The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Anslo Garrick (No. 16) - full transcript

The Team's Headquarters (Post Office Black Site) is attacked in an effort to assassinate Red (James Spader).

Mm. Mm.

In memory of the
not-so-dearly departed Herr Spielmann...

No, no.

...who undercut and robbed you
on the supply routes through Graz.

I'll double what he was spending
and handle the packaging

and transit myself.

Donald! There you are.

I told you I'd pick you up
from the airport. Ha, ha, ha.

Cab ride must have cost you
a fortune.

Who is this?

Donald is my man
at the State Department.

He's been extremely helpful
in all our endeavors here,

but the poor fellow has to walk
a terrible tight-rope every single day.

I feel obliged to get him drunk once in a
while, so I invited him down to celebrate.


Celebrate what, Red?
Free trade, Donald. Free trade.

Honestly, this damn chip.
What the hell do you want?

Keen needs you.
Then why isn't she here?

Why didn't she fly to Munich
on 10 minutes' notice?

You made the trip.
She's been detained.

By whom?
Situation's above my security clearance.

I was just given the job of locating you.

No, you said she's been detained.
Is she in danger?

There's a jet at Munich International...
My plane's faster.

I just can't believe he's gone.

I'm never gonna hear him
say my name.

Or smell that old aftershave.

It's different with you because you,

you can trace your life
up to this moment, you know?

You have reliable records and...

You had your dad.

Do you want me in here right now?

I love you. Watch the time.
You got work in a little bit.

It's all right.
Donald, what the hell are you doing?

Taking you into protective custody.
Where's Agent Keen?

I lied to you, Red. You must be slipping.
I must be.

Everybody, out.
Why am I in handcuffs, Harold?

You're violating our arrangement.
There's an imminent threat to your life.

That condition is a constant.

We have credible intelligence
that you're being targeted.

My contacts at the CIA were sitting
on an Egyptian sleeper cell.

They intercepted communication
between them

and an informant called Wells.
Hilton Wells?

- You obviously know him.
- You obviously don't.

Hilton Wells doesn't speak
with the Egyptians.

He hasn't since he aligned himself
with Mubarak during the Arab Spring.

I can show you the transcripts.
With all due respect,

if the intel were worth having,
then I would have it.

There's a price on your head.

Ha, ha, ha. There's a running
price on my head, Agent Ressler.

Anslo Garrick?

Listen to me.

If this intel was disseminated,
it was done so directly to you.

It's canned, which means Anslo Garrick
intends to attack this facility.

You think he wanted
us to bring you here?

What do I think? I think
we have a songbird in our midst,

and until I find out who's singing,
I don't trust anyone,

because someone helped
to bring him here.

To a black site. Why?

Because I'm asymmetrical. I don't need
visas, passports, travel documents.

Give me a bug-out bag
and 30 seconds

and I'm on my way to anywhere
in the world. Garrick knows this.

He needs me contained, landlocked.

So he fed you phony intel
to trigger your security protocol

and now you've done
exactly as he wished.

He got you to bring me here
so that he could attack this facility.

He doesn't know this place exists.

All he does is extract people from places
that don't exist, places exactly like this.

Garrick exfils high-level detainees,
always by considerable force.

Park the truck near the elevator bank.

He liberated Mahmoud Al Azok

from an Alcatraz-like CIA black site
in the Bering Sea.

That was Shining Path,
a splinter cell.

Azok has ties to a Caribbean
money launderer.

No. That was Garrick, paid
by that same Peruvian money launderer

to make it appear as though
Shining Path broke him out.

It was Garrick.

Whoa. No, no, no.

He can't be here. Hey!
Tell him he can't be here!

Now open the compactor.

He almost exclusively works
with a group of heavily armed,

highly skilled mercenaries
who call themselves the Wild Bunch.

Former flag wavers made over
in Frankenstein-like fashion

into bloodless, country-less killers.

Garrick is not a precision instrument.

He's a blunt-force object
and seemingly immune to bullets.

I can attest to this first-hand
having put one in his head

years ago at point-blank range.

Harold, this building
is about to be breached.

They're in.

Elevator's disabled.
Transmission's jammed.

We have takedown.


Initiate full facility lockdown.

Telecom is dead. I have no signal.
Get me out of these cuffs.

You're going into the box
until the threat is neutralized.

Harold, do not make a stand.
Get your people the hell out of here.

All non-essential and unarmed personnel
evacuate via southeast stairwells.

Carry code Oriole Baton 338.

Anyone not presenting this code
upon egress will be detained.



Relay, relay, relay, seize state.
Assume all comm lines compromised.

Rally point 14-14-6.
The armory?

We need to get to our
weapons before they do.

This is Cooper authorizing
a full data burn.

Destroy drives and terminals
and burst transmit all backup data

to the central servers
at Quantico.

I don't think you
appreciate the sheer firepower

that has entered this building.
Shut up.

He means to take me, Agent Ressler, and
kill anyone in his way or in his wake.

This isn't about digging in.
This is about escape.


Why not let them have me, Donald?

I'll likely be tortured for weeks
and left to rot until they finally deign

to put a bullet in my skull.
Wouldn't that please you?

You're an adjunct informant
for the FBI, Reddington.

That means
you're my responsibility.

That means I fight for your life
regardless of how badly I wanna take it.



Don't, Reddington.
Don't leave me unarmed.

Donald, you and I aren't done just yet.


Hello, Red.



We're going up.


Red, did you really think
there was a distance you could cover

or a hole deep enough
that you could hide in?

There is nowhere in this world
that I cannot reach you, Red.

Fortification be damned!

I heard you made yourself some
sweet little immunity deal, Red.

I heard that you fitted the FBI
with strings

and now they hang upon your hip
like a hatchet. Not bad.


But they can't keep you safe
from someone like me, Red,

someone who sat
in blackness for five years.

Five years thinking about the pain

I was going to inflict on you while slowly
breaking your will,

your body, and finally your mind.

That day is here, my friend.

And it will end with your screams...

as God is my witness.

Aram, can I get any
internal camera signal

or tap into our surveillance?
It would have to be hardwired.

They knocked out the grid.
Telecom? Could it be restored?

It would have to be hacked locally.

Main generator room.
It has all the uplink terminals.

The power's down.
Our backup generator should enable

the uplink and allow me to splice
a separate signal from the telecom.

Do you have a radio? Good.

Tune it to EMR-designation Hatchling.

Get to the main generator room.
Kill anything that isn't FBI. Go.

Closed comms. Closed comms.
Go to EMR-designation channel.

Codify, Hatchling. Codify, Hatchling.

Hatchling 5591 Abstract.

I'm here, sir.

Do not attempt ingress.
Hostiles have the high ground.

I'm inside.
Have you been captured? injured?

Neither. Where are you?
Barricaded inside the armory.

Ressler and Reddington are
unaccounted for, presumed down.

What are you feeling in your extremities?
What do you feel?

Not much. My fingers are numb.
My face is getting cold.

Shock is setting in.

How much blood have I lost?
More than a thimbleful.

What about my leg?
Lay down. Lay down.

Donald, never let it be said
that I valued a Zegna Venticinque tie

over a human life, even yours.
Take up a handful of your own tie.

This is gonna be hugely unpleasant
and very painful.

Bite down.

All right?

Keep pressure on it.
Just keep pressure on it.

I don't like his chances, Red.
That leg looks like minced beef.

All you have to do to save Agent
Ressler's life is come out, Red.


We never met in person, Don,

but if you'd done your job back in
Brussels in '08, I wouldn't be here now.

Agent Ressler here ran that little
kick murder squad,

tried to clip you
in Waterloo Station, Red.

I gave him your train number,
your itinerary.

All Little Donnie here had to do was
supply the bullet, but no. Bungled.

And now, as fate has a great
fondness for moments like these,

here we are.

And it is you, Red, that can spare
or end Agent Ressler's life.

You know, Anslo, I'm looking at you,
and I gotta say I'm really surprised.

With the access you now have
to top-notch plastic surgeons,

why you haven't done something,
anything, about that horrific scar.

How do you wake up to that staring back
at you in the mirror every morning?

But you know what? it's not the scar.
It's really the eye.

But, hey, lucky you.

I normally carried
Hydra-Shok hollow points.

I was trying out center-fire wadcutters
that week.

Probably the only thing
that saved your life.

Me switching ammo.

Think about that little irony now, every
time you randomly find your reflection

or are reminded of that
unfortunate thing I've done to your face.

Think about it.

You trashed
a one-of-a-kind partnership.

We were never partners, Anslo.

You violated
whatever trust I had in you.

So, naturally, I did what
I always did, and beat you.

And you did what you always did,
got beaten by me.


True to form, Anslo.

Why take time to think when
it's so much easier to shoot?

This glass was developed

for secure cover and housing
in combat zones.

That.45 might as well be
a spit straw.

Oh, good, Red. I've brought a whole
picnic basket to this party.

And, little pig, little pig,
you are going to let me come in.

Okay, let's go.

I'm calm, I'm calm, I'm calm.

Come on, come on, come on.
Use your training. Use your training.

Be fluid. Be fluid.

Okay. All right. Oh, man.


Command down. Command down.
Armory overrun. Repeat, armory overrun.

Help! Please, help!

Help! Can someone help me?
Please, help!

Lower your gun to your side.

Now reach across your body
and remove your tactical belt.

Any sudden or aggressive movements
and I will kill you.

Okay. Let me see.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

We don't have enough explosives.

We don't have enough explosives.

Not according to the specs
we pulled up on this thing.

Tabletop to Blue Wolf.
Send a short chalk back to the armory.

We're a little light on bang here.

So you bring me back every piece
of explosive ordnance that they have.

Donald, I'm gonna quietly cross
my fingers before I ask,

but what blood type are you?

Ha, ha, ha. And you thought
we had nothing in common.

There's only two percent of us,
you know?

What are you doing?
You need a blood transfusion.

Or we open that door,
which will likely be the end of both of us.

Give me a gun. These bastards wanna go.
Let's go.

Ha, ha, ha. The concept of a last stand sounds
so heroically romantic, doesn't it, Donald?

There's a reason we didn't see
what happened to Butch and Sundance.

Being riddled by bullets and left to rot
under a scorching Bolivian sky

does not a sequel make.

And if you've surmised nothing
about me by now, know this.

I'm gonna be around for the sequel.

You really gonna do a field transfusion?
Oh, come now, Donald.

Think how much smarter
you'll be afterwards.

Unh! Heh, heh, heh.

Why the hell are you doing this?

It's pretty obvious I hate your guts,

and I can't imagine you hold
a whole lot of warmth for me,

especially after hearing
about Brussels.

I knew about Brussels.

Then why save me?
Because that's what you do

when someone is dying
in front of you.

Allies today, enemies tomorrow.

The world is a complex place

further complicated
by man's fickle nature.

Years ago, I saved a man's life under
a beautiful old cedar tree in Lebanon.

A month later, he tried to kill me
in a hotel in Damascus.

I understood. Allegiances shift.

A month later,
I broke his neck with a shower caddy.

It's this job today,
another one tomorrow.

That needle in your arm becomes
the one in your neck. it's just that fast.

Red. Do you remember that
Road Runner cartoon

where the coyote makes the mountain
of TNT and gunpowder barrels?

And blows himself sky-high? Yes, Anslo.
Is that what you're doing out there?

Is this to be mass suicide
by explosion, I hope?

No. We'll be fine out here, Red.

But with these charges
rigged to blow inward,

I can't say the same about you.
It's no matter.

I intend to thoroughly torture
the hell out of whatever's left of you.

Oh, come on! Play with me!

I'd give that leg up as a lost cause
by now, wouldn't you?

If sepsis hasn't set in by now,
Donnie, it will.

And then your body will slowly start
to poison its own blood supply.

Including that little keg tap that
Reddington's giving you right now.

Drip, drip, Don. Drip, drip, drip.



Respond now or I'm gonna shoot.
In three, two, one.

Tabletop to Chalk
One, where's my bang?

Let's go. I've got a box to blow up.

Tell him you're on your way back.

Tell him anything other than that,
and you're lying with your buddy.

Chalk One to Tabletop,
we're on our way back now.

That's good.

Liz. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Agent Keen, it's me.

What are you doing here?
I'd ask you the same.

Where did you come from?
I snuck in. What are you doing?

Trying to restore the telecom
so we can call in the cavalry.

Where is everyone?

Where's Red and Ressler?

I think Ressler's in bad shape.

Any idea who hit this facility?

Someone called Garrick. He's disabled
telecom, simplex, and duplex signals.

How long before you restore
the telecom?

I haven't been able to. They are
jamming the signal internally.

Based on just the waveform readings

and the wattage output,
it's something powerful but portable.

Where would they place it?

Uplink and communication relays
are in the subfloor garage.

Could you reset the telecom
if the jammers were disabled?

It would automatically reset, yeah.

You got a weapon?
Uh, yeah. Why?

Because we're gonna go find
those jammers.

Yes. You and I in the plural.

I thought I'm waiting for the signal
so we can call the cavalry.

We are the cavalry.
Give me your gun.

I've only shot at paper.

Pretend they're paper.

Donald. Donald.
Feeling any wittier yet?

Any strange cravings for beluga caviar
or Marcel Proust?

I know you don't think much of me,

but you don't get assigned a case file
like yours unless you pass muster.

May I ask you something with the
hope that you won't take offense?

You already know it's gonna offend me.
Ask anyway.

What happened to Audrey Bidwell?

She left me.

You were engaged.
To her, yeah.

It was my engagement with you
that ended that relationship.

Five years, I chased you.
Five years trying to make my name.

Look where it's gotten me.

Chalk Two to Tabletop,
one dead, one down.

We have an enemy within.

We have a monkey wrench running
around in here somewhere. Find them.

How did you know about my ex?

I know a great many things
about you, Donald.


It's the core of your business,
information. Misinformation.

I don't know how you did it,

Forsaking the flag,
abandoning your country.

We become who we are.

Can't judge a book by its cover.

But you can by its first few chapters
and, most certainly, by its last.

So, what's it all about,
then, the Blacklist? Revenge?

Oh, revenge is too easy.
And over so quickly.

I would hope for more than that.

We're not gonna live through this.

I think we will.

Have you ever sailed across
an ocean, Donald?


On a sailboat surrounded by sea
with no land in sight?

Without even the possibility
of sighting land for days to come?

To stand at the helm
of your destiny...

I want that one more time.

I wanna be in the
Piazza del Campo in Siena,

to feel the surge as
10 racehorses go thundering by.

I want another meal in Paris at
L'Ambroisie in the Place des Vosges.

I want another bottle of wine,
and then another.

I want the warmth of a woman
in a cool set of sheets.

One more night of jazz
at the Vanguard.

I wanna stand on summits and smoke
Cubans and feel the sun on my face

for as long as I can.

Walk on the wall again.

Climb the tower. Ride the river.
Stare at the frescos.

I wanna sit in the garden
and read one more good book.

Most of all, I wanna sleep.

I wanna sleep like I slept
when I was a boy.

Give me that.

Just one time.

That's why I won't allow that punk
out there to get the best of me.

Let alone the last of me.

What do you want?

This isn't about what I want,
Assistant Director Cooper.

No. What I've wanted,
I've simply taken.

This is about what I need.

And what I need is access
to that box.

Then let's start with what I need, which
is all of my people released right now.

You're not in charge, Harold.

But I am the man
who can get you into that box.

And if I go in there
and start kneecapping your people

one by one until you give me
what I want?

Then you're not getting Reddington.

No. I'm going to bet someone other
than you can get me into that box.

Then place that bet.

Agent Keen.

Okay, I think we're cool.

There you go again, Anslo,
using a pistol in place of a brain.

You gonna put a bullet in the head
of the man who can hand you mine?

I think someone's trying
to save your life.

Ha, ha, ha. Hardly. I have
little to no use for that man.

But before you shoot him, be absolutely
certain that I'm not outsmarting you.

We know how frequently
that's happened in the past.

It would be a shame if in killing him
you denied yourself of the prize

that you came here for.


How long do you think you can
hold out here

before half of Quantico's graduating
class rappels down on top of you?

Red, this time you are quite
simply mistaken.

The question really is,
how long are you going to hold out?

Are you really going to let
Agent Ressler there just expire?

Are you really going to let me put
Assistant Director Cooper's head

all over that wall?

How many people are going to
die here today, Reddington?

What's happening?

Your heart is pumping
harder, trying to compensate

for blood loss. And that
shotgun blast broke your leg.

I think it also partially ruptured
your femoral artery.


You would have bled out
if the hole were any bigger,

but now I have to close it.

Close it how?
By cauterizing it.

I'm gonna have to cut open your leg
to get at the artery

and then sprinkle some combustible
compound on it and ignite it.


Donald, if you don't tell them
how to open that door,

I have to do this or you will die.

Then do it.

Grab ahold of the bench
back there and don't let go.

I'm gonna cut as fast as I can,
but I can't have you trying to stop me

once I start, okay?

This is gonna hurt.

Hold still, Donald.
This will be over in a second.

How many of these would they need
to scramble the telecom signal?

Several. But just disabling two
should be enough

for the uplink to reset
and re-establish a signal.

It won't be anywhere near full strength.

You might have one bar.
It's not enough.

This will be faster if we split up.
And scarier. But, yeah. Faster, right.

Sure. Okay.

Ten seconds, Red.

Ten, nine, eight
Harold. Open the box now.

Give him the code!

Anslo, my people can help you.

Cooper can get you in here.
Put that gun to his head.

Three, two, one.
For once in your life, stop and think...

Hello, love.

Threat is down.
Repeat, the threat is down.

Red, I don't have to
explain what happens now, do I?

Down. Would you prefer
that I did the countdown?

Because I wasn't that keen, frankly.
You open the box, or Dembe dies.

Harold, tell him.

Wait. Ressler knows the code.

Wait is over, Red. People are dying now.
Ressler. Ressler!

Ressler. Ressler!


Ours is a friendship forged
once in this life

and again in the next.
Goodbye, my brother.

Harold, open this box.
I'll give you anything.

Stay on your knees.

Stay on your knees.
Stay on your knees.

Well, I'm gonna kill him now,
aren't I, Red? Open the box!