The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Dr. Adrian Shaw (No. 98): Conclusion - full transcript

Red pressures Dr. Shaw to locate a former patient. Liz contemplates the implications of her ties to an increasingly desperate and dangerous Alexander Kirk. Mr. Kaplan comes to a critical realization about her future.

Previously on "The Blacklist"...

Enter the code!

And Reddington is suddenly looking
for a mysterious blood doctor

who's doing cutting-edge
research into gene sequencing.

- You're Raymond Reddington.
- And you're in my debt.

The plan is already in motion.

Men are coming, Elizabeth.

Men who kill every living
thing who gets in their way.

Tell Harold and then you
get out of that hospital.

Okay, cameras up.

When you engage, you have a
4-minute window for extraction.

Colonel Wright ordered a dialysis.

Can't let you in without a scan.

Okay, Viktor, someone's coming.

Can I help you?

Four minutes and counting.

Is it true? The DNA test?
You're not Kirk's daughter.

Tell your team to expect
a full military assault.

What are you talking about?

I just got off the
phone with Reddington.

He has reason to believe Kirk's
men are coming to break him out.

Call it off.

You talked to Reddington.

He's the only one who gets
you worked up like this.

If you try to escape,
innocent people will die.

Secure area on the left.

Incendiaries are live.

Even if you could get out,
what's the point? You are sick.

You can help me, Masha.

I know you don't wanna believe this,

- but those test results...
- They were altered by Reddington.

No, they're real. I'm not your daughter.

Reddington wants me dead, Masha.

- He always has.
- Maybe. I don't know.

But I do know that I can't save your
life. And you aren't going anywhere.

You're wrong. We're leaving
here together, solnishko.

No arguments.

- May I have
- Agent Keen.

... your attention, please?

There has been a fire emergency
reported in the building.

- Our people are inside.
- Copy that.

May I have your attention,
please? There has been...

We believe the fire's a false
flag to help Kirk break out.

Tell your people no one in or out
of this room until I say otherwise.

- What's hospital protocol?
- Evacuation and/or containment.

This ward is specifically designed
to go into emergency lockdown.

Has anyone seen Tom?

Come on, man. Let me
in. My wife's in there.

- Can't do it.
- You know me.

I've been in and out all day. I
just went to get a cup of coffee.

Sorry, we have orders.

Well, you're letting
these guys in, right?

May I have your attention,
please? There has been...

- Doesn't make sense.
- What doesn't?

Why start a fire? It only
initiates hospital protocol,

making it even harder to get inside.

- Reddington.
- You're still at the hospital.

I told you, you need to get out now.

They're already inside.

Blow it. Now. Go.

Get down!

Ready? One, two, three.

- Move, move, down!
- Out, out. Come on!


Get Kirk out.

Go now.

- Drop your weapon. Put it down.
- You put it down.


Leave him. We're only here for Masha.

- Liz!
- Tom!

- Liz.
- Tom!

She cannot hear you, my friend!

Are you saying something?

I still cannot hear you!

Keep moving, keep moving.

Inside. Go, go, go. Go.

Leave him. Go now.

Hey, hey. Give me the
keys. Give me the keys.


You've told me you've always wanted a...

pristine, unspoiled place to
live out your days in peace.

So the acre is yours for all eternity.


Fever broke.

Think we beat that infection.

So, who's Raymond?

He the one that shot
you? Or the other guy?

Which one?

I don't know why you're
protecting these people.

Truth is, I don't care.

You're not leaving me a lot
of options here, sweetheart.

Can't hold you prisoner forever.

So let me go.

This here is a squat.

Public land.

Rangers would run me off if they knew.

Nobody knows I'm here but you.

You don't trust me.

So how am I supposed to
trust you with my whole world?

This would've been a whole lot easier

if you had been considerate
enough to die on your own.

We're 10 minutes out.
You got eyes on Kirk?

Aram's trying to locate
the escape vehicle.

- Where are you on Dr. Shaw?
- Nowhere. Reddington got to her.

If we're right and Shaw
knows how to cure Kirk,

Reddington has just made sure
that's not going to happen.

Which means Liz is his only hope.

Kirk's not gonna hurt her as long as
he needs her stem cells to survive.

But he doesn't. The hospital ran
DNA tests. They're not related.

It was Kirk's men at the hospital.

- Did Elizabeth get out?
- She was taken by Kirk.

Well, she'll be safe with him

until Kirk's doctors confirm
she's not his daughter,

but we don't have much time.

We need to find patient
zero. How long, Dr. Shaw?

It might help if I knew what
you needed the patient for.

My agenda has no bearing on your task.

You know what you're
looking for. I need it now.

I've treated hundreds of
patients over the years.

This is going to take some time.

I'm out of time, Doctor,
which means you're out of time.

Find the patient.

You're angry, and I accept that.

Tom better not be dead.

In time, you'll understand I did
this to hold my family together.

He better not be dead.

The test... Reddington falsified it.

He'll do anything to keep us apart.

We're approaching the switch site.
Medical teams are prepped and waiting.

Tom Keen, make sure he's not hurt.

- I'm not giving you my blood.
- You will help me, Masha,

one way or another.

- Agent Mojtabai.
- Aram! I'm following Liz.

She's in an ambulance
heading north on Bristoll.

Hang on!

- Aram, the ambulance.
- I'm tracking it now.

Agents Ressler and Navabi
are closing in from the west.

I'm vectoring you in.

- Why are we slowing?
- You can't stop

You need to get to the switch car.

Hold on.

Everybody out!

Let's go!


Get out of the way!

Hey. How's it going under there?

My boss ordered me not to kill you,

but he didn't say anything about
messing up that pretty face.

- Whoo!
- Okay, okay, okay.

You owe me.

What are you doing?

Can't keep you.

Can't kill you.

I was gonna cut you loose and...

pray you don't tell anybody I'm up here.

You could've left me in the woods.

No, I couldn't do that.

Police found the sedan abandoned
under a bridge about a mile away.

- Where is this place?
- That bridge was well chosen.

No surveillance cameras,
a complete dead zone.

You had a switch vehicle stashed there.

You were supposed to be in it.

We need a make and tag number.

Where were they headed?

Prisoners are legally
guaranteed medical care.

And... I've been shot.

- You were treated by paramedics.
- I need a doctor.

You are showing deliberate
indifference to my injuries,

and that is against the law.


So... this where the bullet went in?

This building doesn't exist.

That means you're not
here and you never were.

Where is Alexander Kirk?

They had a van waiting under the bridge.

A silver panel van.

The safe house was 10 minutes away,

but they hadn't told me where
in case of something like this.

I don't believe you. You're lying.

- I'm not!
- Tell me.

I don't...

know... where.

Keen was taken from the drop
site in a silver panel van.

Safe house is less than 10 minutes away.

Contact Montgomery County Police.

Tell them to pull all surveillance
from in and around that area...

local businesses, traffic cams.

I'll start a search for
properties in the area

associated with Kirk
or his shell companies.

Knock on doors,
interview street vendors.

Talk to anyone who
might've seen that van.

Let's find Agent Keen.

- I talked to Ressler.
- Tell me everything.

They think they've nailed a location

where she's being held,
somewhere in Silver Spring.

- I think I found something.
- Hey. Hello, did you hear me?

I need to find her,
and I need your help.

No. The FBI needs to find her.

We need to focus on keeping
Elizabeth alive once they do.

What are you talking about?

I'll call you on this
number when I know more.

I found patient zero.

Call Baz. Tell him to get
Dr. Reifler here right away.

Go on.

Mr. Reddington, I was
on the verge of patenting

cutting-edge research that
would've saved countless lives.

I had to restore my
credentials as a doctor,

and thanks to you,
I've lost it all again.

Patient zero. I need a name.

I want you to bankroll my
work. I want my future back.

My research is illegal, not immoral.

A distinction I'm comfortable drawing.

But human experimentation
in the hull of a ship

is a bit too Draconian even for me.

I need your word that
you will not kill her.

Her name.

The HLA proteins aren't a match.

We're not meeting the criteria.

- You're a liar.
- I've reviewed the results three times.

How much did he pay you?

How much did he pay you?

Sir, please.

It... it's not a match.

You look into my eyes and you tell
me Elizabeth Keen is not my daughter.

She's not.

Dr. Reifler, I don't know about you,

but I'm experiencing the
strongest sense of déjà vu.

Why are you doing this? I've told
you everything I know about Kirk,

and I have been locked
in a sweaty motel room

- with your goons for weeks.
- Goons. That... that's not fair.

Well, Carlton is a bit goonish,

but Matthew is actually quite erudite

and a world-class chess player to boot.

In any case, there's someone
I'd like to introduce you to.

Dr. Adrian Shaw, meet
Dr. Sebastian Reifler.

Dr. Reifler is a hematologist.

Dr. Shaw is a research scientist
who worked with a patient

you also treated, Lucille Bockes.

Lucille Bockes is dead.

Actually, she's not.

No, I-I put her into hospice
care over four years ago.

I won't pretend to
understand how it all works,

but I must say, Dr. Shaw
really is something of a wizard.

Lucille responded to my treatment

and went into full remission.

It's... it's not possible.

Lucille Bockes is alive and well...

and working as a prosecuting attorney.

It's Kirk.


She's not my daughter.

No, she's not.

And yet, she's here.

She's nothing to you. A
distant, confused memory.

I'm the one you want.

What I want is to put a bullet
in your head before I die.

Then do that. An even trade.

With the FBI wanting to ambush
me the moment I give her up,

I don't think so.

You set the terms. However
you want, I'll do it.

My life for hers.

Rollins Park. 20 minutes.

I'll send a car.

We can find her.

There's no more time.

He'll kill you, no
matter what you do or say.

You can't go.

It's Elizabeth.

If we can get the woman...

It's too late for her to save Elizabeth.

But perhaps she can save you.

Forgive me.

For Kate.

For everything.

The man you saw in the
picture was my employer.

He lost his way.

At least, that's how I saw it.

He placed a lovely young woman and
her baby girl in terrible danger...

not deliberately, mind
you. He loves them deeply.

Enough to blind him to the reality

that his very presence in their
lives constitutes a threat.

Not just to them, but
to himself as well.

I tried to help her.

All I managed to do was to place her
and the child in even greater danger.

My efforts earned me
a bullet in the head.

This man, he is very dangerous

and absolutely relentless.

If he even suspects I survived,

there will be no place I can be safe.

The reason I didn't tell you
the truth was not to protect him,

but to protect you.

It's a shame you have no crackers.

I'm not ready to die...

just yet.


He's arriving.

You shouldn't have come.

The ripe apple falls.

Doesn't know what else to do.

So here I am.

Time to let her go.

I bear Masha no grudges.

I promise her safe passage.

I understand now how you see me...

dangerous man...


polluted by his money.

Let him go.

Love did it, if you can believe it.

It doesn't make much sense,

but sometimes you can feel too much,

hold on too long... it poisons you.

I should have let go
of you... years ago,

but you were my child.

I'm gonna be dead soon, and
my biggest regret is that...

you will remember me like this

and not the young father
who cradled you in his arms.

A lifetime in front of us.

You want me to remember you that way?

Let Reddington go.

Hold her for an hour.

Take her somewhere
remote. Leave her safe.

Safe, Odette.

I'll come for you.

I'll come for you.

You and I have much to talk about.

Excuse me, what are you doing?

I locked my keys in
the car, you believe it?

Yeah, I stopped to get
something and then... never mind.

- You're blocking my car.
- Yeah, I took care of it.

There's a locksmith...
be here in 45 minutes.

I'm late for court.
This can't be happening!

I called a, uh, car service.
Yeah, they're almost here.

So I'm gonna have my
assistant come down and deal...

You can't just leave.

I am a lawyer. I have a trial.

Why don't we do this? Why
don't you just take my ride?

That, uh, would be very helpful.

- Great.
- Thank you.

Sure, no problem.

Yeah, I'll just, um...
it's a black Town Car.

And, uh, the driver's
name is unpronounceable.

Ha! I can't even say...

- Hey, you called for a ride?
- Yes, thank you.

Would you be so kind as
to drive this young woman

wherever she would like to go?

I'm going to the county courthouse.

Chestnut and Jefferson.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I don't really know how
we got here, Raymond.

I remember being an honest
businessman in a happy marriage

until you came along.

Constantin, I can save your life.

Seduced my wife.

To her credit, Katarina broke it off,

- but you couldn't let go.
- I have a cure.

I came home one night
and they were gone...

my wife, my child.


- My girl who's not even my girl.
- If you wanna live, call the number.

As you can imagine,
I have many questions.

There's a science.
Some sort of genetics.

It's called CRISPR.

Your magic bullet to save my life

is some experimental treatment

they're not even testing on humans.

CRISPR is not just experimental.

Gene re-sequencing may work someday,

but I won't live that long.

There was a breakthrough 19 years ago

by a scientist who was murdered.

His partner carried on his
work on humans, not animals,

with remarkable success.

I have a doctor who can
apply that science today.

I can make her available to you.

And why would you save my life?

Because I want you to save mine.

Call the number.

Because of my chronic illness,

I've become something of an expert

in pain management... what causes it,

and what prevents it.

Naturally occurring
toxins, bacterial proteins,


I'm confident Mr.
Kleeb can encourage you

to answer some of my questions, Raymond.

As I said, I have many.

Now, let's start at the beginning.

We'll deliver them in one hour.

The meeting is set. The same bus stop.

Just the doctor and Miss Bockes.

Where are you taking me?

Just need a little blood work.

Okay. All right.

That was Aram. No dice.

There's no business, no shell
companies, nothing that links to Kirk.

Anything on that silver panel van?

No, we gotta keep knocking.

We're never gonna find
Kirk's safe house this way.

They've been driving a silver panel van.

You see anything like
that around here today?

No. Who are they?

Did anyone enter the club
in the last hour or so?

Sure, but I wouldn't have let them
inside without a membership card.

You mind if we take a
look around just in case?

No, fine with me.

Excuse me.


All right, I'm looking at CCTV
feeds of a silver panel van

that crossed through the intersection

of Newmarket and Maiden
less than five minutes ago.

Aram's got eyes on the van.

All right, talk to me.

- What is it?
- Two cops asking questions.

They're gone now, but I can't
say they won't be coming back.

I had proof that she was my daughter.

A DNA test.

You saw what Katarina wanted you to see.

She lied to you

about everything.

KGB trained her to seduce...

foreign diplomats, intel... intelligence



believ... revealing secrets.

You always thought I was the interloper.

The truth is that I was an assignment.

I'm... I'm sure you were, too.

That's a lie.

A cover then.

You were wealthy and powerful.

Gave her access.

All that matters is
that we had a family,

and you destroyed it.

We had a daughter, and
you took her from us.


If I dose him again, it could
induce an Adrenergic storm.

We could lose him.

Are you her father?

Are you her father?

Answer me.

Let's go.

What good is killing me gonna do?

It won't bring him back.

He's gonna die. He can't be saved.

Well, he wouldn't need to be
saved if it wasn't for you.

Come on. Up, up.

He's dying because he's sick.

I'm not talking about his
death. That was inevitable.

I'm talking about who he's become

because of his obsession with you.

He was a good man when I met him.

And then he saw you, a
fugitive on television.

Finding you, that changed him.

He did things that I didn't
think he was capable of.

Terrible things. Awful.

I blame you for that.

You're going to jail.


I'm not.

His heart rate is 122.

BP is 180 over 110.

We've made him tachycardic.

The antidote.



Which I administer next
is completely up to you.

So be it.

I don't know what this is.
I don't know why I'm here,

but I am a district attorney

and people will be looking for me.

- Who is she?
- She is a miracle.

Lucille was a patient of mine.

Lucille Bockes. That's not possible.

I know.

What trick are you playing?

It's not a trick.

It's proof of concept.


It can save you.

If I let you go.

We both die...

or we both live.

It's up to you.

Run every test on her you can think of.

I don't believe in miracles.

You're telling me that
Reddington was there with Kirk.

Yeah. He traded himself for me.

They were in some kind of
an underground parking lot?

There were no signs, no markers.

They had my head
covered going in and out.

Any idea how close it is?

I'd say we drove 15, maybe 20 minutes.

10 mile radius to search. We're
right back to where we started.

No, we're not. I have an idea.

- Yeah.
- Aram, I have a question.

If the van Kirk's guys
were using has a GPS system,

could you use that to
retrace where it's been?

If the van has a telematics system,

it may have a two-way link to a
service provider that relays GPS data.

Okay, I'm standing at the van. What
do you need to make that happen?

Maybe she's a miracle.
Maybe she's not a miracle.

Either way, you're gonna
have to answer my question.

- No.
- You're not her father?

No, I'm not gonna answer your question.

It doesn't matter.

She lived at... at your house

as your daughter...

on and off for... four years.

Sometimes you were there,
sometimes you weren't.

What difference does it make?

Are you her father?

Sam Milhoan raised her after that.

Are you her father?

It doesn't matter.

I can't.

If I inject him again...

I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Is Masha your daughter?

What do you want me to say?


Is that what you want me to say?

Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.

- It's true?
- Yes. I did a full work up.

She's cured.

My proposition still stands.

- How?
- What does it matter how?

Dr. Shaw saved my life.

Dr. Shaw is standing by in a fully
assembled lab waiting for you.

I want everybody out. Clear the area.

Miss Bockes, you're free to go.

All of you, go.



you can cure me.

How ironic. You, of all people.

But if the price for my life
is sharing the Earth with you,

I'm gonna have to turn you down.

All right, stay on Hampden unless you
cross 188, then take your next right.

Aram, we don't have time
to retrace the entire route.

The site had an underground
parking structure.

Does that help you filter the search?

Yeah, well, it would, except that van
covered over 40 miles of road today.

Aram, Keen said she was on the
road for 15, maybe 20 minutes.

Can you narrow the route pattern
to a specific window of time?

Determine the speed
and the number of stops.

The van made eight stops
in the last 96 minutes.

An apartment complex
in Friendship Heights,

a gym in Bethesda,

- what looks like a strip mall...
- Wait, wait. Did you say gym?

Uh, right. Bodhi Fitness.

That's the place.

Since we have a history together,

I'll give you the choice.

Would you prefer

to suffocate

or to have a heart attack?

You're not gonna kill me.

And why is that? Because
that means I'll die, too?

Dying isn't so bad.

I did it once in Marrakesh.

Suffocation. You talk too much.

Perhaps I should listen more.

Tell me about Katarina.

And why would I do that?

Because we both miss her.


after all these years...

I have forgotten what she was...

really like.

You remember what she did,

and not who she was.

Remind me.

When... when we...

when we first met,

there was this house

near where she lived, a case study house

built by this famous
mid-century architect.

Over dinner one night, she
said she wanted to look at it.

I thought she meant
look from the street.

But when we got there,

she jumped the fence.

The lights were on.

People lived there.

She didn't care.

I stood there...

frozen, angry, nervous.

Then I felt...

this rush of exhilaration.

I climbed up,

looked into the yard...

and she was just...

... Dancing.

... unafraid.

Daring. Being.

I'd never seen anything like it.

She had...

... A joy for living.

She was more alive than anyone I knew.

When I heard she killed herself...

I didn't believe it.

I still don't.

You're wrong.

I didn't see what she
wanted me to see of her,

I saw her.

And despite what happened,

I know she loved me.

You don't have to do this.


there's nothing in this world
you can tell me to change my mind.

Reddington did what?

We thought he kidnapped Dr. Shaw in
order to make sure that Kirk died.

But the truth is, he kidnapped her

hoping to keep Kirk alive.

The data recovered from
Kirk's lab indicates

that Reddington was
trying to prove to Kirk

that Shaw could save him.

Why the hell would he do that?

Why does Reddington do
any of the things he does?

- And where's Kirk?
- We don't know.

We're sure as hell gonna find out.

So it worked?


I'll take that as a thank you.

Oh, my God.

How did you...


- Gone.
- Dead?


I don't... I don't
understand. How did you...

It's over.

- May I?
- Mm.

Come here. Come here. Yes.

Here you go.

You know, I really
believed he was my father.

You had every reason to.

Except for one.


You told me my father died when
I was a little girl. I just...

I guess I didn't want to believe it.

I really wanted my dad
here to see her grow up.

He would've wanted that, too.