The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - Zarak Mosadek (No. 23) - full transcript

Red and the Task Force head to Paris in hopes of pressuring Garvey by taking down a prominent heroin supplier to the Nash Syndicate. Liz doesn't trust Red and takes her own path to find Garvey.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry, but I'm lost.

It's okay, where do you want to go?

Boulevard Saint Germain, number 401.

You're not far away.
Boulevard Saint Germain is right...

Help! Please, someone help me!



Is anyone there?

They have the boy.

Sorry, say that again?

I understand you disagree
with our conclusions.

We gave you leads. An evidence trail
my daughter could follow.

And we followed them. And others.

- Then why aren't you acting?
- Same reason you didn't.

The allegations against Ian Garvey
are mostly circumstantial.

- Do you believe he's a criminal?
- What I believe doesn't matter.

Either you believe he is,
or you believe I'm a liar.

I'm curious which it is.

I have no reason
not to believe you, Agent Keen.

But seeing Garvey stab your husband
is not the same thing as proving he did.

And based on the evidence,
I can't do that.

- There were other leads.
- Yes.

You aren't the first to file
a complaint against Garvey.

We'd like to see those complaints.
Do our own investigation into them.

I assure you, our investigation
was thorough and complete.

Second pair of eyes never hurt.

You know how IA works.
Our sources are confidential.

And I'm asking you to make an exception.

- As a professional courtesy.
- I'm afraid I can't do that.

Once our investigation is complete,
our files are confidential. I am sorry.

Mosadek is unhappy.

The seizure was planned.

Throwing the DEA a bone.

The seizure,
losing our contact at the port...

...your obsession with Reddington is
becoming a distraction we cannot afford.

It's under control.

I don't like irony.

Then I wouldn't look in the mirror.

You have been warned.

I'm not in the mood for a matinee.

I have a lead on Garvey.

I had a lead on Garvey.

You made him disappear.

They put Rita Hayworth's picture
on the side of an atom bomb.

Talk about a femme fatale.

How does it feel being
a walking anachronism?


The port manager's ledger?

The port manager who was
the go-between for the Nash Syndicate...

...and their supplier in Afghanistan.

Zarak Mosadek, you'll see
his name several times in there.

He runs an international opium operation
in the Helmand Province.

- He's your lead?
- You didn't have a lead, Elizabeth.

You had an unreliable witness.

A witness who says he saw what he saw.

- Garvey murdering another cop.
- From across an alley, through a window.

No jury would convict
based on his testimony.

You make it sound
like you did me a favor.

I told you, Garvey isn't afraid
of legal threats.

He's afraid of losing power.

The ledger tells us
how to take it from him.

Through this Mosadek?

Garvey is a drug lord
masquerading as a cop.

If we get leverage over his supplier,
we get leverage over him.

Once we have that,
you'll have your revenge.

After you get the duffel bag.

Must be nice.

- What?
- Not having anything...

...precious you wanna keep to yourself.

Tell me about Mosadek.

Zarak Mosadek is Afghanistan's
Deputy Interior Minister...

...for Counter-Narcotics. He's also
the country's biggest drug dealer.

According to Reddington.
Did the DEA confirm?

According to the latest white paper...

...Mosadek stalls investigations
and generally ensures...

...nobody he's associated with
will get arrested for drug crimes.

Why did Red put an Afghan drug lord
on the Blacklist?

The Nash Syndicate answers to Mosadek,
which means Garvey does too.

We get to Mosadek, we get to Garvey.

Reddington knows Mosadek
is untouchable in Afghanistan.

He also knows he's headed to Paris.

He doesn't know why,
just where and when.

Please. I haven't done anything.


Over 40,000 Americans died
from opioid overdoses last year.

To me, he's an accessory to murder.

Keen, upload the team
on the where and when.

Let's take down two birds
with this stone:

An insidious drug-pusher
and Tom's killer.

Shows what I know.
I thought for sure...

...Navabi was gonna think you giving her
that ring was a proposal.

Because you assume
she wanted to marry me.

That it wasn't just a pit stop,
a way station.

A layover on her way
to her final destination.

Am I interrupting?

- No.
- Yes.

Aram, whenever you have a sec.

I haven't heard back from Kasim.

- Do you trust him?
- With my life.

Then I would trust him with mine.

So, what's the in-flight movie today?

- Where's Elizabeth?
- I'm confused.

You want IA's file on Garvey,
the one you couldn't have?

If I had it, I wouldn't need your help.

To steal their file
which has worthless information?

Information they say is worthless.

Aren't you supposed to be on your way
to Paris? Didn't Red give us a case...

- ...that's going to get us to Garvey?
- I'm sure it will get him to Garvey.

But I plan on getting to him first.
And to do that, I need your help.

- Reddington.
- Agent Navabi.

Perhaps I misunderstood you.

When you dropped us off, you said
you'd be back in an hour. It's been three.

Dembe and I were detoured.
We're in the Latin Quarter...

- ...having a quick visit with an old friend.
- Raymond, I found some Reblochon.

Oh, the Reblochon.

See if he has some quince paste
or walnuts around here somewhere.

I hate to interrupt your vacation,
but if we're gonna intercept...

...a notorious drug supplier,
we need to hear your plan.

- Yes, about that...
- What about that?

A small wrinkle, nothing to fret.

- What's going on?
- Walnuts.

Truth be told...

...I anticipated a dear friend
and contractor... the name of Bunyan Dufour
would be handling...

...Mosadek's security in-country.

He's a trusted operative who's worked
with Mosadek in the past.

Your friend didn't get the job.

Overbid the contract.

Worse yet, it appears Victor Manzon
is now running point on security.

Unfortunately, Victor and I have
something of a sordid past.

I'll spare you the details.

But the long and the short of it is
that if Victor were inclined... hand over Mosadek's security detail
to anyone...

- wouldn't be me.
- Wonderful.

- How do you suggest we find him?
- I wouldn't suggest we do anything.

If you think we're gonna sit around
and wait...

- ... while you drink away the day...
- Save it.

Welcome back. How's the noggin?
You went down like a bag of rocks.

you low-life son-of-a-whore. I swear...

Save it, Victor.

I've had too much to drink to care
what you're saying in any language.

The only thing we are going to discuss
is Zarak Mosadek and whatever rock... and your security firm
are hiding him under.

So let's get down to brass tacks...

...before you and I and your noggin
have another go with the bottle.

Okay, that is a terrible idea.

- Can you track his car?
- Yes.

- It's a government vehicle.
- Can you control the traffic light?

Yes, but he could miss the signal.
He could be texting and driving.

He won't be.

- How can you be so sure?
- He is a stickler...

...for the rules. Otherwise,
he would've given us the file.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- Are you all right?
- I'm not sure.

Assuming I'm not dead
and he has his laptop in his car...

...and he's uploaded
the file we're looking for...

Which seem like way too many "ands"
to risk one's life over...

- If he does these things...
- And I'm not dead.

- You won't be.
- Because you're sure he's a rule follower.

This man you've met,
I don't know, all of one time.

Okay, if it's any consolation...

...if he doesn't have the file
and he is texting and driving...

...and you do die...

...I will be very sorry.

How long will it take to copy this file?

- Less than a minute.
- Easy, easy.

Just relax, okay?

I programmed the flash drive
to bypass password requirements.

Run a search and download any results
that ping for Ian Garvey.

- I... I got a first aid kit in the car.
- No, no, no. Just...

Can you...

...pray with me?


- Okay.
- Easy, easy.

Pray to... I don't know, to...

To give thanks that I'm fine and that...

- weren't texting.
- No, I never text and drive.

Who knew?

Oh, yeah.

Okay, I feel better.

- Glad you could make it.
- Thank you, Donald. Ever the gentleman.

- Do you have a location on Mosadek?
- I do.

Zarak Mosadek and his entourage...

...are currently staying
in an eighth floor penthouse...

...on Avenue Kléber,
in the 16th arrondissement.

In addition to the two guards
with him at all times...

...there will also be two men assigned
to the room...

...and a scout watching
from an apartment across the street.

And two armed guards
in the lobby of the building.

Is that it?

No. He has three vehicles parked
on the street below.

And assets in the French Police.

And, oh, we mustn't forget
the usual building security...

...and CCTV feeds.

No way. This would take weeks
to plan out correctly.

We won't be able to get inside...

- ...let alone get Mosadek out.
- Oh, come on.

Where's your sense of adventure?
Your esprit de corps?

So you got a way to get this lowlife out
without getting us all killed?

- The elevator.
- Oh, the elevator?

- Oh, my God. You had the same idea.
- Please continue. We're listening.

Well, the first obstacle is access
to the building.

Fortunately, Dembe has
a Sudanese contact...

...who helps to find work
for young immigrants in the city.

Dembe's contact will arrange
for coded security badges...

...which gets us into the building,
which brings us to Jean-Philippe.

- And Jean-Philippe is?
- A delightful little firecracker...

...with whom I've become acquainted.

He's a proud Parisian,
which can be frustrating at times.

He understands English perfectly,
but refuses to speak a lick.

Perhaps you can brush up
on your French, Navabi.

At any rate,
Jean-Philippe will work ahead of us...

...and run an intercept
to the building's security feeds.

Making it possible for us
to throw them into darkness...

...and steal their feeds
at the flip of a switch.

While that's in the works,
I need you to handle the exit strategy.


Vehicles that have been reconfigured
to blend into the city.

The police prefecture need
to know nothing of this adventure.

Rather, I thought Agent Navabi
might have a contact in Mossad...

...who could assist with such a request.
I'm sure she's owed a favor or two.

- Promise not to shoot the messenger?
- Depends on the message.

Aram seems down that you didn't think
that ring came with a proposal.

That I'd think it
even though he didn't say it?

Who put that idiotic idea in his head?

While you have us running around
in circles...

- ...what are you gonna do?
- I'll be at a lovely cafe...

...Rue de Turrene, enjoying the best cup
of hot chocolate in all of Paris.

While there,
I'll meet with Kristos Matthias...

...a Greek munitions contact
who has a tendency... put his thumb on the scale...

...but on short notice, he's the only one
who can supply us with the charges...

- ...needed to blow the elevator.
- Blow the elevator?

Right. Well, while rigging
the CCTV network...

...Jean-Philippe will also set charges
that will detonate... the moment that Mosadek
and his men are in the elevator...

...out of reach from the rest
of their security team.

Thereby dropping the car
down the shaft...

...then engaging the emergency breaks
just as they arrive in the basement...

...where we'll be waiting
to dispatch the guards, grab Mosadek...

...and flee while the rest
of the team scrambles.

We'll kill him in the fall. Too big a risk.

Risk comes from not knowing
what you're doing.

Assuming this works,
we still need to get him...

...out, into the safe house
and convince him to talk.

Yes, but one thing at a time.
Isn't it funny how things work out?

Five years later
and here you are with me in Paris...

...preparing to steal
a wanted man off the elevator.

It's almost as if you didn't try
to kill me in Belgrade years ago.

No, it's not.

Well, either way, if we pull this off...'ll have something
to tell the grandkids.

With a knick-knack paddywhack,
give the dog a bone...

...this old man came rolling home.

Internal Affairs audited
Garvey's bank accounts...

...ran backgrounds
on friends and family...

- ...had a revolving tail for weeks.
- And came up empty.

We assumed
this file would give us a lead.

We took this incredible risk to get it...

Well, I did, anyway.

...because we assumed.

When you assume something amazing
is gonna happen and it doesn't...

- sucks.
- Or that's what's amazing about it.

- There's nothing amazing about sucking.
- What doesn't happen.

What you're not expecting,
what you have no assumptions about.

- I looked at the surveillance logs.
- Look again.

Where he goes every Friday at 12:30.

Pete's Tavern.
Maybe he likes their hot wings.

- Maybe he'll be there tomorrow.
- They had him under surveillance.

- All he did was eat lunch.
- At a bar in Baltimore.

Over 50 miles away from his office.

The surveillance team assumed
he went for the hot wings...

...but does anybody really like
hot wings that much?

I mean, does anybody know
what hot wings really are?

Yeah. Delicious.

- He's on the move.
- Copy that. Target en route.

Here we go.

- Jean-Philippe, are you ready?
- Ready and set, my love.

Until you tell me otherwise,
I will simply sit and listen...

...and drink in the sound
of your velvet voice.

There's our call.
Elevator is in motion. Are you set?

Affirmative. Dembe's a go.

In place on your cue.


- Give me cameras.
- That voice. It is like honey in my rum.

- Your cameras, they have arrived?
- Affirmative. I have eyes. Eighth floor.

Here we go. Jean-Philippe, hold.

Of course, my love.

Tamer says we just lost
all our security feeds.


Jean-Philippe, go. Now. Blow it.

- Oh, no.
- What's, "Oh, no"?

- Did it work?
- One of the cables held.

It's on the third floor.

- Ressler, a hand, please.
- On my way.

It was the charges!
That Greek gave us bad charges!

Those charges were not strong enough
to sever the line.

Watch out!

Let's go, let's go.

Come on, Dembe.

Up, up.

Dembe, come on!
We don't have time. Jesus Christ.

Come on, let's go, let's go.

Hurry, let's go.

It's them! Stop!


I'm sorry about what happened
with Samar.

- I feel like I gave you bad advice.
- It wasn't bad.

It was terrible.

But it's my fault for taking it.

- Can I give you some good advice?
- Doubt it.

If you want to propose, propose.

- Why? So she can say no?
- You don't know that's what she'll say.

You said if I give her the ring
and she doesn't think it's a proposal...

- ...then she doesn't wanna marry me.
- I know I said that. I'm an idiot.


Professionally, you're kind of a savant.

IA did more than assume
Garvey came here for wings.

They vetted all the employees,
found nothing.

Maybe he's here to meet someone.
Out-of-the-way place, no prying eyes.

That makes sense,
but the file says he was always alone.

Money laundering, extortion...

He's here for a reason.

Something IA missed,
but we're gonna find.

And we're not leaving here till we do.

Who are you?
Where is he? Why am I here?

You and I share a problem.
You're here to help me solve it.

Where is he? We made an agreement.

I did what you asked.
I brought the diamonds.

Did you?

All I care about is my son.

I'm afraid there's been
a misunderstanding.

You want more money? Is that it?
Tell me. Name your price.

Ian Garvey.

- What?
- Cutting his supply.

Taking away his power.

That's my price.

And if I do this, you let Mateen go?


Because I didn't take him.

Then why did you take me?

To convince you to cut ties with Garvey.

I was planning on forcing the issue.
Now I can give to get.

You do what I want,
I'll make sure you get your son back.

Who are you?

Forgive me. I'm Raymond Reddington.

I know you.

- You and Garvey...
- Are having a bit of a dustup.

Which I imagine has taken a toll...

...on his various business interests,
including yours.

Our shared problem is Ian Garvey.

- I can get Mateen on my own.
- Maybe.

But we're going to do it for you.

I get Garvey, you get Mateen.
Are we agreed?

Of course we are.
You won't leave here alive if we aren't.


...who took your son?

He says the Taliban took his kid?

Mosadek's a player on the opium trade.
He does business with the Taliban.

Then why would they go after him?

They believe Mosadek's an informant
for the U.S. military.

I have no doubt we'd prop up a heroin
dealer in exchange for intel on terrorists.

But why aren't there any Navy SEALs
to help him get his kid back?

The relationship is only valuable
to the Pentagon if it's a secret.

If your sea lions showed up in Paris
to save the son, it wouldn't be.

- What is the son doing in Paris?
- Boarding school.

You want to involve us in a war
between rival opium traders.

I'll get in touch with Cooper.
Run this up the flagpole.

Excellent. I'll be at the Louvre.

When you're done dotting your I's
and crossing your T's... can find me gazing in erotic wonder
at the beauty and power...

...of the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

- Thank you for coming on short notice.
- Pleasure's all mine.

It's fun finding out what nasty freak show
Reddington's got you chasing after.

- Who is it this time?
- Zarak Mosadek.

You want my non-denial now,
or should we play footsie first?

Mosadek is an informant for the CIA.
He's also a player in the opium trade.

His product is kissed into this country
through Baltimore...

...and kills thousands of young people.

If you're asking for permission
to put a noose on Mosadek, you have it.

You have authorization to cut him loose?

Whether Mosadek was
in the employ of the CIA...

...I am not going to non-deny deny.

What I will not deny is
that he is no longer in their employ...

...if he ever was, which I will not confirm.

Or deny.

The Taliban has taken his son hostage.

My people know where the boy's held.

I assume you'll want to inform the agency
so they can extract him.

Why would they?

Because of his father's relationship
with us.

Perhaps, but it's the Taliban's knowledge
of that relationship...

...which caused the agency to sever ties.

If there were ever ties to sever.

The agency has authorization
to operate overseas.

They won't get involved and you can't.

You also can't involve local authorities
without exposing our relationship.

The one that you won't admit you have?
Cynthia, the boy is just a boy.

Sorry, Harold.

But my hands are tied,
and so are yours.

Okay, so I reran the background checks
and I was right.

Everyone who works here is clean.

No criminal record,
barely even a speeding ticket.

- And he isn't here to meet anyone.
- How can you tell?

Because Garvey hasn't touched
his phone.

- So?
- So he's been here 45 minutes.

If the person is late,
wouldn't he have called?

Or wouldn't Garvey have tried him?

If everyone who works here is clean
and he's not here to meet anyone...

...he's not sending any signal
that we can detect...

...maybe he does just like the wings.

He hasn't ordered any wings.
He hasn't ordered any food.

He came all this way
and all he ordered was a beer.

And now he's leaving.

This doesn't make any sense.

He drove over an hour,
nursed one beer, talked to no one...

...and then leaves?

Why? Who does that?

- Who is she?
- Okay.

Okay, that looks like Lillian May Roth, 35.

Worked here for two years.
Before that, she lived in Virginia.

Never married. No kids. Nothing.

Not to him.

She's worth an hour's drive
to kiss her goodbye.

Garvey's married.
You think he's having an affair?

I don't know.

But I'm definitely gonna find out.

- You can hear me?
- Hear and see you.

You'll be fine.
Just do exactly as they instructed.

These men hurt my son.
Understand, I will kill them.

Nobody's killing anybody.
This is unofficial.

Our boss is breaking the rules
to do the right thing.

- Do you see the marker?
- Straight ahead on your right.

The angel.

- Excuse me?
- Go past the crying angel...

...then two rows on your right.

I need your cell phone
and the radio in your ear.

If you don't do as I say, they will kill him.

- Are you seeing this?
- I am.

What did he give you?

Mosadek, can you hear me?
What did he give you?

Navabi, that car.

- He's gone.
- What do you mean, he's gone?

- There's nowhere to go.
- No tracks. Nothing. He's gone.

- You lost him?
- One minute he was here, the next, gone.

- Hey, Navabi.
- What is it?


- What the kid gave him.
- Either Mosadek lost your tail...

...and has no intention
of being found...

...or he was taken by the same people
who abducted his son.

Over here!

- Where does that lead?
- What? What is it?

It's a hatch on the floor of a mausoleum.

A ruse. They knew you'd be watching
and needed a way to get Mosadek out.

- Out how? Take him where?
- The catacombs.

Please. My son, is he okay?

- Quiet. Keep walking.
- The catacombs run under the city.

- They could resurface anywhere.
- I'm going in.

Dembe, Quartier De La Gare.

- What are you thinking?
- I'm hoping we can intercept them.

Raymond, where are we going?

- Pinky Schmidt. Remember him?
- The German bank robber?

Tried to convince me to come in on
that plan to steal the medieval tapestry...

- ...from that church in Paris.
- You turned him down.

And the tapestry remains. He's always
been flakey on the follow-through...

...but he did have an ingenious plan
of how to get it out of the church...

- ...without anyone knowing.
- The cemetery.

The same cemetery
where Mosadek was abducted.

Closest access point to the catacombs.
We're going to that church.

These men work on behalf
of your rivals in Kandahar.

You brought something they want.

My son. Please.


Mateen, my boy. It's okay.
Everything will be okay.

What are you doing?
I brought what you asked.

- We want something else.
- I'm begging you. What do you want?

We want information.

I don't have information.
What are you doing?!

We know you're feeding info
to the Americans.

We also know you are one of six.
We want the names of the others.

- Let him go.
- I want the names...

- ...or the boy dies.
- I don't know any names.

I don't know their names!

But you do.
And only their lives will save him.

I am begging you!

You. With me. Now!

Cover me.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

I'm sorry, but we have an emergency.

You don't understand a word I'm saying.
English? Yes, English it is.

We have a bit of an emergency.
Some kind of gas leak.

Gas leak. Evacuate, please.

And we need everyone
to exit through the front.

- Now. Evacuate now.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

What's going on?

Gas leak.
We need everyone out right away.

What gas leak?

We're not sure, we think
from the furnace in the basement.

- The thing could...
- We don't have a basement.

Right. Please, everyone.

- We need to clear the church now.
- Raymond!

I'm sor...


Don't shoot.

- I will kill him. I swear I will.
- Whoever you are...

- aren't walking out of here.
- No? Maybe.

But if I am going to die today...

...I'm taking his boy with me.

Raymond, we have to go.

I'm truly sorry for all of this.

I hope everyone is okay.
You'll be happy to know...

...the gas leak is completely resolved.

I'm sorry for the disruption.

The stones.

My apologies. I hope this helps
to cover the damages. Au revoir.

Bill, your cab's here.

- Did I call one?
- No, I did. Go sleep it off.

- You can pick up your car in the morning.
- You are an angel of mercy.

- You're six sheets to the wind.
- Seven and a half.

Oh, and I'm broke.


This will cover the cab. Pay me back
when you pick up your car.

Go to sleep.

Drink water!


I... I left my purse.

- Yeah.
- Sorry.

I think I left it in the bathroom.


I'm always losing everything.

My wallet, my keys.

My name is Elizabeth Keen.
I'm a special agent with the FBI.

You need to come with me.

Mr. Reddington, I can't express
how grateful I am for what you've done.

You can express your gratitude
by making good on our agreement.


Ian Garvey.

Tell me what you want.

I have a long
and unhealthy list of wants.

But when it comes to Garvey,
I have but one.

It has to do with a meeting
I need you to arrange.

A meeting that concerns your operation.

The bureau is investigating Garvey.

From your apartment.

I don't know your relation to him,
but you mean a great deal to him...

...which means you must know
a great deal about him.

I know that he's good at his job.
And respected by his colleagues.

We're building a case against him.

I brought you here to show you
what we know, what we don't...

...and to get your help to fill in the gaps.
You can either cooperate...

...or be charged
as a conspirator to his crimes.

What crimes?

To begin with, he murdered my husband.

I've received word.

He wants to meet.

Meet? No.

I'm not flying to Afghanistan
if that's what he thinks.

He's coming here to you.

- You are to be congratulated.
- And criticized.

We saved the son, but let the father go.

I've seen Mosadek's intel file.

He helped the agency kill
or capture several high-value targets.

Besides, you didn't let him go.
You put him in Reddington's debt.

A place I wouldn't wish
on my worst enemy.

Go home. Get some rest.
You've earned it.


Cynthia. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Harold, do you recall my...

...rather explicit directions to avoid
involvement in the Mosadek affair?

Do you want my non-denial denial...

...or should we play footsie first?

Listen, about Aram thinking
that you'd think he'd propose...

- I still can't believe he thought that.
- He didn't. I did.

And I kind of, you know,
made him think that you would too.

Ressler is an idiot.
You're a bigger idiot for believing him.

Why? He was right.

No, he wasn't. He said I'd think
you giving me a ring was a proposal.

And you would've
if you had wanted to marry me.

- Did he tell you that too?
- No, Agent Keen did.

Stop asking advice from people
who have only had terrible relationships.

If you wanted to marry me, you would've
assumed it was an engagement ring.

No, only if you had asked me
to get engaged.

Should I assume you didn't
because you don't?

Should I assume you don't
because you didn't?

Okay, look.

I love this ring.

I know it was an heirloom. It means
a lot to me you wanted me to have it.

- I'm glad.
- But by not asking the big question... have raised other questions
that I think we both need to answer... until we do...

...I think you should take it back.

So that's what we know.

We can connect Garvey to two murders
and providing protection to a drug cartel.

But we can't prove any of it.

Tell me what you know...

...and maybe we can.

What I know about Ian is,
he's a good man.

He's looked after me since I was a kid.
Been like a father to me.

I know... difficult this must be for you.

Trust me, I know what it's like
to have a father who's a criminal.

Look, Ian isn't my father.

He protected me from my father.

Got me into Witness Protection
to keep my father away.

Wait, you were in WITSEC?

For most of my life, yeah.

And now I know why.
The FBI spends more time...

...looking for good people
like my surrogate father...

...rather than bad people
like my real one.

Your real father...

Perhaps you've heard of him.
His name's Raymond Reddington.

He's been on the FBI's Most Wanted list
for 20 years.

You're Raymond Reddington's daughter?

Why do you look so surprised?

Because I am too.