The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - The Cryptobanker - full transcript

The Task Force delves into the unregulated world of cryptocurrency in order to stop an impending attack, while Red undertakes a risky endeavor in order to secure his freedom.


Way to go, Jamie!
Thanks, Dad!

No, yeah, I'm open to the idea
of a different distributor,

but not increasing the specs
for the batteries themselves.

Oh, hold on.
I'm getting another call.

Hey, this is Matt.

Hello, Matt.
I need you to listen.

What I am about to tell you
is very important.

Is this a...
Who is this?

First, I need you
to understand

the degree of control I have.

Keep your eyes
on your daughter.

You and I both understand
she is vulnerable.

I have the ability
to exploit that fact.


- Jamie!
- Girls, take a knee.

What's wrong?
Honey, talk to me.

It's quite simple, Matt.

I've taken control
of your daughter's pacemaker

and instructed her SA node to
trigger a 3rd degree AV block.

Her heart's electrical
signals have turned off.

Please, stop.
Why are you doing this? Quiet, Matt.

Now I'm going to give you

some very specific

I want you to do
exactly as I say.

Are you ready, Matt?

You are going to liquidate
a few assets for me.

Start with
your Union Bank pension

and your shares
in the company stock.

Do you hear me? Yes, Union
Bank, company stock.

Just, please,
I'm begging you, stop.

Please don't tell anyone
we spoke, Matt.

Talk to the authorities
and Jamie pays the price.

I will be in touch.

Until then, your daughter
can have her heart back.

Is she okay?

Do you want some water?

Way to go, honey.

I'm into a new deal.
It's huge.

After this,
I'm buying an island.

When should I anticipate
the transfer?

End of day tomorrow.

We're talking $3 million.

Can you handle that?

It's complicated,
but it's viable.

Contact me
when you've got the crypto.

Yes! Whoo!

Is it true you're
dodging the warden?

Please tell me
it's not true.

If the warden needs to talk,
he can come find me.

He knows where I am.

Word is the laundry crew
is planning to strike.

I have much
larger concerns

than Warden Macatee
and his laundry crew.

The government
is more intent than ever

to stick a needle
in my arm

for any number of other crimes
I've committed.

An eventuality
I have no intention

of waiting around for.

Man, are you
in the wrong place.

All we do here is wait.


Which is why I'm leaving.

Leaving? Are you...

You're not seriously thinking
about breaking out?


that is a bad idea.

It's a seedling of an idea.

It's immature
at this point,

but we have two months
to help it grow.

We? Yeah,
that is not happening.

Not yet.

But it will.

You want me to make a dinner reservation for you?

In Chicago?

Yes. At Gene & Georgetti's.

I have an insatiable craving
for their Beef en Brochette,

or the Chicken alla Joe.

Maybe both.

Have you read
the indictment?

There are 16 counts,

ranging from money
laundering to murder.

The judge calendared
eight weeks for the trial.

So, to be safe,

make the reservation
for the following week.

How can you be
so confident?

I'll take care
of the trial.

You take care
of what comes after.

Your beef brochette.

My immunity agreement.

You are full
of fantasies today.

I've uncovered
a conspiracy.

One that I know is deadly

and is aimed
at the halls of power.

But I don't know why
or when it'll strike.

And I won't until you catch

the man known
as the Cryptobanker.

And when you know,
you won't say

until they reinstate
your immunity agreement.

As Hippocrates believed,

"desperate times
call for desperate measures."

I'm pretty sure he also said
"first do no harm."

Yes, well,
one aphorism at a time.

Tell me
about the Cryptobanker.

A drug cartel spends
$70 million on airplanes.

A Serbian sex trafficker
drops $40 million on ships

to smuggle victims
across the Mediterranean.

How did the people brokering
these deals keep them hidden?

They took payment in Bitcoin.

activity accounts

for half of all Bitcoin

36 million
annual transactions

with a value of
approximately $72 billion.

And where do they go to launder
their ill-gotten Bitcoin gains?

To a man known as
the Cryptobanker.

I need you
to clean three.


We agreed installments
wouldn't exceed two.

We agreed you'd be compensated
on a sliding scale.

I can't imagine Beth
and the girls

want to move off
Park Avenue.

The number
is three.

Make it work.

All Reddington knows is that
the Cryptobanker is in town.

So we reached out to

the Bureau's
Virtual Currency Initiative,

looking for someone local
trafficking in Bitcoin,

and one name stood out,
a hacker known as the RAT.

It's an abbreviation
for "Remote Access Trojans"...

Malware that allows the user

to lock companies
out of their own servers.

The hacker then
demands a ransom

and unlocks the server
once it's paid.

In Bitcoin that the
Cryptobanker helps to launder.

We find the RAT,
we find the Cryptobanker.

And the RAT's latest target?

The leading manufacturer
of pacemakers,

called Pierson Diagnostics.

You shouldn't be here.
I can't talk to you.

Mr. Pierson,
many victims of extortion

keep quiet
for fear of retribution.

We understand that it's a
risk for you to trust us.

We also know that you've
liquidated millions in assets.

Now, we contacted
the SEC's Cyber Unit

and traced those assets
using the blockchain.

You've purchased
a large amount of Bitcoin.

That can't be a coincidence.

You're being leveraged.

Jamie was born premature,

with a heart arrhythmia.

She was so tiny at the time,

there were no devices on the
market that could help her,

so I made one.

I made this company so that

she could lead a normal life.

Your daughter is in danger.

He has control
of her pacemaker.

He'd hacked
the software somehow.

He says that he'll...

That he'll kill her
if I don't pay.

The device. Are you able
to disable the malware?

He says
he's watching me,

that if I attempt to manipulate
the software in any way

or go to the police,
he'll trigger it.

We have people
who can figure out

how he gained access
to the pacemaker.

we can defuse the threat

and keep your daughter
out of harm's way.

Will you at least listen
to what we have in mind?

Serving as a juror
in a high-profile case

is never easy, and this case
will be no exception.

Before opening arguments,

I want to thank you
for your service.

Mr. Sima,
the floor is yours.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Raymond Reddington has been
a fugitive from justice

for more than 25 years.

Or so we thought.

In fact,
for the past five years...

Objection! ...the most
wanted man in America

has had a secret
immunity agreement...Your Honor...

...with the very people
sworn to bring him in.

Is this even remotely
acceptable to you?

I'll give you my answer
after I clear the courtroom.


Correct me
if I'm wrong, Mr. Sima,

but I distinctly recall
the government

wanting to keep

the immunity agreement secret.

What changed your mind?

Is this your way
to force a plea agreement?

Trade execution
for life in prison?

Absolutely not.
There's no deal on the table.

Come on.

They're fitting me
for a Snitch Jacket,

so even their incompetence
won't save me.

On the off chance they win,
I die in prison.

In the likely event they
lose, I die on the street.

We have the legal right
to disclose the agreement.

You also have
a moral obligation not to.

I couldn't be less interested
in your views on morality.

Then maybe I could
interest you in mine.

Mr. Reddington's cooperation

is like imposing
the death penalty by fiat.

Plus which,
it sends a chilling message

to any future
confidential informant.

This case is national news.

If the government's decision
to sell out an informant

goes viral,
no one will want to cooperate.

Mr. Reddington
is on trial here,

not the Task Force
he works with.

As far as I'm concerned,
they're co-conspirators

who aided and abetted
his criminal activity.


These people are brave,
honorable public servants.

Mr. Sima may be content
with a scorched-earth policy

that would burn them
in order to burn me.

I can only hope
that you're not.

I'm not okay with it.

But you've got
no constitutional right

to keep your
immunity agreement secret,

so I can't keep the government
from introducing it.

It may be contemptible,

but there's nothing I can do
to stop it.

Did you check the street?

I didn't see anything.

But that doesn't mean
that this is a good idea.

It's gonna be awesome.

what are you doing?

Oh, you, uh...
you must be Jamie.

Honey, we're building,
uh, something called a...

Called a Faraday cage.
I'm so sorry we haven't met.

I'm Agent Mojtabai.

You can, uh...
You can call me Aram.

This is
a super cool room.

Not anymore.

Right, yeah.
Sorry about that.

I promise I'll help fix
everything up when we're done.

Maybe you could, uh, you could
get some fun wallpaper?

I don't want wallpaper.

Honey, this is important.
We need to do this.

What's a Faraday cage?

Well, it's sort of like
a force field, uh,

created by a man
named Michael Faraday.

Was he a superhero? Because only
superheroes have force fields.

He was, uh, kind of.
A scientific superhero.

I can name six superheroes
who have force fields.

Iron Man, Susan Storm,

Banshee, Green Lantern,
and Violet Parr.

Actually, uh, Banshee doesn't
really have a force field...

When he screams,
people back off.


Will this force field keep him
from messing with this?

In here, it will. That's
why we're building it.

So you'll be safe.

Cool. Can I help?

Sure. If, uh, your
dad's all right with it.Hey.

Okay. Well, here, grab
yourself a handful of zip ties

and, uh,
let's get to work.

There's been
a change of plans.

I'm moving up the timeline
of my impending escape.

Moving up to when?

Thursday at 4:00.

Like tomorrow Thursday?

At 4:00.
Hold up.

You said
you had eight weeks.

I said we had eight weeks.
Now we don't.

The government has changed its
strategy, so I'm changing mine.

No, no. You said all you
had was a "seedling"

and that it was

Vontae, I have
until tomorrow.

At 4:00.

Here's a "honeydo" list
to do while I'm in court.

A quarter pound
of ground chuck,

three ounces of bleach,

same amount of paint
or nail polish remover...

Rubber cement, hair clippings
from the prison barber?

What the hell?

What about the warden?
What about the warden?

Look, the laundry boys
are ready to walk, okay?

He's got a problem
on his hands.

Maybe if you help him, he'll
pull a few strings, help you.

Oh, he's gonna do
much more than that.

You and the warden. What?

Let's start with the items
on the list.


I'm told
you wanted a word

before I bring out the jury.

To petition the court

not to let Mr. Sima
put the Task Force on trial.

If that's how he intends
on trying his case,

I can't stop him.

Very well. Then I must.

I'll plead guilty.
On all counts.

But only if Mr. Sima
agrees to instruct the jury

that he was mistaken

about the existence
of an immunity agreement.

You want me to lie in court?

Yes. It plays
to your strengths.

Take the win, Mr. Sima.

Mr. Reddington,
is your guilty plea based,

at least in part, on the fact
that you are guilty of the crimes

you intend to admit?
It is.

If I accept
your guilty plea,

you give up the right
to appeal your conviction

and the right
to appeal your sentence.

Do you understand?
I do.

The maximum penalty

for a person guilty of
the crimes you're charged with

is death
by lethal injection.

Are you aware of that?
I am.

Has anyone done anything you
think is illegal or unethical

to force you
to plead guilty?

Other than Mr. Sima? No.

I find your
proposed guilty plea

is supported by facts

and that you are acting

competently and voluntarily

in giving up your rights.

I'm prepared to accept it.

Are you sure
that you want me to?

Yes, Your Honor, I'm sure.
Very well.

I accept the defendant's plea
to the indictment

and find him
guilty as charged.

cross your fingers and toes.


We're up.

So it's working?

How often do you
push software updates

to your
monitoring devices?

Uh, maybe three
or four times a year.

That's how he got in.

I mean, think about it.

The devices have
built-in access authority.

Why not use
the home monitoras a proxy

for the malware program?
It's perfect.

Okay, honey,
just a little pinch.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?

her pacemaker.

No, no. You...
You can't do that.

We're offline.
He has no idea.

Ow! Dad, it hurts.
Okay, just hold on, sweetie.

I'll be done
in a second, okay?

Okay, this is a, uh,
this is a really bad idea.

It's not.

She has
a simple arrhythmia.

Clipping the pacing leads
on the device

disconnects her
from her abductors.

Excuse me.
What's going on?

No clue.
We've got redundant systems.

This shouldn't happen.

Where are you going? This
was not part of our plan.

We agreed to...
Taking her to a hospital.

She'll be fine until I can
get her some real help.

Okay, look, as far as I'm
concerned, this is over.

This guy, he won't just
let you walk away.

But he has no leverage now. I don't
really give a damn what he thinks.



Hello, Matt.

What happened to your
daughter's pacemaker, Matt?

I took it offline.
I disconnected it.

You're gonna have to find
someone else to blackmail.

Wrong choice, Matt. All you
had to do was pay the ransom.

It was very simple.

Unfortunately, now things get
considerably more difficult.

Wait. What do you mean
"more difficult"?

By disobeying
my instructions,

you have triggered
a contingency plan

and given me control of your
company's system-wide files.

All 200,000 patients.

No, no, no,
please, listen.

No, I think
you need to listen, Matt.

I've selected 1,000 patients
at random

and programmed
their pacemakers

to deliver a lethal shock
in 24 hours.

I am also increasing my price,

$6 million in Bitcoin.

I will send you
the wallet number shortly.

If you choose to pay,

I will send you
an authentication code

to unlock your system.

If you don't, a symphony of
hearts falls silent at once.

Your choice.

I will be in touch.
Good day, Matt.

They're taking Pierson's
daughter to the hospital.

She's gonna be okay.

That's great, but what
about the 200,000 patients

who aren't having their
pacemakers taken offline?

Pierson has 24 hours
to pay the ransom

or the RAT says
he'll kill 1,000 of them.

Can they do that? A pacemaker
is a mini defibrillator.

If the heart stops,

it can deliver a jolt of
electricity to restart it.

A safe jolt.

It was, until the RAT took
control over the system.

Now he can recalibrate
the amount of electricity

that gets delivered,

turning a safe jolt
into a lethal one.

Get Pierson
to get us a list of everyone

with a Pierson Diagnostics

Aram, I want that list
on my desk within the hour.

We can't notify 200,000
people on the down low.

I mean, once word of this
gets out,

Pierson Diagnostics
is finished.

A small price to pay
to save all those at risk.

What is it?

Reddington pleaded guilty.

and gentlemen of the jury,

the defendant
has pleaded guilty,

so this trial
will not take place.

Instead, we're moving directly
to the sentencing phase.

To aid in your decision,

each side will be given
the opportunity

to present
witness impact statements.

Mr. Charleston,
for the record,

please state your profession.

For the past six years,

I've served as Deputy
Administrator of the ATF.

In that time, have you
investigated the defendant?

We have 24 cases
that target Mr. Reddington.

Cases in which people
were killed?

13 that we know of.

But those are only
the ATF cases.


Meaning Treasury ran several
joint cases with the ATF

in which lives were lost.

Interpol has coordinated
with law enforcement around the globe

in an attempt
to apprehend Mr. Reddington.

MI6. Mossad. Russian SVR.

To my knowledge,
this man is wanted

in every country
he's set foot in.

We couldn't catch him because
he has resources everywhere,

in law enforcement,
governments around the world,

the private sector,
the penal system.

He wields a great power
and influence

over these men and women,

loyal associates
who will do whatever he asks.

I can assure you, right now,

Reddington has people
doing his bidding,

whatever that may be.

Now, I don't know who they
are, but they're everywhere.

And the only way to stop them
is to stop him.

Capital punishment.
Like cutting out a cancer.

It's the only option.

The minute the Feds threatened
to take us down with him,

he gave up.

He pleaded guilty
to protect us,

and they're gonna
kill him for it.

Unless he has a plan.

It doesn't appear
that he does,

but with Reddington,
appearances can be deceiving.

We have a lead on the RAT.

Aram got the company
to put together a list

of patients with Pierson
Diagnostics pacemakers.

It turns out there's one
person on the patient list

who wasn't a patient.

Oleg Gromov,
a Russian national

who's in the country
on a student visa.

We ran a trace on his cell.
He's at a cafe in Georgetown.

A patient
that's not a patient?

Gromov bought a pacemaker
but never had it installed.

He also pays a monthly fee
to Pierson Diagnostics

to get updates
for his home monitor.

Go. See if this kid
can explain

why he's paying for a pacemaker
service he doesn't need.

Liz, tell Reddington, if there's
anything that we can do...

He knows.
That's why he's done this.

Hey, it's me.

Yeah, the funds
are on deposit,

but, uh,
we have a situation.

I need to see you.

Yes, now.

Tell me about this situation.

Police. Feds.
I'm not sure which.

I don't know why
they were looking for me,

but better safe than sorry.

What do they know?

I said I don't know.

I'll handle it.

I just need you to get
the transfer done right away.

You know what?

You're right.

Better safe than sorry.

Cooper thinks you have a plan.

Harold is
an eternal optimist.

He's optimistic
that you giving up

isn't what
it appears to be.

You don't have to worry
about me.


Because you have a plan?

Or because you're
gonna be dead soon?

I understand witnesses
you've never even met

are testifying under oath
that you're evil incarnate.

Apparently I'm a moral scourge
and a malignant tumor.

I'd like to present
the other side.

No. They're taking witness
impact statements.

No witness has been impacted
by you more than me.

It won't change
the outcome.

I want to testify.

Fine. Short and to the point.

Why? Do you have somewhere
you have to be?

Gene & Georgetti's
would be nice.

I've decided to go
with the double lamb chops

instead of
the Beef en Brochette,

and definitely
the Chicken alla Joe.

What I say might not make a
difference, but it could.

Why would you want me
to rush through it?

Unless you don't care
what's on their minds

because Cooper's right,

you have a plan.

Agent Keen, you're a criminal
profiler, are you not?


Top of your class
at Quantico?

I was 15th
in a class of 200.

You've been trained
to think like a criminal.

By the very best.

Profile me.

You're a fugitive.

You live
a fugitive's existence.

Fleeting. Transient.

Almost exclusively, this is how
you interact with the world... short, brief,
passing encounters.

I say "almost" because this is
not how you interact with me.

With me

you are enduring...


The world thinks
you're bad

because you've done
some terrible things.

But I believe you're good

in spite of the terrible
things you've done.

And I know that
you're not here today

because of
those terrible things.

You're here today
because of love.

Love brought you
out of the shadows.

Love put you on the street
corner where you were caught.

And not just the love
of a father for his daughter,

but the love of doing

what you believe is right.

And not necessarily
for yourself,

but what's right for
the greater world around us.

A world you love so much.

But I can't tell you
about any of that.

He pleaded guilty
to prevent me

from telling you about
his many acts of conscience

because if I did,
it would be bad for me,

for my career,
for my reputation.

To honor me, he's put
himself at your mercy.

And so to honor him,

I have to ask you

to be merciful in return.

Because of you, 1,000
people are still at risk.

We identified the man
who threatened your daughter.

I paid the ransom but didn't
get the authentication code

to unlock the servers.

Why? Because you
went after him.

We're in Gromov's apartment,

have an APB on the plates
on his car.

We will find him,
the computer,

and the authentication code
that's on it.

His deadline's
in three hours.

We can debate how we got
into this mess later.

Right now, I need your help
in getting us out of it.

Well, I'll help us
get out of this mess,

but how we got into it
is not up for debate.

That's all on you.

Cooper. Aram,
you're on speaker.

There's no sign of him
or his computer.

Or a key
or an authentication code

that'll take
the malware offline? Nothing.

Only the docking station,

which I assume
he uses for his laptop.

The docking station. Is there
a serial number on it?

Of course.
That is genius.

The serial number IDs
the computer

and the company
that made it.

Okay. If we get it,
we can access the computer

through the company's
remote diagnostic software.

Which gives us an IP address

as soon as
the computer's turned on.

I found you.

The, uh... the serial
number, not the RAT.

to stay on-site,

then get back here
and set up that backdoor.

The second
that computer's turned on,

I want to be able to find it.

Mr. Sima, closing arguments?

You've heard testimony

about the extent

of the defendant's
criminal empire,

as well as the pain
and suffering

his crimes have caused.

So off with his head!

Mine, not his.
Your Honor...

Mr. Reddington, you'll have
your turn in a moment.

Yes, but as I plan to echo
what Mr. Sima says,

I thought we might
skip over him saying it.

He's asking
for the death penalty.

You plan on echoing that?

I do.

One trait of mine
that Agent Keen's

otherwise exquisite profile
left out was optimism.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

A desert safari
on the Wahiba Sands.

Riding with the bagualeros
in Patagonia.

None of that
would be possible

if I were sentenced
to life in prison.

There'd be nothing to hope
for, and without hope,

nothing to live for.

Not even the joy
of interrupting Mr. Sima

to make his point,
only pithier.

As we're all agreed
I should be executed,

I feel like we should
wrap this up, don't you?

What've we got?

The guy you want in the
car you're looking for.

Have the crime techs
come through?

Everything's been
bagged and tagged.

Here's the evidence list.

No laptop.

Where are we on
setting up the backdoor link

to Gromov's computer?
Done and done.

When he turns it
on, it should ping me a location.

Agent Ressler.

Gromov's dead.
Shot in the head.

Whoever did it
took his laptop.

The Cryptobanker?
Could be. Could be anyone.

Alive or dead,
that signal is

still set to go out
at the deadline.

Whoever has the computer,
we'll get a trace

as soon as they turn it on.
Yeah, if they turn it on.

Deadline's in
90 minutes. Get back here.


Reddington! Let's go.

The warden's ready for you.

Michael said
you decided to get smart

and help broker some peace.

Yes. I had a thought or two.

What's your idea?

That's quite an animal
you've got there.

That's Duke.

Reminds me of a pooch
that lived down the block

when I was a kid.

Always hot and cold.

Wet kisses one day,
stitches the next.

I got an appointment at 5:00
with the wife, so tell me...

I've heard you're
in couples therapy.

That must be
quite an undertaking.

What's your idea?

Well, for starters,
two inmates will be critical

to these negotiations...

Vontae Jones
and Vega Montero.

Neither of them
work the laundry.

But they both have
worked there in the past,

they have a perceptive yet
pragmatic take on the issues,

and both are trusted
by all parties concerned.

I think we should
bring them in on this.

I'm late.
It'll have to wait.

Come on, Jim.
You asked for my help.

It'll take, what,
10 minutes?

To prevent
a laundry strike?


...send up Vontae Jones and Vega Montero.

I can't hear you, Jim.
It's the line.

Sounds like you're underwater.

Send up Vontae Jones
and Vega Montero.

My goodness,
look at that pronghorn.

Good eye.

Most people
can't tell the difference

species of antelope.

Boy, that's a beaut.

I took that
prairie goat there

with a bow
on the Dakota plains.

34-inch compound.

Pope & Young
pronghorn state record,

if that means
anything to you.

Scored a 90 and...

Thanks, Bob.
I'll take it from here.


The fellas are here.
Should I send them in?



Send 'em in.

All right!

You go ahead, boys.

- What happened to the dog?
- High as a kite.

We only have about 10 minutes
if this is gonna work.

Where's the hair
and the glue?

Someone needs to strip
the warden.

Any takers?

The company confirmed that
more than 18,000 patients

have had their
pacemakers removed,

but the vast majority remain at risk

as a result of the malware attack

on the company's servers.

Pierson Diagnostics
stock collapsed

with news of the recall,

but CEO Matt Pierson says his sole concern

is for his patients'

Thirty-two minutes left.

Even with an IP address,
there's no guarantee

that we'll get to the
computer in time

to disconnect the malware.

I have a problem...

...and an opportunity.

You can't be here.

A client became a liability.

That's the problem.

This... the opportunity.

I can't handle that amount.

I'm not asking you to do
it on a sliding scale.

I'm offering you 40%
of the total amount.

Can you handle it now?

Okay, that's it.
The computer, it is on.

You have a location? Uh, the
diagnostics program is booting up.

Come on.
Come on! Come on.

You wanna stay in this broom
closet for another 20 years,

get a gold watch and
a retirement you can't afford?

This is our shot.
What about the client?

None of this is traceable. Not
the Bitcoin and not the client.

Wash this, and the lifestyle
Beth's been used to?

She can double it.

Okay, that's it. I got it.

The IP address belongs to
the First Bank of Maryland,

399 North Avenue.

And, hang on,
I know who has it.

I used the diagnostics program
to grab a screenshot

from the webcam.

Gromov's dead. His computer
ends up at a bank.

I say we're looking at
the Cryptobanker.

Aram, send the photo
to bank security,

then roll out
with Ressler and Navabi.

You've got half an hour.

Look, Mr. Reddington,
I don't wanna be all negative.

I'm not so sure this is
working out like you thought.

It'll work.

Most people aren't
particularly observant.

They tend to see
what they want to see.

With the hat and the
glasses, it'll work.

But this is
the whole plan?

High school theater?

Man, they got 28 guards
on staff right now.

I don't need to
get past 28 guards.

I only need to get past
two or three.

you better get moving.

You're gonna be late.

Connie will have you sleeping
on the davenport again.

On my way.

I can't hear you.

I said I'm on my way.

Could you grab me
a Yoo-hoo from the machine?

My blood sugar.
Okeydokey, Jim.

Handcuff yourselves to
the bars on the window.

Tell them
I threatened your lives,

forced you to cooperate.

How do I look?

Don't answer that.

- All right, come on, Duke.
- Time to wake up.

Let's go, kid.

I'm sorry.
He did what?

He asked the jury
to execute him.

He didn't even try to make
a case for life in prison.

Why? What did he say?

He said that,
if he was locked up,

he would have nothing
to live for.

Look, I know you think he's
got some plan up his sleeve,

but I don't know.
There's something wrong.

Have you spoken with him?
I'm at Colton now.

I'm gonna figure out
what the hell's going on.

Elizabeth Keen here to see
Raymond Reddington.

Sign here.

He's in with the warden now.

I'll take her, Frank.

What the...



You stay. You stay.

I'm 10 seconds out.

Raymond, you must hurry.

Raymond, guards.

Go, go! Go, go!


You need to abort now.
They'll fire on you!

No, we can make it.

Go! Go!

Agent Ressler, FBI.

Don Simmons.
We spoke on the phone.

Your suspect's
on the second floor.

As advised,
we didn't make contact.

That's the sound
of your ship coming in.

I won't be able to keep that
amount from hitting the books.

By the time it does,

you'll be on the
island of your choice.

It's the last door
on the left.

FBI. Hands up. The
laptop, where is it?

Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

It's right here.
It's right here.

Keep your hands
where we can see them.

Put the bag down. Take
your hands out of the bag.

Right in here.
Do what she says, sir. Stop!

Please stop! SAMAR: Take your
hands away from the bag!

Very slowly.

Oh! Aah!

He was gonna shoot her.

Okay, Aram.
He had his gun out.

Keep your hands up.
Keep your hands up.

The computer, Aram.

Come on. We need
the authentication code.


Um, is he, uh...
Is he gonna make it?

He'll be fine,
but 1,000 people won't be

if you don't get
the authentication code

in less than two minutes.

He had the computer,

so he obviously knows
the password.

I need that password.



Aah! Ugh.

All right, Aram,
talk to me.

What's going on?

Oh, boy.

Someone get Pierson
on the phone, please.

This is Pierson.

Mr. Pierson,
this is Aram Mojtabai.

I need you to,
uh, give me just a minute.

we're running out of time.

Okay, all right,
I got it.

Mr. Pierson, I'm gonna give
you an authentication code

that you need to type
into the ransomware prompt.

You cannot get this wrong
or transpose a digit,

or we could get locked out
or trip a bypass...

Okay, I got it.
The number. Go.

Okay. 7S-...




Okay. Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Wait, uh, uh,
just to double-check,

Agent Ressler, is, uh, is that
the letter "O" or a zero?

It's a zero.
Okay, go.

Now. Hit "enter" now.

We're back.

Agent Mojtabai,
thank you.

You're welcome.

Oh, and, uh,
I would do a fresh install

of all
the affected pacemakers

even though the malware
is disabled.

And, uh,
please tell Jamie

I'd totally
come help redecorate

her room if she wants.

I'll let her know.

You know, if you had told
me what you were up to,

I wouldn't have shown up
and gotten in the way.

Tell me about
the Cryptobanker.

Not that it matters now,
but we have him in custody.

He did business in Cairo

with a man who can
unlock the conspiracy.

What good will that do?
You pleaded guilty.

Dembe photographed

a transaction
report between them.

Get it.
Show it to him.

Get him to tell you where he
sent the laundered money.

An account number.
An address.

For the man in Cairo.

Everything rests
on finding him.

What you said in your profile.
It was very kind.

Let's hope
the jury is, too.

This is a transaction report
generated by a business deal

between you
and a man in Cairo.

I'm gonna ask you one
question about this report.

Answer it honestly
and I'll tell Main Justice

you provided the FBI
with vital intel.

I'm giving you a gift.

I hope you're smart enough
to take it.

Madam Foreperson, has the
jury reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

I never know
a client's identity.

This report indicates
you laundered

$5 million worth
of Bitcoin for him.

So you may not know
his identity,

but you know
where you sent him his money.

And that's my question.

His money...
Where did you send it to him?

I can't tell you that
because I don't know.

I didn't send it to him.

I have to
find the man in Cairo.

Mr. Reddington,
please stand.

Madam Foreperson,
does the jury believe

the defendant deserves
the death penalty?


Are there any
mitigating circumstances?


Your Honor
I ask you to set

the jury's
recommendation aside.

It was your recommendation
to them.

A moment of madness.

Or a hope that
you would have escaped by now?

Without hope,
one is hopeless.

I'm going to accept
the jury's recommendation.

Based on the crimes
you've pleaded guilty to,

you've not only lost your
right to live as a free man,

but under the laws
of the United States,

you have lost your right
to live at all.