if he didn't
steal my heart in the process.

I teach second grade in Bedford.

Guess I love being around kids
'cause I come from a big family.

Seeing as he didn't know much
about his, I encouraged him.

I got my birth certificate,
found out my mom had died.

She moved to California
after she had me,

got married, had another kid.

Deidre held my hand, I
pick up the phone...

Next thing, I had a sister.

I always thought I
was an only child.

When Mom passed, I didn't
have anyone but Marcus.

And when we heard that
Helen had a brother,

I didn't know what to think.

We flew across the
country to meet him.

And I gave him a big hug.

Probably talk once a
day on the phone now.

Uh, when Tim called to tell me

who his father was and
what had happened...

We were happy for him.
How could you not be?

But I'm just glad
I have a brother.

That's what matters to me.

Mr. Reddington. That recess
was anything but brief.

Any further delays?

Or might we finally get
this show on the road?

I'm finished serving the public
good for the moment, Your Honor.

So, yes, the Government
may once again

go about its business of
trying to execute me.

Wonderful. Mr. Sima?

Sir, please state your
name for the record.

Officer Michael Baldwin.
Shield 21561.

I'm a patrol officer
with the 27th Precinct.

On the day in question,
the 16th of this month,

were you in fact on patrol

- in the 27th Precinct?
- Yes.

Did you make any arrests
that afternoon?

One. I arrested that man
there, in the navy-blue suit.

May the record reflect the witness
has identified the defendant.

- Uh, o-objection.
- Grounds?

That's not entirely
correct, Your Honor.

The suit is actually
a prunelle weave...

blue with a subtle
overlay of red.

So in the right light,
it goes quite plum.

Denied. So reflected.

Officer Baldwin,

how did you come to
arrest the defendant?

I received a radio run of a man
with a gun on West 4th Street

near the vicinity of
the Red Brau Tavern.

Dispatch described
the individual

as a white male, 50s,
in a tan suit and hat.

I approached the location
on foot where I observed

the defendant standing
at a pretzel cart

in a conversation
with the vendor.

What drew your attention
to the defendant?

It was the only suit in the area
wearing a fedora-style hat.

I see. And did you arrest the
defendant at that point?

No, sir. I approached Mr.

in an effort to
assess the situation.

I requested ID, and he gave me a
fake driver's license and name.

Who did he say he was?

A shower curtain salesman
named George Murphy.

How did he seem?

Nervous. His eyes were darting.

I got the feeling that he
was possibly being evasive.

At one point, he turned and
looked towards the tavern,

which I interpreted to
be a furtive gesture...

Furtive? Is that what it was?

You'll get your turn, Mr.

I asked him to turn
around, and he refused...

made a joke about it not
being his good side.

That's when I noticed a bulge in
his jacket, at his waistline.

- Objection.
- Y-Your Honor.

No. A bulge at my waistline?

I'd prefer that the witness

leave my bulges out
of this entirely.

You'll... Mr. Reddington...
That's more than en...

I want that struck from the record.
It's embarrassing.

Sit down, or I will have
someone sit you down!

Officer, please continue.

I had the defendant put
his hands on the cart,

and I conducted a
pat-down of his person.

That's when I recovered a
Browning semi-automatic pistol

from a holster in the
small of his back.

Your Honor, permission
to approach the witness.


Do you recognize this weapon?

That's the one I recovered.

As you can see, the serial
number's been scratched off.

Your Honor, the Government moves

to enter Exhibit
1 into evidence.

Thank you, Officer.

That's all for now.

Your witness.

Hey. Guys. Peterson's
story checks out.

He was given up by his birth
mother, raised in foster care,

and has an alibi for the
night Van Ness died.

Cameras at the bowling
alley show...

show him working that night.

So this guy really is the
luckiest half-wit in history.

Or the biggest mark.

What did you learn about
the company he keeps?

Helen Litke, Marcus
Duncan, Deidre Mori...

his sister, brother-in-law,
and girlfriend.

We're still waiting on
background information

for Litke and Duncan, but...

the girlfriend told you she was a
second-grade teacher in Bedford?

The Virginia school system
has no record of her.

Driver's license and
Social Security number

registered to Deidre Mori are
less than 12 months old.

She said she met
Peterson a year ago.

Keen, Ressler, time to have a
little chat with Miss Mori.

Or whoever she really is.

That radio run...

According to your arrest report,

it was based on
an anonymous tip.

- That's correct.
- So someone called 911

and said that a white
man in his 50s

wearing a suit and a hat

was in the vicinity of
the Red Brau Tavern

- and that man had a gun.
- Yes.

And this tip came from
someone you never spoke to,

someone who also refused
to give his or her name

- to the police operator.
- Yes.

Completely anonymous,
not a trusted source

known to have been
reliable in the past.

That's true, but I didn't arrest
you based only on the tip.

I conducted my own

What investigation was that?

I asked for identification.

Which I provided immediately.

A false ID.

No, you didn't know
that at the time.

That license was created

by the preeminent document
forger in the world.

Not in this country.
On the planet.

There's not a chance you could
have known it was a fake.

You looked nervous. Furtive.

Officer Baldwin, I've
been evading the police

and law enforcement
for almost 30 years.

I'm the most wanted
man in the world.

At the time of our encounter,

I was armed with a Browning
9-millimeter semi-automatic

with a round in the chamber
and the hammer cocked.

Do you really expect
this court to believe

that a marshmallow disguised
as a patrol officer,

a comic figure in an
ill-fitting uniform,

could possibly make me nervous?

- Objection!
- Sustained.

You think this is funny?!
You're a real smart guy, huh?!

Well, we'll see how
smart you are!

There he is.

There's the real
Officer Baldwin.

You didn't search me
for looking nervous.

The truth is I was

- No.
- I was disrespectful, you got angry,

and you decided right
then and there

to show me you were in charge.

- That's not true.
- I was a wise ass.

You said as much to your
fellow officers at the scene.

Tell you what... I'll
apologize for my behavior

if you apologize for
the illegal pat-down

that has exposed me
to the death penalty.


Think about it.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Aram, do me a favor and confirm
the trace on Mori's cell.

Corner of Trenton
and Willoughby.

I can't get any more specific
than that, but she's there.

Along with 50 other people.

Now we know why she
isn't answering.

This is gonna be a mess.

Did I tell you my, uh, cousin in
Idaho's getting married next week?

You've got a cousin in Idaho?

Yeah. Perp-loving cop hater.

There. Now you've met him.

I don't see her
among the guests.

You may kiss the bride.

That's 'cause she's
not one of them.

Does this make any sense to you?

No. Deidre's now "Hiraki."

I'm guessing Hiraki's no
more real than Deidre.

He's got to be in on it, right?
Helping her con Peterson?

Maybe she's conning them both.

I told you, I don't know where she is.
She left.

She left her own
wedding reception?

Can we talk about
this somewhere else?

My parents think that
Hiraki's back th...

No, we know her
name's not Hiraki.

Shh! Please, not here.

Wait. You know her
name's not Hiraki?

Yes, but my family has no idea.
What's this about?

Why don't you tell us?
Why'd she leave?

That's all I could afford.

You paid her? To marry you?

Through a service. Well,
for today for my family.

My parents, they
have public lives,

and they're very traditional.

And this, the wedding,
Hiraki and I...

it's a dream that
they want to believe

- to save them from the shame.
- What shame?

Why on Earth would you lie to
your family about your marriage?

Because I'm gay.

And in their world, that
remains unacceptable.

Wait. This service.
What's it called?

Alter Ego.

What's that?

Here at Alter Ego,

our artists provide clients
with an immersive experience.

Not a performance.

An experience that
is unabridged.

It's unpredictable. It's
very close to real life.

So, I'm sorry. Your
firm, you rent humans?

We fill vacancies.

We provide the relationships

that are missing in
our clients' lives.

For example?

A young professional
wants to take

the "wife" that he doesn't have
to his high-school reunion.

Or a single mother
wants to introduce

her young 6-year-old to the
father that she never had,

and so she creates a new,
more healthy narrative

with a "father" whose story
line she can write and control.

These people are paid to lie.

The actors may be counterfeit,

but the roles and the emotional
support they provide

are very real.

A billionaire dies,
leaving his fortune

to a son that no
one knew he had,

and the actress playing
his loving girlfriend

is conning him.

Do you recognize her?

Does she work for your company?

Uh, she doesn't look familiar,
but that doesn't mean anything.

We have hundreds of
artists on staff.

You're going to
have to find her.

Our employees do
not con clients.

If someone has taken advantage
of a role or a scenario,

then Alter Ego had
nothing to do with it.

You can go a long
way to proving that

by giving me Deidre
Mori's real name.

Mr. Reddington. The
Government has rested.

The ball's in your court.

If you intend to testify
or call a witness,

now would be the time.

I want to hear the tape.

- Excuse me?
- Of the anonymous call.

We haven't offered the
tape into evidence.

Exactly. How do I
know it even exists?

How do I know you're not
fabricating the entire call

as a way to justify the search?

Should I even ask if you have
any foundation for that?

Oh, come on. The
government pretended

my immunity agreement
didn't exist.

How do I know you're not
pretending the tape does?

Under the circumstances, that's
a fair question, Mr. Sima.

This hearing is about
Officer Baldwin

and whether he had a
reasonable suspicion

that this defendant was
carrying a weapon.

Yes, and he relied
on the information

that was relayed in that call.

No. He relied on the information
relayed by his dispatcher.

I was targeted. I
want to know why.

The why is irrelevant. What
you want to know is who.

You want to hear the
voice on that tape.

I have a Sixth Amendment right
to confront my accusers.

Something tells me you're interested
in more than just confrontation.

Your Honor, given this
defendant's history...

What history? I haven't
made any threats.

And in case you've forgotten,
I'm in federal custody.

Oh, right, and I'm sure if
you recognized the voice

you're not gonna put a bullet
in that person's head!

Enough! Now, I agree,
as a matter of law,

what matters is what
the officer believed

at the time he conducted
the pat-down, period.

That said, given the
government's penchant

for dishonesty where this
defendant is concerned,

I think it's more than
reasonable to wonder

if the police are playing fair.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Oh, don't thank me just yet.

I am ordering Mr. Sima
to produce the tape,

but for my ears only.

- Objection.
- Overruled.

I'm not giving you that tape, Mr.

But I will confirm
that it exists

and that it says
what they claim.

Best I can do. Back in an hour.

- Hey. How was Alter Ego?
- Very strange.

But I got copies of all
of the employee files.

Could tell us who the
girlfriend really is.

Great. I'll print them out.

And, by the way, I
downloaded Word Splurge.

- Why?
- So we can play against each other.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Okay. If you're worried
about crushing me

- and my rather minuscule ego...
- It's not that.

Be warned... I'm highly
competitive at word games.

- Aram.
- And... Uh, what?

- I don't want to play.
- But you do play.

On my own. And I'd like
to keep it that way.

- Why?
- Because I do.

Can you just print out
the files, please?

Actors being hired to play
fathers, mothers, brides.

How can someone lie about
a thing like that?

The groom we talked to did
it to please his mother.

Hiding the truth that
your marriage is fake?

I don't know how
long that can last.

In a relationship, the
truth always comes out.

MaryAnn. 35. Registered nurse.

Special skills...

marijuana distributor

with an intuitive understanding
of supply and demand.

This would be the perfect date
for your cousin's wedding.

Wait. What? I love weddings.

Wait. If you need a plus-one,
I'm totally down to go.

I'm only half-kidding.

I mean, we all know
how amazing you are,

but you're pushing 40
with no prospects.

Why let your cousin in on that?

Because it's the truth, the
part about me being amazing.

She's fluent in
Spanish and French.

I'm not gonna lie about
being someone I'm not.

Unlike our blushing bride...

Jan Chuckerman.

Does it say who hired her?
Sister or brother-in-law?

I highly doubt it, because...
they're fake, too.

They're all actors?

This tells us the
who, but not the how.

Peterson was the illegitimate
son no one knew about.

How did they?

They... had someone
on the inside.

Recognize him?

That's the kid from
the estate hearing,

the one who didn't
give us his name.

- And now we know why.
- He had all the information.

Must be his op. I say
we bring him in.

He's an actor. Let's see how
well he performs under pressure.


Put this on the room, too.

And 50% for you. Cheers.

Okay. Stop!

God. Stop. She's had enough.


Do it again. One more.

Hey, Tim. You're early.

Look familiar?

They should. You killed them.

I want a lawyer.

How 'bout we start with the senior
partner at your firm? Ashton Hirsh.

Want to know what he told us?

That Harris Van Ness had a
heart attack last year,

that he amended his will after
that to include his son.

He also said that you were
his personal assistant

and that you filed
the amendment.

I was doing my job.
That's not a crime.

What about Tim Peterson's will?

Did you have access
to that, as well?

See whether or not he changed it

to make sure that his loved
ones were taken care of?

Except they're not his loved
ones, are they, Roger?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

They're actors. Just like you.

We know about Alter Ego,

that you're hired
out to play parts,

that you figured out how these three
play the part of a lifetime...

the family that Tim
Peterson never had.

It was a clever plan getting
into Peterson's life a year ago,

making sure he trusted them
before you murdered his father.

I didn't kill anyone.

Sounds like you know who did.

No one was supposed to die.

I made that clear
from the beginning.

Van Ness was sick. It was
just a matter of time.

But Marcus... He
was getting antsy.

He wanted his cut, and
I told him to wait.

He wouldn't listen.

Not about Van Ness or...
or about Tim.

He's not gonna wait to
bleed Tim dry, is he?

No. He's working, uh,
much faster than that.

Deidre, what is he doing to you?

- Go get the pills.
- They're in my room.

Then don't just stand there like a post!
Go get 'em!

Talk to me!

Hey! No one's going anywhere!


Helen, go get the damn pills.

What is this? Why
are you doing this?

For the money.

Peterson's on the 16th floor,
in the penthouse suite.

I'll go up. You
secure the building.

I'm gonna need you to take
me to your head of security.

Tell him.

- Tell him what?
- Tell him.

I'm pregnant.

It's yours, Tim-bo.

A real-life bun in the oven.

Sorry, babe, but...

how else do you think we're
gonna get that cash?

Here's how it works.

You found out about the baby...

You didn't take
the news so well.

Of course you've been drinking.
And along with the pills...

- We fought, you got violent.
- No.

No choice but to defend herself.

She got her hands on that gun of
yours you've been traveling with

ever since you got
rich and paranoid.

Nobody's gonna believe you.

Honestly? Tim...

A kid from a trailer park...

drunk and high on pills

is killed by his
pregnant girlfriend

who's only trying
to defend herself?

Got 'em. Here you go.

You'll never get the money.

I don't have a will,
an estate plan.

But you have a kid,
and with you dead,

the inheritance goes to your
only living next of kin...

your child.

And guess who gets sole
custody of our child, hmm?


How's that for a plan?

FBI! Hands. Show me your hands!

Don't even think about it.

Damn it.


I got Peterson and
two of the preps,

but Deidre's on the move.

We should've called the bellhop,
told him to bring the cart.

We don't need the cart.

You say we don't need the
cart, then I carry the bags!

We need the cart!

Okay, next time,
I'll get the cart.

Don't move! I said don't move!

Not you, sir. Ma'am, can
you please hold the door?

You. Get up!

This place doesn't get
our business anymore.

Uh, welcome back. I want
to make a brief record.

First to establish my findings,
but also to preserve the facts

for Mr. Reddington's
inevitable appeal.

I have listened to the recording
provided by the prosecution.

The call is in sum and substance

exactly as the resulting
radio run describes.

I find no compelling

for forcing the Government
to put the recording

in evidence at this proceeding.

Mr. Reddington, if you
have any final argument,

I'm ready to hear it.

What did he have, Your Honor?

- What did who have?
- Officer Baldwin.

A tip from a source who
refused to give their name.

No explanation as to how their
information was acquired,

no prior history of reliability,

no compelling reason to believe
the tip was even credible.

And the details?

A white man in his 50s
wearing a suit and hat?

On a busy street
in New York City?

I couldn't possibly
have been the only one.

And how did the caller know

I was carrying a
concealed weapon?

It was concealed,
for God's sake.

In what stretch of
the imagination

could this kind of tip
justify this search?

Officer Baldwin obviously
knew that when he got there,

which is why he didn't just
throw me up against a wall.

He knew that what he had

didn't amount to reasonable
suspicion under the law.

So what did he do?
He investigated.

Please excuse my
drip of sarcasm,

but Officer Baldwin asked
for some identification,

and I gave him a false
ID so magnificent,

even I started to believe
my name was George Murphy.

He said I looked
around nervously.

The truth is, I made
fun of the man.

I refused to give him

the respect he somehow
believe he deserved.

It happens. I get impatient. I
make a comment I might regret.

It's one of my biggest
issues in therapy,

along with some residual
anxiety from childhood

and a sexual fascination I'd
prefer to discuss in chambers.

But the point is the tip
gave him next to nothing,

and his own observations
didn't change things one iota.

I know it, you know it,
and even he knows it,

which is saying a lot
since I'm pretty sure

all he cares about is reading
his name in the papers

and the whiff of his
boss's backside.

Ah! You see? There I go again.

I promise I will work on
this with my therapist

just as soon as you kick the gun

and let me get the
hell out of here.

Thank you.

How could I have been so stupid?

You wanted the
fantasy to be real.

You wanted a family.

All that time.

All those lies.

I know what it's like

to be fooled by people who
you think are family.

I know how painful that is.

What are you doing here?

- I need to speak with him.
- Why?

This doesn't have anything
to do with Reddington.

I only need a minute.

Mr. Peterson.

Who are you?

I work for the man
who saved your life.

I'm here to ask you to do
him a favor in return.

Harris Van Ness was
murdered for his money.

His death had nothing
to do with you.

He's still dead.

When he expired,
so did his vote.

It didn't expire.

It was transferred to his heir.

Van Ness doesn't have an heir.

As fate would have it, he does.

My father would have
voted with Reddington.

In his absence, I
vote with Reddington.

You tasked the FBI
to find an enemy,

and in doing so, you
found a friend.

What a pleasant surprise.

Sometimes you make
your own fate.

Sometimes... fate makes you.


All rise.

Let me be clear.

Reasonable suspicion
can be based

upon a tip given to the police,

but only if the
information provided has

what the Supreme Court calls
"an indicia of reliability."

Now, to make that
judgment, the courts look

at the source's
veracity, reliability,

and basis of knowledge.

The officer knew none
of those things.

All he had was a small
amount of predictive detail.

White male, right age, wearing
the right suit and hat.

Mr. Reddington is correct.
Alone, it's not nearly enough.

But there's more.

The officer made his
own observations.

In his view, the defendant
seemed nervous.

Whatever looks the defendant
gave, he interpreted as furtive.

The defendant resisted his
instruction to turn around.

Is that enough? It probably
wouldn't have been for me.

But the issue is not

whether I would have patted Mr.
Reddington down.

The issue is, was the
decision to do so

manifestly unreasonable?

I find that it wasn't.

Accordingly, the
defendant's motion

to suppress the gun seized from
his possession is hereby denied.

Your Honor, in light of your
ruling, it's our position

that the defendant violated
his immunity agreement.

Upon conviction for the
gun possession at trial,

that agreement
will be nullified.

We intend to pursue all of
the outstanding indictments

against the defendant and
seek the death penalty.

One step at a time, Mr. Sima.

Mr. Reddington, you
made a good case.

For what it's worth, it
wasn't an easy decision.

So, I guess I've got
that going for me.

D We were sun-burned
and shoeless kids d

With. For.

D We were skipping stones
- Into.

Of. To. Despite.

D In the failing light

d I smelled the fireplace

d Although we were miles away

d We were infinite

d There was no time
in those days d

d When all we knew
wasn't stolen d

d There was nothing
real to lose d

Welcome to Alter Ego. What
is it that you wish for?

I have a wedding to
go to, and, uh...

You'd like to bring someone.


I mean, yes. I'd like
to bring someone.

I hear you guys can
help with that.

D When regrets were nowhere

I came as soon as I heard.

Can you appeal the ruling,
get it overturned?

I was wrong about Van Ness.

I was so sure my enemy
was out there...

when he was in
here all the time.

I must be getting old.

Either that, or I'm facing a
particularly worthy adversary.

The gun's been admitted.

They'll throw out your immunity.

I was set up.

What are you talking about?

There's a recording of the
person who tipped off the cops.

Have you heard it?

What goes on in court...

yeah, there are rules,
people play their parts.

Your enemies are known.
It's a fair fight.

And despite losing today,
it's only just begun.

Have you heard the recording?


D You barely talked,
and I didn't mind d

But I intend to.

And when I do, - I'll
know who betrayed me.

And at that moment, no
matter where I am...

on the street, in
solitary confinement,

or on the receiving end
of a firing squad...

at that moment,
whoever set me up...

his fate will be sealed.

D Ohh-ahhh, ohh-oh-oh-oh

ENJOY! Do not miss
this tomorrow!