The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 22 - Episode #6.22 - full transcript

MAN: This way. Come on. Let's go.

- It's handled.
- PRES. DIAZ: Except Keen and Reddington.

The less you know, the better.

Anna, I believe we're way
past plausible deniability.

They'll come for their friends,

and then we'll have all the traitors.

You say that like it'll be easy to prove.

These are honest people...

ANNA: Who have killed
Secret Service Agents

investigating a plot
against the President.

Whose work has made Reddington stronger.

They're in league with him,
and he hates you.

I'm not worried about
making a case against them.

The question I have is you.

Do you want this?

We've talked about this.

I know. Before. But this is it.

It's your last chance to say no.

It's what has to be done.

I can't imagine how hard
this must be for you.

One shot. A kill shot.

That's my instruction,
and I want it clearly conveyed.

- A kill shot.
- I'd like this to be

as painless as possible.



MIRIAM: Tomorrow's a big day for you.

For both of us.

What you've wanted me to do,

I'm gonna take care of it
tomorrow at the debate.

Do you mean that?

This has haunted us for too long.


I'm relieved to hear you say that.

Ohh. It'll shock the world.

I don't care about the world.

I care about you.

I know you're conflicted, but
this is the right thing to do.


And I'm proud of you for doing it.



ANNA: Agent Cooper. It's over.

Agent Keen's badge was swiped.

We know she's in the facility,
and we will find her.

Main Justice has evidence
that your Task Force

is working with Reddington
on a coup d'etat.

Reddington will be hunted.

Your team will be tried and convicted.

But I'm willing to help you, Harold...

only you... if you reach out to her.

Bring her in.


The Miles dossier.

We recovered it from
Agent Mojtabai's computer.

Without it...

you have nothing.

Make the call. Bring her in.

Good luck.

- Good luck?
- You're gonna need it

if you hope to dismantle my team.

Your team is going to prison.

Then I'm going with them.

And Agent Keen?

She won't make it out of here alive.

You don't know Agent Keen.

- Reddington.
- RED: Elizabeth.

McMahon has them. Cooper,
Ressler, and ARAM. Everyone.

She has her people sweeping
the building looking for me.

I need your help. I have an idea.

You've gotten out of there
before. You can do it again.

I am not leaving them.

There's nothing you can do
for them right now.

I don't think you get it.

I am getting my team out of here.

We are stopping the President
from killing himself,

and then I am going to the store
for every princess pillow,

comforter, backpack, toothbrush,
and pajamas I can find

so my apartment's ready
when Agnes gets home.

Do you understand me?

Tell me what you need me to do.

Put me in touch with your friend.

Uh, the kid whose mother hates you.

- Tadashi Ito.
- Yeah. Tadashi.

- That's it. Have him call me.
- I'll try. [CHUCKLES]

But my arrangement with Mariko
is weekends only.

- What else?
- How long do you think

it'll take Ruddiger to get here?

Ruddiger? I am not sure
he's even in the country.

It isn't just Ruddiger.
He's gonna need help.

Elizabeth, slow down.

If I'm going to involve Ruddiger,

I need to know exactly
what you're planning.



Where the hell is everyone?

Ah. It's, uh... It's a work in progress.

A work in progress?
Ruddiger! We don't have time!

I was very clear...


- Who's this guy?
- Jurgen.

Does Jurgen work at the airport?

Part time. Customer service.

He's bilingual.


- Ruddiger.
- You said you needed a team.

- And this is them?
- Yeah.

- Who are these guys?
- This is Dieter.

Till. Horst. Little Udo.

- And, Jurgen, you have met.
- Hello.

You said you need to get
through concrete and steel.

These five are the best.

What? Wait. Five? The Shadow Five?

- Yeah.
- [CHUCKLING] Oh, my God!

These guys robbed the Banco Central.

How do you know them?

Till and I met in rehab.

And they know what we're doing?


We're all very excited by this.

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Yo!




LIZ: Tadashi, it's me. I found
the Access Control System.

Where have you been?!
I'm missing the entire prom!

Tadashi, I promise you,
I'm gonna make this up to you,

but, right now, I need you
to forget about that dance

and walk me through this
like your life depends on it.

Fine. I'm looking at a map
of the controller hub now.

- Give me names.
- Okay, in the war room

on the upper deck,
there should be a holding cell.

It's probably called holding T-6.

Or maybe just Bay Six. T-6. I see it.

On the distribution panel,
you're gonna find port 18.

There should be a CAT5 wire
feeding that slot.

- Do you see it?
- Port 18. I've got it.

TADASHI: Pull it.



LIZ: Okay.

What about interrogation
on the B subfloor? C-2.

- TADASHI: That's port 27.

- Interrogation C-1?
- Port 6.



LIZ: Okay, Tadashi. Stay with me.

I'm gonna go fast, so pay attention.

War room south corridor,

- south exit, R3.
- Port 38.

- Annex fire lane.
- Port 20.

- West mechanical room.
- Port 14.



♪ I think that I'll keep
loving you, way past 65 ♪


♪ We made a language for us two,
we don't need to describe ♪

♪ Every time you call on me,
I drop what I do ♪

- Oh, my God.

- What? What is it?
- My date's favorite song.

This girl, she's way out of my league.

Tadashi, one day you're gonna
write a book about how

you skipped the school dance
to prevent a conspiracy

and save the President's life,

and then you'll be
in a league of your own.

Now, do you remember
what we talked about?

The ultrasonic system.

LIZ: How do I activate it?

♪ We got a lot in common ♪

♪ We can talk 'bout nothin' ♪

♪ Shoot the ish, we got ish to shoot ♪



Okay, this is, uh...
This is weird, right?

No. It's Keen. She's here.

We need a plan.

Agent Keen is our plan.

I know you and Mr. Reddington
have a plan, but...

Tadashi. The ultrasonic system.

The router clamp. Pull it.



Pretty sure that's not
part of Agent Keen's plan.

All right. Move. Let's go.

- Hey!

They're gone.

Not gone. They're in the facility.

COOPER: If we can make it
to the boiler room,

access the security module,

we may be able to open one
of the south delivery gates.

MAN: Hands on your heads! Hands!

- Don't move!
- Hands!

Copy that. Ma'am,
all three are in custody.

South annex, Block C.

Please tell me you have
a space in this facility

that's better suited
at housing criminals.

Yes, ma'am. Matter of fact, we do.




Don't go anywhere, boys.

This'll all be over soon enough.


- LIZ: Hey. It's me.
- RED: Did it work?

Yeah, they're in the box,
right where we want them.

Fantastic. I'm on my way to you
now with Ruddiger and the boys.

Tell the fellas we're a go.



- Yeah!
- Whoo!

SHADOW FIVE: Hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

RESSLER: This brings back memories.

None of them good.


ANNA: I gave you a chance, Harold.

I tried to extend an olive branch.

But this? You chose this.

Have you found her yet?

Agent Keen. I asked
if you've found her yet.

We will.

Huh. I sort of doubt that.



I don't care if you have to
tear this place down. Find her!



We're in lockdown.
Nothing in, nothing out.

Couple packages is all I got.
I'm trying to finish my route.

Can I just leave 'em with you?


GUARD: Fine. Make it quick.


- Special delivery.




LIZ: Guys. Can you hear me, guys?

- Agent Keen?
- Wait. Can they hear us?

No. I bypassed the monitor relay.

ARAM, listen to me. I need your help.

Reddington and I directed you
to the box for a reason.

If we can bypass the CCTV
on our control server...

piggyback the RSS...

could someone remotely view
our internal feed?

- They'd have to be very capable.
- If they were capable?

Well, yeah, but if you bypass the signal,

the war room monitors
will stream the same data

over and over again.

They'd be blind.

- Oh.
- Assuming that Aram

can walk you through the process
remotely, what then?


TADASHI: Okay. I'm good on my end.

The video feeds are looping.

He's in. The war room's blind.
Reddington, you're on.

♪ Oh, you're bad enough to me ♪

♪ Bad enough that we ♪

♪ Always have something to get over ♪

Cameras are down. You're clear.

Gentlemen. Danke euch. Viel gluck.

♪ I got that salted chip on my shoulder ♪

♪ Oh, but when the night is deep ♪

♪ You find me in the streets ♪

♪ Asking me to come over ♪



LIZ: Guys, hang tight.
Reddington's on site.

Calvary's on its way.

Reddington? What's he gonna do?

He doesn't think he can blow
through The Box, does he?

It's titanium-gold alloy.

♪ That's it, I'm crazy ♪

♪ That's it, that's it ♪

Tadashi, can you hear me?

Mr. Reddington! Yes!

Uh, I mean, copy that.
I'm gonna guide you.

You ready?

Right as rain. Ready for Roger.

- I don't know what that means.
- It means yes.

Yes, I'm ready. Which way do I go?


On your right there should be a door.

Take it and move down the hallway.

Listen. Even if he could
blow through the foundation,

which is impossible, he'd
likely kill us in the fall.

Nobody's killing anybody.

TADASHI: In 30 feet, there's a door.

Agent Keen says the code is 71-6324.

We're there. Bring the feeds back online.

TADASHI: Okay. Here goes nothing.

♪ That's it, that's it,
that's it, yeah, you're crazy ♪


♪ Yeah, you're crazy ♪

They're inside. Hit the alarm.

- What's going on?
- We have a breach.



Ruddiger, we're back online.
Show's over. Get your men out.

Ah... _



Mr. Reddington, you're almost there.

100 yards. Maybe less.


MR. SANDQUIST: It's a diversion.


Fancy meeting you here.



- MAN: On the ground, now!

LIZ: Put your weapons down! Hands!

- Don't move.
- Show me your hands!

- Don't even try.
- What's the passcode?

ARAM: Passcode. It's... It's "Samar."

I'm not sure I'd associate a
high-security containment cell

with my girlfriend,
but I guess love is blind.



- Good to see you, Harold.

Hold your gratitude and
appreciation till later.

We're in a bit of a rush.






- That was the easy part?
- The most predictable.

ARAM: Uh, we just broke out
of a black-site facility.

COOPER: And now we have to break
in to the most secure building

in America... the location
of a presidential debate.

FBI. DHS. MPD. Eyes in the sky.

Everyone, this is Roxanne,
the maître d' at Delmar's.

I thought it best to discuss
our next move on a full stomach.

Um, are those... Are those
French toast kabobs?

With Vermont maple syrup butter
dipping sauce. Please.

- The debate's tonight.
- Yes, and, by then,

we'll need to figure out a way

to infiltrate the protestors
outside the arena,

start a riot, pose as law enforcement

coming to quell the insurrection,

slip inside during the commotion,

hack into the facility's
surveillance feeds

to find the shooter
before he kills the President.

And you think we have time to eat?

Have you had their Ethiopian porridge?

Who will be the first responders

to a disturbance outside the arena?

Local police will maintain command.

Then we'll need Elizabeth
and Donald assigned to the MPD.

You are aware that
we're wanted fugitives.

And that our pictures have been
posted to the MPD website.

Harold? Any favors you can call in?

- Thanks, Phil.
- You said it was urgent.

A warrant has been issued for my arrest

in connection with a crime
I did not commit.

The only way to prove my
innocence is for you to let

two of my agents work perimeter
security for the debate.

I need this, Phil. I can't think
of anything I've needed more.

Next, surveillance feeds.

Well, the debate's taking place
at Fillmont University,

and campus security
is in the same building

as the student union.

ARAM, looks like you're
going back to college.


So, uh, what's with
all the, uh, security?

Presidential debate.
Anyone tries anything,

they're gonna shoot first,
ask questions later.

How comforting.

RED: Lastly, The Third Estate.

They have a permit to
protest outside the debate.

Fervent subversives
that they are, I'm certain

they and their colleagues will
offer full-throated outrage.

But to get inside that hall,
we don't need a protest.

We need an insurrection.

And you have someone
that can make that happen?

I do.

Yo, yo, yo!

So, who wants to go to a
presidential debate, huh?

That would be no one.

- Okay. Okay.

Let me rephrase that.

Who wants to cause trouble
at a presidential debate?

- Look. Your democracy needs you.

And it'll pay if you heed the call.

How much?

Ah, well, that depends on
how much trouble you cause.

And that's the plan.

And the sooner we execute it,
the sooner I bring Agnes home.

Wait. Wait. Is that true?

It is.

This is wonderful news.
She must be absolutely thrilled.

When did you decide this?

Donald, a word?

ARAM: This is amazing...

COOPER: When is she coming home?

Elizabeth told me

you had a run-in with
a few Russians recently.

- She told you that?
- Yes.

When you were investigating my identity.


I was looking for information
about, uh, Katarina Rostova.

I don't know how they found out,

but they were anxious
to know what I knew.

- Did you get a name?
- No.

But a friend of theirs drove a
vehicle with diplomatic plates,

so I figure some pretty powerful
people want answers.

As for answers, I believe
Elizabeth has given you one.

She has. And it stays with me.



Everyone seems to have
a part to play. Except you.

I have an important meeting.

More important than saving
the President's life?

I couldn't care less about
saving the President's life.

I'm just trying to get your old job back.

Have some fun. It's gonna be a riot.

[CHANTING] Yo, hey, hey, hey!
No fascist USA!

Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA!

Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA!

Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA!

Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA!

Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA!

[CHANTING] Lock him up!
Lock him up! Lock him up!

Lock him up! Lock him up!

Lock him up! Lock him up!

Okay. Mr. Cooper?

Mr. Cooper, I think
I may have found something.

I'm in their network now, and...

This is weird, but one
of their cameras is down.

- How does that help us?
- Well, the system says

it's offline for a self-diagnostic,

but according to their blueprints,
the room that it's watching

is some sort of lighting booth
on the fifth floor.

Meaning it has a direct
line of sight to the stage?

That's gotta be it, right?
I mean, that's our shooter.


Oh. You just made it.

Protestors have all the streets
locked off. It's a madhouse.

Is he okay?

He's... a good man.

Today I think he'll be great.

It'll be a day to remember.

MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen,

the President of the United States.





RED: The consulate is on alert,
which means everyone's is.

STRANGER: We've been in worse
situations. Those worked out.

This will, too.

They're actively looking for Katarina.

[SIGHS] Masha was bound to find out

you aren't who you say you are.

What I can't figure out is Dom.

- Huh.
- Why would he tell her all that?

In an attempt to help her move on.

- And she believed him?
- She did.

So much so that she's decided

it's safe to bring her daughter home.

[SIGHS] I know Dom meant well.

He shouldn't have told her that story.

If Moscow is looking for Katarina...

if Agent Ressler's inquiry
has reignited their search...

Then I know that could be bad.


I want this done before
Masha's daughter comes home.

Have I ever let you down?

Once. When we were children.

You wouldn't give back the truck.


I'll get this done.

You're always so optimistic.

I thought that's why you loved me.

I love you because I can trust you.


COPELAND: The rich say get back!

PROTESTORS: We say fight back!

- The rich say get back!
- We say fight back!

- The rich say get back!
- We say fight back!

- The rich say get back!
- We say fight back!

- Get back!
- Fight back!

- Get back!
- Fight back!

- Get back!
- Fight back!

- Okay, we're on site.
- Ready on your go.



Yeah. We're here. We're ready.

RESSLER: Guys, the entire Secret
Service is looking for us.

Anytime soon would be great.

Jones, let's go! Make some noise!

PROTESTORS: The people, united,
will never be divided!

The people, united,
will never be divided!

The people, united,
will never be divided!

The people, united,
will never be divided!


WOMAN: Leave the grounds immediately.

We are ordering you to
leave the grounds immediately.



Disperse immediately,
or we will give you tear gas.

RESSLER: We're gonna have
a crowd crush on our hands.

- Call in the gas.
- LIZ: We can't hold the line!

We've got a situation here
on the south perimeter.

If these people breach,
we're gonna lose this position.

Hey, you two, help me secure that door.



LIZ: We've got a problem.
We need your help.

Lock these doors and redirect
any additional staff.

You, notify the Control Center,

tell them we need to issue a lock-out.


ARAM, we're in.

- All right.

I'm bringing up the blueprints
now. I'm gonna guide you.

MODERATOR: Healthcare has been

a central question in the campaign.

Senator Trotter, what's your position

on single-payer healthcare?

This is the final question
before closing remarks.

He's getting into position now.

Randolph, it's them. They're here.

...I think we can all agree on.


ARAM! Talk to us!

ARAM: Okay, when you exit the stairwell,

there is a service hallway to your left.







All right, when you get to
the fifth floor, make a right.

The lighting room is about
40 yards down the hall,

top of the stairs.

PRES. DIAZ: But here it is...
the bottom line.

I'm very proud of the work we've done,

but that work is far from finished.

I believe that there's progress
to make on jobs and education,

on military spending,
and financial deregulation.

I'm asking the American people
to give me the chance

to finish what we started.


- Thank you.





What happened, Robert?

I thought you were
gonna do the right thing.

ARAM: Right there. Straight ahead.




AGENT: Get him out of here! Let's go!



Hands up! Right now!

Drop it! Put the gun down!

This is a mistake! This is a mistake!

He got a shot off
before I could stop him.

Command into control. Two under.
Suspects in custody.

LIZ: He's the one you should
be taking into custody!

He's the shooter!



No one's gonna believe we tried
to assassinate the President.

It's more believable
than the alternative.

That he tried to assassinate himself?

- 'Cause that's what he did.
- Is it?

Because I know we think
that's what happened.

Because that's what happened!

We're being accused
of trying to assassinate

a man whose life we saved.




- You okay?
- Not really, no.


He didn't do anything.

You're traitors. To your
badge and your country.

You don't have to beat
the truth out of us.

We're telling you. He's the shooter.

Save it for trial.

You're never gonna let us get to trial.

They've been arrested.

- And the President?
- He's fine.

The plan worked.
They stopped the assassination.

- And then got blamed for it.
- They've been taken.

I don't know where, and I'm in
no position to find out.

Who's the controlling authority?

Homeland. Do you have DHS on the payroll?

I'm in no mood for opaque.

Do you have them on the payroll or not?

- Yes. Some.
- Call them.

You got them into harm's way.
I need you to get them out.


Is my wife all right?

- She is, Mr. President.
- Put Sandquist on.


He's here.

Wanna tell me what the hell happened?

- The Task Force.
- You told me they'd been neutralized!

- They'll be held responsible.
- For what?

Wounding my wife? That wasn't the plan.

- No, sir.
- Do they know what the plan was?

We don't think so, sir.

You don't think so?

You don't think so?!

You know how much comfort that brings me?

Absolutely none!

Before today, I had one problem.

And now, thanks to you, I've got two.

Deal with them.



- He got the shot off.
- After we surprised him.

That's why he missed.

I've seen his file.
Sandquist was a Green Beret.

His unit won the Army's
Special Ops Sniper Competition.

Beat 40 other teams
from around the world.

Shooting a clay pigeon's a lot
easier than killing a President.

- Maybe he got cold feet.

Then why take the shot?

Okay, so the President
wasn't his target. Who was?

I mean, think about it...

an assassin goes to all the trouble

to take a shot at a presidential debate,

and his target isn't the President?

Does that make any sense to you?

No, it doesn't. But I'm telling
you that's what happened.




Time to go.

- Where are we?
- The end of the line.

If it's, uh... If it's
all the same to you,

I-I think we're good here.

Feel free to resist.

After all, you're gonna be
killed when you try to escape.

But, um, w-we're not trying to escape.

You didn't try and assassinate
the President, either.

Let's go.






- ARAM! Hold him down!
- Aah!

- Gun.
- How many are you?

- How many?

My leg!



- Come on!
- Six! There's six of them!

ARAM: Ressler.

♪ You threw me down a rope ♪

♪ It killed me ♪

♪ Endowed ♪

♪ You shut me ♪



♪ If only I could float ♪


♪ Are there, maybe ♪

♪ Are there, maybe ♪

♪ Are there, maybe ♪

♪ Breaks in me ♪


♪ Breaks in me ♪

♪ And are there, maybe ♪

♪ And are there, maybe ♪

Drop it!


♪ Breaks in me ♪

RED: Go, go, go! Go!



We need an ambulance! Quickly!



Put the phone down! And the gun!

- You, too, Agent Ressler!
- Not gonna happen.

You thought that we were
trying to hurt this country.

We weren't. We were trying to save it.

With a coup d'etat. That's original.

You have no play here.

I know! But neither do you.


No more games! No more cheating death!

Don't do it. If you kill him, I kill you.

I hope so!



WOMAN ON TV: And while
authorities have yet to make...

- Hey, ARAM. Pass me that.
- ...what we can confirm

is this... the shootout
occurred as the suspects

were being transferred to
a federal detention facility.

- Sorry. Don't mind me.
- ...sources tell us that

as many as six federal officers
were wounded in the shootout.

That's us. Wanted in connection
with shooting at the President.

LIZ: And without the dossier,
we can't prove otherwise.

Except... no one shot at the President.

What exactly are you doing?

Diaz wasn't the target.

Then who was?

RED: Okay.



Will they be okay?

Chuck will be.

Morgan, it could...

go either way.

Morgan is strong.

So, are you back?

Does this mean I'm forgiven?

The Townsend Directive.

Our friend in Miami says it's in play.

Is that why you're here?

- He says it's very important.
- It's critical.

But not as critical as
knowing why you're here.

I said I needed to follow my own path.

I did.

It led me back to you.


RESSLER: So, this is the debate stage

and everyone who was on it
when the shot was fired.

The moderator, the Senator,
her husband, their son,

the President, and the First Lady.

- And the shooter?
- Here.

World-class sniper with
a clean shot at the President.

Who he would've killed
if we hadn't surprised him.

RESSLER: But why? And why wait, then?

Why not shoot during the debate
when he's not moving?

WOMAN ON TV: Meanwhile
the outpouring of sympathy

from around the world continues

for the President and his injured wife.

You think he arranged all this
to boost his poll numbers?

RESSLER: A crack shot
misses an easy target?

It's the only explanation
that makes sense.

Except for the real explanation.

And what's that?

He didn't miss.


In no world is this okay.

- We'll keep it brief.
- Two minutes.

I told them we had information
on the assassination

and that it was a matter
of national security,

and they gave me two minutes!





I agreed to talk to you, but this...

My God. What's he doing here?

RED: Mrs. Diaz, for the sake of brevity,

please allow me to get
right to the point.

I understand you've been...
harboring a powerful secret.

I need to know what that secret is.

What is this? Why is he here?

Because of your husband.

You and I both know
that about four years ago,

he accepted hundreds
of millions of dollars

from a Russian oligarch
named Constantine Rostov.

I blackmailed him about it at the time,

but there's more to the story,
isn't there, Mrs. Diaz?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

The assassination attempt.

It wasn't aimed at the President.

It was orchestrated by the President...

to kill you.

A plot by a desperate man
trying to get rid of his wife,

while disguising her murder
in the mess of what appeared

to be a botched assassination.

What would make you think...



- That can't be.
- Mrs. Diaz.

Why does your husband want you dead?


It's all right, Miriam.


Four months before the primaries,

we were at my parents' place
at Indian Lake.

We'd been out. We'd been... drinking.

There was a woman. And her son.

Robert, he'd had so much to
drink, he thought he hit a deer.

We talked about going to the police.

We didn't.

Robert said he knew a man, a fixer.

The Russian money wasn't used
to buy the election.

It was used to buy
your husband's reputation.

I was...


I thought I was. I...

But I couldn't sleep. I-I couldn't eat.

I wanted...

What did you want?

I wanted him to tell the truth.

To go public.

I didn't care what it meant.

I wanted us to do the right thing.

But he refused.

So I put together documents.

From the fixer.

I made recordings.



That bullet.

You really think it was intended for me?

This is...

not some horrible mistake?

Horrible, yes.

But this was not a mistake, Mrs. Diaz.


WOMAN: The President
will announce his resignation

in a prime-time address to the nation.

MAN: The attempt on the First Lady

was allegedly orchestrated
by the President.

WOMAN #2: A stunning fall from grace...

WOMAN #3: an attempt
on the First Lady's life...

WOMAN: address...

COOPER: Sir, did you hear what I said?

Mr. President?

PRES. DIAZ: Yes, I heard you.

Upon my resignation, the Bureau will open

a criminal investigation.

Reddington did this.

No, sir. You did this to yourself.


How does a wanted fugitive
bring down a President?


With pleasure.

♪ You're gone now for so long ♪

♪ You grown a child ♪

Ah, I feel anxious. I don't know why.

RED: It's a new beginning.

Anxious isn't really the right word.

It's more like... heightened.

Like, I can feel every breath.

I'm not used to that.

You're doing the right thing, Elizabeth.

Well, it's only because I finally know.

I know who you are. I know that you care.

I know that I'm safe.
I know that my mother cared.

She'd be proud of you.

♪ Ooh-ooh ♪

AGNES: Mommy!

- Ooh! Welcome home, Agnes.
- Mommy!

LIZ: Oh, I've missed you. Kat, hi.

Scottie wanted me to tell you
she'll bring over

the rest of her things in the morning.

♪ Bitter dirt ♪

♪ Bitter tea ♪


♪ Everything we do is a mess ♪

Well, we'd better get going.
May we walk you out?

♪ But, oh, honey ♪

You're not gonna stay for dinner?

And intrude on your
mother-daughter reunion?

I don't think so.

And we need to be someplace.

♪ We knew everything ♪

AGNES: Mommy, who's
that funny-looking man?

LIZ: [CHUCKLES] It's a long story.

But we finally have time to tell it.

♪ Ooh ♪

Hey, do you want a lemon bar?

- AGNES: Yes.

♪ All things sacred ♪

♪ Ooh-ahh ♪

♪ Nothing wild ♪

I found her.



You're sure?


♪ Bitter you ♪

♪ Bitter me ♪

Oh, my God.

It's her.

I'm telling you, Raymond.

Paper trails. The passports. The travel.

It's her.


You have an address?

♪ Won't be sorry long ♪

Raymond, are you sure about this?

If you're not sure... I'm sure.

♪ Dumb and mean ♪

♪ What did you mean when you'd scream? ♪

♪ Nothing's scared ♪

♪ Ooh-ahhhh ♪







Are they watching?

It's not safe.

You're not safe.


♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp-bomp ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

- ♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp ♪
- ♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪

♪ Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp,
bomp-bomp, I feel free ♪


♪ Feel when I dance with you ♪

♪ We move like the sea ♪

♪ You, you're all I want to know ♪

♪ I feel free ♪

♪ I feel free ♪