The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Miss Rebecca Thrall (No. 76) - full transcript

The team investigates a number of suspicious police shootings. Ressler is distracted by his outside issues. Red needs Tom's help to re-establish his criminal empire.

Baltimore PD.

Come out, Stansbury.
We gotta warrant.


PARKER: We know
you're here, Scottie.

Why don't you come on out,
make this easier?


Ah, please.
If you take me in

and my parole officer
finds out I've been using...

What's going on?

I'm sorry, Scottie.





What the hell happened?

I... I just...

He drew. He fired.

Is he...

He's dead.

You came in... What...

You had no choice.

You had to fire, right?

He had a gun.
Yeah, I had to fire.

CHIEF: McGinnis.

Hey. Can you hear me?


Chief, look,
I got nothing to hide.

I'll wave my Garrity rights.
I was following protocol.

And I'm sure
IA will confirm that,

but right now,
I want you to go home

and call a lawyer.

You need a lawyer.



You sure
nobody followed you?

Password to the account.

Funds are now available.


I didn't think
it'd be this bad.

You're alive,
Officer McGinnis.

Which is more than we can say

for Scottie Stansbury.

You've done your job.

Now let me do mine.


What's up, buttercup?

You finally change your mind,
decide to join me
and Gary tonight

in the hot tub?

Uh, tonight? Maybe.

Is it the scab on his leg?

Oh, no, no, no!
No, no, no!

Gary's... Gary.

I'm just distracted.
I locked myself
out of my room.

I certainly don't want
to go down to the lobby.

I was hoping
I might use your phone.

Oh, yes,
of course, silly.

Get in here.

You coming
to social hour tonight?

Gonna bring Daddy's favorite
little pickle-bites.

Piper, I have no idea
what that means.

PIPER: I spread cream cheese
on a slice of dried beef,

wrap it up real good
around a dill.

Put a little toothpick
in 'em, real good.

Dariush! It's Bruno.

(CHUCKLING) I'm sorry.

I... I somehow locked myself
out of my room.

I was hoping...

Oh... Right.

No. Oh, no, that's fine.

That would be gre...

I found it now!

Never mind.
I... Yeah, right here,

in my pocket of all places.


Okay. I'm sorry.
Thank you.

I'll tell Gary
we'll hot tub at 8:00.

Don't forget
the pickle-bites.




Did you get a plate number?


Who is this guy anyways?
I mean, what kind of
"medical expert"

agrees to help
covertly identify
human remains?

I'm sorry. I didn't realize
he needed a resume

and a urine sample
to get the job.

You asked me for help,
I'm getting you help,

and I'm breaking the law
in the process.

Yeah, for Liz.

Right. For Liz.

That worked out well
last time.

He's a friend of yours,
this Pete?

He has access to the kinds
of medical equipment
you need.


TOM: That guy?

Did he even go
to medical school?

He was the smartest kid
at Harvard
during my residency.

Then he sort of
dropped out.

Today he's plugged in
to some kind of network

of criminal drug activities.

You two should
get along swimmingly.

What up, Nikky?

You got gray
as Grandma.

You must be...

Cool fake name.
You a cop?

All right, you know what?
Forget it.

This isn't a joke, Pete.
Yeah, well,
I don't know your friend.

I barely know you.
You know what?
It's my mistake.


Shut the hell up,
both of you.

He is not a cop.

And you are the smartest guy
I've ever met...

Destroyed me in boards,

so I know you're smart enough
to run this DNA test,

take the money
you clearly need,

and keep your mouth shut.

Look, those remains,
if they're damaged
like you say...

Exposed to air,
natural elements,

then pulling DNA
might be difficult.

I can do it... Maybe...
But it's gonna take time.

Then I guess you should
stop talking and get to work.

Dembe told me you moved
out of your hotel?

Sadly, my time at
the Terrace Vista has run out.

So, what,
you're apartment hunting?


While you go on a hunt
for some dirty cops.

I believe
the unfortunate incident

with Officer McGinnis

was far more than
the stuff of headlines.

I believe
it was premeditated murder.

Says here
the victim shot first.

I still have a few friends
among the men in blue.

They're whispering
that the scene was staged

by a well-compensated

McGinnis, a paid-for killer.

But according to
this article,
he has a clean record.

The perfect alibi.

An officer well-respected
by his peers,

paid by your government
to carry a weapon

to protect and serve
the citizenry.

But I'm telling you,
Officer McGinnis is a killer,

and he's not the only one.

Killer cops for hire?

Who's hiring them?

Whoever it is,

this isn't the first
police shooting

they're responsible for.

and unless you find them,
it won't be the last.

LIZ: Andrew McGinnis.

He's a rookie officer
without a blemish
on his record.

The victim
was Scott Stansbury

who spent 20 years
bouncing between
prison cells,

parole hearings,
and rehab.

What about the pistol?
The one Reddington said
was planted?

ARAM: It was registered
to another owner

who reported it stolen
three weeks ago,

Stansbury was never
a suspect.

There's already an internal
investigation under way.

Why not let it play out?

IA could spend months
filing those reports.

More people could die
by then.
Look... (SIGHS)

I know it's not
politically correct
right now

to say this, but, uh...

Cops don't kill people,
they protect them.

COOPER: Most of them do.

But the ones
who let anger and emotion,

prejudice and carelessness
affect their behavior

are every good cop's
worst nightmare.

Keen, talk to McGinnis,
see if something feels off.

Ressler, pay a visit
to the partner.

I want to get
to the bottom of this.

You kicked the door down
even though you got
no response?

McGINNIS: No, ma'am,
we went in because we had
a warrant.

The guy violated parole
on a drug conviction.

RESSLER: And when
you got inside?

Nothing. It was quiet.

Noise on the TV, I guess.
We split up.

Parker went one way.
I went the other.

And that's where
you saw him?

Right. He was
dumpin' evidence...

Dope probably,
down the drain.

He saw me,
pulled a gun.

...and next thing I hear,
four shots.

He fired first.
Two shots.
So I returned.

But his shots both missed.

Luckiest rookie
son-of-a-bitch I ever seen.

Which shot hit him?

Which shot?
He was hit once.

You said you fired twice.

I assume you remember
which missed
and which didn't.

He's dirty.

Why do you say that?

Said he shot twice
and the second shot
hit him.

Well, that's odd,
it's always the second shot

that goes high,
off the kick of the first.

Like I said,

he's dirty.

Did you miss me, sweetheart?

Aw, that's nice.

So nice.


I missed you, too.

Word to the not-so-wise...


When you come
for someone,

don't show up
in a rental car

under your own name
with a local address.

You never delivered
the guns.

Two months
Rivera is fighting BLO
without them.

Well, he won't get them
if I'm dead.

By the by,
what's with the boots?

You guys do
a lot of riding?

Our brothers are dying
because of you.

They cannot defend

How many has Rivera sent
for me?

Enough to get the job done.

Tell him
that won't be necessary.

He'll have his guns
within 36 hours.

A shipment of guns?
You have no guns.

Or money to buy them.

Or a plane
to deliver them in.

This is impossible.

No, Dembe,
that periodontist
from Tarkio?

She was impossible.
This is simply improbable.

I want to make
my client's position clear.

Their son was unarmed
when he was shot.

Tell that to the cop
that he shot at.

A cop murdered our son!

If that's what our
investigation determines...

...that officer
may well go to prison.

I'm sorry, Ms. Thrall,

but there's something
I need to say.

REBECCA: We discussed this.

This was our fault.

LIZ: What was?
All of it.

When Scottie was
a little boy,

we didn't have money.

We moved
to this dump of a place...

We didn't know
about the lead paint.

It made him so sick.

The Stansburys lived
in public housing.

The lead paint
in their unit

left Scott
cognitively impaired.

We sued and were awarded
a structured settlement

worth a little under
half a million dollars.

Structured settlement?

The money was supposed
to be disbursed over decades,

almost like a paycheck

that would show up
every month for Scott.

But then Waterday
showed up,

waving $100,000
in front of Scottie.

They offered a lump sum.

Yeah, 20 cents
on the dollar.

Of course,
he didn't see that.

He just saw a check

for more money
than he ever dreamed of.

There ain't no way
that my boy shot
at that officer.

But for him
to even be in a position

where that is a question?

Mmm-mmm. No.

I blame Waterday for that.

I... I got to make
a phone call.


Tell me more about them.

Took you long enough.

I'm not your errand boy.

No. You're my
indentured servant.

And you will be until you
repay the debt you owe me

for hiding your little mishap

with the National Security
Advisor's skull.

You got no play here.
You can't sell me out

without implicating yourself.
That's true.

And maybe I'm not willing
to do that.

Or, maybe I'm bluffing.

Are you gonna call my bluff,
Agent Ressler,

or are you gonna go
fetch me that car

before the cops
process it?

Text me the, uh, license
and registration.


What's going on?

Look, a friend
of mine, uh,

he did something,
and instead of
coming clean,

he's just digging himself
a deeper hole.

And he needs you
to dig himself out?

Something like that.

(SIGHS) Okay, go.
I got this.
Thanks, Keen.

G2-8 to window R.

G2-8 to window R.



MAN: (OVER PA) Attention.
Registration and insurance

is at room 443.

Room 443.

Registration and insurance.


83? Number 83?

Let's go, lamb chop.
You're not gettin'
any younger.

REDDINGTON: I think this is
the first time

you've made it a priority
to see me,
and I appreciate that.

Thank you, Glen.

Truth is, you look
sort of,

blue sitting out there
all alone in that stew
of humanity.

Made my heart squeeze.
Your heart?

I like pokin' you in the nose
and watching you bristle,

but after all
you been through,

it don't feel right.

The thrill is gone.

It's been unpredictable.

How are the mighty fallen
in the midst of battle!

I knew you would show up
sooner or later,

hat in hand, begging for help
from ol' Jellybean.

What do you need?

A million dollars.


Are you dickin' with me?

I'm a government employee.

I make 44 grand a year.

Of which
you don't spend a cent.

You live with your mother,
and I'm confident

you've amassed
quite a nice nest egg

from all your various
extracurricular activities.

Go ahead.
Kiss the ring, sport.

I'm gonna need
to hear the details.

I need a million cash.

Not to keep, to borrow.

For two days.

Glen, please,
this is important.


Who loves ya, baby?

LIZ: Waterday Financial
buys a ton of these
structured settlements,

mostly from people
like Scott Stansbury.

Yeah, people without
the cognitive ability to
know they're being duped.

The lump sum Waterday offers
may be unseemly,
but it isn't a crime.

Other companies do this
all the time.

Reddington said someone
is paying cops to
commit murder.

Does the financial settlement
support that theory?

Well, maybe. Or...

Uh, maybe it's just
a really odd coincidence.

But Waterday doesn't just buy
structured settlements,

they also make loans.

And some of the loans
they make are to cops.

And just last month,

one of the cops who had
gotten a loan

is Officer McGinnis.

LIZ: The same cop
who shot Scott Stansbury.

Are you telling me
the same company

that bought
the victim's settlement

loaned money to the cop
who shot him?

That cannot be
a coincidence.

Of course
it's a coincidence.

Look, we're
a nationwide company.

We made over
1,400 home loans
in the past fiscal year.

174 of them to cops.

And so this was
bound to happen.

Is that what you're saying,
Mr. Johnson?

Look, what we do matters.

To the officers
who are looking
to buy a home,

and to the victims
like Scottie Stansbury

who, thanks to us,
don't have to wait
for this money

to slowly drip in.

With the lump sum
that we offer,

they can pay for college,
start a business.

We're gonna need
to see the documents

pertaining to your
structured settlements

and the loans you made
to the members

of the Baltimore
Police Department.

Do you have a warrant?

We can get one
if you insist.

I do insist,
and you won't get one.

And why is that?
Well, because to get one,

you'll need to convince
a judge what you think
is going on here,

which is as obvious
as it is offensive.

A payoff to a cop
to get him
to commit murder?

Is that what it was?

(SCOFFS) Okay.

See, the structured
settlements that we buy

only pay out as long
as the victim is alive.

Now, we paid Mr. Stansbury
$100,000 for his settlement.

At the time of his death,

we had recouped $62,000.

So, sure, someone may have
wanted him dead,

but not us.

His death cost us a fortune.

Jennifer, of course
you're conflicted.

I mean, it's just...
My sister is sick,

but this really
crosses a line.

No. It isn't only
about the money

or paying for an operation

or even about saving
your sister's life. It's...

It's also
about the victim.

His name is Robert Urwiller,
and he's suffering.

Robert is
cognitively impaired

and no settlement amount
will ever make him whole.

His pain aside,
look at his record.

The assaults,
the prison time.

Jennifer, when I vet
these candidates,

I carefully consider
everyone involved.

Statistics show it's unlikely
Robert will even ever make
his 45th birthday.

But you can let him go.

You can end
his suffering,

and save your sister's life
in the process.

You busted me out
to help you strategize.

And I'm telling you,
we need a covert
landing strip

where these boys
can belly down a Gulfstream,

and that means
a minimum of 500 meters

of well-camouflaged pavement

that ain't monitored
by radar or FAA.

He doesn't have the capital
for a covert runway.

Was I talking to you,

Smokey. Please.

Raymond. You're broke.

Now, I can promise you
that this moron

will run his mouth
with harebrained ideas

as long as there's air
in the room,

but none of those ideas
are gonna float

if you can't pay for them.

And as your
financial planner,

I have a fiduciary obligation
to point out that ...

Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Oh, so... So the racketeer

who cut a deal with the Feds
for embezzling

has a fiduciary obligation?

Why don't you button
your lip

and figure out
where to park the plane?

Oh, I got a place.
Is that fact? Where?

Why don't you bend over
and I'll show you?

Bend over?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Listen, you two need
to find a covert runway.

I don't care if you have
to build it yourselves,

just find it.

And try not to kill
each other in the process.

Tom. Right on cue.

Liz said you wanted
to see me?

Yes. About a certain
business venture
I'm pursuing.

I think
you'd fit right in.

The AUSA agreed we don't have
enough to get a warrant.

ARAM: Yeah, a cop who had
gotten a loan from Waterday

shot a man who had
gotten his settlement
bought by them.

And they lost money
on the deal.

Plus, we only have
one example,

but, granted, that seems
like one more than anyone
would need.

But since it wasn't,
we reviewed
the class-action lawsuit

that Stansbury was
a part of.

Now, out of 179 plaintiffs,

four sold their settlements
to Waterday.


and these three.

My God.

Two were shot by police

after high-speed chases.

The other charged an officer
with a knife.

Suicide by cop.

And the cops, they all
got loans from Waterday?

Loans that,
as far as we can tell,

they've never paid back.

LIZ: We don't know why,
but Waterday appears

to be financing

COOPER: Get this to the AUSA.

Have them pull search
and arrest warrants.

And find Ressler.
We need all hands on deck.

Step away from your desk.

Who's in charge
of your cybersecurity?

I am.
Mr. Johnson's secretary.

Where's your boss?


It's your office.

Rhona knows not to call me
unless it's an emergency.


Hey, what's up?

And they showed you
a warrant?

And what did they take?

Um, you know what?

Forget it. I'm on my way in.


The FBI just raided
the office.

Did you hear what I said?
The Feds know.

They're pulling
the files, Rebecca.

What? Rebecca.
Come on!

Let me up.
We're in trouble.


They're pulling your files
from your office.

Wha... Wait. Wait.
Wait, wait, wait!

Come on! What are you...

Rebecca! Please!




Raymond Reddington.

They said that you were
out of the game.

Taken down by an old lady,
no less.

Yes. And to think I've always
had such good fortune
with older women.

Who's the boy?

Levi Edwards.
My munitions man.

He'll be inspecting
the merchandise.

Why should I make a deal
with you, hmm?

Until today,
you dismissed me

as a thick-necked sea lion.

I believe I said walrus.

I don't remember,
I was drunk at the time.

TOM: We're here
for some guns.

.50 caliber, G3s,
as discussed.

You brought money
as discussed?

The money
won't be a problem.

Money's always a problem.

I hear it may be
your biggest problem.

Adika, I didn't come here to

waste my time
or watch you eat.

You've been trying to
get me to kiss you into
the business for years,

I'm here at your table
to do just that,

so put down the fork.

Where's the money?

I said
it won't be a problem.

This doesn't feel right.

You don't feel right.

On the contrary,
I've never felt better.

Now put away the gun

before you do something
you'll regret.

This feels
like a setup. No?

GLEN: Okay, okay, I'm here.
I know I'm late.

Traffic was a bitch.


Easy! I'm ticklish!

Who the hell is this?

Geynor Collins,
TG&L Lending.

I'm the moneyman.

The one who makes
the magic happen.

What are you eating?

Smells like duck.

REDDINGTON: A million reasons
for you to have faith

in my financial fortitude.

We'll need the merchandise
delivered by the end of day.

Leave the money.
I will make some calls.

Forgive the overt mistrust,

but I'm not going to
hand you a penny

until Mr. Edwards has had
a chance to inspect
the shipment.

No deal, then.
I need collateral.

Then take Edwards.

If there's a bump
in the road, do with him
as you wish.

Now get your merchandise
in order.

I'll call you with
a rendezvous site shortly.

We can make this work.

I'll take your word
for it.

Take him.




Yes. I'm on my way.
45 minutes tops.

Smokey, Buhari's plane
is supposed to land here
in four hours.

If I were throwing a picnic,
it'd be lovely,

but there are trees.

The runway will be ready.

Tell that wizard
the McClintock boys
are here!

Where the hell is he?
We need the shovels
and chainsaws!

Shovels and chainsaws.

Tell her to button her lip.

(STAMMERS) I got shovels
and chainsaws.

if this doesn't work...

Mr. Reddington, I need you
to trust me on this.

We are going to belly
that gunrunner's plane

in that field,
so help me God,

I just need 45 minutes

to get Leroy
and Quackers there.

We'll jive then, my friend.

Who the hell
are Leroy and Quackers?

the insurance records,

I think maybe I figured out
who the next target is.

LIZ: Insurance records?

Waterday's in
the insurance business, too?

ARAM: Oh, no,
but they take out
a ton of it.

Life-insurance policies
on the lives of the people

whose settlements they buy.

Johnson said the company
paid Stansbury $100,000,

but they had
only received $62,000

when Stansbury died
and the settlement
payment stopped.

That's true,
Waterday lost
a few thousand

on the settlement payouts,
but they took out

a $5 million policy

on Stansbury's life.

So when he died,
they made a fortune.

Let me guess.
They had policies on
the other victims, too.

Isn't that
a little obvious?

Uh, yes and no.

First, Waterday had policies
on all of the people

whose structured settlements
they bought,

not just the victims.

And second, the victims.

It looks like they pick ones

who are living
on "borrowed time."

Cancer victims, addicts,

people whose illnesses
may explain

the type of erratic behavior
that could result

in a deadly altercation
with the police.

LIZ: And the next target,

you said you might know
who that is.

Yes. Based on
the three knowns...

The recipient
of a structured settlement,

a preexisting
medical condition,

and a large insurance policy
on their life.

I found one name
in the Waterday database.

Robert Urwiller.

Let me get
two of them scratchers.

Might be my lucky day.


PUTNUM: Let's get that last
maple to the south pulled!

That oak, too!

Mikey and John,
run a string line

and mow me
some threshold markings.

check our compaction
in the touchdown zone!

Chip-chop-chip, folks!

Show time in 20!

(CHUCKLES) My land!

They don't make men
like that anymore,
do they?

Thank the Lord.



That's it, huh?

Was it brought in
like that?

No idea. Sign here.




Whatever you're doing
has to wait.

Sir. This situation
has been handled.

Good, because we got
a location

on the blacklister's
next target.

Ressler, you there?

RESSLER: I'm on my way.

you were born
a century too late.

You're a miracle worker.

Heddie, I can't
thank you enough

for keeping us on budget.

Oh, you had not budget.

Well, there you are.




* I've been waitin'
for the longest time *

It's him.

This ought
to be interesting.

Agent Keen,
I've got Urwiller's car

heading east
on Irving Street.

Do you have
a vehicle description?

You are looking for a 1994
tan Toyota Tercel

which just made a left
on Georgia.

You still can't get him
on his cell?

I tried
at least a dozen times.

Trying again now.


♪ Can't nobody save me ♪



♪ Devil, please don't
take me alive ♪

♪ Ah, ooh ♪

Mr. Cooper, I just spoke
with Agent Ressler

and gave him
Agent Keen's 10-20.

He's en route
as we speak.

And Urwiller?
You make contact?

Uh, not yet,
but we're still trying.

♪ Coming ♪

♪ Ah, ooh, yeah ♪


♪ Ah, ooh, yeah ♪

♪ My time is coming, coming ♪

On my damn cellphone.

License and registration,

I'm sorry...

License and registration.

Aram, we have eyes.
There's a unit
on scene now.

Notify Annapolis Police
and get cars there
right away.

Copy that.

What are you doing?


♪ Ah, ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ah, ooh, yeah ♪

Drop your weapon!

Put the gun down.
I'm not gonna
warn you again.

♪ * My time is coming, coming ♪

♪ My time is coming,
coming soon ♪

How was your flight in?

ADIKA: Bumpy as hell.
Are you trying to kill us all?

Well, I picked the site
for its magnificent views.

Levi, you look well.

Any chance
we can untie me?

Adika, I appreciate
the good faith.

And if your merchandise
is as good as I hear,

there's no end
to what you and I could...


What is it?


You hear that?
There it is again.

I don't hear anything.


A piping plover.

Their breeding grounds
are along coastal beaches

and alkali marshes, so...

To hear
that bell-like call

from a shorebird
this far inland...

my gosh, poor little fella
must be lost.

Do you want to
talk birds or guns?



Not if you're
a lonely little plover.

The other five crates
are in the jet.

.50 caliber and 3Gs,
as discussed.

Dembe, if you could
please grab
Mr. Buhari's payment.

Levi, you look fit.

You can help me
load the merchandise.


Adika, what the hell
have you done?

Everybody on the ground!

ATF! Get on the ground!
Let me see your hands!

I said hands!
Get on the ground now!

I said don't move!

Nice work, Chief.



Nice ride.

Guy I was helping out...
It belongs to him.

Why are you driving it?

Turns out he killed a guy,
stuck him in the trunk.

I'm dumping the body
for him.

Officer Serry
won't talk.

Aram told me
that the Waterday CEO is dead.

But, more than likely,
he had an accomplice.

And, for all we know,
is soliciting more cops.

If we can get to Serry,

we might be able
to put an end to this.

Mind if I take a run
at her?

Why not...
One crooked cop
to the next?

Maybe you can
bond over the body
in your trunk.

SAMAR: There's a body
in the trunk?

Hurry up
before it gets ripe!

I told her I wanted a lawyer.
I'm not
answering any questions.

A Mongolian peasant
gets brought into an office,

where an important man
offers him a million dollars

on one condition...

That he press
the red button
on his desk.

And he tells the poor man
that if he presses the button,

an old man in Mongolia
drops dead.

he won't tell him why,

only that his death
is good for the people.

So he pushes the button,

takes the money,
and goes home.

But he's haunted
by what he did.

He can't spend
any of the money,

and eventually,
he commits suicide.

A man recently told me
that story.

Said we all have
a Mongolian peasant
in our lives...

Something we've done
that we're ashamed of...

And that the minute someone
finds out what that is,

why, he can
make you do anything.

Say anything.
Confess to anything.

Either to cover it up...

Or to atone.

She said
the target was sick...

Your contact was a woman?

...that he didn't have
long to live...

that if I did it,
I'd have money
to take care of my sister.

So I pushed the red button.

Do you have a name?
Some way to contact her?


SERRY: I didn't do it.

We had an agreement.
I know.

I just...I couldn't.

Couldn't or wouldn't?

You know what?

There's still time.

I'm just not comfortable
talking on the phone.

Can we meet somewhere?

You want to meet?



TOM: You know,
I told Liz that I didn't
want to do this...

That I wanted
no part of it.

But she insisted
that we work things out.


And now we're going
to prison.

I'm going away to prison
because of you.

And the only saving grace

is that you will be
even further away,

buried in the hold of a ship
somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

And Liz will finally
be rid of you.

And here I was thinking
she had finally
made peace with me.

She had...

Because she's kind...

And decent and she sees
the best in people...

...even when
she's being lied to.

You're certainly
living proof of that.

I'm an open book
compared to you.

I know you swear
you never lie to her,

but I know better.

Do you now?

I do.


It's her.

SWAT Commander,
target is on site.

We move on my go.



Bulletproof glass.

Good to see you again,
Ms. Thrall.

If you're gonna leave me
locked up with someone,

perhaps it could be
a redhead with a nice smile

and a friendly demeanor.

Who the hell is this guy?
Sorry it took so long.

Once I knew Humberto
had your African friend

and his chums in transpo,

I stopped
for some Bengay ointment.

Think I overdid it
with my back.

I use Epsom salt baths.

These guys work for you?

I thought I was
going to jail...

That I was never gonna
see my family again.

You're telling me
this whole thing

was about getting
some guns?

Not just guns.

A man needs to travel,
and when traveling,

I like to
stretch out a little.

That Buhari thug
could've killed me

if this had gone wrong.
Tom, if I wanted
to get rid of you,

I'd put the bullet
in your head myself.

However, you are important
to Elizabeth,

so, like it or not,
you're important to me.

There's a piping plover
out here somewhere.

Have either of you heard it?

I understand you stumbled
your way into a new jet.

I can't wait
to get airborne.

This is the longest
I've been grounded
in some time.

But not to worry, Harold,

it's a two-for-one special
this week...

you not only get
Miss Rebecca Thrall,

you also get that
despicable African gunrunner

your agency has been
hunting for years.

I need you
to arrange for him

to be taken into FBI custody
directly from my people.

You still have people?

I make friends easily.

And this gunrunner.

Did he happen
to have any guns?

REDDINGTON: Not this time.

We mustn't look a gift horse
in the mouth.

♪ It's where you live
but you don't know
how it's built ♪

LIZ: I know he can
be terrible sometimes,

but come on... Elephants?

That sounds
at least amusing...

Yeah, for him, maybe.

I was taken hostage,
all right?

He could've
gotten me killed.

I cannot believe
that you are related to him.

Because he's a nutjob.

Nutjob or not,
he is my father.

And I... I appreciate you
offering to help him.


Means the world to me.


Okay. They need me.

I'll see you in a bit.


♪ It lit me up ♪

McGee just called.

Said he was able
to extract DNA from a tooth.

Well, that's great.

♪ It lit me up ♪

Thank you.

Look, just, uh...let me know
the minute you know more.

♪ Something's stirring
in a deep Atlantic trench ♪

♪ Doesn't forget
the thousand years ♪

♪ Before it slept ♪

♪ It's the beast,
it's my heart, it's open... ♪

You know, Donald,
before I turned myself
in to the FBI,

I held people like you
in extremely low regard.

Right back at you.

But I've found
your determination

to do the right thing,

your genuine commitment
to the thin blue line

that separates order
and innocence

from the likes of me
to be...quite admirable.

Why are you
telling me this?

I want you to know
you can count on me...

If you ever find yourself
in as difficult position

as Officer McGinnis
has put himself in.

Never gonna happen.

my offer stands.

♪ It lit me up ♪

For the day
I hope will never come.

♪ It lit me up ♪

♪ It lit me up like a rag
soaked in gasoline ♪

♪ In the neck of a bottle
breaking right at my feet ♪

♪ It lit me up and I burn
from the inside out ♪

* Yeah, I burn like a witch
in a Puritan town
Who was he?

Who was who?

All you did was get a car
out of impound.

And you'll be getting
your next assignment
real soon.

♪ It was a good dream ♪


She's a nice plane, Raymond.

No fuel and no pilot,
but a plane of our own.

I like it out here.

It's peaceful.

GLEN: I'm telling you...
The mosquitos out here

are the size of birds!


♪ Home again, home again ♪

Glen, you came
for your money,

which has been
returned in full...

And while I'm deeply grateful
for what you've done,

you're perfectly
welcome to go.

Nah, I know what it's like
to feel alone, partner.


♪ One day I know
I'll feel strong again ♪


Want another dog?
No, thank you.

Well, I don't mind
if I do.

♪ Moving on ♪

♪ Moving on ♪


(GROANS) Excuse me.

That's right...
Mosquitos or not,

I'm afraid we'll be sleeping
with the door to the jet

open tonight, boys.

♪ Many times I've been told ♪

♪ All this talk
will make you old ♪

♪ So I close my eyes ♪

♪ Look behind ♪

♪ Moving on ♪

♪ Moving on ♪

♪ So I close my eyes ♪

♪ Look behind ♪

♪ Moving on ♪