The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Episode #6.1 - full transcript

On the ground! Now!
Right now!

Three-minute drill!

You, slick.
He said on the ground!

Charles Maker!

I need Mr. Charles Maker
to stand up!

Charles Maker?
Okay. Stop. Please.

What do I want,
Charles Maker?

Two minutes, 30 seconds!

Are you
out of your mind?

Hey! You! I'm talking to you!
I said on the ground!

This is no way to rob a bank.
This is... I...

Honestly, I don't know
what the hell this is.

Are you trying to get
yourself killed?

It's a disgrace.
That's what it is.

You have a young mother
on the ground.

Her child is terrified.
What the hell's
wrong with you?

If you're not face-down
on the ground

in three seconds...
Raymond Reddington?


That's Raymond Reddington.

Unh-unh-unh. Don't you
bring that gun back up.

Joe, put your gun down.

Two minutes!

He said put the gun down!

Joe. Come on.

Clearly, this isn't going to
work out according to plan.

What are you doing here?

I'm on my sixth and final
scout to rob the place.

This Tuesday, in fact.

That's obviously
been moved up.

Charlie, would you please
escort Lucinda to her desk

where she keeps the master key
to the safe-deposit room?

I need box 604

Don't worry
about him, Charlie.
Just get the box.

There we go.

What's in box 604?

Joe, you seem like a guy
who gets distracted.

If I were you,
I'd forget about the box

and worry about the bank's
new metal-detection system.

Because it was specifically
designed to silently detect

the larger kinds
of weaponry

that marauders
such as yourselves

tend to be
enamored with.

Truth is, your cannons
tripped the security system

the moment you entered
the building,

which means you don't have

the precious seconds
you thought you had.

60 seconds!

Not quite.

what are you doing?

Going to jail, evidently.

You know,
enough is enough.

Everyone up. This is just
unpleasant all around.

Joe, talk to me.
We got to go! Right now!

Except you can't,

because the bank is
surrounded by police.

Now, I can get you
out of here...

For 50% of the cash
that you have on that cart.

You can get us out?

Thank you, Charlie.
You're welcome.


Joe, my number's only
going up until you say yes

or you get yourself

Okay. Yeah, yeah, yes.
Yes. Yes. Let's go.

Eli. About the truck
for Tuesday.

Yeah, uh, there's been
a change of plan.

We need it now.

No, no, like, right now.

Same place.
That's right.


Son of a bitch.

I said the joker
is a wanted man...

Liquor built that bank.

Boss Varney ran the bank and
half a dozen bars in the city.

During Prohibition,

Varney's son operated the bars
as speakeasies.

They made a fortune
off of bootleggers,

and wine pirates.

Laundered all the profits
through the bank.

The tunnel provided
safe passage for all the cash

and a warm way
to walk to lunch
during the winter months.

There is always
sweet and sour

So we are not goin' home

You made good time, Eli.

Hop in, boys and girls.
We're going for a ride.

Can you see the joker
flying over?

As she's standing
in the field of clover

I wonder what would happen
if he took her away

They're shooting
at the police.
Honest to God, these guys.

I said the joker
is a wanted man

Ohh! No!

See him sifting
through the sand

So I'll tell you all
the story about
the joker and the thief

I said I'll tell you all
the story

About the joker
and the thief

I said about the joker
and the thief in the night

Oh, no, please.

I come bearing gifts.

That's not...

Van Gogh's
Poppy Flowers.

about it just...

Breaks my heart.

But wasn't that
stolen from...

Yes. Twice, actually.

From Cairo's
Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum.

Once in 1977
and then again in 2010.

Terribly embarrassing.

It's exchanged hands a couple
of times over the years,

but it came to my attention
that the current owner

was holding it here
at your bank.

Not to worry.
I'm sure you had no idea.

But I do think
it's time for the flowers
to go back home again.

You want me
to return it?

Yes, to the museum.

But you just stole it

Well, I guess
third time's a charm.

But now it's
your obligation

to see that it's returned
to its rightful owner.

My God, I hope
they can manage

to hold onto it
this time around.

Please don't mention
my name.

I'd prefer it to be
an anonymous donation.

But why?

Why rob us?

Ha! That was sort of
a gift to myself.

I'm turning 60 this year.

I wanted to see
if I've still got it.

Turns out I do.

I have a feeling it's gonna be
a very good year.

Raymond Reddington is a fraud.

An imposter
who took our father's place
over 30 years ago.

The FBI can trace this
Reddington forward from '95.

And I know for a fact
that our father died
five years before that.

The night of the fire.

Our father, the real
Raymond Reddington,

cheated on your mother
with mine...

A Russian agent named
Katarina Rostova.

Our fake father's a criminal,
and our real one's a snake.

He took me from her
in Russia.

She followed him to America
where we were staying.

They got into a fight...

A fire started...

I got out, he didn't.

Wait. But how can you
be so sure? You were four.

The only person who knew
Reddington was dead

was in that house
that night,

so the person
pretending to be him

was either there
that night

or got the idea to take his
place from someone who was,

which is why I got this
out of storage.

This contains everything
I've collected over the years

that's connected
to the fire.


You can still walk away.

And do what?
Pretend this never happened?

Go back to being
a waitress

making minimum wage serving
tuna melts and warm beer?

You know, I... I get it.
It's dangerous.

If he finds out, he...

Not if. When.

But here's the thing.
I have no life.

Or I had no life.

And now...

Hey. Yeah.

Yeah, of course.

I'll be right there.

How do you do that?

Pretend like you're
really his daughter.

I've spent
the last five years

learning to act at the feet
of the master.

It's my turn
to outperform him.

Payback's a bitch.

Especially when
there's two of 'em.

I'm wide awake

Mind so woke 'cause my brain
never pushed the brakes

I'm wide awake

Eyes so open that my vision
is as sharp as a blade

You said this would be good
for my health, Dembe,

and you were
absolutely right.

I feel like
a different person.

Don't you look cute.


I've turned over
a new leaf.

Spinach. Steamed.

No butter, no oil, no salt.

And very, very
little taste.

Spinach. Tai Chi.

Who are you and what have you
done with Raymond Reddington?

What do you know about
a man named Hans Koehler?

Nothing. Should I?

He's the plastic surgeon
of choice

for the criminal

A wizard at facial

He's hidden some
of the very worst of the worst

behind a larger nose,
a pointier chin,
higher cheekbones.

You want me to find
the doctor who helps

change criminals'

Find the doctor,
find the criminals.

Why him? Why now?


Dr. Koehler's
been sighted,

which is as rare as sighting
the pygmy three-toed sloth.

Only 79 of the dear
creatures are left.

Okay. I'll bite.
Sighted where?

An elusive
Russian arms dealer,

a very successful jewel thief
thought to be dead,

a wanted forger who has dodged
Interpol for nearly a decade.

Three examples of criminals

we thought were dead
or had gone dark...

But who Reddington believes
are still alive and well

and continuing
to commit crimes
under new identities,

of Dr. Hans Koehler.

So we're still doing
his bidding.

I'm sorry, Agent Ressler?
RESSLER: Reddington.

He shot an unarmed man
in FBI custody

just so that Keen couldn't
identify that skeleton

that he's been lugging around
like his life depended on it.

We've made
a deal with the devil.
It comes at a price.

As for Reddington, when he
gives us a case like this,

we have an obligation
to take it.

Agent Keen,
about the doctor...

Koehler attended
medical school
at Heidelberg University.

Residency in reconstructive
surgery at Johns Hopkins.

He operates
a mobile medical team

that travels the globe
changing the faces
of the criminal elite.

I'm sorry.
Changing their faces?

He is considered
a pioneer in the application

of 3-D computer imaging
and modeling technology.

Don't screw this up.

Dear sir,
when I'm finished,

your own mother
won't know you.

According to Reddington,
he and his team were in DC.

operating out of a bakery
in Petworth

that was undergoing

Then that's
where we start. Dig in.

Let's see if we can bring this
doctor out of the shadows.


A moment?

About what Agent Ressler said.
I share his sentiments.

No matter how fruitful
our arrangement
with Reddington has been,

when I see the price
you continue to pay,

I can't honestly say
it's been worth it.

And I want you to know,

if you don't want
to keep paying it,

I'll shut
the Task Force down.

You said it yourself, sir.

If that doctor is here,
we have to take this case.

There will always be
a case, Elizabeth.

And no matter
how important they seem,

none is as important
as you protecting yourself.

Will you think about it?
Of course.


After all these years,
I think you can
call me Harold.


Thank you, sir.

All right.
Up and to the right.

Down and to the left.


You are the picture
of health.

Weeks ago,
your body temperature
was 66 degrees.

Your pupils were dilated
and unreactive to light.

In short, you were gone.

Well, I had
remarkable doctors

and a lot of people
praying for me.

Well, their prayers
were answered.

Your CT scan is clear.

Your physical and neurological
exams were normal.

Am I cleared for duty?

You are. Unless there's
something you've noticed.

Like what?

Hmm, abnormality
in speech or memory?

Have you been forgetful,
unable to recall
certain words?

Nothing? Okay.

Welcome back.

I have
a grand opening tomorrow.

You the ones in charge?

Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI.
You must be the owner.

Yeah. You're damn right
I'm the owner.

My attorney's on her way now.

This is a joke.

An absolute abuse
of police power.

Okay, ma'am, slow down.

Don't "ma'am" me.
I'm not that old.

I'm sure as hell
not running some kind of

mob-doctor surgery center
out of my kitchen.

Well, our intel
says otherwise.

We've been closed down
for plumbing problems.

The grand re-opening
is tomorrow.

I've got 1,200 cupcakes
to make, bake, and frost,

and you're acting like
it's the county morgue!

We're finished here.
We've gone through it twice.

There's no trace evidence.

That can't be.

Yeah? He just said
it was, handsome.

So can I have
my business back?

No. I want you and your team
to tear the place apart...

Every drain trap,
sewage line, air filter.

Swab every inch.

I'm afraid those, uh, cupcakes
are gonna have to wait. Ma'am.

This last procedure,

it's just what
we were hoping for.

Would you care to see?


The bakery. We have a lead.
On Koehler?

No, on one of his former
patients. Basil Vladakis.

Basil Vladakis. Dear Lord.

I haven't heard
his name in ages.

Evidence Response found
trace amounts of blood
in the drain line.

We ran the DNA,
and it matches Vladakis.

Who could lead us
to Dr. Koehler.

If only we knew what
he looks like now.

Apparently he got himself
a new face.

Changing a man's face
is one thing.

Changing his predilections?
Quite another.

His predilections?

Basil Vladakis was a vicious
and wanton gunrunner

whose love of money
was only rivaled

by his love for losing it
at the track.

So you know this guy.

I know he was
a regular punter at Mardale.

Perhaps Dembe and I should
be off to the races

to see if we can't
scare up The Mad Greek.

I certainly wasn't
the only one he stiffed
before skipping town,

but I'd still like
my money back.

And if he knows anything
about Dr. Koehler's

well, then, as they say,
"two birds."

Dembe, this could be fun.

We haven't been to a race
since Smarty Jones

cost us a bundle
at Belmont.

Perhaps Dame Fortune is ready
to smile on us after all.

Hey. Keep the change!

I just hit
the across-the-board
on Salsa Marimba!

Is the across-the-board
really the wisest bet?

As I understand it,

they're expensive and have
far less profit potential.

Is that true?

I wouldn't know.
I'm a novice.

Today must be
my lucky day.

It's funny.

You look like an old pro
with a new face.

The kind who likes taking
other people's money.

I once knew
a Greek arms dealer
who took my money.

Do you know how many times
I've stood

in this lousy sports bar
looking for you?

Clever to have your face

Looks good. Cute nose.

Look, Mr. Reddington.

I'm sorry.
I'll get you your money.

But I can't be seen here.
Not with you.

If anyone sees us, it would...
Blow your cover?

That's about
to happen very quickly.

Can you imagine?

After all that
nipping and tucking,

the sucking and plucking.

All that goes into
changing a man's face,

creating a new identity,
a new life,

then be outed by some old pal
at the same old racetrack?

What a colossal waste
of money and time.

I'll get you your money!
Of course you will.

But I'll need
a little something else
to sweeten the pot,

make up for lost interest.

What? What do you want?

I want you
to put me in touch

with the friend
who fixed your face.

We don't speak.

That's not how it works.

But you know
how to reach him.

All I've got is a number.
For a nurse.

A number to call only in case
of medical emergency.

Then start dialing,
because if you don't,

you're gonna be naked
and penniless

in this lousy sports bar
at Mardale.

I went through your box,

and I think I may have
found something.

I think Reddington knows.

What? How?
I don't know.

And I'm not sure he does.
But this case he gave us...

He's got us hunting down
a plastic surgeon

who performs facial
reconstructions on criminals.

You think Reddington
wants you to find the doctor

that changed his identity?

Why would he want that?

I have no idea.

But it can't be
a coincidence, right?

And if this is
Reddington's doctor,

he might have the answer
we're looking for.

So we've got to find him
before Reddington does.

So... So, this is
what I found.

Yeah. I was taken
to a motel in Dover
the night of the fire.

But I went there.
It's a dead end.

The motel maybe. Or Dover.
But not Delaware.

My parents
used to take me there
every summer.

To a house they'd rent
an hour outside Dover

in Rehoboth Beach.

So maybe our father,
the real Raymond Reddington,
took you there.

It was the dead of winter.

Rehoboth Beach
is a summer resort.

It's the perfect place
to hide.

I'll run a check.

See if there was a fire
in Rehoboth Beach that night.

I already did.

You know what this means?

Hell yeah. Road trip. for the challenge,

but here comes Moon Room
on the outside!

Neck-and-neck with Aura Field.

It's down to the wire with
Moon Room and Aura Field.

Moon Room and Aura Field!

And at the wire,
it's Moon Room!


I got your page.
Is everything okay?

Mr. Hunt?

Ooh. Oh, my God.
You were right!

Who would've thought
the Daily Double

would be a smart bet?

I knew it was
a smart bet.

Oh, my God.

You want another
Orange Whip?

Yes, absolutely.

Orange Whip?

Orange Whip?

Three Orange Whips.

I'm sorry.
Please, have a seat.

Mr. Hunt.
What's going on here?

I asked Mr. Hunt
to page you,
not for himself,

but because I'm one
of Dr. Koehler's

former patients,
and I need to get in touch

with the good doctor.
My name is...

I know who you are.

Then you know I'm serious

when I say it's a matter
of some urgency.

Dr. Koehler's traveling.
He's in France on holiday.

Until when?

He didn't say.
It was an impromptu trip.

He texted from Avignon,

said he was having
the time of his life.

Perhaps I could
give him a message?

May I ask you something?

All the work that was done
on poor Vladakis...

I mean, Mr. Hunt...

And yet, still,
these earlobes.

It's like the grandkids
have been hanging

and swinging on them.

Is there really nothing
one can do to...
I don't know...

Shrink them up even
just a little bit?

You said the doctor
texted you.


Perhaps I could
borrow your phone.

Aram, it's me.
I'm gonna
send you a cell phone,

one I need you to examine
as soon as possible.

Yes, it's about Dr. Koehler.

What the hell is really
going on with Dr. Koehler?

He wouldn't simply pack up
and go "on holiday" to France.

He hates the French.

He's in
trouble, Raymond.

Yeah. Trouble.
Never a truer word.

Dr. Koehler,

rest assured
that our work here
is nearly finished.

The ocean, the air.
It all smells the same.

The house we rented
was right...

20 steps to the sand.

You remember.

This is where
it happened.

The fire.

This is where
I killed our father.

So that's why you were
so sure about when he died.

Because you shot him.

They were fighting.

My father and my mother.

Screaming at each other.

And others, I think.

He was hurting her.

I saw the gun and...

I just wanted
to make it stop.

I'm so sorry.

You were four.

You have nothing
to be sorry about.

I know you have fond
memories of this place,

but I'm glad it's gone.

If you killed our father,

how come you didn't know
Reddington was an imposter?

My memories
of that night...

He had them removed.

He... He removed
your memories.

He told me he didn't
want me to live

with the weight of knowing
I killed my father.

Who does that?

He said he did it
to protect me...
Who can do that?

...when what he was doing
was protecting himself

so that I would never
question who he really was.

So, one of you called claiming
to be Red Reddington's kid?

Hi. Yeah.
Are you Martin Donnelly?

Hi. I'm Jennifer.
This is my sister, Elizabeth.

Special Agent
Elizabeth Keen.

We heard you were
the sheriff here

the night that house
burned down.

Mmm-hmm. Yeah.

We were hoping you had
a record of the people
who were there that night.

Why's that?

Did you know
our father?

I thought I did.
In my mind he was a fine man.

The night of the fire
was the last time either
of us has seen him.

You expect me to believe
you don't know where he is,
your own father?

We haven't seen him
in over 30 years.

He became a fugitive
when we were kids.
We barely knew him.

But we do know this...

Before the night of the fire,
he was a fine man.

And then after, he changed.

We think the people who were
there that night know why.

Will you help us
find them?

I would if I could.
But whoever
was there that night

was long gone by the time
we showed up.

Are local hospitals
open year-round?

A reduced staff,
but, yeah.

So if someone
got burned that night,

there might be
a patient record.

We're gonna need a list
of every hospital

in a 20-mile radius.


All right.
I am not saying I'm amazing.

But sometimes I am distinctly
above average.

You found Dr. Koehler?
The good doctor
texted an employee

saying that
he was in France.

Have you alerted Interpol?
And why would I do that?

You said he was in France.
I said that's
what he said.

But when I pulled the records
from the cell carrier...

And this is the distinctly
above-average part...

I found that his text
wasn't sent from France.

It was sent from
right here in DC.

You have a location?
Sending it to you right now.

Mr. Cooper's working on
getting a warrant.

How did you know he texted?

I didn't. Mr. Reddington did.
He sent me
the employee's cell.

Which, um,
I guess, if you want
to be technical about it,

means he's
the amazing one.

Did you give him the location?

Aram, please tell me

you didn't tell Reddington
how to find Dr. Koehler.

Here come the doorway

That's it there?
The brick one?

What about the FBI?

The FBI served their purpose
in finding him.

Let's go find out

how badly Dr. Koehler's
been compromised.

That's everything.
You ready?

Please. Let us go.

Let them go.

We've done
everything you asked!

The conditions under which

I have forced you
to live and work...

For the past few months

are unfortunate

and difficult
for everyone.

But it's over now.

So cheer up.

Unchain them.

How many times does it take

Good to see you, Samar.

It's good to be back.

So, what can you tell us about
the building, who's inside?

To hear the phone

How many times does it take

So we're free to go?

Of course.
Your work is done.

Thank you.

Dr. Koehler.

Before you go,

there is one more thing.

What's that?

I got north entrance.
I'll take this side.

She's just dying
to please ya

I'm so sorry.

However, the point
of changing my face

is that nobody knows
who I am.

And that includes you.

You okay?

Thank you.

On what?

You and Aram.

I'm very happy for you.

Thank you.

Where is it?


Raymond, we have to leave
before the cops show.

I thought we were
past this.

What's that?

Alternate agendas.

You giving us cases
without telling us why.

Using us to catch
the people you can't.

He had information
that's important to me.

And I thought you just
wanted us to catch

the pygmy three-toed sloth.

Our professional
relationship is symbiotic.

I help you, you help me.

And our personal

I don't have
an alternate agenda.

I have secrets.
Like the skeleton.

I thought you'd
come to terms with that.

I have.

Which is why I'm not upset
at finding you here.

It's still hard.

You're my father.
I want us to have
an honest relationship.

One has nothing to do
with the other.

Being honest means
one doesn't lie,

deceive, or cheat.

Where you are concerned,
I don't.

How can you say that when
you keep things from me?

Dembe keeps things
from me.

That's different.

So one can keep
certain things secret

and be in an honest

I saw Dr. Koehler whisper
something to you
before he died.

What did he tell you?

The last thing I want
is to push you away.

So if we need a little truth
and reconciliation
to prevent that...

Well, what the hell?

Just don't get greedy.

You're serious?

You want to know my secrets,
why I'm here,

what the good doctor
told me?

Yes, I do.
Then I'll tell you.

As soon as you tell me.

Tell you what?

The secrets you keep from me.

I never said I kept any.

Studies show
that at any given moment

the average person
is keeping 13 secrets.

So come on.
I actually think
this could be quite fun.

I'll tell you mine
if you tell me yours.

This isn't a game.

It could be.

If the secrets you keep
are as loving
as the ones Dembe keeps.

That is interesting.

The ID on the dead guy
turned up as fake,

but we sent the prints to
Interpol and we got a hit.

Tell me.

Not until you tell us
why you gave us this case,

because it obviously wasn't
so we could arrest Dr. Koehler

and expose his clients.

Hans Koehler
was a friend of mine.

I suspected he was being
held against his will.

I wanted to save his life.

Sadly, I failed.

You cared about him?

You expect us to believe
that's all that's
going on here?

All? No.

Enough? Certainly.

The guard. Who was he?

A known associate
of Bastien Moreau.

The Corsican.

Until four months ago,
no one knew
who The Corsican was.

Then he shows up
on a camera in Gdansk

and is ID'd as Moreau.

Which explains his
sudden urge to pay
a visit on Dr. Makeover.

One of the world's
deadliest assassins

is now one of the world's
most anonymous men.

Which means he can act
with impunity.

Whatever he is up to...

I fear Dr. Koehler
is only the beginning.

The Feds have Gabin's body.
They'll connect him to you.

To who I was.

Not to who I am.

The assignment remains.
This changes nothing.

We travel as planned.

Well, at least

I travel as planned.

All right.
The Corsican
is a gun for hire.

But not by just anyone.

He has a very particular

The Tamil Tigers.
The Kosovo Liberation Army.

He's a nationalist
who works on behalf

of groups fighting
against globalism.

His targets have included
a UNESCO office in Geneva,

a conference center in Davos,

and the European Union
headquarters in The Hague,

where last year a bomb
was defused moments before

the General Assembly's
opening session.

Before now, everything
has been overseas.

Well, his next target
could be here

or maybe he's already
left the country.

Can't lock down
the airports.

We have no idea
who we're looking for.

The Corsican,
as bad as he may be,

is only one name on
Dr. Koehler's client list.

Shouldn't we be focused
on finding the list?

We may not know
what this guy looks like,
but thanks to Samar

shooting out his taillight,
we were able to trace his car.

First day back, and you're
already showing us up.

It was found in a remote lot
at Reagan International.

There were two bodies
identified at the scene

matching the men
you saw driving away
in The Corsican's car.

Why would he kill
his own people?

Same reason he killed
Koehler and his team...

They knew what he looked like.

They were the only
remaining ones who did.

Aram, pull every feed
from that lot you can find.

If you get a hit,
circulate it to TSA.

We'll find that list,
but right now we've got
an emergency on our hands.

Get to Reagan, coordinate
with Airport Authority Police,

tell them we've got
a situation.

All right, sir.

Wait there, ma'am.

Two minutes out.
Moreau, Bastien.

I need you to notify security
he's on site and...

Yes, that's exactly
what I'm saying.

No, I do not have
a positive ID,

but you need to put
the facility on lockdown

and hold all passengers.

Code three, all responders.

White male. Mid-50s.
May be armed...

Sir, I'm terribly sorry.

Can we please stop
at the men's room
before getting to my gate?

Of course, sir.
Not a problem.

Thank you.

We ask for your assistance

in reporting
any unattended bags.

Lock it down.
All points of exit.

Drop-off, pick-up,
parking garages, everywhere.

Agent Navabi, FBI.
I need you take me
to your C.O.

I need every male passenger
searched, ID'd,

and taken to
a secure area.

Where are your
security feeds?
Over here.

Sir! We need you right away.
We got something.

All units,
suspect is impersonating

an airport employee
in a maroon blazer.

Attention, all units.

...white male suspect...


Mrs. Koehler,

I'm terribly sorry
for your loss.

How did...

Who are you?

A friend of your husband's.
My name is Raymond.

I'm here for the Picasso.

This is unexpected.

Why would Hans
want you to take him?

He loved Picasso.

How much do you know about
your husband's line of work?

He was a great surgeon.

He was away for months
at a time, wasn't he?

He had clients
all over the world.

He did.

Many of those clients


Some of them terrible men
and terrible women.

That's not so.
It is.

I should know.
I'm one of them.

What is that?

Your husband's
client list.

That's what you came for.

And to give you this.

It's a numbered bank account
with $5 million in it.

And also the name of a man
who's standing by

to create your
false identification.

I don't understand.

Other clients will come
looking for this list.

I don't know
how many or when.

Just that they will.

And you do not want to
be here when they do.

Why are you doing this?

As I said,
Hans was a friend of mine.

I wouldn't be the person I am
if it weren't for him.

I recommend Cairo.

Beautiful, historic.

And thanks to a combination

of the Muslim Brotherhood
and international

completely abandoned
by Western tourists.

You and Picasso will have
the pyramids to yourselves.

So let me get this
straight. We lost Moreau.

He slipped security
using the identity
of an airline rep.

Security feeds
show him stealing a car

from an employee parking lot.

We have word out
on the vehicle now.

Any hits?
Not yet.

So he's gone,
and Koehler is dead,

and the names of his clients
died with him.

All except Moreau.
Who's God knows where

and about to do
God knows what.

Reddington never wanted us
to catch Koehler.

Any chance he told you
what it was?

No. He didn't.

Did you think about
what I said...

About the price and whether
you're willing to pay it?
I did.

And have you made a decision?

The Raymond Reddington
we know can't be trusted.

But there was
another Reddington.

Another Reddington?

It's hard to explain,

but I want to know how
the Reddington we could trust

turned into the one
we can't.

I have to know.

Whatever the price.

Turnunders and overpasses

Directions change,
and you are different today

What do you want?


Oh, what do you want?

I meant what I said before

about our relationship
being symbiotic.

I help you, you help me.

We help each other.

What's this?

An insurance policy.

Dr. Koehler was not only
a gifted surgeon,

but also a man smart enough
to know that his life

was threatened by
the very men and women
who paid for his services.

For that reason,
he kept a dossier...

A list of every face
he changed.

Moreau knew about this.

Which is why he abducted
Dr. Koehler and his team

and forced them
to operate at gunpoint.

Which means his new identity
won't be on this drive.


But the names of
countless others are.

Men and women who abandoned
their lives to hide.

Now you can find them.

Where to find this...

That's what Dr. Koehler
whispered to you
before he died.

I told you mine.
Now you tell me yours.

I would.

But you haven't
really told me
yours yet, have you?

Not all of it.

This isn't the
complete list, is it?

No, it's not.

One file
has been deleted.


I prefer to keep my nips
and tucks to myself.

Forgive an old man
his vanity.

For now, but...

Someday I want to see
the before
and after pictures.

Not a pretty sight.

I'm sure you were
always handsome.

Was I?

I can't remember.

And you are
different today

Neither can I.

What do you want
for your love?

But I don't have to.

I know that...

everything changed...

Turnunders and overpasses father was...

Directions change

...kind and decent...

And beautiful.

What do you want
for your heart?

Inside and out.

What do you want
for your heart?

What do you want?

Oh, what do you want?