The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Stewmaker (No. 161) - full transcript

When a witness in the murder trial of a ruthless cartel boss disappears, Red (James Spader) leads Liz (Megan Boone) and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) on a search for the Blacklist's No. 161, a gruesome hit man known as the Stewmaker.

I've got you booked
on the ground floor,
like you asked.

Is that right?
Yes, that sounds
perfect. Thank you.

Anything else
I can help you with?

No, that's all, thanks.

Hey, I forgot my badge,
but I've gotta grab
these records for...

Look, just sign in
on the form, I'll run you
through the system.

I'm in a real hurry here,

I wonder if
I can look while
you run me through?

Go ahead.

Where are you on keen?

She's still looking into
this classified homicide.

The file she has
is redacted.

No way she finds out
what really happened.

discovered something curious

About your husband,
haven't you, lizzy?

Hey, you're not
cleared to be in here.

Who's your supervisor?

We need to continue
to keep an eye on her.

She's testifying today
in a case from her time

In new york
with mobile psych.

Mexican drug dealer,

Hector lorca.

I want you
at the courthouse.


What's going on?

I've got court
this afternoon.

Just going over some notes.

Mind if I come with you?

Nothing would make me
happier than seeing

Hector lorca being
sent away for life.

Why do I get
the feeling that
you're less interested

In watching lorca
than in watching me?

I don't know.
Are you hiding something?

Dembe made contact.

Reddington wants
to see you alone.

You're due in
port-au-prince at noon.

If we're going to
make your appointment.

This won't take long,
bring the car around.

"it was only
through the efforts
of an fbi profiler

"that suspicion began
to fall on hector lorca,

"leading to his
arrest and indictment."

Well done, lizzy.
Very impressive.

You are aware, then,
that I'm due in court
in three hours.

Your case is about
to go sideways.

Why, what's happened?

Lorca's people
have reached out to me.

Normally, I wouldn't
give them the time of day.

He's a vicious
little drug lord thug,

Certainly nothing there
to hold my interest.

But their request
is of great interest,
because it concerns you.

What's he asking for?

out of the country.

New identity, passport,
bank account, credit cards.

As well as the proper
introductions to reestablish
his operations elsewhere.

And he wants it
by tomorrow night.

For whatever reason,
lorca is under the impression

He's about to be a free man.

I've got a witness
testifying today
who's got him cold.

Lorca's not going anywhere.

Something is going
to happen, lizzy.

I don't think you're
going to have a very
good day in court at all.

Francesca trevino was abducted
from a school parking lot.

Lisa molinera was taken
outside a movie theater.

Bill jackson,
he kissed his wife goodbye
one day to go for a jog.

Miguel romera,

Daniela morales,

Roberto pena.

109 victims over
the course of six years.

Members of us and mexican
law enforcement agencies

Preparing cases against
the criminal cartel
run by mr. Lorca.

They were witnesses,
prepared to testify
against him.

They are all presumed dead.

None of them have
ever been found.

Mr. Pena, can you
please tell the court

What your connection is
to this tragic situation?

That's my son.
Bobby pena.

He was a member of
the us border patrol.

He was taken.

We never saw him again.

I know who did it.

I saw him.

I know who killed my son!

Oh, my god,
he's not breathing!

Get the
paramedics in here!

secure the defendant.

I want this
courtroom cleared!

Who is that?

It's going to be okay.

What is going
to happen now?

If the juror can't continue,
they'll bring in an alternate.

For now,
we're going to keep
you in a holding area.

I'll take it from here.

What about my wife?

I'll go and find her,
I'll bring her back.

We got lorca secure.

Just got it from the emt,

The heart attack
was chemically induced.
That juror was poisoned.


The manufacturer
has replicated the specs

Of the fim-92 with
a few small improvements.

It's lighter,
more consistent tracking.

I'm confident your
client will be thrilled.

Put him on.

Mr. Reddington is not...

It seems to be urgent.

Yes, you also have
a few dozen of those.

not really the most
convenient time for me.

I don't give a rat's ass.
Where are you?

Doing what?

Keeping up appearances.
I'm a criminal.

The minute I stop being one,
I become quite useless to you.

My witness is gone.
Lorca's people
contacted you.

What did they say, exactly?

What I told you
is what I know.

Beyond that,
I really can't help.

A man's life is at stake!

A man's life is
always at stake.

And tragically
low stakes at that.

I shouldn't have
to remind you I did
not offer my services

So that I could
help you round up

Your run-of-the-mill
drug lord or what-have-you.

You all seem to be doing
a perfectly mediocre job
of that on your own.

I'm after the
big game, lizzy.
The ones that matter.

This case matters to me.

To the hundreds of families
who deserve to know

What happened
to their loved ones.

No bodies
were ever recovered.

They never got
to say goodbye,
to bury their dead.

Did you say hundreds?

And no bodies have
ever been found?

What are you thinking?


You should go home, lizzy.

Pour yourself
a chardonnay and move on.

Your witness is
most likely dead.

I think you
already know that.

And if what you're
telling me is true,

You'll probably never
find him, either.

How you holding up?


Nice try.

But I always know
when you're lying.



I know all your tells.

Right now,

You're telling me
that you want to be alone.

And that's okay, but...

I just wanted to say
what happened today

Is just part of your job.

You know, you deal
with bad people,
and sometimes,

Bad things are gonna happen,
and that's not your fault.

What's this?



I mean, besides
the best day ever?



Hey, I get it.
Bad day at work,

Come home, don't want
to talk to anybody,

Especially someone
whose stitches are
officially oozing.

It's so gross, I know.

Then you park
yourself in here

And cheer yourself up
with memories of
better times.

We were in boston
that weekend.


You had that
job interview.

It was a great trip.

God, when was
the last time
that we did that?

You know, that we
just packed up the car

And got the
hell out of here?

Because we need that.

Like, right now.

You have no idea.

I know.

Do I really have tells?

you're an open book.

Which is one of the things
I love about you.

'cause I always
know exactly what
you're thinking.

- We found where they took pena.

My witness saw a white van
leaving the courthouse.

They found it abandoned
10 blocks away.

Traffic camera
picked up the swap car.

Apb got a hit on the
plate from local pd.

The desk clerk said it was
a large black duffel bag.

There's no sign
of him, liz, I'm sorry.

Has forensics been through?

They're going through now.
So far, they've found
a hair on the bed skirt.

But we don't
think it's human.

The desk clerk said
he saw the suspect
with a dog.

We found traces of
adhesive on the walls,

So I think he maybe used
tarps or plastic sheeting.

It's a motel room,

Should be
latent prints all over,
and there's nothing.

He's wiped the place clean.

What do you want?

I've been thinking
about your case.

What do you have so far?

I'm at the crime scene.

Or what we think
is the crime scene.

You didn't find anything.

Not much.

Tape residue on the walls?

How do you know that?

Look in the tub.

Run your fingers
around the drain.

What do you smell?


You see, lizzy,
now I'm interested.


The stewmaker is in town.

You're going to
need a plumber.

The stewmaker
is a true blacklister.

The only fellow to engage

When one has
a particular sort of

Disposal problem.

He's a chemical expert,
who turns his victims
into a chemical stew.

Thus the nom de guerre.

No dna, no nothing.

He makes corporeal problems
literally disappear.

But, it's much more
than the proficiency
of his tradecraft

That gets him on the list.

He's a trophy collector.

Remembrances of his victims.

Memori morti.

you've lost your witness.

And with him, your case.

But the stewmaker is
the key to so much more.

He's served the needs
of international syndicates,
repressive regimes.

Anyone with a need
and the means to pay.

The stewmaker knows where
all the bodies are buried.

He's got the
answers to hundreds
of unsolved murders.

So, how do we get him?

He's notoriously cautious.

I don't even
know who he is,

Or where he
bases his operation.

And believe me,
I've tried to find him.

Lorca knows.

If not his name,
he knows how
to make contact.


I suggest you
encourage mr. Lorca
to share that information.

The stewmaker is
obviously here now,
but he won't be for long.

And if you
let him slip away,

He'll be as gone
as his victims.

And you'll never
see him again.

We know that
luis pena is dead,

We know about the stewmaker.

My client has no idea what
you're talking about.

help us nail this guy,

And we can talk
a plea agreement.

You're responsible
for luis's safety.

I'm sure you promised him
all sorts of protection
to compel him to testify.

This is on you.

I had nothing
to do with it.

The government is
dropping this case.

That is a surprise.

You know, the thing
about narco dollars
is that they always

Seem to find their way into
some pretty unsavory hands.

We've got files
on shell corporations,

Numbered accounts all related
to a mysterious hector lorca,

But you're not such
a mystery anymore.

You're bringing
money laundering charges?
Based on what evidence?

Are you dropping
this case or not?

This case, yes.

But homeland security
suspects that you may be

Laundering money
through entities

With financial ties to
terrorist organizations.

That's a load of crap
and you know it.
Why would they think that?

Because we told them he is.

Homeland's gonna stick you
in a nice hole someplace
while we check it out.

And that could take
some time, you know?

Give us the stewmaker,
and we'll set you up
in a nice, cozy supermax.

I don't think
you really understand
who you're hunting.

This man,
he is much more
dangerous than your agents.

I'll take my chances
with homeland.

I'm a survivor.
I like my odds.

Once I turn you
over to homeland,

It's beyond my
ability to help you.

You've helped me
enough, agent keen.

You disrupted
my business, my life.

You've embarrassed me,
my family.

You think you know me,
with your profiles?

You have no idea.

Come on!

We just got this surveillance footage
from the airport.

What did you know
about the transport attack?

How did they know
where to strike?

I swear to god,
if you had anything
to do with this...

What you're forgetting is
we want the same thing,
agent ressler.

Why would he
kidnap agent keen?
What's his play here?

I have a contract
with lorca to personally
hand him a new identity.

That's never
gonna happen.

Your witness is dead,
you lost lorca,
and he took agent keen.

I'd say my
meeting with lorca
might be the equivalent

Of you falling on your ass
and landing in a pile
of christmas.

We'll need time
to set up a sting.

He's been evading
capture for years,

He'll be more
on guard than ever.

Any change of plans
and we'll lose him.

I meet with lorca alone.

An fbi agent's life
is in jeopardy.

There's no bargaining here.

When confronting
complex equations,

The simplest solution is
most often the correct one.

You lost her.
I can find her.
It's that simple.

I'm coming with you.

Then understand,
I take no responsibility
for your safety.

And the fbi backs off,
no surveillance, no wires.

Or you can find what's left
of agent keen yourselves.

As soon as you have information on
agent keen, contact me.

I'll get backup
and we'll take him.

No, I'm gonna
make him feel safe.

Lorca's gonna walk
and you're gonna have
to just trust me.

Lorca's not going anywhere.

And I'll never trust you.
You know why?

Because after
tracking me for years,

You've come up with
one undeniable truth.

I only do
what's good for me.

And that is a person
you can trust, donald.

Now let's go.

Lorca will have
questions about you.

You'll need
breviloquent answers. Ready?

Good evening, gentlemen.
I'm raymond reddington.

Mr. Lorca,
I'm raymond reddington.

I didn't expect
two of you.

Oh, this is special agent
donald ressler,

Of the federal bureau
of investigation.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

It must be
open season on the fbi.

I like it.
He insisted, dying to meet you.

What's he saying?

He's telling his men
to be ready to
cut off your head.

You want to tell me
why I shouldn't?

One chance.
Make it a good one.

Better start
talking, donald.


Kill him.

He's also a wonderful dancer.

How do you think
red got a new id?

New passports,
established interpol
data background?

New history, false prints?
That's all me.

I'm not the guy
you kill, hector.
I'm the guy you pay.

And if I didn't show up
for dinner tonight,
you're dead by morning.

Is this true?
It is indeed.

Crooked as
a corsican highway.
He's an asset.

So if you're gonna
kill my inside man,

The least you could do
is thank him first.

Your new life.
I hope it's an
interesting one.

I've also arranged a flight
to take you to venezuela.

You just need
to sit tight for
at least 12 hours.

No. I'm leaving now.

Not with my assistance,
you're not.

You're bad for business.
You've made a mess.

You abducted an fbi agent.
I presume she's dead?

I don't know.

In any event,
the city's locked down.

I can't have you
getting busted with my
fingerprints all over you.

When I arrange transport,
it's flawless. I won't
compromise my people.

Every sat tracking system,
every surveillance camera,

Every law enforcement
officer in this town
is looking for you.

No way you're getting
out of here anytime soon.

So just sit tight.
Take your new identity,

Catch a ride on my plane,
and let me clean up
your mess.

Full service provider, huh?


So, where is the man
holding the agent?

You have a problem with
me disposing of this bitch?

Agent keen will
soon disappear.

That is the price for taking
everything I have.

See, that's the
problem right there.

You let your emotions
get the best of you,

Which is how people
wind up in jail, hector.
Stupid people.

I need the name
and location

Of the man
holding elizabeth keen.

Are you sure it is not you
who's acting on emotion?

This sounds personal.

You got me.

It is personal.
I want your man.

So, let me spell it
out for you.

You get away,
agent ressler here
saves agent keen,

He looks good,
and everyone feels
better about themselves.

I need a name. Now.

I don't have a name.

And I have no idea
where he took her.

Then good luck
to you, mr. Lorca.

I have a contact.

That is all.

Tell me about the suspect.

Got a contact from lorca,

Brought us to a mailbox
rental place in g-town.

Name of the mailbox rental
was an alias, bill conners.

We found his driver's license
at the dmv,

And matched his fingerprints
to chemical purchases
in maryland.

The stewmaker has a name,
stanley r. Kornish.

Runs a dental practice
in kitzmiller, maryland.

Not 100%, but kornish
is definitely person of
interest number one.

I hope you're
on your way to kitzmiller.

We are.

Time to go.

My name is elizabeth.
I have a name.

I'm a person.

I have a husband,
and I want you
to know who I am.

Dogs are not
our whole life,

But they do make
some lives whole.

Dembe, would you dial
the maryland state office
of animal control, please?

Come on.

Maryland animal control,
this is diana.
Can I help you?

Yes, hello, diana,
this is stanley kornish.

I'm in a bit of a panic.
My dog has gotten out,

And I've lost my cell phone
with the tracking code.

I was wondering if I might
bother you for the code,

And if you could reboot
the application for
this mobile device.

He's an emotional
support dog.

Please hurry.
My heart, it's pounding,

And I'm having
trouble breathing.

♪ smile

♪ though your heart
is aching

Who are you?

I deserve
that at least,

Since you're
going to kill me.

I mean, you understand
decency, don't you?

At the very least, I should
know the name of the person
who's going to take my life.

♪ if you smile
through your fear

I know the name they
call you out there.

It's disparaging,

But it's not
who you are, is it?

It's not how you
feel about yourself.

What name
are you referring to?

You don't know?

♪ light up your face
with gladness

♪ hide every trace
of sadness ♪

What name?

They call you the stewmaker,

Because of the
chemicals you use to
dissolve human bodies.


What about nature?

It's the transference
of energy.

Energy... Oh.

Cannot die.
It can only be transformed.

Is that what you do?
Transform energy?

That's what nature does,
when the body dies.

But you do it
very differently.





Go, go, go.

hands where we can see them.

Oh, my, god!

Oh, my, god! What? What?
- Let me see your hands!

Everything's okay.
We're fbi.

Where are you taking my son?

He'll be fine, ma'am.
Everything's gonna
be okay, all right?

He'll be fine.

Are you eleanor kornish?

Is your husband
stanley kornish?

Where is he now, ma'am?
I don't know.

He isn't here.

What's happening?

Why do you want
to talk to stanley?

Where is my boy?
Easy, easy.

He'll be fine, ma'am.
He'll be fine.

What about family?

You seem like

A father.

♪ smile, what's the use
of crying? ♪

Do you have kids?

A son?

A son, then.

How old is he?
How old is your son?


My son, he's 11.

I married late.

Nice woman.

I knew it.
A caring father.

What about you?
Are you a mother?


That's good.

I was... I was asked
to make you suffer.

I'm sorry.
It's my job.

It's my job
to read people.

And you're not a killer.

I'm a lot of things, liz.

There is a nerve cluster
just under the
shoulder muscle.

The pain should be
quite intense.

My husband's a dentist.

He would never
do anything wrong.

Where do you
think he might be
now, mrs. Kornish?

It's the weekend.
He likes to get away.
He goes fishing.

Where does he fish?

We have a little
cabin up in...

I don't go there.
It's his place.

Tell us about the cabin.

It's not far.
Up at backbone mountain.

Kind of in the
middle of nowhere.

Near lamb knolls, I think.

What's the name
of the road?

Up there
they don't have names.

Some of the roads
aren't even roads.

They're just dirt
paths to the woods.

Please, I have to know.

What has stanley done?

I need
a chopper now.

I want tac ops
on site within the hour.

And call ahead
to forestry,

We're gonna need guys
that know those woods.

We're getting
very close, dembe.

Pull in at the next shop.
We're going to need meat.

Tell me,
how does it work?

How do you make them
disappear so perfectly?

It is perfect, isn't it?

What did you give me?

A sedative.

It'll eventually
causes paralysis

Yet maintain your
sensitivity to pain.

Hey, boy.

You don't have to
watch this, do you?

Why don't you
go play? Go play.

Why are you doing this?

You don't take life.
You clean up death.

Everything changes.

Everything evolves.
This is my evolution.

You know what I think?

I think this idea of
you vanishing people
to aid nature is a lie.

I think you're trying to
dissolve something else.

Your past maybe?

Whatever that
horrible thing was that
twisted you up inside

And made you into
the freak that you are!

We're gonna run
two team lines here,

One from lamb knolls
to the south west road,

The other from the
fire road back to the lake.
Let's move!

You know, I was
wrong about you.

You're not perfect.

Hello, lizzy.

The effects
will dissipate soon.

You're going to be fine.


Should we get started?

A farmer
comes home one day,

To find that everything
that gives meaning to
his life is gone.

Crops are burned.

Animals slaughtered.

Bodies and broken pieces
of his life strewn about.

Everything he loved,
taken from him.

His children.

One can only imagine

The pit of despair.

The hours of
job-like lamentations.

The burden of existence.

He makes
a promise to himself
in those dark hours.

A life's work
erupts from his

Knotted mind.

Years go by.

His suffering becomes


One day he stops.

The farmer,

Who is no longer a farmer,

Sees the wreckage
he's left in his wake.

It is now he who burns.

It is he who slaughters.

And he knows in his heart

He must pay.

Doesn't he, stanley?

No, red.

He couldn't help it.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe he could change.

Maybe he's not
damaged beyond repair.

Maybe he could
make amends to

All those that
he's hurt so terribly.

Or maybe not.

Where's kornish?

We've had
a little accident.

Agent keen needs
medical attention.

How did you get in here?

That's a pretty blouse.

Get a medic
in here now!

It's all over.
You're gonna be okay.

Here. It's horrifying

But at least you can
give peace of mind to
some of the families.

You're no better than him.

You gonna tell
on me, lizzy?

Tell harold
how bad I've been?

You're a monster.


How can you live with that?

By saving your life.

The book I just
gave agent keen
should help to

Put lorca,
or many of his kind,
away for a nice, long time.

But lorca got away.

Cost of doing business.

No. You're not just
gonna let him go.

He was offensive.
You didn't like that.

He is on my jet.

I know things have
been a little weird
between us lately.

I think what we
were talking about,

Getting out of town
for a few days,

I think we can
really use it.

So I booked it.

It's just three nights
back at that place we love,

The tellamy cove inn.

You know, it has that
restaurant that you like

And it might be fun.


We're gonna
get through this.

I promise.