The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - The Harem (No. 102) - full transcript

Liz infiltrates an elite gang of female thieves as they prepare for their next heist, but she must first prove herself to the group's leader. Meanwhile, unexpected problems plague Red's operations, and Tom focuses on fatherly duties.


[ Vehicle doors close ]

It's fine where it is.

[ Car alarm chirps ]

[ Whirs ]

- [ Groans ]
- Oh!

Call a doctor!

Are you all right?

[ Exhales ]
Ooh, I'll muddle through.

[ Exhales ]
I'm okay.

I'll be okay, really.

Okay, Jess, easy.

Lurch's hackles are up.

[ Silenced gunshot ]

Let's go, ladies.

[ Keys jangle ]

[ Engine starts ]

[ Tires peal ]

We can't lose that car!

Go! Go!

Hold up!

[ Tires screeching ]

They're half a block back.

Not for long.

[ Engine roaring ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Horn blares ]

[ Tires screeching ]

[ Reverse signal beeping ]

[ Brakes screech ]

Shame. It was a nice ride.

[ Diamonds clatter ]


Eddie Rabbitt:
♪ well, I love a rainy night ♪

♪ I love a rainy night ♪

♪ I love to hear the thunder,
watch the lightning ♪

♪ when it lights up the sky ♪

♪ you know it makes me
feel good ♪

♪ well, I love a rainy night ♪

♪ it's such a beautiful sight ♪

♪ I love to feel the rain
on my face ♪

♪ taste the rain on my lips ♪

- ♪ in the moonlight shadows ♪
- Zack!

We've spent the last 40 minutes
being regaled with stories

of Abe's latest visit
to Phoenix.

Fascinating as it is to hear
about the new culinary options

at Sky Harbor Airport,

I don't come here
to talk to Abe.

No offense, Abe.

I had some trouble with
the missus.

[ Sighs ]
You know how it is.

But end of business,
your money's gonna be cleaner

than a nun's browser history.

While you're redistributing,

an investment opportunity
has come up.

I need funds in that amount.

What are you buying this time?

Another herd of
Akhal-Teke horses?

Oh, God no. Although, one could
never have enough of those

beautiful animals.

There is, however,
a floundering cruise line

in urgent need of a bail out.


I'd like to introduce you
to one of my accountants,

- Zack Smoll.
- I'm an FBI agent.

Mr. Reddington is my CI, which
forces me to ignore his crimes,

which will no doubt include
murdering you

if either of you
ever tell anyone.

On the other hand,
I am under no obligation

to ignore your crimes.

So before you commit any
while I'm here,

I suggest you all run along.

[ Snaps fingers ]

[ Men speaking indistinctly ]

Someone over-caffeinated
this morning.

You said you had a case.

Your government's
Witness Protection list

has been stolen.

You know who stole it?

No, but I know who's going to
steal it next.

A stolen luxury vehicle
in Atlanta

being pursued by the private
security contractors

hired to protect it.

A car with its own
security guards?

This was a jewel heist
that netted over $10 million

in diamonds perpetrated
by a heist crew

known as The Harem.


Well, this Harem is
an elite group of female thieves

who steal only from
other criminals.

And with the Witness Protection
list out in the open,

the timing is no coincidence.

Every one of those witnesses
would be in danger

if their identities get out.

Which makes the list
extraordinarily valuable.

And irresistible to the Harem.

Catch them in the act
of stealing it,

and you'll save the lives
of everyone on that list.

- How exactly are we supposed
to catch them in the act? - You can't.

And if you can't beat them,
as the saying goes...

Join them?
That's Reddington's plan

to put you undercover
in a heist crew?

The Harem is responsible for
a number of high-line thefts.

The disappearance of
half a dozen paintings

from the Ostergard Museum
in Denmark in 2012.

Those thieves were arrested
in Luxembourg a year later,

weren't they?

Not before the Harem stole
the paintings from them.

Lowry Fool's Gold,

a Mexican drug lord's
prized race horse,

went missing in 2014.

Reddington says The Harem
auctioned it for $6 million.

And when they hit
the National Bank of Belize,

they emptied out the top-secret
safety deposit box

of a French arms dealer.

The leader of The Harem
is a woman named Margot Rochet.

She's staying at The Fairborne
under the alias Kate Morgan.

How do we get her to believe

that you're some kind
of elite thief?

Reddington says he knows someone
she worked with in the past

who can vouch for me.

What makes you think
I know Margot Rochet?

Little birdie told us.

It's the same little birdie
who, uh,

told us that
you have a brother

doing six years
for armed robbery.

You vouch for Agent Keen here
and, uh,

maybe Jimmy will get out
in time for the Super Bowl.

I knew Margot.

She likes to know
the people she works with.


She'll smell a lie on me
a mile away.

We'll go over our story until
we forget it's a lie.

You're still gonna have to
prove yourself.

Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.
I need to check the mini bar.

Oh, I didn't drink anything.

I'm so sorry. Hotel policy.

I can come back later,
but I would have to come back.

Oh. Go ahead.

Okay, I will be down
in about 10 minutes.

Okay. Yes, I know. Then call him
and tell him we'll be back out.

The deal's non-negotiable.

Do nuts count?

Because I had a small bag
of salted almonds.

Whatever. I couldn't resist.
Sue me.


[ Indistinct conversations ]

Give me one good reason

I shouldn't take you upstairs
right now and kick your ass.

I'll give you 73.

My name's Liz Crawford.

I wanna join The Harem.

And what do you do,
Liz Crawford?

I read people.

I tell people exactly
what they need to hear

in order to do exactly
what I need them to do.

I got oil men in North Dakota

to invest in a bogus
casino deal.

Did a couple runaway bride gigs.

Worked with Craig Gaynier.

He could vouch for me.

You're either very good, Liz,

or you're very bad news.

You're not going anywhere
till I find out which.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Margot, what the hell?

I'm sorry about the restraints,
but as I recall,

you never seemed to mind
being tied up.

This pretty little thing says
you two worked together.

- True?
- Yeah.

Liz Crawford.

Real estate con in Tallahassee.

Read the mark like she was
his childhood friend.

Wish we had eyes in there.

Take was $2 million.


- Accuracy is everything in this business.
- ...everything in this business.

I remember.

There is one boss here.

You do as I say.

And no questions asked.

- I understand.
- Good.

Shoot him.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

I'm told the feds are kicking
your baby brother

for "good behavior."

And since his behavior
is never good,

that means he cut a deal or...
[ Gasps ]

- ...or you cut one for him.
- That's crazy.

I'd never do that.

Never sell me out to save
your own flesh and blood?

I told you to shoot him.

Shoot him yourself.

Margot: I gave you an order.

No, you gave me a test, and I'm
gonna tell you why I passed.

You don't need
blind followers.

What you're interested in
is loyalty.

I worked with Craig.
I'm loyal to him.

Take me on, I'll be equally
loyal to you.

You are good.

[ Chuckles ]

And you're right.
Loyalty is everything.

But I still haven't
forgotten Majorca.

Welcome to The Harem!

So we dangled Gaynier out there,
and now he's dead.

And after we get that
WITSEC list,

Margot will pay for that.

We have intel on
the rest of The Harem.

- Aram.
- Right, uh, okay,

you already know Margot Rochet.
[ Typing ]

She's a former federal
corrections administrator.

Has a network of prisoners
and guards

trading anything for intel
into the criminal world.

That must be how she learned
about our deal with Gaynier.

Sasha Lau.

She graduated
from Smith in '08.

Couldn't find a job, so she put
her degree in actuarial science

to work planning crimes.

She designs the heists.

Jessica Piha is a chameleon.

She can blend into any crowd,
but she is impulsive,

an adrenaline junkie.

Aram: I can't ID Emma Knightly.
[ Typing ]

We know from the audio
on Agent Keen's wire

that she sounds like
she's from England,

but other than that,
I'm drawing a big blank.

A rackets informant
in Witness Protection

was just murdered in Dubuque--
Jordan Pomaville.

Here we go. It's starting.

Tell Reddington.
See if he can find who did it.

That person has the list--
or knows where to find it.


[ Door opens ]

I am sorry I'm late.


I'm Carter Wilson.

I spoke with your associate
on the phone.

I'm not entirely certain what
I can do for you, Mr. Lockhart.

I'll be blunt, Mr. Wilson.

Whistler Cruise Line is sinking.

The band is on deck and warming
up "Nearer My God to Thee."

[ Chuckles ]

We're having
some difficulties, but--

Running aground
on endangered coral reefs,

E. coli at the buffet,

sailing half-empty ships.

Your difficulties are about
to land you in bankruptcy court.

How on earth did you
hear about that?

Have you ever been to
Mont Saint Michel?

Tidal island in Normandy.

The only way in or out
used to be a causeway

that disappeared at high tide.

To reach the other side
was a matter of

knowing when the tide came in
and seizing the opportunity

before it arrived.

I'm afraid I don't follow.

I'm offering you a causeway, Carter.

I bail you out,
you transport my cargo.

What kind of cargo?

Could be Dutch tulip bulbs
to New York,

ghost guns from Danao.

But instead of hypotheticals,
allow me to assure you

that plausible deniability's
the best option.

I save your business, you don't
look too closely at mine.

[ Groans, sniffles ]

[ Exhales ]

This job is hard.

I'm sorry.
I-I didn't mean to...

It's for anxiety...

depression, pain.

Mental, physical.

Definitely spiritual.

Well, this should help.

Hair of the dog.

Oh, that wasn't a dog.
That was a wooly mammoth.

You're a funny drunk.



Couldn't shut you up.

That's embarrassing.

I mean,
how embarrassing was it?

Not embarrassing at all.

Good. That's a relief.

It was more... revealing.

How revealing was it,

Enough for me to know what
you're really about.

Now get some sleep.

We've got a big day tomorrow.

The guy your government
was protecting

was murdered by Tony Giannusa.

Giannusa's New Jersey mob.

Justice has a pending
racketeering case against him.

Not if their star witness
is dead.

If Giannusa gets us
to the WITSEC list,

why don't we go after him

Because you don't know
if he has it

or where to procure it.

If you arrest him,
you'll never find out.

Only Agent Keen can
ascertain that.

Keen's gone dark.
No contact.

You have protocols in place
for when she does make contact.

And an understanding that
she'd reach out day one.

She didn't.

She will.

But only after she's won
their trust.

Keep me informed, Harold.

I want to know
when Elizabeth checks in.

- Smoll?
- I've tried him twice.

Try again.

I want to know the minute
the transfer is complete.

To get the WITSEC list,
we need to get Giannusa alone.

We've got leverage over him
once we do.

What kind of leverage?

Giannusa had a courier
transporting diamonds

through Atlanta.

We stole them.
He wants them back.

Yeah, the robbery spooked him.

Now he's hiding behind
his security team

at the Vegas Strip.

We're going to Nevada?

No. Giannusa's strip club

Armed guards here.

And here.

Closed circuit cameras
with motion sensors

and night vision.

All we gotta do is figure out
a way to get past them.

Or maybe we don't.

Looking for something special?

Woman: Oh, my God.
She gave her a diamond.

What's all the racket?
I pay you girls to dance,

not stand in the back clucking
like a bunch of hens

in hair extensions.

What do you got there,

- Whoo.
- You know who I am?

I know you're missing 72 stones
just like that one.

You want 'em back?

Be at the Menchaca Produce

- tomorrow morning at 10:00.
- [ Gun clicks ]

I don't walk out of here
in 30 seconds,

you'll never see
your diamonds again.

[ Car doors close ]

Giannusa's not with them.

Pay up.


You may wanna call your boss.

What the hell are you saying?

Okay-- What?

Slow do-- hey.

Hey, you said the diamonds
would be at the warehouse.

No, I didn't.

I said you'd get them back
if you went to the warehouse.

You didn't.

Now we get to talk in private.

[ Gunshot ]

This one says she reads people.

Like those, uh, FBI mindhunters
who predict behavior.

That's nonsense, right?

But I will be damned if she
didn't just predict yours.

Now the diamonds

are in a locker
at the bus depot downtown.

You get the locker number
and a key

on two conditions.

I'm listenin'.

One, tell us who's got
the WITSEC list.

Two, burn this place down.

Did you figure out
who's got the list?

Ever heard of the hacker

Of course. The guy's hit
political candidates,

government servers.

He's released thousands
of classified documents online.

The guy's a national security

Where is he?

I don't know.

Giannusa's contact
with him was digital.

As soon as we get
a location, we move.

So how's that cover
holding up?

Margot's on board.

Emma... something's off.

Has Aram had any luck
with her background?

No. It's like her ID
was professionally scrubbed.

Tell him to keep looking.

I'll do some digging
of my own.

I wanna figure out
who this woman is.

Something feels off
about her.

[ Speaking inaudibly ]

[ Speaking inaudibly ]

She works for you?

I placed Emma Knightly
in The Harem

so she could keep me posted

as to their
criminal activities.

So, what? She could tell you
what they were planning to steal

so you could steal it first?

Something like that.

If you already had someone
inside, then why add me?

Because Emma went silent.

You're telling me she turned.

Who is she anyway?

Aram says her records
have all been scrubbed.

Yes. By MI-6.

So she's a British agent?

You can't think the FBI
is the only

law enforcement agency
I have a relationship with.

Elizabeth, none of this
changes the fact

that the WITSEC list
is still in play.

She knows who I am.

Emma Knightly
can be trusted.

I wouldn't have put you
in otherwise.

You wouldn't have put me in
if she had been

reporting back to you.

So whether or not she can be
trusted remains to be seen.

What's so urgent?

I found our in.

To Helldritch?
That was fast.

I do a lot of favors.

This, uh, cute little chola
I had a fling with

who leased server space
to Helldritch

for a ransomware scam.

She'll know
where Helldritch is.

Why don't you bring on
your social engineer with you?

She's proving to be
quite an asset.

[ Inhales sharply, sighs ]

When I said the job was hard,
I meant working for Reddington.

Don't worry.
The others don't know.

How long has it been?

Almost eight years.

I was working as an analyst

on low level immigration cases
when he cut a deal.

Reddington works for MI-6?

I don't know.

I left. I went to work
for him full-time.

Why would you ever do that?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Inhales deeply ]

I was star-struck.

He made me feel like I was
the center of his universe.

It was exciting
and captivating and...

it consumed me.

My work, my marriage.

I had no idea how many lines
I was crossing

until it was too late.

It's never too late.

Spoken like someone who's still
in the honeymoon phase.

Trust me, that ends.

You should get out
before it does.

She knows you're FBI?

Keen, we gotta pull you out.

Margot's contact says
Helldritch is in Hong Kong.

We have no jurisdiction there.

Our only shot at recovering
the WITSEC list is

to have The Harem steal it,
and I've got to be there.

- If Emma rolls on you?
- She won't.

Why? Because Reddington's got
his hooks in her?

We can't let The Harem steal
the WITSEC list

and run with it.

She's with Margot.
You said so yourself.

I know you're worried
about me,

and I appreciate it.

But I trust her.

I'll make contact
from Hong Kong.

[ Cellphone closes ]

That's the fourth message
I've left.

Should I send someone?

We'll know soon enough.

Carter! I'd stand,
but after all these years,

I still get aroused
when I close a deal.

[ Laughs ]

I closed a deal, you didn't.

What are you talking about?

Your Bitcoin transfer
never arrived.

Ah. Something's come up,
and my accountant's unreachable.

It'll soon be remedied.

You'll have your money
before close of business.

I already have it.

I made a deal
with someone else.

With whom, may I ask?

Baldur Magnusson.

You know him?

Mr. Wilson, good day.
And happy sailing.

Baldur Magnusson.
That's a coincidence.

I don't believe
in coincidences.

♪ time to find my way back ♪

♪ oh ♪

♪ those were the days
I always remember ♪

♪ those were the days
have come and gone ♪

To stealing from thieves.

- [ Laughter ]
- Whoo!

- [ Glasses clink ]
- [ Cheering, trilling ]

Mm. Oh, my God.

[ Laughter ]

♪ I lived it and loved it ♪

[ Speaks indistinctly ]



♪ those were the days... ♪

[ Exhales slowly ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Whoa. Listen, uh...


It's about loyalty, remember?

- To the group.
- No, to me.

You're either in or you're out.

So what's it gonna be?

Am I interrupting?

[ Door closes ]

This doesn't concern you.

It doesn't?

Run along, little girl.

[ Stall door closes ]


Sasha: Helldritch's home is a fortress.

Hong Kong's premier hotel
for the rich and paranoid.

Helldritch's is the
only permanent resident,

and he was just granted asylum,
so he's ready to celebrate.

He's retrofitted the penthouse with
top-of-the-line security measures.

Guards at every door,
cameras in every room.

Everything's controlled
by an RFID transmitter.

Radio frequencies emitted by the chip

communicate with every
system in the suite.

This thing is top shelf.

It includes a gig of storage,
which is where he keeps

the WITSEC list.

Problem is, the chip's
implanted in his hand.

So? Shoot him.
Or-- Ooh.

Cut off his hand.

No, there's a
micro-processor in the chip

tied to his heart rate.

If he dies, so does the
chip, and everything on it.

Artificial heartbeat.

The chip needs to be
plugged into the device

within 20 seconds of being
removed from Helldritch's hand.

Security is

Break a window, touch a statue,
the whole suite locks down.

So how do we get inside?

We'll have one in the basement.

En route.

90 seconds out.

One in the van spotting.

And you three in the bar.

Now, wait for Sasha's
go-ahead, and then...

We crash the party.

Can't wait.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

About last night.

It was nothing.

You protected me.

I have a son.

A junior at boarding school.

He plays soccer.

I go to visit him
sometimes-- or at least I try.

I usually just end
up sitting in the car,

watching him practice.

I want to talk to him, but
I don't know what I'd say.

About what I have become.

You act like it's too late.

It isn't. You could still get out.

I dream about that,

the life I had,

wishing I could get it back.

[ Whispers ]
I can help you.

The WITSEC list,

when we get it back,
I can get you on it.

Testify against Margot.

Start over.

[ Static crackles ]

Ladies, target is on site.

It's go time.

[ Clips wire ]

[ Typing ]
You have officially RSVP'd.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Bedroom is down the hall,
east side of the suite.

Take a left.

Making our way to the bedroom, Margot.

Sasha, clear to breach?

Looping footage now.

Security's blind for five minutes.

I've got eyes on the target.

Margot: Yeah, the girls should
have the bedroom ready by now.

You are clear for approach.

Congratulations on your citizenship.

Thanks. Hong Kong recognizes
talent when they see it.

I heard you're a man of many talents.

Oh. Please... elaborate.

You're able to find certain people.

I don't know what you mean.

I think you do. The WITSEC list.

Tony Giannusa and I are friends.

Got anywhere we can talk business?

[ Glass thuds ]

Target is on the move.

[ Door opens ]

Who are you?

We were waiting for the
loo. You've been ages.

[ Silenced gunshot ] [ Screams ]

What are you do--
[ Silenced gunshot ]

We only have two... darts.

What the hell?
[ Grunting ]

- Oh, hell no!
- [ Grunts ]

Get something to restrain him!

Somebody wanna tell me
what the hell's going on?

- Jessica, find something!
- I'm looking!

[ Grunting ]

Help! Security!

Here, use this belt.

[ Grunting continues ]

[ Gasping, grunting ]

Is he still alive?

90 seconds until system reset.

I'm locked out after that.

[ Handcuffs click ]

[ Clattering ]

Got it.

Hey, we gotta go.

You're good.

Oh, God.
[ Gasps ]

Hey, are you okay?

Ooh. I'll muddle through.
[ Chuckles weakly ]

You've got blood on your face.

Uh, go. We'll be right behind you.

Where the hell is Emma going?

What's going on?

She's on the move.

[ Alarm blaring ]

She took the chip.

[ Alarm continues ]

She's using our exit strategy.
We gotta get out of here.

[ Alarm continues ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Gunshots ]

Jessica's down!

Margot: You know the protocol.
Split up.

We rendezvous when the heat's off.

Screw protocol! Jessica's dead!

- Emma's got the list.
- See you in 72 hours.

Wait, wait. What about Emma?



[ Gunfire ]


[ Wind gusting ]

I'm gonna need your security
badge and your phone.

[ Ship horn blows ]

The whole thing went
sideways. Jessica's dead.

The rest of the Harem,
I don't know. They split up.

Margot and Sasha are leaving
the country under aliases--

Eva Taylor and Lily
Hum. Aram, can you--

- Tracking them as we speak.
- Look, what about the list?

Emma took it. You were right.

- Elizabeth, you know her.
Liz: - Clearly, I don't.

You do. More than any of us.
What did she tell you? Think.

She burned MI-6.
Burned Reddington, The Harem.

She has nowhere to go.

Oh, my God. That's it.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Whistle blows ]

Hello, Emma.

How did you find me?

[ Whistle blows ]

He looks just like you.

I've missed so much.

I don't want to miss anymore.

I can't let you sell the list.

I can't let you fund a life on the run

by exposing innocent
people on that list.

I don't think you
understand me. I'm done.

I know the consequences.

I have to stop.

I'm out, Raymond.

There's a cabin in
Vermont on Lake Champlain.

Remote. Simple.

Once you're settled,
you'll open a bank account.

Money will be transferred
into it to cover expenses,

Will's education.

Why are you doing this?

If you wanted out, Emma,
you should've come to me.

I didn't think that was an option.

[ Whistle blows ]

I'm sorry.

So I'm out.
[ Exhales ]

The list.

You need to let her go.

[ Car door opens ]

[ Car door closes ]

[ Engine starts ]

Emma's disappeared.

Man: ♪ I am amazed ♪

You got to her before we could.


The list.

♪ how many days... ♪

She betrayed you,

so you... killed her

just like you killed Mr. Kaplan?

♪ watch it all unfold ♪


And I'm just supposed to
look the other way, right?

Just like I looked the other way

from all the terrible
things you do because

they're for the greater
good, just like this list.

You wanna kill someone the
government's protecting,

but you can't find
them, so you had us...

find this list for you.

[ Inhales ]

Years ago, a Wisconsin housewife

named Maureen Rowan was
outside in the wee hours

with the family dog, Dodger.

It was absolutely frigid.

No one in their right
mind would've been out

in that kind of bitter cold,

and if not for Dodger's aging bladder,

I imagine Maureen would
have been fast asleep.

But as fate would have it,
her neighbor, Alexei Lagunov...

[ Sighs ]

...the avtoritet
of a Russian bratva,

felt given the late hour and windchill,

he and his boyeviks could
move a body from his basement

to the trunk of an associate's
car without being observed.

They didn't count on
Dodger's call to nature.

So Maureen had a choice between

remaining silent

or doing the right thing.

She chose to testify.

And while she helped to bring

Alexei Lagunov to justice,

she also forfeited the rest
of her life in doing so.

She's on that list.

Who is she to you?

Maureen Rowan is
Kate's sister--

uh, Mr. Kaplan's sister.

I didn't need to find her.

I just needed to...

make sure no one else can.

This doesn't excuse what you've done.


No, it doesn't.

♪ when everyone's changing ♪

♪ arranging, they're let down ♪

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]


I told her because I felt it
was important for her to know.

I understand.

♪ this world ♪

♪ is twisting ♪

[ Tires screech ]

Margot Rochet, you're under arrest

for the murder of Craig Gaynier.

- Come with me.
- [ Mutters angrily ]

Margot Rochet is in custody,

and Sasha Lau was just picked
up at SeaTac passport control.

Helldritch is facing charges
in Hong Kong in connection

- with Jessica Piha's death.
- And what about Emma Knightly?

Agent Keen recovered the
WITSEC list from Reddington.

What that means for
Emma Knightly, I can't say.

- Where is he?
Abe: - He's gone.

- How much did he take?
- Oh. He's gone, Mr. Reddington.

Missus said it was a heart attack.

And the money? Where's the money?

I don't know.
Nobody knows except Mr. Smoll.

He would've transferred it
to an untraceable account,

then arranged for the Bitcoin
wire to pay for the ships.

If the wire wasn't made,

all that money is
still just sitting there

in some anonymous account.

That could be anywhere in the world.

Thank you, Abe.

Smoll didn't have a heart attack.

Someone killed him.

Someone determined to start a war.