The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - The Scimitar (No. 22) - full transcript

When an Iranian nuclear scientist is suspiciously assassinated, a revenge ploy begins against a valued American. Red informs agents Keen and Navabi that a dangerously conniving hitman "The ...

Cumbernauld, '55.
I've told you everything I know.
You've given me pieces.
You've helped around the margins, but I need more.
I need Berlin!
How much do you think I can do from in here, Liz,
chained to the floor?
You need to let me go, and then I can...
The arms supplier... I want a name.
I can try to reach out to Berlin,
but as long as I am in here, I can't.
I want a name!
What month is it?
Well, happy anniversary, Liz.
You go to Passionfish to celebrate?
I'm gonna freeze to death down here.
You know that, right?
Sevan Volkov.
He runs arms for Berlin.
He'd be able to set a meeting.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
So, what exactly did Reddington say?
Uh, it was Dembe.
He said Red had another case
but he specifically asked that you come along.
- Does that bother you? - Why would it?
I thought he only spoke to you.
Don't want to step on your toes.
I'm... fine. My toes are fine.
Ah, ladies, thank God you showed up.
I took a left turn in the Rostropovich.
I've ended up completely lost in the Chico Hamilton.
This is an addiction.
I just can't decide between...
Please pour some cold water on me, will you?
Why did you want both of us here?
Both... you're right. Thank you. Great idea.
Anyway, funny story... stop me if you've heard it.
Persian man walks into a bar,
meets a beautiful woman, has a few drinks.
Next thing you know, he's falling from a 12-story balcony.
I don't get it.
I imagine Agent Navabi does.
You're referring to Kian Nouri,
the Iranian businessman who committed suicide in Dubai.
I am, except he wasn't a mere businessman.
He was one of Iran's top nuclear scientists
in Dubai to supervise purchase
of several borehole gamma something-or-others.
And he didn't commit suicide.
He was assassinated in a joint C.I.A./Mossad venture
to undermine Iran's nuclear program,
but, then, you know this already.
My understanding is, she took a little detour to Dubai
for a rendezvous with Mr. Nouri
so she could toss him off a building.
You killed him?
If you're asking me to comment
on a Mossad operation, you know I can't do that.
I wasn't asking. But I'm hardly one to judge.
George Orwell wrote, "Those who abjure violence can do so
"only because others
are committing violence on their behalf."
What a visionary, but, Good Lord, his books are a downer.
In any case, the bad news is,
I was sharing a bowl of shisha with a Misiri minister,
and they plan to retaliate.
You kill their top scientist, they intend to kill yours,
and they've dispatched
a man known as "The Scimitar" to do it.
The Scimitar?
This is not your average killer, Agent Keen.
He's one part hit man, two parts con man.
I'm familiar with his work.
In 2009, his target was
a Sunni tribal leader named Majeed Abd Bawi.
The Scimitar gained access by joining his militia.
Oh, that's right!
Fought for the man for seven months
until the day he got close enough
to aerate Bawi's carotid with a fork.
He's dedicated, resilient, cunning,
responsible for the murder of dozens of high-value targets,
and, according to my sources, he's already on U.S. soil.
Harold, I'm the Assistant Secretary of NCB.
I run point on all international nuclear matters.
If this guy was the threat you claim, he'd be on my radar.
Who's your source on this threat?
A confidential informant
with an extremely reliable track record.
I'm afraid that's as specific as I can get.
If I'm right, what's our exposure on this?
Cloud top.
It's the classified designation for a warhead project design.
It's staffed by our top three scientists.
If any of them fell into the hands of a rogue nation,
that country's nuclear program would advance decades overnight.
What kind of security protocols do you have in place?
The DSS provides them with false identities,
social security numbers, even cover professions.
We hide them in plain sight,
sort of a Witness Protection for high-value assets.
That's not gonna cut it.
You need to pull these people off the streets
and into protective custody.
All right, Harold.
I'll put two of them on lock-down.
I can do that without drawing too much scrutiny.
And the third?
That's gonna be a problem.
The D.o.D. asset is Amalia Collins...
Senior Engineer of our Warhead Design Team.
When she's not on active status,
she serves as a professor of astrophysics at Duke.
It says here she's scheduled to deliver a talk tonight
at a symposium at the Granville Hotel.
D.o.D.'s reluctant to call it off at the last minute
because of the scrutiny it would draw.
They feel it could put her in further danger.
You mean they're not gonna pull her?
There's no indications the Iranians have any idea of her real value.
Let's make sure it stays that way.
In the meantime, we need to track this Scimitar
before he's able to I.D. our team.
Uh, we need to talk.
I got things under control.
Uh-huh. When's the last time you used?
Sitka, almost a week.
This happens all the time... agents taking meds
to get over injuries and then they get hooked.
- It's no big deal. - What are you gonna do, Keen?
- Tell Cooper I'm an addict? - I want you to get help.
And I'm telling you, I can kick this on my own,
and if I can't, hell, I'll walk into Cooper's office myself.
I got no problems with that.
I got your text. What's the problem?
Zebra mussels. Fish and game are running
random inspections for invasive species.
Zebra mussels. Did they go inside?
They tried to, but I held them off,
but I don't know for how long.
We're gonna either have to move the boat or him.
Talk to Volkov?
We have a meeting this afternoon.
I brought you some warmer clothes.
Well, that's nice.
Now you care about me.
Is that it... now you're, uh, concerned...
for my well-being?
You can try and make yourself feel better
about what you're doing,
but I told you... the truth.
I delivered on my word.
So, when are you gonna deliver on yours?
We've been over this.
You help me eliminate Berlin,
and as far as I'm concerned, this whole thing is over.
Until then, enjoy the view.
you can't keep me in here!
Liz! You can't keep me in here!
Damn it, Liz!
Sevan Volkov! Thank you for meeting with me.
And what choice did I have?
Berlin. I know you supply him with arms shipments.
- And how do you know this? - Tell me where to find him.
If you know anything about Berlin, you know I can't do that.
Thought you might say that,
which is why I nominated you for our "Most Wanted" list.
C.I.D. has approved it.
We're just waiting for the Director's signature.
Eh, if you're gonna arrest me, arrest me.
So you can sit silent in a cell with an expensive attorney?
Mm, I'd rather leave you out there,
let the world know we're looking for you.
Once news of this hits the streets, Berlin will know
the U.S. government is spending limitless resources and time
looking for you... a man who has intimate details
about him and his business affairs.
You have two options... either you lead me to Berlin...
or I lead Berlin to you.
How exactly did you come upon this information?
A C.I., someone the Bureau trusts.
I don't believe you.
If the Bureau had a lead, they'd follow it.
You came to this on your own,
and you're hiding it from them, coming to me instead.
You'd rather see Berlin dead than arrested.
Berlin killed Meera. He nearly killed Cooper.
He put Tom into my life.
So if you're asking if I'm okay with a lethal outcome,
damn right I am.
If you hadn't told me you'd killed Tom,
I might think he was your source.
But I did kill him.
Of course you did.
Let me know when Volkov gets a time and location on Berlin.
I'll be there with bells on.
What's going on?
D.o.D. discovered a hidden surveillance camera
at their Annapolis field office during a routine sweep.
How is that relevant to us?
Technology was Iranian.
What were they recording?
Okay, uh, the camera was placed outside the building
with eyes to the front entrance.
It was relaying a live stream to some off-site location.
If I reactivate it, I should be able to triangulate the location
where the feed's being transmitted.
Oh, man.
I almost forgot.
In case someone's watching on the other end.
Camera is live.
Okay, RDF is up. Signal strength looks good.
Oh, accounting for time lag.
we have a lock.
It's a property just outside New Carrollton,
and it looks like it's a construction site.
- Clear! - Clear!
Trailer's secure.
Lock it down. I want eyes on all access points.
So, where the hell is everyone?
No idea.
could this be the man they were surveilling?
Jonathan Reese.
Agent Jonathan Everett Reese, Defense Security Services.
They've got everything on this guy...
addresses, phone numbers, employment history.
DSS is the division tasked
with protecting our nuclear scientists.
They're logging his movements.
Probably trying to find the most vulnerable point of attack.
It's the DSS shuttle stop.
He takes the train back from Annapolis every afternoon.
He'll be at the park-n-ride off Route 50.
We got to get there before they do.
Jonathan Reese... FBI!
What's this about?
We need to move quickly. I'll explain in the car.
Shooter's on the ridge! I don't have eyes!
I got threat assessments this morning
of a possible Iranian Misiri action.
They want the names and locations of cloud top personnel.
You need to notify your people, activate all security protocols.
Sir, I think we have a problem.
I can't reach Agents Keen or Ressler.
Send a team to their last location.
Find out what the hell is going on.
Take it easy, Agent Keen.
You're at Bethesda. I'm Dr. Rivera.
You and your partner were in an accident.
Is he okay?
Agent Ressler suffered significant head trauma in the crash.
He's had a C.T. scan.
Radiology will take him for an M.R.I. shortly.
My arm?
Fractured in three places.
We set it for now, but to be honest,
you may need surgery to restore full mobility.
John Reese.
The man who was in the car with us.
I'm sorry? Nobody else was transported from the scene.
No, no, no, no, but he was in the car.
I'm the attending on duty. No one else was brought in.
I need a phone.
- Listen... - Easy.
...that crash was no accident.
I'll have one brought in right away.
We're seeing multiple 911 calls within the last hour.
They all report a black S.U.V. overturned
just under a mile from where they picked up Reese.
Cross-reference with local police activity.
Two passengers were pulled from the wreck
and evac'd by ambulance to Bethesda National.
Only two?
- A man and a woman. - We have to assume
that's Agent Keen and either Ressler or the D.o.D. employee.
Meaning what... one of them didn't survive the crash?
Agent Navabi, I want you there as soon as possible.
I'll update Mullen at D.o.D.
Here you go. Thank you.
- Assistant Director Cooper. - It's me.
Agent Keen.
You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, but, uh...
he's hurt.
The Iranians have John Reese.
I heard some men's voices before I passed out.
They were speaking Farsi.
Someone needs to find Professor Collins.
The D.o.D. needs to cancel that speech
and put her in protective custody now.
I've already alerted the D.o.D.
I'm heading to the event site myself to make sure she's on lockdown.
Agent Keen, the neurology team at Bethesda's one of the best.
They'll take good care of Ressler.
Agent Navabi's on her way to you.
Get some rest.
- Thanks for coming. - I got your message.
John Reese was abducted by the Iranians a little over an hour ago.
We need to pull Professor Collins,
and I need anything you can give me on Reese
so we can get to him... Harold, I checked.
There is no D.o.D. employee named John Reese...
not in DSS, not in any sector.
Our people spoke to Reese directly.
The Iranians have his profile, his DSS security badge.
Thought it might be an alias, but it's not.
He doesn't exist.
Uh, sir? Just got off the phone with Bethesda National.
Uh, the hospital has no record
of Agents Keen or Ressler being brought in.
I just spoke to her.
How's everything in here?
You're doing okay, hon?
What happened to Radiology?
They were gonna take him for another scan.
Oh, well, I'm sure someone will be down soon.
He's your partner, isn't he?
I understand.
I'll call them right now.
- Ma'am, A-Agent Keen, you can't be up. - No...
we need to get the radiologist now!
Oh, o-okay.
Okay, you're fine.
- You're all right. - Oh, I'm sorry.
We need to get Radiology in...
Let's get you back in bed.
- You're fine. - Okay.
Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry!
- I'm so sorry. - It's all right.
You just relax.
We need to get Radiology.
Okay, take it easy. Take it easy.
Thank you.
I never eat anchovies unless I don't know I'm eating them.
But I have to say, this is pretty delicious.
Anchovies get a bad rap.
Try the wine.
It would be better with beer.
It might very well be better with beer.
Do you have kids, Kenneth?
I do... a daughter.
The two of you close?
It's complicated.
She doesn't like anchovies?
You know, I don't know about that.
I wish it were that simple.
My father...
he and I...
My father did things I hated him for.
Things that were...
Have you told him?
I haven't seen my father...
in a long... long time.
What have you done?
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
We got played. The Scimitar created John Reese.
Which means we didn't find that construction trailer.
We were led there. Everything in that trailer
was designed to make us think John Reese was DSS.
- Why? - So when we lost him,
we would think the identity of our scientist was in jeopardy.
This was all done to trigger a reaction.
They isolated Keen and Ressler, made them believe
that losing Reese was a threat to national security.
This was all a con done to expose Amalia Collins.
So, where the heck is Agents Keen and Ressler?
Someone needs to find Professor Collins.
The D.o.D. needs to cancel that speech
and put her in protective custody now.
We ran the name as soon as we heard it.
There's an astrophysics professor named Amalia Collins.
She's speaking today... Granville Hotel, downtown D.C.
You need to move quickly, sir.
Good news.
- Hmm? - Radiology called.
They'll be down for your partner in the next 20 minutes.
Oh, that's great. Thank you.
- What's that? - It's just a little something
so that arm of yours doesn't get infected.
You tell me what's in the syringe...
...or I will stick it in you and find out for myself.
It's a sedative. Please don't.
What's in his I.V.?
Same thing.
Okay, who are you? Where is this hospital?
Ressler? Ressler?
Ressler? Ressler? Ressler?
Can you hear me? We got to get the hell out of here!
They're definitely not at Bethesda.
Cooper went to secure Professor Collins.
Uh, I traced the call Liz made to Cooper's cell.
Their rerouting and encryption are incredibly sophisticated.
This is gonna take hours to untangle.
Okay, so, what's next?
Cooper's pulled six teams from other assignments.
He sent them...
Dembe, it's Agent Navabi. We have a situation.
Come on.
We got to go now.
It's been over two hours.
I don't need to tell you his reputation.
Once he has the intelligence he needs...
Yes, I know, Agent Navabi.
Tell me about this lead of yours.
He's not my lead. His name is Ali Hassan.
He's the target of a major Mossad initiative.
I have a slight but memorable acquaintance with Mr. Hassan.
Mossad has been tracking his movements for months.
My superiors believe
he's the key to unraveling a dozen covert Iranian opts.
But you think he knows where to find The Scimitar.
Mossad has no tolerance for any agenda except Mossad's.
You'll be sanctioned for this indiscretion.
So be it.
I can't work with this task force
unless my partners are my highest priority.
So this has become quite personal.
I understand.
But you may have an even more personal stake in this case
- than perhaps you realize. - And why is that?
Because one of The Scimitar's little-known aliases
is Walid Abu Sitta.
Walid Abu Sitta is the man
who ordered the bombing that killed my brother.
That's why I brought this case to you.
What was that?
You hear that?
Farid, what's going on?!
Hassan! I love this club!
Son of a bitch!
- Carbon fiber? - Reddington, stop!
- Ooh! - Stop!
Damn it!
What have you done with my guard?!
Farid is taking a rest.
Keep your plum covered. We're not alone.
I'll take your weapon.
I've always regretted sparing your life
that night in the Strait of Hormuz.
But I see pity has its rewards. Live and learn.
You've been very careless, Ali.
My unit has been surveilling you for months,
and the intelligence we've gathered has been very helpful...
so helpful that I fully expect to be disciplined
for coming here without authorization.
Just by being here, I have everything
and, therefore, nothing to lose.
What do you want?
The Scimitar.
My friend here thinks you may know where to find him.
He would've needed support when he got to the States.
I'm guessing that support came from you.
I know what you must be thinking, Ali.
Imagine your future, the rest of your life
spent in a dismal Israeli prison,
some dark hole they put you in,
bending your fingers and pulling your toes
until they forget you ever existed.
Think carefully, Ali, because, as you are my witness,
that future will seem very bright, indeed,
if you don't tell us what we want to know.
He did make contact.
Asked to use one of my warehouses.
Said he needed building supplies.
For what, I don't know.
Tell me about this warehouse.
Reddington, I have them.
Director Cooper? Owen Doherty. We spoke on the phone.
- Where are we? - Well, we went ahead
and canceled the event, initiated evac protocol.
We've placed Collins in a holding room.
- Does she have a security detail? - Yes, sir...
- two on the door. - Take me to her.
Who is it?
Ms. Collins? FBI.
I need you to open the door, please.
Professor Collins.
You are going to pay the price
for the crimes committed by your government.
But first...
you're gonna help us create the weapon
that will be used to bring this country to its knees.
You said there were two men posted outside the door.
There were.
On my ready.
Not here, sir.
Let's just hope she's still in the building.
Nobody leaves until we find Collins.
Collins is missing. Cooper thinks she's still on site.
Okay, listen up, folks! We have a situation here!
We need everyone to move inside!
- Now! Let's go! - Please.
Move into the lobby! Sir?!
Sir, don't move!
Hands where I can see them!
Hello, Agent Keen.
I see you've made a spectacular recovery.
We've suffered a setback.
No, no, no, no, no. I'll need the full package...
new credentials, a safe house, and 50,000...
I'll need it within the hour.
All this running around. Really?
I'm so relieved
when the people I'm chasing... come to me.
Agent Navabi, you got my message.
We were just admiring the view.
How did you know?
Mr. Hassan provided for our friend before,
and most criminals return to the same trough
time and time again.
Indolence, I suppose.
Personally, I make it a habit to avoid habits.
I can call it in.
Yes, I suppose you can.
The question is, do you want to?
I offer him to you as a gift.
What am I supposed to do with him?
Whatever you like.
Nobody else knows he's here.
Agent Keen just called.
- Her source provided Berlin's location. - Forgive me.
I have an appointment that can't be rescheduled.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
You're lying.
If you think your beloved brother
was just another faceless young man in that crowd...
you know nothing.
I will kill you.
Like Kian Nouri?
The scientist you murdered last week in Dubai?
What do you know about my brother?
There's no country insisting you do your duty.
If you kill me, it'll be cold-blooded murder.
So, call the Mossad or the C.I.A.
or whoever's coming and be done with it.
I thought for a second we might lose you back there.
Prospect of having to live without me...
must've been terrifying.
It was.
The irony is...
...with all the drugs they pumped in me,
this is the best I've felt all week.
What about that? Is that gonna be a problem?
I just got a call from MPD Harbor Patrol.
They fished a man's body out of the Anacostia.
Matches your description of The Scimitar.
- Get there. - Yes, sir.
I'll catch up.
♪ Lord, now the rain done come ♪
- ♪ Lord, now the rain done come ♪ - That's him.
Shot point-blank to the head. This was an execution.
- ♪ Rising up ♪ - Who would have done this?
♪ You know I feel you ♪
♪ In my iron lung ♪
♪ Muddy water ♪
♪ Celestial flood ♪
♪ You know I feel you ♪
♪ In my iron... ♪
♪ I feel you ♪
♪ Feel you ♪
♪ In my iron lung ♪
- ♪ Muddy water ♪ - Talk to Volkov?
He gave us a location on Berlin.
- ♪ Oh, now the rain done come ♪ - We'll see how that pans out.
The information I gave you...
- ♪ Oh ♪ - good.
Volkov will lead to Berlin.
- ♪ Baby, don't it feel so bad? ♪ - Reddington will kill Berlin.
- ♪ Oh, baby ♪ - And my value to you...
- ♪ Baby, don't it feel so bad? ♪ - ...will end.
And then what?
- ♪ Oh, baby ♪ - You gonna turn me in, Liz?
- ♪ Baby, don't it feel so bad? ♪ - Lose your job, go to jail?
♪ Muddy water ♪
The only way to get me out of your life, Liz... to let me go because if you kill me...
if you go through with it, then we'll be linked forever.
Even if you get away with it,
even if nobody ever finds out...'re always gonna have to live with it.
♪ Lord, now the rain done come ♪
♪ Muddy water ♪
♪ Pillar to post ♪
Yeah, well...
- ♪ How do I bleed you? ♪ - ...when I make my decision,
you'll be the first to know.
Oh, I knew the second you brought me down here
that you had no intention... of letting me live.
♪ Muddy water ♪
♪ Heaven's son ♪
So, here's the deal...
- ♪ You are the bullet ♪ - ...Liz.
You're gonna do whatever the hell you're gonna do.
- ♪ You are the gun ♪ - You always have.
- ♪ You're the bullet ♪ - Just do me a favor.
♪ Bullet ♪
- ♪ Bullet and the gun ♪ - Look me in the eyes when you do it.
♪ Muddy water ♪
♪ You're heaven's son ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Baby, don't it feel so bad? ♪
♪ Oh, baby ♪
♪ Baby, don't it feel so bad? ♪
♪ Oh, baby ♪
♪ Baby, don't it feel so bad? ♪
♪ Muddy water ♪
♪ Drowning in the rain ♪
♪ Now the rain done come ♪
♪ Muddy water ♪
♪ Drowning in the rain ♪
♪ Now the rain done come ♪
I know you were expecting Volkov,
but as luck would have it, he sold you out to Agent Keen.
It's surprising she came to me instead of the Bureau
with the hope that I would kill you.
I have other plans.
First, understand I didn't have to come here alone.
In fact, I didn't have to come here at all.
I could've sent seven men and put an end to this war.
- Why didn't you? - Because this entire affair,
every ounce of pain and suffering
that all of us have endured has been the result
of a tragic and, frankly, mysterious misunderstanding...
one I intend to correct.
There's not much left I truly cherish in this world,
but I swear on those few things I still hold dear,
I did not kill your daughter.
Words, words.
The greater the words, the larger the lie.
My daughter is dead.
But yours...
my men tell me you've been spending a lot of time together.
Maybe, when I've done to your daughter
what you did to mine, we can finally be even.
I'm sorry.
Is this the daughter you're referring to?
Because she's not my daughter.
She's yours.