The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 22 - Alexander Kirk (No. 14) - full transcript

The FBI task force's hunt for revenge nears its endgame. As Reddington and the team close in on the mysterious arch-criminal responsible for recent tragic events, they're forced to operate ...

Previously on "The Blacklist"...

Your target is Elizabeth Keen.

This is about avenging
what happened to Liz,

and I'm gonna do whatever it takes.

Nez Rowan... who let her go free?

There are certain U.S. Government missions.

They require the expertise of
an independent organization.

So who is this woman?

Scottie Hargrave.

Who hired you?

Alexander Kirk.

We now share a mutual enemy.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Lady, you sure this is the place?

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

This is my Bitcoin wallet address.

As soon as a transaction is
confirmed, she'll be released.

As you know, ?the American
government refuses

to negotiate with terrorists,

which is why the Palmer
family contracted my firm

to negotiate on their behalf.

What is this?

My Bitcoin wallet address.

You don't pay the ransom, she dies.

You and I both know Miss
Palmer isn't here, Karokaro.

You know it because you
never had any intention

of giving her to me,

and I know it because I've
already set her free.

Call your man at the port.
You have a situation.

An hour ago, a strike team
raided your holding site

at Muara Angke.

They took Miss Palmer,

along with the other? eight
workers you were holding,

so the kidnapping part of the story's over,

which leaves us with the business at hand.

You're not ransoming me. I'm ransoming you.

And the amount is $3
million, not $1 million.

I don't know if it bothers
you telling people things

they don't want to hear,

but it makes me uncomfortable,

which is ironic because most
people think I'm a bully.

They think I enjoy it, being blunt,

making people feel small,

but nothing could be
further from the truth.

Years ago, I-I suffered
an unspeakable loss.

And since then,

I've been crippled by
free-floating anxieties

that attach to pretty much anything.

Some days I-I can't even get out of bed.

I haven't slept through
the night in two years.

4 a.m., I'm up doing Sudoku.

Normally, I-I delegate a meeting like this

because, uh, conflict, it's debilitating.

But I'm working on the power
of positive confrontation.

I-I haven't brushed up on
my Indonesian in a while,

but I'm going to guess he's telling you

your brother's being held
hostage by my people.


If you want to see your
brother alive again,

you're gonna transfer the money.

The number's $3 million.

Would you take cash?

Put it down.

Tom, I want to speak with
you about your daughter.

What happened with Hargrave?

Even if you don't want me to have contact

with Elizabeth's child...

Hargrave. Did you get her?

I have virtually unlimited resources.

I want you to know that those resources

are at your disposal in
the raising of Agnes.

I don't want your money. I
don't want your protection.

I want answers.

The woman who killed Liz,

you walked right into her
trap after I warned you.

What happened?

Alexander Kirk.

I don't know who that is.

The man who ordered? the
attack on your wedding.

He's ultimately responsible
for Elizabeth's death.

I'm going to find him.

No, no, Susan Hargrave...

Was a contractor. A hired hand.

Tom, until I end this,

your only concern is to keep Agnes safe.

I'm gonna help you find him.

Absolutely not.

- He'll come for her, for Agnes. - Yes.

I can't stand by and watch that happen.

You want me to accept your
offer to help with Agnes,

then you need to accept my help with this.

So, tell me about Alexander Kirk.

Alexander Kirk is the alias of an oligarch

who made a fortune after the
fall of the Soviet Union

buying mining operations
for pennies on the dollar.

In 2002, he went into hiding

after falling out of
favor with the Kremlin.

He owes his survival

to some of the world's
most powerful politicians

whose careers he secretly bankrolls.

But Alexander Kirk is the man
responsible for Elizabeth's death.

He hired Susan Hargrave to abduct her,

which is why we need to work
with Hargrave to find him.

Work with her?

How about arrest her?

This sounds like a bad idea.

Until it's not.

The aid workers who were
abducted in Jakarta?

Your government refused to pay the ransom,

turned its back on three young people

who were captured for doing nothing more

than providing medical
services to the poor.

Today, they're home because
Susan Hargrave committed

what your government
considers to be a crime

in order to get them back.

She's a brilliant strategist.

And if we want to get Alexander Kirk,

we're going to need her help to do it.

His finances are the way in.

Kirk's holdings are out of reach.

The Caymans, Zurich.

They were out of reach
until Citizens United.

Kirk has personally financed

a 501c4 super PAC

in support of Senator Robert
Diaz's presidential bid.

- How much? -? It's hard to tell.

It's all dark money, but I believe
it's north of $300 million.

Diaz is the front-runner.

If he gets elected,

Kirk's reach will extend
into the White House.

I'm impressed.

Like I care.

If we steal Diaz's money,
Kirk won't be far behind.

Him and everyone else.

It's a presidential campaign.

If that money goes missing,

everyone on the planet will take notice.

You make it sound so fun.

What about the husband, Tom Keen?

He thinks I'm responsible
for the death of his wife.

I think you're responsible for her death.

I'm looking past that because
I want Alexander Kirk's head.

And so does Tom Keen.

I must admit? I've never
liked you, Scottie.

Looking at you makes my toes curl.

But robbing the next? President
of the United States,

this is gonna be a gas.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Rubber baby...

My, what a dear, sweet child.

How did you get in here?

With a seven-figure donation
that built this wing.

The grasp of these tiny fingers.

I'd forgotten.

I understand we're gonna
be working together

to find the man? who
took Elizabeth from you.

You took her from me.

No. Alexander Kirk did.

He's why I'm here,

to tell you I'm putting the
full resources of my company

behind the effort to find Kirk
and bring him to justice.

Give me my little girl.

She's all I care about.

I remember my little one looking up at me,

eyes full of wonder.

They say losing a child is
something one never recovers from.

I hope you never experience
that kind of loss.

For the moment, we have
a common enemy, so...

I'll work with you.

You have a lovely child.

10 minutes. I'll send
Solomon to pick you up.

Got a lot of work to do.

I hope you're a chocoholic, my friend.

We're going to the chocolate factory.

Let me say one thing. I'm not your friend.

What the hell is this place?

This is what happens? when the
government outsources 70%

of its intelligence budget.

You're 150 feet below the
largest privately owned

tactical training center in the country,

complete with R&D labs,

ship-boarding simulators,
and two airfields.

We do threat assessment, port security,

and diplomatic training,

and those are just the services
that the public knows about...

The black-and-white divisions.

Then... there's Grey Matters.

Grey Matters handles the cases

that are legally questionable,
yet morally justifiable.

You're late. She's not happy.

Promise you won't kick my ass.

'Cause she could kick my ass.

I'm sorry. I can't.

I thought I could, but I can't.

Remember, we're doing this for Elizabeth.

Yeah, but they're the same
people who killed her.

- You! - Navabi!

If I can do this, so can you.

Enough! We're on the clock.

I don't need your protection.

After the U.S. Election,
approval will be a formality.

I just spoke to D.C.

We have a confirmed location of the child.

I want this done today.

The way to get Kirk's attention
is through his money,

and the only money we can get to
is sitting in Diaz's war chest,

which is unfortunate

for the bloviating senator from Missouri

because he cannot win the
election without it,

and we're gonna steal it.

The Bureau prevents bank robberies.
We don't commit them.

Senator Diaz's success in November

rests on winning three key swing states.

To do that, Futures America,

a PAC financed by Alexander Kirk,

intends to purchase over
$300 million in TV ads

from now until election day.

The money is wired to media
outlets via a secure terminal

from a single account at Key
Atlantic Bank in Manhattan.

To get the money,

we need to access the terminal
from the server room.

The good news is we can take
the bank in under two minutes.

The bad news is the second we walk in,

any teller can trip a silent alarm

that will lock down the area of the bank

where the secure terminal is located.

So we won't be able to access
it before the police arrive.

That's it? Your plan is awful.

It's brilliant. The robbery is a show.

You want the police to
arrive, followed by the FBI.

The heist gets you in, gives you
time to access the terminal...

We rob the bank while everyone else thinks

that we are trying to find the robbers.

Thanks, but no thanks.

You work with the single most
sought-after criminal in America.

Thanks to you, he's not only free,

his criminal empire's expanding.

You, all of you, have proven quite capable

of parking your selective
morality when the moment serves.

I suggest finding Elizabeth Keen's killer

is just such a moment.

It's "badges in the drawer" time, people.

This is a revenge movie.

Mr. Loescher, we sent out
a foreclosure letter

three weeks ago.

No, I have the paperwork in my car.

Y-You never sent me a...

Just hold on. I can show you.


Sadie, don't move, okay?
I'll be right back.

Hope you don't need my help in there

'cause you're not getting it.

Party time.

On the floor!

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are your friendly
neighborhood bank robbers,

except we're not friendly,

and this sure as hell
ain't our neighborhood.

I need everyone to slide their
cellphones to the center of the room.

Come on.

Anyone wanting to know what happens

if you ignore my instructions,
come speak to me directly.

It's okay. It's okay.

- Just stay down. Stay down. - Daddy.

Yes, that's right. A robbery right now.

Key Atlantic Bank. My
little girl's in there.

Call just came in to dispatch.

One Police Plaza Path responding.

Call's in. Start your clocks.

Key card and vault combination.

Silent alarm was just tripped.

Let's go.


It's gonna be okay, okay?

Put it down.

Don't be a hero, baby. 60
seconds, and we're ghosts.

NYPD. I said put your gun down.

No, no, no, no. You don't want to do this.

- 55 seconds. - Put down your gun!

No, you put your damn gun down!

It's just a flesh wound.
You're gonna be fine.

Oh, my God, she's bleeding.

It hurts.

Okay, hold on.

Okay, we need a medic right now.

Patrol Response en route.

Ambulances will be dispatched
as part of the response.

No, they won't enter? until
police secure the sight.

- She can't wait that long. - 40 seconds.

My wife is dead because of you.

I'm not gonna let this
little girl die, too.

We got to clear, now.

30 seconds.

Responding units on site.

I need a paramedic.

Nearest unit is on Fulton and Pearl,

heading south.

- That's too far. - My God, my little girl!

- No, no, no! - Are you okay?

That's the father. Hold on, hold on.

Dad, with me. Now.


We got to keep
pressure on the wound.

- All right. - All right?

- Yeah. - All right.

Keep pressure on the wound. Can you do it?


- This is a bad idea. - Give me the keys.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Paramedics approaching John Street.

What's her name?


All right, Sadie, just listen to your dad.

All right? Everything's gonna be fine.

We're gonna get you to a doctor,

and everything's gonna be just fine.

Hold on.

Where's my ambulance?

Pearl and Cedar, southbound.

I got her. That's alright.

Baby, you'll be okay. You'll be okay.

I got a gunshot, lower left abdomen.

In five!

Let's go.

Tell me you're not okay with this.

I wouldn't be if I had a
better idea, but I don't.

Special Agents Ressler and Navabi.

First responders indicated that the robbers

knew exactly what they were looking for?

Yeah, it was a classified diplomatic pouch

owned by the Saudi government.

Do you have any security feeds?

Of course. Um, this way.

?So, nothing else was taken?

Stupid, right?

You'd think they'd take
something else to mislead us.

I'll catch up with you.

Okay, uh, the server room is
across from the CFO's office,

second door from the end of
the hall, right-hand side.

I see servers.

I'm gonna need you to be a
little more specific than that.

Okay. Many servers.

Are any of them connected
to a modem or a screen?

There's a keyboard.

Great. That's the server the
terminal's connected to.

Follow the cable and insert,
uh, you know, the, uh...

Your dongle?

Yes. Uh, well, it's not
mine, but, uh, yeah.

Okay.? Your dongle has been inserted.

Now we have remote access.

You're brute-forcing this thing?

Yeah, how else am I gonna generate

the bank president's password?

What, are you data-mining his social media?

You can't generate enough personal details

to create a useful password dictionary.


Field gets the glory,
support gets the job done.

Okay, as soon as I enter the password,

we should have access to the funds.

Or not. It's requesting a retinal scan.

Looks like we've got
ourselves a two-key system.


What happened?!

Hey! Hold up! Stop!

Where is she? Where's my daughter?

Where's my daughter?

Where's my daughter?!

Sir, you're not allowed to go in there.

We take three types of contributions...

Big, dark, and anonymous.

Which if he loses, also
describes Senator Diaz.

I'm screwing with you, Robert. Come on.

We're supposed to be
having fun here tonight,

and raising money for the next
President of the United States,

Senator Robert Diaz.

Thank you.

Oh, well, thank you, Scottie.

I know I speak? for
everyone here when I say,

good God, I wish Howard had
given that introduction.

Well, I understand he's
off working on, well...

Mrs. Hargrave thinks you
may be more comfortable

waiting in her office.

If I knew what it was,
you'd have to kill me.

What the hell is wrong with you?

- My daughter... where is she?
- Showing up uninvited.

Do you have any idea who
some of those people are?

I don't care! They said you took her!

Tonight is important to me.

A nurse is dead,

a 7-year-old girl was shot in the robbery.

Sadie Loescher, a second grader at PS-126,

is resting comfortably in a
private room at Mount Sinai

thanks to the work of a
renowned vascular surgeon

whose schedule miraculously
cleared up in time

to remove six bullet fragments
lodged in her sacrum.

If you're thinking of sending
flowers, don't... she's allergic.

But she loves dark chocolate.

What did you do with my little girl, huh?

My people received word
Kirk was on the move.

I alerted the FBI, and because
of it, more people weren't hurt.

Your daughter is safe,

and she's getting? the
medical attention she needs.

Now, if you're finished,

the next President of the United States

is waiting downstairs for me.

Robbing Key Atlantic got us

the first of two authentications
we need to access Kirk's funds.

Peter Pruitt is the second.

As president of Airborne Fidelity,

Pruitt manages assets worth over $4 billion

belonging to fugitives like Alexander Kirk.

He's also treasurer of Futures America.

Ah, so he's the good old boy

that funnels Kirk's millions into the PAC.

Yes, and no withdrawals
over $250,000 can be made

without a biometric scan of his eyes.

Pruitt's in Berlin staying
at the Turkish Embassy

as a guest of the Ambassador.

He'll attend a reception at the
embassy for the G8 ministers.

We need a biometric scan of Pruitt's eyes,

which are in that embassy.

Getting in during the G8 summit means

getting past an A-list security
system and a small army.

Good luck with that.

Eugene Pavlenko.

I don't know who that is.


Pavlenko is a fugitive wanted in Turkey

on money-laundering charges.

When the ID gets flagged by INTERPOL,

it will require my provisional arrest.

Once that happens, officials in Ankara

will immediately insist
that I am transported to...

To the Turkish Embassy.

Where they will file a formal
request for extradition.

Even if they do take you into the embassy,

you'll never get a retinal scanner inside.

I'm not bringing a scanner in.

- I'm bringing Pruitt out. - How?

I'm gonna poison him.

Dumont, sending you feeds
from the embassy security.

Capturing video now, creating
a loop and uploading.

Guards should be blind in five, four...

All clear.

Smokes, key card.

When you exit, make two lefts,

and the first door on your
right should be a stairwell

That takes you to a third floor.

Almost there.

You got two swallows overhead.

On you in four, three, two...

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

The kitchen will give you access to
the ballroom via the south door.



He's the mark. Why are you walking away?

I have to tell you.

That is just the most amazing tie.

What the hell is wrong with
you, you clumsy idiot?!

Look, do we... I...

Can you talk to somebody

about getting me another shirt, will you?

- Okay. - Jesus.


Let me help you, sir.

You speak English?

Okay, we got a situation.

You've got to get out of there now.

My father was American.

Two packs a day, unfiltered.

Got to be careful. Those
things can kill you.

So can mouthing off at guests.

Know your place, kid.

They know. You need to get out.


What is this?

Told you those things would kill you.

Time to go to work.

Just hold him still so I can get a scan.

Maybe if you dosed him properly.

I was trying to put him to sleep,

not kill the poor bastard.
Just hold him still.

You have Landespolizei units
approaching to your south.

Proceed to Wilhelmstrasse and
switch to frequency 126.420.

Okay, I'm transmitting the scan now.

- Do it again.

I can't do it again. They got
a lockout protocol in place.

Yes, Agent Mojtabai speaking.

The retinal scan's being rejected

because of your connection, cheesecake.

Get ready, kids. We've been spotted.

We need to dump this vehicle.

Uh, Dumont, uh, I think I figured it out.

- Aram! - Tom, hey. How cool is this?

I didn't expect to talk to
you until Agnes' baptism.

Bless me, Father, for we
need to get on with it.

- Guys! - Right. Uh, sorry.

They said you, uh, drugged Pruitt?

Yeah, 200 micrograms of fentanyl.

Exactly, an opiate narcotic
will cause the pupils

to be constricted to pinpoint
size, and the scanner...

Retinal scanner requires light
to analyze the back of the eye.

If not enough light passes
into the constricted pupils...

The scanner's unable to
detect the retinal signature.

Okay, the bad news... I
just dosed him again.

I don't even know if he's
got pupils right now.

- But if we wait - Waiting isn't an option.

We need to counteract the meds.

- How do we do that? - Tropicamide.

It's what eye doctors use
to dilate your pupils.

6-3, we're taking a detour.

Tropicamide. Got it.

This one's on you, kid.

We're only in this situation because...

We are in this situation because
you attacked my wedding.

You're right.

But you and I both know that your
wife is in a much better place.

That's for my wife.


Where's Solomon?

I said drive!

Aram. Get Keen on the line.

Little busy right now.

Just got off the phone with FinCEN.

Key Atlantic's been notified
of Pruitt's abduction,

and the bank president's
on his way there now.

He's gonna freeze the account, lock us out.

I don't have the scan yet.

Well, get it. He's gonna
be there any minute.

I got Dumont on the line.

Yeah, let me guess.? The
bank president's on his way.

According to the security

feeds in the building, he's already there.

You got less than a minute
to get that money, honey.

All right! All right! I'm doing it.

Uploading now.

Are you getting it?


He's trying to lock us out.


Got it. We're in.

Starting the transfer.

Kirk's money is on its way.

As soon as the scans verify,
the funds are ours.

It's gonna be close, sweet cheeks.

Reddington. It's time.

Get Pruitt on the phone.

Yes, I know he was attacked.

By the people who took our money!

Hello, Robert.

Tough day.


You heard about the money.

Please, please tell me
you know what happened.

Oh, I know exactly what happened.
I took it.

You did?

You wrote me a $50,000 check.

You have to give to get.

I gave, now I got.

Well, technically, we got.


Having taken your money, I
won't take much of your time.

Unlike Scottie, I have
little use for politicians

and even less for their politics.

Who occupies the White House
is of no interest to me.

I tell you this so you know
that taking your money

has nothing to do with you
or what you stand for.

Truth be told, ?I haven't the foggiest clue

what you stand for, Senator.

I'm calling the police.

Might be more prudent
to call Alexander Kirk.

I'm sure you have a contributor
of his stature on speed dial.

Call him.

Senator Diaz.

Senator, what a pleasure.

I have your money.

I have your senator.

Do you know what I'm thinking, Raymond?

That house by the water,

holding a gun in your mouth

I should have pulled the trigger.

So, you have my money and my senator.

You don't have me.

Look, I did what you asked. Just...

Tomorrow morning, you're gonna
hold a press conference

to announce you're taking a moment
away from the campaign trail

to compel billionaire Alexander Kirk

to testify about some of
his business activities

before the Congressional
committee you chair.

Why are you doing this?

Oh, spare us the moral outrage, Bob.

We're doing you a favor.

If you get Kirk here,
Reddington can have him.

Once he has him, ?you get
your illegal money back,

laundered through anonymous contributions

made to the PAC of your choice.

I am not gonna be an accomplice to murder.

You are? if you want to be President.

I know, the christening. We're coming.

No, no. No, no, no.

I mean... yes totally, but.

Diaz. He subpoenaed Kirk.

He is forcing him to come to D.C.

We're gonna get him.

Reddington must have got
his hands on Kirk's money.

He's gonna use it against him.

When this started, Kirk was the criminal

who was going to be controlling
the next President.

Now it's Reddington.

Oh, look at her.

She is so beautiful.

And that little dress.

You know, Liz and I never
really had a family

Until we met you guys.

Albeit a slightly dysfunctional family,

the kind where you try to
kill each other occasionally.

But a family nonetheless.

This year especially.

You guys really came together for...

For Liz.

Just like I know you would for Agnes.

So, it didn't take a genius to decide

who Liz would want to
godparent our little girl.

She'd want all of you.

Mrs. Hargrave's not here.

I'll wait.

- Yeah.?- Don't do it.

- There's nothing left to do. - Tom.

We needed the money to get to Kirk.

We got it. We have no use for her anymore.

If you kill her, the answers
you've been looking for

your entire life will die with her.

What are you talking about?

I remember my little one

looking up at me, eyes full of wonder.

My mother.


Which is why I didn't want you involved.

Why didn't you tell me?

You have a child to raise, Tom.

If you start asking questions,

it will put her at risk,
it will put you at risk.

But her son is dead. She
told me that herself.

Christopher Hargrave went missing

when he was only 3 years old.

Christopher... Hargrave. Is that my name?

Susan Hargrave genuinely
believes her son is dead.

So, she has no idea who I am?

What, did somebody fake my death...

and hide me from her all these years?

W-why would anybody do that?

Listen to me, Tom.

Susan Hargrave has many secrets.

Some of them concern you.

If you want answers, you must
conceal your true identity.

My perfect baby boy.

He loved the water.

Found that necklace in a trinket shop

during a trip to Ocean City.

We had rented a house that summer,

spent the whole week on the
beach building sand castles

with drawbridges and moats.

That night, Howard and I had a...
big fight.

Too much to drink.

Next morning, Christopher was gone.

The police? searched everywhere, but...

nothing. He was just... gone.

Like his castle.

It's been 28 years,

and not a day goes by where
I don't walk into a room...

hoping, praying he'll be there.

Please tell me you're not
gonna try and kill me again.

That's exactly what I came here to do.

But for my daughter's sake,
I'm not gonna do that.

You're hired.

Sorry, what?

You want me to work for you?

In my experience,

there's a very fine line
between love and hate.

We could do incredible things together.

I'm sorry about your son.