The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Wujing (No. 84) - full transcript

Red (James Spader) takes Liz (Megan Boone) on an undercover assignment to bring down a freelance Chinese spy who's targeting CIA agents.

♪ I wish I would have met you

♪ now it's a little late

♪ what you
could have taught me

♪ I could have
saved some face

♪ they think
that your early ending
was all wrong

♪ hey, man!

♪ nice shot

♪ hey, man!

The plan failed,
we can't decode the message.

Call raymond reddington.

From wujing.
Good god, not here.

The gentleman
I usually contract
with is unavailable.

Stung by a manta-ray off
the barrier reef in belize.

I have another tech in mind.

This needs to be
done quickly. Today?

Speak with luli about the
replacement I'm offering.
Conduct your due diligence.

If things are in order,
we can proceed
as discussed.

I prefer to play
with myself in private.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I'm just a little

No, it's all right.
I mean,

Sitting here talking about
what happened to me,

Like it only
happened to me.

But it happened
to us both.

It's just a little weird
to be home because...

Lizzy, a man came
into our home.

I know, I'm sorry.

I wish I could
tell you more.

I wanna tell
you more, I...

So, tell me something.
Who was he?

He's gone.

He was killed.

So, it's over?


Look, I love you.

That's ellie.

I just hate that
there are things
you have to hide from me.

Good morning.
Hope you're hungry. I'm making breakfast.

Oh, you don't
have to do that.

Are you kidding?
A good omelet
has healing powers.

Bruce and melissa
are bringing over
dinner tonight.

That's incredibly
cool of you.

Hey, friends don't
let friends starve

When they've been stabbed
by violent psychopaths.

How's he doing?

I'm sitting right here.
I'm not asking you.

You'll say fine,
because that's what you do.
You are a good actor.

Karen's covering
my classes,

We're gonna eat
and then head over
to physical therapy.

I gotta run.
Ellie, we owe you.

So true.

You know I wouldn't go
if I didn't have to.

Look, whatever they pulled
you into, the sooner
you get it over with,

The sooner we
get our life back.


Slug and casing
from a nine millimeter.

Can you run these
and see if they match
any crimes in our system?

An opportunity
has come our way.

Yesterday, the chinese
killed a cia agent
in shanghai.

They took his computer,
which they thought

Could decode a message
they intercepted.

It couldn't.
They've asked me
to help.

Oh, rodrick is
a dear old friend.

I'm sorry.

You're decoding cia
messages on behalf
of the chinese?

Now, you see, you make
it sound like treason.
So black and white.

It's not. It's green.

The fact is, american
secrets are for sale

By an assortment
of reputable vendors,
myself included.

If I don't do this
someone else will.

The man who's paying me
is called wujing.

Perhaps you've
heard of him.

Formerly, he worked
for the ministry
of state security.

He's not officially
sanctioned by the chinese,

But unofficially,
he's contracted to
take out rival agents.

American, british.

The message likely
contains the name
of another agent.

You expect me
to believe that?

A secret meeting with
the mysterious wujing?

Intriguing, isn't it?

He's a myth.

That's what they said
about deep throat.

And the g-spot.

I assure you wujing
is quite real,
and he's hired me.

Now you have the
chance to catch him.

I've already forwarded
them your cover.

What? What cover?

Carolyn givins.
Phd in applied
physics from mit.

I've told them you're my
new encryption specialist.

You're asking me
to betray the life
of an american agent.

Listen. This is a guy

Who the intelligence
community has been
talking about for decades

As if he were a figment.

You don't even know
if he's real or not.

Well, he is real. Very.

And I'm giving you
the opportunity
to grab him.

Now the good news is
he's not even in china.

He's right here
in your own backyard.

We play our cards right,

I can still make
lisbon by breakfast.

Rodrick, both.

Michael alvarado,
kevin wyatt, bryce jensen.

Three agents based in china.
Three covers blown.

According to reddington,
all were murdered
by a man named wujing.

Who is wujing?

China has
a one child policy.

They say that wujing
was a second child.

So, they gave him away,
denied he was ever born.

He was invisible
to his family.

Wujing made a life
working in a business

Where invisibility was
an incredible asset.

Reddington's told you
he can find this guy?

He claims wujing
has hired him to
decode a message

That the chinese
have intercepted
from the cia.

He believes that
it might contain

The identity of another
one of our assets in china.

I think we should
move on this.

I'm not prepared to do this.

I understand you
have reservations.


You're asking me
to spy on a notorious
spy killer,

While pretending
to be an expert
in cryptography

Which I know
nothing about.

Reddington insists on you.

I'm sorry.

Look at those pictures.

If there is a name
in that message,

There's going to be
another face in that file.

That will be on you.

♪ there is one bird
in my house

♪ she said you woke up
from a dream

♪ he heard mama cass,
he felt better

♪ if I would have known
those things ♪

I'll be back in a second. I just
need to grab my purse.

I thought it was
on the counter.


did you find it?

Oh, yeah.
Sorry, I'm coming.

Okay. Say I do this.

What's in it for me?

Look at you,
like a bedouin.

If I'm going to help you,
I want something in return.

Such as?
The truth.

Just once.

I want to know
why you chose me.

Well, then, we need
to move quickly.

Things are already in play.

Wdcj, a small radio station
five miles from here.

The building was
purchased six years ago

By a corporation fronting
for the chinese government.

I'm sorry. Wait.
You're telling us

That wujing
is running a spy ring
out of a radio station?

We'll meet wujing.

You'll decode the message
and transmit it to your team.

If I decode the message,
that means
the chinese get it, too.

Exactly. Both you
and the chinese
will know the name

Of the agent for which
the message was intended.
And the race begins.

We try to save him.
The chinese try to kill him.

We could give them
a false message.

That could work.
We could send them
in the wrong direction.

I said, no.

The chinese may not
know what the message is,

But they certainly
know what it isn't.

We do it for real or
we don't do it at all.

Great plan.
Except as I've said,

I know nothing
about encryption.

You're a very quick study.

I have a guy who can
help you with that.

The chinese will give
you the intercepted
message on one of these.

Insert it, and it'll
prompt you to connect
a data locker.

Shun lee say it's
like a magic box.

A magic box?

The data locker
applies a key to the message.

It'll take a moment,
but the decoded message
will appear on your laptop.

How do I get the message out?
- You don't.

The computer does
it for you, all you need
is satellite connection.

If you don't have a satellite
connection, use this.

It's a remote
mirroring program.

It'll give our tech
on the outside
control of the system.

It's gonna be okay.

Great. You're rockin'
the mandarin.

Three minutes
for the meeting, sir.

Where the hell
is reddington?
He's late.

He's gonna blow this
whole damn thing.

Do you smoke?

Well, you do now.
Or at least you're
trying to quit.

This is cia equipment.
It's brand new.

It looks like
a nicotine patch,

But it's a very
sensitive transmitter.

It has a range
of 300 yards

And it's a
plastic polymer,

Which means
it won't show up
if it gets wanded.

And if you're wrong?

I'm not wrong.

Where the hell is he?
He was supposed
to be here...

What are we waiting for?

Surveillance one,
are you in position?

Roger that.
In position.

Satellite feed,
up and running.

Right this way.

Here we go.

Sorry, sir. Protocol.

Miss. Please.

Thank you. Sir?

Darpa tracking chip.
Eight millimeter tag.

I was taken by somali
pirates last March.

Spent three weeks
in a shipping container.

The first two
were a nightmare,

Third one was actually
quite pleasant.

Even so, that
won't happen again.

If you have
a clean razor blade
and some morphine,

I'll remove it.

That won't be necessary.

But I'm going to need
a biometric print scan
from your associate.

She's with me.

But my orders are
to scan any new visitors.

What database is this
being run against?

All of them.

What's happening?
They're running her prints.

Can you intercept them?

So you went with the gray.



Follow me.

As you can see,
we've made some

Oh, yeah.
Darpa chip won't work
where you're going.

Wujing will explain
when you get there.

Get where?

What the hell
just happened?

We lost 'em.
We can't just lose them.

What happened
to our signal?

They seem to be descending,
which doesn't make sense.

The blueprints don't show
any underground space.

Get that signal back.

How far down
do you think
we're going?

Far enough.

My friend.

Don't be cheeky, wujing.
You don't have any friends.

My associate.

Ms. Givins.

Professor robins only
works with the best.

Oh, he was an
amazing teacher.

I was sorry to hear
that he passed away.

You've made some changes.

We had to
increase security.

I can imagine.
Four american
agents killed

In the past year
and a half.
You've been busy.

I presume nothing
gets in or out.

No radio or satellite
Nothing but trust.

don't take offense.

I can't risk
american surveillance.

Only our systems
are hard-wired
to the outside world.

Let's get to work.

I once had a bad experience
in a deep hole in the ground.

Jin sun,
my new senior cryptographer.

We expected standard
rsa encryption,

But this was
something stronger.

The government's been
experimenting with better
factoring algorithms.

It's only a matter
of time before
rsa's obsolete.

You're right. It is.

I'll just need a few moments to
set up my equipment.

This way.

We're trying,
still nothing.

Either the chinese
are scrambling
our signals

Or liz and red
are out of range.

I thought your equipment
had a range of 300 yards.

It does. But maybe they've
built a bunker that deep
under the building.

We're getting played.

That signal went dark
because red and liz
wanted them to.

It's not likely.

How long can we
wait to find out?

It is possible they
could be in danger?

There's another reason
not to wait.

Keep all insertion
teams on standby.

If we don't hear from
agent keen in five minutes,
we're going in.

We ready yet?

Do you get home
much, jin sun?

Not for two years.

Oh, that must be hard.

It certainly would
be for me. I don't
even have a phone.

I insist on
delivering all my
messages in person.

What province
are you from?
From yunnan.

Oh! Beautiful part
of the country.

I spent a month
in silent meditation
at a monastery

Just outside of kunming.

It was a wonderful
escape from the

Distractions of
everyday life.

I can't imagine the
distractions one might

Encounter down here.
Can you?

No. I can't.


I think we're
almost ready.

This should be fun.

What the hell is that?

I swear, if I run
into the same trouble

I had with you
in hong kong...

In all the years
you and I have
known each other.

I've never put you
in a position like this.

You know how I
conduct my business.

I don't need this
kind of crap.

You assured me this
place was secure.

It is.
Then what the hell
is that? That van.

It was there
when we arrived
and it's still there.

That is the fbi.

With all these
scans and wands

And this
elevator you've built

That goes down
to middle earth,

And you don't even
bother to sweep the street
around your building?

This is nonsense.
Calm down, old friend.

You're under surveillance.

If the fbi was outside,

It's because you
led them here.

I've been
moving comfortably
through the world

For the past 20 years
without a trace,

And now some
two-bit spy killer

Is going to put my life
and business in jeopardy?

We have activity.
Everybody heads up.

We're made.
Your 2:00.

Break it down.
15 seconds.

We gotta go.
Pack it up.


They know we're here.

Maybe. Or maybe
the van just been
there too long

And they're being careful.

I don't like it.

We're going in
on my signal.


You see, nothing.

Now, can we continue?

You should be
ashamed of yourself.

To put miss givins
and I at risk, it's

I've reached my limit...


Okay. Okay.
You know I'm sorry.

I've have a rough day.


Shall we do this.

Let's roll.
Eta one minute.

The message.

Don't you miss
the good old days
with the pay phones

And the brush passes.

Thirty seconds out.

Wait. I've got something.

She's using the remote
mirroring program meera's
contact gave her.

Uh, hang on.
This isn't her

It looks like one
of the chinese systems.

Can you see the
cia message?

Yes, sir. And a lot more than that.
Downloading now.

Ten seconds out.
All units, stand down.

I repeat, stand down.

I repeat,
all units stand down.

Standing down.

There's your next target.

Kill number five.
Henry cho.

We have the message.
The target is henry cho.

All right,
the clock is ticking.

I want everything
we can find on this guy!

This was sent from
a cia server,

Delivered to a server at
the nanjing grand hotel.

So, mr. Cho.

Why is the cia
sending you secret
messages at your hotel?

Hold on,
this guy's not an agent.

He's chinese-american.
An architect.

An architect?
Then why the hell is
talking to the cia?

Because we asked
for his help.

Henry cho works
for zhongku construction.

Not in china,
here in d.C.

A huge construction company.

They design buildings
all over the world.

His immigration file says he's been to
the company headquarters

Six times in the
last ten months.

That's why the
cia reached out to him.

Zhongku's designing
a new government
building in shanghai.

We asked henry
to use his access
to get us the plans.

Thanks to him,
our ops bugged the city
military commission.

Let me get this straight.

This guy's not
a trained operative,

He's just a contractor?

A civilian.

Where is he now?
- Here.

Immigration says he left china
three days ago.

A return flight
to dulles airport.

Thank you, aram.
You're welcome.

Go get 'em.

Zhongku construction.
- Henry cho, please.

It's very important that
I speak to him immediately.

His brother, xiaoping,
has been in a car accident.

He's at our fairview property
with his son.

I could try to call him
on his cell phone...

There's no
answer on his cell.

Call the company.
Find out where he is.

My friend, I can't
thank you enough.

This is all the
thanks I require.

Get your things.
It's time to go.

Leave it.

Lock it down.


You were right.

Maybe that was
the fbi outside.

In fact, maybe they're
not just outside.

Maybe they're right here,

In this room.

Think hard before
you accuse anybody
of anything.

A few minutes ago,
contact was made

From this room
to an fbi server.

A message I worked
so hard to intercept

Was sent to the americans.

Well, all my instincts
said it was her.

I trust my instincts.

You're smart.

The one responsible was smart.

But our systems
are smarter.

Any contact with
a government server
is flagged for review.

So, I know
who betrayed us.

You son of a bitch.

He's not at the office.
He's with a client

At a property on
fairview and wallace.

Try him again.

So, over here
there's gonna
be some windows.

And out here,

There's gonna be a balcony,

That runs the length
of the whole...

You said we were gonna get ice cream.

Let me just show you
something else first.

Get him up.

I thought you were
loyal to us.
I don't understand.

The message
was sent from your
system, jin sun.

That's not possible.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, hey!

That's not possible.
It is.

And not just one message.

You gave them everything.

Files that were worked
on for months!

Nobody else had access.

We have to do something.


We can't just
let them do this.


As entertaining
as all this has been,

We really do need
to leave now.

The next sound you hear
is going to be the fbi
knocking on your door

And I for one am
not gonna be here.

Wujing! Look at me.

You don't kill
one of my people.

Now I have to kill
one of yours.

The moment he
sent that message

He became
worthless to you.

You would've beaten him
for another 20 minutes

And then killed
him yourself.

But if I let you kill
a contractor of mine

I'll lose the trust
of all my others.

And that's just bad business.

So if you kill her,
you better kill me.

Or I'm going to kill you.

You hired me to do
a job. It's done.

Now, let's get out of here.

Follow me.
I have another way out.

Let's go get you some
ice cream, all right.



Mr. Cho, this is
agent meera malik

With the cia.
- Cia?

I don't understand.
You're not supposed to
be calling on this line.

Listen to me.
You are in danger.
Can you hear me?

The chinese have your name.
There are men on their way
to your location.

We're on
the 12th floor.

Stay where you are.
We're coming to get you.

Stay hidden,
we're just minutes out.

Dad. Dad.

Come here.
Come here, let's go.

I've been building
this place for three years.

And now my
operation is burned.

So build another.

Sir, I've got them.

The microchip in red's
neck just came online,

And the bug we put
on agent keen.

They're out of the building,
moving west on danforth.

Where the hell
are they going?

Just send agents
to intercept them.

Get underneath.
Get underneath.

Listen. Listen.
Don't move, all right?

Just don't move.
No, put your hand in.

Don't move.
Shh. Shh.


No! Stop! Dad!

Dad! Dad!


Hey, hey, hey!
Let go. Let my son go.

Please! Please, just
let my son go. Please.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I'll do anything.

Just let him go.
It's gonna be all right.

It's gonna be all right,
I promise. I promise.


Ressler, clear!

Ressler, clear?

I'm good. Thanks.

Thank you.

Thank you for all
you've done for us.

I can get us out
of the country.

That's very kind,
but I'm sure we can
muddle through on our own.

Anywhere in the shade
up here would be fine.

I fear
I've disappointed you.

The deal was for us
to actually catch the
criminals on the blacklist.

Now wujing is as good
as halfway to beijing.

I don't think so.

Is everything okay?
We're fine.

Let me see your hands!
- Get out! Get out!

Suspect in custody now.

Luli can stay with me.

Dembe will take you
wherever you need to go.

You didn't have to kill him.

I believe I will always do
whatever I feel I have to do

To keep you alive.

I held up my end
of the deal.
Now, it's your turn.

You owe me an answer.

What's the question?

Why me?

Because of your father.

What does that mean?

Did you know my father?

Have the two of you
met somehow?

I wish the answer
were as simple as
the question seems.

But the truth is,
the question isn't
simple, either.

I share your frustration.

You act like
we're the same.
You're wrong.

I have a life.
People who care about me.

But you...

This is all you have.

I have you.

You okay?

I'll live.

Look, I just
wanted to say, uh...

Maybe I've had
some doubts about you.

Maybe I haven't done
the best job of keeping
them to myself,

But what you did today
was good work.


If you didn't get
that message out
when you did,

Henry cho
wouldn't be alive.

Whatever else
went down in there,

You should feel
good about that.

♪ caught in a riptide

♪ I was searching
for the truth

♪ there was a reason

♪ I collided into you

♪ calling your name
in the midnight hour

♪ reaching for you
from the endless dream

♪ so many miles
between us now

♪ but you are
always here with me

You were right.

Liz keen is
hiding something.

I put a flag on her.

Any tests, reports,
or files, anything
she requests

Gets sent to us first.

She put a bullet
and a shell casing
in to ballistics.

At her level the
results were classified.

But that's
the full report.

This isn't
just classified.

Any briefings
on this homicide

Include the secretary
of homeland security.

Who else knows about this?

♪ calling your name
in the midnight hour

♪ reaching for you
from the endless dream

♪ so many miles
between us now

♪ but you are
always here with me

♪ with me

How are you?


Let me take
this for you.
Thank you.

Everybody wanted
to be here for tom.


Everything go okay?


Thank you.

Hey, can we, um, talk
for a second, pre-lasagna?

I just wanted to
apologize for this morning.

It's okay.
No, I was wrong.

It's your job, and, uh,

I understand that
there are certain

Secrets that you have
to keep right now,
and that's okay.

Because we'll survive,

Like always.

I just want you to...

I... I love you.
I got to see a man
about some lasagna.