The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Milton Bobbit (No. 135) - full transcript

Now aware that Tom is not whom he pretends to be, Liz uses a case to distract the team as she investigates her husband's true intentions.

My name is Oliver Queen. For 5 years,
I was stranded on an island with only one goal--
Oliver Queen is alive.
Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish--
to use the list of names he left me
and bring down those who are poisoning my city.
To do this, I must become someone else.
I must become something else.
Previously on "Arrow"...
Mom? What are you doing here?
I believe Sarah's still alive.
You don't actually have any proof.
I have proof. Doesn't it look
just like Sarah?
I did manage to find one thing.
Does that symbol mean something to you, sir?
I want to get out.
Malcolm Merlyn. I want you to kill him for me.
We have a traitor in our midst.
He just made his last mistake.
Lawyers for John Nickels spoke to the press today.
They say they're pleased the D.A. declined to indict
their client on charges stemming from the recent fire
in one of Nickel's buildings.
John Nickel is one of the wealthiest
real estate developers in Starling City.
He's also one of the dirtiest.
That building that burnt down last night?
Wiring was not up to code. Maybe he didn't know that.
I guess he also didn't know
about the seven people who have frozen to death
in his other buildings over the past three years.
Yeah, he's a real man of the people.
Not for long.
The D.A. ignores this, and the police can't do anything
because all these slums
are in the Glades. So tonight, Felicity,
we cross Mr. Nickel's name off the list.
You ok with that?
The scene outside of the courtroom
where Nickel was released this afternoon
was not surprisingly tense.
100 percent.
He was just gone?
No! Not gone. Taken.
Looks like Nickel was on somebody else's list, too.
After the fire last night, it's not entirely surprising.
Felicity, I need you
to get me everything that you can on Nickel.
Focus on his tenants, and anyone who might have
filed a formal complaint against him, or...
people that lost something in the fire.
Well, it's going to be some list. I mean, slum lords
aren't generally known for their popularity.
Plus... What?
Nothing, it's just--
you went over there to be
all, "grrr, stop being bad or I'll arrow you,"
and now you want to rescue him.
I don't like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there.
Somebody else.
Because typically...
They don't show my level of restraint.
So you're going to cross Nickel off anyway?
I'm finding somebody else who needs a talking to.
You're going out there again, Oliver?
Why don't you go home and be with your family, man?
That's when the work is done, Diggle.
Ok, then I'll take you out to dinner.
I'm not hungry.
I'm not asking.
Simple exchange.
You get us a way off the island,
and we'll give you the circuit board
so that your missile launcher
isn't just furniture.
You've grown up quite a bit, Mr. Queen.
I'll give you that.
I can get you a boat.
But I need time.
You got an hour, Fyers, and then you're never--
We understand it might take you longer than an hour to get a boat.
What we mean is you need to move with some dispatch.
Ah, Wilson, still in command there, eh?
I thought your little pet had staged a coup d'etat.
Just get us the damn boat.
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Now you want to stop?
Well, we don't all have butlers.
You know, some of us actually have to answer our own doors.
Oh, the horror.
You look familiar.
Did I see you on TV or something?
Probably. I'm Thea Queen.
Yeah, right.
Did you get it?
Tomorrow night.
Joe wants us there at 11 p.m.
He said to be on time, Harper.
What's happening tomorrow at 11:00?
You know, I'm actually kind of focused on
what's happening right now.
Oh, ok. Yeah.
No, no, Thea, don't!
Why do you have a gun?
Because I'm no good with knives.
Look, it's just a liquor store.
The guy's a creep. Trust me, he deserves it.
Look, if it'll make you feel any better...
I won't be armed.
But of course, the owner won't know that, but...
I got you a job at my brother's club.
You have choices. You don't have to be a criminal!
I'm not talking about phone bills.
I owe people.
People with much bigger guns than this.
Look, here in the Glades,
this is pretty much the only solution.
No, lots of people in the Glades live honest lives.
Obviously not you.
You're just a waste. No, Thea.
I'm going to make sure you get home ok.
Don't bother.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Hey, honey.
There you go.
Um, what's all this?
Well, you asked me to look into your mother's leads on Sarah,
so I made some calls.
It looks like you did a lot more than that.
Well, yeah, but you're the one who said we should do this, Laurel,
so, you know, if there's even a chance that your sister is--
yeah, but-- thank you.
Hi, sweetheart, I'm sorry about the mess.
Quentin, I just got off the phone with the consulate
in Phuket. The secretary there's going to run Sarah's photo
against their database, see if there's a match.
That's good work.
Well, I guess I just thought deep down
that you were going to help mom...
accept things.
Things you and I accepted.
Yeah, but...
You got to admit.
This girl, she looks a lot like Sarah.
Sarah had that same cap. The Starling City Rockets.
Your dad bought it for her, remember?
Yeah, I remember.
Stranger things have happened.
Yeah. I can see that.
Hungrier than I thought.
Are you waiting for me to finish before giving me the lecture?
Oliver, you've been spending a lot of time
under that hood the last couple weeks.
Keeps my ears warm.
And you made this decision to, um,
avoid entanglements?
For their protection.
The people who get close to me get hurt.
What's the problem?
Do you think I'm losing my grip?
No, it's just the opposite, really. You seem calm.
Scary calm.
I get that things didn't end well with Helena, with McKenna...
With Laurel.
With Sarah.
The list goes on. Yeah. But what do you do?
You hood up, you go home, you repeat. It's not much of a life.
Well, the life that I'm leading for myself right now
doesn't leave much room for an actual life.
And I don't need one. Wow.
That's a pretty bleak future you plan on spending...with no one.
I'm used to isolation.
And that is exactly what worries me.
You've been home for 8 months, Oliver,
but I don't think you left that island yet.
What the hell is going on?
Found Nickel. Click the link I just sent you.
This came up on every screen with an I.P. address
originating from the Glades.
If you make the Glades your home,
you know who this man is.
John Nickel.
He owns your tenements.
Manages your slums.
Provides the leaking roofs over your head.
The mold in your pipes
and asbestos in your walls.
Basically, he makes money off our suffering.
But the police aren't interested in helping us.
They may have let us down, but I won't.
John, I want to give you the chance to state your case.
Why shouldn't you be punished?
I knew there was bad stuff in my buildings.
Track him, Felicity.
I'm looking. Ok, yes, I made a little profit!
At least they had a place to live.
Without me, people like that would end up on the street.
"People like that."
That's all we are to guys like this.
Aaah! Don't.
I find you...
There are plenty more people who need to answer
for their crimes against us.
Who's next?
Anything new?
This guy's definitely
got more than a subscription to "Wired."
His website's protected by some very serious encryption.
Well, use that air magnet thing, you said that it could trace--
Oliver! No offense.
Do I tell you how to sharpen your arrows?
Spoke to my friend at the NSA.
The website code matches a cyber crusader who's been on their radar.
He hacks into fringe sites under the user name "The Savior."
NSA believes he's a former resident of the Glades.
Former? Yeah, well, a year ago,
he hacked himself right off the radar.
He erased all traces of his existence.
So what happened a year ago?
We're back.
I have with me assistant district attorney
Gavin Carnahan.
Now, DAs are supposed to go after bad guys.
But this one can't even be bothered to bring them to trial.
Like the ones who killed my wife in a bodega.
Felicity... I'm on it.
They said there wasn't enough evidence.
You think the evidence would have turned up
if she'd been killed in one of Starling City's
nicer neighborhoods?
Emma Falk. Grieving husband is Joseph Falk.
What do we have on him? Not much.
42, former city worker.
Department of transportation, computer technician,
left his job when she was killed. One year ago today.
No current phone, no current address.
Gavin, you're a lawyer. You're used to making a case.
So go ahead.
I'm going to give you ten minutes to deliver
the closing argument of your life. Come on.
I'm trying to get a lock on his wireless signal.
10 minutes to convince me not to blow you away.
What did Malcolm want with you last night?
A target for reprisal.
He wants justice, and he's not going to stop until he gets it.
Besides, this is good.
I think your definition of good requires an adjustment.
No, he came to me. Which means he doesn't know
that we're responsible for the attempt on his life.
What are the chances of Malcolm discovering
who paid the triad to assassinate him?
I was very discreet.
I wired the money through a shell corporation I own,
from an offshore account. Offshore?
Good. That's good.
I'm sending Amanda to London for a few weeks,
just as a precaution.
Perhaps you should do the same for your family.
There's nothing I wouldn't do
to protect my children, Frank.
Hey, can I talk to you about something?
Almost woman to woman.
I'm really busy right now.
What's up?
I could use some advice.
I'm sort of dating this guy
who would definitely be described as a bad boy.
And I figured, as someone who's dated
like a gajillion of them...
I haven't dated a gajillion.
All right, guilty as charged.
You want my advice? Run.
As fast as you possibly can.
Yeah. See, that was my first instinct, too, but--
The Chinese embassy's on line two.
I'm transferring him over.
Chinese embassy?
It's just this case that I'm working on.
But we are definitely continuing this conversation later.
Thank you so much for getting back to me.
I'm trying to track down a woman in the photo
that I emailed you.
You did.
And you're sure that she's in the states now?
Do you happen to have an address on her?
I got him! Shut it down.
Can't. He has a firewall protecting his wireless signal.
But he's working off an IPX located at 23rd and Mira.
You want to hood up? The middle of the day!
Look! Listen. Listen to me. Ok.
I have 53 cases on my desk right now.
I don't always have time to take on every case!
How's Carnahan?
Not making a very persuasive argument.
I'm almost there.
See anything? I'm only on the first floor.
Just six more to go.
There aren't resources. I tried.
Oh, my God! I'm sorry! Oliver, hurry.
Can't find him!
He's not here, Felicity! What?!
I searched every office on every floor!
He's not here. Is this the right place?
Are you sure? Yeah, I--
Oh, crap. What?
How is this possible?! This can't happen! He's--
Talk to me! Wait.
He moved. Just north of you. Ocean and Grand.
On my way!
I took on cases that were--that I thought that I could...
Win. Yes.
I'm sorry.
Gavin Carnahan, I find you guilty
of crimes against the Glades.
Don't do this! Don't do this!
And I sentence you to death.
I'm at Ocean and Grand, Felicity. That's just a vacant lot.
How is this possible? This can't happen. He--
Find the right address, now!
Oliver, it's over, Carnahan is dead.
Where's Diggle?
I asked him to leave me alone.
In my loud voice.
This wasn't your fault.
I was the one who was supposed to find Carnahan,
and I was the one who sent you that bogus location.
I've never seen anybody die.
This is the thing
with what we do.
Sometimes we lose.
Maybe it is better being alone.
I'm not seeing anyone currently, but...
If I were,
I don't know how I'd tell him about today.
Gentlemen. Welcome.
So happy we were able to reach an accord.
Oh, good. Small talk.
Are we going to get on with this?
As you wish. Straight to business.
The circuit board. Where is it?
Somewhere safe.
So get us to the boat and then we'll tell you where it is.
And of course you'll be honest about its location.
Well, I wouldn't be.
But this one's got some strange hang up
about principles and integrity.
I always imagined as much.
Which is why I'd like to make a counter proposal.
You will deliver back to me the circuit board,
or I will kill Yao Fei's daughter.
So I wouldn't leave.
I can't imagine you want the death
of an innocent young woman on your hands.
Not with your... Principles.
I wanted to do some research on my own
into the evidence that you gathered on Sarah.
So I called my friend from law school
who works at the Chinese embassy, and...
The photo of the girl.
I found her.
I'm sorry. Can I-- can I borrow your phone?
I promised my fianée that I'd call him before dinner.
My phone's dead.
Jen, these are my parents.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
I just told Jen about this photograph
that popped up in this case that I'm working on.
Is that you in the picture?
Yeah. I spent six months
on an island off the coast of China.
That was taken in a small fishing village
called Zhengjiu.
It's Mandarin for...
Are you all right, Mrs. Lance?
Yes, I--
it's just, uh,
you look like someone I used to know.
I was waiting for this.
Waiting for what?
The whole "You can change, I can see the real you" speech.
Look around, Thea.
This is home sweet home for me.
You either starve or you do things
that mean you're lucky enough to make it to 21.
I can't accept that. No.
You can't accept me.
Roy Harper? Yeah?
More on the story out of the Glades.
The kidnapper seems to have another victim
and is broadcasting the feed to his website.
A warning to viewers, this is live footage,
so we're not sure what we're about to see.
Meet Roy Harper.
Arrests for larceny
and robbery, aggravated assault.
And yet you're out on the street.
Another gangbanger in the Glades running free,
like the ones who killed my wife.
I'm grew up in the Glades, too.
And it didn't turn me into a criminal.
I know that kid.
- How? - Tommy!
Oh, God, no.
I didn't know where else to go.
You know him? Roy, he's my friend.
And we were in a fight and some guy came out of nowhere
and just attacked us!
He doesn't deserve to die!
I promise you, he's going to be ok.
You stay here with Tommy, all right?
Moira, it's Malcolm.
I've learned a high ranking member
of the Triad was just arrested.
Well, I should have a word with him.
I already have. He's agreed to find out
who hired his organization to assassinate me in return
for a reduced prison sentence.
By tonight, we should know the name, or names,
of the people who tried to kill me.
What are you doing?
So it's not Sarah in the photo.
But she's still out there, Quentin.
And I'm going to find her.
Look, I understand now
that neither of you have the stomach
to continue looking for her.
And that's fine.
I'm sorry I involved you both.
You know that I would cross to hell and back
to bring her home, but I can't!
'Cause she's gone, Di.
You got to let go of this now.
No! I can't!
I won't!
How did you know Sarah had her hat
with her when she went on the boat?
You were so sure that the girl
in the photo was Sarah.
Not because she was American, but because of her hat.
Her Starling City Rockets hat that dad bought her.
How did you know she took her hat
with her on "the Queen's Gambit" with Oliver?
I saw her.
What do you mean?
I came home early that day,
and I saw her.
I saw her put the hat in a bag.
She was packing.
You knew she was going with him?
I told her not to--
I told her not to do this, not to you, Laurel.
But she said she was in love and she had to follow her heart,
even if nobody else thought it was right.
Just like I told her...
Just like I told her I once did.
I let her go.
I killed her.
I killed my daughter.
I killed her.
I'm so sorry, Quentin.
I'm so sorry, Quentin.
I killed our baby.
I've been going through all the video we got,
trying to see if there's anything that'll tell us
where this guy is. I got nothing, except a sound.
Buried in the ambient noise. Almost rhythmic.
Here, I've isolated it.
What is that?
Sounds like a car driving over lane markers.
It's bigger than a car.
Bigger than a car. What, a bus? Uh--
wait, I know this.
I know it.
Come on! Guys!
Felicity, show me a map. Sights of the abductions
on where we've seen the signal so far.
Right there, right there.
23rd and Mira.
Locksley and Adams.
Wells street down by CNRI.
Those are all subway stops! Starling City
doesn't have a subway.
No, but they used to. When I was a kid,
my dad used to take me down to the Rockets game.
By subway. For 14 minutes, I'd lean against the window,
feeling the rhythm of the train moving.
That's how he did it.
He was at 23rd and Mira, but he was underground.
He used to work for the department of transportation,
so that's why he knows all the old subway stops.
That's why I couldn't trace the signal.
He was moving. He was in a subway car.
Where is he now?
He's on the old cross town line.
If he continues on this route, he'll be at the Spring Street
stop in 15 minutes.
Let the girl go.
No deal?
Very well. Kill her.
That was unexpected.
Come on! Come on!
Get her to safety! Now!
I'll only slow you down. Go!
Just go! You've got to go!
Go! Go!
It's happening. I'll give you 10 minutes
to state your case, Roy.
So tell us.
Why do you get to live?
I shouldn't.
Just do it.
Kill me.
Just go on! Kill me!
You really don't care if you live or die?
No one's going to miss me.
I'm just a waste.
Then we agree on something.
This world would be better off without you in it.
We seem to have lost the feed.
We will stay on this story and keep you up to date
on any developments.
Let the kid go.
You kill this kid,
you'll never get an opportunity to change!
You can give him a second chance.
We're the only ones who can save this city.
We can't stop now.
We're not the same!
You've killed people for this city, so have I.
What's the difference between you and me?
Emma never got her second chance.
You have no idea how lonely it is.
I understand being alone.
But it doesn't give you the right
to kill people in cold blood.
He deserves it.
Just like the gangbangers who gunned her down,
he's no different than them.
And now I get to gun him down.
Don't do it!
Got to get going to the airport.
That red eye to Central City.
I should be home in a flash.
Call me some time.
I'd really like that.
You would?
Of course I would.
You're my mother.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
I thought you were going to die.
That makes two of us.
I probably look like a mess.
I'm going to go to the bathroom and freshen
way, way up.
♪ All along, it was a fever ♪
♪ a cold sweat, hot-headed believer ♪
I heard Thea's friend was ok.
Yeah. That worked out ok.
This Roy...
is more than just a friend, isn't he?
Bad boys.
Hook you every time.
Oh, I think, uh,
Tommy actually went home for the night.
You all right?
You seem like you're something other than all right.
My mom, she showed up in town this week
and she's been...
She had this crazy idea
that Sarah was still alive.
She was so sure of it
that she kind of had me believing it, also.
But Sarah's gone.
I can't believe she sucked me in like that.
You miss her. I miss them both.
Thanks for listening.
Of course.
Want to have dinner, or...
coffee, I don't know.
I don't want to be on an island anymore.
♪ The reason I hold on ♪
♪ ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ 'cause I need this hole gone ♪
Good night. Good night.
♪ I want you to stay ♪
Circuit board's gone.
Damn. Fyers played us.
While he was screwing us around,
his men were combing the woods for it.
Now his missile launcher is fully operational.
And he was never going to let us off the island, I get it!
Of course he wasn't going to help you.
He couldn't chance you warning the mainland
what he has planned.
She speaks English. Yeah, well, guess what.
Neither one of us have any idea what his plans are.
I do.
Thank you for coming, Frank.
Meeting like this is dangerous, Moira.
Particularly now. Yes, I know.
Malcolm knows.
What?! I had no choice
but to turn over what I've discovered.
The evidence of the wire transfer;
the money that you paid the Triad to assassinate him.
The money I--
Mr. Merlyn thanks you for your loyalty.
You've done well.
Now Chen's family will share his fate.
Chen betrayed us,
but his daughter didn't.
Tell Mr. Merlyn I want her to live.
Amanda nearly lost her life in the Glades,
now she's lost her father. I think she's suffered enough.
We must send a message.
We have.
Very well. Thank you--
Thea's friend is upstairs. I saw.
You probably saw that they were very happy to see each other,
if you know what I mean.
Which you probably don't want to talk about,
because she's your baby sister.
You ok?
I'm getting there.
Thank you.
By the way.
If you ever need to tell someone about your day...
You can tell me.
What's that?
Felicity pulled it up. It's an old map
of a decommissioned subway line.
Runs underneath the low rent district of the city.
I've seen that map before.
It was right in front of our faces
the entire time.
My father, the other archer,
the undertaking, whatever the plan is.
It's all connected to the Glades.
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