The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Gina Zanetakos (No. 152) - full transcript

After Tom confronts Liz about the box - he claims he's innocent and insists that they turn it into the FBI so his name can be cleared. Elsewhere, Red informs Liz and the FBI that the next ...


Oh, yeah.

She's beautiful.

She was.

Can you
make it radioactive?

What do you
think that was?

A joke.

Yes, caesium-137
just like you want.

How long
before it's ready?
Forty-eight hours.

I need it in 36.

Are you telling me that you
have known about this?

Yes, I found it.

When I was
cleaning up your blood.

Liz, that was weeks ago.
What else are you
not telling me?

What am I
not telling you?

What the hell is this
and why is it in our house?

I mean,
there's a gun
in here, liz.

And there's passports
with my face on it.

And these names?
Who the hell is
anton piere louis?

You really expect
me to believe

That you've never
seen any of this before?

How much money
is this anyway?
I mean, this is a fortune.

Are you serious
about all this?

Is this you?
Are you interrogating
me now?

This is a picture of you

At the angel station
hotel in boston.

Yeah. So what?

There was a murder there
that matches this gun.

An agent
named victor fokin.

A russian agent
who was in the
process of defecting

When he was killed before
he could say anything.

Are you telling me,
like what like...

You think that I
murdered a kgb defector?

Like I'm bond?
I'm tom bond.

And I just, uh, between
social studies and recess

I go around
assassinating people.

I had my job
interview there, liz,
at the coffee shop.

That's enough.

Some of the dates
on these passports...

I can't believe that
you're accusing me of this

Because your job
is the reason that
a man came in here

And cut me in half!

Now March 12, 2011.
Your bachelor party.

In las vegas.
I've never seen pictures.

You never will.
I was gone for 36 hours.

You can get to paris
and back in 19.

I'm not gonna
sit here and...

Your job...
Anything that is
evil or bad,

It comes from
what you do,
not what I do.

It's not my picture
on these passports.

Okay. If you think
I'm guilty, then why don't
you do something about it?

Why don't you
call the fbi?

Do it.

Go ahead. Do it.
You think I'm kidding?

Do you think
I'm kidding?

Liz, it's me.

I don't know
what's going on

But I know that this
is a huge misunderstanding.

Make the call.

They'll separate us.

They'll dig through
your life, my life
with a fine-tooth comb.


Our entire lives
will be up for grabs.

I got nothing to hide.

Let them.

Identification please.

Agent keen,
1212-654, white bear.

I need clearance
for an incoming client.


Thomas vincent keen.

My husband.

Was that necessary?

Thought we were
going to the fbi.

I don't work at the fbi.

What do you mean
black site?

I don't understand.
Where are we?

This is where I work, tom.

Mr. Keen, I need you
to come with me.


Make it quick.

You're gonna be okay.

Just tell them
what happened.
Tell the truth.


Where are they
taking him?

If I were you
I'd worry about myself.

I'm looking at it
right now.

It's beautiful.


Oh, the blues. Well...

The blues look...


Green and grey.

The gaping maw
of the ocean.

It's mesmerizing.

I don't know
why the hell
I'm doing this.

This painting should
be hanging in boston.

No, I know.

My man in the port of dubai
says his payment
was sent last week.

The painting will be in hand
well before the wedding.

Yes. Hakim.

Remember me
to your wives.
All of them.

What is it?

It's about agent keen.
And her husband.

When this all started,

When reddington
turned himself in
and asked for you,

I was skeptical.

But I'll be honest,
you've done good work.

And I've come to
believe that you were

Just as surprised
as the rest of us
when he picked you.

But now this.

I need you to
help me understand
what's going on here.

The gun, the money
and passports
were in my house.

A hatch in the floor.

The gun was used in
an unsolved homicide.

You pulled
a ballistics report.

Tom is my husband.

I brought him here,
to you. For help.

To find answers.

I want to know who
killed that fsb agent
as much...

More than you do.
If we can solve
that murder...

We aren't going
to do anything.

Until this
matter is resolved,
I'm putting you on leave.

What? No. Tom is here.

Agent keen, go home.

Thank you very much.

Meera malik.

Tom keen.

But, uh,
you probably
already know that.

I came here voluntarily.


Where should we start?

I just want
to know the truth.

Tell me about the murder.

People think it matters
who occupies that house.

It doesn't.

Multinational corporations
and criminals run the world.

I thought we were here
to talk about tom.

You've obviously heard
of corporate espionage.

Companies trying to
beat other companies

To be the first
hand on the dollar.

But what if it were
taken a few steps further?

In 1982,
seven people in chicago

Were killed by an
over the counter drug laced
with potassium cyanide.

The company's market share
went from 35 to eight.

It was never determined
how the drug was poisoned.
But I will tell you,

Someone was
hired to do that.

Remember those
tire recalls? Chernobyl?

Deliberate and
malevolent actions
taken by corporations

To protect their
vital interests.

Nothing happens by chance.

That's why I'm here, lizzy.

Because there's a woman.

Gina zanetakos.

I don't know
who that is.

Gina zanetakos is
a corporate terrorist.

And frankly,
she's the best
of the bunch.

Lizzy, if you want
to find the truth
about your husband

Then you need to find gina.

Why? Does she know tom?

Because she's tom's lover.

I fail to see how
suspicions about her husband
effect our arrangement.

Agent keen
is on leave.

Well, then lives
will be lost.

What if I were to deliver
to you a terrorist?

Not your run of
the mill ideologue

Answering to bearded
men in caves,

But someone
entirely different,

Less predictable
and far more dangerous.

I'd say delivering
criminals to me
is your job.

My job is
my business, harold.

Delivering criminals to you
is a hobby, a diversion.

One that may
become tiresome,

In which case
we could always reminisce

About that unfortunate
incident in kuwait.

Are you threatening me, red?

I am.

Hardly the time to let
morals stand in the way

Of your upward mobility,
agent cooper.

I had a job interview.
I'm a teacher. Fourth grade.

I got a call from
the rothwell school
in cambridge.

Who called you?

Uh, walter...
Walter burris.

He's the headmaster.

He said he
saw my application,
and he was impressed,

And would I mind
coming in for a meeting.

Lizzy and I decided
to make a weekend of it.

So we got a room at
the tellamy cove inn.

We got in Friday night,
we had dinner at the
restaurant next door,

Which you can verify because
I used my credit card.

And then the next day,
I met with burris
at the angel station hotel.

Not the school?

No. He called me
that morning,

And he said he was
already downtown on
some other business,

And would I mind
meeting him at the hotel.

That's bad luck, right?

Excuse me?

Your meeting gets changed
to the exact location
a man is assassinated.

What would
you call it?

Yesterday, I would've
called it a coincidence.

I don't belong here.
Just call walter burris.

Okay? He'll verify
everything I'm telling you.

Where are we
on the contents
of the box?

Still working
on those passports
and tracing the money.

But ballistics did confirm
that it was the gun used
to kill victor fokin.

Good news,
we actually did
find a partial

On one of the casings
in the magazine.

But it's not tom keen's
and there were no hits
on it through afis.

Give me updates
as soon as you have them.

Meanwhile, there's
been a development.

brought us a case.

It's about time
he realizes that he has
to talk directly to us.

He's won't.

Sir, I think it's
entirely inappropriate

That keen is on the case
when her husband is being
investigated for murder.

There's been
a change of plans.

According to reddington
her real name is
gina zanetakos.

Nearly a year ago
she reached out to him
as shubie hartwell.

She wanted red to broker
a deal to assassinate
a supreme court judge

Who was the
swing vote in a case

That could've cost her
corporate clients billions.

Custom documents indicate

Shubie hartwell entered
the country yesterday.

We've got a credit
card in her name
that was last used

Under an hour ago,

Purchased two cocktails at
the bar in the quay hotel.

Call the hotel manager,

Have him start
pulling security tape,

See who she was
having drinks with.

Agent keen?

Uh, I feel like

I've seen her before.

Show me.

Come on, I already
told you I have it.

I have to
pick up my son
from piano in an hour.

I'll show you mine
if you show me yours.

Got confirmation yesterday.

On its way.
It's official.

It's official.


What the...

Too much?

Be careful.
Remember, be careful.

If melinda sees any
more marks on my neck

She's gonna...

Gonna what?

Mr. Burris,
thank you again
for meeting with me.

Tell me,
is this the man
you interviewed

For a position
here at rothwell?

Did the two of you
meet in the coffee shop
of the angel station hotel?

Meera, it's liz.

Give me a call
as soon as you speak
with the headmaster.

I'd like to know
how things are going.

She's not
calling you back.
This is the door?

I'll take the key.
Step back please.

She shouldn't even have
told you what she told you.
And why's that?

Because you could
be an accessory
for all we know.


Check him.

Clear. I'm headed
down to security.

Call an ambulance.

Hold on, hold on.
Come on, everybody in.

Christina, come on,
move your can! Please!

Mobilize d.C. Metro,

Have teams lock
down the quay hotel
in a two block radius.

I'm headed down to
the security desk now
to pull footage.

It's gonna be room 1232,

And make sure that
ambulance shows up now.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on.


Why do you have her phone?

Did you find her?
Did you stop her?

Not exactly.

We're working on a current address
for zanetakos.

Her phone provided
a treasure trove
of messages.

She was in frequent contact
with a multinational company
called the hanar group.

But more worrisome
is a message that
came in today.

Around three hours ago.

A call that
originated from berlin.

Change of plans.
Had to use cobalt 60.

Still good to go,
best guess 4:00 pm central.

Cobalt 60.

He's talking about
a dirty bomb here.

But what's the target?

We believe zanetakos
is planning to detonate

A dirty bomb somewhere
in the central time zone
of the United States.

Why would she
want to do that, lizzy?

Somebody hired this woman.

She killed a man today.

Nadeem idris.
He was an attache
at the turkish embassy.

Looks like they
were having an affair.

We suspect it was
a means to an end.

Have you found
the connection to
your husband?

We have looked
through all of zanetakos'
phone messages,

All her records.
There wasn't a single
message from tom.

Perhaps they
exchange letters.

There's nothing
between them.

My husband is innocent.

Did you talk to burris?

Please take a seat.

He backed me up,
though, right?

Okay. Who's this?

You don't know?


That's walter burris.
The headmaster at
the rothwell school.

What... What is this,
some kind of trick?

Did this guy
say he met with me?

Because I didn't
meet with him.

And if he says
that he met with me
then he's lying.

He's lying to you
because I've never seen
this guy before in my life.

Not once.
He's being set up.

Look, I...

I met with a man
who claimed to be
walter burris.

For 45 minutes
he interviewed me.

Look, is lizzy back there?
- I need you to stay seated.

Look, I didn't
do anything, okay?

You have to believe me.
All I did was walk
out of a hotel

And someone
took a picture. Okay?

Someone is
doing this to me.

The picture.

Look, I don't know what
you think I did or...




Victor fokin.
The fsb agent.

She was watching him.

So she could kill him.
Not tom.

She's an assassin.

Guys, you might wanna
check this out.

Found this by her bed.

Give us a minute.

This is evidence.

Listen, keen,
whatever you think
this may mean...

I admire what you're doing,
standing up for your husband,

But I think we both know
it's time for you
to protect yourself.

I didn't know
where else to go.

We found a picture
of tom in her house.

He said he doesn't know her
but clearly he does.

So much is happening

And I just don't
how to process it all.

I mean, a part of me thinks
that you're manipulating
this whole thing

And you're trying
to ruin my life.

But that's just
a part of...

But if I'm wrong
about tom,

If he isn't who...

I don't think I can handle
any of it without him.

I feel like I'm drowning.

Like I don't
know what's real
or who I can trust.

You can trust me.

I needed you
to be wrong about him.

I know.

Your husband
may have been connected
to our primary suspect.

If I let you
into the field

And you discover
some incriminating
information on him,

I have no reason to believe
you won't suppress it.

But circumstances require
your continued involvement.

We found something on
zanetakos' hard drive.

Money she wired
to a dummy corp in berlin.

Interpol says the funds
are linked to a man named
maxwell ruddiger,

A bomb expert
operating out of europe.

And you need me,
because you need red
to find this guy.

Ruddiger is
our best connection.

Not only to zanetakos,
but to your husband.

Find him.

No, hakim,
that is not the problem.

Listen to me.
Shipping is my business.

Once I receive payment,

The merchandise ships,
that's the deal.

According to
my man in houston,

The payment's not there,
it's been diverted
to new orleans

Which is entirely

I don't care if the
wedding is Saturday,

All I care about
is my payment.

Hakim, this conversation
is over.

Hello, lizzy.

What can I do for you?

Maxwell ruddiger.

Tremendous bomb maker.

Haphazard as hell.
Terrible drinker.

But he gets the job done.

Zanetakos made
a wire payment to him
a few weeks ago.

So he's the link.

Ruddiger can get you
to zanetakos,

And she'll get you to tom.

Can you help me find him?

I hear you're using
cobalt-60 in a device.

And you know
as well as I,

There's only one
reputable supplier
on the market

And that's our friend yuri.

Now, I like yuri.

I floated in the
dead sea with yuri.

Climbed masada
with his wife.

But if your device
goes off,

They'll be looking to him.

And if they look to him,

They'll look to me.

Because yuri talks
faster than a cheerleader

After a nooner
under the grandstands.

Probably not a metaphor
you understand,

But you do understand
my position.

So I need your help, max.

I need to know
about this device
you've made for gina.

Red, I'm sorry, I can't.

Just like I wouldn't
do to betray you,
I can't do that to her.

That's unfortunate.

I'm in the middle of
negotiating something
very interesting.

Something unique.

In syria.

I'll be playing all sides.

Ah, I thought there
might be a place
for you at the table.

Another day.

I know that
you're in there.

I know you're in there.

I know you're watching
and I didn't do anything.


Honey, please,
I didn't do anything.

It's a sedan.

The car is the bomb.

Contamination radius
of over five miles.

When will it detonate?

Nineteen hours.

Don't know where.

Then we'll have to ask gina.

Call her.

I just need to know
where she is.

This will never
come back on you.

I know you want
to get your hands
around her neck.

When you do,
don't kill her.

Kill her?
I want to talk to her.

All right, let's go,
huddle up.

All right, let's make
this quick and clean.

Once you've get
a visual id on zanetakos,

Call it. We'll move in,
we'll take her.

No shots fired.

Let's not make the
6:00 news, all right?

She's moving north.

Copy that.

All units converge
on my go.

I've got her.
East green, moving.

She's making
a break for it.

Keen, talk to me.


Call medevac.

We need
someone in here now.

Don't die.

What the hell did you do?

Excuse me.

Calm down.
Don't tell me
to calm down.

Agent keen...
That woman was the link.

She was the only proof
that my husband is innocent

And now she's what,

Lying unconscious
in some hospital?

She's in surgery.

Have we forgotten that
there's a bomb out there?

I haven't
forgotten anything.

I've been here
for seven years,

You've been here
for seven weeks.

We have less than
four hours.

You think
we don't know that?

What, is zanetakos gonna
come out of surgery by then?

Because that was
the only lead we have.

I told you to calm down.

The bomb.
What do you know?

We know
what you know.

It's built into a car,
german made. It's dirty.

Well, do you know
why zanetakos killed
nadeem idris in that hotel?

Or how the hanar group
is connected?
Who their enemies are?

The investors.

What do you mean investors?

The company's stock
is at an all-time low.

They're in trouble,

Dragged down
by a 48% drop

In the market share
of their largest division.

What division?

They operate a port
in new orleans.

New orleans.
What do you know about it?

Quite a lot.
What do you have in mind?

You were on the phone.

That guy, someone
was getting married.

You were talking.
Something about new orleans
and the ports.

You told the man
on the phone

Your payment
was diverted. Why?

It happens
every once in a while.

But this was unprecedented.

An associate of mine
in new orleans

Was advising illicit
traffic in the gulf

To be re-routed
to new orleans.

The hanar group
hired zanetakos.

They're a majority owner
of a port in new orleans.

Where was your payment
diverted from?


That's the target.

New orleans and houston
are the two biggest ports
in the gulf.

If houston were to close...

Because of
radioactive contamination...

All traffic would have to be
diverted to new orleans.

Hanar's profits would soar.

They'd be the
only game in the gulf.

That's my girl.

The port of houston.

You need to
halt all cargo traffic
headed there right now.

That's the destination.

The hanar group
hired zanetakos
to bomb the port.

It could be anywhere.

Your girlfriend's been shot.

What are you
talking about? Liz?

Her. Gina zanetakos.

The one who helped you kill fokin.

I didn't kill anyone.

What do you know
about the bomb?

What do you know
about the ship?

What ship? I don't know
what you're talking about.

How about a manifest.
A crate number.
Help me, tom.

Why don't you help me?
Because I didn't do anything!

I don't know
who this woman is.

I don't know anything
about a bomb or a boat.

I don't know why
there was a gun
in my house

Or money or passports.

All I know about is this.

You think I faked this?

You think I invited
a psychopath into
my house to gut me?

This is real.

In less than an hour,

A bomb is gonna go off

And people are gonna die.

We've been
through five sections,
we found nothing.

The port is 25-miles long.

It'll take us weeks
to inspect it all.

We got
less than an hour.

We're missing something.

The hanar group,
they hire zanetakos,

She contracted ruddiger
to build a bomb, but...

Something's missing.

Nadeem idris.

What ships have been
in or out of here in the
last week from turkey?


Why would zanetakos need
a low level turkish diplomat

To get a car bomb
into the country?

'cause illegal to search
diplomatic cargo.

With his help zanetakos
was able to get the car
in without inspection.

It's on one of these ships.

Check the manifest
for all incoming ships

For any items
signed by nadeem idris.

Secure, check all ships...

It's refabricated.
I've never see
anything like it.

The bomb's not
just inside the car,
it is the car.

Well, we've minutes here.

What we got is
a big-ass problem.

There's over 2,000 people
that work in this harbor.

It will take hours
to evacuate.

We've only
got 10 minutes.

Can I explain something?

This thing is radiological.

When it detonates,
it'll go airborne

And everything
within a five mile radius
will be contaminated.

My suggestion is you take
the last 10 minutes and
get the hell out of here.

What if we put it
in the water?

The radiation can be
contained underwater.

How do we get this
off the ship?

We crane it off.

This isn't gonna work.
It'll work.

Not gonna work.

Less than a minute.

We're running out of time.

Move! Come on,
get out.

Because there was
no airborne exposure,

The nrc is saying that
contamination was contained,

Which is the only reason
why the us attorney

Is considering
a plea agreement

In exchange
for your cooperation.

Your full cooperation.
Is that clear?


Your prints are
on a nine millimeter

Used to assassinate
victor fokin in boston
last June.

Did you kill him?



Someone didn't
want him to talk.

Go on.

He was a russian agent,
defecting to the us.

Somebody didn't
want him spilling secrets.

What secrets?

Fokin had information,

About the route
chechen guerillas were using

To move their supplies
to their soldiers
on the russian border.

The guy who hired me
was making millions
providing those supplies.

His name is
raymond reddington.

Do you know tom keen?

We found this
picture of him
in your apartment.

Never seen him before.


That's him,
who I met with.

That's the guy
who interviewed me
for the job.

Please do come in.

You and I,
we're done.

I heard about tom.

Zanetakos confessed.

Or took the fall.

The passports? Forged.

The money in the box?

Traced to an off shore
account of yours.

I can only lead you
to the truth.

I can't make you
believe it.

The truth is that you're
a sick, twisted man.


Your obsession with me...

You put tom's picture
in zanetakos' apartment.

You hired her
to kill victor fokin,

You set my husband up

By having your errand boy
lure him to boston.

Is that what tom said?

I don't understand
why you would do this.

Any of it.

Go to hell.

Oh. The one night
you're on time.

I was really
looking forward to
the make-up sex.

You believe he's innocent?

Can't be that
simple, right?

Only thing that's
clear to me is that

He doesn't work
for reddington.

Then who the hell
does he work for?