The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Miles McGrath (No. 65) - full transcript

Red and the Task Force take extreme measures to hunt down one of Alexander Kirk's allies, Miles McGrath, a "criminal incubator" who finances crimes for profit. Meanwhile, Liz learns more about her family.

Cameras online.

Requesting permission
to proceed.

Permission granted,
Team Leader.

Unit two, routine
northern perimeter check.

♪ New York to London ♪

♪ they say brave men run ♪

♪ to the sound of fun ♪

♪ I'm fixing to hit you ♪

Command, we've got movement
on the south--

Say again?

Unit three?

Unit three, come back.

Unit two, respond.

Unit two.
Unit two, respond.

That's the last one.

Set the charges.
We're out in 90.

♪ I'll take any one ♪

♪ New York to London ♪

♪ they said brave men run ♪

♪ to the sound of a ♪

30 seconds.

♪ you'd better make ♪

♪ you'd better make
your bed tonight ♪

- In the beginning, there was light.
- ♪ you better take ♪

- Then I said, let there be darkness.
- ♪ you better take ♪

♪ you better take
your breath tonight ♪

We have no idea where she is
or what he's doing with her.

Kirk thinks
Agnes is his granddaughter,

so he won't hurt her.

You really think that Alexander
Kirk is your biological father?

I don't know
what to believe,

but after what happened,
it's possible.

- She had a vision--
- A memory, of being at that house.

When you were 4.

I don't know how reliable
a memory that is.

Alexander Kirk shot up
a church full of federal agents

to get to you.

You almost died
because of him.

Not exactly
Father of the Year.

I agree. He had a reason
for going that far,

and I don't think
it was a family reunion.

According to Kirk, he was
just doing whatever it took

to get his daughter
away from Reddington.

Look how far we went
to do the same thing.

Where are you
on finding him?

We're searching,
believe me.

But Kirk's got properties
all over the world--

private houses,
commercial real estate,

planes, boats...

Is this the evidence
you seized from his place?

- Some of it.
- "Some"?

This is our case.

Not anymore.

We're trying to coordinate
a search

with over a dozen
foreign governments.

Main Justice
is running point now.

we need to see everything.

- Yeah, not gonna happen.
- Ressler, why not?

Because you lost
your security clearance, Keen.

And technically,

both of you guys
are victims in this case.

If you want, dig in.

As it is,
I'm violating federal code.

I could go to jail for
even showing you what I have.

You're back.

I'm so glad
you're okay.


I'm sorry.

I never wanted
to hurt anybody.

I think you didn't care
who you hurt.

- Samar.
- No.

It's okay.

We knew
what pain it would cause,

and we did it anyway
to protect our daughter.

I know
you may not accept it,

but I hope you can
at least understand.


You should know,
I'm requesting a transfer.

I won't be staying.

This is where
you wanted to meet?

I wonder what poor soul
Mr. Kaplan buried down there.

Where is Mr. Kaplan?

I understand
why you ran.

You believe your family's
in danger because of who I am.

But what you don't
seem to grasp is

you're also in danger
because of who you are.

Alexander Kirk
says he's my father.

I'm doing everything in my power
to find Agnes

and bring her home
safely to you.

Do you have any leads?


What? Who?

I'll be handling it
on my own.

I know
you feel betrayed.

Samar and Aram feel betrayed.
Everyone feels betrayed.


my daughter is missing,

and if you have any idea
how to find her,

you've got to tell me.

No, I don't.

I expected Kirk
to go underground

after the FBI's raid
at his estate.

He didn't.

I have it on good authority
he reached out

to a... uniquely inventive
young man named Miles McGrath.

Who is that?

He's a venture capitalist
of sorts, for criminals.

What those in the tech industry
might call an "incubator."

And you really believe
that if we find McGrath,

he'll lead us to Kirk?

Not us. Me.

Miles McGrath
was a child prodigy.

He wrote the code for OnScreen
when he was at Princeton.


That's a multi-billion-dollar
social-media platform.

He founded it.

Within a couple of years,
the board of directors concluded

he was a high-functioning
sociopath and pushed him out.

He sued them, won the suit
for over $100 million.

He turned his back
on legitimate business.

He invested his money
in a new business--

incubating crimes.

What, you mean,
like... an Angel Investor?

Criminals come to him,
pitch their business plan.

If he likes it,
he invests his money

in exchange for a cut
of the profits.

That's an amazing idea.

I mean, um, it's horrible,
but, uh, it's amazing.

Okay. So what's McGrath's
connection to Alexander Kirk?

I don't know.

All Reddington told me

was that he was staying
at the Sovereign Royale tonight

on business in London.

Reddington is currently
flying over,

hopes to drop in on him
in the morning.

So that's it?
We just... wait?

I mean, what if the guy
checks out of the hotel

before Reddington
gets there?

Get me the Bureau's attache
in London.

I want eyes
on McGrath-- now.


We destroyed the place.

The city won't have full power
restored for at least five days.

All we needed was three.

- Construction?
- Completed.

Halbeck thinks we can keep
casualties under a dozen.


Think we're ready to roll
into Phase Two.

Rear entrance.

He's not our target.

I'll have these sent
to the FBI.

Maybe there's a connection.

- ♪ you always give me ♪
- Hey!

♪ such tenderness ♪

What did you do, Harold?

I asked New Scotland Yard
to keep eyes on McGrath.

Nothing more.

And now three families will
have to bury their loved ones.

Hey, I'm aware
of what happened.

I feel bad enough
without you making it worse.

Maybe if you were
more communicative,

we could've avoided
this whole thing.

I was very clear with Elizabeth
you were not to get involved.

- Where's McGrath?
- Who knows?

He checked out
of the Sovereign Grand

after those detectives
were killed.

Thanks to you, Harold,
he's on high alert,

and we just lost my best lead
on Kirk and Agnes.

Maybe not.

When he was killed,
one of the detectives

was in the process of uploading
a photo to NSY London.

- Who's the photo of?
- We don't know yet.

The upload was interrupted
mid-stream by the killer.

Data was incomplete.
Aram's looking at it now.

Looks like we're involved,
whether you like it or not.

How's it going
with the photo?

Uh, it's, uh-- it's not.

I tried to re-create it
using a hex editor

and a customized bit
of forensic software

to carve it off
the drive...

Of course you did.

But, uh, there wasn't
enough data to run,

so I tried
a new LSM algorithm.

This is all I got.

Oh, my God.

That's it.

What's it?


Some people's faces
are symmetrical.

- Yours isn't, but...
- Thank you.

No. Uh, no.
No, no.

I just mean your right eye is
a twinch larger than your left,

which is...

it's adorable.

- Plus, your chin kind of does this thing--
- Your idea?

Uh, symmetry.

Just-- here.
Watch this.

Look, all we're asking for
is an update here, okay?

We're in the dark.

Surely there is something
that you can tell us.

I know
it's hard to hear,

but the Bureau doesn't have
any actionable intel

on the whereabouts
of Kirk or your daughter.

- Then why don't you get some?
- Tom, please.

she works for the Bureau.

And the Bureau
is doing everything we can.

Agent Savino is leading
a team of agents

and combing through
every piece of evidence

we confiscated
from Kirk's residence.

Would that be
the residence in Cape Breton

where you lost him?

I'm not sure that's fair.

The FBI failed to locate
Mr. Kirk,

as did
the regional police--

Do you have any idea
what this is like for us?

- Tom!
- No. She was targeted,

accused of being
a Russian sleeper agent,

forced to go on the run,
only to be victimized-- again!

I'm sorry.
I just need a minute.



It's okay.

Mark Savino's office, please.


Mark, hi.

This is Diane up
in Gerald Walker's office.

Listen, Gerry just got
a surprise visit

from Tom and Elizabeth Keen,

and, well,
they're very interested

to know where we are
with the whole case.

I'm kind
of in the weeds here.

Look, it can't wait.

They're very upset,

and she asked to speak
with you directly.

I told them to wait
in Conference Room 9.

Tell Gerry I'm on my way.

- Let's just go.
- Liz, we came here for answers.

I know, and I'm sure
he's given us all he can.

Thank you so much for your time.
I'm sorry.

You and I aren't done here.

Find anything?

About Agnes? Maybe.
About my mother? Definitely.

Got your message.
You cracked it?

Uh, we cracked it.

That was the key here. Look.

Okay, this is
everything I could recover

from the original data--

about half a face
and with lousy resolution.

But if we mirror
the image,

then make a few tweaks
to connect the halves...

You get one complete face.

A completely symmetrical face,
which nobody actually has,

but it gave us enough points
of comparison to run a search.

Now we just have to hope

that one of the hits
that came back

is actually
our suspect.

- How many?
- Uh, 14.

Three are dead,
five are in prison so...

Our guy's
one of the remaining six.

You ever play
Call Of Duty?

You should.
It's cool.

I assume you didn't come
all the way here with good news.

Well, it depends.

Would you consider
two Scotland Yard detectives

watching my hotel in London
to be good news?

two dead detectives now.

- They were watching you?
- Don't know.

But I can tell you that
one of them snapped a few photos

of your man Bradley

You think they got enough
to make an ID?

Let them.

I did two tours in Fallujah
with Bradley.

He's as loyal as they come.

Even if they find him,
he won't talk.

You understand
why I can't take that chance.

Now, hang on here.

Dean Bradley's
like a brother to me,

and we need him
for this job.

Nice catch.
Those are quick reflexes.

I was never very athletic.

I don't want him hurt.

My point is
that there's a reason

why your reflexes
are so good.

See, you're a technician.
You're an operative.

An instrument
of a larger plan.

I, on the other hand,
I'm a strategist.

You whip that can at me,
and I'll catch it

but only because
I calculated the risk

that someone might throw it
in advance.

So why don't you leave
the risk assessment to me?

And where am I supposed to find
a replacement

so late in the game?

Not my problem.

But you'd
better think of something.

I don't intend
to lose my investment.

we hit a dead end.

I gather Aram couldn't identify
the person in the photo.

Actually, he did.

Someone got to him
before we could interview him.

His name is Dean Bradley.

He's an ex-SEAL,

two tours in Iraq,
highly decorated.

He was shot while jogging.

I told you,
I need long-reach matches.

The black guy, where is he?


Yeah, "Denbee."
Where is he?

Get this--
we searched his car.

Found a helmet camera
and dive gear.

Not entirely unusual.
He was a SEAL.

Yeah, well, maybe he wasn't
as retired as he let on.

Few nights ago,
near Savannah,

a power station was hit
by a four-man attack team

wearing the same kind
of equipment.

Were there any witnesses
left alive?

The guards never saw it coming.

My guess is,
they came out of the water.

- Four frog men.
- Yeah.

- Interesting.
- How so?

I know
an ex-SEAL commander,

some former colleagues,

formed an elite heist crew.

I hired them once

to get back a shamefully
expensive Patek Philippe

I foolishly left on the
nightstand in Ras Al Khaimah

after a dalliance
with a lovely but very...

Oh, never mind.

Where are we at?

Don't tell me you lost
that damn watch again.


Truth be told,

I traded it for a bowl of pongal
and a slightly used Ruger

after a particularly rough night
in Bengaluru.

But I will forever be grateful
to you for retrieving it.

Listen, pal,
I have a job.

Can it wait a day?

I got a deal
going down tomorrow.

No, it can't. I'll double
whatever you're being paid.

Come on, Johan.

Burn the deal,
help out an old friend.

Would if I could, Red.

But I got a partner
in this one.

Biggest mistake
I ever made.

Sounds like
Martin and Lewis.


"3 Ring Circus," "The Stooge,"
"Sailor Beware"?

Martin and Lewis.

The hell
are you talking about?


They can be very rough.

Mmm. Ah!

You know,
BJ Simpson and I

started a lawn-mowing business
in the summer of '72--

bagging, hedging,
the whole ball of wax.

One day, I'm out rototilling
Pat Hunt's garden.

I go in for a bottle of pop--
must have been 110--

and there's BJ
in the sunken living room,

shoes off,
feet up on the couch,

eating a fried-bologna sandwich,
watching Mike Douglas.

Mike Douglas!
Can you imagine?

I quit that day.

Who are Martin and Lewis?

Point is, I haven't had
a partner since.

Lucky man.

Guy I'm in bed with is nuts.
Killed one of my best men.


you should walk away.

I'd help you out if I could,
offer a man, but...

this sounds like a mess,
a real mess.

I am so sorry.

Anyway, I've taken too much
of your time already.

Call me when you get
things sorted out.

Hey, uh...

you seriously think you can get
a man on such short notice?

Depends on my cut.

Time for our feeding?

Don't bite the hand
that feeds you.

He's here
for your protection.


We're making progress.

I told you Miles McGrath
is an incubator,

that he's our link
to Alexander Kirk.

Turns out,
he's been incubating a crime

with a man
named Johan Halbeck.

- What's that?
- That's you.

Halbeck's running a mission

He needs a man
with your... expertise.

And you volunteered me?

Desperate times.

Staying close to Halbeck
will lead to McGrath,

and as a bonus,

the FBI can stop whatever
crime they're planning.

Study date?

This is what the FBI confiscated
from Kirk's estate.

Anything interesting?

My mother's journal.

She talks about you.
About the affair.

I'm up to the part
where she writes

about you pressuring her
to leave her husband.

will have questions.

If he senses you're not
who you say you are,

he'll dispose of you.

Yeah, I know the drill.

Check, check.
Can you hear me?

Okay, here we go.

Willem Eckervelt.

Reddington says
you were MARSOF.

Six years.

Started off in Mazar-e Sharif
as part of the '05 ISAF,

sent to provide security
during the Afghan elections.

Went to Pol-e Khumri--

With the, uh,
Reconstruction Team?

Yeah. Four months.

Then a few of us
were shipped off to Deh Rashan.

What province is that?


He's good.

Turn-ons include redheads
and long walks on the beach.

Are you guys looking for
a soldier or a date?

Fair enough.

What are you,
180 soaking wet? Hmm?

How do I know
you can handle yourself?

- Because Reddington says so.
- Uh-oh.

But Reddington wouldn't mind

if Janowski here
kicks the tires.


I got nothing.
Signal is down.

Signal is down.

What do you want to do?

I promised to trust him.

He made me swear
not to interfere.

Aram, roll backup.

We can't sit here
and let him get beat to death.

Clever boy.

Oh, thank God.
Aram, hold backup.

Well, Mr. Eckervelt,
you got yourself a job.

Tomorrow, 7:00 AM.


Seeing Masha with Constantin

makes me think
of my own father.

I wonder what he would say now
about the choices I've made.

Look at me--

in love with the man I was sent
to seduce and betray.

An American.

Raymond wants me to run,

take Masha
and disappear with him,

but how could I do that
to her?

She's my entire life.

She's everything.

Was I asleep?

Liz, you okay?

Reddington didn't just have
an affair with my mother.

She was assigned to him,

to be in his life...

the way you were assigned
to be in mine.

For which
I am forever grateful.

Be careful, okay?

I lost Agnes.
I can't lose you, too.

You haven't lost her.

When this is over,

you're gonna have
both of us back.

Heads up, people.

7:00 AM.
Our asset's in play.

Sir, we have six vehicles
in floating-box formation.

Agents Ressler and Navabi
are to the southeast.

Any visual?

Still no movement.
Standing by.

Thank you for doing this,

I can't tell you
how much I appreciate it.

Come on, Liz.
We're not gonna do this now.

She hates me.

Uh, yes.
For now.

She needs time.

We all do.

We all do?

You hate me, too?

I don't hate you, Liz.

But I do hate
what you did.

Target on the move.

Charlie Team is the trigger.
They have command.

They're making a left
towards Mason.

And what
are we walking into?

When I point at something,
destroy it.

That's all
you need to know.

There's your target.
Four armed guards--

two in the back,
two in the front.

You and Janowski
take the ones in the back.

What are they doing?

Anybody see anything?

No, no vehicles approaching.

They're getting out.

They're on the train!

Aram, we need to know
what's on that train.

I am way ahead of you, sir.

Except there is no train.

I mean, there's no train
officially scheduled

on the track
at this time.

Well, it's there.

Keen, get on the damn phone
and figure out why.

Agent Ressler, you and
the other surveillance units

get there now.

Call HRT,
let them know

they might be boarding
a hijacked train.

I wouldn't.

Are you guys crazy?

Well, then who does have
the authority?

- Agent Keen.
- Then get him on the phone.

Uh, it's a CDC shipment.

They must be transporting some
kind of biohazardous materials.

What are we coming for?

That was CDC's
Washington Director.

What are they moving?

Six containers holding samples

of every Class A
infectious substance--

Ebola, dengue, polio, HIV,
and maybe 50 others.

"Class A-- substances capable
of causing permanent disability,

life-threatening or fatal
disease in humans or animals."

- My God.
- That's why McGrath had Halbeck

shut down the substations
near Savannah.

They triggered
the CDC's transfer protocol.

They won't keep
Class A substances in a facility

using only backup generators
for more than 72 hours.

They're moving the samples
to a secure satellite lab

outside Philadelphia.

What's wrong?

I was tracking the train

using Central Traffic Control's
rail monitoring system,

but the signal just went dark.

How's that possible?

I... do not know.

Let me see if I can access
the CTC's video grid.

Tom, if can you hear us,
say something.

I'm sorry, but the train
should be visible

on this camera by now.

It should be right there.

That train--

you're telling me
it just disappeared?

Tom, Tom! If you can hear us,
say something.


Singleton Freight Station,
mile marker 272.

That's where you said
and we're here,

but, look,
nothing's come through.

That's not possible.

There's only one rail line
in the area.

The train
was going at least 40.

It should've passed you
two minutes ago.

No, it didn't.

That was HRT on the line.

They're sending a Blackhawk with
HRT operatives out of Quantico.

They can jump down onto the roof
of the train.

That won't do us much good
if we don't know where it is.

Aram, I want
the exact coordinates

of its last known location.

- Right here, Sir.
- Send it to Agents Ressler and Navabi.

That train didn't just vanish
into thin air.

Get out there and figure out
what's going on.

Aram, if you can you hear me,
the train's coming to a stop.

I'll try to get you
new coordinates if I can.

it's time to go.

Where are we?

Clear the area.
10 minutes, then we roll.

Mr. McGrath, this concludes
our broadcast day.

What'd I tell you, Halbeck?

Leave the strategy
to the scrawny kids.

Tell Vincent I'll meet him
at the Lodge in 20.

Nice working
with you, sir.

son of a bitch.

Aram, are you sure
about those coordinates?

I think so. Why?

Because I'm standing
at the point

where the train went missing,

you said there was
only one track in this area.

Yeah, that's true.

Then why am I looking
at another one?

Some kind of
a split-off line going west.

West? No.

By the looks of this material,
it's been put in recently.

Wait. Halbeck and McGrath
built a second rail line?

- Going where?
- We're about to find out.

I think
we found our train.


About 200 yards
from the split-off.

The second set of tracks leads
to some kind of hangar.

Okay, satellite mapping in
the area done three weeks ago

doesn't show a hangar
or a split-off.

Maybe not, but we're looking
at both of them.

They must be unloading
the CDC containers.

- We'll take a look.
- Negative.

You two aren't going anywhere.
Sit tight.

That's it.
We're clear. Let's roll.

You sure
you got the right one?

Sample number 17.
That was our deal.

The rest is mine.

Got to be kidding me.

Johan, where the hell was
that guy going?

The guy with the case.

Please do not tell me that you
parted with the best samples.

Just one.

Take it easy.
I told you I had a partner.

I'm your partner now,

and I've been out promising
prospective buyers

the full complement
of Class A weaponry.

Do you have any idea
what was in that sample?

Sorry, Raymond.
I don't know what to tell you.

Well, I insist on speaking
with this so-called partner.

At least let me try
to buy it back.

Be my guest.
Miles McGrath.

His man went to meet him
at the Lodge. It's a bar.

Find him, talk to him.

Hell, I hope you shoot
the bastard.

Sir, HRT is on site.
They're moving in now.

Drop your weapons!

Drop it!

- Reddington?
- He's gone.

The Feds
are Halbeck's problem.

All that matters to me is
that we are right on schedule.

mind if I join you?

Yeah. We do.

Raymond Reddington.

The Raymond Reddington?

Concierge of Crime?

Man In The Hat?

The Spy Who Stayed Out
in the Cold?

Haven't heard that last one.
Never read the Le Carré novel.

Dembe, we should see

if we can get the audiobook
on cassette for the car.

Now, about that sample...

Screw you.

You were saying?

Tell me
what the hell's going on.

Take it easy.

So your comms
just conveniently go dark

the moment that train
goes off our radar?

It's this place, man.
Look around.

They got to be running

some kind of broad-spectrum
signal jamming.

Where's Reddington?

I had no idea
he'd be here.

Listen to me-- they opened
one of the containers.

What are you talking about?

They took out
one of the samples,

and they gave it
to one of McGrath's men.

You don't have everything.

What sample?

I don't know.

But right now,
it's on its way to McGrath

at some place
called the Lodge.

Reddington and Dembe
went after it.

Get in.

I don't know where he is.

I'm supposed to call
to arrange delivery.

Mr. Kirk.

I have it.



I'll have it sent right away.

Bench outside Dan's Tavern.

Bar on Sedgwick.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Mr. McGrath.

Just calculating
my odds.

I'd say my only chance
of leaving this room

is by giving you
exactly what you want.

You're a good strategist,

But your odds are longer
than you think.

The FBI found
that missing train,

along with Halbeck and his team
and the CDC samples.

In fact, I'd imagine they'd be
on their way here by now.

Wait. Don't.

Look, Reddington,
we can make a deal!

Look, I know people!
What do you want?!

don't walk away from me!


Not an ideal time,

You knew about that train hangar
and you didn't tell us.

Yes. As I said, I'm working
on my own for the moment.

Ressler and Samar
just called.

They found McGrath
handcuffed to a corpse.

I have to go.

Wait. McGrath--

Did he tell you
how to find Kirk?

We just heard from the CDC.

The missing sample,
number 17?

It's cultures taken from
the Ribowski virus.

I know that name.

One of the most deadly
viral pathogens we know of--

killed tens of thousands
in Europe and Asia

in the early 1900s.



Raymond, there's no one.

Well done, Constantin.

I was about to say the same
to you, Raymond.

So close and yet so far.

Still as tenacious as ever.

How'd you know
I'd be here?

Even I didn't know
a half-hour ago.

Well, I knew
because I'm the better man.

Always have been.

I have what you want.
And I know why you want it.

So it's true, then.

After all these years,

everything you feared
has happened.

It isn't over yet.

It doesn't have to be.

You can have your virus.
All I want is Agnes in return.

I don't think so, old boy.

I'll die before you ever hold
my granddaughter again.


- Hey.
- Hey.

What's going on?

Nothing much.

Just hanging out,
making a little dinner.

Oh, yeah?
What are you making?

Just some pasta.
Nothing big.

I never cook.

Plus, cooking for one
is so hard.

You always have leftovers,

and then you get tired
of eating the same thing.

Right. So I'll just
bring you some tomorrow.

Uh, look.

I was going to ask you
for coffee,

but since you're deep
in marinara sauce...

I need your help.
About the transfer.

I don't know what to do.

So, should I, uh, shower,

or what time's
dinner gonna be ready?

Oh, is someone there?

Uh, yes, but, uh, it--
it's fine.

- We were, uh--
- Oh, I didn't mean to interrupt.

- Uh, you're-- you're not interrupting.
- No, it's fine. I-I have to go.

I-I'll see you tomorrow.


Today, the doctor confirmed
our worst fears.

Constantin is going to need
blood transfusions

to raise his blood count.

He's known his whole life
this day might come,

but still it's--

it's terrifying.

The only blessing is
that this accursed disease

that has afflicted his family
for generations

is passed from father to son

and that Masha is safe.


I got it.

You lost him.


And our best shot
at finding Agnes.

I think I know why
Kirk wanted that virus.

I saw him getting a blood
transfusion at Cape Breton.

My mother wrote about
his family's history.

Generations of Rostovs
had the same disease--

a rare blood disorder that's
been killing them for centuries.

Kirk is dying.

And the Ribowski virus

is a temporary antidote
to what afflicts him.

Ribowski virus?
That's what--

Sample 17?
Isn't that a Class A toxin?

How's it gonna help him?

He has aplastic anemia--

a systemic failure to produce
viable bone-marrow cells.

It's been a death sentence
for generations

of men in his family,

except a distant uncle,

who had contracted
the Ribowski virus.

After getting the virus,
the uncle lived longer

than any other Rostov
with the blood disease.

So Kirk wanted the virus

to re-create what happened
to his uncle?

Yes. It's a simple
math problem, really.

Kirk's disease
prevents his body

from producing
enough blood cells.

The Ribowski virus results
in a rare form of leukemia

which creates
the opposite problem--

too many blood cells.

So he's gonna
give himself leukemia?

- Isn't that gonna kill him?
- Eventually.

But by offsetting
his blood disease,

he buys himself
a few more precious years.

No one
could be that desperate.

But he is that desperate,

he no longer has you.

You wanted to know why
he went so far to find you,

why there seemed to be nothing
he wouldn't do

to physically
get hold of you.

Now you know.

He needs a biological descendant
to save his life--

a genetic donation

from the woman he believes to be
his long-lost daughter.

That's what you are to him--
a collection of cells.

This isn't about
saving you from me.

This is about
saving you for him.

Well, he doesn't have me.


But he has Agnes.