The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 22 - Mr. Kaplan (No. 4): Conclusion - full transcript

Red sets a risky plan in motion to save the Task Force. With the future of the Task Force in jeopardy, Liz confronts the biggest questions about her past.

(Rock music playing)

My name is Alvin Stanton.

I'm the U.S. attorney
for the district of Columbia.

You can spare me
the introductions.

I expect this
will be a long day

and I'm not
getting any younger.

You understand
why you're here?

To tell you what I know

so you can judge
if my truthful testimony
merits immunity.

There are
allegations that the FBI
allowed Raymond Reddington

to continue to commit crimes
while acting as
a criminal informant.

That's a fact.

He has continued
to commit crimes,
including murder.

And the task force
led by Harold Cooper?

They knew about this?

Yes, and I can prove it.

I gave agent Gale the bodies.

I can give you
locations and dates

that the bodies were collected
and buried.

Okay, Ms. Nemec,
we'll offer you immunity.

I need a day
to get my affairs in order

without a protective detail.


It's not a request.
It's my offer.

If you think
you can prove this
case without me,

feel free to pass.


Okay, I gotta run. As I said,
I'm not getting any younger.

Cooper: You're asking me
to protect Kaplan?

Mrs. Panabaker:
From Reddington.

Wouldn't do anyone any good
if he got to her.

When you authorized
Reddington's immunity deal,

you knew that we would have to
let him maintain
his criminal empire.

That's what makes
him valuable to us.

You're a big boy, Harold.

You knew we'd support you
as long as you
kept the deal hidden.

You didn't.
My people could go to jail.

Mrs. Panabaker:
Well, you've done good work.

Grand jury hands up
an indictment,

I'm sure the judge and jury
will agree.

If you're right
and we don't go to jail,

does the bureau
take us back?

When it's over,
where do we go to get
our reputations back?

I wish I knew.

Aram won't testify
against us.

They gave him immunity.

Liz: How did they know
to do that?

Gale only knew
about us, not Aram.

I can't protect you.

It's my job to do that
and I can't do it.

Ressler: We're only here
because of Reddington,

because he shot Kaplan
for trying to help you.

And that's indefensible

but he says he
wants to protect us,
and I believe him.

Maybe I didn't
make myself clear,
we're going to be arrested.

And there is
nothing Reddington

can do to protect us
against that.

To be honest,
that's what makes
me the angriest.

That here we are, at the end,

and we still don't know why
he walked into
your life that day.

Where are you going?

To do something
I should have done
a long time ago.

Once Kaplan testifies,
an indictment is inevitable.

Cooper tried
to shut it down.

Harold has to work
within the system.

Henry Prescott does not.

Who's Henry Prescott?

Reddington: A man who knows
how to bury problems.

If you find
yourself up against

impossible odds
due to poor judgment,

Henry Prescott's the man
you want on speed dial.

He's the courage
you never had.

The cool head in a crisis.

(Breathing shakily)
Like you said,
you and your husband fought.

When he left the apartment,
he was drunk and depressed.

You had no idea
he was headed for the roof.

The roof?

(Woman screaming)

(Car alarm blaring)

Finding him is
the key to sweeping
the grand jury under the rug.

Weren't you squatting
in a congressman's apartment?

Reddington: The house
is back in session.

Oh, and those are
the charred remains
of 16 false identities

that Kate has
somehow compromised.

At the moment
my resources are scant,

which is why I need your help
in finding Prescott.

Why? How can a fixer-for-hire
derail a grand jury?

Four years ago,
I surrendered to protect you

from tom,

Berlin, the cabal.

And now you may go to jail
because of me.

It appears
Kate may be right after all.

Maybe I'm the person
you need protection from.

Liz: Prescott.
Do you have any leads?

Samar: The lead on Prescott,
Warren casualty,

it has no physical address.
Only a P.O. Box.

Reddington said
it's a front company
Prescott uses

to hide his clients
and launder his funds.

Well, the address was a bust,

but the corporate tax returns
tell a different story.

See, in the last three years,

the company's
reported $17 million

in earnings
from various sources

Banish capital,
an investment firm
owned by one Jay-Jay brickman.

The football player?

(Phone dialing)

I think we found a way
for you to get to Prescott.

Jay-Jay: Check it out,
check it out, check it out.

We're gonna have an aquarium
behind the bar.

7,000 gallons or somethin'.

For fish?
No, not for fish.
For the ladies.

We're gonna have 'em done up
like mermaids...

Reddington: Mermaids? Really?
...Swimmin' around.

You're not in Miami anymore.

Jay-Jay: Who the hell are you?

Someone who knows
better than to mix

themes in
an entertainment venue.


Get this chump outta here.

(Man groaning)

What do you want?

Oh, that's a long list.

But at the moment,
I'll settle for
Henry Prescott.

Doesn't ring a bell.
Let me ring it for you.

A few months ago,
you were tweaking on

whatever you were tweaking on
at that nightclub in Vegas

and inadvertently
discharged your handgun

in the general direction
of a crowded dance floor,

sending a Belgian tourist
to the emergency room.

Henry Prescott was the man
who made that all go away.

Let go of my friend, please.

Now, if I knew the man
you were talking about

and I'm not saying I do,

I'd only call him
if I had a problem.

Like a real problem.


There. There's a problem.

Your drug dealer's
bleeding out on the floor

in your VIP room
of your new night club.

With the "Morals Clause"
in your new contract,

you won't collect a penny.
(Man groaning)

Henry Prescott.

Call him.


Clerk: A moment.

(Banging on glass)



This is pretty Jurassic.

I was told it was still here.

Guess it should be here then.

Just go on right over there.


Knock yourself out.

(Door opens and closes)

I did the best I could.

I don't know
how long he's gonna last.

I hear, like,
these little gurgling noises
when he breathes.

You did fine, Jay-Jay.

(Man groaning)

Prescott: I'm going to
transport your associate
to a private clinic.

But first you need to tell me
what happened here.

Reddington: I happened.

Who's this?
Look, I don't even know.

Came here looking for you.

Next thing I know,
he's shooting up the place.

You confirmed
you were my client
to a stranger?

The man has a gun in his hand.

Hell yeah, I confirmed.

My apologies for the forced
introduction, Mr. Prescott,

but I require
some information.

On November 19th, 2015,

your services were
engaged to pick up
a package in Dupont circle.

I need you to tell me
the exact disposition
of that package.

I don't need to
tell you anything.

Oh, come now.

If you don't give me
the information
I've requested,

it'll all be over.

What are you gonna do?
Shoot me?

I don't have to.

To be effective,
people like you
must operate from the shadows.

Anonymity and discretion

are your stock and trade,

and I'm about to
make you famous.

Once you, Jay-Jay
and gunshot wound here,

make the headlines tomorrow,
your phone will
never ring again.

Or you can tell me
what I need to know.

Where is the package?

This is a mistake.

Elise: Hey, you'll be fine.

All you have to do
is answer their questions.

If you don't,
you'll be held in contempt.

You'll go to prison.

Agent Mojtabai.

You're up.

Aram: Uh, I do.

Ausa: Sir, please state
your name and occupation
for the grand jury.


Aram Mojtabai
and I'm an FBI agent.

Ausa: You're an agent
with a task force

created to work with
a criminal informant

named Raymond Reddington?


I'm not really supposed to
talk about my work.

We've heard testimony that

your task force
has allowed Reddington

to commit violent crimes
and done nothing to stop it.

Stop Mr. Reddington?

if you knew him,
you'd know that

that's basically impossible.

I see. So you knew
he was continuing
to commit crimes

while serving
as your informant...
I didn't say that.

You just weren't able to
control them.

Aram: No. That's not accurate,
what you're saying.

Ausa: Newton Phillips.
Alistair Pitt.
Milos Pavel Kinsky aka Berlin.

Diane Fowler.

These are all people
Reddington murdered

while working with you?

Agent Mojtabai. The grand jury
has subpoenaed your testimony.

You have immunity.

Nothing you say
can incriminate you,

so you can be
compelled to answer.

It's okay, you know what?

I am proud of the work
we do with Mr. Reddington.

Yeah, I'm proud of it.
You heard me.

Yes, his world
is absolutely terrifying.

But it exists.
Ausa: We're done here.

Agent Mojtabai,
you are excused.

Aram: And the only
reason we know that

is because Mr. Reddington...
Agent Gale.

...helps us take down...
Hold agent Mojtabai.

...the very
worst people in it.

Secure a warrant
for his arrest.

Gale: Get up!
Okay, okay, fine.

Do you know how
we have to do that?

We have to make choices.
Write that down.
(Handcuffs clicking)

You want to put us on trial?
Give us a trial.

Let us have a chance
to present a defense.

We'll see what happens then.
I told you this was a mistake.

Is that Prescott?

He has something
I think you'll find of
particular interest.

Mr. Prescott, my associate,
frank sturgeon.

I'll need him
to confirm the findings.

It's organized by date.

(Door opens)

Ressler: What is this place?

A depository of sorts.

Prescott's insurance policies.

We're looking for 11/19/15.

You'll want these.

And here we are.

Ressler: Is this of
particular interest to me?

I'm certain of it.


(Metal clanking)

Dive in.

Mother of god!

Congratulations, Donald.
Your hunt for
Reven Wright is over.

Please tell me
you're here to get him out.

I can't do that.
No one can.

He'll remain here
until he agrees

to testify,
which he will never do.

Oh, come on.
There's got to be something...

You're a smart girl, Janet.
You saw an opportunity
and you took it.

Can we please
just focus on Aram?

I'm doing that.
That's why I'm here.

To tell him
the truth about you.

About me?

What did you get
for giving him up?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I got a warrant for your
car's navigation system

to see where you've been.

And guess what,
you've been here,
at the courthouse

on the same days
the grand jury was in session.

I was subpoenaed to testify.

I didn't tell Aram
because I wasn't allowed to.

Aram wasn't
allowed to, either.
And yet he told us.

They told me if I cooperated,

they would
expunge my criminal record.

It was a second chance
I couldn't pass up.

Can you honestly tell me
you would have
done differently?

Yes, I can.


You did the right thing.

I know it doesn't seem like it
right now, but you did.

I'm totally
freaking out in here.

And I'm half-Muslim,
which is
definitely not a plus.

I'm sorry. What can I do?

Uh, nothing. It's...

Thank you. It's fine.

What is it?

Look, Janet's been amazing.

I know you hate her,
which is why
I didn't want to say anything,

but the fact is
I'm barely hanging on

in here and if it
wasn't for her...

Not that it even matters
because Mr. Kaplan

is going to testify
tomorrow afternoon,

and when she does, there's...

There's nothing I can do
to protect you.

Reddington has a lead.

An angle he thinks
might get you out of here.

Is that what you
came to tell me?
Yeah, that was it.

What Reddington's doing.

And I fed your turtle.



That's incredibly thoughtful.

Hang in there, okay?

I'm sorry, Katarina.

(Knocking on door)

(Door opens)

Liz: You wanted to see me?

(Door closes)

I know it's hard to believe,
but I was a golden boy once,

fresh out of the Navy,

youngest agent ever appointed
to the Pentagon's

combined investigation
and intelligence task force.

At the time,
Reddington was
stationed overseas

working counter-intelligence.

You worked together.

He was shadowing
a Russian operative
code-named Seaduke.

So that's why he
surrendered to you.

Seaduke made Reddington,

dispatched a team of Spetsnaz
to abduct him.

For ten days they tortured him

until he was rescued by
an FBI-seal joint task force.

I was working lead
on the agency's side.

My job was to secure
the physical evidence

in the event that Seaduke
was captured and prosecuted.

I'm sorry... um...

Why are you telling me this?

Because I meant what I said.

I'm angry that
you still don't know

why Reddington
walked into your life.

The blood on this shirt
from Raymond Reddington

has been sealed in
an evidence locker
for over three decades.

I procured a sample
and submitted it
for a DNA profile.

Yours is already on file.

Procured a sample
of Reddington's blood?

From evidence?

That's tampering.

And I should've done it
the day he surrendered.

I submitted the sample
and your profile
to a private lab.

They'll have the results
within 24 hours,

so you'll finally
know whether or not

Raymond Reddington
is your father.

Medical examiner:
Female victim.
Apparent cause of death,

mid-range gunshot wound.

No stippling present.

The body appears
to have been preserved

through full immersion
in a formaldehyde-phenol bath.

Ah, the straw in the wind.

Ballistics will match this
to a weapon of Hitchin's.

Yes. Proving her guilt.

You get Prescott,
he gives us Reven Wright.

Her body gives us that bullet,
that bullet gets us Hitchin

who has the power
to derail a grand jury.

If we provide her
with the proper motivation.

I'm sorry, Donald.

I know you've been longing
to prove Hitchin's guilt.

But the only way to survive

now that you
finally have that proof,
is to trade it away.


You know how I knew
Hitchin was the killer?

Tommy Markin.

He was the man
who killed my father
and got away with it.

Told Reven that story,

told her that's the reason
why I became a cop,

to prevent other Tommy Markins
from getting away with murder.

She was the only one I told.

And then,
she's killed and Hitchin

asks me to look
into a suspect.

Tommy Markin,
the man who got away.

It was like
Reven was sending me
a message through her killer

begging me to solve this case.

Cooper: And we have,
but Reddington's right.

We either we all go free
or we all go to jail.

(Woman announcing
indistinctly on pa)

(Cell phone ringing)


Liz: Mr. Kaplan.

Please don't do this.

Raymond has left me no choice.

Let's meet. Just you and me.

I can no longer trust you.


But I have every
reason to trust you.

Well, if it isn't America's
most wanted and deputy dawg.

I thought you were
on administrative leave,

not cavorting with criminals.

Donald doesn't cavort.

In fact, I think you'll find
our little meeting today

rather serious in tone.

Laurel: Is that right?

Say something, agent Ressler,
you don't look well.

There's a federal grand jury

investigating whether
Donald and his task force

have been
enabling me to continue
to commit crimes.

My. Sounds like a problem.

It seems inevitable
that my immunity
agreement will be revoked

and the members
of the task force
will be indicted forthwith.

Well, jeez, fellas.

I am so sorry to hear that.

Fortunately for us,
our problem is your problem.

Yeah? And why is that?

I can't do this.
(Stutters) Uh-uh-uh...

As you can see, Laurel,
Donald's upset.

And what has him wound
tighter than
a two-dollar watch?

His impending indictment? No.

It's this.

A slug
the medical examiner just

pulled out of
Reven Wright's body.

You and I both know
ballistics will match it

to the glock 19
in your nightstand.

As I understand,

agent Ressler
has a team standing by
as we speak

ready to enter your home
and seize the firearm.

(Laurel chuckles)

You're bluffing.

Reven Wright's body
was never found.

Until today.

Until Henry Prescott,
the cleaner that you hired

to dispose of Reven's body
like a piece of garbage,

took us right to her.

Let's give Prescott a call,
so you can hear for yourself.

With that bullet,
Donald finally has
what he's been looking for

since the day
you killed Reven.

Irrefutable proof.

I'm listening.

We hand over the slug

and you make
the grand jury go away.


That's not easy.

I see.

Then we've wasted
your time and ours.

I do wonder what else
Donald's men will find

in your nightstand.

Are you a vibrator
kind of gal, Laurel?
We'll see.

If I do this,

you don't mention
me and Reven Wright
in the same sentence again.

Say it.

Not you. Him.

Boy scouts don't give up
their merit badges easily.

How do I know
you're gonna hold up your end?

I give you my word.

(Indistinct chatter)

(Siren wailing)

Man: Mr. Kaplan would
like to see you.

Ms. Hitchin,
what are you doing here?

The question, Lindsay,
is what the hell
are you doing here?

a grand jury investigation.

You're investigating
the FBI's relationship

with Raymond Reddington, here?

What the hell
are you thinking?
Do you have...

Who is this?
I'm special agent Julian Gale.

Are you? Well,
you may not be for long,
agent Gale.

Reddington's supposed deal
with the FBI

is a matter of
national security.

The testimony you're taking
touches on highly
sensitive matters

that go way beyond
what anyone in this room

should be hearing,
including the two of you.

Is that so? Because...
This investigation is over.

By executive authority.

I want this case closed
and the records expunged.

Make sure
you get the court
reporter's transcription

and any exhibits...
Gale: What's he got on you?

Must be good.

Excuse me?
So it's true?

Reddington can corrupt
just about anybody, huh.

Keep talking, agent Gale.

Your entire career
is not over just yet.

Make sure you destroy
what little you have left.

(Cell phone ringing)


The grand jury's investigation
was just closed.

Like the whole damn case?
It was withdrawn.


Withdrawn by
National Security Advisor
Laurel Hitchin.

It's a cover-up.

What about my
immunity agreement?

It's gone.

The deal was you testify,
then you get immunity.

Now that
that's off the table...

(Cell phone beeps)

(Cell phone ringing)

Yes, ma'am?

Hands on the wheel.


It's been a long time.

You look fit!

Jumping Jacks?


You got to her.

When was the last time
you and I saw each other?


No, Cape Town?

No, that's not right.

Don't tell me, it'll come.



Did you bribe her?

As a matter of fact, I did.

Ugh. Anyhoo, Mr. Kaplan.

I need to know
how to reach her.

Good luck with that.

She uses burner phones.

You must have
her latest number.

So what are you gonna do?

Kill me?

I'm going to take your phone.

Ho Chi Minh City! That's it.

I got away from you
aboard that catfish trawler

on the Saigon river.

My god, the humidity!

But fun times indeed.

More to come, agent Gale.

More to come.

Hitchin did it,
we're in the clear.

Which means so is she.
And Aram?

He was found in contempt of
a grand jury that
no longer exists.

Where is Keen?
She needs to hear this.
(Cell phone ringing)

Your plan worked.

I'm going to give you
a cell phone number.

I need you to trace.

Did you hear me?
We're in the clear.

I haven't been able to
reach Elizabeth.

Is she there?

Who's the number for?
It's Kaplan's burner.

If we find it, we find her.
And, I think, agent Keen.

She doubted my plan, Harold.

I believe she has
another one in mind.

A direct appeal to Kaplan.

Reddington: Who was
relying on the grand jury
to separate us.

I fear Kaplan's backup plan
may be more extreme.

Cooper: The number.
Give it to me.

Mr. Kaplan?


Are you okay?

(Seagulls squawking)

I swore an oath to your mother
I would protect
you with my life.

I fear I've failed you.

What are you talking about?

We're at the end now
and I'm...



I don't know how
to keep you safe.

You don't have
to keep me safe.

This could be over.

It could stop.

I can show you the truth.

What truth?

If you want to know why
he came into your life...

You're scaring me.

I can take you.
We can go together.

But it has to be
your choice.

Cooper: We have a location.

Virginia state highway 501,
just south of Brookneal.

We're rolling out.

We need to take 501 north.

We're closer. Keep us updated.

Liz: Kate?

Where are we going?

I loved Raymond.

And your mother.

I loved her, too.

This secret...

What Reddington is
hiding from me...

I think I know...

(Tires screeching)

(Cocks gun)

Mr. Kaplan: Elizabeth,
if you get out of the car,
you choose Raymond.

If you stay,
you choose the truth.

Baz: Kate, get out of the car.

(Seat belt clicking)

(Car door opens)

Turn the engine off, Kate.


Please, Kate. Turn it off.

Get out of the car.

(Tires screeching)


Liz: Baz. Oh, my god.

I need an ambulance.

I'm at 501.

(Siren wailing)

(Brakes squealing)

Hello, Kate.


Clever use of Laurel Hitchin
to commandeer the grand jury.

A critical
oversight on my part.

You're so focused
on destroying me

you're willing
to hurt one of the
few people you've ever loved.

You're right.

I was so focused on you

I didn't see that getting you
away from her is unnecessary.

All I have to do
is give her the truth.

I don't know what that means.

Our secret at Tansi farms.

What have you done?

I have it, Raymond.

I went there and I dug it up
and I'm going to
give it to her.

(Siren chirping)

I need a perimeter
at the one mile mark

and patrol boats on the water.

All communications go through
the bureau command

which we're establishing
on the east end of the bridge.

Look around you, Kate.
It's over.

Do you honestly believe
I didn't consider
this moment?

the possibility of prison?

I don't see what
choice you have.

I made a promise
to Elizabeth's mother

to protect her girl
at all costs

and I can't do that
from a cell.

Which is why I have
a contingency plan.

Isn't that what
you taught me, Raymond?

Always make contingencies.

Are you okay?
You're not hurt?

Yeah, I'm fine.
We got to get out there.

Absolutely not.
No, we can't wait.

We got to help her.
going to kill her.

We both know
why you're here.

To finish
what you couldn't months ago.

To put a bullet in my head.

That's the moment
I've anticipated.

Shoot me dead.

And when you do,
my confidante will be alerted

and Elizabeth will be
given our secret

from Tansi farms.

There's one flaw
in your plan, Kate.

I'm not going to hurt you.

I never should have
pulled that trigger
in the first place

and I certainly won't now.

Not again.

I'm not going to prison,

Pull the trigger.

Release the truth.

I won't.
Then I will.

I loved you, Raymond.


Liz: No!

(Mellow music playing)


I'm so sorry.

I didn't think
I had a choice.

They said they were gonna
revoke my immunity agreement

if I didn't cooperate.
They threatened me so I...

I gave you up.

I'm sorry, you what?

When I testified
before the grand jury...

Hang on,
didn't Samar tell you?

Laurel: I asked Harold
if he would mind

if I delivered this
to you personally.

I wanted you to know
how much I
respect your dedication.

I also want to make sure
you understand your place

in this marriage.

You do what I want,
when I want it.

that's not going to happen.

That's exactly
what's gonna happen.

Hey, you don't pee standing up
in my house, Donald.



(Door opens)

Have a moment?

I'll give you some privacy.

I ran his DNA
two weeks after we met.

We were undercover in Montreal
having dinner.

He said that
everything I thought
I knew about myself was a lie.

It was intimate and weird.

And when he thought
we were made,
he snuck out the back.

And I palmed his scotch glass.

But when
the envelope came back,

I was scared it would confirm
the devil was my father.

I didn't look at it.

I threw it away.

Elizabeth, I'm sorry,
if you don't want to know...

Mr. Kaplan was my nanny.

Somehow I'm not surprised.

She loved you so much.

And now she's gone.

Just like Sam.

And my mom.

And everyone who knew me best.

Who knew the answers about

who I was, where I came from.


I hope you get the answer
you're looking for.

(Door closes)

Agent Mojtabai.

It's good to have you back.

Thank you, sir.
That means a lot.

You got out.

When you came to
see me in jail,

why didn't you tell me
Janet was the reason
I was in there?

Because, I saw that
she was making you happy.

You seemed...

(Soft music playing)

(Door opens)

Prescott: You should be going,
Mr. Sturgeon.

(Door closes)

(Knocking on door)

You lied to me.

The day we met,
you asked how I got my scar.

I told you my father
gave it to me.

But you knew that already,
didn't you?

What was that you said?

A father who was
a career criminal,

and a mother who died
of weakness and shame.

Why didn't you just tell me
who you were?

Why keep it a secret?

Come into my life,
give up everything,

go broke trying to protect me
and not...

Tell me you're my father?

Broke is such a harsh word.
I prefer illiquid.

What was so awful

that you withheld the answer
to a question

I've been wondering
my entire life?

Were you afraid
I'd turn out like you?

Because, guess what?

I am like you.

All those times you asked me
to think like a criminal,

was it a test to see
how naturally it came to me?

Because it did come naturally.

And that terrifies me.

Elizabeth, if you need to
walk away...

Walk away?

Are you serious?

How can you be
so smart and so clueless?

Yes, I'm terrified,
I'm angry.

I'm angry at you,
at who I am, at the fact that
I want to help you

despite everything
you've done to me
and to yourself.

But anger and fear and...

A certain amount of hatred...

Are all normal in a family.

And that's what we are.

And I'm not gonna walk away
from that.

Dembe: You didn't deny it.

Reddington: I didn't.

Dembe: And she thinks
that's Kate's secret?


So she doesn't know about
the suitcase?

Not yet.

It is gone.


I'm not sure Elizabeth
will ever be ready to learn

about what you did
to Katarina.

We've got to find that
goddamn suitcase.

(Cell phone ringing)



I got it.

Mr. Kaplan's instructions
were very specific.

I'm on my way.

(Music playing)