The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - The Cook (No. 56) - full transcript

As Liz works with Red to hunt for Tom's killers, she begins to question his motives. Meanwhile, the Task Force enlists the help of one arsonist to catch another.

I got your message.

You found someone who can
analyze Navarro's glass eye?

He can see us this afternoon.
Did you bring it?

I know I'm gonna have to answer

for what I've done, but right now

all that matters is we find out
who put that in Navarro's head

and whether it can lead us
to Tom's killers...

and the truth. The truth?

The last time I spoke to Tom,
he told me, "I figured it out..."

Why Nik died, everything."

That's why I went home...

to find the truth.

But they got to him first.

My contact lives with his mother.

She's not particularly fond of me.

I'm not quite sure if it's actually me

or what I represent.

I believe she feels
I'm a bad influence on her son.

I thought a gesture of goodwill
might smooth things over.

You think an empty terrarium is goodwill?


The mother's family operates
a pet café in Kyoto.

You can enjoy the most savory
tsukemen ramen

in and around a variety
of animals native to Japan...

cormorants, katydids,

the occasional tanuki.

And you thought spiders would
be a welcome addition?

Joro spiders.

In Japanese folklore, the joro is said

to be able to change its appearance

to that of a beautiful woman
who seduces men,

binding them in her web
before devouring them.

Hence its name "jorogumo,"
or "whore spider."

Here's the mother's
work address and a note.

If you could please

drop them off? No! Me?

I have a timesensitive case
for the Task Force.

You did ask me to hold up

my part of that deal in your absence.

Do you know what Tom was talking about?

When he said he figured it out?

Tom was a man of many truths.

Which of those he was going to
divulge, I can't say.

My sincere apologies.

I hope Paris has taken good care of you.

Tea, please.

He made me an egg dish I can't
even pronounce. It was divine.

As is your suite,
which is why in the future,

- I think we should meet elsewhere.
- And why is that?

Because being here gives me
the impression that crime pays.

What are the most
expensive crimes in America?


Top three.

Theft, armed robbery...


500,000 arson fires

occur each year,

costing over $2 billion in property loss.

"Husband and wife die in house fire."

In those 500,000 fires,
about 500 people die...

one per thousand.

Arsonists are many things, but
rarely premeditating murderers.

"An accelerant was found,
but no motive or suspect."

Because they're looking
at the case the wrong way.

This wasn't arson
that resulted in murder.

This was a murder committed by arson.

But you said arsonists
are rarely murderers.

A fact which makes The Cook
both rare and dangerous...

and the next name on the Blacklist.

Does he know how many fires?

Or how many victims?

No and no.

But he says this "Cook"
is a serial killer

posing as an arsonist.

And yet he can't I.D. The Cook,
and the only fire

he told us about is one
that arson investigators

don't believe was a homicide.

I suppose Reddington knows better.

No, but he knows someone who does.

Earl Fagen.

The arson investigator slash arsonist?

Fagen hid in plain sight for years,

was lead investigator
on a dozen fires that he set.

No one knows more about fire or
the men and women who set them.

Reddington says
he can help us find The Cook.

What's the catch?

Fagen is up for parole...

he helps us, Reddington
would like us to help him.

I don't like it. But if there's
a serial killer out there...

We don't need a firebug to find him.

Less than 15% of all arson cases
are ever solved.

Maybe we need the help.

I'll reach out to Main Justice,

see if they can get a court order

to get Fagen at the scene
of last night's fire.

If he helps us get The Cook,

maybe, maybe, we'll put in a good word.

If not, we'll make sure he stays put.

Irregular burn patterns...

use of accelerants...

something with high vapor
pressure and low flash points.

Man took some time calculating
the rate equation.

Multiple points of origin.

He wanted it to burn hot.

And why is that?

He wanted to see the flashover?

Stand back and watch?

We're gonna need a little more
than "maybe he wanted to watch."

So, what floated your boat?

I'd be lying if I said there
wasn't an element of arousal

to the whole thing...
a certain gratification.

But for me...

fire filled the vacuum within me.

It gave me a sense of relief.

What is it?

What do you see?

Hey. What is it?

Might you be able to get me a blacklight?

"Discipline not faith."
What the hell does that mean?

Why would he leave a message
we wouldn't be able to find?

Boy, boy.

Boy, boy, boy.

Y'all got a real humdinger
of a firebug on your hands.

All right. We're still
searching nationally,

but so far we've found four
fires under investigation

with the same inverted pentagram
and inscription.

How? I thought he hid them?

He does, behind a barely burned wall.

That is his M.O. Everything burns hot

and fast except one wall.

Gave us enough to narrow our search.

- How many deaths are we up to?
- Seven.

And if you're looking for
a common denominator

among the victims, good luck.

A married couple in Bethesda,

an insurance executive outside Chicago,

a mother and son burned to death

in an apartment fire in Brooklyn.

Are there any survivors,

anyone who can tell us
why they were targeted?

It seems that he's only missed once,

when he burned down a small
ranch house in Tenleytown.

The owner is an ER doctor...
Corrine Egan.

Navabi, she's all yours.

Ressler, look into the pentagram
and the inscription.

Find out what the hell
we're dealing with.

If this guy's an occult member
or Satanist of some kind,

we need to lock in on it fast.

Why didn't you deliver them?

I left them for her with your note.

You left them. Spiders.

She wasn't in her office.

What did you expect me to do,
drive around with them?

Besides, what difference does it make

if his mother likes you or not?

I mean, it's not like he's 16.

No, he is not 16.

He's 15.

And a half. Just got my learner's permit.

Elizabeth, this is Tadashi.
Is your mom home?

Has she said anything
about the gift I sent?

I need to speak with you for a minute.

He's a child.

Who turned down Harvard a year ago,

and a job at Face... whatever.

Facewhatever? Really?

Look, I'm a technological moron.
I just don't get it,

which is why I surround myself
with people who do.

Tadashi gets it!

What is thy bidding, my Master?

Apparently, he also gets "Star Wars."

Dr. Egan, I understand this is
an unsettling development.

You're saying someone was
intentionally trying to kill me?

No. The investigator I spoke with

said that the fire was arson...

that it was set to cover up
for something he stole.

Concealment is a common motive for arson.

Unfortunately, there's
nothing common about this.

What is that?

The pentagram represents
the five limbs of man...

his five senses.

It was hidden on a wall in your house.

Does it mean anything to you?

"Discipline not faith"?

An inverted pentagram
is associated with evil.

It depicts the natural order
turned on its head.

The department chair said that
you wrote the book on Satanism.

Is there anything in there on
why this would be left behind?

Have you had any recent altercations,

breakups, problems at work?

Problems? I'm an ER Attending.

Yeah, I meet some kooks,

but no one who'd wanna
burn my house down.

I'd say the symbol is an expression

of the killer's belief that his victims

deserve to be punished.

Purified by fire.

Maybe you were not the intended victim.

Do you live alone?

Not that night.

My brother was with me.

He'd come in from Seattle.
That's what saved me.

He was three hours behind
and couldn't sleep.

Talked me into going for a run at 11:15.

We came back, and the place
was in flames.

You said punished. What for?

Some perceived sin.

Maybe he's saying just
having faith isn't enough.

You have to live that faith every day,

and that requires great discipline.

The guy who did this,
he's still out there, right?

Does that mean you think I'm in danger?



I sometimes feel as if I should
pay more attention

to pop culture.

Then I see this... "Star Wars,"

featuring this giant in a bear costume

piloting an aircraft and a
little green guy swordfighting.

And I say a silent prayer of thanks

for Tolstoy's moral crisis.

If he can't figure this out...

This green fellow
is considerably too short

to be effective in a swordfight.

I assumed since it was an eye
it would record video,

but there's no camera.

And I can't find a mic.

So, what does it do?

No clue. It's using encrypted firmware.

Even the boot loader is tamperresistant.

This is gonna take a while,
assuming I can crack it at all.

This is the world we live in now.

I suppose we have to trust it.

Do you not know, or you can't say?

The truth Tom discovered.

I asked if you knew about it,
and you said, "I can't say."

Does that mean you don't know,

or is "can't say"
some clever turn of phrase

that makes it possible for you
to be honest

and secretive?

What is this about?

You've asked me to trust.

All I do is trust.

I trusted Tom... forgave every lie,

believed every promise

that he would stop
keeping things from me.

And then he went off on some secret quest

and got himself killed.

And now I have killed someone

trying to figure out what
it was he was keeping from me.

And you have kept so many things from me,

I would have to be an idiot

to believe that this is not one of them.

Thank you.

For what?

For not pulling some Jedi mind trick.

I don't know what that is.

And yet, you've mastered it.

Okay, so Fagen told you The Cook

liked to stay and watch, right?
Well, it turns out he did.

A neighbor told a first
responder after the Chicago fire

that he noticed a red Honda
parked across the street

from the victim's house,
which got me thinking.

If there are fires in different cities,

how did the killer get there?

- He's traveling.
- Which means he rented that Honda.

I checked, and there are
only two rental companies

in that city using Hondas,

and only one with a model
in candy apple red

on the streets that night...

rented to a William Seavers,
Baltimore address.

You're so cute. Isn't he so cute?


Now get to Baltimore and let's
put an end to this thing.

Seavers, federal agents!


- You okay?
- Go!


Ressler, I'm coming around the back.

Ressler! Ressler, grab my hand.

Our agreement required my
assistance at one crime scene.

I'll help you here, but I expect you

to be twice as enthusiastic
at my parole hearing.

Seavers... or whatever
his real name is...

had this place rigged with glass jars

with some kind of an accelerant

suspended by these strings.

There were also phrases
written on the wall,

like in the first crime scene,
only visible by blacklight.

Maybe he's not talking to his victims.

Maybe he's also talking to himself.

What was it like,

lying to everyone you worked with,

acting like a hero
when you were a criminal?

You want an honest answer,

or are you just trying to make a point?

Little bit of both.

Living a lie was worse than prison.

The day I confessed was
the day I went to jail.

That was also the day I was set free.

What are you doing?

If you destroy that, you can
say goodbye to your parole.

Narrow, rectangular,
possibly thermal paper...

the kind commonly used for...


Havershim Hardware, two days ago.

Ammonium nitrate, saltpeter.

Looks like he paid cash, 9:17 p.m.

Don't say anything. Really.

My freedom's the only thanks that I need.

The security footage
from Havershim Hardware...

this is from two days ago.

That's him.

9:17 was on the receipt,
right, Agent Navabi?

Yes. And that's the right height
and build.

Come on, buddy. Turn around.

Holy Mary. Mother of God.

A priest. You gotta be kidding me.

- This guy's a priest.
- What's that on his pocket?

Is that some sort of cross?

It looks like the letter "T."

Agent Ressler, talk
to someone in semiotics.

Let's see if we can figure out
what that pin represents

before someone else gets killed.

This is the final
boarding call for passengers...

Final call for boarding Flight 232.

Final boarding call for Flight 232.

Where you going?


Um, work trip.

But you don't like to fly.

You're nervous, I can tell.

No, no. Not nervous.
Just praying... for a friend.

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

I'm not a church person, but my fiancé...

well, he is, and we're getting married.

And I did this thing with another guy.

It only happened once and...

Anyway, Kevin's flight's delayed,

and I was gonna tell him
when he got here.

But now, seeing you...
maybe it's the alcohol talking

or maybe it's a sign,

but I don't wanna tell him and lose him.

If I lost him, I would just...


what's your name?


Claire Homan.


The lust of the flesh,

the fervor of the eyes,

and the pride of skin
comes not from the Father,

but from the world.

Forgive yourself.

Be honest with this man you love.

His faith will help him forgive.

You really believe that?

Not me, Claire.


Thank you.

I am so sorry, how selfish.

What about your friend?

What about him?

What are you gonna tell him to do?

I'm going to tell him
to find his faith...

to not turn his back on God and run.

I'm going to tell him to stay

and do what, in his heart,
he knows he must.

I'll pray for him.

Please do.

All right. The Cook is a priest.

The quote you saw in blacklight

is from Romans, the second from John.

To see what else might be
written behind those walls,

I had the lab run thermographic
scans and found this.

It's the cross from the Traditum Church.

- The "T" on his lapel.
- Yep.

Traditum Primarius... "Tradition First."

It is an extremely fringe order.

How many are ordained?

They won't release official numbers,

but their Temple is in Cromwell,

just a few miles outside of Arlington.

Ressler, Navabi, get there.
Show them Seavers' photo.

If he's been ordained,
maybe we can get an ID.

You found something?

A serial number on one of the chips.

If I find out who makes it,

I figure out what it does.

This means everything to her.

And to me.

For a different reason.

She doesn't know what, but she knows.

"Clever turn of phrase"

is a polite way of saying
you're being dishonest.

- It's made by Wandtech.
- And what does that tell you?

Wandtech, Wandtech, Wandtech.


Yikes? Why yikes?

They make GPS devices.



Mr. Reddington?
I think we have a situation.

This thing's transmitting.

What is it transmitting?

Our location!


Mrs. Ito.

Get out!

Did you get my gift?

Four spiders no gift.

You gave her four spiders?

Venomous members
of the golden orbweaver genus.

For your sister's pet cafe.

In Japanese, four is a homonym for death.

First you turn down Harvard.
Now you work with a criminal.

I am through with you. Finished!

Out the back, the hole in the fence.

There's no hole in fence.

I stay!

They'll shoot you if you do.

Good. End misery.


Don't touch me!

Tom's killer?

Yes, and he could have the advantage.

We don't know that.

Which is why we have to go...
Because we don't know.

Excuse me.

Father? Agents Ressler and Navabi, FBI.

We were hoping that we could have a word.

What's this about?

We're looking for this man.

This is from three days ago.

No. That's not possible.

So you know him?

We're conducting
a criminal investigation.

His name is Thomas Wattles.
He goes by Tommy.

He was a priest in our Order,

but he was stripped of his
clerical title about a year ago.

You mind telling us why?

Mr. Wattles violated
his oath of celibacy.

Our leadership felt he wasn't worthy

of such an exalted position
in the eyes of our Lord.

We need to find him.

I haven't seen him
since he left the Order.

You say this is a criminal matter?

Yes. We believe he's setting fires,

burning men and women alive.


He's killing men, not just women?

Why would you say that?

If there's something that you know...

I can't. I'm sorry.

As Spiritual Director,
it's your responsibility

to hear the confessions of your priests.

Yes, but anything Tommy says
would be privileged.

It would be an unforgivable violation...

He's murdering people.
And he'll do it again.

The privilege can be violated
if you believe

he intends to commit
future acts of violence.

- Look at these.
- My God!

They were just fantasies.

Visions... That's what he said.

Tommy was having visions
of hurting women...

women he found attractive.

He saw it as a personal failing...

failing God.

He believed he had a calling as a priest.

And yet, he found himself
having these lustful urges

he couldn't suppress.

He was consumed with selfloathing.

These women were temptresses, he said,

sent by the Devil himself.

He said he had dreams
of destroying them...

burning them.

Purification by fire.

They weren't dreams, Father.
You should've said something.

I wonder if your God will
forgive you for not doing that.

Aram, we got a name... Tommy Wattles.

Okay, hang on. Searching.

The church thinks he's got
some kind of a vendetta

out against women he believes
are out to "tempt" him.

Which means he's had personal
encounters with his victims.

All right. Okay.
I've got a Thomas Owen Wattles

on Fisher Drive in Pimmit Hills.

That's him.

Aram, notify Virginia State Police.

Put a flag on him... cellphone,
vehicle, the works.

Look, this guy was willing
to torch his own safe house

to keep us one step behind.

If he hasn't fled, he will.
He knows we're onto him.

Check out the address in Pimmit Hills.

Reach out to the two survivors
you interviewed...

the ER doctor and her brother.

Show them Wattles' photo.

Let's hope that shakes something loose

before this guy finds another victim.

I feel terrible, Mariko.
I know it's small consolation,

but I've made arrangements
for you and Tadashi

to stay in the hotel.

A twobedroom suite is yours

until it's safe for you
to go back to your home.

Room service, 24hour spa,

tickets to any of the shows in town.

I hear there's a revival
of "The Music Man"

that's supposed to be marvelous.

She terrifies me.

She has that effect on people.

Can they still track us?

I disabled the locator signal.

They were using the signal to find us.

If I can reverse it,
figure out where it came from,

I could use it to find them.

What makes her happy?

Does she like a good foot massage?

We should have stayed.

I do know, by the way.

We ran, and now we have nothing.

What Tom figured out.

The truth he uncovered has to do with me.

I knew it.

I knew you were lying.

I told Tom not to pursue it.

What? Pursue what?

What is it?

An item Mr. Kaplan unearthed
that I wish to keep hidden.

An item?

What item?

I can't say.

Tom died because of it.

Tom ignored my warning.
That is why he died.

And this item... Did Tom have it?


And now his killers do.
That's why you're here.

That's... Not to help me,

not to avenge Tom's death,

but to help yourself

and get your precious secret back.

We want the same thing.

I gave Agnes up until this is over.

If I miss even one more day with her

than is absolutely necessary

because you're not being
completely honest with...

But I am being honest.

I do know, but I can't say.

I'm not trying to be clever.

It's not an ambiguity.

It's the truth.

I have a secret, and I need to keep it...

even from you.

His name's Tommy Wattles.

He purchased an airline ticket
to Heathrow,

and he never boarded.

His last credit card charge

was a purchase here last night.

Yeah, the priest. He was here.

Corner booth.

What do you mean, corner booth?

That's where he sits
at the deli on Riverside.

I see him at lunch there all the time.

Does he come alone?

No, he was with a woman.

She moved over, joined him at the table.

I assumed they knew each other.

Tell me about her.

No idea. Passing through, I don't know.

All right. What did she look like?

Young, pretty, maybe 30.

And he spoke to her?

Actually, I was the one
who spoke with him,

to say thank you.

I'd seen him place a togo order
a few days earlier.

He walked out and gave it to
a man living on the street.

The next time I saw him,

I told him I'd seen what he did,
that I thought it was nice,

that I wanted to pay it forward,
so I paid for his lunch.

What did he say?

He was... awkward,
like he didn't know what to say.

He could barely make eye contact.

All right. I'm gonna
need to see your receipts,

surveillance footage, anything
that might help identify her.

You really think she's in trouble?

Why?! Because I paid for his lunch?

Because II somehow "tempted" him?

He tried to kill me for that?

Look, all I can tell you right now

is that the woman that was here
last night with him,

she's in real danger, and I need
your help to find her.

Okay, let's step it out.

Tell me exactly
where we are, what we know.

Our suspect, Tommy Wattles, was expelled

from the Order of Traditum
after engaging in sexual acts

with a female member of the church.

Which led Wattles to harboring
a deep hatred towards women.

Women he thinks are
demons and temptresses.

- Women he doesn't know.
- Right.

And far as we can tell,
none of the victims

have had a relationship with
Wattles, let alone a sexual one.

This woman from the airport bar
last night was a stranger.

We a still working on an ID for her.

Wait a second. Hang on here.

I think the Bureau's
facial recognition software

may have just found a match

with the CCTV footage
from the airport hotel.

Okay, Claire Anne Homan, 26,

graphic designer at
a boutique firm in Arlington.

If he's still in the city,
she's the reason why.

Ressler, Navabi, get to her house.

Notify VSP and Fire.

Aram, see if you can get
this woman on the phone.

Let her know we may have
a situation on our hands.

Copy, sir.

Hello, Claire.

II see your fiancé couldn't make it.

I need you to come with me, love.

Come on, Claire!

Claire, Claire, Claire, please.


why do you dress like this?

Let's find you some clothes, okay?

So, I've been trying the woman

from the hotel bar, Claire Homan.

- You told her what's going on?
- I can't get through.

Sir, I, I have
a bad feeling about this.

I think Wattles may already be there.

It's ironic you found me the way you did,

in that bar, in a moment of weakness.

Trying to offer your flesh.

It felt more like a sign
than a test, really.

Through you, I could feel my
calling to God was solidified.

I don't... Why are you doing this?

What did I do to you?

We're five minutes out. Talk to me.

Trying to make contact.
Still no answer on her cell.

VSP and Fire are en route.

Aram, please try again.
We're almost there.

Okay, just... hurry.

Take the girl. I got him.

- He's outside!
- Are you okay?

I'll come back.

Tommy, stop!


Put it down, Tommy.

That woman inside, Claire,
she taunted me with her sex!

Do you know about the ritual
of the autodafé?

Put that down and we can talk about it.

The burning of the fallible human form,

cleansing those that may yet
achieve salvation,

giving the irredeemable sinner
their first foretaste of Hell.

And, for the observer,

the chance to confront
one's own transgressions.

Tommy, I know you're hurting.
I know you think

you're doing the right thing,
but this doesn't end well.

Trust me! Come on, Tommy.
We need your help.

Tommy, no.

It's the road to salvation.

To redemption and purity,
and I'm not afraid!

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned!

Tommy, no!

Jesus Christ.

Samar, any news?

We caught the Blacklister. Hey, Liz.

- Hey.
- And Fagen?!

He's having his parole hearing
later today.

Why is that woman staring at you?

Apparently the number four
is bad luck in Japan.

Who knew?

Yes, yes, yes!

You traced the signal.

Not only that, I Waze'd
the location... 32 minutes,

even with those crazy
left turns they make you take.

Do I even want to know
what's happening here?

It's about Tom. We think
we found who killed him.

That's great.

Tell me who it is and I'll call it in.

We gotta go.

Liz, you shouldn't do this on your own.

You called for a spa treatment?

Yes! Please, do come in.

I ordered an avocado/cucumber scrub.

I guarantee you'll feel like a new woman.

Or not.

May the force be with you.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

This place is staged.

This is my fault.

We had him.

Damascus was right outside the door.

We had him and we let him go.

That eye was our last lead.

We need to get this thing analyzed.

The data was certainly wiped clean.

We don't need the data.
We need the person who built it.

It's sophisticated,

custombuilt by someone who
does business with Damascus.

I want a name and a...


What is it?

Mr. Fagen's help was instrumental

in helping us close the case.

Because of his cooperation,

we took a very dangerous
criminal off the streets,

saved a lot of lives in the process.

Are you recommending parole?

I don't know Mr. Fagen

or whether he's remorseful
for what he's done.

I'm here to tell what I know.

Thank you, Agent Ressler.
We'll take your testimony int...

II used to think in terms
of black and white.

You were either a bad guy or you weren't.

I'm not sure about that anymore.

Under the right circumstances,
I've come to believe

that even the best of us are
capable of... almost anything.

I only mention that because,

well, I figure everyone deserves
a second chance.

The parole board was unanimous.

Fagen is being released.

You think that was the right call?

He was sentenced for 14 years, served 11.

On balance, I do.

And Reddington... Any idea why
he wanted Fagen to be released?

Hello, Mr. Fagen.


How did you know I was getting out?

You owe me your freedom.

It doesn't matter how I obtained it.

What matters is that I did.

Look, if this is about
that fire at Fritzles,

I had no idea you were...

I expect two things in return.

First, you won't so much
as light a match.

Second, when you do,
it'll be at my instruction.

You want me to set a fire?

I'll be in touch.

I know how hard this is.

I need your help to find Tom's killer.

I need it, but I don't know
if I can trust it.

You won't miss a day more with her

than is absolutely necessary.

You have my word.

And you have mine... That I'm
gonna honor Tom's dying wish.

Which was?

For me to know your truth.

Before this is over, I'm going
to find out what it is.