The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Bastien Moreau - full transcript

Liz and the task force make a play to uncover the truth about an international assassination in a last-ditch effort to save Red's life.

When you
contract with me,

there are certain
implied assurances.

Things may take longer
than you like.

We might hit a few bumps
along the way,

but in the end,

the job will be done
in such a way

that it never comes back
on you or your people.

Yes, well, the job
is not done.

It will be.
You said that before.

This should've been done
weeks ago.

As I said before,

you should expect a few bumps
along the way...

I'm not interested in bumps.
I only want results,

which you have yet
to show me.

Because of you, because
that bombing at the UN

was stopped by the FBI,
we're now in crisis mode.

We need this done.

Finish the job,
both of them,

or my people will take this into their
own hands, and you don't want that.

A sense of humor.

I like that about you.

Can you get it done
or not?

Tell your boss to relax.

They will both be dead
within two days.

I'm on my way to see him now.
I'll tell him.

Just get it done.

The President's expecting me.

of the death penalty

are holding a vigil outside
of the Federal Penitentiary

where legendary crime lord
Raymond Reddington

is scheduled to be executed
on Saturday at 12:01 a.m.

They are joined by reporters
from around the world

who have come to Terre Haute to
cover the final hours in the life

of one of this country's
most notorious criminals.

After being
on the FBI's watch list...

Ouch! Ow!
...for decades...

Are you okay?
Uh, yeah.

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

Uh, fine, fine, fine.
All... All good.


Why do they always execute
people at 12:01?

It's so ghoulish.

The death warrant
is only good for one day.

Scheduling it at 12:01 gives the
government as much time as possible

to deal with any
last-minute legal, um...

Yes, appeals.

They can deal with them

and get the execution done
without needing another warrant.

So it's not ghoulish.
It's, uh, calculated.

That's worse.

Are you sure you're okay?

To be honest, uh, no.
I'm not.

It's a dumb question.
Nobody is today.

I can't believe
he's going to die.

He always seemed
so invincible.

Thank you
for coming, Harold.

How are you holding up,
my friend?

I'll know in a few hours.

They're giving me
a physical

to make sure I'm healthy
enough to be killed.

I didn't come
to say goodbye.

I'm here to tell you
I pulled every string I could

to get a meeting
with the President

to urge him to commute
your sentence.

He won't.
I hope you're wrong.

It's the only card
we have to play.

For now.
For now?

Your execution
is tomorrow.

Well, it's scheduled
for then.

But it won't happen if you
do exactly as I suggest.

We'll do whatever it takes.

Because it's gonna require you to steal account
information from a bank in Luxembourg.

You want the FBI
to rob a bank.

Don't look so sour.

At this time of year,
the valleys of the Black Ernz

are just beautiful.

Elizabeth will tell you
the why.

You'll have to
figure out the how,

or this will be goodbye.

The why is simple...

Reddington believes
the account holder

can tell us
about the conspiracy.

I thought that's why he gave
us the Cryptobanker. It was.

The Cryptobanker
laundered $5 million

for a man in Cairo who can
tell us what we need to know...

...about a conspiracy
so deadly

that knowing about it
would be enough

to get the President to
commute Reddington's sentence?

Reddington assumed
the Cryptobanker

could lead us
to the man in Cairo.

He thought all we had
to do was ask him

where he wired him
his laundered money.

But the man in Cairo didn't
want his money sent to him.

He wanted it sent to someone
with a numbered account

- in Luxembourg.
- Who?

That's what
we have to find out.

Everything you will need. Her
schedule, her security detail,

and my ID,
which gives you access.

What is that?

for your business.

$5 million
to betray my country.

Reddington has uncovered
a conspiracy.

He doesn't know its purpose
or who's involved,

except for a "man in Cairo"
he can't find.

Now his salvation lies
in a numbered account

in a bank we have
no authority to access,

but which he wants us
to rob.

Our work together is finished.
Is that it?

Except for the fact that we're
not asking for your help.


Me and Dembe.

This is not your call
to make.

There's no time to plan
and little hope for success.

It's a mission that will
likely end in our arrest.

That's a chance
we're willing to take.

We don't expect
anyone else to take it.

They would if you asked them.
I know.

That's why I'm not
going to ask them.

Hey, uh...

I, uh... I spilled, uh,
coffee this morning.

Uh, I was, um, watching the
news about Mr. Reddington

and, um, uh, point being,
I spilled on your phone.

It's okay. It works fine.
Yeah, I know.

Because, uh, while I was
cleaning it, you got a text.

About seeing
a speech pathologist.

Can we talk
about this later?

Uh, the text was from the
National Aphasia Association.

Uh, it said NAA,
but, uh, then I looked it up.

Aram, I don't want
to talk about this here.

And then
I looked up "aphasia."

Samar, I am confused
and worried, and...

And I'm a little annoyed
that you didn't say anything.

So, no, I don't think we can
talk about this later.

I think it's been
long enough.

When I was stuck
in the car,

I was underwater
for six minutes.

Being deprived of
oxygen for that long,

by the time you pulled me out,
the damage was already done.

What damage?
The migraines?

Yes, but there's
more than that.

I can't remember things.

um, prepositions.

Like "appeals."


Sometimes there's a blinding
light, and I can't do anything.

I thought
it would get better.

But now I know
that it won't.

But you're seeing
a therapist.


But not to improve.

To manage the decline.

W-What can I do?

Uh, tell me. Tell me
what to do, I'll do it.

I know, but there's
nothing anyone can do.

Did Cooper go see Reddington?
He went.

I don't know if he saw him.

The minute he came in,
he pulled Liz into his office.


- What?
- She shouldn't be alone.

I agree, but it looks like
that's what she wants.

How's Reddington?
Has he accepted his fate?

As a matter of fact,
he hasn't.

Mr. Cooper told them.

Don't try to talk us out of it.
We're coming with you.

No, you're not.
We have a plan.

Do you?
That's beside the point...

Well, ours is not much
of a plan, but it's something,

and it is not beside the
point since it appears.

Mr. Reddington's life
depends on... breaking the law.

Me and Dembe.
We're his family.

- And we're yours.
- Besides,

it's not like we have
to rob a bank.

We just have to rob
a name from a bank,

and that is an important

At least it should be, even
though it's, uh, still illegal.

Reddington will live
through this.

Or he'll be executed,

but not until we've tried
everything we can first.

What's the pilot's
name again?


Wheels up in five.

Always wanted to do that.

So, are you gonna
tell us the plan?

Do I have a choice?


Okay, then.

What's your plan?

Mr. President,
thank you for seeing me.

Of course. You already
know Cynthia,

but, uh, I don't believe you've
met Anna McMahon from DOJ.

White House Counsel has
briefed us on your Task Force.

You've done an incredible job.
I'm proud of the work we've done.

I think it's made our country
a safer place.

And none of that
would've been possible

Raymond Reddington.

Harold, the President is aware
of the good Reddington has done.

Unfortunately for Reddington,
he's also aware of the bad.

Mr. President, thanks to the work
Reddington has done with our Task Force,

hundreds of deadly criminals
are off the streets

and thousands of lives
have been spared.

Despite that, I'm not here
because of what he's done.

I'm here because of what he
could do if given the chance,

including a matter that may
impact national security,

a conspiracy
that Reddington says

reaches the highest rungs
of power.

If Reddington says
there's a conspiracy,

it's not a conspiracy theory,
it's a fact.

And if you give us...

Give him the time,
we'll uncover it.

Are you asking for a commutation
or a stay of execution?

I came here hoping
for a commutation.

But if a stay
gives Reddington the chance

to once again prove his value,
I'll happily ask for that.

Does the Justice Department
want to weigh in on this?

Yes, sir.
With both feet.

Firmly placed
on Reddington's neck.

What's the point
of the death penalty

if not to put people like
Reddington to death?

Not to mention that,

by letting him draw even
a single extra breath,

your opponents would make you
look softer on crime

than the Pillsbury Doughboy.

And there you have it,
Director Cooper, classic Anna,

simultaneously rude,
blunt, and calculating.

A week.
That's all I'm asking for.

If there is a conspiracy,
I want it uncovered.

But I'm confident
you can do that

without the help
of Mr. Reddington.

You've done the work
of the angels, Harold.

But it's over.

Reddington's gonna die.

It's time to talk about
final preparations.

Oh, cabbage soup
and dressed herring.

For my final meal.

My mother loved cabbage soup
and dressed herring.

Of course. You have the
right to a spiritual advisor,

an attorney to get your
legal affairs in order,

and to make
final arrangements

for your body
and personal effects.

I've made arrangements
to be cremated.

Have my ashes placed
into Mama Lu's opium pipes.

The users won't mind,

and on the off chance
there is an afterlife,

I'd like to be high
in it.

You also have the right to a
walk-through of the execution chamber.

Is there anyone you'd like
to have there at the end?

Yes, but not at
an ending like this.


If we expect to have any hope
of saving Reddington's life,

we have to name this depositor
at the Banque Vertrauen.

To do that, we have to access
the bank's computer networks.

The problem is, Vertrauen
has criminal accounts

around the world,
meaning they're very private,

so they maintain networks that
they claim are impenetrable.

A brief peek at their system
looks like they're running

a wickedly advanced
Least Privilege program

with access controls
and redundant audit trails.

It's un-hackable.

I mean,
even senior level employees,

they only have access
to selected fragments

of the bank's
computer system.

All except one.
According to Reddington,

the bank president is able
to override the network

using an encrypted fob
he carries at work.

So we get the fob,
the fob gets us access,

and the access gets us the name
of the mysterious depositor.

Okay, so,
who's the bank president?

We don't know. The bank doesn't
make that information public.

Just so I'm clear, we need to break
into a bank that caters to criminals

and penetrate their
impenetrable computer network,

all in order to identify
a secret depositor

we hope can spare
Reddington's life?

I can ID
the bank president.

How? Do you know him?

No. But I will.

Of course,
we would be honored

to handle
Mr. Reddington's assets.

They'll jump at the chance
to handle Raymond's assets.

The bank president
will see to it personally.

S'il vous plait. Hmm?

Aram, how long do you
need with that key fob

to know if you can override
the encryption?

Well, uh, I'd have
to see it to know.

But if you saw it?
If I saw it,

assuming we were able
to get it

and none of us were
arrested in the process,

uh, I could... I could probably
tell in a minute or two.

And anyone who can decrypt it
can clearly duplicate it, right?

If none of us got arrested.

Here we go.
This is him.

All right, I got eyes.

Blue jacket. Gray pants.
Super French.

Okay, wait, sorry. Uh, Agent
Ressler's running point on overwatch?

Is that a problem?

No, it's just, uh, I thought
it might make more sense

to have Samar in my ear.

You know,
we have a real shorthand.

- Makes sense.
- No, it doesn't.

I speak French, German,
Farsi, Arabic, Spanish.

And with all due respect
to Agent Ressler,

I'm a better asset
in the field.

I just thought you might be more
comfortable working with me.

Do you two wanna get a room
or, uh, rob a bank?

Sorry, it's cool.

Uh, you take
the overwatch.

So, um...

How do we plan on
getting me that fob, again?

Oh. Excuse me.
Do you speak English?

Uh, some English.
Oh, thank you!

I'm looking for the residence
of the Duke,

and I promised myself I would
not use my phone this trip.

But, uh, these paper maps
are impossible.

Je crois qu'elle est perdue.
Je peux aider si tu veux.

You're looking for the
Palais Grand Ducal? Uh-huh.

Uh, you're not far, but you're
on the wrong side of the river.

You go this way, and then
make a right on Rue Munster.

Okay, thank you.

I warn you,
this could take a while.

There are layers of encryption
and access controls.

Whoa, this is more complicated
than I thought.

Aram. You're out of time.
What? Already?

How is that even possible?
He's leaving.

You need to get that fob
back to Keen.

Okay, um,
just h-hold on a second.

I'm in. I just need time to create
the duplicate. Like, two more minutes.

You got less than one.

Keen, you need
to stall this guy.

Oh, no. You can't go. No, I...
T-Tell him he can't go.

I wanna pay for his lunch.

Elle ne veux pas que tu partes.
Elle aimerait payer.

I don't want him to think
I'm an ungrateful American.

Come on,
Aram, let's hustle.

Just, almost there...

Elle ne veux pas etre
une americaine ingrate.

Ah je comprends, mais je ne la
laisserai pas payer pour le dejeuner.

Uh, non. Merci.
I insist!

Okay, here we go. Okay.
All right, I got it!

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no?

What do you mean,
"Oh, no"?

"Oh, no," what?
What's wrong?

Uh, nothing.
Everything's fine.

What do you mean "nothing"?
Come on, Aram, what's going on?

Look, we need
those keys back now, okay?

We don't have time.
We're good. I'm coming.

Aram, what's going on?

Uh, wait, sir.

Aram, talk to me.

You can't go. Uh...

Okay, If you won't take my
money, let me pay for your lunch.

If you won't take my money,
then at least, um...

Can you tell him, please, that he has
a beautiful city and thank you so much.


Don't ask.

You have access?

I'm searching
account holders now.

Okay, wait, wait. Here.

Here we go.

Jonas Kruger.

42. German National.
Federal Intelligence Service.

Lives in Arlington,
and he's stationed

at the German Embassy
in DC.

How is a foreign intelligence
officer from Germany

supposed to help save
Mr. Reddington's life?

Yes. It's me.

One down, one to go.

I don't know.
But we're gonna find out.

Within 24 hours,

the president of Germany's
Federal Intelligence Service

will be assassinated
on US soil.

Ava Ziegler.
Based on what intel?

A member of her advance team,
Jonas Kruger,

had $5 million wired
to his numbered account.

And where did the money
come from?

The assassin.
Or you.

To create the appearance of
a crisis only you can resolve.

Is this confirmation?

It reads like fiction, but
I assure you it is all fact.

He'd say anything, do
anything to avoid execution.

I would.

Of course, that also
includes telling the truth.

Have you notified Ziegler's
security detail?

I'm told there's
a plot on my life.

If it's because of this, there
may be one on yours, as well.

The alleged assassin.

Do you know his name?
I do.

And how to stop him.

I'll gladly share

as soon as the President
grants me clemency

and my immunity agreement
is reinstated.

He's making this up...
I don't think so.

the President!

Do you want me
to save her life?

If what you're telling us
is true

and you do nothing
to stop it,

you will never get
a reprieve.

If I stop it before getting
a reprieve, I won't get one.

You said you've told the BND.
They're on high alert.

And we're rolling on Kruger now.
Okay, then.

Seems like on the off chance
you didn't make all this up,

the investigation's
in good hands.

Harold's the best.

Then if there is
an assassin,

I'm sure he can find him
without your help.

He'll certainly try,
but it won't be enough

to save
Ava Ziegler's life.

Only you can do that.

I rarely dislike a person
before being introduced to them,

but in your case, I'm afraid

I'm going to have
to make an exception.

Who are you, anyway?

I'm the person
who's gonna make sure

the President does not
grant you clemency.

This conversation's over.

I'll see what I can do.

I have to show this
to the Americans.

You have to tell them.
But I'm keeping the dossier.

We can't trust them
with the proof

until we know
who's involved.

I'm sorry I couldn't have been
more convincing with the President.

It appears you have unexpectedly
formidable opposition.

You know this puts me
in a terrible position.

I have to do everything
in my power

to prevent
the assassination.

But by saving Ziegler,
I'm killing you.

If you want absolution,
you have it.

I meant what I said,

You are the best,

as an agent
and a person

and a friend.

We're rolling out on Kruger.

What is it?

I think I should be a witness
at Reddington's execution.

The questions.

The searching for answers.

And the mystery.

In the end, Liz,

he's just a man
who loves you very much.

But what man?

if we can find Kruger,

if he can give Reddington
the leverage he's looking for,

you'll have plenty of time
to find out.

But what if we can't,
or he doesn't?

This is my last chance
to find out his true identity.

And maybe,

if this is his last chance
to tell me,

he will.

We use three drugs
in the lethal injection,

sodium thiopental
to induce unconsciousness,

pancuronium bromide
for muscle paralysis

and respiratory arrest,

and potassium chloride
to stop the heart.

And why are you doing this?

If you develop a rash,
I'll know you're allergic.

To the drugs you're
gonna use to kill me.

We wanna make this
as peaceful as possible.

When I kill a man, I don't
pretend I care how he feels.

I've shot them, stabbed
them, suffocated them,

but I've never
coddled them.

It's disrespectful.
So stop coddling me.

Reddington knows everything.
Did he tell the FBI?

He told them the
head of the BND's the target.

So what do we do?
Absolutely nothing.

But they know. The target,
yes, and she's been warned,

but there's nothing
they can do to stop it.

Reddington says he can,
but he won't.

Not until after you
grant him clemency.

Can they trace this back to us?
Absolutely not.

I know it's hard not having
all the details,

but the less you know,
the better.

And you're sure
that Reddington

won't say what he knows
to the FBI

unless I agree
to stay his execution.

He thinks knowing
how to save Ziegler

gives him leverage
to make you save him.

His knowing how to save her
is exactly why I won't.

He's the only one
who knows how to stop us,

and when he dies,
what he knows dies with him.

Good afternoon.

So, what have we got?

Lucky shot.

Don't move! Right there!
Get the weapon.

The hit on Germany's top spy.
When's it gonna happen?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Maybe this
will refresh your memory.

You were paid $5 million
to help kill Ava Ziegler.

You're going to go
to prison for that.

For how long depends on whether you
help us prevent her assassination.

You need to tell us when,
how, and by whom.

My job was to sweep
the hotel.

Set up security protocols
for when she arrived.

You were paid to give someone
access to the hotel?

To give him her schedule
and my credentials.

McMahon wouldn't take this
to the President

because she thought Reddington
was making it up.

This is proof he wasn't.

The man who has
your credentials, who is he?

- Do you have a name?
- No, I didn't.

$5 million,
it was a lot of money

just to give him
my credentials.

It was for far more
than that.


You can't ID the who,
you don't know the when,

the where's the hotel,
so what about the how?

When we met, when I gave him
my credentials,

I saw...

It looked like a bomb.

Are you sure
that's what you saw?

It was in a plastic case.

Some kind of chemical agent.

You two need to notify the BND
and get to that hotel,

and you need to get me another
meeting with the President.

I know Reddington
is the sun,

moon, and stars
to you, Harold.

But the President runs a
nation with 320 million people.

Sparing the life of one of the most
deadly among them is not a high priority.

I know. Bad optics
to look soft on crime.

But what if people find out
that he could've saved

a cabinet-level German
official and chose not to?

What about those optics?

Like it or not, Reddington's worth
more to the President alive than dead.

Hey, um, Ressler told me
how you took down Kruger.

That shot.

Then he must've told you
it was a lucky shot.

He said
it was an amazing shot.

Uh, I have to go.

Trying to take you out of the
field in Luxembourg was wrong.

Uh, you're obviously
more than up for the job,

and I should've given you
the benefit of any doubt.

I'm sorry I didn't.

I don't think I know anyone
who apologizes as well as you.

I've had
a lot of practice.

Fine, I'll rent the room
for you.

Your test
results came back negative.

No allergies.
I'm sorry about before.

I realize you're
just following protocol.

It's your job, after all.

It's a heavy burden
killing a man.

Most people can't.

We're all set, then.


Your food is almost ready.

Make it a table for two.

What you said
about Ziegler,

we were able
to corroborate it.

We can prove
the conspiracy's real.

You're going to be
phenomenally wealthy.

Panabaker got Cooper another
meeting with the President.

He's gonna make the argument
that, in order to save her life,

the President
has to save yours.

You'll be able
to live anywhere you want.

You'll be able to do
anything you want.

What I want to do
is save your life.

All right, time to eat.

Ah, my final meal.

I can't think of anyone
I'd rather share it with.

I'm trying to tell you this
might not be your final meal.

And I'm trying to tell you
I'm okay if it is.

Agent Ressler, FBI.

We believe we're looking for an
explosive device. Possibly biological.

Now, suspect had access
to your advance team,

so the device is likely inside
your secure cordon.

Ma'am, the Senator is here,

but it sounds like we may
have a security concern.

What concerns?

We're waiting on details.

Let me know
the minute you know more.

- Yeah.
- Aram, can you pull.

Navabi's reports
from the UN bombing

and see what kind of details
we have on that device?

Are you looking
for schematics?

No, I'm looking for any details that
can tell us what we're searching for.

Anything you can send
the Bomb Unit is helpful.

Okay, understood.
I'm on it.

This is what you call
a last meal?

Cabbage soup and herring.

My mother made it for me
when I was a child.

I can't imagine that.

You as a boy.

I was a...

Difficult child.

People saw me one way,
I saw myself another.

I felt misunderstood,
acted out.

My father fancied himself
a disciplinarian.

Very moralistic.

Instead of trying to understand
me, he excommunicated me.

And your mother?

My mother... My m...

My mother...
My mother understood.

About who you used to be,

there's something
I need to ask you.

My mother understood

the problems
of the human heart

in conflict with itself.

So she understood

I've taught you
to think like a criminal.

I should've taught you
to think like her.

I-I should've learned
to think like her.

All those years spent

worrying about you,

fancying myself
your guardian angel,

she would've taken
one look at you

and known you'd be fine.

And not because
of the money

I obsessively
cobbled together for you,

but because
you have in your life

the only thing
that matters.

People who love you...

Harold Cooper
to see the President.

People you can depend on...

People who will always
tell you the truth.

Six years ago, I turned
myself in because of you.

Now, here, at the end,
I'm at peace because of them.

Senator Wade, thank you
for agreeing to meet.

Of course. Please.

Now, you said it was urgent.
Is something wrong?

Our intelligence network has
been working cooperatively

with a former MI6 agent.

Earlier today,
he showed me a dossier

outlining a plot
against America...

Madam Ziegler,
I'm terribly sorry...

Karl, what's going on? Ma'am,
we have a security issue.

You need to come with me.

We need to get
you and the Senator

out of this building
right now.

Ah. I, uh,
didn't order room service.

You have a dossier
I'm interested in.

Ms. McMahon thought Reddington
was lying to save his life.

Now we know he was telling the truth.
So he was telling the truth.

It doesn't undo all
the horrible things he's done.

This isn't about
what he's done.

I thought
I'd made that clear.

This is about what he's going
to do, save Ava Ziegler's life.

I thought
that was your job.

His job is to try
to stop it.

And he's doing
everything he can,

but in our experience,

if Reddington says he's
the only one who can solve it,

he's the only one
who can solve it.

For God's sakes,
the FBI employs 35,000 people.

He's one man.

Mr. President, it's simple.
You can listen to Ms. McMahon,

and a prominent German
official will die,

or you can listen to me,
and she'll survive.

May I?

You've already given me
plenty to think about.


You're sure about this?

No, no.
No, I'm relieved.

Good work.


Our people have Ziegler
in custody.

They're off-site.
She's safe.

Well, what do you know,
looks like you didn't need.

Reddington's help
after all.

You wanted
to ask me something.

I did.

I wanted to ask you...

I-I wanted to ask...

How can you eat that?

It's terrible, isn't it?

I mean, honestly, it's the
worst food I've ever seen.

Your mother may have been
a wonderful person,

but she was
a terrible cook.

You're right.

Everything we had
growing up

was either over-boiled
or under-cured.

This can't be
your last meal.

It's the definition
of cruel and unusual.

It's time.

Once you've changed, we'll move
into the execution chamber.

It's Cooper.

Have you seen
the President?

But she's in danger.
She's not safe.

Let it go.
I know it seems that way,

but you and I both know
this isn't over.

Elizabeth, let it go.
The President's wrong!

It's too late for Ziegler.

You'll need to focus
on the larger conspiracy.

Thank you for trying.

Of course.
I'll tell him.

He says he wishes

there was more
that he could do.

He did everything
he could.

That's... That's
more than enough for me.

I should change.

I love you.

That's what
I wanted to say.

That's what
I wanted you to hear.

We've got the principal in
a off-site holding location.

832314th Street Northwest.

Copy that.

832314th Street Northwest.

I have a DC PD
escort en route.

Awaiting instructions
from BND and DSS.

You're in charge?

We need you to get everybody
out of here. Now.

Ma'am, are you okay?

I can't catch my breath.

You're gonna be okay. We
have a BND convoy on the way.

We want you in the air
in the next 20 minutes.

You. Lock it down.
All entrances.

I want DC PD units
on the alley.

The minute the escort's here,
we move.

Okay, I just got word
from the Bomb Squad.

Preliminary sweep
says they found

no explosive
devices on site.

No device?
How is that possible?

And another thing, and I know
this is so not the time,

but, uh, I was grabbing
some, uh, UN reports

for Agent Ressler
from your office.

And while I was there, uh,

I noticed a few discarded
incident reports in the trash.

You're right.
This isn't the time.

After what you did in the field,
I thought I'd overreacted,

but these mistakes,
they are, um...

What you were having trouble
with is... Is basic.

I had no idea how much
damage has been done.

I have to call you back.

They didn't find the device?
Not yet, but they will.

That's weird, right?

The important thing
is that everyone's okay.

Let me get you
a glass of water.

Does this have anything to do
with the threat

you started
to tell me about?

This dossier?

Why wouldn't they
find a device?

I mean, Moreau paid off Kruger
to get advance team access

to get inside the
secure cordon, but why?

Maybe it wasn't a device?
Maybe there was another way.

I mean, maybe it wasn't
a bomb or an explosion,

but another way
to carry out the hit.

We need some help here!

We need a medic!


That was Ressler.

Ziegler is dead.

What? How?
I thought she was safe.

Reddington knew.
He's known all along.

He sent us after the Bug Man.
Turn around.

What are you talking about?

We're going back
to the White House.

Reddington gave us
a Blacklister weeks ago,

a scientist upset with how
we're killing off insects,

so he created one
to kill us off.

Some kind of a super beetle,
the kind that killed Ziegler.

And you want to go tell the
President, "I told you so"?

I want to tell the President
how to find the assassin.

Do you know how to find him?
No, but Reddington does.

Diaz has made up his mind.
Well, by my watch, it's 11:51.

That gives him 10 minutes
to change it.

Or I'm gonna tell
The New York Times

that he could've saved
the life

of Germany's top intelligence
officer but chose not to.

That would be
career suicide.

Yes. For the President.

Is that comfortable?

If you'd like, we could raise
or lower the head rest.

I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.

To protect the anonymity
of the executioners,

they will now move into the
chemical room and draw the curtain.

At my instruction, each member
of the execution team

will inject drugs
into the IV tube,

but only one
of the executioners

is actually going to deliver
the lethal injection.



It's done.

And the dossier?

I told you,
the dossier isn't here.

Well, then, you're going to
have to take me to it.

We should have it within the hour.

Then, by morning,
the intel will be buried,

and Reddington
will be dead.

Whereas, Raymond Reddington
was found guilty of murder

in the first degree
and sentenced to death,

and whereas it has been determined
that the Executive Clemency

by Article II, Section II

of the United States
Constitution has been denied... hereby issue
this warrant

directing the Warden of the United States
Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana

to cause
the sentence of death

to be executed upon
Raymond Reddington

in accord with the provisions
of the law of the United States.

Do you have any final words?