The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Ruin - full transcript

Liz abandons her old life for a fresh start in a new place, but she is forced to draw on her emotional and physical strength in a brutal fight when a threat finds her.

♪ It's four in the morning,
the end of December

♪ I'm writing you now
just to see if you're better

♪ New York is cold
But I like where I'm living

♪ There's music
on Clinton Street
all through the evening

Hi. Hi, I know.

♪ And you treated my woman

♪ To a flake of your life

♪ And when she came back

♪ She was nobody's wife

♪ Well, I see you there

♪ With the rose in your teeth

♪ One more thin gypsy thief

♪ Well, I see Jane's awake

♪ She sends her regards

♪ The last time
we saw you... ♪

Still have an L 14-20
male plug?

I saw one here last week.

On your left,
by the timing belt.

Genny out again?

Oh, really, if anything
worked up at that place,
I'd get bored.

Storm's coming.
You see the weather?

Yeah. They say ice.

Early for ice,
leaves are still
on the trees,

but that's what they say,
"A few inches."

You get that VHF radio working?

It's on my to-do list.

Stay warm.

Stay warm, Grace.

Focus now.

Push yourself.

It feels like
glass under my skin.

I can't.

Well, that shoulder's spent
10 months in a coma
same as you, without rehab.

It's unstable.

Trust me, pain is good.
Pain says your body's
still working.

I just want out of the chair.

We'll get you there,
but this is gonna
take a while.


Surprise delivery.

It was orphaned
at the post office.

Mary said it'd been there
over a week

and thought maybe
you forgot about it.

That's sweet.

You didn't have to
drive out here
in this weather.

Believe me, I know that.

Colder than
an Alaskan outhouse
right now.

Oh, I'm sorry, Colin,
come on in.


You headed to the station?

Yep. Boss wants someone
on site.

Hey, Kate.

Say, we're supposed to get
some ice tonight.

I wasn't here for the storm
back in '03,

but they were without power
in town for nine days.

I'll send you with some coffee.

If you ever wanted
to come along sometime,

I'd be happy to give you a tour.

That sounds nice.

Maybe when the weather passes.

Yeah, yeah, sure.

That's what I meant.

When are you gonna unpack?

I'm sure
I'll get around to it
sooner or later.

Happy to help if you want.

I'll let you know.

Be careful out there.

Okay, then.

Bye, Kate.

Hey, you.

I'm not doing very well.

I told myself
I wasn't gonna
tell you that.

That's the last thing
you need to hear, right?

I'm thinking about going away.

Recommend getting
the hell out of here...

Temperature is 20 degrees...

...the wind chill.

Contact... Park entrance is...

Open the fire road...

Broadcasting in the blind.

Can anyone read me?
Is anyone hearing this

Oh, come on, come on.

And Karakurt popped out
of the trunk.

Tom had brought him
to my doorstep,

I should've been livid,
but he was...

And I'll deny
ever admitting this,

he was pretty damned charming
about the whole thing.

You remember that cabin?

Oh, that cabin?

Matias Solomon,
a few thousand rounds
of ammo later

I finally got my hearing back.

Keen was good
in the field, though.

Well, to Tom.

To Tom.

Stay tuned to this channel
for all updates.

To repeat,
this is Radio KAKF Alaska

issuing weather warnings
for the following boroughs.

Bethel, Denali,
Fairbanks North Star...


Two to four inches
of ice accumulation
have been reported.

A total power outage
of Southeast Fairbanks
has been reported.


I need you
to promise me something.

Of course.

The Blacklist.

I need you to promise me
you'll keep working on it
with the Task Force.

It doesn't work without you.

It has to.

I think we've done enough.

What you've done...

What you've made it possible
for the Task Force to do...

You know, I've never
thanked you for that.

Why you do it,
what you get out of it,

at the end of the day
it doesn't matter.

But I need you to promise me
you're gonna keep doing it.

I promise.

Thank you.

I have one more favor
to ask you.

And it's not gonna be
easy for you,

but it's important to me.


I don't want you to follow me.

You've gotta let go.

Can you do that?

What about Agnes?

What the hell's going on here?

Oh! Hey.
Take it easy, lady.

Who the hell are you people?

Sorry if we scared you.
I just...

I don't know if we'd have
lasted much longer out there
in that wind.

You said your plane went down?

Uh, no, not
my plane. Charter.

Ellis read about these
fishing trips outta Lake Hood.

I mean, it seemed like
a good idea at the time.

Always does, right?

You know, float planes,
campfires, big sky.

We hit weather.

What we hit was ice.

Yeah, I could see it
freezing up on the wing,
couple inches.

Before we knew it,
it started breaking off.

Sounded like a damned hammer
hitting that plane.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Yeah, yeah, it must've
busted something because
the last thing I know,

the pilot's saying
he lost an engine.

You went down where?

A mile back. Maybe two.

I didn't hear anything.

Hell, it was further than that.

It must've been six,
uh, 10 miles.

I don't know, the weather,
we got turned around.

And you were all able
to just walk away?

Well, we got lucky.

The pilot...
Is he the guy
in the other room?

No, the pilot didn't, uh...
Didn't make it.
We had to leave him.

Mike, the guy in your bedroom,

he was cut up pretty bad
on the way down.

He knew he was bleeding,

but he didn't wanna
wait for help,

so he started walking,
dumb son of a bitch.

We couldn't talk
sense into him.
Temperature dropped.

Thought we were gonna die
out there, so...

So, we just
started walking.

We never found Mike,
but we saw the smoke
from your chimney.

No lights, no locks.
We thought the place
was empty.

He was out when I found him.

How'd you find him?

Actually, he found me.

Is he gonna be okay?

Not if we don't get him
to a hospital.

I closed up his wounds,
but he's bleeding internally.

You can tell by his breathing.
There's blood in his airways.

He's got a few hours, maybe.

What about the roads?

Good luck out there.
It's an ice rink.

Block's frozen on my truck.

Even if I had a phone,
the lines are down.

Look, bottom line is
we gotta get your friend
out of here fast,

and I have no idea how.

We had these
to stay in touch
on the trip.

You know, maybe we could...

These are short-range.

Good if we wanna
talk to each other,

but useless
if we wanna call for help.

I never asked your name.


It's Grace.


That's nice.

You're bleeding.

So, what's your story anyway?

Up here, all alone.

You know the story,

a girl in a cabin
with a gun and a dog.

I don't think
I've heard that one.

I'll tell it to you some time

when you don't have a needle
sticking out of your arm.

Trust me, it's not
that interesting.

Well, I doubt that.

I don't know many...

who, uh, could diagnose
internal bleeding by the
sound of somebody's breathing.

You a doctor or something?

Turn this way.

Come on, there has to be
a halfway decent story.

No Mr. Mysterious

out there on his way home
right now?

There was, once.

It didn't work out.

I don't know
who killed Tom or why.

But I saw them.

And so they might
come after me,
and if they did

and anything should happen
to Agnes...

Liz, I told you,
you don't have to
explain that to me.

This is the hardest thing
I've ever done.

I'm just so angry,

and she knows it.

And I can't make it go away.

Agnes will be fine.

And what about you?

What about the pain
you're feeling?

The anger?
Can you protect her from that?

I spent 30 years
mourning Tom's loss.

Where you are now,
I was there the day
he disappeared

from that beach
when he was a little boy.

Yes, I'm sad and angry.

But Tom coming back to me
after all these years
was a gift.

He loved you very much.

It couldn't have
been easy for him.

Testifying for me
against his father.

But he didn't hesitate.

The boy I'd given up for dead
came back to life to save me.

And he's given me
his beautiful baby girl

who I'm gonna spoil rotten!

She loves Cheerios,
and Thomas the Train
in the morning.

And she gets so cranky
if she's hot at night,

so just a light blanket.


she's gonna be fine.

She is.

I'm gonna take good care of her.

She'll be healthy and happy.

And when you are,
and that will happen,

you'll take her back.



I said,
"What's the diagnosis?"

I think you might live.

Ah, good.

I need to go check the radio.

There's... There's a radio?

An old one in the barn.

Used for calling
in weather reports.

It hasn't worked in years,
but if I could get it

Well, you want a hand?
I'll... I'll help.

I'm a big girl.

If anyone can hear me,
acknowledge this
transmission. Copy?



What do you think
of these guys, huh?

Yeah, I'm not buying it either.

There you are.
I got your note.
Came as soon as I could.

The cavalry showed up.

What's going on?

Like they said,
there's been an accident.

No, I know, they said.
Where were you fellas
flying out of?

Lake Hood. Fishing charter.

Yeah, we are lucky to be alive.

Our friend Mike,
in the bedroom,
he's not so lucky.

We gotta get him to a doctor.

The roads are impossible.
It's only getting worse.

Radio's down at the station.
I had to walk here.

There's a radio on the plane.

Ah, tried that. Didn't work.

Well, if we could
get it to work,

or at least get
the locator working
on the black box

then Search and Rescue
could get a Snowcat down here
and medevac your friend out.

I can help.
I have a decent sense
of direction.

I can get us back
to that wreckage,
I know it.

What about you?
You gonna be okay here?

No, I'm not okay.

There's a stranger
bleeding to death in my bed

and you could use me out there.

Yeah, but if you go,
who looks after Mike?

'Cause I can't.

Please, don't make me
tell his wife
he died on my watch.

Hey, I got a question for you.

These guys, their story,
anything seem off to you?

What do you mean, "off"?

They walked 10 miles
in this weather?

From a crash I never heard?

Don't be silly.

Not a broken bone
on one of them.

I think I should go with you.

Look, you're being paranoid.
All right?

Everything will be fine.

We'll be back
before you know it.

It's all right.
You're gonna be okay.

We're gonna get you some help.

Your friends are
in the other room.

Not friends.

Then who the hell are they?

They'll kill you, too.

Ratted Carlucci family.

The Carlucci crime family?

What are you doing up here?

Witness protection.

WITSEC dumped you up here,

but your old friends found you
just the same.

Please. They...
They'll kill me.

How are we gonna
get you outta here?

They'll kill you, too.

Everything okay in here?

Yeah. He's good.

He'll push through
a few more hours.

He's a fighter.

God, that crash.

I never thought our
little hunting adventure
would turn out like this.


I thought you said
you were fishing?


- Oh! Damn it. Sorry.
- Here, let me help.

No, no. You stay put.

There's glass everywhere.



Get your damned feet
off the table, man.

Show some respect.




What I wanted to hunt, bears.

I had a grand vision
of bagging a grizzly.

Orson and the others,
they wanted to fish.

We were gonna split up the trip.

They didn't get their fish.
I didn't get my bear.

You know it's illegal
to hunt bears?

What's the matter?
You never broke a rule or two?

You done with that?

I guess.

Why do you still wear your ring?

Excuse me?

Wedding ring.
On your finger.

My husband gave it to me.

I thought you said
that didn't work out.
What happened?

I lost him.

That's why you're up here
in the middle of nowhere

with a bunch of unpacked boxes?

Just a lady and her dog
and a gun?

Where is Kate?


Kate. My dog.

You were right about
that weather. I was not
dressed warm enough.

Where's Colin?

We got about
a mile down the trail

and bumped into another ranger
on a three-wheeler.

He only had room for one
so they headed back to town.

Said they'd call for help.

Told me to get back here
before I froze.

Have you seen my dog?

What? No.



You sure she's not
in the barn?

Maybe she got spooked
with the storm and all.

I think I'll brave the weather.

She's probably outside.

What the hell was that?

Damn generator.

Happens all the time.

So, what do we do?

You do nothing.
I'm gonna go fix it.

It's bad out.
You'll need help.

You know, the one thing
that I have learned

all my time out here alone?

What's that?

Men just get in my way.

I'll be right back.

You've entrusted Agnes
to Scottie Hargrave?

Yes. Tom's mother.

Who ordered a hit
on your wedding?

She didn't know who we were.

She's a good person

and she'll keep Agnes safe.

Look, I know
you took care of her
while I was in the hospital.

And I can't thank you
enough for that.

But this is my decision
and I need you
to respect that.

Okay, I will.

I want you
to promise me something.


That you'll grieve.

Of course, I'll grieve.

What is it that
you think I'm doing?

I think you're running away
from your problems

when you should be facing them.

I'm sure it feels like
you're staring into an abyss.

But until you mourn,
you won't be able to cross it.

What's so great
about crossing it?

What's on the other side?
Peace, tranquility?


I prefer revenge.

That's what I'm afraid of.

'Cause imagining
what I'm gonna do
to Tom's killers,

that's the only thing
that gets me out of bed
in the morning.

Don't just go off
and hide in the dark.

Wherever you go,
look for some light.

Hey, Billy, you there?

Grace? What's going on
out there

Why haven't the lights
come back?

Because you killed my dog.

And you killed my friend Colin.

Don't make this any harder
than it has to be.

We haven't killed you yet.

And I haven't killed you yet.

I know that man in my room
is not your friend.

Just like there was
no plane crash.

Car accident, actually.

Trying to get out
of this weather.

Our trunk popped open,
damn cargo ran off
into the woods.

We chased the son of a bitch
for hours.

I'm not leaving here
without him.
Why not just kill him?

Why not kill me?

We needed you
to keep him breathing.

Boss wants him back alive
so he can tell us
what he told the Feds.

Only then can he die.

Slowly. That's my specialty.

And now you can too.

That's a nasty habit
you've got there. I noticed...

Enough. You're one woman,
in the middle of a storm,
against the four of us.

It doesn't end well
for you, Grace.

What's that, Billy?

Billy, you okay?

That's a stupid question.

You're not okay.
Because my name's not Grace.

It's Elizabeth.

You wanted to know
about my past?

I was an FBI agent.

A profiler.

And I smelled you out
the minute you walked
in my door.

That's why I froze broken glass

into those ice cubes
you love to chew.

So now every time you breathe,

you're inhaling
those little shards

deeper into your throat
and lungs.

You're dead.
No, Bill.

For the first time,
I'm feeling pretty alive.

So, if you want to
come for me, you better
come ready for a fight.

Because you know what
the four of you against me
in the woods is gonna be?


She's one person.

She was an FBI agent.

She's alone.

She fed you glass.

It was her.
How? She's not even in here.

She drugged him.

She drugged the food.

With what?

Does it matter? It worked.

What are we gonna do?

You remember
that money launderer
down in Palmdale?

Squatting in that shack?

He was dug in like a tick.

Same thing here.

We surround her,
and we tighten the noose.

What the hell?
What's going on?

Fifield, get over here.

Get this thing off me!

Come on.
Got it. Grab that.
Grab that side.

Now, pull.

She can't get far.

Whole damned mountain's
frozen solid.

Guys, we got a problem.

Even better.

Now she's got cargo.

She'll be twice as slow.


It's okay, we're gonna
get you out of here.

We're gonna get you some help.

From one professional
to another,

you're pretty good.

I told my guys
tonight'd be easy.

Hunker down,
wait out the storm,
lie to the lady.

You can apologize to them soon.

But you're all
out of tricks now.

You're all out of traps.

I promised them I'd kill you.


It's over.

Nowhere left to run.
Who's running?

I told you. I'm here to fight.

♪ I like digging holes
and hiding things inside them

♪ When I grow old, I hope
I won't forget to find them

♪ 'Cause I've got memories...

I don't know
how to explain any of this.

The carnage, the death.

I mean,

what happened up there
at that house,

it's bizarre.

We have bodies, men murdered,
drugged, burned alive.

All known criminals
with extensive records.

And the woman,
the one we believe
is responsible,

you have no idea who she was?

Nice woman. Kind of quiet.

Kept to herself, paid cash.

Did this Grace have a last name?

Talbot, at least
that's how it said it

on the side of the packages.

Which she picked up here?

Sure. One every few weeks.

Now and then. Off and on.

I mean, she didn't get
none too excited about it,

but she got 'em all eventually.

And you have no idea
where those packages went?

At the house, I suppose.
Are they not there?

Let's pivot.

I'd like to talk about
Mr. Elroy.

The federal witness.

You said he was
dropped off at the ER

"like a Christmas gift."

That's right. I mean, that's
what the head nurse said.

Left him there on the door step

of the medical center
in Delta Junction.

Said she saved his life.

She knew he was
someone important.
I don't know how but...

You know this woman
didn't just wander off.

She made sure not to leave
any trace evidence behind.

Not a Kleenex in the trash.
Or a fingerprint in the barn.

Or a hair in a drain. Not one.

The place was wiped clean.

So clean, in fact,
that we believe
she may have learned

how to clean a crime scene
from a professional.

I don't understand the question.

You saw her.
You spoke to her.

You tell me
who you think she was.

I don't know.

I wish I could say.

I think, uh, she was...

A ghost.

Life's full of 'em.

♪ And a thousand times
I've seen this road

♪ A thousand times

♪ I've got no roots

♪ I've got no roots
But my home
was never on the ground

♪ I've got no roots
But my home
was never on the ground

♪ I've got no roots

♪ I've got no roots

♪ I've got no roots
But my home
was never on the ground

♪ I've got no roots
But my home
was never on the ground

♪ I've got no roots

♪ I've got no...

Elizabeth. Please, come in.

You look strong.

I'm healed.

I want to thank you.

What for?

For honoring your promise.

I know it wasn't easy for you.

It was what you wanted.

I also want to apologize.


I couldn't honor mine.


I tried.

I really did.

I didn't go looking for trouble.

But it found me

and I'm glad it did.

What happened?

I killed some men.

Doesn't matter
that they were bad.

That it was them or me.

What matters is that I did it.
And I was good at it.

And I didn't lose
any sleep over it.

You will.

One of these nights you will.

It's just a matter of when.



After I've crossed the abyss.

But from the side I'm on now,

all that matters
is that I'm healed,
and I'm back.

And I'm coming
for Tom's killers.

Like I said,
I couldn't keep my promise.

Can you forgive me?


Will you be able
to forgive yourself?

.srt Extracted, Synced and Corrected
by Dan4Jem, AD.I.MMXVIII