The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Smokey Putnum (No. 30) - full transcript

With his criminal empire in ruins, Red enlists Liz in a plan to earn cash and deliver a new Blacklister to the Task Force.



♪ Many years since
I was here

It's not here yet?

I had the maitre d'
call for my car

about 20 minutes ago.
I'm gonna be late, pal.

♪ I was passin' my time away

We got a 0-1-2-0-6.

♪ To the left and to
the right (HORN HONKS)

Sir, so sorry. We don't seem to
have this vehicle in the lot.

The car's
been picked up.

The hell it has!

My guy says
the car's not here.

Now, wait a minute. I
haven't picked my car up.

I've been in your restaurant
eating lunch.

A lemon-verbena iced tea
and salmon salad,

which was overcooked, for what it's worth.

And I'm certainly not
one of these meatheads

who tells you
to keep it close.

But if my Range Rover
is gone...

Sir, the ticket...

The ticket is collateral
for my $100,000 vehicle,

and if it's not...
This is a waste of my time.

I need to speak to your manager, okay?

♪ Sayin' "Where are we?"

♪ Stop at third and 43

I am so sorry. We're having a
little employee situation.

I don't want
to hear it, boss.

Just do your job
and park the car.

And, boss?
Keep it close.

♪ Ooh
♪ Feels so good tonight

♪ Ooh

♪ Who cares about tomorrow

♪ So, baby,
you'd better believe

♪ I'm back

♪ Back in
the New York groove

♪ I'm back
♪ Ooh, yeah

♪ Back in the New York groove

♪ I'm back

♪ Back in the New York groove

How are you today?

LIZ: Oh. I'm good.
Where are you?

I thought
we were meeting up.

Just bumped into
a few old friends,

just catching up.

Are those sirens?


We're outside.
It's very noisy here.

Perhaps I could
call you back.

Wait. Reddington, are you okay?
Never been better.

Hey, why don't you drop by
my new place.

You'll love the pool.

I'll send you the address.

Sorry, sweetheart.
I need to get off.

♪ So, baby, you better
believe (ENGINE REVS)

♪ I'm back

♪ Back in the New York groove

♪ Ooh
♪ I'm back

♪ Back in the New York groove

♪ Ooh
♪ I'm back

♪ Back in the New York groove


♪ Ooh
♪ I'm back

♪ Back in the New York groove


♪ I'm back

♪ Back in the New York groove

♪ Ooh
♪ I'm back

♪ Back in the New York groove

♪ I'm back

♪ New York groove

♪ New York groove

♪ New York groove

♪ I'm back ♪

My God, Raymond.

She's a beauty.

Yes. Yes, she is.

How'd she do?

Like Bergita Olofson
in her parents' rumpus room

on a Saturday night.


This should cover
my outstanding debt,

along with the rest
of the month.

And, Dariush, if it's not
too presumptuous,

I'd like pay for drinks
at tonight's social hour.

I'm feeling flush.

♪ One, two, get down


♪ Paid the cost
to be the boss

♪ Paid the cost
to be the boss

♪ I paid the cost
to be the boss

♪ Look at me,
you know what you see

♪ You see a bad mutha

♪ Look at me,
you know what you see

♪ You see a bad mutha

♪ Paid the cost
to be the boss

♪ Paid the cost
to be the boss

♪ Look at me,
you know what you see

♪ You see a bad mutha ♪

Hold up.
Agent Navabi.

"Agent Navabi"?

I think we're
a little bit beyond

"Agent Navabi,"
aren't we?

Yeah, um, 100%,

but, um, we agreed to keep it
professional at work.


It's not like
we broke any laws.

Oh, my God.
I forgot my bike.

Your bike.
Where is it?

In the shop.

I cracked the hub
on the Rolf wheel,

so, uh, took a taxi.

Well, you're late.

Cooper's been looking
for you.

What's going on?

The new FBI director
got sworn in today.

And his first
order of business

is a bureau-wide review
of all special operations.

They're gonna find out

that Mr. Reddington's empire
has been decimated.

What they'll find is that
Reddington gives us

more high-level targets than
anyone else in the bureau.

COOPER: I'm not worried about his
ability to provide us cases.

I'm worried we may have
a perception problem.

What does that mean?
"Perception," sir?

There was a DNA test

between Reddington and Keen.

And it's only
a matter of time

before I have to disclose
the results of that test.

Which were?

Raymond Reddington's
her father.




You've just missed
the Ludeman family.

I must've thrown quarters for that
little girl to fetch for over two hours.

Soda pop?

You're living here.

I make my bed
where I lay my head.

At the Terrace Vista
Motor Lodge?

I got to tell you,

I'm thinking about
making it permanent.

Dariush, the owner and I,
are somewhat the same size,

which has been
a Godsend.

I think you'd
quite like it here.

They host a social hour
at sunset...

Music and cocktails.

It's a lovely crowd,

Eclectic, to say the least.

I thought you'd be a
little bit more proactive,

trying to find ways
to rebuild,

crawl your way
back to the top.

Where's Dembe?

Dip your toes in.

I swear Dariush keeps the
pool at body temperature.

You can't even feel
the water. (CHUCKLES)

I'm glad you're having
a nice time.

But Cooper actually
sent me to see

if you might have a case.

Oh. I didn't realize

you were here
on official business.

Well, you are
my father and...

Oh, my God, that sentence
and all that it means.

But, to be honest, knowing who
my father is at this point

isn't gonna change who I am

or the fact
that you're my CI.

And I need a case.

Then I suppose
I'll need my pants.


REDDINGTON: Good afternoon.

(DOORBELL JINGLES) Everybody be cool.
I know who you are.

I've always wanted
to hunt for bounty.

You're Raymond Reddington.
And you're a bail bondsman,

which means you're likely
looking for a fugitive.

I believe I can help.

Are you asking
for a job?

Yes. Your biggest case.

Who is it?
This isn't happening.

You're offering to help me
find a fugitive?

You're a fugitive.

And as much as it pains me

to hunt one of my own,

it pains me more to admit
I need the cash.

So, a name.

Smokey Putnum,

wanted for embezzling
over $2 million

from Davis and Fox

The movie company?
No, the carnival.

How fun. Even better.
I love a good carnival.

LIZ: Um, could you excuse us
for just one moment?


I'm sorry.
What are you doing?

We need
a Blacklister.

Harold needs a Blacklister.

I need to pay the rent,

and beggars
can't be choosers.

We need a name.
And we have one.

Smokey Putnum.
Please, do tell.

Putnum went dark
about two days ago.

He's due in D.C.
for a trial in 36 hours.

Now, if he doesn't
show up,

I forfeit my $80,000,
all-cash bond.

What do skip tracers
usually get?

About 10%.


I couldn't sleep right if
I took a penny over 50%.

$40,000, and I'll have Smokey
to court on time.

Elizabeth, you'll need
to pack a bag.

We're taking a road trip. "We"?

Yes, please.

I don't have a car.



See you in 36.


Tell me you have news.


I was able to trace
the suitcase

to a bus station
in Columbia Heights.

But it's gone.

No witnesses,
no surveillance.

Dembe, one of Kaplan's
associates has to have it.

We need to find
that suitcase

before it finds its way
to Elizabeth.


LIZ: Yes, sir.
I told him the situation.


No, he doesn't seem
to care.

It's Cooper.
He's been happier.

Hello, Harold.

You're a bounty hunter now?

Have you ever had
deep-fried butter?

Bringing a fugitive
carnival manager back

to stand trial
for embezzlement?

Clogs more arteries than a car
accident during rush hour,

and, yet, people out here
can't get enough of it.

Keen told you
we're under review.

We have a new director.
I need Blacklisters.

And you'll have one soon, after
we do a little rebuilding.

You expect the FBI to help you
rebuild a criminal empire?

Perhaps you're the one in
need of some clarification.

The Blacklist has value

because it is based on the
best possible intelligence.

Information that was not
available yesterday

and will be
obsolete tomorrow.

The criminal underworld
is not static, Harold.

It consists of constantly
shifting alliances and leadership

which can only be discerned
by a few key players.

I was one of those players,

and with your help,
I intend to be one again.

like deep-fried butter,

I am unhealthy
and yet irresistible.


Excuse me, um, sir?

I'm wondering if, uh, you decided
to tell the new director

about Agent Keen and Mr.
Reddington's relationship.

Not yet,
but as a rule,

I like to come down on the
side of transparency.

So you think the bureau
should be kept informed

about personal relationships?


Hey. Just got word
from Main Justice.

Laurel Hitchin
was found dead.

The National Security

Medical examiner and Mobile
Crime are on scene now.

You and Navabi, get there. Sir?

We both know
Reddington's behind this.

If it points back to him,
it points to us. Go.

Find out what's going on.

Settle down, boy.

Dog house is closed.

We're looking
for Joe Putnum,

or "Smokey,"
as they call him.

U.S. Marshals
come and gone.

K-eaz-eep y-eaz-our
m-eaz-outh sh-eaz-ut.

I w-eaz-ern't go-eaz-nn-eaz-a
s-eaz-ay n-eaz-oth-eaz-in'.

Y-eaz-ou al-eaz-ready
s-eaz-aid t-eaz-oo m-eaz-uch.



Wh-eaz-at, uh, d-eaz-id

Ah, the hell with it.
The Marshals.

What did you tell them?

And preferably not in Cant.

It's a private language
carnies use

to keep outsiders
from understanding

what they're
talking about.

I spent two summers
operating the Whack-the-Cats

at the Emmet County Fair.

And to be honest,

I had no idea what the hell
any of them were saying.

But I'm pretty sure

this one was telling this
one not to cooperate.

Bad advice.

We'll tell you
same as we told them.

Don't know where he's at.

Wouldn't say even if we did.

Why not?
Putnum stole from you.

Says Hawkins.

She handled the books.

Always got first count.

Total cake-cutter.

Got caught, cut a deal
to testify against Putnum.

That's why he skipped.

Minute he sets foot
in the court,

he's got a snitch
waiting to finger him

for a crime
he didn't commit.

Who's T.L.?

The lady asked you
a question.


Who's T.L.?

Tammy Lynn Thompson.

And where might we find
Tammy Lynn?




You think
it was an accident?

No sign
of forced entry.

Any prints,
signs of a struggle?

we're still dusting.

Good news is, turns out she
has a surveillance system.


We just got here.
Give me a little time.

We're talking about the National
Security Advisor dead in her own home.

I want real-time intel
on this.

When you know, I know.

This was no accident.


Didn't know
Smokey had no sister.

I'm sure you didn't.
Smokey still doesn't know.

Loretta spent her last five
years trying to find him.

And when'd she die?

Just under
a year ago,

which is why we must
find Mr. Putnum soon.

If I can't conclude
the paperwork by week's end,

the entire inheritance will
be forfeited to the state.

Tammy Lynn, I've worked with
Jacobson and Orr for 36 years.

I have never seen
an estate payout this big.

We're talking
life-changing money.

Putnum smokes Hartswicks.

We saw a picture of him
at Russell Springs.

This one's still warm.

Oh, dear.

Where is he?

What the hell
are you doing?

Mr. Putnum, you need
to come out right now,

or we're gonna make a mess
in Tammy Lynn's living room.

Get out!
Get out of my house!

I'm gonna count to three.

One, two, three.

What the hell?


Let's try again,
shall we?




The janitor at my elementary
school was called "Smokey."

No idea why.

He never smoked a day
in his life.

But I tell you what.

If you don't come down here
right now,

they're gonna be calling you...




Now, there's an entrance.


PUTNUM: You can't
take me back.

They got Hawkins.
She cut a deal.

That greedy, craven, little
coward is gonna testify,

and when she does,
they're gonna lock me up.

Maybe you should've
thought of that

before you stole the money.

it's true.

The file says
you were a gaffer

with the Ringling Brothers.

I've always been fascinated
by your line of work.

His "work"?
Running the bumper cars?

REDDINGTON: Elizabeth,
this man was responsible

for moving the greatest show
on earth from city to city.

The Pentagon
sent its top people

to study
his logistical legerdemain

to learn how to move troops
in and out of battle.

Imagine the trains,
all the performers,

their equipment,
the crew, roustabouts,

the animal wranglers,

An entire city
moved at night.

Not to mention the lions
and tigers and bears, oh, my.

What a showman.
What a mind.

I forgot my insulin
at the house.

We got to... We... We...
We got to turn around.

We're not turning around.
But my insulin.

I sincerely doubt
you have...

PUTNUM: What do you want?
You want money?

You can have the money.

It's yours if you let me go.

How do I know
you still have it?

You're not seriously considering...
It's in Richmond.

5052 West Graham Road.
It's yours.

Fine. I'll take it.

No, no deal!
Yes! Thank you.

After I surrender you
to the court

and collect my bounty.

Now, it's just
over 600 miles to D.C.,

so if we push on, we should
be there in 10, 12 hours.

That said,
if time permits,

I would love to stop along
the Bourbon Trail

and try
a Honey Ginger Buck.

I think we might be stopping

a little earlier
than you'd like.

Must be U.S. Marshals.

U.S. Marshals!
Pull over!

Oh, God.
Don't stop.

PUTNUM: No, no, you...
You can't pull over.

They're U.S. Marshals.
If I don't stop...

REDDINGTON: If you do stop,
they'll search this car,

and while it may be
Mr. Putnum they're after,

they'll be thrilled at
their unexpected discovery.

Let me handle it.

REDDINGTON: Elizabeth, no.

LIZ: Just let me
get rid of 'em.

FBI. I'm transporting
a fugitive.

What is it?

These aren't Marshals.

REDDINGTON: Elizabeth!








Get in!





I got a lot of questions!

But first,
who the hell were those guys?

REDDINGTON: The skinheads?

What the hell
do you mean, skinheads?

Other than the fact that they
happen to have skinheads?

They run
a massive drug cartel

that launders profits through
Davis and Fox Entertainment.

The carnival? It's a
cash-heavy business.

The profits are Smurfed

and worked into the proceeds
of each city.

So, your brilliant
criminal enterprise

was founded on the concept
that you steal money

from the most ruthless,
bass-ackwards groups of racists

you could possibly find?

You're dragging me halfway
across the country for 40 grand.

That's a business plan?

This car's shot.

I'll call Cooper.

What? Why not?

If the Feds take Putnum in,
I don't get my 40 grand.

Are you kidding me?

I'm an FBI agent.
He's in my custody.

I'll make sure
you get your money.

REDDINGTON: If I give him
to you, you're gonna take him

to the nearest
FBI field office,

where he'll demand
an identity hearing

or fight extradition.
In either case...

He'll miss
his court date,

and you won't get
your money.

Hey. Talk fast.

Your smoking car's
like the Bat-Signal.

Those goons'll find us
any minute.

Next one goes in your leg.

I'm not afraid
of you, Bub.

Do you even know why
you're turning me in, hmm?

To stand trial for
embezzling from my employer,

not the cartel,
from the carnival.

The Feds have no clue
the cartel's even involved.

Only reason they know anything
about the missing money

is because of some
random IRS audit,

but the truth is
gonna come out in court,

and I'm gonna
be killed in jail.

So how about you let me go,
I stay alive,

and when I'm home safe, I'll write
you a check for the 40 grand?

Think that's a lot smarter
than whatever

you two geniuses
have planned.

REDDINGTON: "Planned"?

I don't have the foggiest
idea how to get you back.

That's what makes it fun.
The surprises.

Your carnival people,
your skinheads,

your mouth that
won't stop running.

So buckle up, Smokey,
because before this is over,

you and I are gonna
get to know each other

better than either of us
would like.

And my 40 grand...

I'm gonna enjoy earning
every damn penny.

Uncuff him.


PUTNUM: I'm... I'm...
I'm getting dizzy.

I need to get
my blood sugar up.

I need... I need to get...
Get some air.

(WHISPERING) Mind telling
me what's going on?

I don't know.
I feel pretty good.

Knock it off.

Rent money
and an adventure?

What are you up to?

I feel alive.

Zipping off in that car,
bullets flying.

What a thrill.

And the driving.
Dembe's always driving.

I should do more driving.

I am sorry
about your car, however.

You can pretend to be
loving this all you want,

but I know the truth.

The truth is
you're scared.

Scared because
you've lost everything

and you don't know
how to get it back.

Good morning.

Hmm. Cincinnati?

No, not yet.

I do have a funny joke
about Cincinnati, though.

A priest, a rabbi, and Pete
Rose walk into a casino and...

Orange juice!

(STAMMERS) I need a glass
of orange juice!

Oh, stop it.

(STAMMERS) My blood sugar!
Stop it!

I need it, I need it!
I'm... I'm gonna be sick!


How is it?

Mmm. It's delicious.

I'm sorry
I don't have any money.

I would've paid.

I'm just happy
you're happy.

I tried to tell you
I'm a diabetic.

Just eat your pie.

Please don't do this.

The cartel,
those skinheads,

they have people
on the inside.

You know what will happen to me.

I'm serious
about the money.

It's yours if you... If you...

Oh, it's my boss.

Well, that's a sentence
I never expected to say.

Maurice, great news.
We have Putnum is custody.

Where are you?

Well, there was a slight
hiccup in our plans.

We'll be taking the 2:00 P.M.
Cardinal out of Cincinnati.

Should arrive with plenty
of time before the trial.



Just got a location
on Putnum.

Cincinnati Amtrak, next train
to Union Station, D.C.

ODIN: Tad got a location.


You wanted to see me?

Shut the door.
Sit down.

Something wrong?

You were at Laurel Hitchin's
home the day she passed.

Yeah, which I included
in my report.

I saw that.

But I noticed
you omitted the fact

that there was bad blood
between the two of you.

Well, I didn't see
how that was relevant.

In the weeks
before she died,

you stormed
into Hitchin's home,

shot one of her guards,
and accused her of murder.

In turn, she had
your badge taken away,

and now you're one of the
last people to see her alive.


And you have nothing
to say about that?

No intel
on how she died?

I'm sorry, but what exactly
are you getting at?

I'm asking
if it's a coincidence

that the woman you despised
ended up dead

shortly after
you paid her a visit?

Well, it sounds like it.

Either that or,
uh, karma.

I see.

I had to ask.

That's all,
Agent Ressler.




RESSLER: Hey, it's me.

I think you and I
need to talk.


Train's delayed again.

Again? How long?

Another hour.

We're gonna miss
the cut-off.

I'm gonna find us a car.

To steal?

No. No, you're not.

I'm sorry, my dear, were you
about to suggest something else?

Don't speak to me
like I'm a child.

Elizabeth, please keep an eye
on our fugitive.

train to arrive on Track five.

Next is service
to San Antonio.

All passengers...

He's your dad.

That's why
you're helping him,

because he's your father.

Drink your coffee.

I saw you badging
our bus driver.

I couldn't figure it out.

A cop
with him? Why?

I'm not helping him.

I'm bringing
a fugitive to justice.

I see.
You won't steal a car,

but you'll take me
to prison,

where I'm gonna
get killed?

I'm just doing this
by the book.



I got to use the can.

You think
I'm gonna try and run?

I'm not stupid.

I... I just got
to take a leak.


I'll hold it for you.












He got him!
He's gone!

Putnum's gone!

The truck had Texas plates.

I'm sending you everything
I got from the database

matching that criteria.

6'1", tattooed neck,

white supremacist
with known ties

to the Lone Star State.

He has
a "warrior rune" tattoo.

That could indicate
he did some time

in federal prison.
Okay, got it.

By the way,
Mr. Cooper told us

about you
and Mr. Reddington.

Most people are really happy to
have a lawyer in the family.

You've got a master criminal.

ARAM: How cool is that?

LIZ: Wait, this is the guy.

ARAM: Okay. Odin Neiland.

He did five years
at FCI Lewisburg

for distribution
of methamphetamines.

Wait, Liz, hang on a second.

Okay, this guy has ties
to Roman LeMarc.

Okay, LeMarc runs
a neo-Nazi outfit

the Friedrich Brigade.

They are a ruthless,
Mafia-style crime syndicate

that smuggles drugs through
the federal prison system.

LIZ: Reach out
to FBI headquarters.

Have them run
their contacts and sources

and see if they can't get
a location

on this scumbag.

LeMarc had to have his
people listening in on us.

To the bondsman, maybe?

It's the only way
they could have found us.

And as for Putnum, if he's not
dead yet, he will be soon.

Let's go.

Go where?
What about Putnum?

I doubt he's dead, and I think
I know where to find him.

Get in.

It's been a pleasure.

You're not
going anywhere,

not until you tell me
what's going on.

You left Hitchin's body
at the scene.

There's cops crawling
all over that place.

They'll discover she slipped
and fell and hit her head.

You're supposed
to be a fixer!

You were supposed
to make this go away!

Calm down,
Mr. Sturgeon.


Laurel Hitchin was
the National Security Advisor.

She had enemies,
she had lots of them.

And because of
your brilliant plan,

you just triggered a multi-agency
investigation into her death!

Mr. Sturgeon,

I don't care what kind
of scrutiny it draws,

because I'm very good
at what I do.

The evidence is gone,
every trace,

which means
you were never there.

So unless you go home

and suddenly grow
a conscience,

this thing is over.

You're welcome.

Now, goodbye.



Mr. Putnum,
go find your money.

You, sit.

I understand you're upset.

You trusted a man to launder
your criminal nastiness,

and instead,
he absconded with it.

I'm here
to make things right.

A proposal.

You get your money, and I get
the man who took your money.

why would I agree to that?

Because I have the guns.


Take your money and go.

What? No.
No, no, no, no, no.

I don't want to get involved
in your affairs,

so if you take your money
and leave,

you'll never
see me again.

And Mr. Putnum will not
be telling anyone...

The courts
or otherwise,

about the intricacies
of your business operations.

I'm his rabbi now.

You're free to go.
No, you're not.

Whoa, whoa.
What the hell's going on?

Mr. LeMarc
was just leaving.

LEMARC: And what if I tell
you I'm not leaving here

without both him
and my money?

I put a bullet in your head
and keep your money.

I said no.

she won't shoot you,

but trust that I will.

On three.

One, two... LIZ: Don't
touch that money!

(CHUCKLES) Now, that's a nasty
look that takes practice.

You must have sisters.

You walk out that door,
I fire.



♪ I remember
you were a charmer

♪ Laughing as though ♪

Want to know
why I took the money?


It's in my nature.

Back when I traveled
with the bigtop,

I liked to get a little
card game going after rap.

You know, Stud, Hi/Lo,
Texas Hold 'Em.

My daddy, he was
a gambler like his daddy,

so, um,
I had to be careful.

It was four years ago,

I got into a game

with a few of LeMarc's boys.

Lost a lot of money
that night.

Lot of money.
That's how they got me.

LeMarc wanted me
to pay off my note,

asked me to find a way
to launder his money for him,

so I... I did it,

but I wasn't never gonna
get out from under him.

That's why I was skimming
from his cartel.

To get out.

I should've known
all those years ago,

but just like my daddy,
I was a gambler.

No way to avoid
the family curse.

It's nature vs. nurture.

And nature wins every time.

Our DNA is what it is.

♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah,
ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪



I'll... I'll...
I'll die in there.

Don't do this.

Mr. Putnum,
I believe turning you in

is the right thing,
the legal thing.

Do you agree,

Yes, it's the right thing to do.

You have 45 minutes before I
have to be at the courthouse.

Can you at least let me call
Tammy Lynn and say goodbye?

Right there.


For a moment there, I didn't
think we were gonna make it.

I never should've
let LeMarc go.

REDDINGTON: You weren't willing to
shoot an unarmed man in the back.

I think that's something
to admire, not regret.

LeMarc's the real bad guy
in this.

If we had him,

Putnum could agree
to testify against LeMarc,

get leniency,
stand a chance.

I'm not defending
what he did,

but he's only
in this situation because...

Because of his father?


Or perhaps it's the dumb luck
of a gambler.

He just wanted to get away
from the criminal in his life.

Can't blame him
for that.


REDDINGTON: What the hell?

What happened?
What's going on?

A bomb... They're saying there's
a bomb in the building.


Federal agent!
There's no treat.

This genius here called in
a 10-89 as a diversion

to avoid a court hearing.

I need you
to escort him.

He's got an appointment
with a judge in 40 minutes.

COOPER: So that's it? Reddington
takes you on a grand adventure

to bring a carnival barker
to justice?

I know it sounds crazy he
would do something like this

to make ends meet,

but Putnum is now in the U.S.
Marshals' custody,

and he is at trial
as we speak.

He did it for the money.

I owe you an apology.


I've decided to disclose your
relationship with Reddington.

It's the right thing to do.

I want to do
the right thing.

I'm sorry
for the personal scrutiny

that will likely result
from this...

The doubts,
suspicions of your loyalty,

which may rise again.

I'm not going
to sugarcoat it.

This is gonna
be a struggle.

But I have
great confidence in you,

confidence you'll make
the right decisions,

if you just stay true
to yourself.


Got your bail money?

I did. Thank you.

There's something
you should know.

You may be my father, and I am going
to help you rebuild your empire,

because it will enable us
to catch criminals.

But I'm not gonna lose sight
of who I am in the process.

Please don't make me
return the car.

I've always secretly wanted
a Wagoneer.

It smells like Dad's car.

Like peanut shells,


Elizabeth, if it helps
to salve the wound,

we did bring
a fugitive to justice.

And a neo-Nazi
is walking free,

and his cartel is thriving.

And as for Putnum,

the only way
he could get leniency

is if he returned
the money he embezzled,

but thanks to us,
he can't do that.

And his former partner,

is being transported
from jail to the courthouse

and is going to testify
against Putnum,

and he will be found guilty,
and he will go to prison.

And there is no guarantee
LeMarc won't have him killed.

♪ I know you're scared,
but that's all right


♪ When you're living
out here in the wild

♪ Just be prepared
to stay alive


♪ When you're living
out here in the wild ♪

Hey, Morgan. Chuck.

You have the package?

Any trouble?
MORGAN: Close call.

We passed the real transport
van on the highway.

Make sure the guard
gets his money.

And thank you, guys.
I'm in your debt.

♪ Instinct's the only thing
that keeps us alive

♪ Take my hand
and every step ♪

Who are you?

Your fairy godmother.

Your deal
with the prosecutor

got your sentence reduced
to four years.

With me,
it's reduced to none.

Care to hear more?


JUDGE: I've given the prosecution
several continuances.

And now your star witness
is nowhere to be found...

Your Honor, if I may,
it was contin...

No, you have no witness.

The charges against
the defendant are dismissed.

Mr. Putnum, you are free to go.

♪ When you're living out here
in the wild ♪ (CAR DOOR SLAMS)

That's what this
whole thing was about?

You had to get Putnum back
in order to draw Hawkins out,

which could only happen if
Putnum showed up to trial.

This whole thing was about
getting to the accountant.

That's half of it.

I'd be happy to explain,

but there is something I
need you to do for me first.

Agent Navabi and I...

We're, um...


And if, uh, that's gonna
be a problem, you know,

with the higher-ups, then,
uh, I'd be willing to...

Hey. You wanted to see us?

Aram, it's not a problem.

What's going on?

COOPER: I heard
from the medical examiner.

He's concluded Laurel Hitchin's
death was an accident.

Forensics pulled nothing
off the surveillance.

Evidently, it was as simple
as it sounds.

Slipped and hit her head.

So that's it.
Case closed.

Case closed.

You may think you want
to be off the pool,

believe me, up and ba...

What the hell
is he doing here?

Nope. No way in hell.
No way.

Eaz-I t-eaz-old y-eaz-ou i-eaz-f
I-eaz e-eaz-ver s-eaz-aw y-eaz-ou...

B-eaz-ack o-eaz-ff, p-eaz-al.
I-eaz'm i-eaz-n n-eaz-o m-eaz-ood.

Okay, take a breath.
Let's celebrate.

Can a diabetic
drink wine? Dariush.

Who has diabetes?

Well, you can't blame
a guy for trying.

Earlier today, you two were
both on your way to trial,

to prison, and now, thanks
to us, you're both free.

Free to greet opportunity
knocking at your door.


Imagine owning 2% in a
multi-national conglomerate

with interests in travel,
beverage, technology,

cyber, defense, revolution,

with gross profits
that would be the envy

of most companies
in the Fortune 500.

Which... Which...
Which conglomerate is that?


You live in a motel.

And LeMarc
is still out there.

I have every confidence that
the FBI is in the process

of finding whatever rock LeMarc
and his men are hiding under.

Well, we...

We... We... We... We don't know
anything about your line of work.

Hawkins here
knows money laundering

like the Pope
knows the Bible.

And you, Smokey...

You know everything
there is to know

about logistics
and tactics.

It wasn't your fault

the greatest show on earth
went out of business.

That says more about lack of
vision than anything else.

And sure,
you're down on your luck

and you made some poor choices
that put a wedge between you,

but I removed
that wedge today.

And if you're as smart
as I know you two are,

you'll agree
to this proposal.

And together,
we'll take a wild ride.



More wine!

Help yourself to the
pretzels and the cheeses.

We're all family here.

♪ Won't you come see
about me (CHUCKLES)

I was wrong.

You're not at all
scared of the future.

Oh, my gosh.

♪ Giving me everything,
inside and out

♪ Don't you forget about me

You're actually
loving this.


♪ Don't, don't, don't, don't

♪ Don't you forget about me

♪ As you walk on by


♪ Will you call my name? ♪

What are you doing here?
You shouldn't be here.

I was careful
not to be followed.


The official report
came back.

ME ruled the death
an accident.

Which is why I'm here.

Yeah, I couldn't help
but wonder

how Reddington's
security man, Mr. Sturgeon,

knew details only the police
should know.

So I did a little
police work myself.

I ran your prints.

Turns out you're not
Mr. Sturgeon after all,

but rather Special Agent
Donald Ressler with the FBI.

What do you want?

I want you to know you're
gonna be doing me some favors

in the very near future.

Did you forget that
you got rid of the evidence

that I was even at
that crime scene?

I didn't get rid of it,
Agent Ressler.

I hid it.

Do what I ask, when I ask,
and it'll stay hidden.

We'll be in touch.

♪ Lala, la-la, lala, la-la

♪ La, la, la la,
la, la-la-la ♪


That was Cooper.

He's got a beat
on LeMarc and his crew,

and they should be in
custody within the hour.

So you get your bad guys,
and I get mine.


LIZ: Dembe.
Where have you been?

Do you want a drink?

Yes. Thank you, Elizabeth.

How'd you do?

I couldn't find it.

Dembe, that suitcase...

We need to find
that suitcase.




Hey. Don't shoot.

(GASPS) You're back!



How you doing?

Are you really here?

I really am.
God, I missed you.

I have some news.

You've got news?
I've got news.

It's about Reddington.

What about him?

He's my father.

He's your father?

I know, it's crazy.

Uh, but it explains
so much.

I mean, of course,

I'm confused about why he
took so long to tell me

and how I feel
about everything, but...

Wait a minute. You're here.

So, do you have
something to tell me?

I wanted to tell you
that I love you, Liz,

and that I'm never
gonna leave you,

ever again.




You better not leave.

I'll kill you.