The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 18 - Mr. Solomon (No. 32): Conclusion - full transcript

Solomon is still after Elizabeth Keen and she is running against the clock to have her baby. An unexpected turn of events will happen to change everything.

Previously on
The Blacklist...

I wanna keep the baby.
Our baby.

They had a cancelation
at the church

this afternoon,
I say we go for it.

Do it now, today.

I'm afraid your wedding
plans will have to wait, Lizzy.

Solomon and his friends are
very motivated and very powerful.

And who might you be?

Solomon was contracted by
an employer to take you.

Your target is Elizabeth Keen.

Brace yourselves.
They're coming.

She is to be
taken alive and unharmed.

Get her out of here.

Any sign of them?

No. But don't slow down now.

Did you get hurt back there?
Either of you?

I don't think so.
I avoided the bullets anyway.

Well, you always
wanted a shotgun wedding.

It's okay. It's all right.
We're gonna get through this.

All right? All they
did was stop a wedding.

They can't touch what we have.

Reddington's lying
to me, I know it.

If my mother wasn't
trying to abduct me,

why did Solomon ask for Masha?

You really think this woman is
gonna hire a team of mercenaries

to kidnap her own daughter?

If that woman knew Reddington,
she would.

She knows it's the only way
to pry me out of his grip.

But where's she
been all this time?

And why did
Reddington say she's dead?

I got a more
pressing question for you.

Where the hell are we going?

Team Leader,
this is Operator 4-6.

I have eyes on tango,

moving south on
Brightwood Avenue. Copy?

I beg to differ. We've got Masha
contained inside the church.

That's a big
negative, Team Leader.

Target is southbound
in a festive black sedan.

Suggest you
break off current engagement.

All teams,
continuous fire for 15 seconds

and then full withdrawal.

What are they doing?
They just realized she's gone.

They're keeping us pinned so
they can launch a chase team.

You need to get out of here.

They're pulling back.
They heard the sirens.

Half of Metro PD must be
out there by now.

We got to get out there.
Let's go.

Thanks to construction delays
in Columbia Heights,

I have a fixed position for tango.
Sending the nav now.


Okay, you promised to tell me
what's going on.

Who sent the army?
Are you okay?

What do you think? That was
supposed to be our wedding.

Who's honking? Everyone.

Tell Tom to drive you to
the Mill Shop on L Street.

I'll send you the address
and meet you there.

It's owned by a friend.
Yong-sun Hopgood.

He'll provide safe haven.

We need to get
you off the street

quickly before
Solomon finds you.

I'll take it under advisement.

Son of a bitch. Are you okay?

I wish people would
stop asking me that.

What are you doing?

Don't worry.
They're not gonna shoot me.

They're gonna get the tires.
Hang on.

Liz, what the hell is wrong with you?
Give me that...

Get down!

- Where'd they go?
- There!

Tom. We gotta keep moving.

No, Tom, I can't run.

All right, all right, I know.

In here.

Okay, I'm sorry. I know you told
me to stop asking if you're okay.

Yeah, I know. I'm not okay.

The car wreck,
something hurts inside.

Okay, hang on. I'm gonna
find something for the pain.


But what about the baby?

I don't know.
I'm not trained for this.

My God,
we're terrible parents.

Team Leader,
police are approaching the area.


What is it?

My God, the baby.

Give me a shoutout.

No word
on the escape vehicles yet.

We got federal, state, and local
agencies in on the search,

but media outlets have been alerted.
Stay on it.

Armor-plated SUVs
don't just vanish.

Look, I wouldn't count on it.

Whoever gave Solomon soldiers,
they gave him good ones.

They wore flexion gloves, there's
no fingerprints on anything.

Not even these.

Green-tipped. Armor-piercing.

And that's all
they left behind.

They even dragged
away their dead.

Any word on Keen?

Reddington's getting her
to a safe house.

He'll notify us
when she's landed.

I have something.

When Dembe fought off one of
the men, his helmet came off.

I found this ear com
in one of the nearby pews.

It's like
nothing I've ever seen.

Good work.

See if Aram can track down
the manufacturer.

Our priority is to
identify that attack team.

I need a little help here!

Let's get her
on a gurney!

What happened?

She was in a car accident

and she said she was fine
and then she started bleeding.

How many months? Eight.

Is the baby okay?
We're going to check her out.

Get an IV started.
Send off a trauma panel

and get her on a fetal monitor.

Team Leader,
incoming from the north.

Two Metro PD cruisers.
Forty seconds out.

Operator 4-6, you got
eyes on the target yet?

Negative. Too many points of exit.
Metro PD now 20 seconds out.

May I suggest you
implement an exit strategy?

She's hurt.

Operator 4-6,
where's the nearest hospital?

Vectoring you to Mary
Margaret on Central Avenue.

Two blocks north of 27.

Well, your bleeding seems
to have stopped on its own.

Did the painkiller help?
Is the baby okay?

That's all I care about.
That's all she cares about.

But I need them both healthy.

Well, the heartbeat looks
okay and the baby's moving around.

All good signs.

But the OB is heading down now
just to make sure.

In the meantime, we're
gonna run some more tests,

see if there's any other
trauma from the accident.

Thank you.

I don't want
to talk to him.

What do you want?

Here. Now.

I'm right in front of
the place. Where is she?

There was an accident.
Is she hurt?

We don't know. I mean, we
don't know how bad she...

She was bleeding. We're at
Mary Margaret Hospital.

Can you put her on?

What? You need to leave.

Mr Kaplan will be there in five
minutes to pick you up out back.

Did you hear
a word Tom just said?

I can't protect
you in a hospital.

You can't protect me
in a church, either.

Let me rephrase that.

I can't safeguard you and the
dozens of innocent patients

and medical personnel who'll
be caught in the crossfire

when Solomon and his stormtroopers
put together where you are.

I know how desperately you want
to protect your baby, Lizzy,

so, think.

You'll be fine, sweetie.
Nothing to be afraid of.

I'm taking you to
a private ICU with

the county's top
emergency-care team.

I know what that means.

I'm right here. I'm right here.

My water just broke!

Wow. This is happening.

What is our ETA?

Three minutes out.

From where?

Three minutes out from where?
An abandoned warehouse?

Because I let a fugitive, a killer,
a sociopath, into my life,

now I'm being hunted by
God knows who's chasing me.

But they have got body armor
and assault rifles,

and I have to give birth
to my child, to a baby,

in a filthy warehouse!

It's a nightclub.

Is that supposed to
make me feel better?

No, it's not. Your baby deserves
more than we can provide.

Welcome, Dr Korpal.
What've we got?

A 31-year-old female,
32 weeks pregnant.

Status, post MVA with
abdominal pain and bleeding.

RH status?

but her labs are cooking.

Okay, he's in.

Well, I should've
known it'd be you on call.

Liz. What happened?
Nothing good.

It's okay. Let me take a look.

Since when are you an OB?

As an ER physician, I'm trained
in the emergency aspect

of all the specialties.
I saved your ass, didn't I?

Damn it, Reddington.
Where's Liz?

prevent me from sharing

more information at
this time, Harold.

Whoever employed Solomon's
services, they know too much.

They're breathing down our necks even now.
Listening. Watching.

I can feel it.
Who attacked us at the church?

I don't know. I'm hoping your team
finds something at the scene.

We need to put down
this threat quickly.

I'll be in touch when I can.

Hey, Reddington, wait...

Of course it's a risk for all of
us, but it's possible, right?


She's suffered a placental
abruption, likely from the crash.

It's when the placenta rips away
from the walls of the uterus.

As a result, the baby's not
getting enough oxygen.

The heart rate is plummeting.

If I don't perform
an emergency C-section

in the next 10 minutes,
her baby's going to die.

It's pointless trying to
identify a manufacturer.

That ear com is
pure black market.

Nitride transistor technology,
a built-in terahertz radio.

We're back to square one.
Chasing shadow warriors.

Not exactly.

There were no prints
on the outside of the ear com,

but I pulled
a partial fingerprints

from the button battery inside.

Asa Jacobi.
First Air Cavalry Brigade,

missing, presumed dead
during the Iraq War.

He left a wife behind.

Track her down
and pay her a visit.

And see if there's
anything there.

Perimeter defense is in place.

Exits, rooftops and lookouts
on all avenues of approach

for a six-block radius.

Everything will
be fine, Raymond.

For God's sake, Dembe.

Spare me the mystical reassurance.
Everything is not fine.

Where the hell was the perimeter
defense at that damn church?

You should have deployed
four teams, five teams.

Look at her, lying there
in this barbaric situation

with her child's life at risk.
Everything is not fine.

She never should have been
at that godforsaken church.

Stop it, Raymond.

This has little
to do with Dembe

and nothing to do with
that poor girl in there.

She's been
telling you for months

that you're a danger
to her baby.

This is on you,
Raymond, nobody else.

You were wrong to make her
believe you could keep her safe.

You made us all believe.

Operator 4-6,
this is Team Leader.

We've lost the target. Last
seen at Mary Margaret Hospital.

Do you have a visual, over?


But fresh hospital
intel just in.

"Suspected placental abruption
with vaginal bleeding."

"Variable foetal
deceleration present."

Sounds like
tango's about to pop out a bun.

Given her medical condition,
she can't be far away.

Let's canvas these areas.

As soon as I get
this epidural in,

you're gonna feel
a whole lot better.

And then we'll be ready to go.

And you get to stay
awake the whole time.

Really? Wow. Okay.

Why is she in so much pain?

The baby is not
receiving enough oxygen.

It's fighting to stay
alive inside her womb.

Trust me, that's a good thing,
but I need to work fast.

Push another five of morphine.


Please just tell me nothing's
going to happen to the baby.

The moment you
hear your baby cry,

you'll know that everything's
going to be okay.

Now, you're going to feel some
pressure as I insert the needle.

Take a deep breath.

Just stay with me, all right?
I'm right here.

It's fine. We're having a baby.


I love you.

You're going to do great.

This just isn't how I pictured
the birth of our baby.

How did you picture it?


Okay, hold on.

Having my baby

What a lovely way of saying
How much you love me

Having my baby

What a lovely way of saying
What you're thinking of me

I can see it

Face is glowing

I can see it in your eyes
And I'm happy you know it

That you're having my baby.

You ready?

Starting a low
transverse incision now.

Having my baby

You're the woman I love And I
love what's goin' through ya

She has some adhesions.
Hand me the bovie.

Adhesions? Is that bad?

It's common. Let me guess,
you had your appendix out?

When I was 15.

You're doing fine, Liz.
Ready to open the peritoneum.

Metzenbaum scissors
and Adson pick-ups.

That you're having my baby

I'm a woman in love And I
love what it's doing to me

Having my baby

I'm a woman in love And I
love what's goin' through me

Didn't have to keep it

Wouldn't put you through it

Uterine incision is complete. You
ready to meet your baby, Liz?

Definitely. Please.


Almost there.
Why's the baby so quiet?

Doctor Korpal, there's
no respiratory effort.

Ambu bag.

What's happening?

Nik, tell us what's wrong?

Is everything okay?

Sometimes they just need a
reminder it's time to breathe.


You have a healthy,
beautiful baby girl.


A girl.


I still like "Agnes."

You know my feelings.

Besides reliving childhood
traumas, it's an old lady name.

But with babies, everything
that's old is new again.


it was Sam's mother's name.

He's the only
family I ever knew.

Congratulations, Elizabeth.

- May I see her?
- No, get out.

Please, go away.
Make him go away.

All right.
It's been a long day.

- She's had a lot of drugs.
- It's not the drugs.

This is my daughter.

I'm begging you.

Just wait out here.
Let me talk to her.

Agent Navabi found
Asa Jacobi's wife.

She's living in Phoenix

and she has had no contact with

her husband since
he went missing.

A dead end. No.

The first few years
after his disappearance,

she got a series of
unusual phone calls.

She could hear breathing on the line,
but the caller wouldn't speak.

Prank calls aren't unusual.

They are when they always fall
on your wedding anniversary.

So, I traced
the wife's phone records.

Those calls were all
made on pay phones,

but they were paid
for with calling cards.

You find a billing address?

And the accounts used to pay
those bills also paid for this

Columbia Heights charmer.

It's been under single ownership
for the past 20 years,

only there is no owner.
It's an alias.

Get Ressler and Samar there.

Cellar clear!


Looks like no one's home.

Downstairs! Go.

What the hell is this place?

Keep an eye on things here.
I'm going to get some air.

I'm sorry, Dembe.

I know, Raymond.


What's wrong?

My chest.
Hey, she can't breathe.

Give me the baby.

What's wrong with her?

O2 levels are dropping.
Get her some oxygen.

I need a stat EKG,
cardiac panel and a VQ scan.

EKG stat. What's happening?

I have to get
back to you on that.

Nik, do something.

I checked with Aram.

Those cables belong to a
cross-country fiber optic network.

Whoever tapped them can intercept
digital communications

across half
the eastern seaboard.

Hold on. Something's happening.

I think someone's
shutting it off.

Team Leader, one
of your men was just compromised.

His tactical error just led the
FBI to one of our fiber taps.

And due to
inherent security risks,

he cannot be allowed
to remain in the field.

What kind of error?

I believe he lost his ear com.

Which one of you
lost his ear piece?

That'd be me, sir.

Well, it's been found.

Good. You know...

When you fall prey to errors,
you become prey.

Somebody clean that up.

The scan
confirmed my fear.

The placental abruption
caused amniotic fluid

to leak into Liz's blood,

producing a severe
inflammatory reaction.

Are you with me, Liz?

I'm going to put you
on a Bi-PAP machine.

It forces your lungs to expand
and helps you breathe.

Okay? Good.

I'll be right back.

I need to be straightforward.
The Bi-PAP is a Band-Aid.

The amniotic fluid will
cause Liz's lungs to swell,

the next stop is heart failure.

She needs to be
intubated and put on

a ventilator as
soon as possible.

You mean induce a medical coma.

I know it sounds scary,

but it'll allow us to
control her breathing

and force oxygen
into her system.

I just don't have
that equipment here.

Tell Mr Kaplan
whatever you need

and we'll have it
here immediately.

Liz, it's okay.

We're gonna need you take
slow and deep breaths.

Breathe with the machine.

Just breathe, baby.
Just breathe.

That looks all right. Okay, let's go.
We need to get an OR now.

Pull up 20 of Etomidate
and 100 of Sux.

Liz, you can do this.

When you wake up I'm gonna
take you away from here.

We're gonna be lying on
a beach under the sun.

Just you, me
and our little baby girl,

I promise you.

If things go sideways,
you're gonna

take our baby to
that beach, right?

Don't say that.
They won't go sideways.

We have too much
to look forward to.

I need to put you
under now.

You're about to
get very sleepy.

Once she's tubed,
I'll need a post

chest intubation x-ray and ABG.

I'm sorry I kicked you out.

It wasn't fair,
after all you've done for me.

I've done
nothing for you, Lizzy.

I'm scared for my little girl.

Push the meds.

It's the children
whom the world

almost breaks who
grow up to save it.

I don't want that for her.

I wasn't talking about her, I was
talking about you, Elizabeth.


I do love...

Do something! We've maxed
out the vent settings.

Her lungs are too damaged.
They're shutting down.

There's nothing
more I can do here.

What do you mean "here"?

In the hospital, there's a
device called the ECMO.

It allows us to
oxygenate her blood.

Can you get one here?

There's no time. Then we're
going to the hospital.

Tell the paramedics
we'll need the ambulance.

Solomon knows
we haven't left the city.

We have to assume
they're monitoring the area.

A convoy
travelling at high speed,

you'll be
intercepted and attacked

before you can get there.
I'll handle that.

I want a full protective
detail to stay on site.

I'll ride in the ambulance.
Stay with Liz.

I still have
the Browning but I need clips.

No. You stay here.
Like hell I'm staying here.

She's my wife. Will be my wife.

And she'd insist you stay
and protect her child.

You're a father now.

Morgan, I have
something for you and Danny.

Whatever you need, boss.


We have
a medical emergency.

We're at 1438 West Randall,

laying a course for
Mary Margaret Hospital.

We'll be duck hunting.

I can have an escort
there in six minutes.

We don't have six minutes.

You're going to have
to meet us on the way.

We're losing her, Harold.
We're losing Elizabeth.

Team Leader, I have eyes
on a white ambulance

heading south on Randalls Lane
at high speed.

None have been officially
dispatched in that grid.

Solid copy, Operator 4-6.

Are they taking
the on ramp to the highway?

Unclear. Without that data
node, I have blind spots.

All teams on Map Grid 32-V,
tango in a white ambulance.

Find them.

What's her status?

Blood pressure and
heart rate are crashing.

I'm giving her Atropine now.

I want a Dopamine
drip on standby.

Keep her heart beating, Nik. Please,
just keep her heart beating.

Recycle the blood pressure
now and every five minutes.

Aram, where are we going, pal?
We need eyes. Take us to Keen.

Yeah, hang on. I just got a
visual on her ambulance.

Charting intercept course.

Okay, take your next left.

I'm gonna route
you around traffic.

Team Leader, the target
location has been acquired.

Pulling up coordinates now.

Routing you
south-southwest on Langford.

Target in white Ford ambulance.


Hands in the air!
Step out!

What's going on? We're
just responding to a call.

What do you mean
"the wrong ambulance"?

Use your Tinker Toys
and find the right one.

They're making fools of us.

Patience is our ally,
Team leader.

the precious cargo now.

Cooper said something
about duck hunting?

What did he mean?

A decoy. They're using a decoy.

How much farther
to the hospital?

Two and a half miles.

An ECMO team is
standing by to receive her.

Her heart's barely contracting.

If she's not on bypass
within the next few minutes...

My God.

Engage targets, but do
not kill Elizabeth Keen.

Driver's been hit.

Squeeze every five seconds.

Leave a lighthouse
in the wild

'Cause I'm coming in

A little blind.

I'm losing her.
No, you're not.

She's not
responding to medication.

Then do something else.

Damn it. She's in V-fib.
Charge the paddles.


Charge again.


To bring us back home


Charge again.


What's happening?
Why isn't it working?


'Cause I know
I've seen you before

Won't you shine

A little light.

Don't go, Lizzie.
Please, don't go.

Please, don't go.

Check the bodies.
Collect the guns.

I had to call it.

There was nothing else...

I'm so sorry.

Back up. Go on, back up.
Keep everyone away.

You need to leave, Raymond.
The police are here.


I don't want
Elizabeth in the morgue.

I want our
people to handle this.

I'll take care of everything.

This way.

I got you.

It's okay. Shh.

I should have stayed with her.

There's nothing
you could have done.

Was she in pain? At the end?

No. She never woke up.

I can't do this alone.

Without her.
I don't know what to do.

You'll learn fast.


You mind?

Her name is Agnes.

That's a good name.