The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - The Djinn (No. 43) - full transcript

Red enlists a task force to locate the Djinn, an enigmatic woman who fulfills revenge fantasies. Red and Liz believe the Djinn can lead them to the Cabal and help them exonerate Liz.


WOMAN: I'm happy to report
your funds have cleared, Gerald.

You'll have full use of
the penthouse suite until 9 a.m.

That's when the cleanup crew arrives.

- Thank you. I can't tell you--
- Oh, you don't have to say anything.

-I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
-This man's drugs ate my son alive.

And now you'll deliver payment
in kind. Shall we wake him?

The hour of vengeance has arrived.

The road to healing begins tonight.

What happens next is up to you.

Oh, and if you find that
you can't finish your meal...

...we've provided
takeout bags in the kitchen.


CAUL: You know him?

Neither did I.

Had to dig out my agency Rolodex
to find someone who recognized him.

Name's Matias Solomon,
a real lone wolf.

He was CIA?

Asset only.

In Ethiopia,
until he joined the Eritrean War.

Solomon committed atrocities
on the battlefield so vulgar...

-...even the CIA disavowed him.
- I need you to find him, Leonard.

I appreciate you wanting to
help your associate.

Solomon's been MIA for a decade.

Dembe is more than
an associate to me.

Please find him.



Excuse me.

- Who are--?


What are you doing in my apartment?
And who was that guy?

I'm sorry for the intrusion.
I'm here because I need your help.

Where's Agent Keen?
Something's happened to her?

Yes, thank God.

I got a shower
for the first time in days.


-I'm so happy to see you.
-Not many people are these days.

Okay, I probably shouldn't say this.

- But you look fantastic.

We're looking for a woman
who calls herself the Djinn.

A matchmaker of sorts, who pairs
clients with what they most desire.

Greed, lust, revenge.

They say she can make
any fantasy come true.

We have a web address.
There are encryptions we can't decipher.

I know this is asking a lot.

We wouldn't come to you
if Reddington didn't believe...

...that this Djinn might be helpful
in clearing my name.

If I agree to help...

-...l'll have to let Agent Ressler know.
- We're in a symbiotic relationship.

By helping us,
Agent Ressler keeps us close.

I have to believe Ressler wants the truth
about who attacked our country.

If that's true,
he'll accept help anywhere he can.

He wouldn't take it from Tom.

- What? Tom? I don't understand.
- He knows you're in trouble.

He came and offered to help.
Agent Ressler turned him down.

The Djinn. We need to find the Djinn.

If you want to help Keen, this is how.

Find Karakurt. The Cabal hired him
to do what she's being framed for.

The bombing, the senator's murder.

Yeah, I know Karakurt.
He's Russian garbage.

Probably hitting some
strip club right now.

Karakurt betrayed his country.

If he went back to Russia,
the FSB would shoot him.

He's had extensive plastic surgery.
He's trying to change his identity.

Says here you had him in custody
and let him go.

Says Karakurt's sister
is married to Charlie Volkens.

Violent, unstable.
He runs a crime ring in the Rust Belt.

- That's where Karakurt's laying low.
- Why come to me?

- Ressler told me to hit the highway.
- Donald Ressler's a fine agent.

Within the rules, he'll do everything
to find Elizabeth and the truth.

- Don't think that'll be enough?
- Maybe.

- Given what we're up against, I'm willing--
- Throw out the rule book?

Bend the bindings a little.

All right.
So, what's the FBI doing about this?

I assume their focus
is on Reddington and Keen.

You "assume." Don't you know?

I'm on leave while they investigate
my part in the shooting of Tom Connolly.

So this isn't a sanctioned op.

No. I'm asking you to figure out
a way to infiltrate the crime ring...

...that may be protecting Karakurt.

If you're caught, if something
happens, you're on your own.

ARAM: I had no knowledge of this.
I walked in. They were just there.

- We have a confirmed sighting.
- I live at the Nottingham Apartments.

Tell M.P.D. to shut down a five-block
radius around Adams Morgan.

Reset the checkpoints. Notify all
agencies. Run it into the ground.

I know you think she's innocent.
You did the right thing coming forward.

Mr. Reddington asked me to.

- Why would he do that?
- He needs our help finding the Djinn.

Who's "the Djinn"?

ARAM: The kidnap and rape
of a British princess.

The death of a big-game poacher
locked in a lion's cage.

The vivisection of a drug dealer
while he was eaten alive.

According to Reddington, these are
not random acts of perverse cruelty.

Each was a revenge fantasy...

...planned and providing by a woman
known only as the Djinn.

"The Djinn"? You mean, like a genie?

All I know is, they believe she can
help clear Agent Keen's name.

The Djinn apparently grants
your deepest, darkest wish.

If you can imagine it and pay for it,
she'll make it happen.

How do you contact this Djinn?

Right. In the early days of the web...

...a virtual fantasy world was created
to connect people around the world.

The technology was quickly obsolete,
but the site was never taken down.

Today, it is a hidden oasis
for freaks and weirdoes.

No digital signatures.
Tor-encrypted on the dark web.

It offers anonymity for new clients
to contact the Djinn.

You locate her,
the Djinn invites you in...

...where you give her your name
and bank account. That's it.

You sign off. The Djinn
verifies your financial resources.

Likes what she sees,
contacts you directly to set a meeting.

I don't buy it. If they're trying to prove...

...Keen's innocence,
why go after some vigilante?

If that's not what they're trying to prove,
why risk asking for Aram's help?

Why do any of what they've done?

A troll farmer, a counterfeiter, a company
that launders money for the Cabal.

Now this Djinn. It doesn't make sense.

They're fugitives,
but they're not running.

They're searching.

But if not for Keen's innocence,
then what for?

They're trying to set a meeting.
We have to find a where and when.

If we find the Djinn,
we can intercept them.

Cross-reference all our known cases.
Look for the IP addresses... her clients communicated.

Anything that can provide
a clue to her identity.

- You did it.

You did.

Your hour of vengeance has arrived.

The road to healing begins now.

What happens next is up to you.


Allah teaches us forgiveness.

But some things, they're unforgivable.


- Do you have to torture me too?
-l'm preparing for my next interrogation.

With a spoon?

I counted four men.

- Might get two before they kill you.
- So be it.

Once Solomon figures he can't break me,
he'll go after my daughter, her little girl.

Whatever it takes to find Raymond.

If I'm dead, they're safe.


I found a link. The fantasies arranged
by the Djinn occurred around the world.

But two of them drove down
the earnings of one company.

- How?
- Cannibalism isn't good for business.

The victim was found in a Dumpster
outside the hotel in hotel towels.

Now no one wants to sleep there.

Just like no one wants to fly
a certain airline in South America.

It went bankrupt after a hijacking
planned by the Djinn.

Azeri Financial is a majority shareholder
in both the airline and the hotel.

A private holding company
in New York.

- Hardly a pattern. Maybe a coincidence.
- It could be, but it's not. Aram?

That is Bahram Bakhash,
owner and CEO of Azeri Financial.

The abduction took place two hours ago.
There have been no ransom demands.

If someone hired this Djinn to bankrupt
Azeri Financial, we need a motive.

And more importantly, what does
any of this have to do with Keen?

I am not courageous.

Only the poor have courage.

Why? Because they're hopeless.

To get up every morning to
plow a potato field in wartime.

To bring kids with no prospects
into the world.

To live poor, that takes courage.


I forget the next line.

You're a terrible actor.


There's nothing wrong
with my performance.

It's the play. Bertolt Brecht
uses the alienation effect... create emotional distance
from the audience.

- I don't know.
- So why did you produce his play?

I was completely swept up
in the idealism of the theater owner.

A pipe-smoking cream puff
of a German named Gerta.

She read Mother Courage to me aloud,
the whole play, in one sitting.

A brilliant exploration of the politics
of war and those who profit from it.

Sadly, it was 1991, and audiences
were going in droves to see Cats.

Gerta lost every penny of my investment,
but she remains grateful to this day.

Her theater is ours
as long as we need it.


The Djinn. We have a meeting point.

A bench in Astoria Park,
tomorrow, at 9 a.m.

When she arrives,
keep her in the open until I move in.

This woman, the Djinn, you've said
she can help. You haven't said how.

I have reason to believe that at least
two of the people she's catered to...

...are powerful members of the Cabal.

We get to her, we get to them.

In case we lose visual contact,
you'll be wearing a tracking device.


If you're thinking of
reaching out to him, don't.

Now that he's on the FBl's radar, they're
likely monitoring any communications.

This is important, Lizzy.

Promise me you won't call him.

I promise.

We should get some rest.

She hasn't called yet.

- More tea?
- Sure.


Karakurt had extensive facial surgery.

SAMAR: Do you know anyone
who would want to hurt your father?

No. No one. He's a devout man.
Respected, with many friends.

- When did you see him?
HAMID: This morning.

He called a meeting
to discuss a hostile takeover.

How hostile?

The Newcastle Venture Group
is an investment firm.

- They made a buyout proposal.
- Which your father opposed?

Yes. He wants the company
to stay in the family.

In his absence, would the board
approve the buyout?

Proposals happen all the time.
No one gets kidnapped because of them.

Look, my father raised my sister,
Nasim, and me...

...after our mother was killed by
a bomb during the Iran-Iraq War.

He's everything to us. Please...

...find our father.

Bring him back to us.



WOMAN: Nice to make
your acquaintance, Elizabeth.

lf you'll follow my instructions,
we'll be having a lovely visit in no time.

First, I'll need you
to leave your cell phone.

Opposite you,
there's a gap in the fence.

Follow the path until you find
some portable restrooms.

Walk there now
and enter the one on the right.




You, don't move!

All right.

Get there now.



You did well, Elizabeth.

For my privacy and your safety,
I'm turning off the lights.

- Wait, where are we going?
- Enjoy the ride.

I'll have a cup of hot tea waiting.

I called everyone.
It's as if he vanished.

There's been no demand for a ransom
or anything, just silence.

What can I do, Hamid?
I feel so helpless.

I put out a reward for any information.

And the FBI assures me
they're doing everything they can.

They wanna talk to you.
I'll text you their number.

Yes, of course.

Anything I can do to help.

I'll finish up what I'm doing here
and then call them.


That was Hamid.

He's worried about you, Father.
He should be.

I know this may seem barbaric
to you...

...but no more so
than what you did to me.



Elizabeth, thank you for enduring
my security measures.

Please, take off your shoes.
Get comfortable.

It's not often I'm contacted
by an international fugitive.

We do our homework.

Why don't you tell me your fantasy,
and let's see if we can help?

- Not all wishes are granted.

We help at our discretion.

I want revenge.

- You have my full attention.
- I was framed.

I want the people who did this to admit it
and pay for what they've done.

I don't believe that.

-It's what I want.
-l'm sure it is.

You wouldn't be human if it wasn't.

But I'm not interested in what you want.
I'm interested in what you deeply desire.

I can sense that death and vengeance
aren't what drive you, Elizabeth.

Or feed your soul.

What does?

A lost world, I suspect. Another life.

Why don't you tell me about that fantasy,
and maybe I can help you.

If you can't face your truths,
I can't be of service.

My car will return you to Astoria Park.

I'm sorry.

Hamid's right. I can't think of anyone
who'd want to harm my father.

He's a good man.

- Your father's company--
- I have nothing to do with the company.

The Newcastle Venture Group.

They're mounting a hostile takeover.
Your father ever mention them to you?

No, I don't think so.

We know that it's a front,
but we don't know who's behind it yet.

- Your father never mentioned them?
- My father never talks business with me.

Surely you must know how that is,
Samar Navabi.

I know how that is.

But I took control of my life
a long time ago.

Then you're braver than I.



Nasim? Forgive me for intruding.



- Hamid.
- There you are.

- Have you heard anything about Father?
- No.

It's gonna be okay.

The FBI are doing
everything they can.

I know nothing else matters right now.

But I need your advice.

You're the only one who values it.

The board members, they're nervous.

They were nervous even before
Father was abducted.

Quarterly earnings, share value,
and now with him gone...

I've tried to convince them to wait.

To decide the fate of the company
at a time like this is insane.

- They won't listen.
- I want him to be proud of me.

Father groomed you to be his successor
because he trusts you.

He has confidence in you. The board
will listen to you. It's a fair offer. Take it.

It should have been you
running the company.

The bias, the prejudice.

He should've seen past it.

I just pray they find him.



Your turn, chief.

Not so fast. Lift your pant leg up.

The right one.
Let's see what's in the sock.

I had to give them something.
They made me.



Okay, that's enough.

Raise your hands facing the wall.



You didn't have to hit me that hard.
That wasn't part of the plan.

Get his weapon.





- Hello?
WOMAN: Hi. Um, I'm sorry.

It's you. Calling for the guy.

- Yeah.
- I can't believe it.

He was hoping you'd call.
He wanted me to give you this number.

- Lizzy?
- What is it?


When he comes back,
do you want me to--?



What happened?
We tracked you to the warehouse...

...but then you were gone
and the signal left the city.

She had guards, so I couldn't ask her
about the Cabal.

Gave her the story, but she
didn't believe I was honest.

She wanted to know my real fantasy.


Well, I didn't say anything.
I put the bug on her shoe.

What is your fantasy?

It's been the same thing
for as long as I can remember.

I'm walking in a park with my husband.

In between us is our little girl.

I'm holding her hand in mine...

...and I never let go.



Thanks to your shoe switcheroo...

...apparently, we have
an address for the Djinn.




Hi there.

Is your mommy home?

You're not the Djinn.


- What are you doing?
- Looking at the classifieds.

VARGAS: "Tuba mouthpiece for sale"?
- This number will lead us to Reddington.

Thanks. All I wanted to hear.



Oh, my God!

Get off.

- You followed me.
- What's the Djinn's name?

Is that why you came to me?
So that I'd give up the Djinn?

I won't do that.

Let's forget about the Djinn
for a moment.

I'd be more intrigued
to hear about you, Alice.

I'm sure you have a story to tell.

I love stories.

I used to work the convention circuit...

...standing next to supercars all day
in heels and short shorts.

As a brand ambassador, you're trained
to answer questions and push product.

The Djinn found me
through an agency I work with.

Most of our clients are men.
They enjoy a little eye candy.

When I started, the Djinn
scripted every word I said...

...but I guess I had a knack
for reading people, knowing their desires.

In time, I became
the face of the operation.

I imagine selling fantasies
is a very profitable business... you are clearly not profiting from.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

The Range Rover in the driveway,
those diamond earrings, your shoes...

Your aspirations
clearly exceed your reality.

I've been preparing to quit.

- I have more than enough money.
- Lies on top of pretense, my dear.

You haven't quit because you enjoy
the power. There's no shame in that.

Do I look ashamed?

Heh, heh, no, you do not.

It appears we're all good
at reading people. What fun.

But, Alice, I don't think you see...

...that we have an opportunity here
to make both of our fantasies come true.

The Djinn is a middleman
I believe you've outgrown.

Tell me his name.

Tell me all about him,
and I'll get him out of your way.

You can launch your own operation.
Maybe one that's a little more...

...optimistic and constructive
than the present business model.

I even have your first client all lined up.

So this Djinn...

Tell me.


NASIM: That's your chest collapsing,
that feeling.

Asphyxiation will be next.

Your suffering is almost over.

- I wish the same could be said for mine.
- I did what I had to... keep you alive.

You did what you did because
you couldn't stand to look at me.

Well, I am making you look at me now.

Look at me, Father!

Your company is gone.

Hamid and the board sold it
to the Newcastle Venture Group.

- That's not possible.
- Hm.

You know, for years, I had dreamt
of ways to get my revenge on you.

So many fantasies
swimming in my head.

So many that they gave birth
to a business.

As the Djinn, I make
people's fantasies come true.

You have no idea how much people will
pay to experience their darkest desires.

And I've been collecting that money... that, one day,
I could live out my own fantasy.

And guess what day it is, Father.

You said I was unfit to run a company.

Now I own one.


Newcastle Venture Group is mine.

I figured it out.
I had to go through six pass-throughs...

-...and two loan-outs in the Caymans, but--
- Aram.

Oh. Um...

- You look nice today.
- Aram. What did you figure out?

Right. The Newcastle Venture Group.
Nasim Bakhash controls it.

Bahram's daughter.

And Azeri Financial
just approved the buyout offer.

Only because Bahram
wasn't there to oppose it.

That's what this is,
her revenge fantasy.

Getting back at her father.
That's why she kidnapped him.

The only question is,
has she killed him yet?

Aram, get an address,
get units en route now.

Found my way into the crime ring.

"New York's hottest bachelors"?

Page 32.

"Asher Sutton"?

- I don't know who that is.
- He's my fast pass to finding Karakurt.

How does the child
of a billionaire resort owner...

...get you near the syndicate
where Karakurt is?

Trust me, it does.

We've already established
that I don't trust you.

I believe we've also established
that you need me.

If this world where he's hiding
were easy to get to...

...I’d have gotten there myself.

If this Asher kid has access to it, what
makes you think he'll take you there?

Because he's got a weakness.

For street life, hustlers, players.
Anybody who has to fight for their money.

Go on.

He spends most nights
at an underground casino in New York.

All I need is a good story.

Graduated Princeton.
Summers in the Hamptons.

Maybe you should tell him how you
learned to channel lady luck in college...

...during that weekend bender
in Sag Harbor.

Sag Harbor. Okay. Yeah. You know
what? I remember that weekend.

It was my junior ye--
No, my sophomore year.

And my roommate at Princeton,

Sammy? I don't think so.


Not Sammy.

Samuel. His parents had
a beach house in Sag Harbor...

...that he said was flush
with bikinis every summer.

So come July,
we wanna get lucky, right?

We hit the beach.
Like he said, scores of girls.

But the problem is
they're all high-school girls.

Right? Jailbait, 15 will get you
10 to 20. You know?

So forget it. We just drink.

Every night.
Make the most of our fleeting youth.

And on the last day,
we hit the beach again.

And there lies the most beautiful
college girl you've ever seen.

I mean, ever.
But it's two guys, and there's one girl.

I strike first.
I sit down, start talking to her.

She says she's hungry.

And I get up, I go to the Sag general
to buy her a cappuccino muffin.

When I come back, there's Samuel
lying on top of her, and their lips...

...are locked like a jigsaw puzzle.
You know?

So I do the death march
back to my towel.

I'll just sleep off the rest of my hangover.
"Forget about this day." But I can't sleep.

I got something hard
stuck under my head.

So I reach under my towel, and you're
never gonna believe what I find...

...lost in the sand.

I go back to school the next day
with a $12,000 Bulgari on my wrist...

...and Samuel, he goes back
with a brand-new cold sore.

That's the day that I learned
that luck is just what you make of it.

That's a dope watch, Mr. Wainright.

You have a good evening,
and good luck in there tonight.

Hey, let's hope.


Alice was right. No guards.


What? What is it?

You've been quiet
ever since we left Alice.

Is it Dembe?

It's your fantasy.

What about it?

It's as it should be.


Look at that.

Pinned like a swallowtail.


Oh, my. No, no, no.
Let's not fuss with that now.

Our priority's to find Nasim.

He won't be alive. Look at him.
He needs medical attention.

I'm not sure we should start the party
before the hostess arrives, but so be it.

Yes. Hello. I need an ambulance.

A man's dying on a cross.


We're five minutes out.

That's good because a 911 call
was just placed from Nasim's home...

...and the caller was Mr. Reddington.

- You positive?
- Voice analysis confirmed it.

Reddington. He's already there.



Nasim. There you are.

Please come in. We have much
to discuss and time is a factor.

- What do you want?
- To offer my sympathies.

I know who you are.

And I know who you are, Nasim.

What a beautiful name.
It means "breeze" in Farsi.

But you weren't born Nasim.
You were born Nasir, "the victorious."

How ironic.

But a boy. A perfectly healthy boy.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Alice told us the story.

- We know you're the Djinn.
RAYMOND: And this must be your father.

The butcher.

Tell me, Bahram,
was it so horrific to discover...

...that your 19-year-old son,
your eldest son, was gay?

So horrific that you forced him
against his will... go under the knife,
change his gender... give you a daughter
instead of your son, who is gay?

Clerics accept...

...people can get trapped
in the body of the wrong sex.

- The law says--
- I wasn't trapped.

I liked my body. I liked men.

I wanted to protect you, Nasim.

- They could have killed you.
- For being gay.

They're so homophobic
that being gay is a crime...

...but chopping off a man's penis isn't?

Honestly, is it just me,
or is the human race...

...armed with religion,
poisoned by prejudice...

...and absolutely frantic
with hatred and fear...

...galloping pell-mell
back to the Dark Ages?

Who on Earth is hurt by a little girl
going to school or a child being gay?

Let's be frank, Bahram, you didn't
change your son to protect him.

You changed him
because he disgusted you.

That's not true.

You violated my body without consent.

You sliced out my identity
and discarded it as waste.

You cursed me to live the rest of my life
as a second-class citizen...

...despite being a firstborn son.


We're running out of time.

Get what you came for, and let's go.

What did you come for?

A leather journal.


...with the names of all your clients
and their adventures in wonderland.

But I suggest you find it fast
before the authorities outside...

...break down your door.

What did you do?

As a general rule, I'm against the
militarization of America's police forces...

...but I needed an army,
so there they are.

I've prepared an escape
for Elizabeth and I...

...and there's room for you,
but the price for your freedom... one leather journal.

Now who's the Djinn?

Bravo Six, please report your status.

Navabi and Ressler. Where we at?

We set the perimeter. Our fourth side
is water. Waiting for harbor units.

No sign of the targets.

They're in there.
I want a layout of that property.

- And position teams to cover all the exits.
- Yes, sir.

I should've never agreed to this.

Risking everything, for what?

Another list of names.
How valuable can they be?

All part of the master plan
to clear your name, I assure you.


- Not even you can get us out of this.
- You wanna know my fantasy, Nasim?

To escape a hopeless police standoff
in style...

...with two sensational women
on my arms.

- Shall we?
- Yeah.

Well, we can't have everything.


We'll breach on my command.
SWAT will follow.

Reddington and Keen are inside.
They're armed-- Are you listening?

- That chopper.
COOPER: What about it?

-It's not mine.
- Reddington.

- Let's go now.
- Move, move!


Welcome aboard, Elizabeth.


I gave you the journal.
I kept my end of the deal.

- Your deal was with him.
- Women.

♪ Oh, here comes trouble
Put your helmet on ♪

♪ We'll be heading for a fall ♪

♪ Yeah, the whole thing's gonna blow ♪

♪ And the devil's
Got my number ♪

♪ It's long overdue
He'll come looking soon ♪

♪ Yeah,
The whole thing's gonna blow ♪

♪ Oh, here comes trouble ♪

♪ These people talk too much
Need to shut them up ♪

♪ Yeah, I'd rather be alone ♪


♪ Can you
Can you feel that rumble? ♪

♪ All this borrowed time
It's been running out ♪

♪ It's the ending of the show ♪

It was empty when I found it...

...just like the rest of the building.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, I know now ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Everything's gonna be okay ♪

He was here.

♪ Oh, I keep telling myself
"Don't worry, be happy" ♪

Mr. Solomon.

I'm in New York City.

I know how to locate Reddington.

♪ Oh, I keep telling myself
"Don't worry, be happy" ♪

♪ Oh, you keep
Telling yourself ♪

SAMAR: We caught a predator.
You should be proud.

That journal had names,
dates, locations.

The DOJ's going to close
dozens of cases.

There was one page torn out,
the one that Reddington wanted.

Whatever he's doing,
he's gonna get her killed.

You can't save her.
You shouldn't even try.

Liz made a choice
to kill the attorney general.

She said it was the only way
she could stop him.

I've stopped men the same way,
and I'm ready to pay the price.

Liz needs to be ready too.

Nobody made her pull that trigger.

♪ We'll be heading for a fall ♪

So I go back to school the next day
with a $12,000 Bulgari on my wrist...

...and Samuel goes back
with a brand-new cold sore, right?

And that's the day that I learned
that luck is what you make of it.

Blow on that for me.
Thank you very much.

One more seven.


♪ Keep telling yourself
Everything's gonna be okay ♪

Have a good night.

Oh, you're good.

- What's that?
- You switched the dice...

...while showing off your fake watch.

That's a clever misdirect, but
the house dice are in your right pocket.

- Have another drink, pal.
- Oh, no, no, no.

You won't make it to the door
if I don't want you to.

The Sag general didn't sell cappuccino
muffins when you were in college...

-...if you even went to college.
- What do you want?

Oh, I want to take you to dinner.

You're a fascinating character,
Mr. Wainright.

Or whatever your name actually is.


- Yeah.
LIZ: Tom.

You called Wing Yee's.
I hoped you would.

I can't believe you came back.

Of course. As soon as I heard.
Are you all right?

We had a plan. The boat...

I wish you'd have come with me.

I know you went to Ressler
and offered to help.

I did, and I'm gonna do
everything I can.

Listen, Tom, you don't have to do this.

- I do have to.
- You said you wanted out.

Out of the secrets and the lies
and the risk.

I don't wanna drag you back into this.

- You're not. You haven't.
- Listen, Tom, you don't understand.

I have done... many terrible things.

- I have hurt so many people.
- I don't care what you've done.

Liz, I know who you are.

I took that for granted for a long time,
but I don't now.

You're right. I do have plans.
I'm coming to save you.

- Tom. Listen--
- It's too late.

- Because I'm already in.
- In where?

Where are you? What have you done?

I gotta go. I love you.


So, what's good around here?

Follow me.