The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 19 - Dr. Bogdan Krilov (No. 29) - full transcript

Red sets the Task Force to trace a Blacklister with tools to manipulate memories, causing Liz to questions her own experience. When Gale intensifies his investigation, Ressler gets a new lead on a case.

Neuromuscular block abating.

Intercostals responding.
Push 200mg tramadol.

Spot normal.

Morgan? Can you hear me, Morgan?

Where am I? What's happening?
Why am I tied up?

You are okay, Morgan.
You are safe.

We are here to help, but to do
that I need to show you something

and I need you to tell me
everything you know about it.

Do you recognize this man?

Think way back.

Think hard, Morgan.

What about that one?


I don't know.

Who is it?

Wait, wait, wait. He's, drunchi.

No, drucci, drucci.
I think his name is drucci.

What happened to Mr. drucci?


The murder, the trial.

You work for, wait...

I told you people. I won't testify.
I gave you my word.

Mr. brujo, I've been asked
by some very important people

to make sure you have
no memory whatsoever

of the events surrounding the
death of Nicholas drucci.

And I will do that.

Take him to the stage three.

No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.
Who are you?

Who the hell are you?

How did you get in here?

You can't be here.

Dr. krilov,
I'm a friend of a friend.

I'd like to discuss
a proposal with you.

May I buy you lunch?

We were able to identify three
more of reddington's victims.

Milos kirchoff, alistair
pitt and, Geoff perl.

Those names mean anything to you?

Which is why
I'm gonna pull the case files,

and see who
the lead detectives were.

I have a feeling
that they may know something

that could help me prove that
keen was tipping off reddington.


If reddington's
being spoon-fed intel,

it's not gonna be
from Elizabeth keen.

She shot the Attorney General. She
went on the run with reddington.

Because they both
had a common enemy.

Keen was being
targeted by the cabal,

the same criminal organization
that was going after reddington.

And maybe the bureau
zeroed in on these three

because they had
intel on reddington

that he didn't want us
to find out about.

So he disappeared and then, well,
maybe keen helped him do it.

If she's got nothing to hide,
why's she ducking my calls?

Answer that. Ressler.

This is detective Elijah bell,
Philly pd, southwest division.

How can I help you?

We got a case down here.

During a neighborhood canvass

I interviewed a woman
named Linda mcfaden.

Didn't have squat on my case,

but she had a hell of a story about
a body being moved up in D.C.

Whose body?

She had no idea. But I looked
into the dates and the location

and I think it may relate to an
investigation you were working.

The disappearance
of reven Wright.

If that's still active
you may wanna pay her a visit.

All right. Text me the address.


I hate Mozart.

I'll adjust my Christmas list.

I've just heard too much of it.
It's like pop music to me.

Kate, on the other hand,
simply adores don Giovanni.

You found her.

That was taken 18 hours ago, at
the cafe grundstein in Vienna.

Where Mozart held one of his
last public performances.

In the end, we're all
creatures of habit.

And the man she's with?

Dr. bogdan Ivanovich krilov.

One of the few people

who have mastered the science
of memory manipulation.

Science or science fiction?

You of all people should
know the answer to that.

I understand
suppressing memories,

helping someone to mute out
a traumatic experience.

But manipulating them?

The memory of an accident,
a tragedy,

a fire in which a four-year-old
girl killed her father.

This man. Is he the one who
erased my memory of that night?

That's how kaplan knows him.

Why is she meeting with him now?

Is it connected to the fire?
To me?

I don't know.

But we have to find out.

Which is why the next name on
the blacklist is Dr. krilov.

We've confirmed that after
meeting with kaplan,

krilov boarded
a flight to New York.

He landed in jfk four hours ago

and told passport control

he was staying at
the winthrop grand hotel.

Why is kaplan
interested in someone

with krilov's
peculiar skill set?

Reddington doesn't know.
And he couldn't ask

because kaplan eluded the
associate who took this photo.

Reddington's on his way to
Vienna to pick up the trail.

Agent keen, I think I
speak for all of us

when I say my recollection
of the

last memory
specialist we dealt with

was not a pleasant one.

It's a brutal process.

Ressler, navabi, get to krilov,

find out what kaplan
wants with him.

Sir, a new witness just came
forward in the reven Wright case.

I'll go with samar.
Fine. Roll out.

Hey, keen.

Give us a second, would you?

Gale thinks you're
reddington's informant.

All the more reason for me
to avoid his calls.

I don't agree.

He's already ID'd the bodies
of three blacklisters.

Geoff perl, alistair pitt,
milos kirchoff.

I'm not reddington's informant.

So tell him.
It's not gonna be a lie,

and it'll also help hide the
truth about the task force.

We can't let him
find out about that.

Mr. krilov checked in
shortly after 9:00,

and the security logs indicate

he left the hotel shortly after
checking in and hasn't returned.

I showed his photo to the
bell service and the doorman.

No luck. If it helps...

I assume he'll be returning.

This letter arrived for him
after he left.

We're gonna need to take this. I'm
afraid that won't be possible.

Krilov is a person of interest
in a criminal investigation.

I want to be cooperative.

But he is a guest and that
letter is private property.

I can't let you take it
without a warrant.

I understand.

I don't.

Here you go.

Walk fast. Why?

Because any second, he's gonna
realize he's holding my rent cheque.

And here I thought you'd gone
all pink and perfect on me.

The man who raised
me was a grifter.

I couldn't be pink and perfect
if I tried.

It's an invoice
and arrival itinerary,

manalo vanlines.

Krilov's expecting a delivery.
Does it say what for?

No. But it arrived last night.

Well, unless you can palm
a cargo container,

I think this time you
really will need a warrant.

I just move 'em through. Customs
deals with inspections.

You're not responsible
for what we find.

Here we go.

Whatever's inside, nobody's
shown up to collect it.

This is what,
a stash of medical equipment?

Looks like krilov was here
to manipulate some memories.

Yeah. But whose?

It's all over. The FBI
just seized my equipment.

The mission
cannot be compromised.

Well, it has been.
I need my equipment.

And now they have it.

I'll get you new equipment.

It's not that easy.

My equipment is specialized.

You can't just replace it.
No one else does what I do.

That's not exactly true.
Take out a pen and paper.

I'm going to give you a name.

Hello. Hello.

Keep the change.

This is too much.

Perhaps I'll add to the order.

I'm looking for this woman.

I represent
the estate of a dear aunt

who left her a sizable bequest.

I was hoping you might have
some information

that would help me find her.

I don't know
where she's staying,

but she was here
when we opened this morning,

with a suitcase.

Um, perhaps the train?

We're only a few blocks
from Wien mitte.

Thank you, my dear. We'll
take the sachertorte to go.

So you told detective bell that

you saw some people
moving a body.

I'm not sure. It was
dark, across the street.

I probably shouldn't
have said anything.

Coming forward's hard.
Most people don't.

You did the right thing.

You know who my neighbor was?

Yes. Laurel hitchin.

The president's
national security advisor.

Whatever it was... It was
coming out of her house.

Well, I have reason to believe
that "it" was a person.

Reven Wright.

The second-highest-ranking official
in the justice department.

I need you to
tell me what you saw.

What I saw could get me killed.

Why do you think I came here
to stay with my sister?

I did it to hide from what I saw.
To forget it.

Can you forget it, though?
Linda, tell me what you saw.

Hey, you guys. Okay, so, after
krilov didn't show up at the hotel,

Mr. Cooper issued an apb
and it paid off.

You got a location for him?

Well, a transit cop spotted
him on a subway platform

but lost him in the crowd,

So I pulled the security feeds from
the street outside the station.

That was Gale again.
Third time today.

You know my vote. Stay away.

I agree. And these days we don't
really agree on anything,

so, you know,
it's gotta be good advice.

It looks like he's
watching someone.

There. That woman.

My god.
That's Dr. Selma orchard.

The unpleasant recollection you
had about the last specialist

who was forced to look into my memory.
That's her.

Maybe they're colleagues.
Keep running the feed.

Yeah, I don't think
they're colleagues.

It looks like she's his target.

The equipment she used on me was
similar to what we confiscated.

Krilov needs a new lab so maybe

he's going after someone
who can supply him with one.

Aram, pull up
Selma orchard's number.

We need to get to her
before krilov does.

This is Dr. orchard.

Dr. orchard,
this is Elizabeth keen.

Listen carefully.
There's a man coming for you.

His name is bogdan krilov.

Hello, Dr. orchard?

A forgetful memory specialist.

Is that ironic or an oxymoron?

I can never tell the difference.

You found him!
Grand. Please. Sit.

Is everything okay, sir?


I have such a fondness for the
little snacks from the bar car.

The crackers and cheeses,
the sausages.

It's like camping.

Try the peppered one there,
it's surprisingly good.

Your friend has a gun.

He does.

But he'll have little use for
it so long as you assist me

in locating a passenger.

Her name is unimportant,

as her ticket was likely purchased
under any number of aliases.

Which is why I'll need to see

all of the various passenger
manifests leaving from Wien mitte.

I can't do that.

How long has it been since your
rail line has had a robbery?

What? A robbery.

A stick-up. Like the old west.

Sir, what are you talking about?

I'm talking about
making you stop this train

while my associate and I

rob your passengers
of their money and jewelry.

I must admit, I've always been
somewhat seduced by the idea.

Bill miner, the old gray fox,
butch Cassidy.

But I've never really
felt the itch until now.

So you're gonna walk back to
wherever it is you walk to

and get the manifest,
or I'm gonna stop this train,

take your money,
and give this rail line

the most ridiculous PR disaster

since the Newton boys robbed
that mail train in rondout.

I won't say anything.
I won't. I won't, I swear.

Please, I have a son.

I don't care about the equipment.
Keep it, just keep it.

It's all packed up.

I know what you do, your work,
it's really incredible.

If you'd have asked me, I
would've given you my equipment.

I wish I could've
taken that chance.

I really do.

Please. I'm begging you.

Dr. orchard. Selma.

Okay, you're gonna be okay.
It's okay.

He's gone.

This is agent Elizabeth keen
with the FBI.

I need a medical team.
Priority three.

There were three men.

I didn't see a body at first.
Just a rug or a rolled-up tarp.

But when they put it in the
back of the Van it sort of...

It's okay. Take your time.

It unrolled and I saw a foot.

All right. I'm gonna
need you to come to D.C.

With me to make a statement.

I can't.

Dispatch routed me through
to the Vienna station agent.

This is the list of all the paid
passengers who boarded today.

Here. Susan stahley.

She wasn't on the
early morning train.

That's this train.

One of our sleepers.
B-12. Four cars back.

The woman. There was a woman.

Yes. She got off
at the last stop.

You must be Raymond.

She said you might come.
Said to give you this.

Thank you.

Hello, Raymond.

You can't keep up
this wild goose chase, Kate.

I'm gonna find you.

I'll save you the trouble.
I'm heading to lucerne.

We're gonna need the jet.

Call Edward. Tell him we're
getting off at the next station.

You remember what's in
lucerne, don't you?

Kate. I'm so sorry, Raymond.

I can't talk now.
My car just arrived.

I'll call you when I get there.

You heard me. Selma orchard.

Kaplan sent krilov to orchard?

I don't like the connection.

To me? Now you do think
this is about my memory?

I don't know.

Not long ago, the idea
that Kate would hurt you

as a way to get to me
was unthinkable.

But the Kate I'm after now
is difficult to recognize.

The bodies, the ones Julian Gale

is investigating,
I need the list.

The list?

The FBI's forensic experts

are trying to
identify the remains.

I need the list of the ones who
have been identified so far.

As quickly as you can
and send it to dembe.

Why did he do this?

Krilov was hired
to adjust someone's memory.

We confiscated his lab.
So, he stole yours.

But your memory,
the night of the fire.

He stole it from me
25 years ago.

That's why we needed you
to get it back.

Is this about that night?

We won't know until we find him.

Do you have any
idea where he went?


But my equipment might.

Hey. Dr. orchard was right.

Her equipment
may help us find krilov.


The eeg machine he stole from
her is state-of-the-art.

It's designed to receive
updates from a main server.

So it's part of
a wireless network.

Which we can use to locate
the machine and krilov,

once he turns it on.

Were you able to get the list
of bodies Julian Gale ID'd?

Yeah. Mr. Cooper did.


What is Mr. reddington
gonna do with it?

Agent ressler. I think it's time
that we had a heart-to-heart.

Raymond, the list of victims.
From agent keen.


Kate. You made good time.

I assume you know why I'm here.

I told you the bodies
I unearthed would destroy you,

that each one
would tell a story.

You don't need to do this.

We're way past that point,

You can't change
what you've done.

And you can't stop
what's coming.

Your own sins, Raymond.
You did this to yourself.

My word. So this is you.

The Mr. kaplan
my people whisper about.

Reddington's hidden protector,
the fairy tale come to life.

Mr. Von hauser,
thank you for seeing me.

I'm quite real,
though you're right,

Raymond and I prefer to keep my
role in his affairs to ourselves.

He certainly doesn't approve
of my visit today.

And yet you have chosen
to defy his wishes.

I don't have to tell you
how dangerous that can be.


But I'm here because I have
something to tell you.

A story that, I'm sorry to say,

will cause you
profound grief and anger.



He was Werner's son.

A formidable young man.

Early 20's. Already
in the family business.

this was 25 years ago now.

I was younger myself.

Intent on building an empire.

Intent on becoming
the powerful criminal

the world had been told
I already was.

Werner was
very impressive to me then.

International weapons dealer,
a smuggler,

a Jack of almost every illicit
trade one might imagine.

I wanted an alliance.

To become Werner's
most trusted associate.

Raymond crafted a plan
based on an ancient principle.

If you want your enemy
to become your friend,

create a problem for him
and then solve it.

You are talking
about hans's abduction.

You're telling me
reddington was behind it?

The idea was simple enough.

To make it appear
as if hans had been kidnapped.

To send Werner a ransom demand.

Ten million
or his son would be killed.

At that point,
I would intervene.

Talk to the "brutal abductors,"

convince them they should
release hans unharmed.

They would agree, of course,
out of respect to me

and my reputation
as a man not to be crossed.

Werner would be deeply grateful.

And so, my enemy
would become my friend.

No, no, no. Hans was taken
by the taddicken brothers.

Known around the world
for their savagery.

Yes. That's why
Raymond chose them.

They were given very clear
instructions not to harm your son.

Unfortunately, they didn't
follow those instructions.

The taddicken brothers
were callous, reckless.

Hans was suffocated
while in transit.

Tragic. Unforgivable.
Raymond was...



In a rage, I obliterated
the taddicken brothers.

Mr. kaplan saw to the disposal
of hans's body.

Werner was beyond bereft.

But he was also
very grateful to me,

the man who had
killed the animals

responsible for murdering
his only son.

It remains one of my most
profound regrets,

but, of course,
I never told Werner the truth.

Instead, we began one of the
most profitable alliances

in modern criminal history.

An alliance that has
remained intact for decades.

Can you prove what
you have told me?

I can do better than that,
Mr. Von hauser.

I can return your son's body.

So you can give him the burial
he was so wrongly denied.

At this moment, his remains
are in the custody of the FBI.

Where is Linda mcfaden?
You tell me now, or I swear...

Donald. Enough with the reven
Wright thing. Come on.

You have no power to interfere
with my investigation. None.

No power? Really?

I'm white house
national security advisor.

My interference
is the least of your problems.

See, if I choose to,

I'll simply remove you
from the equation.

Do I make myself clear?
Let it go, agent ressler.

I'm not going anywhere
without my witness.

Damn it. I don't want
to hurt that girl.

But you, in your pursuit of
another boy scout honor badge,

have forced my hand,
and now I have no choice.

Get out.


Hey, remember. You did this to her.
Not me.

You did this to her. Not me.

He has accepted the fiction
that he is in her car,

talking with hitchin.

We should have no problem

uploading the remaining
selected memories.


George, why do you
have empty hands?

You know how much
I don't like empty hands.

Sorry, boss. I put in a request
for those files you asked for.


Geoff perl, alistair pitt,
milos kirchoff.

But those files
are designated sci7.

Sci... Seven.

I've never heard of that.

Pretty sure that's the point.

I wonder what's so special
about those three cases.

Three? Try every case on the
east wall of main records,

plus the annex.

We're talking hundreds
and hundreds of legal boxes.

And they're all off limits?

Now we're getting somewhere,

You found krilov?

The equipment he's using,
Dr. orchard's eeg,

it is pinging
the manufacturer's server.

I'm tracking the signal now.

Does getting the signal mean that
he's using the eeg on someone?

Yeah. Unfortunately.

There. Where is that?

A clinic in rockville, Maryland.

Shut down nearly a decade ago.

You two, get there now.

You're arriving outside
of Laurel hitchin's estate.

You believe your
witness is inside.

You know you need to make
a move soon.

Time is wasting.

It's time. Unhook him.

He's ready for transport.

You didn't kill his son.

No. But Werner won't see
it that way, will he?

Then why are we
driving to his home?

I have no alternative.

I believe this is
a bad idea, Raymond.

I'll handle Werner.

It's Kate who has
me on tenterhooks.

We put out one fire,
she starts another.

The woman is an arsonist.

She's not going to stop until
she burns me to the ground.

I'm unarmed. Who was here?

Your patient, the person
kaplan hired you to work on.

You don't remember me, do you?
I know who you are.

The memories you took from me
when I was a girl?

And trust me,
we're gonna talk about that.

But first, your patient.
Where is he?



He was an excellent patient.
Very pliable. Unlike you.

Definitely not pink or perfect.

This isn't right. Since when
does he have so much security?

Since today.

How are you, my friend?

Very well, Mr. reddington.
Thank you.

If you don't mind, we need
to wand you and your man.

A change in protocol, I see.

Orders of Mr. Von hauser.


Thank you for agreeing
to hear me out.

I promised to meet with you.

I never said
I would listen to you.

Our relationship
is built on a lie.

A tragedy.

The fact that you
walked into this room

confirms you know
nothing about me.

You severely underestimated
my love for my son.

Then and now. And for that
you will pay with your life.

I deserve to pay.

But I can't.

I never underestimated
you, Werner.

I just hoped
things could work out.


Nikolaus has been on my payroll

since I introduced him
to you 25 years ago.

I knew one day we would have
to look each other in the eye

and face the truth.

And I knew it
would be an event that

one of us would
not recover from.

Your abiding love for your son was
always evident to me, Werner.

The loss of hans.

There are no words
to duly express my remorse.

I'm sorry for that, and I'm...

I'm sorry for this.

His men outside will be
pouring in any minute.

Some will stand with me,
but it's a house divided.

Unless you want to
join a civil war,

you need to exit out back,
into the woods.

Thank you for your loyalty,
nikolaus. I'll be in touch.

Where is agent ressler?

We know you were contracted to,

what, erase some kind of memory?
Embed one?

I want my lawyer.

I'm not gonna ask again.

I already told you, Princess.

I'm not talking to you
until my lawyer is present.

What are you doing?

I told him
I'm not gonna ask again.

Liz. Hang on.

Are you serious? Come on.

You are FBI.

You think I actually believe you're
going to inject that needle?

You know, unfortunately, I don't
know much about propofol.

I think it's
a general unaesthetic.

Can you even inject this
directly into the arm?

Stop it.
No, no, no, you tell me.

You're the doctor, Princess.

Agent keen. Hey.

Would mainlining this
cause long-term damage

to the heart?


The lungs, the kidneys?

Would it kill an old man?

Okay, okay. Stop it. I tell you.

Keep talking.

There is a house.

On the potomac.

Aram, I have
texted you an address.

Laurel hitchin's house on the river.
We're on our way now.

Laurel hitchin? What's going on?
What happened with krilov?

We have him in custody.

His target, kaplan's target,
was ressler.

My god.

Wait. Agent ressler? I thought
he was in Philadelphia.

He was. That's where he was
abducted and pumped full of drugs.

We think krilov somehow
programed ressler

to believe hitchin
abducted a witness

that could connect her
to reven Wright's murder.

Ressler wasn't with krilov
when you found him?

No. Krilov's men
had already moved him.

They're positioning him
to go after hitchin.

We tried to call her to warn
her, but we couldn't reach her.

If kaplan is behind this, and
her goal is to hurt reddington,

how does using ressler
to take out hitchin help?

Kaplan gave us
the chance to abandon

our relationship
with reddington,

and we didn't.

Now, she'll take
every step necessary

to dismantle the task force,
starting with ressler.

Without the task force, reddington
would be completely exposed.

All right, I have the address. Routing
backup to meet you there now.

Everything set?

Let's go. He'll wake up soon.


Come on.

Where is she? Where's Linda?

Ressler, that shot...
Where is she?

What is the meaning of this?
Who is he?

Donald ressler, FBI.

Now, miss hitchins here

is a prime suspect
in reven Wright's murder.

Agent ressler isn't well,
Mr. ambassador.

He needs help.

Mr. ambassador? Is he part
of the cabal as well?

Yes, Donald. He is. We all are.

It's all one big
global conspiracy,

and you weren't
invited to the party.


Well, I think you should go.

I will do no such thing.

I think you will. Now.

It's okay. I'm fine. He's delusional.
Not dangerous.

The witness, Linda mcfaden,
where are you keeping her?

Okay, first of all,
I don't know any Linda.

But if you put the gun away,
I'm sure we can work this out.

No, there's no way you'd
let her out of your sight.

Not when she's the only person

that can tie you to
reven Wright's murder.

See, I think
you're keeping her here.

And that's what
we're going to do.

We're gonna go through this place
room by room. Now, let's go.

Fine. Let's go.

As soon as we hit the road,
we'll find a way to the jet.

The jet is sitting
on one of Werner's airstrips.

No doubt his men
are on it right now,

drinking my scotch and
seeing who fits in my suits.

Then we'll have to
find another way out of here.

Without Werner or his contacts,
shipping lanes, airfields,

I can't do anything
from Gibraltar to the urals.

Every piece of his machinery
is up in the air now,

and where they land
is anybody's guess.

For the time being, we'll have
to be comfortable with chaos.

Stay with him.

Help is on the way.

Like I said,
there's nobody here.

Then you're gonna tell me,

you're gonna tell me
where you're holding her

or I swear to god...

Ressler, stand down!

Keen, I found a witness

who saw hitchin's men
dispose of reven's body.

There is no witness. Thank you.

What're you talking about?
I met her, okay?

She told me everything.

Listen to your partner,
agent ressler.

You're ill. You need help.

You're not ill. Your memory was
manipulated by Dr. bogdan krilov.

We have him in custody.

No, I know what I saw, trust me.

No, you need to trust me.

The detective
who reached out to you.

Yeah, Elijah bell.

There is no Elijah bell
in the Philly pd.

He works with krilov.
So does your witness.

No. No!
I was at her house, okay?

I was there when she was taken.

By krilov's men.
He staged the whole thing.

Hitchin wasn't involved.

During the raid, you were
knocked out unconscious.

That's when krilov started to
work on you, implanting memories.

Hitchin coming to pick you up.

Agent ressler.

How do you know that?

Krilov made it up.
Krilov staged the whole thing.

No, no! We're not gonna let
her get away with this. No!

You're right. We will
find justice for reven.

Just not this way.

Ressler, look at your hand.

You were drugged.

Propofol. Tramadol.

It's not your fault.

You're the victim here.

He's the victim. I'm...

Yes. And you're a murderer.

And one day
we're gonna prove it.

Every part of this
little drama, Kate,

is playing out as grand tragedy.

Family feuds always do.

Werner's dead.

You may have bitten the hand

that feeds you
this time, dearie.

Every one of Werner's allies will
be out hunting to put you down.

Are you going to cry "havoc",

and let slip the dogs
of war, Raymond?

Goodbye, Kate.

Agent ressler, I'm sorry but I'm
going to need your sidearm.

Is that necessary?

Yes, sir. It is.
What are you doing?

You just go ahead
and turn around for me.

Agent ressler is
the victim here.

He was manipulated and drugged.

And I'm sure the investigation
will bear that out.

But in the meantime,
he is in our custody.



I really want to thank you,
agent keen.

I genuinely believe

he would have shot me
if you hadn't shown up.

I didn't do it for you,
I did it for him.

Fair enough. But you did it,
and for that, I'm grateful.

Donald ressler represents
what's best about this country.

He's loyal, and honest,
and he believes

that no one, no one,
is above the law.

And I believe that one day

you'll be the one being
dragged off in handcuffs

and he'll be walking into his
lake house to watch the sunset.

Yeah. Never gonna happen.

I want every detail.

What you did. How you did it.

What memories you implanted in
agent ressler's consciousness

and what you took away.

You're going to give me everything
we need to exonerate him.

I could do that, I suppose.

If properly motivated.

You don't remember me, do you?

From 25 years ago? No.

But then, you wouldn't be very
good at your job if I did.

No. Not 25 years ago. Just two.

What are you talking about?

You were brought to me by a
mutual acquaintance of ours,

who wanted me to take certain
memories away from you.

What memories?

Let us say you had
uncovered certain truth

about Raymond reddington,

and he couldn't have that.

You're lying.

No. I'm not lying.

And I think you know that.

So, let's make a deal.

Full immunity.

I walk, in exchange for the
memories I took from you.

That's not going to happen.

That is a shame. For all of us.

But more so for you than me,
I suspect.

And for the agent, ressler,
of course.

Two years ago.

Two! Not 25. Two!

Kaplan is using krilov.

What was the secret you
needed krilov to take away?

Nothing. She's using him
to pull at threads.

To continue to unravel my life.

He's sidelined ressler. He's
trying to do the same to you.

You did it once. Yes.

When you were a child.

To protect you from the memory
of killing your father.

I hired krilov once.
Never again.

That's Julian Gale,
I've been avoiding his calls

and I'm beginning to think
that was a mistake.

Bogdan krilov, Julian Gale.

Directly or indirectly,
they're working for kaplan.

Against us. Against you.

I'd think that would be a difficult
distinction for you to make.

Speak with him, if you must.

All I ask is
you don't do it in anger.

I wouldn't want you to say anything
either of us would regret.

some of them were killed

because they were trying to
help us catch reddington.

I asked them to inform.
I promised them protection.

And well, I failed,
and here they are.

You must be agent Gale.

Charmed, I'm sure.

Speaking of charmed,

I hear reddington
can be very charming.

What was it like going
on the run with him?

Did he charm you?

I was a fugitive.

It was awful.

September 23rd, 2013.

Does that day ring a bell?

Should it?

It should for you.
You see, that's the day

that you went from being
a rookie profiler

to a classified assignment.

I would remember.
How about October 1st, 2013?

Nothing? Really?

See, that's the day
that the reddington task force

started to fall apart.

I don't know
anything about that.


How about sci7?

You ever hear of that?

Never have.

Apparently it's a designation
that the bureau reserves

for certain high-profile cases.

It's classified,
so I can't look at the files

or interview the great American
heroes of law enforcement

that are doing
such important work.

However, I was able to pinpoint

the first time
that designation was used.

Would you care for another date?
See, I love dates.

Is there a question here?

No. But there's a pattern.

See, there was a rash of major
cases that were solved,

hundreds of them,

starting in the weeks after you
were plucked from obscurity.

Reddington's been
feeding the bureau intel.

Big names, sci7 big.

Names that the bureau
never knew existed.

He's feeding them to you,
and in exchange

you're allowing him to stay

one step ahead of the law,
ain't that right?

Why did you want to see me?

I didn't want to see you.

I wanted you to see them.

See, I've already asked them
for their forgiveness

for my part in their being here.

I wanted to give you
the chance to do the same.