The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 19 - Rassvet - full transcript

Absolutely. Mint.

You grow mint?
I do the same thing at home

so I can have it for my...

Yes, you may.

Thank you.

Na zdorovie.

Can I ask why?

You're my grandfather.
Why would you want
to hide that from me?

Because I made a promise
a long time ago.

A promise to lie
to your granddaughter?

Why would anyone ever
ask you to do that?


To keep you safe.

You know his identity.

I do.

Who is he?

And how is it connected
to my mother?

I know she didn't drown
in Cape May.

I know that, six months later,
she helped

whoever's pretending to be
Reddington become Reddington.

I have proof.

What happened
in those six months

between the night
the world thinks
my mother drowned

and the day Reddington
came back from the dead?

What happened?

For most people,
baptism comes early.

My daughter had to wait
half her life to be reborn.


Can I help you?

Are you all right?

Hey, there.

Easy. It's okay.

You're in a shelter.
It's not a hospital.

You had a nasty fever
when they brought you in.


You picked
the right church, though.

Father Wendt
was a medic in Lebanon.

Said you needed rest
and warm liquids.

How long have...
A few days.

Enough time for
the fever to break.

What's your name,

That's okay.
I don't need to know.

You get some rest.

You need to know
whatever you share with us
is confidential,

and it stays with us
unless you request otherwise.

You wanna
talk about it?


I saw the bruises
on your stomach, the cuts.

They weren't
from the ocean.

Well, when you want
to talk about it, we're here.

You're safe.

Thank you.

But she wasn't safe.


No. She wasn't safe.

She was being hunted.

There was a Russian.
Anton Velov.

He was searching for her.

These are from
the last week?

Everyone we received.

And bodies wouldn't have
been sent anywhere else?

If a body was pulled
from the water
within 40 miles of here,

this is where
it would come.

What do you say you and I
take a little drive?

A drive?

Well, there's something
I want to show you.

What's the problem?
Who is she?

We couldn't get her name.
No one knows
what she's saying.

She walked in
and started yelling.

Oh, my God.
Call the police!

Don't call the police.
She's telling you not to.


You can understand
what she's saying?

Her boyfriend did this.

Can she tell us his name?

She doesn't want to.
She's afraid.

Her boyfriend is friendly
with the police.

If you call them,
he'll find her.

Her arm... She thinks there
might be a fracture.


Should we talk?

About what?

You think that's me?

I think we're all
running from something.

I think we've all had to
do things to survive.

Everyone here
has a past.

Whatever your story is,

it's your story,
and yours alone.

Most importantly,
I think the woman

who stepped into
that ocean is dead.

The one who emerged
has new choices,

a new future.

And I'm here to help her.

She got help.

She got well.

She kept to herself.
She remained patient.

While she made a plan.

Remember, all this happened

as the Soviet Union
was collapsing.

93% of voters in Lithuania
have voted for independence

from the Soviet Union.

She betrayed all of us.
By working
with the Cabal.

By helping to fan
the flames of an uprising.

Many powerful people
were looking for your mother,

and she knew
she needed to disappear,
to fade away.

She stayed at the shelter,
biding her time, until...

Until what?

Get out.

Sir, please.
You're drunk.

What did you
say to me?

It's late.
You've been drinking.

Maybe the best thing
for you...

Out. Now.

Mr. Koslov.
Paging Mr. Ilya Koslov.

You have a lost item
at the security desk.

Ah. Hi. I'm, uh, Ilya Koslov.
Someone paged me.

Oh, Mr. Koslov, yes.
We found your briefcase.

Lucky someone turned it in.

Yes. Must be
my lucky day.


I thought
you were dead.

I am dead.

What are we doing here?

Making sure
I stay that way.

I hope you know
your mother loved you.

And my father?

Did she love him, too?

Reddington was
an assignment.

So, you were her handler.

Katarina was my protegee...
Or so I thought.

Until I learned
that she had a life

I didn't know
anything about.

A cabal conspiring
against Russia,

her affair
with Reddington.

Which you
ordered her to have.

I ordered her
to turn him.

Turn him,
not to have his child.

I don't know if they
loved each other or not.

What I do know is that
they loved you.

And fought over me.

That's what
they were doing
the night I shot him.

impersonating Reddington,

they had to know
Reddington died that night.

And if they knew that,
they also knew

that's when my mother
gave me up.


Lock the door
behind me.

She was alone and scared
and wanted me to be safe.

She was scared,
and she wanted you
to be safe.

But she wasn't alone.

I cannot believe
you're alive.

The papers... How did...
How did they get it wrong?

They didn't.

I went into the ocean
to end my life.

Yeah, but you came back.
I told you my plan.

Yeah, well,
we need a new plan.

One that has even
a remote chance of success.

The KGB knows
I betrayed them.

The Cabal knows
I had an affair

with a man who has information
that could destroy them.

I am marked,
and so is everybody
I care about.

Guilt by association.

I won't stand still
for that.

That is what
I hate about you.

Don't say that.

don't take it personally.

It's how, uh,
all moral relativists feel

about righteousness

in the face
of impossible odds.

On the plus side,

I'll have nothing but love
for you if we succeed,

which we won't.


Well, we pledged our lives
to each other.

When we were six.

And a promise
is a promise.


For this to work,
we'd need passports,

cash, access, time.

Okay, okay.

Okay, well,
which of those
do we have?

What, not even time?

I don't understand.
The world thinks you're dead.

There was an incident
at the shelter.

A man with a gun.

Velov will hear
about it.

The news of my death
would fool most.

It won't fool Velov.

We did
the right thing, right?

What thing?

Pulling him from the fire,
trying to save his life?

I can't stop thinking
about those firefighters,

what might have happened
if we'd left him there.

If they found him,
maybe they could've
gotten him help,

saved Raymond's life.

He would've
burned to death.

We did everything we could,
and we got him out.

And yet, he died.

Look here.

Good luck, Anna Croft.

All passengers are subject
to random screening...

This is impossible.

I'm sorry, Mama...

For everything.

What's happening?

I'm in trouble.

Which means you and Papa
are in trouble, as well.

And Masha?
She's fine. She's safe.

You're gonna take
the ferry to New London,

and then, you'll take
the bus to Boston.

What? No.

Ilya liquidated
his bank account
to access cash.

It's in this suitcase,

and it's enough
to go wherever you want.

I don't want
to go anywhere.

There are documents
in there,

a passport,
a Social Security card.

Everything you'll need.

Need for what?

A new life.

Katarina, talk to me.

What is going on?
What have you done?

The things
you'll hear about me are true.

And I wish to explain them
to you someday, but not now.

Right now, you have to
get on that ferry.

And, remember,
when you get there,
you'll be somebody else.

But why?
I don't understand.

Because I'm a traitor.

And they'll think
you're a traitor, too.

They'll think
you're on my side.

I am on your side...

- I love you, Mama.
- Your attention, please.

The next ferry to New London
is now boarding.

The ferry will depart
in 15 minutes.

She's safe.

And out of my life.
Yeah, for now.

You don't know that.

We got to her first,
before Velov.

Maybe we were wrong
about him.

Maybe he's not
as close as we think.

Maybe he's not...
Don't stop.

It's him.
Brown coat, it's Velov.


The man I killed
at the shelter...

I used his credit card
to pay for the room.

There's nothing
in the room

that would tell them
where we're going.

If he knows I'm alive,

he already knows
where we're going next.

To you, right?

She was going to see you
in Moscow.

I have to see him.

Velov's men are here
to arrest you.

They can't arrest
what they can't see.

We have to
go in together.

I'll be fine.


What are you gonna do,
shoot your own daughter?

No, but I may
shoot a traitor.

I am not a traitor.
You betrayed me.

You betrayed
your country.

The country betrayed us.

You sneak in here
like a thief in the night.

The building
is being watched.

Of course it is.

It's because of you.

Which is why you
have to go right now.

Go? Go where?

before they arrest you.

They? I'm on their side.

They won't think so.

Not after what I've done.

They won't suspect me.

You trained me.
You're my handler.

Of course they
will suspect you.

Not if I turn you in.

You wouldn't do that.

You betrayed me.

What makes you think I won't
do the same thing to you?


I have one duty.


And you will do it.

Wait. You told them?

What would you
have done?

I would have
protected my child.


They're coming!

Oh, but you do have
something to lose.

Something quite precious.

We never worked together.

Drop the gun, and you can
tell Velov all about it.

Don't. Do it,
and we both die.

I betrayed him just as much
as I betrayed you.

I'd say,
from the look of his face,

much more.

Then you'll let him go.

Yes, when you put down
your gun.

He's lying.
I know.

On your knees.

So pretty.

A shame.

I have direct orders
from Velov
to shoot you on sight.


Kill them both.


Please. Wait.


Sir. It's been too long.

We have to get rid
of the bodies.

You're on her side, too?

At that moment,
I'd say we are all
on the same side, sir.

You're Americans.

Take the train
from Leningradsky Station

to St. Petersburg,
and then on to Helsinki.

I have an asset
at the American embassy
who will vouch for you,

see that you find transport
from Helsinki on to Zurich.

What about you?

The only reason I'm here
is to make sure you vanish.

You can't stay here.

- I have contingencies.
- What contingencies?

An identity,
a place to go.

You did protect your child.


Your house in the woods.

What about Velov's men?

I'll deal with the KGB.

No, Papa, listen to me.
You have to go.

You can't
come back here.

Once things have settled...

Moscow's gonna fall.
It's only a matter of time.

You have to leave.

You gave up everything.
Your country, your life.

You walked away from it all
to protect your daughter.

And my granddaughter.

You can't see Masha. Ever.

She's gone. I'm gone.

You can't ever come back here.

Just get to Helsinki.

What did you do?

I got rid of the bodies,

and I got out of the country,
and I got into America.

For Katarina,
it wasn't so easy.

They'll destroy him.

We did everything
we could.

We warned him
to get out right...

Not Papa.


Reddington's dead.

You and I know that,
but the Cabal think
he's on the run,

a liability.

They'll discredit him

to undermine his proof
of their existence.

Okay, so, you destroy
the reputation of a dead man.

He had a wife
and a daughter.

She's nearly
the same age as Masha.

Jennifer's her name.

They'll be told that he was
a criminal and a traitor.

And they won't
believe it.

Don't you understand?
He was my asset.

I'd been siphoning intel
off of him for years.

You don't think we had plans
in place to destroy him

if he ever found out
that he was sleeping
with the enemy?

Of course they did.

Money in secret accounts.

Paper trails of payoffs.

Passports in
safety-deposit boxes.

Evidence that I didn't
steal his secrets,

but that he shared
them with me.

Alternate history.

They will destroy him,

and they will destroy us,

and they won't stop
until they do.

Where are you?
What's going on?

Do you know what they're
saying about Reddington?

Sam, I need to
talk to her.

Talk to her.
You can come and get her.

Sam, please.


It's your mother.

Hey, sweetheart.

How are you, my love?

What are you doing?


When are you
coming home?

It's gonna take a while.

Mama has
some work to do.

But I miss you.

I miss you, too.

And I want to be with you.
I really do.

But until then,
I need you to know that I...

I love you so, so much.

I love you, Masha.

Whatever happens,
Mama will always love you.

Bye, sweetheart.

Bye, Mama.

Hey. Listen.
What's going on?

You've got to
talk to me.

Take care of
my girl, Sam.




Katarina, stop!

You said we'd figure a way
out of this, and I have.

You tracked me down here.
We fought.

I went over the edge.

You'll be a hero.
You'll get your life back.

Katarina, please, I have a way
to get your life back,

a way for me
to get my life back,

a way to escape the Cabal,
the KGB, the Americans,

and no one has to die.

The world doesn't know
what happened

to Raymond Reddington,

It is a mystery, right?

So, we give them
the answer.

What does that mean?

Will you
let me explain?

Let me explain.

Please, let me explain.

It's clever.

But it's absurd.

No one knows
that Reddington's dead.

It would never work.

In time, they will think
he is on the run.

A fugitive and traitor
to his country.

Because I framed him.

Yes, and if the fugitive
Raymond Reddington

can disappear
without a trace,

then why wouldn't it
stand to reason

that the money you framed him
with could disappear, as well?

it's not that simple.

I think it is.

Raymond is the only one
who can access
those accounts.

How much?

I mean, those banks are known
to bend the rules.

They work with criminals,
but still, that doesn't...

Just humor me.

How much?

$40 million.

That is more
than we would ever need

to stay two steps ahead

of the... the KGB,
the Cabal, the Americans.

It was easy
to get those funds wired in,

but Raymond would
have to show up in person

to access that money.

And since
he died in my arms,

he won't be able to.

I don't think you're entirely
grasping what I'm suggesting.

What are
you suggesting?

Becoming Reddington.

Purposely stepping into
the shoes of a man

destined to be condemned
as a traitor.

But how?

That would
be impossible.

What if it's not?

What if Raymond Reddington
were alive

and able to walk
into those banks?

Of course, we couldn't
pull it off alone.
We'd need help.

He'd need doctors,
like Koehler.

Someone who could
change his face.

And not just once. Many visits
over the course of a year.

He'd need the details.
The account numbers,
the pass codes,

the names of the contacts
at the bank.

But not just
physical details.

We need personal details
about who Raymond was.

His family life,
his work life.

He'd need anecdotes
to complete the story.

Some true,
grounded in reality,
some invented.

And who better
to provide those details

than the woman
who spied on him,

who loved him?

The woman
who invented him?

Okay, stop.

I hear you.

It's a desperate,
if not bold, plan.

All the pieces
were in place.

All that had to be done
was to step into the lie

and bring it to life.
To become him.

But there's still one thing
that doesn't make any sense.

Why would you do that?

To protect you.

They'll hunt you.

You'll never be able
to stop running.

Isn't that what
we've been doing?



why do I have to
keep reminding you?

We pledged our lives.

Promise me one thing.


If they get to me,
if they take me...

* Don't ask me

...take care of Masha.

* What you know is true

Like she was my own.

* Don't have to tell you

* I love your
precious heart

* I was standing


* You were there

* Two worlds collided

* And they could never
tear us apart...

Mr. Reddington.
Welcome back.

* We could live

* For a thousand years...

Is everything
all right, sir?

I hope
you're not uncomfortable.

It was necessary
for me to make

some changes
to my appearance.

I've had some recent troubles
with the authorities and...

We have a valued
history of discretion,
Mr. Reddington.

Your privacy is
our utmost concern.

Thank you, Simon.


...what sort of withdrawal

will we be assisting
you with today?

* And they could never,
ever tear us apart *

Yes. It worked.

A few months
after I made it to America,

Katarina met me here...

...on that sidewalk.

She handed me
a key to box 642.

The letter.

This is where
you picked it up.

She gave the key
to her mother, too.

She told us that,
when she resurfaced,

she would
make contact with us.

I got this 28 years ago.

And in 28 years,

there was
not a week that has passed

that I haven't
tried to use it.

I'd say a silent
prayer first.

Hoping, praying to find
something from her.

And did you?

Last time
I saw my daughter

was in
this rearview mirror

nearly 30 years ago.

If my Katarina was still here,
she would have let me know.

But the letter
you picked up in February...

Katarina's mother
sent it to her.

A letter in a bottle,
cast into the ocean

by a mother
on her deathbed,

hoping against hope

that somehow the letter
would find her daughter alive.

I picked it up
because I knew it never would.

Thank you
for telling me.

I wish I had
a different story, but...

You and my daughter...

You're the only
family I have.

I haven't treated you
like family.


I wanted to. I...

I'm sorry.

Can I meet her,
your daughter?

You are her

I expect you
to spoil her rotten.

Thank you.

After pondering that
for a moment,

"It's too early to tell."


To what do we
owe the pleasure?

I hope it's a hankering
for roast goose.

Succulent doesn't
begin to des...

It isn't the goose.

I know the truth.

Your real identity.

I know who you are.

Take a look at the door.

I know I said
I wasn't search...

You see Chuck?

You know who
you don't see?

Dembe. You know why?

Because your hunt
for the truth,

mine, by the way,
not yours,

cost me my relationship
with him.

If that's the case,
I'm sorry,

but it's gonna be okay.

I know it will,
especially because

you've got nothing
to disagree about anymore.

I know you're Ilya...

...and the incredible
thing you did

to protect my mother.

To protect me.

Who told you this?


I know about him, too,
that he's my grandfather.

I know everything.
The facts, anyway.

Of course, I have like
a thousand questions.

You and me both.

And those can wait.
All except for one.

I know you became
who you are to access
Reddington's accounts.

You know that?
I do.

And it worked.

But what
I don't understand

is what happened
after it worked.

I mean,
you became Reddington,

but then,
you stayed Reddington.

And I don't
understand why.

I am what I am.

Popeye the Sailor Man.

I was so excited to tell you,
I flew halfway
around the world.

Was it worth the trip?

That depends.

Is the goose
really succulent?


What were
you thinking?

Don't start with me.

You were the architect
of this charade.

Cost me my daughter,
and, up until now,

my granddaughter
and my great-granddaughter.

What did you tell her?

She was going to find out
sooner or later.

I know the broad strokes.
I know who I am.

I need to know the details

of exactly what you've thrown
out there into the ether.

What you need to do
is to thank me

for putting
all of this behind you.

Is that what
you think you did?

Because I think you may
have made things worse.

So, from the start,

what did you tell her,
word for word?