The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Troll Farmer (No. 38) - full transcript

Agent Keen and Red are on the run from the FBI, while Dembe receives contact that will jeopardise his future.


All units, be advised. Possible sighting.

Eyewitness report. Alleged suspect seen
entering a silver Chevy minivan.

D.C. plate number

- It'll be fine.
- When was the sighting?

- Twelve minutes ago.
- Perimeter?

Potomac to Eastern, Western to Southern.
Full lockdown, airports, trains, buses.

- They're not going anywhere.
- They?

Unconfirmed reports suggest
the suspect's with someone. A man.

- It true what they say?
- What?

That she was your partner?

♪ Blood in the streets
The town of Chicago I


For the record,
I believe Agent Keen is innocent.

What did you find?

RESSLER: Suspect's name is
Special Agent Elizabeth Keen.

She was my partner.

She is a fugitive wanted in connection
with the murder of 14 CIA agents...

...a U.S. senator and the
attorney general of the United States.

- They'll set a perimeter.
- Yes.

Capitol police, Park police, NPDC.
We'll never make it out of the city.

- No. That's why we're not gonna even try.
- We believe she may have an accomplice.

The most elusive fugitive in the history
of the Bureau, Raymond Reddington.

I want every camera
looking for these two.

Every Twitter feed, every lnstagram
account, every Reddit thread.

They get out of this city,
we're gonna be hunting ghosts.

Let's move. Now.

We've identified a silver Chevy van
moving north on 395.

RESSLER: Got a visual on them?

Vehicle was picked up
by the NSA satellite.

- Confirmed the plates.
- They pass the 3rd Street Tunnel?

- Two minutes out. I dispatched a chopper.
- Got a sighting. 395 North.

I want NPDC to run a traffic break and
barricade exits off the 3rd Street Tunnel.

Seal it up.

You're gonna need to put that on.

Okay, chopper feed is live.
We have a visual.

Confirm we have a tail team in place...

...and that all exits
are blocked south of 3rd.

You agree with me, right?

About Agent Keen.

And notify HRT
and get a negotiator on site... case they take hostages.

PILOT: This is Eagle One. I've got a visual
on the suspects entering the tunnel now.

-ls the team in place?
ANDREEN: Unit 64 entering the tunnel.

PILOT: Eagle One coming around.
We have eyes on the exit.

- What do you see?
- Nothing yet. Where is my tail car?

Andreen, Andreen,
do you have a visual?

ANDREEN: Negative.
- Something's not right.

Back it up
to when they entered the tunnel.

- They went in, haven't come out.
ANDREEN: Don't know what to say.

There's no silver van in this tunnel.

They can't just disappear.

Well, it is Mr. Reddington.

Pull up the exit footage.

♪ Blood in the streets
It's up to my knees a'

There's the exit footage.

♪ Blood in the streets
The town of Chicago I

Hold on. Back that up.

♪ Blood on the rise
It's following me h'



Son of a bitch.


Clean it and torch it.

Give my regards to Chi-Chi.


Where's Charlene?

I ordered them to take these off.

Where is my wife?

I read Charlene's statement.

Is it true what Tom Connolly
did to you?

He made me think I was dying.

Ordered a phony clinical trial to make
me believe he was my only hope... the Cabal could manipulate me.
-lf I were you, I'd want him dead.

- Think I had to do with it?
- It doesn't matter.

That I helped Agent Keen
kill the attorney general?

I begged her not to do it.
I ordered her not to. Why?

Because Connolly had a plan to bring
down everyone, not just Elizabeth...

"but Samar, Nam.

- You.
- All that matters is that Keen's a fugitive.

And I'm gonna bring her in.

You're not holding Charlene because
she leaked classified info to a reporter.

You're holding her because it gives you
leverage with me.

Does it?

I told Agent Keen to run.

You wanna know if I'm complicit?
I told her to run.

You're in charge now, Agent Ressler.

And being in charge means you have
to decide what to do with info like that.

Now let my wife go.



Who's this?

My sister, Tiffany.

- Tiffany lives in Denver.
- Yeah, I did, until last month.

Her husband passed.
She needed to get out.

Red, you know me.

I'm sorry for your loss, Tiffany.


What is this place?

This is where we wait
for the Troll Farmer.


- The who?
- We're getting a little ahead of ourselves.

- He won't be ready for at least a week.
- Ready for what?

Actually, a week may be nice.

I'll finally get the time to catch up
on some back issues of Bassmaster.





Bye-bye, baby Bunting

Daddy's gone a-hunting



Bunting, to get a little rabbit skin,
To put his baby Bunting

Put her down. Who are you?

What a lovely child.

She is the perfect little angel.
Aren't we, Ellie?

- Put her down.
- Hm? Hm?

Such fragile creatures,
these tiny humans.

Skulls like eggshells.

Who's her favorite friend?
Should we take along Mr. Panda?

- Or Mr. Dinosaur?
- What do you want?

I want your father. I'll text instructions.


Mr. Panda, I think. Hm?

An update now to our top story.

Even as authorities allege Agent Keen
committed these acts of terror...

...on behalf of Russia...

...various papers are reporting
that Russia is not responsible.

Now, according to leaked documents... of the alleged leaders of
this organization is the CIA's director...

You released the contents
of the Fulcrum to the press.

--Who just moments ago
came forward to address these reports.

Good afternoon.

My name is Peter Kotsiopulos.

And I am the CIA's director
of National Clandestine Services.

In the 65 years
since this position has been created...

...the director's identity has never been
revealed during his tenure.

But today the president
has agreed to let me speak...

...openly to you, so that I may address
the irresponsible accusations...

...that not only seek to defame me,
but are harmful to our national security.

Did you expect him
to just come forward?

--Part of a conspiracy
are preposterous.

I wasn't sure what to expect.

--Provided by Raymond Reddington,
a traitor to our country...

...and a fugitive who is helping ex-FBI
Agent Elizabeth Keen avoid arrest.

The daughter of a notorious KGB spy,
Keen is a wanted terrorist.

My accusers are criminals.

The subject of one of the largest
manhunts ever conducted.

Who will you believe
is telling the truth?

If I didn't know any better,
I'd believe him.

But you do know better.

They're gonna believe
I'm a Russian spy.

My mother was a Russian spy.
It doesn't matter that I never knew her.

It's the perfect story.

I'm the perfect patsy.

- We have to be patient.
- Patient?

You have any idea the kind of resources
they're throwing at us, the manpower?

- This city--
- This city is impossible to get out of now.

We have no chance of crossing
the perimeter they've established.

But Washington D.C.
cannot sustain a siege.

The economy, the government.
One week, two at the most...

...and the city will be back to normal.
That's when we travel.

People will go on believing
I'm a terrorist.

Check surveillance feeds
from where Connolly was shot.

We already have.

Then check again. I wanna know
exactly what role Cooper played.

Okay, DCFD is responding
to a vehicle fire in Columbia Heights.

Looks like the vehicle
used by Reddington's people.

- Any signs of Keen or Reddington?
- Nope.

We'll try and recover the VIN numbers
on the vehicles, but now the fire's too hot.

So it looks like they got away.

Which is, you know, terrible news.

Ahem. None of us wanna be
in this position, but we are.

Our job is to catch them.

I need you to look me in the eye
and tell me that you can do that.

I can.


If you can look me in the eye and promise
Keen will get a fair hearing if we do.

- I can try.
- Come on, that's not good enough.

It's the best I can do.

Let me know as soon as you find out
anything on Cooper. Hey.

What a jerk.

- Sorry.
- He's simply gathering the facts.

Only one fact about Mr. Cooper
that matters, he's a decent man.

D.C. field office just called.
They got a tip on Keen's whereabouts.

Matias, I didn't expect to see you here.


You said Mr. Reddington did not
have the Fulcrum in his possession.

You said it was a bluff.

A ploy-

You were wrong.

And now our plans
have been sorely compromised.

Our plans? They're my plans.

They were.

Now they're nothing.

I would advise you to think very carefully
before you use that tone with me again.



I pine for the days when conquered
generals had the sense and good taste... fall on their swords. Now they hold
press conferences, negotiate advances...

...for their memoirs
while we clean up their messes.

I'm not leaving this to others.
I have every agency within Homeland...

...working around the clock
to find Reddington and Keen.

I don't think you understand, Peter.

I'm here because people in our
organization have lost confidence in you.

In your methods.

There's a history here.

So I take no joy in telling you that you're
dancing on the edge of a razor blade.

And that every breath
that you draw is at our discretion.


This reminds me of Sok Pich.

We were navigating the back waters
in western Cambodia...

...hoping to steal some sapphires
from a mine foreman.

Got as far as Pailin
when the monsoon struck.

Took shelter
in a root cellar, of all places.

I've never seen so much rain.

Winds like a monarch gone mad.

All we could do was hunker down
and wait it out.

But Sok,
he just made a run for the village.

So there I was, soaking wet, alone.

Three days of absolute misery.

And then on the fourth day...

...l was...

...overcome by this
incredible feeling of peace.

Something about being hidden there

...while the rest of the world
was being torn apart outside.

- This isn't making me feel better.
- You have every right to be afraid.

Just don't let it control you.

- Poor Sok learned that the hard way.
- What happened to him?

He died.

He didn't get six steps before the wind
blew a blade of lemongrass into his skull.


You're in a storm, Lizzy.

You need to find the peace
below the winds.

- You know who that woman is?
- Doesn't matter.

- She's a terrorist!
- Listen. If you say a word...

...if you so much as whisper this--



- What have you done?
- Red, I can control this.

Your phone.



MAN: You've reached
the Federal Bureau of Investigation 's...

...major case contact center.

- What did you tell them?
- Go screw yourself, pal.

My husband was a soldier.
He died fighting for this country.

- Protecting us from people like her.
- Shut up!

You and I are finished.

- What's going on?
- We're leaving.



Within seconds,
agents are gonna breach this building.

They're gonna want to speak to you
because you called in the tip.

Get rid of them, or your brother dies.



AGENT 1: FBI! FBI! Hands.
AGENT 2: Show me your hands.

Reddington and Keen.

You need to tell me
where they are right now.

The fugitives, the ones on TV--

- Tiffany Lepman, right?
- What, you think they're here?

RESSLER: We got an anonymous tip
from your phone.

- I haven't called anybody.
- Harboring a fugitive is a felony.

You lie to me again, you go to jail.

- Where are they?
- I don't know.

AGENT 3: Second floor clear.
- Look, if I knew something, I'd say.

-I'm not gonna lie to the FBI.
-Sir, we're all clear.



Aram, the tip call that came in... her back.
Double check the information.

Thank you for your time.



I told you,
if I knew anything I would tell--

Cuff her!

Look at the floor.

Keen, I know you're down there.
Look, there's two ways this ends.

You come up, hands raised,
or we come down, guns raised.

Your call.

AGENT 1: Hands!

Show me your hands!


Where are they?




Seems a bit indiscreet.

Porsche Carrera.

Two-seater, suggests no family.

Price tag indicates he's wealthy enough
to live alone. Maybe a girlfriend.

If he's here,
it's likely his apartment is empty.

The address will be on the registration
in the glove compartment.



What did he look like?

- Black. He was tall.
- What did he say he wants?


He says he wants my father.

Papi, he was holding her.
And then he--

Isabella, look at me.

Isabella, I will find her.
I will get her back.

You said the plan was to wait.

-It's impossible to cross the perimeter.
- Waiting was an option...

...when we had somewhere to wait.
Now we don't.

- We need to contact the Troll Farmer.
- But I don't know who that is.

The Troll F--


What do you think?


The Troll Farmer
uses social media to conduct...

...highly coordinated
disinformation campaigns...

...on behalf of governments, lobbyists,
corporations, crime syndicates...

...and on occasion, a humble fugitive.

He's mastered the art of information
warfare by creating events.

Virtual hoaxes designed to piggyback
on real public anxiety.

He activates hundreds of fake accounts
to post thousands of tweets...

...creating the appearance of, say,
a terrorist attack in Paris...

...that served as cover for an art heist.

He doctors screenshots from news
outlets to report an Ebola outbreak... Atlanta in order to drive up the stock
of a drug company developing a cure.

The Troll Farmer is much more
than a rumor monger.

The events he creates
appear to be real...

...and provoke a very real response.

Smoke manufactured to draw
the cameras away from the real fire.

She was blond.

My mother. The picture
in your apartment, she was blond.

I look like her, don't I?

- We're out of time.
-ls she alive?



Raymond, Elizabeth. And you are...?

- Martha.
RAYMOND: Martha.

Please-- Please don't hurt me.

No, no, no.
We're not gonna hurt you, Martha.

We are, however,
going to take your cell phone...

...and lock you in the bathroom. Okay?


I must say, your hair,
the way it frames your face...'s very becoming.



I reviewed every witness statement
and surveillance from the hotel.

Nothing indicates Cooper was complicit
in Connolly's death or in Liz's escape.

Thank God.

He wasn't complicit...

...but you were.


You asked me to see if Cooper helped
Liz. He had two opportunities to do that.

In the hotel where Connolly was shot
and in the war room where she escaped.

She got out by cutting the power.

We found a traffic camera that shows
her exiting the building at 11:22.

Yeah, from the service corridor
where I found her phone.

Cameras came back online
in the war room at 11:23.

That's 60 seconds
only you can account for.

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- I think you let her go.

I think this way you're acting,
this anger...'s because you think it's your fault.

You trusted her,
and she murdered the attorney general.

I'm angry because our country
was attacked.

We're all angry. But I know there's
something you're not telling me.

And whatever it is, whatever instinct
is keeping you from admitting the truth...

...l don't trust it.


CHANG: Why are you here? I'm not
supposed to see you for seven days.

- There's been a change of plans.
CHANG: I don't change plans.

- Not for you, not for anybody.
- This is him? This is the Troll Farmer?

Perhaps I should have told you
he doesn't like that name.

- I need a week.
- You've got an hour.


We're out of time, Chang.
You need to get us out of the city today.

The understanding was
you were staying underground a week.

That was the contract.

RAYMOND: I've had you on retainer
for over three years.

Your content providers
have all my pertinent files.

You're not the problem.

My programmers are scrambling
to build content for your plus-one.

She's the wrinkle here.



Oh, my God. You're...

They said I would be doubling.
They were gonna take pictures...

...but I had no idea it was you.

Who are you?

I guess I'm you. Elizabeth Keen, right?

Is he here too?

Reddington? Are you with him now?

I don't mean to pry,
but how does it feel?

- How does what feel?
- To be a fugitive.


Tunnel's still down. News teams,
camera crews, choppers overhead.

MAN 1: Anywhere near Capitol Hill,
the mall, Union Station...

...will be flooded with cameras too.

Capitol Hill's no fly.
Might be able to use that.

MAN 2: What about tunnels under
Dupont Circle? Be a good escape route.

Don't wanna contend with police.
What about the perimeter?

MAN 1: The city's blanketed with traffic
cameras and CCTV. Very few blind spots.

Okay, okay, talk to me about liabilities.

Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit.

I want addresses... spots where a sighting
is most likely to blow up on social.

I give us a 20 percent chance
of pulling this off.

Chin up, Chang.
Believe in yourself and others will too.

What is that, another one
of your dumb-ass literary quotes?

Fortune cookie.

You had them and they got away?

We chased them out of hiding.

Reddington had a plan.
Now he doesn't. That's a win.

The terror alert is elevated to "severe."
There is no win in that.

Perimeter's 200 blocks.
We're turning over 10 blocks an hour.

It won't be long now.

I've had to brief the White House.
They know you were Keen's partner.

- That's an advantage.
- I agree.

That's why I've risked my career
to back you.

Don't make me regret doing that.



I spoke with Main Justice.

Charlene's being released, no charges
are gonna be filed at this time.

Thank you.

And you're being released,
pending further investigation.

Apparently, Justice wasn't informed
that I advised Agent Keen to run.

Apparently not.

Glad to know
you don't think I was complicit.

I do think you were complicit.

- Why didn't you say anything?
- Because they didn't ask.

Besides, I'm complicit too.

Look, when Keen, uh...

When she broke out of interrogation,
I caught up to her.

I could've stopped her. I mean,
I should've stopped her, but I didn't.

I let her go.

Because I did,
the attorney general is dead.

- And that's a blessing.
- A blessing? Murder?

That's something
Reddington would say.

You made a decision
based on instinct.

- You should trust that.
- My job isn't to trust my gut.

My job is to uphold the law.

I intend to do that.


When I was a little girl,
I used to imagine...

...that my mother was a prima ballerina
who danced for kings and queens... London and Paris.

And she only left me with Sam...

...until she could come home again
and sweep me away.

I never would have imagined...

What happened to her?

My mother.


There was a time in my life
when I was quite sure...

...l knew exactly what happened
to Katarina Rostova.

But after all these years, I'm not sure
I have any real sense of how...

...or why she disappeared.

Everyone talks
as if she was a terrible person.

Was she?

CHANG: Okay, we're as ready
as we're gonna be.

Either you'll be free within the hour
or you'll be arrested and tried for treason.

I think we got something.
Picked it up online, Twitter photo.

Posted two minutes ago. Taken in
the Shaw neighborhood at 9th and Q.

The area's controlled
by the 18th Street Gang.

- If they're there, it's for protection.
RESSLER: Call Vice.

I want the location of all known safe
houses. Roll all units. This ends now.

♪ Hold up
First I wake up in a break-up ♪

♪ Little bit of weed so we can bake up
Discount section, taking a pay out ♪

♪ Sex with the mom, put on the makeup
But you still look good ♪♪


Hands! Hands!

Against the wall! Find Keen!

Stay back.

I swear...

I said, back off now.

I got your girl. I swear I'll kill her.

I'm not playing with you.

All clear. They're not here.

You hear me, cop?
I said I got your girl. Ha, ha.



Vans are here.

- Vans? We're splitting up?

LIZ: Why?
RAYMOND: It doubles the odds... of us makes it out
to clear your name.

I'll fulfill the contract,
but after this, no more.

You hear me? You, this...
It's too much of a liability.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

- You're crazy, old man.
RAYMOND: You have no idea.


You didn't have a shot.
You could have missed.

- But I didn't.
- You were lucky.

I was lucky you were lucky.

I said before
I didn't trust your instincts.

Now they scare me.


I've got something.
A call to the tip line...

...a CCTV feed and three tweets
all indicating...

...Mr. Reddington and Agent Keen
are moving north-northwest...

...on Foxhall Road past Reservoir.

Roll a SWAT team to Georgetown.
Foxhall Road.

Hang on.
I have a sighting in Adams Morgan.

Wait, wait, no. What?

- Aram, talk to me.
- Okay, MSNBC's homepage...

...just uploaded video of them
at Michigan Park.

No, hold on. This can't be right.

What? All right, my screen--
My screen's blowing up.

Got them in Brookmont,
but the tip line says Palisades.

- What the hell is going on?
- I have no idea.

I've got them in five different parts
of the city at the same time.

That's interesting
because CNN is quoting...

...the head of the criminal division...

...saying they've been captured
in Kalorama Heights.

- Wait. ls that true?
- Of course it's not true.

I'm the head of the criminal division.

Aram, is dispatch rolling units
to all these sightings?

Yes. Rolling all available agencies.

Mr. Reddington and Agent Keen
can't be in all these places...

...but they must be in one.

Maybe they're not. That's what
Reddington wants us to think.

He wants us to divert
all our manpower south.

It's a diversion. Redirect all units... the checkpoints along the northern
perimeter. That's where they'll be.



Thought I heard on the radio
they caught the two you're looking for.

DISPATCH: All units, be advised.
Suspects are in custody.

Repeat, suspects are in custody.
All units, please stand down.



We've got a problem.

Give me your phone.

DISPATCH: Checkpoint Langley Park,
we have no warrants on that.


- Lizzy. They know.
- Where are you?

I made it through, but you won't.
You have to turn back now.

Turn back where? There's nowhere--

WOMAN: What are you doing?
LIZ: Getting you out of here.

- Where are you going?
- Lizzy, listen to me.

- Take a breath. You can do this.
- What? What am I gonna do?

I'm outside the perimeter
and can't get back to you in time.

So you're on your own.
You need to find a place to hide.

- Someplace where they can't get to you.
- I can't.

Katarina Rostova was the cleverest...

...most resourceful woman
I have ever known.

What are you saying?

No matter how dark the moment,
she could always find her way through.

She was a Russian spy
who I never knew.

No, you didn't.

But that doesn't mean
your mother is gone.

I see her in you every day.

She's as much a part of you
as the air you breathe.

- I can't do this.
- You can.

You must.

-2650 Wisconsin Avenue.
- No.

- Lizzy, no, no, no.
-lt's the only chance I've got.

2650 Wisconsin Avenue.
Get there now.





Where is she?





Kudos, Donald. I'm impressed.

- What do you want?
- To give you a Blacklister.

I'll pass.

The diversion that allowed me
to slip past your perimeter...

...the man who orchestrated it
cooked it up in under an hour.

He's an illusionist
essential to criminals...

...such as myself,
and I am giving him to you.

Where's Keen?
You said you got past the perimeter.

- You wouldn't be calling unless she didn't.
- No, she didn't.

But I'm not telling you
what you don't know already.

I'm sure by now you found the vehicle
that was transporting her.

So that's what this is about.

You knowing I'll find her and giving me
a Blacklister in exchange when I do.

No. It's not a trade or a bribe...

...or an offer of payment in kind
to entice you to look away.

I admire your probity too much for that.

So, what do you want?
Because you only give to get.

All I want is your word
as a man of honor.

- My word?
- You know Elizabeth.

You know she's not a Russian spy
or a traitor or a terrorist.

You know that's not who she is.

- It doesn't matter what I know.
- If you catch her, it will.

It will matter a great deal.

What you know about her,
what you feel about her...

...could make all the difference.

So, my offer:

One Blacklister in exchange
for your word...

...that you will give her the benefit
of every doubt.

Can you do that, Donald?

Can you give me your word?


His name is Bo Chang.
65 East Goethe.

Bo Chang. Got it. Hey, Reddington.

I will find you.


As my father used to say to me:

"Just because you were bumped up
to first chair in the orchestra...

...doesn't mean
you can compose a symphony."

- Open the door.

Dear, your daughter's life
depends on it.

ISABELLA: Oh, my God!
- No, no, no.

Don't touch her. Not yet.

Take a picture of her with your phone.


Take a picture of your daughter...

...and send it to this number, please.

Oh, my God.




Very good, dear.
Thank you for your cooperation.

You returned her. Why?

Because your reputation
precedes you, Mr. Zuma.

There was no doubt... would do whatever was necessary
to effect your granddaughter's release.

And you...

...are a man of your word.

Give me one reason
why I should not kill you.

Because if you do kill me,
then your granddaughter...

...won't receive the antidote
to the time-released nerve agent...

...we introduced
into her digestive tract...

...and inside of...

...three weeks...

...will suffer an agonizing death.

What do you want?

I want you... breathe...

...very deeply.



♪ The system's in red ♪

♪ The room is inbred
I'm a go-getter ♪

♪ Don't hold ♪

♪ No harm ♪

♪ Don't hold ♪

All checkpoints just reported in.
There's no sign of her.

If she can't get out,
she's gonna need a place to stay.

Who's gonna harbor
an international spy?

That's it. A spy.

- Her mother was a Russian spy.
- Son of...

♪ Don't hold ♪

♪ No harm ♪

Harold! Harold! Honey!

- You all right? Are you all right?
-l'm fine.

- Me, my health.
- You're not sick?

It's a long story.

Sure do. You sure do. Heh-heh-heh.

♪ Don't hold ♪


♪ No harm ♪

♪ Don't hold ♪

♪ No harm ♪


My name is Masha Rostova.

I'm a Russian agent.

I work for the FSB
and I'm seeking diplomatic immunity.