The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Ian Garvey (No. 13): Conclusion - full transcript

Liz uses intel from an unexpected source to force a race with Red to uncover the secrets he holds, as Red initiates a plan to retrieve the duffel bag of bones.

- Previously on The Blacklist:
- I'll make this simple.

I have the suitcase.
And because I have the suitcase...

...I need to speak with Reddington.

I'm going to honor Tom's dying wish.

- Which was?
- For me to know your truth.

You have the bones, you know the truth.

A truth. I want the whole truth.

- What about Keen?
- Utter her name again...

...I'll cut out your tongue.

You have no idea who I am
or why I want the truth.

Tell me again. I need to hear it.

I promise Ian Garvey
will not get away from me.

My name is Elizabeth Keen.
I'm a special agent with the FBI.

I know what it's like...

- have a father who's a criminal.
- Ian isn't my father.

He protected me from my father.

Perhaps you've heard of him.
Name's Raymond Reddington.

Ian Garvey is...
How do you Americans say it?

...a dead man walking.

I cut him off.

He no longer represents
my interests in your country.

He knows why and what he must do
to regain your patronage?

Yes. He was not happy about it.

Unhappiness motivates whimpering.

Action is motivated by fear.

Garvey has made a lot of money
distributing my product...

...protecting my supply lines.

I am the source
of his wealth and power.

He fears the loss of our alliance...

...and is quite motivated to get it back.

Then he'll bring me what I need
and your debt will be paid.

As the Gospels say:

Render unto Caesar the things
that are Caesar's...

...and unto Reddington
the things that are Reddington's.

As the Russians say, "Trust but verify."

Having saved your son from those
who suspect you work...

...with American intelligence,
I'm sure you wouldn't want them... see photos proving that you do.

Goodness knows, the next time
they take your son, I may not be in Paris.

As you say, fear is a great motivator.

I'll contact you with a time and place.

When I get the bag, you get the photos,
and Garvey gets your good graces.

- Everybody wins.
- This bag... must contain something
quite extraordinary.

Extraordinarily human.

Nothing more, nothing less.

- So?
- Reddington knows too much.

About both of us.

- He believed your story?
- Of course.

He lives in a world
where people do what he tells them.

- So he expects me to bring him the bag.
- When you do, I expect you to kill him.

I have questions I need him to answer.

More than you need my support?


Then the answers die with him.

I'm good.

- I have a daughter. Her name is Agnes.
- I wanna go home.

She's with her grandmother
until it's safe to come back.

- Am I free to go?
- It won't be safe until Garvey is in prison.

- That a yes or no?
- I didn't force you to stay.

I forced you to listen.

I needed you to hear
that Garvey killed my husband.

Right here!
Right where I'm standing now.

I always fantasized about having a sister.

Someone who I could be
completely honest with...

...because I know she would be
completely honest with me.

I am being completely honest with you.

Ian is my surrogate father.

He taught me to drive.

He showed up to my graduation.

He was there
after my real father abandoned me.

And you want me
to help you arrest him.

- I do.
- What if it was Reddington?

Would you arrest him?

You're an FBI agent,
he's on your Most Wanted list.

Be honest. If you knew where he was
right now, would you arrest him?

It isn't the same thing.


Like I said, it was a fantasy.

I wish we could just forget all of this...

...and get to know one another.

I think we both know
it's a little late for that.

After more than two decades
on your Most Wanted list...

...I've become something of an FBI buff.

I know all about your Wacos.

Your Ruby Ridges. COINTELPRO.

Going all the way back to John Dillinger,
Al Capone, all those communists.

The incorruptible G-man.

A colorless, if admirably professional, lot.

Is there a case hidden
in that backhanded compliment?

This apartment.

Right here.

My God, to have been the proverbial fly
on Clyde Tolson's duvet.

Clyde Tolson lived here?

- J. Edgar Hoover's lover?
- This was their secret hideaway.

Imagine the conversations.

Cooing over JFK's lovers.

Slandering Dr. King.

What peignoir to wear to bed.

When I saw the apartment for sale,
I couldn't resist.

You own the apartment
where the homophobic head of the FBI...

...carried on his affair with his boyfriend?

Allegedly. I wouldn't admit this
in mixed company...

...but J. Edgar and I have
a surprising amount in common.

For instance,
we both always get our man.

He got Tolson.

I got Garvey.

- Or I will, by this time tomorrow.
- Is this why you wanted to see me?

Mosadek has ordered Garvey
to bring me the duffel bag.

Garvey thinks he'll give it to me
and walk away.

I wanted to tell you
I've made other arrangements.

To get your man and the bag.

To get our man and keep my privacy.

Hoover believed knowledge is power.

He used his to hurt
a lot of good people.

- You're using yours to hurt me.
- That's ridiculous.

Tom died for a reason.

You know why and you won't tell me.

I won't tell you something
that's none of your business.

That was none of Tom's business.

You may feel entitled to know...

...because he died trying to figure out
what it was, but you're not.

A fact which I have patiently tried
to get you to understand.

Be hurt. Blame me.
Howl at the moon for all I care.

But this is my problem...

...not yours.

Hey. What's the matter?

Are you like him?

Like who?


Are you like him?

- You know the answer to that.
- I know about the Nash Syndicate.

- About Zarak Mosadek.
- There's an explanation for all of that.

You saved me.

You protected me.

I don't know who you've been talking to,
but what matters...

This matters to me, Ian.

This matters to me.

You don't need to be protected
from him anymore.

Not after tomorrow.

Are you gonna kill him?

Like you killed Tom Keen.

So that's who you've been talking to?

Agent Keen?

Are you gonna kill Reddington?

Hey. You gotta come
to Mr. Cooper's office.

- Why? What's wrong?
- Something you need to hear.

Here... Here's your house keys.

I figured I should...

You know, since we're not...

Thank you.

- I'll bring your things tomorrow.
- You don't have to. I can...

- I can pick them up whenever...
- It's no trouble. I'll bring them.

Here he is.

Agent Mojtabai says he recorded
a conversation Garvey had...

- ...with a source of yours.
- Happened two minutes ago.

We tracked Garvey to a bar
where he goes to see a woman.

- A girlfriend, mistress?
- Just someone he knows.

I asked Aram for a bug,
which I placed on herjacket.

- So, what have you got?
- Okay, I cued it up to the end.

Listen to the whole thing later,
but this part...

...we gotta do something about it,
like, now. Here we go.

Are you gonna kill Reddington?

A meeting's been set. He thinks
I'm giving him something he wants.

I have other plans.

Meaning what?

Meaning I'm about to do the world
a big favor.

It's a trap, your meeting.
If you show up, you'll be killed.

- How convenient.
- What's that supposed to mean?


You gathering intel that indicates
I shouldn't go to a meeting...

- don't want me to attend.
- That's not what this is.

"Two of your oxen have died.

One round of play without an oxen card,
and everyone in your party has died."

- I have oxen.
- Are you listening?

- Where'd you get your information?
- I can't tell you.

Then I'm not listening.

"You have died of dysentery."

Damn it.

Elizabeth wouldn't lie about this.

If she says it's dangerous for you to go,
I believe her.

So do I.

But I'm still going.

- Yes?
- Mr. Sinclair.

Raymond Reddington.

I told you a day would come
when I'd need you to perform...

...your peculiar brand of magic.

That day has arrived.

You want me to create a double for you
so that you can attend a meeting... which you anticipate
being assassinated.

- Yes.
- Perhaps a better idea...

...might be to skip the meeting.

Perhaps. However, I'm afraid
the meeting is unavoidable.

But I'm not in the business
of helping people skirt murder.

I'm in the business of providing alibis.

A trick that allows a man
to be in two places at once.

An illusion I believe will come in handy
given the circumstances.

Yes, but it's an illusion...

...achieved by the most painstaking
of processes.

It can take months to find a double.

I then refine the likeness.

Establish routines.

Pattern behaviors.

The whole meticulously crafted drama
that can take over a year to perfect.

- You don't have a year.
- Mr. Reddington...

...I want to help you, but there isn't time
to establish a routine.

Without a routine,
there are no witnesses.

Without witnesses, there is no alibi.

I don't need an alibi, I need a double.

And I need a year.

You have 16 hours.

Absolutely not. We're not putting you
in a dangerous situation like that.

I must say, Harold,
I'm flattered by your concern.

But I've spent a good part of my life
in such situations.

- You have to call this off.
- What do you think will happen?

Garvey's gonna confess
to murdering Singleton? And Tom?

I'm sorry, Donald, I missed that.

I was still basking in the glow
of Harold's concern for my well-being.

Don't flatter yourself.

And don't believe for one minute
we can protect you from Garvey.

Oh, why, you're the FBI.
My God, what would J. Edgar think?

Even if you could get Garvey to talk,
we'd need to explain... we recorded the meeting.

How about you say you were looking
for the most wanted man in America...

...and in a valiant but fruitless attempt... capture me,
you stumbled upon him.

What's this really about?

This is about justice for the man
who murdered Agent Keen's husband.

A dangerous and dirty cop,
who not only runs the ground troops...

...for a drug syndicate,
but who also has exploited...

...his considerable resources
within the U.S. Marshals Service.

Why make a play now?

You kill Reddington,
you'll never get the intel you want.

Reddington forced the issue.

We take care of the bastard now.

Ian Garvey has been untouchable.
I'm giving you a chance to do...

...what the bureau has been unable to do
for over a year.

Along with Garvey, if you're lucky,
you might even capture Zarak Mosadek...

...who somehow slipped
through your fingers last time.

You let Mosadek go,
now he's double-crossing you.

That's what he thinks he's doing.

In actuality, he's delivering Ian Garvey
to you on a silver platter.

You just have to catch him
in the act of killing me.

Not after he already has.

If I sign off on this,
you're walking in there at your own risk.

I feel confident.

Why is that?

God doesn't want me,
and the devil isn't finished.

The meeting is scheduled
for 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Do get a good night's sleep.

I'll need you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
at the ass crack of dawn.

I still think it's a dreadful idea.
A suicide mission.

But I think I may have found
a way for you... attend the meeting
without being killed.

Well, that's a start.

We'll need vehicles and firearms.

The usual makeup,
wardrobe and wig work.

This reminds me of our high school
production of Guys and Dolls.

A rousing rendition
of "Fugue for Tinhorns."

Stubby Kaye has always been
something of a role model.

- I don't know who that is.
- Stubby Kaye. 40 Pounds of Trouble?

Sam the Shade in Cat Ballou?

Doesn't matter.
Let's hear about the plan.

Well, first off, we're going
to need a very credible double.

- Anthony.
- Mr. Reddington.

This man is just the framework
upon which we will build.

It will be critical
that I have the right wardrobe.

Color, cut, size.
Every detail is essential.

Shoe size, ties, suit size...

...all duplicates and exact matches.

A little padding here, take in a little there.

And I'll need a very specific list
of theatrical supplies.

Molding clay, alginate,
latex, cheesecloth.

The supplies are not as important
as the craft.

I can teach almost anyone anything...

...given enough time.

But for our purposes,
our double will have to learn quickly.

In terms of our liabilities,
we have our work cut out.

Dealing with Mr. Garvey and his men
will be difficult enough.

But, additionally, we'll need
to contend with Mr. Mosadek...

...and his fairly extensive security team.

- And not to mention the FBI.
- All right, Aram, we're on site.

What CCTV feeds do you have
in the area?

We're here.

Garvey and Mosadek's men
will likely take up positions... and here.

The feds will hang back.

They'll want altitude for clear sight lines.

Here, here and possibly here.

- Which means...
- You'll be surrounded.

Even if our double is convincing
and nobody dies...

...getting out of here is going
to be nearly impossible.

Nearly. This extraction will require
two specific vehicles.

A box truck and a sedan,
which you will arrive in.

Chuck and Morgan can handle
the vehicles, whatever we need.

What you need is to get
from this point... the northeast exit here.

If you manage that
before you get shot or run over...

...or arrested by the FBI...

...this just might work.

I will be a genius.

Raleigh, are those new spectacles
or is that a twinkle in your eye?

I am the first to admit
that a carefully planned job... me great comfort.
But this sort of winging it?

That has an exciting flair to it.

That's the spirit. Let's have a little fun.

But do your very best... make sure
Tony's not killed in the process.

It's time.

Check, check. Polar one, test.

Check, check. Polar two, test.

Polar one, we're getting interference.
Can you reposition...

- ...10 degrees north?
- Ressler, what's your sitrep?

Got two mercs,
30 yards to the southeast.

- Concealed positions.
- Agent Navabi.

I make one more pro,
20 meters southwest.

I make two from the Nash Syndicate,
north of the quarry.

Guys, Mr. Reddington is gonna be
completely surrounded.

I will be in your ear the whole time.

Now, remember, head high.

Roll the walk.

- All right, I got eyes.
- Principals are on the move.

He's clean.

To confirm our agreement... get your bag
and this war with Garvey ends.


Were it not for the trouble the contents
of that bag have caused... would have been dead long ago.

You're still upset about that mess
with Tom Keen.

Let's not forget Detective Singleton.

Takes a special kind of man
to kill his own colleague.

Keen was pleasure.

Singleton was business.

- Keen, we've got him.
- Give us the green. We'll take him.

- Hold your position.
- Enough.

Mr. Garvey and I have
a lucrative business arrangement.

- One that I would like to resume.
- The bag.

Give it to him.

Open it.

Sorry, Mr. Reddington.
There's been a change of plans.

- We've got a situation.
- Gun. Go. Move!

Get out of there, son.

- Go, go, go.
- I'm going, I'm going!

Garvey's headed east to 395.

Oh, my God! I murdered a drug lord!

I'm having palpitations.

Tony, quite a performance.

You did it.

My finest hour.

I need some air.
Garvey's mug hurts my face.

Where am I?

Hello, Ian.

Welcome back.

I hope you had a good rest.

There's much to discuss.

Following a shooting,
a manhunt is underway...

- ...for U.S. Marshal Ian Garvey.
- It feels good to be wanted.

a 30-year veteran
of the U. S. Marshals Service...

...shot and killed an Afghan government
official named Zarak Mosadek.

What have you done?

The impossible.

I put you in two places
at the same time.

I didn't shoot Mosadek.

As a general rule,
a magician never explains his tricks.

- I didn't shoot anyone.
- But this is too good to keep to myself.

It started yesterday just after lunch.

Why make a play now?

You kill Reddington,
you'll never get the intel you want.

Reddington forced the issue.

We take care of the bastard now.

While you were plotting with your minions
from the Nash Syndicate...

...I was hatching a plan with my men
to meet with you.

What the hell is this?

With a butterfly kiss and a honeybee hug,
sleep tight little one, like a bug in a rug.

Then came a plaster mold
of your face, a willing double...

...a little makeup,
a little make-believe, and voila!

Two Garveys with one stone.

While the real one slept, the imposter
picked up your men just in time...

...for them to see your off-Broadway debut
in all its theatrical glory.

It's time.

- Nobody's gonna believe this.
- They already do.

The FBI believes you killed
an Afghan government official.

Mosadek's colleagues believe
you killed the head of their cartel.

The Nash Syndicate believes you killed
their biggest supplier.

- If I give you the duffel bag?
- I'll perform another magic trick.

My jet will take you and the missus
out of harm's way.

I know a lovely little spot
on Namibia's Skeleton Coast.

You can get me out?

Where's the bag?

Garvey was in business with Mosadek.
Why would he kill him?

I don't know.

- He cut a deal with Reddington?
- No. No way. Garvey...

- ...hates Reddington.
- Then why not kill him?

I told you, I don't know.

Well, here's what we know.

We know the meeting was a setup...

...and Mosadek and Garvey conspired
to take Reddington out.

You being there makes you part
of that conspiracy to murder.

Now, you help us, we make it go away.

- Why didn't Garvey kill Reddington?
- He was supposed to.

Then why the double-cross?

Garvey never said a bad word
about Mosadek. He admired him.

He made a fortune off
protecting his cartel.

Why Garvey killed Mosadek
instead of Reddington, I got no idea.

He's got nothing. Whatever went down,
Garvey didn't tell him about it.

- Did he tell Reddington?
- Think they were working together?

Doesn't make sense otherwise.

Garvey was in business with Mosadek.
Why kill him and not Reddington?

- And there's no sign of them?
- Garvey's AWOL.

Reddington isn't answering my calls.


I got something.

All right, so this...

This is Garvey's sedan...

...going under this freeway overpass.

- And this is what came out.
- There's no sedan. Where did it go?

- Is there an exit?
- Nope.

It didn't disappear.

It kind of did.
Into the back of that trailer.

Courtesy of a Mr. Raleigh Sinclair.

The Alibi, the man who can put you
in two places at once.

We know why Reddington
kept him out of jail.

He didn't double Reddington.
I saw him. He was at the meet.

- Mosadek's dead.
- That leaves Garvey.

Reddington knew Garvey was coming.
He got to him, doubled him...

- ...had the double kill Mosadek.
- Garvey and Mosadek conspired... kill Reddington. Now one is dead
and the other is wanted for murder.

Ressler, you're on The Alibi.
Put out a BOLO for Sinclair.

Navabi, I want you on the impersonator.
He murdered Mosadek...

...and got away in that truck.
Trace it, find it and him.

We know where the real Garvey
and the duffel bag are. With Reddington.

- He double-crossed us.
- Tell me about your contact.

- How well does she know Garvey?
- Very well.

If Red's forcing Garvey
to take him to that bag...

...maybe your contact
can get us there first.

- And why would I help you?
- If you do, Garvey will go to prison.

If you don't, he'll be killed.

- By Reddington.
- Yes. He has what Reddington wants.

On TV, they're saying
he killed that man, Mosadek.

- But you said they worked together.
- Did Garvey ever mention a duffel bag?

Did he tell you where it might be?
A locker. A storage unit.

- I don't know. Maybe.
- Where are you?

- I'm at work.
- Think about where the bag might be.

Helping me find it before Reddington
might save Garvey's life.

What's that smell?

Is that lavender?

And mint.

Is that your head?

What kind of products do you use?
I'm dying of curiosity.

Wouldn't that be nice.

- You smell that?
- Yes. It's lovely.

I'll say.

Absolutely lovely.

Whatever it is, we need to get some.

Hey, mister. Can you hear me?
Easy, buddy.

You're all right. You were in an accident.

The other man. The one who was with us.
Where'd he go?

I don't know. He took off.

You all right?

Come on.

- Is that yours?
- Yeah.

Please, I need your car.

Thank you.

- What have you done with Garvey?
- There was an accident.

- You used The Alibi to double Garvey.
- Garvey got away.

- You expect me to believe that?
- You knew the meeting was an ambush.

You have a source.
Someone close to Garvey.

I'm not answering that.

If that source was assisting you,
Garvey knows and will try to get to him.

I assume that's what you're doing.
Tell me where you're going.

- So you can get to Garvey first?
- I can protect you from him.

I don't need your protection.
What I need is that duffel bag.

And I'm about to get it.

We're closed.

I said, we're clo...


- Are you okay?
- Did you tell Keen?

- What? No!
- Is that how Reddington knew?

- You said you talked to her.
- Yeah, but I didn't say anything!

On TV, they said
you killed that man, Mosadek.

I'll pay you back when I can.

What is happening, Ian?

Meantime, say you were robbed.

I am being robbed.

- Hello. Agent Mojtabai.
- I need to find Agent Keen.

- It's urgent.
- Reddington.

- Is everything okay?
- Everything is not okay.

She just hung up, angry and desperate.
I fear she's walking into a trap.

I need to find her.

She probably doesn't
wanna talk to you...

- ...or have me help you find her.
- If your intent is to protect Elizabeth...

...protect her from Garvey, not me.
She's in trouble.

- I thought you had Garvey.
- I did. He got away.

And now, like a hound, she's going
after an item Garvey took from me.

I have no doubt
he's headed the same way.

Okay. She went to meet someone.

- Where?
- I don't know, but this woman...

...Liz planted a listening device on her.

If that device is within range
and transmitting...

- ...I may be able to track it.
- Do it. Now.

False alarm.

- I didn't kill anyone.
- I didn't say anything to Keen.

I believe you. I wish you'd believe me.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

I'm gonna need your car.

Yeah. The keys are in the jacket.

Ian, the whole world's looking for you.

Where are you gonna go?


What? What's wrong?

What is that?

That's how Reddington knew.

It's a bug, put there by Keen.

She heard us talk and squealed
to her lord and master.

Why is the duffel bag so important?

I need time to figure out
how to clear my name.

When I do, I'll reach out.

- There's so much you need to know.
- Can you please tell me now?

Everything you believed
for the last 30 years has been a lie.

You've spent a lifetime hiding
for no reason.

Ian Garvey, FBI! Hands in the air!

Do it now!

You're under arrest.

- You don't wanna do that.
- Oh, yeah, I do.

I can't think of anything
I've wanted more.

I can.

Hear what I have to say
about Reddington's little secret.

You arrest me...

...that's never gonna happen.

Hands on the bar.

- I'm listening.
- He didn't kill Mosadek.

I know. I don't care.

If I tell you what I know
about Reddington...

...what guarantees do I have
that you won't arrest me?

- None.
- He's innocent.

If I can't get him
for murders he did commit...

- ...I'm happy to get him for this.
- How can you say that?

For the same reason she bugged you
and snitched on us. He owns her.

She's an FBI agent in the pocket
of the FBI's most wanted criminal.

He doesn't own her.

- He is her. And she is him.
- Don't do this. I'm asking you not to.

She's acting like a criminal
because she is the daughter of one.

Reddington's her father.

Yeah, and I'm her sister.

Who I wish I could have gotten to know.

I think we both know
it's too late for that.

We've found no images on CCTV feeds
and no prints at the scene.

We traced Sinclair's rig
to a warehouse in Takoma Park.

We believe it was a staging area,
but it's been cleaned out.

Okay, I hope I didn't make a huge mistake,
but I just hung up with Reddington.

- What's wrong?
- He lost Garvey and can't reach Keen.

He thinks she may be in danger,
so he asked me to help locate her.

I pinged the transmitter on her
listening device before the signal cut out.

- Back up. Reddington lost Garvey?
- So he says.

- And the transmitter's off-line.
- Before the signal dropped... was broadcasting from East Fayette
Street in Baltimore. Pete's Tavern.

- It's the same place Keen was meeting...
- With her source.

- And where Reddington's headed.
- You tried Keen?

- She's not answering.
- Keep trying. Get there.

- Alert local P.D. and SWAT.
- On our way.

Now I get it.

Reddington and your husband,
how they knew each other.

Reddington didn't know you through him.

He knew him through you.

- But the duffel bag...
- Where is it?

How did your husband come by it?

And why didn't he tell you
what was in it?

Because you killed him before he could.
And if you try and tell it now...

...I'll do the same to you.

Utter one word.

One article.

A. An.


And I'll shoot you.

No, he won't.
Because if he does, I'll shoot him.

You're right.
I'm unwilling to accept that...

...I'm not entitled to know
why my husband died.

I am hurt. I do blame you,
and pulling this trigger...

...something I desperately do not want
to do, is me howling at the moon.

Which is definitely your problem,
not mine.

Tell the story.

- Tell it!
- Stop.

Wait. My hands are up.

- No gun.
- What are you doing?

- I'm not a threat to anybody.
- Except to yourself.

I don't know what he's done to you
or what's in the duffel bag.

And I don't care. All I know is that
my entire life he's protected me from you.

It's about time I started protecting him.

Look at me.


I'm your daughter.

The one you abandoned 28 years ago
on Christmas Eve.


Did you think of me at all?

In my pink room,
in my pink pajamas, waiting for Santa.

When I went to sleep,
my world was perfect.

And when I woke up, it was destroyed.

My daddy gone.

Did he just leave?

Was it an accident? We didn't know.

All we knew was my daddy... good, kind
and decent daddy was gone.

And then come to find out,
you weren't good...

...or kind or decent.

You were a traitor.

And we were sent into hiding.

From you.

From my father.

And I'm telling you this because
if you are at all happy to see me...

Which I'm sure you're not.

But if there's one shred of relief
that I made it through this ordeal...'s because of Ian.

He saved me.

That's why I'm standing here.

Asking you, my father... please save him.

That's entirely up to him.


- Ian.
- Call 911.

Tell them there's been an officer-involved
shooting. It's a 10-33. Say it!

- A 10-33.
- You will not die.

You hear me, you piece of crap?
Not until you tell me what you know.

You will not die.

- Pulse 132 and thready.
- Get Cardiac down!

- Cardiac Attending to Trauma 1.
- Six units of O-neg.

- Eighty over 60.
- Let's get him to the OR.

Now. Right now.

Garvey. It's your last chance, Garvey.
Tell me about that duffel bag.

I'll take care of Reddington, I promise.

We're losing him. I don't have a pulse.