The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Mombasa Cartel (No. 114) - full transcript

When a mutilated corpse washes ashore, Agent Liz Keen consults Red over what he knows about the deadly underworld of wildlife poachers. Meanwhile Agent Donald Ressler develops a dangerous habit.

I cannot withstand this torture.
Yes, you can.
Fight. Do it for Katrina.
Every woman wants their... man in good shape.
And to what shape are we laboring at the moment?
We are strengthening our arms, our abs, buns...
I find yoga neither soothing
nor relaxing, made more uncomfortable still
by discussion of my... double jugg.
What? Okay, for the record,
"double jugg"... is much weirder than "buns."
Please refrain from further use of that word.
Yoga's a very useful practice, Crane.
I'm quite familiar with the pre-Vedic
Indian and Asiatic traditions.
- Thank you. - Well, this is more like
training for our war against Moloch.
A way to still your mind.
You've been anxious since you saw Katrina.
What in God's name did you do?!
I know why my wife hid Mary's death from me.
It's because my role as a witness
was too important to compromise.
Uh, Crane...
it's 2014.
You're pissed off, just say it.
Oh. Well, yes, I am... peeved.
I'm disappointed.
I'm hurt.
withheld too much from me.
And it's hard,
in good conscience, to believe in her as I have.
war does not permit us the luxury
of dwelling on personal matters.
Nor, indeed, the downward facing of our dogs.
Yoga doesn't make you feel better.
What will?
To George Washington,
Commander of the American Armies,
who, like Joshua of old,
commanded the sun and moon stand still,
and both obeyed.
Namaste. You guys definitely had better toasts.
Oh, that one was Franklin's.
Much as I begrudge his posthumous fame,
the man was an unrivaled reveler.
- Clearly not the only one. - Mmm...
What are you talking about, man? If anything, we're going again.
Hey, you understand? I don't care where the money is.
I gotta handle this.
- Hey! Hey! - Hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Break it up.
Officer Mills is on the scene.
Lieutenant, you're
acquainted with this "runty bull"?
Hey, Corbin, you're out of here, man.
I was leaving anyway.
Joe Corbin,
as in...?
Sheriff Corbin's son.
Nobody calls me that.
Welcome home.
- Hear you've been back almost a week. - Yeah.
Hear you never left.
What happened to Quantico?
You couldn't leave all this behind?
If I did, who'd be here
to keep you in line?
You gonna arrest me, Mills?
Hey, I heard about
what happened with your platoon
and honorable discharge.
I am so sorry.
You know, it's none of your business,
what happened to my platoon...
what happened to me.
You know what?
You're not my family, you're not my friend.
You're some charity case my dad took pity on,
and you got him killed.
There's a lot about that night that you don't understand.
All right.
So explain it to me.
Stay away from me.
I do not recall Young Corbin from the sheriff's funeral.
He was in Afghanistan; couldn't make it.
But Joe and his dad weren't on great terms.
And your relationship with him is equally fraught.
Didn't used to be.
I used to babysit Joe
when Corbin started mentoring me.
He used to wear these Superman pajamas
and jump onto me from the couch, screaming,
"I will save you!"
Once a hero, always a hero.
I'm sure Young Corbin will find his way.
Superman is...
Peter Parker?
No, no, no, no,
that's the arachnid fellow.
- Do you want a hint? - No.
- Clark Kent. - Clark Kent!
I was going to say that.
415, noise complaint
at Pioneer Point.
License plate match to Joe Corbin.
Young Corbin.
Lieutenant Mills. I'll take the call.
Once a hero...
I do believe I've won.
What the holy hell was that?
Over here.
Are you-you okay?
It-it came...
- Okay, you're all right. - It came...
It's all over now.
No, no,
it's just the beginning.
Dad...? My DA... my dad knew.
Your dad? What are you talking about?
It's gonna kill us all.
You okay?
I know, I'm the last person you want to talk to right now.
So why are you here?
You were the only survivor, Joe.
That thing that attacked you last night is still out there,
and we need to find it before it kills again,
so you gotta work with me.
You said your dad knew something?
- No, I didn't. - You said when you were...
No, well, I mean, he never
told me anything; why would he?
He was too busy with you.
- I'm trying to help you, Joe. - Well, my dad's dead 'cause of you.
I don't want your damn help.
You know, I once waited five hours
to go on a fishing trip with him.
He was teaching you how to shoot,
and he lost track of time.
That was actually the night I signed up for the Marines.
I thought, "All right, he'll push me away,
"I will push him right back.
If I die at war, he'll have to live with that."
Only I didn't die.
Well, if I, uh, remember anything,
Officer Mills...
I will let you know.
You stole my soul.
I didn't steal your soul.
I bartered it for services rendered.
And for that,
when you die, I own you.
That will never happen.
I will find a way to get it back.
I can tell you how to reclaim your soul,
but you won't like it.
Try me.
You must take a life.
A soul for a soul.
You want me to kill an innocent human being?
I never said innocent.
That's Gil Everett.
Another client of mine.
He was arrested three years ago
for drunk driving
after hitting a little girl.
But you know that already, don't you?
That man paralyzed my daughter.
Aw, my little bean.
Put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
And you're telling me he doesn't deserve to die?
I'm not gonna kill for vengeance.
I'm not a monster like you.
Those who fight monsters should see to it
that in the process, they do not become one.
When one gazes long enough
into the abyss,
the abyss gazes back,
doesn't it, Captain?
You wanted a choice.
Any luck with young Corbin?
The only thing he seems to remember is that
he still resents the hell out of me.
How about you?
I've been researching modern wood-dwelling monsters.
Chupacabra, Sasquatch...
one Smokey Bear.
"Only you can prevent forest fires."
Evidently so.
And yet, none of them match
the gruesome creature we encountered at Pioneer Point.
So, Master Corbin
has no recollection of the creature?
That's interesting.
Say what's on your mind, Crane.
Considering Master Corbin's odd behavior,
I've been speculating as to whether
he is, indeed, a mere victim.
What "odd behavior"?
He said his father knew something of this.
Sheriff Corbin, devoted follower of the occult.
He was calling to his dad in a moment of trauma.
Soldiers cry for their mothers, not their fathers.
Is that a hard and fast rule?
It is simply what dying men do.
It is odd to cry for one's father.
It is odder still to walk away with barely a scratch
when your comrades are maimed and mauled.
Joe's C.O. sent an incident report
from Afghanistan. Let's see if there are
any similarities.
The source of the attack on his platoon is unknown.
"Joe Corbin was the sole survivor."
One of the soldier's bodies was hollowed of its organs.
The man we found in the woods.
His body was also hollowed.
So, this monster... takes human organs.
Or consumes them.
In 1778...
a Shawnee tribe engaged in a hunting expedition
led by a close friend of mine
- Daniel Boone... - "Daniel Boone"...
as in the guy with the raccoon on his head.
How is it that the man who settled Kentucky
is remembered by the modern world
as "the guy with the raccoon on his head"?
Probably because he wore a raccoon on his head.
Well, very rarely.
Daniel much preferred beaver pelt.
As much as I would love to debate the variety
of rodent hats that existed in your days,
can we please refocus?
Daniel's brother, Squire Boone,
suffered from nostalgia after the winter
- at Valley Forge. - "Nostalgia"?
It is when a soldier loses the ability to see anything
beyond the horrors of war.
We call that "post-traumatic stress."
I know.
You guys have much better words for mental illness, too.
Valley Forge turned good men into beasts.
Some even stooped to cannibalism in their desperation.
Rumor told...
Squire Boone was among them.
Even attacked his own brother.
So, "the guy with the raccoon on his head,"
he only wore it to cover the scars.
Daniel lived with the Shawnee
for a year,
believing they held the cure
to his brother's ailment.
He once told me what he believed to be
the origin of his brother's affliction.
"Curse of the Wendigo."
A skin-walker from Shawnee and Algonquian legend,
which possesses both human and bestial attributes
and partakes in the act of cannibalism.
"Its feeding is triggered by its lust for human blood."
"Once the appetite is triggered,
"the transformation begins.
"The beast can only
"return to human form
after the consumption of human organs."
"Return to human form."
That means Joe Corbin is the Wendigo.
We gotta get to the hospital.
Thank you.
Joe's gone.
Thank you.
Joe didn't exactly settle in.
There's nothing in the kitchen.
Just some spoiled meat in the fridge.
And some ketchup and hamburger buns.
Sorry, hamburger "double juggs."
What is this?
It's a video game.
People play it to relax, unwind...
You'd probably like it better than yoga.
It's easier on your liver than beer.
These unwinding activities...
your yoga, your video games...
they miss the purpose of relaxation.
"The grass does not try to grow.
The water does not try to flow..."
Yeah, well, Lao Tzu never had to hunt down a Wendigo.
Sheriff Corbin's last will and testament.
"Son, there is much about this world
- that you don't know..." - "Now that I'm gone
"there are a few valuable and rare items
"I need you to protect. This has been... mantle and now I pass it on to you."
"You're ready."
These numbers aren't accurate.
The wrong address, wrong birthday.
Oh, it's a code.
Joe must've known that these numbers meant something else.
Longitude and latitude.
"Pioneer Point."
Of course.
Young Corbin was not in the woods
as a Wendigo looking for prey.
He was searching for something.
And his father led him there.
We know what's going on with you.
- We can help. - No, you can't!
Look, I told you... stay away from me!
Shoot it!
You had me
at "secret Masonic cell," but this...
I got your attention?
You said you had some ideas for a cure.
That was before I knew
Wendi-Joe was your friend.
Most of my cures are ways to kill it.
This is gonna require
more creative brainstorming.
We're gonna figure it out, Mills.
We have to.
So, the med school
needs to up their game on the security front.
Pulled from the freshest cadaver I could find.
But the pickings were slim.
That being said, we should probably donate blood
or something this year.
He's gonna need these.
I'm gonna go jump on researching Wendigo cures.
Never a dull moment.
What's going on?
You turned into a Wendigo.
A monster.
So, that horrible thing I turn into has a name?
How could you know that?
I told you.
I know about this stuff.
Look around.
I can help you, Joe.
The other night at the bar...
I stopped there on the way
to Pioneer Point, to hit the head.
I ran into a couple of friends. I agreed to have one drink.
One turned into two.
I thought maybe what happened
in Afghanistan might happen to me again,
but I didn't even know what that was.
I didn't know how or when.
I didn't...
You know, I didn't realize,
until after Pioneer Point,
that blood was the trigger.
How did this happen, Joe?
Two weeks ago.
In Afghanistan.
I get this weird letter, covered in white powder.
Human bone.
Of course.
Ground to a dust and hexed with black magic.
It's how some Shawnee believe the curse originated.
Like a supernatural anthrax.
The letter said I'd been cursed,
and that the only way to get rid of it
was to trade it for this...
item my dad left for me.
Your inheritance.
- We went to your apartment. - Well...
I thought it was bogus
and someone was screwing with me, until...
I went out with my platoon that night.
And I, uh...
...I changed for the first time.
Then you returned home, you retrieved
your inheritance...
- That's why you were cursed. - With whom
- were you to make this trade? - I still don't know.
There was no information on the letter.
There was just a return address
for a place called, um...
"Frederick's Manor."
Henry Parish sent that curse.
But why? Why would he do it?
Because Henry desperately desires
whatever's in that box.
It must be a part of his greater plan.
It's Jincan.
You want to share
with the class?
What the hell is Jincan?
Jincan is an incredibly powerful
poison from southern China.
The deadliest creatures
are sealed in a solitary utensil
and devour one another
until their banes are concentrated
into a single toxin.
Soon, Henry's gonna realize that Joe is missing
and that we have him.
And the Jincan along with him.
We can't move Joe without a cure.
Then we'd better find a cure... quickly...
before Henry finds us.
I wanted to apologize.
The man who cursed you, Henry Parish,
is my son.
Needless to say, he's going through
a rebellious phase.
You a soldier?
You have the, uh...
the posture.
I am.
I fight in the war to which your father gave his life.
Which is why, though it pains me to say,
we cannot trust my son with your cure.
You love your son?
In spite of everything, yes.
I do.
Well, then, do me a favor.
No matter what happens to me...
tell him.
- Progress? - No.
Nothing on the cure. I did, however,
stumble upon this disturbing little tidbit.
"Like the cycle of the seasons,
"the Wendigoas four transformations.
The last is permanent."
Joe has transformed three times already.
So the next change will be eternal.
We have to find that cure.
Did you try to get in touch with Katrina?
Without Katrina's familiar,
communication is impossible.
And in any case, I don't know
if Katrina had relations with the Shawnee.
I, uh...
I might know some Shawnee.
Couple guys I trade with from time to time; I mean...
we could ask them for help, but...
they're not easy, okay?
I know the Shawnee culture well.
They respect quality of character above coin.
Perhaps that's why you encountered conflict.
All right, Crane.
- Go with Hawley. - Oh, must I?
- I don't think... - You must and I do.
We need all hands on deck if we're gonna
beat Henry to the cure.
Big Ash is the tree trunk over there.
Put someone in the hospital
last week for staring at his dog.
I'm on okay terms with these guys,
so just let me do the talking.
- Big Ash! - Heard you traded
the tribal mask we sold you.
Tribal mask? I...
Oh, right, the, uh...
Sisuro transformation mask.
You know, waterfront property,
it ain't cheap.
I sold you that on the condition
that you keep it.
- But you didn't. - Ash...
Uh, Big Ash... Big Ash?
Big Ash.
Mr. Hawley will find and retrieve
your sacred mask that he so callously traded,
if you assist us in finding a Wendigo cure.
Wendigos don't exist.
I would agree...
were it not for that
red fox foot totem over there.
Representative of
the Appalachians from whence you hail, is it not?
Yes, this is a Shawnee hunting party.
And the owner
of that single-person automobile
is your shaman.
That would be Frank.
I see.
Come, Mr. Hawley, the Shawnee could not help Squire Boone.
What makes you think they would help us?
How do you know about Squire Boone?
Excellent question.
How I know is not important.
But another soldier has been cursed.
Help us.
Hey, Frank!
There's some people here that need your help.
You pierced your ear.
You used to hate needles.
Yeah, I still do.
I... I didn't even want to do it.
It was Dave's dumb idea.
Doesn't matter.
Of course it does.
When your dad first arrested me,
wanted me to turn my life around,
I wanted to give up, too.
Yeah, but he did the whole pie-soup gag
and you decided to change, right?
Okay. Heard that story about a zillion times.
Well, part of me...
wanted to change that night, yes.
But most of me just didn't want to go to jail.
So what made you decide to change?
Finished alphabetizing
the cold case files.
I'm starting to think I should've picked juvie.
Ah, patience, Miss Mills.
It's a virtue that'll serve you well.
Thank you, Mr. Miyagi. Can I go home now?
No, not yet.
I have some evidence files
in need of your organizational skills.
You ever play ball with your old man?
I have a pick-up game later,
that I am dreading.
One-on-one against my son.
He will school me mercilessly.
He's only nine.
Here. Look.
He likes Superman.
He is Superman.
He doesn't know it yet,
but he's the kind of kid who'll do whatever
he sets his mind to.
There's gold in him, I swear it.
That's what made me change.
I wanted to be a part of that.
You know, I always felt like
there was something wrong with me.
It was like I wasn't enough for him or...
No, Joe.
He just had such a big heart
he couldn't stop helping people.
That's just who he was.
You have to know he was crazy about you.
And so proud.
That's why he passed you the torch.
You're his son.
You were his world.
I miss him, you know?
I do, too.
No matter how bad it got between you guys,
he always loved you.
And never gave up on you,
not for a second.
Neither will I.
During the Revolution,
prison structures like this
had a sentry at every post.
The hexes in this cell may limit my powers,
but they do nothing for those antiquated locks.
I'm here for the Jincan.
Never heard of it.
Save your lies, Witness.
Joe Corbin is my servant.
I know he found it.
Drop it.
What a marvelous family gathering.
Lower your guns. Now.
Always violence or order with you two.
In the interest of avoiding a total bloodbath,
I suggest you give me the Jincan.
A bloodbath it is.
If I get you the Jincan, will you leave them alone?
No. Do not help him, Joe.
I'll honor your request.
But first, get me the Jincan.
Now come with me and get your cure.
Oh, she won't find you one.
She'll keep you chained up
in here for the rest of your life,
insisting it's for your own protection.
But Abigail Mills can protect you
no more than she could your father.
- He has the cure, I have to... - Do not go, Joe!
Are you ready for your cure?
You said you'd cure me.
I did.
Your true curse is humanity.
Now Abigail will see you for what you truly are:
a creature of war.
Illegal use of the hands...
on the offense.
- My name is Frank Irving. - I know who you are.
I remember you from the trial.
You the police captain.
Not anymore.
You ruined my life,
my marriage.
My baby girl, she'll never walk again.
She'll never have kids.
It was dumb, man.
"It was dumb."
I know I used to fantasize
about you breaking into my house.
I'd be within my rights to kill you.
Look at me, Everett.
I don't want to kill you anymore.
I just want to make it right.
I want to know that you are sorry for what you've done.
Yeah, man.
Uh... I'm sorry.
About, uh...
about hurting Marcy.
- Macey. - Yeah, Macey, Marcy.
Yeah, whatever.
Not "whatever."
That's my daughter.
What do you want from me, man?
She ruined my life, too.
You were drunk, driving on the sidewalk,
you son of a bitch.
Yeah, and now I'm stuck in this hellhole.
All because some cop's kid was...
too stupid to get out of the way.
Those who fight monsters should see to it
that in the process
they do not become one.
No. No, this is what he wants.
Are you all right? What happened?
Henry ambushed us.
He took the Jincan and left with Joe.
Did you find a cure?
Yes, we must recite a Shawnee ceremonial chant
- engraved on this human skull. - That's simple enough.
Over the blood of the cursed,
procured by this obsidian knife.
"The blood of the cursed," as in Joe Corbin's blood?
Or the Wendigo's.
Oh, no, no... no one said anything about Wendigo blood.
Big Ash and I discussed it at length.
And, oh! Look, it's written on the side of this skull.
We get it, you're fluent in Shawnee,
Mr. "Dances with Wendigos."
But if the kid's already gone big, white and horny...
antlery... whatever.
If the kid's already turned...
And we can effect the cure before his next kill...
Then the curse can still be broken.
Unless we're too late.
I want to save him, too, Abbie,
but we got to be prepared.
If it is too late,
then this same knife, thrust into the beast's chest,
will end it.
We won't be too late.
We will save him, we have to.
Give me the knife.
What are you doing?
He'll catch the scent.
I can lead him into the alleyway.
No, we'll lead him.
Because I'm coming with you.
My son did this to your friend.
I must help to make it right.
Got to move.
It's like you said, in case things go south.
So, how long you in town for?
Haven't really thought about it.
That's right, not so good with hellos and good-byes.
I follow the financial prospects, Mills.
Didn't know that bothered you.
Must be some pretty elusive prospects.
You usually get what you want by now.
Get ready.
Finish the incantation, Crane.
I did.
I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
We're too late.
Lieutenant, you know what we have to do.
No. Not yet!
- You must let him go. - He's not gone.
He can't be. I can't lose him.
He just needs a little bit more time, Crane.
Lieutenant, we're out of time.
Joey, please.
Come back.
It worked.
You made it.
This is it.
Home base.
I thought my Dad's hobbies were fishing and crossword puzzles.
Guess I underestimated him.
You shotten herring!
You are a scurvy louse.
You are a slop bucket.
You are a puss sludge, no good, by-blow pair of...
Are you gaming online?
I'm not entirely sure.
One thing I know is that my allies and I
had just obliterated the largest horde of rabid zombies
I'd ever encountered,
and then, suddenly, out of nowhere...
"ChiefWiggum49" and "Haloismybitch12"
decided to frag me.
I, uh, got one more thing, if you have a moment.
Kind of a huge favor to ask you.
Name it.
My dad died protecting people.
Protecting us.
I'd like to carry on that torch, if you'll help me.
Would you write a letter of recommendation
for me, to Quantico?
They'd be lucky to have you, Joey Corbin.
I gotta go. Uh...
See you soon, yeah?
You're my one call for a long time.
Irving? What's wrong?
Henry owns my soul.
What? He can't. How is that possible?
I tried to kill a man.
And the screwed-up part is...
I wish I had.
Whatever he has done to you, we will undo it.
There's nothing to undo, Abbie.
It's already done.
Do not let him do this to you.
You are a good man.
Even God thought the Devil was beautiful...
before he fell.
We'll fix this.
Henry will pay for what he's done.
I trust you, Abbie.
Please don't let me down.
Henry owns Irving's soul.
Henry cursed Joe Corbin, stole the Jincan.
I don't know what he's planning, but he has to be stopped.
You're right.
Henry has done unspeakable, horrible things.
And no doubt there's more he has planned.
But Katrina believes there is some good somewhere inside him.
What are you saying Crane?
You never gave up on Joe Corbin, Lieutenant.
Even when he was a creature,
cursed to the point of no return,
when everyone believed he was beyond saving,
you fought for him.
And now...
I must fight for my son.