The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 22 - Tom Connolly (No. 11) - full transcript

Liz discovers she's been framed by The Cabal, prompting Red to tap into his connections to clear her name. Also: Cooper receives stunning news; and the task force is plagued by trust issues.

- Senator Hawkins is in critical condition...
- Officials are trying to determine...

- ...after being infected...
- ...if this is government-sanctioned...

- a biological agent.
- ...or the act of Russian rogues...

A staggering development
as it appears connected... the deaths of the 14 CIA agents.

- I'm being framed.

And by the end of the day...

...they'll identify you.
- Anyone could've infected Hawkins.

He shook dozens of hands
at the memorial.

Within hours, they will all have tested
negative for the virus.

You can't know that. This is insane.

You walked into the director's
office and played The Fulcrum.

You are the enemy.

They're crawling over every place
you've ever lived and worked...

...every file, hard drive
like ants on a grasshopper.

- They won't find anything.
- That'll suit their purposes.

Anything they do find, they'll erase,
and say you destroyed evidence... hide your involvement.

And when they eventually restore
what few pieces...

...they do want to be found,
they will not be kind to you.

- You need to get out.
- If I run, I'll look guilty.

- I'll be playing into their hands.
- You're already in their hands.

The only thing they haven't done
is close their fist.

Go. Now.
I'll be there in three minutes.

They can't prove I did anything wrong.

They can call me a criminal,
but I'm not gonna act like one.

Where is Elizabeth Keen?

Harold, a warrant has been issued
for her arrest.

Anyone hiding her will be charged
with aiding a terrorist...

...including you.
- You used me.

You wanted me to know Karakurt
was posing as a reporter.

You wanted me to tell Keen
where to intercept Hawkins.

I don't know
how framing an FBI agent helps you.

Nobody will believe she's an assassin.

- She was at OREA when it blew up.
- So were dozens of others.

Yes, but I'll bet only her prints
are found on the truck bomb.

She'll also test positive for the virus
that killed Hawkins.

- He's not dead.
- Yet.

You won't get away with it.
Keen is a distinguished agent.

Yes, and the daughter
of a Russian KGB asset.

She failed to mention that, did she?

Keen's been hiding secrets from you.

Secrets that clearly implicate her
as an enemy of this country.

She was handpicked
by a notorious fugitive... assist in expanding
his criminal empire.

The two of them have been using this
task force to do Reddington's bidding.

And before you tell me that's crazy,
can you really tell me that isn't true?

- I will never help you do this.
- I don't need your help, Harold.

A simple blood test from Agent Keen will
be as compelling as a signed confession.


The entire area around St. Agnes
has been quarantined...

...and individuals who might have
been exposed...

...have been detained
inside the church.


You have no authority to hold us.

Senator, I know you're upset
but we need everyone's cooperation.

People say Hawkins was infected
with a virus. You think we're infected?

Probably not, but that's why
we set up a mobile lab.

You don't have probable cause
to hold us.

You want a U.S. Senator claiming
wrongful arrest and imprisonment?

Hey, someone just tried to assassinate
a colleague of yours.

Nobody's going anywhere.

But when we're done here, if you want to
file a complaint or a lawsuit, be my guest.

Until then, get back in the line.

- What have you found on the feeds?
- We've been looking at feeds...

...from the moment he arrived
to the moment he collapsed.

We rounded up everyone
he had contact with.

Which means the killer's in this room.

I've assigned Reven Wright... oversee the investigation
of Agent Keen.

- I'm confident she'll follow the facts.
- Those facts are not proven.

You don't want to help us, fine...

...but I don't need to remind you
what will happen if you stand in our way.

You'll be charged with perjury
in the Harbormaster case...

...and leaking privileged
grand-jury proceedings.

And then there's Charlene.

- You need to leave now.
- As for the clinical trial...

...I can't imagine that will continue.
- Did you hear what I said?

You can take your pills
and your clinical trial.

I would rather die than be part of this.


Escort Director Cooper to his car.

I'm placing him on administrative leave
until we're finished here.

And find Elizabeth Keen.

Ripped By mstoll

- There must be some mistake.
WOMAN: That's what I thought.

We ran the samples twice.
Everyone here was negative for the virus.

We missed something.

I have Hawkins on camera from when
he left the car to when he collapsed.

Every single person he came
into contact with tested negative.

All except one.

You were right.

It's all set up. Cooper and Connolly,
I heard them arguing.

He's got it all figured out.

He's presenting evidence,
using my mother...

...making it seem like all I've been
doing is helping you commit crimes.

- Lizzy, are you out?
- I'm leaving now.

Dembe's on his way.

As soon as you're out,
find your way to Illinois and Ridge.

- He'll be there waiting.
- Yeah.

Hello, Agent Keen.

We've been looking for you.



I want the chain of custody
for that sample fully accounted for...

...and I want someone from my task force
to oversee it and confirm results.

Suspects don't get to dictate process,
Agent Keen.

You need to listen to me.
I'm being framed.

You left the OREA building minutes
before it was bombed.

Yes, and so did my partner!
At no point was I ever near that truck!

Maybe not that morning, but your
partial prints were on the device.

- That's not possible.
- We'll get you the report.

I'm sure that's what it says
because, as I told you, I'm being framed.

Okay, Agent Keen,
who exactly is setting you up?

Because from where I sit,
they're doing a damn good job of it.

There's an organization
known as the Cabal.

A conspiracy formed by world leaders
from the government to the private sector.

Conspiracy? Really?

You should be questioning
Tom Connolly.

Cut the crap.
We know who you are.

- Where were you born?
- I was raised in Nebraska.

That's not what I asked.
You were born in Moscow.

Your mother was a KGB agent
named Katarina Rostova.

Your adopted father had a criminal past
you failed to mention.

- What is your birth name?
LIZ: What?

Your birth name?

For most people,
that's a pretty simple question.

I never knew my biological parents
and my memories were blocked.

- You expect us to believe that?
- I don't care.

Intel indicates the existence of a
Russian sleeper agent within the FBI.

Then maybe you should go out
and look for him.

We know the truth, Masha.

That's your real name, isn't it?
Masha Rostova.

- Answer the question, Agent Keen.
- You wanted to see me?

Let's go back to OREA, the bombing.

- We know--
- I just received word.

Senator Hawkins is dead.


There's no evidence the man
we're holding is Karakurt.

Main justice verified his credentials.
He's just a reporter.

Maybe Cooper could--

Agent Cooper was relieved of duty
by the Attorney General...

...until my inquiry is complete.

This is unbelievable.
They're taking him out too.


Look, I don't know
Agent Keen well at all.

Maybe she is
what they're saying she is.

But Harold Cooper, you remove a man
like that, and you get me wondering.

Which is why I'm naming you
as acting director of this task force.

I need a right hand on this,
one I can trust.

So you want me to investigate
my partner?

You're an agent who puts
a premium on doing what's right.

You want to give Keen
the benefit of the doubt? Good.

But if she is guilty,
I know you'll do what it takes... hold her accountable
and make the case.


Sorry to interrupt.
Agent Keen's blood test just came in.

She tested positive for the virus
that killed Senator Hawkins.

I've been relieved of duty.

I'm not surprised.

And Connolly's minions
are questioning Agent Keen.

The man has the weight
of the entire D.O.J. behind him...

...if he wants to indict her.
- There won't be an indictment.

They'll rig the evidence against her...

...parade her in front of the cameras
so America can see the enemy...

...and then put her away someplace...

...where she has no chance
to mount a defense.

- I have to go back.
- You won't be allowed in the building.

- We can't just leave her there.
- Of course not.

We're gonna walk her
right out the door.

- You have someone on the inside?

Fortunately, I also have a man
at the power company.

The lines will be cut to both the main
and emergency power supplies.

Battery boot protocol
will recycle within 60 seconds.

It'll take another 30
for the cameras to cycle.

That's 90 seconds
for Agent Keen to get out.

With your guidance, Harold,
that's all the time she'll need.

I'll check it out. Stay put.

COOPER: You want me
to guide her out in the dark?

In the land of the blind,
the one-eyed man is king.

Let me guess, Reddington's coming
to break you out.

Agent Keen, I'm to escort you to lock--




MAN: Wait! Reddington sent me!
Clock is ticking! It's for you!

- Take it!
- Yes!

Keen, listen closely.

You have 45 seconds before power is up.
I need you to do exactly as I say.

Our power supply's not responding.

- Reddington.
COOPER: There's a door... the south stairwell.

My emergency access is 5-tango-293.

Head to the end of the hallway
and make a right, then an immediate left.

Damn it.

COOPER: From the maintenance room,
there's a utility ladder...

...that dumps into an
emergency passageway.

The stairwell opens to a corridor
connected to the dock.

Go one block west.
Reddington will meet you there.

- Don't do this, Keen.
- They won't listen to me.

- We'll make them listen.
- Did you get my blood test back?

Positive for the virus.

See? They can make anything
look like the truth.

If you run, what does it look like?

If someone's setting you up, you're
giving them exactly what they want.

You can fight this, but you've got to do it
from inside the system.

In about 20 seconds,
that camera will turn back on.

If you're gonna let me go,
you've got to do it now...

...before people see you
standing here with me.


We just missed her. Got a burner.


How could I possibly be carrying
the virus that killed Hawkins?

Infecting you is not something
they'd leave to chance.

They want you alone, isolated.

In the last 24 hours,
what was out of the ordinary?

When did you change your plans,
make a diversion?

Union Station.

Coming out of the tunnel
I was chasing Karakurt.

- He blindsided me.
- To infect you.

We need to pull the security tapes
at Union Station.

If we can find footage of Karakurt,
maybe we can prove they infected me.

He's insisting.

- Yes?
- Where's Liz? I can't reach her.

- Can't help you with that.
- I can keep her safe.

I can help her disappear.

Your assistance is not necessary.

- Who was that?
- Tom.

Tom is calling to take you away,
start a new life with a new identity.


But if you run now,
before clearing your name...

...there is no place you can go
where they won't find you.

Face this now...

...fight it...

...and you'll be free
to make any choice you want.


I'll meet you back here
after you get the tapes.

- What are you doing?
- I have an appointment.

This is a war
that must be fought on many fronts.

You have yours. I have mine.

Be safe.


We have three broad-spectrum
frequency jammers being off-loaded now.

- You want to run them from the catwalks?
- Yes.

Space this size,
no communications will get in or out.

I'm confident of that.

I don't need to tell you
there is no margin for error.

That's correct. You do not.

- What's the word from Baz?
- He's trying.

- Trying?
DEMBE: Some targets you selected...

...are thousands of miles away.
They have to be secured and transported.

I was very clear, whatever it takes,
whatever resources are required.

- Of course.
- We get one chance to strike first.

We will not get another.

I'm dying, Agent Keen.

Charlene told me.

She swore me to secrecy.

I let Tom Connolly
take advantage of that.

He offered me hope.
But in exchange, I did things for him.

You once told me that I was
the one person you completely trusted.

I violated that trust.
I'm sorry, Elizabeth.

This thing you're going through...

...ever since Charlene told me,
I've had a pit in my stomach.

I just...

I can't imagine...

Pull yourself together, Keen.

What little time I have left...

...I don't want to spend it sitting in a car,
blubbering with you.




I'm with the FBI.

We're chasing a lead
on the recent OREA bombing.

We believe the perp fled...

...through Union Station
as recently as this morning.

- We're gonna need to look at your feeds.
- You got legal paper?


Subpoena? I can't release the footage.

- You've got to be joking.
- What?

A subpoena?

We've got a terrorist out there
who just killed 14 CIA agents.

He murdered a sitting U.S. Senator.
And you want to talk about paperwork?


- Salestrom.
- This is Simpson, heads-up.

Somebody from the Bureau's coming.

- They need to look at surveillance.
- I have someone here now.

They need to move quickly.
Give her whatever she needs.

- I appreciate the help.
MAN: Of course.

Drives are archived after midnight.

Anything from earlier today
is gonna have to be accessed from here.

Good luck.




Authorities have released...

...this photo of the suspect,
FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen.

Sources are confirming
she is also wanted in connection...

...with the truck bombing
at the CIA's OREA facility.


- It was Andropov.
- The virologist? He infected you?

He was there.

We have to find Andropov
and get him to talk.

I can't.
I just got a call from our lawyer.

- Charlene's been taken in for questioning.
- Questioning for what?

Tom Connolly.

He got her to-- She leaked
a classified document to the press.

But what it means is I can't...

You're gonna have to find Andropov
on your own.

Anton Velov? Agent Keen, FBI.

We spoke briefly
on the phone a few days ago.


You were looking for information
about Katarina Rostova.

- Is that why you're here?
- Not entirely, no.

Good. Because if you were,
you have wasted your time.

As I told you, I never knew Katarina.

I need you to tell me
where I can find Leo Andropov.

How should I know?

You were a C.I. for one of the
OREA agents that died in the bombing.

You recorded a conversation for him
that took place here in this restaurant...

...and we know Andropov was a part of it.
So I'll ask you again, where can I find him?

There is a safe house in Ivy City.

A safe house. An address?

L Street, across from Olive's Diner.

Now, if there's nothing else...

That's not
what you told me on the phone.

You said you could help me
with Katarina Rostova.

I don't know anything.

I told you how to find Andropov.

And now I want you
to tell me about her.

I can't say.

First you don't know.
Now you can't say.

Which is it?

- You got to him.
- I retained his services.

In exchange for his silence
about my mother.

Harold told me the man who infected you
was the virologist Andropov.

You got me out of The Post Office.

You gave me a chance
to prove my innocence.

I know you think you care about me.

But every time you do something
that makes me think you really do... do something else that reminds me
that you simply aren't capable of it.

I'm a sin eater.

I absorb the misdeeds of others,
darkening my soul to keep theirs pure.

That is what I'm capable of.

What sin of mine could you
possibly have absorbed?

Andropov. Do you have a lead?

I do, and I'll handle it on my own
because that's what I'm capable of.


I've been looking
everywhere for you.

I have a lead, something that could
clear all of this up, but I need your help.

I went to your motel.
Cops were everywhere.

It's on the TV, news reports.
There is no clearing it up, all right?

- There is only leaving it behind.
- I can't.

If I run now, I'll be looking over
my shoulder the rest of my life.

- That's Reddington talking.
- Yes, it is.

- And he's right. I can't leave now.
- Then I can't stay.

- This lead that I have, Leo Andropov--
- Never heard of him.

He created the virus that killed Hawkins.
He infected me.

If we can find him,
then maybe I can prove I was set up.

But I don't think I can do it on my own.
I've got an address.


He's on the street!

It's me. I've been made.

I'm on my way to the extraction point.




- Turn! Up there on the right!
- Yeah, I see him.

You're losing him.

- Are you telling me how to drive?
- I'm not the one who hit a deer.

That was not deer blood
on the windshield.

Just don't lose him.

He turned down the alley. Circle back.

Where the hell have you been?

We have to go. Now.

What are you doing?


Damn it.

Oh, God! Stay with me! Come on!


My mother, he's the only one
who knew about her.

Liz. Liz, he's gone.



Hello, Mr. Hastings.

I'm here on behalf
of Raymond Reddington.

[IN CHINESE] Tell him that if
he keeps avoiding me he'll regret it.

Mr. Chin, Raymond Reddington
sends his regards.

Last target secured, sir.

Traveling to location.





- In the alley.
- What about the alley?

It's the weirdest thing.

In that moment with the bullets flying
and the glass...

One thing kept
running through my head.

"The boat, the boat.
Why didn't you just get on his boat?"


- Tell me what to do.
- You're still bleeding.

I'm fine.
Tom, I said I was fine.

I know you did.

That hurt?

What is it? What's wrong?

I don't want to regret anything.

What could you possibly regret?

Not saying yes.

Yes to what?


- Take me with you.
- Don't say that.

I'm here. All we have to do is go.

Liz, if you go away with me,
you'll never get answers.

You'll never find out
who you really are.

I don't need to know who I am
to know what I want.

What do you want, Liz?


At this hour...

...police continue their search
for FBI agent Elizabeth Keen...

...who authorities have deemed
a person of interest in the death...


That a gun or are you
just happy to see me?

The flash drive that we found
in Andropov's safe house...'s full of records,
including documents about Cooper.

- Cooper.
- Yeah.

His medical records, test results,
medications, the senator...

...the bombing.
- Liz, slow down.

Cooper's doctor works for the Cabal.

Ah. I'll be back.


No, you won't.

I gotta...

- Tom...
- Go.

Agent Cooper.

Agent Cooper, it's Keen.
I need to see you. It's about your doctor.

- The dye we inserted highlighted--
COOPER: Who do you work for?

DOCTOR: I'm in the middle of--
COOPER: Get out!

DOCTOR: Harold--
- I know about Andropov.

That the drugs you gave me
came from him.

There never was a clinical trial,
was there?

- No, no.
- It was all a lie.

Please, please, please!
They threatened my family.

Your family?
And what about my family?

- You made me believe I was getting cured!
- No, no, no.

I made you believe you were sick.

Say that again?

You're not sick.

The test results, the brain scans.

- I saw the tumor.
- No, you saw a tumor, but it wasn't yours.

The MRIs, the CAT scans,
the blood tests, it was all fake!

- You're lying to me.
- No, no, no! I'm not! I'm not!

But I felt sick. I needed a cane.

Yes. And then you didn't.
It was the medicine.


Andropov, he designed it... that you'd manifest the symptoms
of a glioblastoma.

Then he altered your dosage
to make you think the trial was working.

I don't know why he did it, but he did.
You have to believe me.


There's nothing wrong with you.


My name is Raymond Reddington.

The United States government
has placed me atop the country's list...

...of most-wanted fugitives...

...for a colorful and not
uninteresting assortment of crimes...

...most of which I have committed.

That's who I am.

You, in turn, are by my estimation
11 of the finest investigative journalists... the world.

I'm here to tell you a story.

I'm sure you recognize
many of the faces behind me.

They are among the most powerful
men and women on the planet.

They are also part
of a global conspiracy...

...a shadow organization
that spans across every continent...

...and has for the last three decades...

...consisting of leaders in world
government and the private sector.

Some call this group "the Cabal."

The world you live in is the world
they want you to think you live in.

They start wars, create chaos.

And when it suits them, they resolve it.

Cabal members will move more money
in the next quarter...

...than the World Bank will
in the next year.

Their alliance affects sea change
in every aspect of human life...

...the value and distribution
of commodities..., weapons, water, fuel,
the food we eat to live...

...the information we rely on
to tell us who we are.

What exactly do you expect us
to do with this information?

Study it, investigate it to determine
the truth and then report it.

Let me be clear.

Investigating this group will immediately
position you as a threat.

If you do what I'm asking...'ll be putting your lives and the
lives of those you love at grave risk.

In the end, "The truth will out."

Not all of us will live to see that day
but the truth will out.

Tom, we need to talk.

We don't have anything
to say to each other.

I spoke with Dr. Levin.
He recorded your conversations.

- You got a lot of chutzpah coming here.
- Oh, he's got much more than that.

I have my health.

What a miracle, cancer free.

But then, you know that,
don't you, Tom?

How quickly fortunes can turn.

I wouldn't call your security.

Not until you've heard
what we have to say.

We have the tapes...

...that prove you blackmailed Dr. Levin
into falsifying my medical records.

So here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna make this go away, all of it.

You're gonna exonerate me
by prosecuting Karakurt...

...the real killer of those 14 agents
and Senator Hawkins.

You're going to agree not to press
charges against Charlene.

You're going to reinstate Cooper,
and convey to the Director...

...that he is not to touch
Raymond Reddington.

Why would I agree to any of that?

Because if you refuse,
we'll take the evidence to the Bureau.

- I own the Bureau.
- Then we'll go to a federal judge.

Good luck.
Our river of influence runs deep...

...or have you forgotten how easily
we made Judge Denner suppress...

...first-degree murder charges
against you, Agent Keen?

Look around.
Why do you think I'm here?

There's a banquet tonight,
Fraternal Order of Police.

I'm the keynote speaker.

Four hours from now,
I'll be on that stage...

...announcing that my office
has secured an indictment...

...against the members
of a rogue task force.

This task force was authorized
by the FBI and the D.O.J.

By my predecessor at the D.O.J.

You're going to prison, Agent Keen.

Donald Ressler, his little oxy addiction
will get him drummed out of the Bureau.

Samar Navabi
will be extradited to Iran...

...where she will stand trial for the murder
of one of their top nuclear scientists.

Charlene, Harold,
even Agent Mojtabai.

We have a little something in mind
for all of you...

...including treason
and the death penalty for Reddington.

So are we finished here?
Because I think it's cocktail hour.

Oh, heh!

What are you gonna do, Agent Keen,
arrest me?

Keen, put it down.

CONNOLLY: I am nothing.
I am a cog in a very large wheel.

Shoot me, and somebody at least
as powerful will take my place.

You just won't know who.

Agent Keen, you do this,
you become everything they say you are.

I can't let him.

Elizabeth, listen to me.

That conversation we had
in my hospital room...

...the good person
I said I didn't want to lose...

...the agent you were before all of this.
You do this and she's gone.






Excuse me.


Where the hell are you?

Listen to me. Harold Cooper
had nothing to do with this.

- You need to turn yourself in.
- You hear me? He's innocent.

You are a wanted fugitive.

You murdered the Attorney General
of the United States.

You have to come in.

- Ican't.
- Damn it, Liz, wake up.

You keep running,
you will be hunted down.

- I know.
- By me.

Don't make me do this.

Please, Liz, tell me where you are.
Tell me, and I can get--




- Lizzy.
LIZ: I need your help.

- Where are you?
- I killed Tom Connolly.

I know. Where are you?

I'm on, uh, 7th and L, northeast.

I'm gonna call you back in two minutes
with an address.

I need you to get there.
I'm gonna get you out.



It's me. I need to travel.


I remember.

I remember everything.

Remember what?

The night of the fire.

I know what happened...

...and I understand
why you didn't want me to find out.

When I pulled the trigger...

...when I shot Connolly, I...

It came back to me.

It was like I was there.

I could hear them arguing.

He was hurting her.

And I know
why my father died that night.

I shot him.

That's why you blocked my memory.

Not to protect yourself...

To protect me.


♪ She packed my bags last night
Pre-flight ♪

You're my sin eater.

♪ Zero hour 9 a.m. ♪

Tried to be.

♪ And I'm gonna be high ♪

But I failed.

♪ As a kite by then ♪

I never wanted you to be...


♪ I miss the Earth so much
I miss my wife ♪

Like me.

♪ It's lonely out in space ♪

♪ On such a timeless ♪

This is us.

♪ And I think it's gonna be
A long, long time ♪

♪ Till touchdown brings
Me 'round again to find ♪

♪ I'm not the man
They think I am at home ♪

♪ Oh, no, no, no ♪

♪ I'm a rocket man ♪

♪ Rocket man
Burning out his fuse up here alone ♪

♪ Mars ain't the kind of place
To raise your kids ♪

♪ In fact, it's cold as hell ♪

♪ And there's no one there
To raise them ♪

♪ If you did ♪

♪ And I think it's gonna be
A long, long time ♪

♪ Till touchdown brings me
'Round again to find ♪

♪ I'm not the man
They think I am at home ♪

♪ Oh, no, no, no
I'm a rocket man ♪

♪ Rocket man
Burning out his fuse up here alone ♪

♪ And I think it's gonna be
A long, long time ♪

♪ Till touchdown brings me
'Round again to find ♪

♪ I'm not the man
They think I am at home ♪

♪ Oh, no, no, no
I'm a rocket man ♪

♪ Rocket man
Burning out his fuse up here alone ♪

♪ And I think it's gonna be
A long, long time ♪

♪ And I think it's gonna be
A long, long time ♪


Ripped By mstoll