The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Esteban (No. 79) - full transcript

Red is in Cuba looking for Elizabeth. When he hits roadblock he turns to Cooper for help. He needs them to make contact with a man who can help him find Alexander Kirk who has Elizabeth. He tells Ressler and Navadi to go but Navadi doesn't want to so Ressler goes alone. He meets the man and tells him Reddington wants to talk to him and does. He helps Red find Elizabeth but her daughter is nowhere. She's with Tom who's with two of Kirk's people.

(continues gasping)
(tom grunts)
(gun shot)
man: Aah!
Mr. Kaplan: Critical hit.
He couldn't have gone far.
Dembe: He wouldn't go
to a hospital.
♪ now time
♪ has run its course
(baby crying)
♪ there is no other way
the bleeder works for kirk.
He'll know
where to find them.
I have a location.
I was trying to help.
He has to know that.
I'm not on your
side here, kate.
♪ pulsing my senses weak
♪ I was hunting,
I went running
♪ now time has run its course
♪ there is no other way ♪
(silenced gunshot)
(silenced gunshot)
I need to speak
with the patient.
He's gone.
As you well know,
one of the keys
to my success
is a clear and consistent
understanding of
my own limitations.
So often people
overestimate themselves,
misapply their gifts.
The cleaner
suddenly fancies herself
the strategist.
Wisdom is
learning the boundaries
of one's designated lane.
For instance,
this, I will do poorly,
with more mess
than necessary.
It will take longer,
and be considerably
more unpleasant to boot.
But I can't very
well have you do it,
can I?
(flesh cutting and squishing)
(click and thud)
raymond reddington,
my favorite rubio.
My god, I haven't seen you
since you snuck
off at carnaval.
Red. Jesus.
What's wrong with you?
We're looking for a name.
Take a close look, manny.
He worked for a man
who abducted
someone I care about.
He's a cop.
Who's his rabbi?
I don't know.
But I know who might.
Is it true? She's alive?
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
How is that...
There were complications
during labor.
And the doctor,
he declared her dead.
He lied.
But there was a funeral.
I was a pallbearer.
And who knows
what was in that casket.
It was a charade, aram.
So agent keen is alive.
Uh, but her funeral
and her death?
She faked her death?
Why would she do that?
To get away from reddington.
So that her and tom and agnes
could have a normal life.
Away from us?
Samar: Yes.
After everything
we did for her.
Best we can tell,
liz and tom's plan was to
go into hiding in cuba.
Alexander kirk found them.
Aram: Why?
What does he want
with agent keen?
Look, all we know right now,
is that when
reddington got there,
liz and tom were gone.
Cooper: I just got off
the phone with the
embassy in havana.
Briefed them on kirk,
gave them the tail number
to his plane.
If that was how
he was planning
to get off the island,
that's not gonna happen.
And what about agnes?
At this point, we don't know.
Notify fbi headquarters.
Elizabeth keen is alive.
Balzan: The plane is ready.
Mato and the baby?
Not yet.
Notify me as soon
as they're here.
My baby!
She's on her way.
That's what you said before.
My name is elizabeth.
I understand that
you have questions,
that you're upset.
come on.
(cocks gun)
I'm sorry it has
to be like this.
You are not my father.
Well, I am, masha. I am.
And I intend to
prove that to you.
Agnes will be brought here,
but the person doing that
has a job to do first.
Liz: What job?
With tom?
What are you doing to tom?
(engine rumbling)
(agnes wailing)
(salsa music playing
on car radio)
(banging trunk)
let me out!
(agnes continues wailing)
(speaks spanish)
(men chuckle)
(exhales deeply)
oh. (clicks tongue)
nothing more depressing
than a failed communist state.
It doesn't even really pay
to be corrupt.
When dirty cops
play poker in america,
they're able to
play for real money.
Let's raise the stakes.
(speaks spanish)
a new game.
You tell me who
the head worked for,
you keep the money.
A five-way split.
Oh, we're keeping the money.
A young woman
and her child were taken.
A russian has
entered the country.
I have it on good authority
your friend here
was assisting him.
I think it's time
for you to leave.
make that a four-way split.
I'll give you a name.
Well, isn't this
your lucky day.
(door opens)
the head worked
for jhosep balzan?
I've never heard of him.
He's a supplier of all manner
of contraband on the island.
If the people
you're looking for
are still in cuba,
balzan's protecting them.
Should I assemble a team?
Dembe. Call silvio
in san cristobal.
Tell him to put
a team together.
We're going after elizabeth.
Kirk: Here.
You think I'd drug you?
You kidnapped my
infant daughter,
my husband and me.
I'd say you're
capable of anything.
You were my entire life.
You were all your mother and I
ever cared about.
Now, you don't know
any of that
because reddington
took you away from us
when you were
just a little girl.
He and your mother
had an affair.
For a time, I thought
maybe he was the father,
but I have
proof that he's not.
He is just a spiteful,
evil man.
He couldn't accept it
when katarina
broke off the affair.
One day I came home
and you were gone.
He'd taken you.
I never thought
I'd ever see you again.
Until there you were,
in the news,
you and reddington.
The most wanted fugitives
in the world.
If you cared so much
about me,
you wouldn't
hold me hostage.
He'd taken my beautiful child
and turned her
into a criminal.
Attack my wedding,
everyone I love.
Everything I did
was to get my child
away from reddington.
Who understands
that more than you?
You did the exact same thing.
You faked your own death
to get your child
away from him.
(door opens)
we have a problem.
Pnr have surrounded the plane.
Then find another plane.
Agnes will be here shortly.
And tom?
(siren whoops)
(agnes crying)
(siren wailing)
(crying continues)
(speaking spanish)
Hey, they have
my baby, please!
Keen, you breathe a word,
I'm gonna fire two bullets.
One in the cop,
and the other between
the eyes of that
screaming kid.
You got it?
(speaks spanish)
he's got a gun!
no, don't... Please.
(bones crack)
(body thuds)
(agnes continues crying)
cooper: Where are we on kirk?
Pnr grounded his plane.
There's no sign
of him or keen.
I informed
the bureau that elizabeth
keen has risen from the dead.
They said three hail marys,
and they're on the lookout
for the zombie apocalypse.
I understand, you feel played.
Don't you, sir?
Ressler: Look, we should be
halfway to havana by now.
Why? She obviously
doesn't want our help.
Maybe or maybe not.
But she needs it.
You're willing
to risk your life
after what she did?
Cooper: All right, let's just
have this conversation.
Keen lied to us.
Took advantage of all of us.
And no one is more upset
about that than I.
Or relieved.
Truth be told,
I didn't think
it was possible
to be this joyous and livid
at the same time.
But I have a job to do.
Find keen and her family
and bring them home safely.
And I know that no
matter how I feel,
I can do that job.
I need to know that each
of you can say the same.
(spanish song playing)
(exhales deeply)
(speaker crackles)
(speaks spanish)
(cocks gun)
(speaks spanish)
(speaks spanish)
kirk: Hello, raymond.
Elizabeth, are you okay?
Of course she is.
Unlike you,
I would never
hurt my own daughter.
Elizabeth? Elizabeth.
I'm on your left.
(tires screech)
What do you want?
Name it and you bring her out
unharmed, you'll have it.
Kirk: Of course.
Concierge of crime
wants to cut a deal.
You'll give me
whatever I want?
In exchange for masha.
Whatever you desire.
What I desire is
to raise my child,
to watch her grow.
And to have back the 26 years
of being a father
that you took from me.
But you can't give
me that, can you?
Because she was
never yours to raise.
Dembe: Patrol unit incoming.
Military patrol.
Armored military.
Agnes. Do you have agnes?
I don't have her.
Go! Find agnes and tom.
I'm not leaving
here without you.
Kirk: You just don't get it,
do you, raymond?
She doesn't want
to be with you.
That's why she
faked her own death,
to get away from you.
Dembe: Raymond.
We have to go now.
If they get you,
they'll kill you.
Dembe: Raymond.
Liz: Did you hear me?
You have to go!
I will come for you.
Harold. Gather your team.
Reddington? Where are you?
Tell me you have agent keen.
Reddington: No, but she's
still on the island.
Kirk is
preparing her exit plan.
I don't know
what the preparations are
but I know who can find out.
Manuel esteban.
The chilean spymaster?
Who's esteban?
Our next blacklister.
Aram: Manuel orentez esteban.
leader of pinochet's
caravan of death
that institutionalized
a state sponsored
system of terror
through abuse,
abduction and murder.
According to our database,
he died in 1989.
Except he didn't.
Esteban is alive and well
and a legendary enforcer
for a series
of authoritarian regimes.
Assuming what you say is true
and esteban is alive,
what makes you think
he can help locate keen?
Kirk's man in cuba is
protected by the military.
If the military is involved,
esteban will know about it.
We'll never find
esteban in time.
We have no assets in cuba.
of course you do, harold.
Esteban. He works
for your government.
Castro took him in,
and the cia
immediately put him
on the payroll
as a double agent.
What little you
know about the inner
workings of
the cuban government
is courtesy of manuel esteban.
The cia knows
where to find him.
And he knows where
to find elizabeth.
(man speaking spanish)
(clicks tongue)
(squishing sound)
what are you talking
to reddington for?
I thought your task force
was disbanded
after agent keen's death.
It turns out she's not dead.
She's been kidnapped.
And if we have any hope
for finding her,
it rests in finding esteban.
I need to know
where to find him.
(sighs) I hate getting
into bed with reddington.
I hate needing
him and his list.
If you find agent keen,
will he continue
to give you names?
He just did. Esteban.
According to him,
esteban works for the agency.
good lord, is there anything
that man doesn't know?
How can we contact him?
Mrs. Panabaker:
The agency reaches out to him
through the state department's
weekly travel advisory.
To set a meeting, a message
is encoded in the advisory,
detailing where and when.
The meeting is set
for the national museum.
You will be going to cuba
undercover as tourists.
He'll be going. Not me.
You may be fine
with doing this job
no matter how you feel.
I can't.
How you feel?
How about how keen feels?
Forget about what
she did and try to figure
out why she did it.
I have. And someday,
maybe, I'll be okay with it.
But right now, I'm not.
What, you're okay with this?
But for now, I accept it.
You'll be going alone.
Here's how it's gonna work.
Mrs. Panabaker:
Your agent will be detailed
with the
dallas/fort worth arts
and cultural committee.
Esteban will expect to meet
at the cafe aventura
across from
the national museum.
Once inside,
take a table in the back.
Order an egg coffee.
I appreciate you
burning a source for this.
You knowing he exists
is the least of
esteban's problems.
Now that we're all chummy
with the cubanos,
his relationship
with the agency
is something of a liability.
You're gonna scrub him.
Let's just say if you wanna
reach out to esteban,
you should do it quickly.
(man singing in spanish)
Hot as balls in here.
You guys actually
drink this stuff?
(door bell jingles)
(indistinct talking)
kill him first.
Come back for the cop.
Meet you at that place.
Hey, get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
Move it!
Let her go. Look,
you can take me, all right?
Do whatever you want.
Just give me
my little girl! Hey!
I'm begging you!
Give me my little girl!
You and I gonna
have some fun, man.
Don't talk. They'll kill us.
Where are we?
How many peoples
does he have down here?
My family,
they have a way out.
He wants me to tell him how.
He's going to kill me.
I've seen his face.
Anyone who's...
(tongue clicking)
(gasps) it's him.
Right. All right.
So the rumors are true.
They sent you to finish me.
Not quite. No.
The americans want me dead.
So our relationship
dies with me.
So I can't embarrass them.
Look, I'm not here
to kill you, pal.
I'm here to tell you that
raymond reddington
wants to see you.
So now the us government
is reddington's messenger?
Well, you know how it works.
The american
government has deals
with all kinds of scumbags.
Look, I'll tell you
how it works.
You're gonna
give me your phone.
I'm gonna dial a number.
Okay, cowboy.
I like this one.
Manuel esteban.
My heavens, you're a devil
to get a hold of.
I'm surprised
we've never met.
I'd like to have
a little chit-chat.
How would you feel
about a blind date?
I'm looking for a woman.
Aren't we all?
Her name is elizabeth keen,
and the man
holding her has the
protection of the far.
They know where she is,
which means you
know where she is.
Or, you could
certainly find out.
Why would I help you?
You're an anarchist.
(laughs) probably.
Maybe more of an opportunist.
And I have the opportunity
to help you.
You've spent
a lifetime bouncing
from one authoritarian regime
to the next.
But this is the last stop.
You're a relic.
The detente
between america and cuba
makes you a man
without a country.
Sooner or later,
both sides
will want you dead.
My money's on sooner.
I can take care of myself.
Clicking like
a hairless fruit bat
is impressive, manuel,
but you and I both know
avoiding a lamp post
is very different
from avoiding
an assassin's bullet.
Echolocation can't
help you with that
but I can.
What do you propose?
I know what it's
like to be hunted.
I've protected
myself for 30 years,
and I can protect you.
After you locate
elizabeth keen.
(man whistling)
all right,
listen to me, please.
The baby. I can pay you.
Not me, I have a friend.
Whatever you want,
he'll help you.
He'll get you off the island.
He'll protect you.
I said quiet, man.
Just let her go!
All right? You can kill me,
I don't care.
Just let my baby go.
let's go dig.
I know you don't
want to talk to me. Fine.
Then listen.
It was excruciating
to watch you mourn
elizabeth's death.
To know that
I was making you
endure that.
Yes, I betrayed you.
But only after you
had betrayed her.
Raymond, you have to change.
I took elizabeth
from you and now
I need your help
to get her back.
But when you do,
as I'm sure you will...
(tongue clicking)
...You have to let her go.
Why don't you wait in the car?
I have
a location for the girl.
And the child?
I asked.
My people know
nothing about a child.
Tell me about the location.
It is heavily protected.
Twenty, maybe more.
I'll need more men.
That won't be necessary.
I have a blood disorder.
I'm dying.
Even better.
They're here.
My baby!
Are you okay, sweetheart?
Let me look at you.
Oh, you're okay.
Oh, my god.
It's okay.
You're a strong girl.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You're with mommy now.
She's beautiful.
Yes, yes.
It's good
to hear from you.
You disappoint me, balzan.
Yes, yes, of course.
It's the pilot.
Everything is on schedule.
I'll notify the men.
I assume the husband
has been taken care of?
(phone ringing)
(man speaking spanish
over phone)
is it done?
What's taking so long?
He wants to talk to you.
Hello? Who is this?
All that matters is that
you have a little girl.
And you have her mother.
I am coming for them.
For you.
And not just me, an army.
You hear me?
An army is coming for you.
(door opens)
you lost tom.
We'll be going soon.
I'm not going
anywhere with you.
I faked my death
to have a normal life.
There's nothing normal about
being held prisoner.
A temporary inconvenience.
You'll see in time
that the normal life you want,
I'm the only one
who can give that to you.
(agnes crying)
she's hungry.
Which means I
need to feed her.
Which means you need to leave.
Of course.
I've done what I can,
but you must hurry.
Kirk has
chartered a float plane.
There isn't much time.
For either of us.
A stevedore will
meet you on pier 36.
I've arranged for a berth on
a container ship
bound for caracas.
We have an eta
on that plane?
Your job here
is done, donald.
Like hell it is.
I came here to get keen,
I'm not leaving without her.
You think I'm
gonna let you tag along
so you can inform the people
who kidnapped elizabeth
they have
the right to remain silent?
I appreciate your assistance,
but I'm not interested
in having an ethical
debate with you
about whether
they have the right
to consult with an attorney
before I put
a bullet in their head.
Excuse me.
What about that dirtball?
I suppose you think, uh,
I should be okay
with letting him walk.
That's entirely up to you.
Ressler: You made
a deal with him.
In order to save elizabeth,
I made a deal
with the devil of the day.
I did. You didn't.
If you have
a problem with that,
you've got 12
hours before his ship
leaves to do
something about it.
Otherwise, safe travels
home, donald.
(knocking on door)
Ready to go?
(continues knocking)
He's gone. Your guards,
your security,
they're all gone.
The child and the girl,
find them.
(phone ringing)
this is agent mojtabai.
Aram. It's tom.
Tom. Hey.
Tell me you're
with agent keen.
The man who took agnes,
he's driving
a blue dodge sedan,
late '50s.
He's taking her
straight to liz.
If we can follow the car...
We can find them.
Okay, let me think.
Let me think.
Okay, what I'm thinking is
did you help agent keen
fake her death?
Not helpful,
I know. Okay. But did you?
At the funeral, when you
put a flower on her casket...
The car.
It has an old tube radio.
The oscillator. Right.
Local oscillator.
Of course. Okay.
If you could rewire it,
you might be able
to turn the pll
receiver into...
Into a low power
mono fm transmitter
that produces a signal
that you could trace.
Yeah, I know.
You do? Then why are you...
To get you to
trace the signal, aram.
Oh. Oh, you already...
Wow, that's, uh...
That is impressive.
Okay, hang on. I'm on it.
Thank you.
Did you know?
At the christening,
when you made me
a godfather to agnes...
Look, man, I know
you're upset, all right?
But right now is not the time.
I'm trying to
ping the signal.
Waiting for a reply.
From both of you.
Aram, of course I knew.
I'll let you know
when I find the signal.
Thank you.
(agnes crying)
please, please, agnes.
Stop crying.
Mommy's here.
Think about what you're doing.
What are you gonna do?
Hurt me?
Hurt my baby?
Kirk will kill you if you do.
Are you a mother?
Do you have children?
Look at her.
Little momma,
you got spirit.
Get up. Get the baby.
(airplane approaching)
you'll learn to trust me.
Get the baby and the things,
we're leaving.
Like hell we are.
Liz: (grunts) no
I wish there was
another way, I do.
But reddington's on his way.
Come on.
Let's get her on-board.
(cellphone ringing)
Mr. Reddington, it's aram.
It's not a good time.
I have information
on agent keen.
A location.
She's being held near...
A small fishing
port by playa larga.
We're on our way.
Oh. Magic.
How'd you do that?
We'll have elizabeth shortly.
And agnes.
Right. Tom called.
Thanks to him,
I was able to
track the vehicle
where he had last seen agnes.
A blue dodge sedan.
Thank you, aram.
Reddington: Agnes is here.
Luis, you and your men
take the perimeters
to the north and the west.
Dembe, secure the house.
Silvio, you're with me
to the south.
You stay put.
♪ I think you know
♪ what the game is
♪ I hope you've brought
♪ all your players
♪ 'cause this is a war
(liz yelling)
♪ this is a war
(both grunting)
♪ pick up the gun
♪ with his name on
♪ you'll never know
♪ where it came from
♪ this is a war
(plane engine starting)
that's not your child.
♪ this is a war ♪
they're gone.
I'm sorry, raymond.
(agnes fussing)
we have her.
You told them
he worked for us?
Do you have any idea
what kind of blowback
I'm dealin' with here?
And it doesn't
take long to find out
who told the cubans.
I heard it was
an anonymous tip.
Agent ressler...
Are you a traitor
or just a moron?
Look, the agency was gonna
assassinate esteban.
I have no
direct knowledge...
So the cubans
wouldn't find out
who was feeding
secrets to the cia.
Whoever this
anonymous source is,
he just saved a lot of lives.
What are you talking about?
Now that america knows
about esteban's little
torture chamber,
the cubans are gonna want
plausible deniability.
(speaking spanish)
mrs. Panabaker:
Let's not mince words!
You took it upon yourself
to tell the cubans
about our...
Ressler: No, I took it
upon myself to stop
what esteban was doing.
Do you have any
idea what that was?
No. Because
all you care about
is what esteban
was doing for you.
There are bigger issues,
agent ressler.
Torture. Abuse. Murder.
I don't see any
bigger issues than that.
Excuse me.
Have you heard
from reddington?
Uh, the last time
I spoke to him,
he was on his
way to the location
where agent keen
was being held.
I'm sure he'll call.
I'm sure they're okay.
I think you were wrong
not going to cuba.
I'm not saying what
agent keen did was right
but as long as her
life is in danger
as long as agnes'
life is in danger,
I think we have to put
our feelings aside.
What's happening to liz
is her own fault.
I know that sounds harsh
but it's true.
She made decisions
that have consequences
and now she has
to live with them.
She's in trouble.
I know and I'm
angry about that.
Because if she'd
behaved differently,
she wouldn't be
in this position.
But she is.
And no matter how we feel,
I think we have to do
something about it.
I don't.
If you don't
help and something
happens to agent keen
or agnes,
I know you,
you won't be able
to live with yourself.
(phone rings)
yes. It's tom.
Tell him we were too late.
Kirk has elizabeth.
What about agnes?
Dembe: She's with us. Safe.
Your daughter is safe.
(engine starts)
raymond, I've been thinking
about where we go from here...
(agnes crying)