The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - The Architect (No. 107) - full transcript

Aram goes undercover to find a criminal who makes crimes for a profit; Tom continues to look for details about his past; Red attempts to find the source of his compromised business operations.


♪ the first thing
I remember knowing ♪

♪ was a lonesome
whistle blowing ♪

♪ and a young'un's dream
of growing up ♪

Brought you a Bible,

A little late for saving souls,
ain't it, Preacher?

I'd suggest Luke 21:36.

"Pray always,
that ye may be accounted

worthy to escape
all these things."

♪ one and only rebel child ♪

♪ from a family, meek and mild ♪

♪ my Mama seemed to know
what lay in store ♪

♪ despite my Sunday learning ♪

♪ towards the bad,
I kept on turning ♪

♪ till Mama couldn't
hold me anymore ♪

♪ dear old Daddy,
rest his soul ♪

♪ left my Mom a heavy load ♪

♪ she tried so very hard
to fill his shoes ♪

♪ working hours without rest ♪

What do you think is in there?
What's say you open it up,

stick your head in,
and take a gander?

♪ she tried to raise me right ♪

♪ I turned 21 in prison ♪

♪ doing life without parole ♪

Charliehorse, we're under attack!

♪ but her pleading, I denied ♪

♪ 'cause Mama tried ♪


You've murdered my friends
and colleagues.

You blackmailed a man I hold
in the highest esteem.

You seem to have a comprehensive
knowledge of my life

that you could only realize
through an association

with someone close to me.

You don't recognize me, do you?

I want to know who hired you.

Gavin Pruitt was my husband.

Most people think the danger
in a situation like this

is the cold.

The more immediate danger is
the oxygen supply.

Answer my question,
or you will suffocate

long before
you freeze to death.

Gavin set up for tax havens
in Mauritius.

And when the Feds got to him,
you thought he would talk.

So you had him killed.

I want a name.

Raymond, it's Cooper.

Harold, what can I do for you?

- Give me back my prisoner.
- Which prisoner?

You know exactly who I'm
talking about, Reddington.

Isabella Stone.

She's perfectly safe.
I have every intention

of returning her to your custody
as soon as she's given me

- the information I need.
- You've gone too far.

I just came from Main Justice.
They threatened to shut us down.

- They're bluffing.
- Are they?

From their point of view,
you've become

a bigger liability
than an asset.

Harold, what's happening here?
You sound desperate.

From the beginning,
this has been all about

serving your agenda.

And I've rolled with that
because I genuinely believe

this task force makes
the world a safer place.

- You aren't being naive--
- You're damn right!

Not anymore. Now I want a name.

I want a big one,

not some independent contractor
like Stone.

You can't just order up

like Chinese takeout, Harold.

I want it now.

The Architect.

London, 2014.

A tanker loading diesel fuel

10 minutes later,
a water main fails,

flooding Covent Garden.

Only after authorities
pumped out the water

did they realize $100 million
in diamonds had been

stolen from a nearby vault.

According to Reddington, this
was the work of The Architect,

who, for a price, will design,
construct, and execute

the perfect crime.

Cortina, Italy, 2011--

A safety canon malfunctions,

setting off
a devastating avalanche.

Two weeks earlier,
a Brazilian art collector's home

was broken into.

Nothing of value was stolen,
but, panicked by the break-in,

the collector shipped
a Caravaggio

to a secure facility in Geneva,

whose director would be
killed in the avalanche.

The man who signed for
the old master was an imposter,

and the Caravaggio disappeared.

Reddington says The Architect
is in Philadelphia

recruiting hackers
at an underground gathering

- called Black Mass 13.
- Sounds like a slasher movie.

More like a ghost story.

Black Mass is where the worst
of the worst compete

to see who can hack
a set of security measures.

The winner
is supposed to be hired

for the type of gig that you
don't back from with a soul--

CP, industrial sabotage--
real horror show stuff.

Multiple hits on a hexadecimal
embedded in postings

containing the words
"black," "mass," and "13."

And we have...

We have a GPS coordinate
in Philadelphia.

- The location of the convention?
- No.

This is just the first step
down the rabbit hole.

All right, guys, look for
anything out of the ordinary.

Hey, Keen!

"If foo equals first object

Enter "then bar,"
then an equal sign,

then the words
"binary arbitrary reason."

Totally what I was gonna say.

1955 South Hartford,

What are we gonna do
when we get there?

It's all about
pattern recognition.

Just-- Just keep
your eyes open.

Hey. Did you talk to
Richard Game?

No, but I think I was wrong.

- About what? Game confessed to killing you.
- He's dead.

Turns out his mother's
still alive,

so I'm gonna see her.

Maybe she has some answers.

But wait.
What were you wrong about?

I didn't really care what
Richard Game had to tell me

until I find out he was dead,
and now it's all I want to know.

Who my father was, who I was,

why somebody wanted the world
to believe I was dead.

That's what I was wrong about,
saying it didn't matter to me.

But you were right.
It does.

I'll call you if I find
anything out.

- We're here.
- Do you see anything weird?

I'm not loving the idea
of a rabbit food smoothie,

but other than that, no.

Can you send me a photo?

Okay, I got it.

I'll have
a penny candy, please.

Thank you.

Oh, my God, there are
so many combinations.

This is gonna take hours.

Here, let me see that.

How long did that take?

Agent Ressler, a word.
I'll give this to Aram.

We found an SD chip.

Aram should be able to use it
to locate the Black Mass.

Reven Wright...

was my superior and my friend,

so I don't like this
any more than you,

but the inquiry into
her disappearance--

Reven Wright didn't disappear.

She was murdered
by Laurel Hitchin.

- We know that.
- The inquiry's being shut down.

The president's
National Security Advisor

is a murderer.

There is no evidence of that,

no witnesses, no prints,
no case.

The head of the justice division
doesn't just disappear.

But until we can prove it,
the case is closed.

Okay, I got something.

It's a pickup point, I think.

248 Garfield. 3:20 PM.

It says, "Come alone
and wear a yellow hat."

We need to get an agent
to that pickup point

to get into Black Mass
to ID The Architect.

Yeah, but whoever we send in

would have to really
know their stuff.

Not just the programming,
but the buzzwords,

the culture. It's gonna...

No. I can't,
not after last time.

- You were amazing last time.
- Which part,

getting beaten to a pulp
by my psycho girlfriend,

or screaming our safe world
like a baby

who needs his diaper changed?

The Architect
is a mass murderer.

This is our only chance
to catch him.

We need you to do this.

We're hot.


I believe
that will do the job...

quite nicely.

Are you getting the CCTV feeds?

Okay, we have eyes.

Yellow hat, gray blazer.
Very handsome.

And the, um, TAC team
is standing by?

They'll be in place as soon
as you give us a location

- for the Black Mass site.
- So when I ID The Architect,

they're gonna breach, right?

All right, here we go.

Put this on.


Let's go.

We're right here with you.
We're not going anywhere.

There's a man I know

who works as a docent
in a small museum

in the Northwest.

He recently remarried.

Rotary Tuesdays.
Euchre Fridays.

A modest but happy life.

Gavin and I played Euchre.

Before you killed him.

Gavin was a brilliant

And an even better man...

who worshiped you.

When the Feds came
asking questions

about the nature of his
relationship with me,

his only thoughts were
about whether you

and your children would be
safe and well provided for.

This person you described--

I didn't kill your husband.

I helped him walk away
from everything he loved

to protect you
and your innocence.


Where is he?

Who hired you?

I got an anonymous package...


files a-about every aspect
of your operations, and--

And your payment?

I received a credit stick.
It's in my apartment.

It's in the-- the lining
of a red silk dress.

Now, my husband--

where is he?

He's married.

He remembers you as you were.

To show him what you've
become would be devastating.

I'm not gonna tell you
where he is.

But I will turn the heat up.

You must be chilled
to the bone.

Aram, we're tracking you
through Lexington Park.

You're going northeast
on Algon Avenue.

What's going on?

Bring up another camera.

It must be some sort of
jamming software.


Aram, can you hear me?

Aram? Cough twice if you can
hear me.

Contact Tactical Aviation.

Give them specs on the van
and a radius to work with.

I want surveillance images
within 10 minutes.

Who are you?

Uh, Ms. Lucy Game?

My name is Frank Carraro.

If I could bother just have
a moment of your time.

It's about your son.

My son is dead.
Have some respect.

I'm with the Innocence Project,
and we believe

that your son spent time
in prison

for a crime he did not commit.

His name was
Christopher Hargrave.

Yeah, I remember.

Before he confessed,
did he talk to anyone?

A lawyer or his cellmate?
Did anyone approach him?

You obviously didn't know
my boy.

Richard killed a lot of people.

Took 'em apart in the garage
out back.

Did things to them...
I'll never forget.

Finding out what really happened
to this boy

would make a huge difference

to the people who cared about
Christopher Hargrave.

Your services had better be used

for someone who didn't belong
in prison.

Richard never belonged
anywhere else.

Just wait right here.

All right, move.

Wait right here.

♪ all I've known all my life ♪

♪ 'cause if not,
I'm already dead ♪

You looking for work?

Uh, you know, if, um,
the job's right.

What do you know about
batch credit card spoofing?

I've done, uh, some,
you know.

Uh, for cartels mostly.

Not that you look like
you work for a cartel.

Maybe you do. Uh, how--
how would I know?

I'm-- Uh, excuse me. I think
I see an old friend.

Excuse me. Um...

Aren't you supposed
to be in jail?

- Now's not a good time.
- Oh, really? I'm sorry.

Am-- Am I
inconveniencing you?

I said not now.

Yeah! Five minutes to HackStar!

Nut up and get your hack on!

Whoa! Not a piggy-backed SQL
injection like a rank amateur!

Gettin' tense, gettin' tense,
gettin' tense!

Come on, wizards!

Second prize is
a set of steak knives.

Third prize is your picture
on a milk carton!

Come on, come on, come on.

Yes! Take that, biatch!

All right, all right,
all right!

We have a new heavyweight
champion of the world!

They find out that we work
for the government, we're dead.

What do you mean "we"?

51.3 seconds. Excellent.

Do you really think that
the Feds are gonna let

a prodigy like me
rot in a jail cell?

Is that a remote code cypher?

Are you trying to steal
proprietary ideas?

Why do you think
that I'm here?

I had three agencies
fighting a cage match

to cut a deal with me
before your girlfriend

even finished reading me
my rights.

- She is not my girlfriend.
- Oh, you're pathetic.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait. Who won that cage match?

The NSA. Who do you think
I'm stealing for?

- The NSA? Are you kidding me?
- Come on!

3.7 seconds ahead of schedule.

Who-- Who the hell are you?

Doesn't matter who I am,
Mr. Patel.

What matters is I would
very much like to speak

to the young man
who won your contest.

Uh, I-I don't know
where he is.

How tragic.

Find him.

On the odd chance
I don't have it already,

may I have your attention,

find a terminal.

There's something
I need you to do.

That's all we're getting?

Our techs
can't figure out

how their encrypted feeds
are being hacked.

And The Architect's got us
flying blind.

Not quite.
The blackout is specific

to this six-square block area

where The Architect doesn't
want us to look.

Which means Black Mass
is in there somewhere,

and so is Aram.

Keen, find out what he wants.

Ressler, Navabi,
get a team on site.

We breach
on Agent Mojtabi's signal.

I need to speak with Aram.

Do you know where
they're holding Black Mass?

It's urgent, Lizzy.

Because we don't,
and that's where he is.

What do you want?

To direct you to a warehouse
in Annapolis

operated by Newcastle Ice.

Are you offering me
free ice?

An ice queen--
Isabella Stone--

returned as promised.

Did she tell you who
paid her to attack you?

Only that we share
the same bank.

One that guarantees
its depositors

absolute privacy.

I was hoping Aram could pull
aside that veil of secrecy.

Help us located Black Mass,
and he can.

As I told Harold
when he browbeat me

for a Blacklister,
I'm otherwise occupied

and in no position
to assist.

Sending Aram after The Architect
was reckless.

His absence complicates
matters for me.

I'll inform Main Justice

the minute we have Stone
in custody.

We'll find out if that
appeases them.

And why do you want
to appease them so badly?

Will we ever find that out?

- Who is that guy?
- I don't know.

My job was to ID him.

Okay, and then what?

The cavalry was supposed
to come.

Tell me you have
a plan "B."

Yeah, I'm working on it, Elise.

Or whatever you're
calling yourself this week.

A US power grid has never
been compromised by hackers,

for one reason--

It requires the combined
skills of people

who are unwilling
to work together.

Today, you will work together...

The Architect is gonna
have the exits covered.

But the mercs have radios,

and if I can get one
and I can get to the roof,

- I can notify the FBI.
- The roof?

Please tell me you just
said that to impress me.

If you think you're
that hot--

Well, you are,
but I don't care.

What I do care about is the
lives of the people out there,

so just-- Okay.

I need-- I need
something that burns.

Oh, crap, come on.

Come on.

This damn scarf.

Was any of it real?

It wasn't personal.

What we did at night
with the lights off?

That was personal.

The way you let me feel
about you--

I can't think of anything
more personal.


Aram, whatever it is
that you're planning,

I've personally
kicked your ass.

You're gonna get yourself

So help. Or don't.
I don't care.

Just... get out of my way.

Groups one and three, commence
your DDoS attack... now.

Groups two and four,
10 seconds.

Without the contest winner,
our plan fails.

Find him.

Sierra 2, sit-rep?

Negative contact, Leader.

Group two and four... now.

Let me guess. You were
gonna clock me from behind.


She was.

There's gotta be sewer access
in the sub-basement.

You know, it's not too late
to join me.

To run? I'm not gonna do that.

You do you, man.

Prepare to run
your rootkit scripts.

3... 2...



Ready for your big day,

I do believe I am,

Break emergency.
I'm requesting an emergency

autopatch relay to 9-1-1.

- Did you see the mother?
- Dead end.

She thinks her son got
what he deserved.

Emergency patch from
switching control. It's Aram.

Look, I have to go, but I'm
gonna make a few calls,

- see what I can find out. This isn't over.
- Aram?

The Architect has control
of the convention.

I count six mercs,
heavily armed.

- Where are you?
- I don't know exactly,

but, um, gonna switch this
radio to tone

so you can trace my signal.

Aram, Agents Ressler and Navabi
are in the area.

We're on our way.

Okay, they're here,
they're here.

Hands! Keep 'em up!

Keep 'em up!

Find where
he's transmitting from.

Get the location to Ressler.
Tell him to breach.


you're a many of many
skills, Mister...

Well, whoever you are,

I need those skills.

Count me out.

Like him?

I know who you are,

and that you're willing to
kill me if you have to.

But you don't know who I am.

And I am not someone who's
gonna help you commit a crime.

I'm not gonna help you.


Get down! Grenade!

Liz, hey, what'd you find?

When Richard Game
confessed to your murder,

he had been sick for years.

He had a virus called

So? What?

So it's incredibly

He lived under
constant quarantine.

Well, somebody talked Game into
taking the fall for my murder.

His phone calls were monitored.
His letters were screened.

Every interaction was supervised
by prison doctors.

- So maybe it's one of them.
- Or maybe it was

the one person allowed
unsupervised visitation

with Game-- his mother.

She lied to me.

The team breached.
There's been an explosion.

No sign of Aram.

- He must have been taken hostage.
- Which means he's still alive.

But for how long? We have no
leads on The Architect's plan.

- Aram is the plan.
- Where is he?

Case number 91170086.

The US Government
vs. Janet Sutherland.

You might wanna look that up
before pulling the trigger.

You gotta be
kidding me. All right.

- She cut a deal?
- Full immunity.

Cooper just sent over
the plea agreement.

She's now an asset
for the NSA.

You said Aram is the plan.
What did you mean by that?

He won a contest.

It was an audition to hack
a tranche of softwares.

- I couldn't crack it.
- A software for what?

A control panel...
for some sort of facility.

You know, center systems,
RFID tracking,

- security doors.
- Do you know where?

The Architect-- he made them
launch a cyber attack

on a power grid
in Southern Virginia.

- Where in Southern Virginia?
- I don't know.

Look around though. This--
This guy kills people.

Once he gets what he needs
from Aram,

he's gonna kill him, too.

I know you said you
didn't want to be disturbed,

but you have a guest.

- Not now.
- He said it's urgent.

I wouldn't have come
if the circumstances

weren't extraordinary.


David, I need you
to help me identify

a depositor at the bank.

You know the rules.

Yes, and I have
great respect for them.

Then you know I can't
help you.

Besides, I'm busy.

David, an account holder
at your bank

has stolen my money,
damaged my businesses,

and killed my associates.

I have the credit stick
the depositor used

to finance this bit
of nastiness,

but the data is encrypted
and I can't access it.

I need your help.
I need a name.

Is my jacket puckering?

Puckering. Come si dice

I need a name.


You know who the depositors are.
Complete privacy.

David, please.

Perhaps you don't recognize

The man is one of the great
living artists.

He rarely does portraits.

He's very selective in who
he portrays with his brush.

David, it's a painting.

What I'm talking about
is life and death.

The last three paintings
he's done--

one is hanging in the Whitney,

one is in the Tate Modern,
one is in the Pompidou.

I could be hanging
in the Pompidou

if you would just get
the hell out of my house.

Now go, please.

- I owe you an apology.
- Oh! You can't come in here!

- I lied to you.
- Get out.

I'm not Frank Carraro
with Project Innocence.

I'm Christopher Hargrave--

the boy you convinced
your son to say he killed.

I'll call the police.

I know about the quarantine,
his illness.

You were the only one who had
unsupervised visitation.

I am warning you--

How much were you paid,
and by who?

Ahh! Ahh!

You had a sick son

who committed
unspeakable crimes.

Letter come...

special delivery.

Return address was
a PO box in New York.


if Richard said he did
something he didn't.

Your son
gave the cops details

about what happened to me,

things that weren't
in the papers.

I got a script.

It-- What Richard
was supposed to say.

Do you still have it?

The Architect--
according to Reddington,

he designs, constructs
and executes the perfect crime.

You figured out what he's
after in Southern Virginia.

Correctional Facility--

one of the most secure
prisons in America.

Home to Virginia's
Death Row,

which is why they sent
Lonnie Perkins there.

The cop killer.

And president of
the Aryan Revolutionary Council.

Right now,
they're the biggest

white supremacist gang
in the prison system.

Perkins is scheduled
to be executed tonight.

You think this is all about
breaking out Perkins?

The ARC is exactly
the kind of organization

that would have the resources
to hire The Architect.

Even if he took control
of the prison's

internal systems, they're not
just gonna let Perkins walk out.

What's the ace up his sleeve?

On my signal,
you will execute

a remote takeover
of the software

controlling the internal
operations of the prison.

Do you have any idea
how many firewalls

and built into a system
like that?

26. All disabled--

thanks to a statewide
blackout we created.

Even if that's true,
the prison's operating system

is physically segregated
from the Internet.

Only way anyone could
communicate with the software--

Is if someone inside the prison
installed a back door.

I'd like the door open, please,

in case any of our visitors
feel the need

to step out for air.

It's locked.

Warden McCaslin,

honored guests of the state,

pleased direct your
attention to guard tower 5.

3... 2...


It's gone. The tower is--
it's gone.

The breakout--
it's started.

What did Cooper say?

A guard tower in Greenville
has just been destroyed.

Any news about Aram?

That was your second
guard tower, Warden.

For the sake of those
in the third,

I do hope I have
your attention.

Oh, God, I love the smell
of oil paint.

Almost more than gasoline.

Why are there certain...
toxic smells

that just grab you that way?


Come si dice...
uh, kidnapping.


You speak Italian?

- There was a girl.
- Of course there was.

Tell Polpetto I'm a great
admirer of his work.

Mm, not so much his nudes.

They're a hair splayed
for my tastes.

And that I do apologize,
but I require his services.


What you are
witnessing, Warden,

are solid titanium rods
traveling at Mach 7--

- Who are you?
- It's not important who I am.

What's important is that
I have control of your prison.

Once you release
Lonnie Perkins,

I will return that
control to you.

That isn't gonna happen!

The next rod will
strike the room

where you and your guests
are standing.

You have 30 seconds, Warden,

to release Perkins.

The whole prison's
locked down, sir.

All personnel.

Sounds like you don't have
much of a choice, Warden.

I could still have that man
put a needle in your arm.

If I go down, you're
going down with me.

Target acquired.

Prepare to fire on my mark.

Please. You can't do this.

Last chance, Warden.

Mach 7 leaves very little time
for equivocation.

Let him go.

It's Cooper.

Intersection of Mesa
and Ridgeline Road.

- Get there now.
- We have a location for The Architect?

And Aram.
He's reached out

using a device he got
from Janet Sutherland.

- That bitch?
- She's sitting right here.

Hey, Samar.
It turns out your boyfriend

picked up the remote code
cypher during the attack.

It's meant to transmit data,
which it's doing now.

The data is meaningless,
but the signal is traceable.

He's sending an SOS.

At the end
of the hall is a door.

Once you pass through,
turn left at the 1A yard.

Cycle gate 13.

Turn left and proceed
20 feet.

Two doors later, you'll see

Turn right.

Open the gate.

If-- If I set him free,

more innocent people
are gonna die.

Just open the gate.

Please, don't--

What is that?

Oh, that's-- I-I don't--
I-I-- No.

- No, please--
- Well, what do you think you're doing?

Nothing-- I just--
If you shoot me,

you'll never be able
to open the gate.

Just do it-- now!


You can't do this.

I already have.

No, no, no, no!
Watch him! He's getting away!

Don't let him get away!

Alert local authorities--
a black Suburban

is going up Ridgeline Avenue

Look, if he leaves now,
we lose him for good.

What are you doing?

He escapes,

more people die.




Oh, my goodness.
This is tedious.

I'd give almost anything
to have a scratch.

But seeing as how,
given your profession, David,

you might be more inclined
to squeeze them

rather than scratch them,
I won't impose.

I'll just wait
for the next break.

What-- What's he--

Why is he painting
your portrait?

I only brought him here
to leverage you

to kill him unless you
give me the name

of the depositor
who has declared war,

but once I...
properly introduced myself,

the little fellow
just lit right up.

I didn't fly him
all the way here

to paint your--

Where is my portrait?

He needed the canvas.

Turns out he's a huge fan
of spaghetti Westerns--

the antihero, the outlaw,
you know.

That's quite enough. Out.




He is the sweetest man.

It's gonna break my heart
to put a bullet in his head,

but that's what will happen
unless you tell me

who at your bank is
coming after me.

- You wouldn't.
- I would.

In fact, what better way
to assure my place in history?

The last portrait by a master,

killed by his subject.

And you without a portrait
at all.

- It's a shame.
- My business is based on--

on absolute privacy.

Okay, okay, okay.
Just stop.

Give me the stick,
and I'll look into it.

But you have to promise,

spare the man's life.

We'll see how the portrait
turns out.

For Agent Ressler.


Case files.
Reven Wright's disappearance.

I thought Cooper said
that inquiry was closed.

Not to me it isn't.

I just got off
with the DC field office.

Perkins and the driver
were stopped on I-274.

They're in custody.

I told you
you would be amazing.

You don't have to say that.

It's true.

I killed a man today.

And by killing him, I prevented
us from interrogating him.

From getting information
on his other cases

and clients, victims.

Aram, you did
the right thing.

She's the reason we were
able to find you.

Hey, uh, Janet...

I'm probably only alive
because of you, so...

thank you for that.

It doesn't make up for...

you know.

You should go.

Hey, Aram?

I am sorry.


♪ I went swimming ♪

The mother?

She was paid $100,000 to
convince her son to confess.

She admitted it.
That's great.

- Who paid her?
- She doesn't know.

How is that possible?

She was paid in cash.
Half came in the script,

and half came after
Game was convicted.

A script?

It has every detail.

The color of the beach house,
the, uh,

tear in the screen door,
the knife block

where the murder weapon
was found.

- The pajamas you were wearing.
- Yeah.

The night light in the hall.

♪ battle scarred ♪

Is any of this accurate?

It has to be, right?

I mean, I don't remember
any of it.

You should show this
to your mother.

She probably knows


Her pain about losing
her son seems real,

but... Reddington says
I can't trust her.

That if I tell her
I'm her son,

I'll never get the answers
I'm looking for.

Based on this,
it seems like

the only way you will
is if you do.

I just want to know,
what was there to gain

from me disappearing?

And why was it so important
that someone confess

to my murder?

And whoever wrote this,

what could they possibly want?


Harold, it troubles me that

you're dissatisfied
with the results of our efforts.

Doing good for selfish reasons
doesn't make you good.

It just makes you good
at being selfish.

I'm sorry
about your daughter.

You've never spoken
of her around me,

which of course
I understand, but...

you've seemed...
anxious of late.

When someone you love
is sick,

you don't need to
shoulder that burden alone.

My daughter isn't a burden.

She's my greatest blessing.

I appreciate your concern,

but she's
none of your business.

You want to know why those
closest to you betray you?

Why you're alone and hunted?

It's because even when you
try to do something good,

you cannot seem to understand

where your selfishness ends

and other people's
lives begin.

Now if you'll excuse me,

I'm going home
to people who love me.


It's Levine.


Is this some kind of test?

See if I would violate
client confidentiality?

What'd you find?

You know what I found.

David, the name
of the account holder

who paid Isabella Stone--
who is it?

It's you, Raymond.

The money came from
one of your accounts.

That's not possible.

You have been
catastrophically compromised.

Forget having your testicles

You've been castrated.