The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - The Alchemist (No. 101) - full transcript

As Red (James Spader) enlists activist whistleblowers in his search for the mole, Liz (Megan Boone) pursues a deranged scientist who's helped dozens of criminals escape by engineering and killing their genetic doubles.

Cooper: Previously on
The Blacklist...

Tom: I just want to be
a boring, normal couple.

I applied for a job in Lincoln.

You're leaving? Well, the
interview's tomorrow.

I'm flying out this afternoon.

Someone with far greater access...

...supplied all the knowledge required
for the incursion to take place.

Someone on the inside?

Red: My house is clean,
but yours... not.

Ressler: Audrey?

Hey! What're you doing here?

(Keyboard keys clacking)

Liz: Did you
bring me anything?


The next name on The Blacklist.

There's someone I think you should find...

He's a man who protects the guilty
by preying on the innocent...

He's killed women,
children, infants if need be.

Whatever the particular job calls for...

I bring this to your attention
because I've learned

that he's been contracted to protect
Pytor Madrczyk and his wife.

The mob informant?
The same.

And this Blacklister, does he have a name?

They call him the Alchemist.



You okay?


I'm fine.


(Weakly) What's going on?
I don't know.

(Hushing) Liz: Why do they
call him the Alchemist?

Red: Because he relies upon his science

to transform one person into another.


Pytor! Pytor!

Where am I?

Where am I?
What's going on?

Where are you taking me? I don't
know what you're talking about.

(Groans) Ow, my teeth...

Are we on a plane?
Yes, we're on a plane!

What the...

Pytor, is she okay?

Is she dead? Why are you calling me Pytor?

Your passport!
I don't have a passport!

I don't like to fly!
I don't have tattoos!

(Sobbing) (Door opens)

Who are you?
I'm your pilot.

You better buckle up.


(Alarms blaring)

(Continues screaming)

Meera: The victims of the plane
crash were identified as

Pytor and Catherine Madrczyk.

Serbian mob, turned informants.

Reddington said these people
were going to disappear.

Now, they're burned beyond recognition.

What's his explanation? He
hasn't given me one, sir.

So call him. Get him in here.
He'll only meet off-site.

He doesn't think the mole hunt
ends with Newton Phillips.

Reddington believes that
there's someone on the inside.

Well, the DOJ disagrees.

They're satisfied it's over.

Whoever was surveilling us,

they're not working in this unit.

What I'm concerned about
at the moment is this case.

If this crash is not an accident,

then I want to know what it is.

So, meet with Reddington.
Get him to talk.

Man: Here's where
we are on your mole-hunt.

Yadin spent three days reviewing tragedy
texts between government employees

on and around the day
the blacksite was breached.

We've been sifting through phone
calls, digital data, everything...

You're burying the lead, Borakove.

It's just...
We haven't quite...

I mean, another week or two and...

There he is!

We brought a little something
for Julian. A care package.

It's a Tibetan singing bowl.

What do we have here?

Some jackfruit.
Vitamin D. Kola nuts.

But we've got to get him
to eat more protein.

He looks like hell.
He isn't vegan, is he?

Anyway, I've also included a couple
of favorite Richard Pryor records.

I wanna try and inject a little
levity into the proceedings.

I mean, Julian looks
so crabby all the time.

House arrest can be grueling.

Didn't you spend like
four months in Phonthong?


How did you survive?


Occasional calisthenics.

So, the defense fund.
Where do we stand?

Well, we've put together an
amazing team, but it's expensive.

He's been holed up in that
embassy for what, two years now?

It could go on forever,
and cost a fortune.

I'm practically bankrolling the
entire defense fund as it is.

For that, I need best efforts.

Surely there's some stone
you've left unturned.

We have a man inside a company
that shreds classified documents.

Mostly private firms that do
business with the government.

We've got mountains of raw data,

it's just not worth the trouble.

Not only is it impossible to reassemble,

it's second tier intel.

Put it together.
You're kidding, right?

Borakove, I hate sarcasm
and I love puzzles.

I think I was followed.

You were. By my people.

Is this really necessary?

Yes. It's a sanctuary.

And until the deficit in your organization
is found, I'm keeping a low profile.

You were wrong about Madrczyk.

You said the Alchemist was hired
to protect him. Now he's dead.

Pytor Madrczyk is alive.

No, he's dead.

Your medical examiner has it wrong.

It's been confirmed by
the lab. DNA tests and...

Dental prints.

Yes. You can't change DNA.

Well, the Alchemist can.

Lizzy, this man is a forensic virtuoso.

He's an artist who paints
in blood and saliva samples.

Human tissues is his canvas.

I'm not ashamed to say he's even better
than me at helping people disappear,

which is why Madrczyk
hired him and not myself.

Wait. Madrczyk
tried to hire you?

Competition is fierce.

Are you telling me you know
where he wanted to flee?

If I tell you...

You have to promise me you'll
try the fertilized duck eggs.

It's a daring and unique
dining experience.

You'll think you've died and gone to hell.

You have eyes on the target?

The target's dead. Hold tight
while I look for his ghost.

My ex, Audrey, she's getting married.

She just texted me again.
Wants to meet for drinks.

To talk about Tassels.

Tassels? That her dog?

No, it's the guy.

He's a hedge fund guy. Pink shirt.
Loafers with Tassels.

Anyway, the thing is, I gotta tell
her I'm happy for her when I'm not.

The guy's a tool.

I have eyes on him.

He's headed your way.

Any sign of the wife?

Nope, just him.

Liz: (Over radio)
Everyone, in position.


(Shouts indistinctly)

Male reporter: ...Engine
trouble appears to be to blame

for the plane crash that killed...
(Door closes)

(Clicks switch)

Hey. You're home.

How was the job interview?

I didn't go.

I mean, I got there but...

I couldn't.

Because all I could do
was think about you.

And your dad.

My dad?

You know, just everything
that you've been through.

And I realized, I can't
put you in that position

of choosing between your career and me.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

But Jeni's due in six weeks.

And I think she's expecting
us to take her baby.

I'm expecting us to take her baby.

I think about it all the time.

Do you?

Because we never talk about it.

I mean, it used to be all that mattered.

I know.

I would quit my job if I could...

I know you don't believe that... No, no.

I'm not asking you to quit your job.

I just need you to be more safe.

And to be more present.

I can do that. I promise.

And you have so many secrets.

And I wish you didn't.
Because I don't have secrets.

Except, one thing, I may have...

...watched the last Real Housewives
in my hotel room without you.

I know. It showed up
on our Netflix queue.


I will do anything to make this easier.

Yeah? Anything?


You remember Mrs. Sutton?

She wanted to throw us a baby shower?
Invite all the teachers?

Please tell me she's not.

We're hosting.

Liz: We got the autopsy results back
for the male victim on the plane.

The dental plates pulled by the ME
were within the margin of error.

Not perfect, but close
enough to determine a match.

Then when they examined
the teeth themselves,

they found they'd been altered.

What do you mean altered?

His teeth had been surgically replaced.

Some of them filed, modified.

Cooper: Okay.

Filing teeth I get.
It's strange, but the DNA?

Somehow the Alchemist... Madrczyk's DNA into
the body of this John Doe.

(Priests chanting)

How does he do it?

I don't know even half of it.

I've heard rumors.

Removing white blood cells from a victim

and replacing them with the red
blood cells of his client.

Leaving cloned DNA at crime
scenes to mislead the police.

Even incorporating synthetic
DNA into genuine human tissue.

So, this isn't just evidence tampering.
This is genetic manipulation.


It's a trade in death.

The guilty give their blood
and genetic identity,

the innocent give their life
for the guilty to live.

And if you find the Alchemist,

you have a chance to resurrect the dead.

To bring to justice, some of the most...

...vile creatures
who ever lived.

April 2009...

An $8 billion dollar
Ponzi scheme wipes out

the savings of every account
holder at Chariton National.

December 2011,

seven people are found dead in
a diner, victims of a mob hit.

Two months later,
the Bronx DA files charges

on behalf of 24 teenage boys who
claimed they were molested at church.

There are more.
And in each of these cases,

investigators found perpetrators
of these incidents dead.

According to Reddington, they're not.

How many cases is he talking about?

Aram: The female victim
on the plane was named...

...Sarah Jenkins.

How did you identify her?

The Alchemist knew that based
on our forensic procedure,

we wouldn't run the tests
necessary to distinguish

between synthesized and natural DNA.

Now that we know what we're looking for,

we pulled a bone marrow sample.

Ran it against our database.

Jenkins was single.
Lived alone.

But I did find this...

Last time she was online
was over 72 hours ago.

She visited this dating website.

Which is also where
I met Phyllis Turkenburg.

And her cankles.

Aram. Sarah Jenkins.

Who was she online with?

We don't know. But we've
issued a subpoena to find out.

I got a call.
Are you Trettel?

We have a situation.

Yeah, we have a situation!

You crashed our jet, murdered five people!

We're supposed to be gone!
You assured us!

I was on my way to Budapest

when my husband was
taken into FBI custody!

Who did you tell?

We paid you to make us disappear.

Mrs. Madrczyk, I need you
to listen to me carefully...

What is this place? Is this
where you do the work?

I need you to write down the names of anyone
you think might know about your plans.

Family, friends, anybody.

I didn't tell anybody.

I need to know the name
of your husband's lawyer.

Clark Schroeder.
Why? Are you calling him?

Please, tell me you can fix...

(Silenced gunshot)

Ressler: You broke
an immunity agreement...

Which means, you're going to jail,

unless you start talking about
the Alchemist. Who is he?

You got a cigarette?

Yeah. I do.


I never met the guy. Everything
was through the couriers.

He gives you this, uh,
it's like a check list.

Checklist for what?


Medical and dental records,
blood samples, saliva.

How much did you pay him?

I want to talk to my wife.

Tell us about the accounts
he used to take payment.

We can start talking about a new deal.

(Knock on door) (Door opens)

Attorney's here.

Who are you?
Man: Mikkelson...

Schroeder's in route.

Moment with my client?

How long did he have you
in here before I arrived...

Where's schroeder?

He should be in here now.
I don't even know who you are.

I need to know exactly what you told him.

No, you don't.

All you need to know is how to
get me the hell out of here.

That's why I have
you schmucks on retainer!

All right, calm down.
Take a breath...

I was abducted!

Flown 4,500 miles to be put in this box!

Call schroeder!

Tell him to put his damned golf clubs
down and get his ass here now.

Give me one of those!


(Coughing violently)

Sarah Jenkins was using
an online dating site.

That's how we think
the Alchemist found her.

Gave him everything he needed to know

to double her as Catherine Madrczyk.

Who's the date?
Did you get a name?

No, an alias.
But we got a photo.


Get a medic!

We pulled the unsub's photo
off the dating web-site,

and got a match from a rental
car surveillance camera...

His name's Eric Trettel.
Flunked out of med school.

Falsified a degree
from Harvard and used it... land a job on
the Human Genome Project.

He spun that into a career as an expert
witness specializing in DNA evidence.

He testified in a case
on behalf of Carlos Trena.

A soldier in the D'Angelo family
facing three counts of murder one.

Trettel was hired to present
exculpatory evidence,

problem is, that evidence was falsified.

Trettel was outed
as a fraud and disgraced.

Two weeks later he disappeared.

It was believed either the
D'Angelo family had him killed,

or he fled to avoid indictment.

Did he have friends?
A family?

A wife and daughter in Bethesda.

Keen, pay the wife a visit.

Ressler, find that car.

Well, when was the last time you saw him?

Six years ago.
After the trial.

Annie was only two when he left.

(Machine beeps)

Honey, why don't you
grab something to eat?

Some nuts in the kitchen.

Your daughter, she's diabetic?

Just diagnosed.

How much does she know about her father?

You shouldn't be here.

Eric is a very dangerous man.

In his head, he thinks
we're still together.

A family.

So, you're saying
you've had contact with him?

He comes here sometimes.

He says he wants to help Annie and me.

I say no and he doesn't hear it.

He only becomes more determined.

That's what he loves about science.
It's the challenge.

The way it pushes back at him.

It's the reason he spent
all those hours in the lab.

What lab?

Meera: Call came in
less than 20 minutes ago.

The car was completely engulfed.

The remains match the description
of Catherine Madrczyk.

If it's her, I say our guy
is covering his tracks.

I got something...

(Ressler reading out number)

We actually reached out
to the Germans for help.

They're the ones who
designed the software.

Ah! The Germans.

Despite the headlines,
they're still the best

at keeping an eye on their fellow man.

It works on pattern recognition.

It scans the fragments
and treats each scrap

as if it were part of
a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Font, color, shape, thickness of paper.

It's all analyzed and used to
rebuild the original document.

You see, Borakove, you do have a
head underneath all that hair.

Forget Julian and his defense fund.

We have a bright future right...

Lizzy! Come, look at this.

The boys have come up with
a remarkable little game.

I really don't understand
how any of it works, but...

I just love that...

...smell the machines make.

Whose garbage are you combing through now?


Shredded communications
from private contractors

working with the DOJ, NSA,
CIA, FBI, all the initials.

This is about the incursion.

When you called you said
something about numbers.

We found this in the car
rented by the Alchemist.

Forensics ran an analysis on the paper,

and it traced to a manufacturer in Albany.

They produce stock for business forms.

One client stood out...

Bank Crédit Suisse, Zurich.

We think it's a sequence of numbers
associated with a bank account.

Maybe one that's been
used to pay the Alchemist.

Perhaps. It could be the
combination to his gym locker.

What do you know about
the man, specifically?

What is it that makes him unique?

He's, uh...

A scientist.
An expert in DNA.

That's what he does.
Who is he?

He's nobody. A lab rat.

He's a lab rat.

Audrey texted me again.

I mean... what? Is she trying
to rub my nose in the thing?

I'm not giving Tassels my blessing.

Tassels is gonna have to wait.
I think I figured this out.

Come here, take a look at this.

Trettel's wife told me he had
this lab in the basement.

So it got me thinking,

what if that number we found
in the car is from a lab.

Like a piece of equipment.
A model number or...

Or a serial number.

Hey, I want to know
who manufactures equipment

used to sequence DNA.

And find me the companies and the clients

that they've sold to
in the last six years.

Mandy, hi. Thank you so much
for calling back me back.

You are perfect for this part I'm casting.

(Chuckling) I need to put you
on tape for the producers.

I know it's short notice, I'm sorry.

But, the part does shoot tomorrow.

Okay, great. Their address is 75 Broadway.

Remind me again, why I
wanted to be an actor?

I was just asking myself the same thing.

Do you know where they
moved the casting call?

Supposedly it's not too far from here.

Is it walking distance?


Wanna share a cab?

Yes. Thank you.
That'd be great.

Of course.

I'm Jolene, nice to meet you. (Giggling)

All: Three, two,
one... go!

(All laughing)


(All chuckling)


Oh. Carrot.

(All cheering) Yay!

Oh, I'm so jealous of you right now.

I took twelve weeks with Eddie.

It was just... Magical.

Actually, Liz isn't taking maternity.

Why not?

I just can't take time off
my work right now.

I'm still trying to convince her.

Well, studies show those first six
months between mother and child

are critical to the baby's development.

Well, that's what
I keep telling her but...

We're figuring it out.

What's to figure out?


What did you want me to say?

You made it sound like
it was all my decision.

Because it is, Liz.

No, we talked about this.

I'm not asking you
to be holly homemaker, Liz.

It's not unreasonable to me that
you might want to spend some time

with our child at home.

And would it be unreasonable for me

to think you might
want to do the same thing.

How about you stay at home?

I've taken time, Liz. You
sound so selfish right now.

Okay, so here's the thing.

I was not digging through
your medicine cabinet.

I was waiting for you guys
to finish arguing...

But it just got sort of
got kind of weird for me.

And I'm also, mildly claustrophobic.

Hi. I'm Jolene.

Uh... sorry, Tom.

You're subbing for
Mr. Sinnard, right?

Yes. Yes, sir.

I'm sorry you had to hear all that.

Uh, please, that was nothing.

(Cellphone ringing)


I'll be right there.


Bad move.

You're gonna pay for that one.


(Mandy whimpering)

Don't worry.

This will all be over very, very soon.

Any word from Liz?

I told you, "selfish" was a bad idea.

Now, you're the bad guy.

Look, it's not as bad
as it sounds, all right.

She's under a lot of pressure from work

and, you know, getting
ready to have a baby.

Oh, stop being such a downer.

Look, you wanna fix your marriage?

You gotta show her a good time.

I don't think I asked for your advice.

Okay, smartass,
what's your plan of attack.

And if you say you're gonna
make dinner or buy her flowers

I'll literally vomit
all over this countertop.

You have to have some fun.

You like photography?

There's this amazing
photography exhibit tomorrow.

You guys should come.

Um, photography exhibit's
not really me and Liz.

Okay, she seduces married
men, sleeps with them,

and takes a photo mid act.

Wait, you know what?
I've heard of this woman.

Yeah, in fact, I have a friend
and she took his photo.

You know one of her subjects?

No. Are you crazy?

Oh, my God. What kind of
woman does this, anyways.

Going around photographing herself

having sex with random strangers.

What is that?

Actually, it's my show.

No, it's not.

Yeah, it is.

It's cool.

Oh, I'm sorry.

No, I really like photography.

I didn't know you were an artist.

I'm kidding.
Oh, my God.

You really think I go around
sleeping with married men.

I'm a substitute teacher.


Your hunch about the numbers was right.

It wasn't an account.

We checked what other company produce
that particular paper stock,

and found a company that
produces medical equipment.

It was a serial number

for centrifuge purchased around
the time Madrczyk hired Trettel.

Were you able to trace the sale?

It was corporate, an LLC
called Medtech Horizons.

They specialize
in DNA sequencing research.

Time to pay a visit.


Take a look at this.

Two more rooms in the back,
everything's packed up.

He knows we're onto him.

That's why he took the risk of
coming into the field office.

He killed Madrczyk, his wife...

The guy is killing everybody
who might lead us to him.

Oh, my God. His family.

Two victims.
Gunshots at close range.

It's not pretty.

(Sirens wailing)

(Cellphone ringing)

Malik. We're too late...

Molly and Annie Trettel are dead.

Hey. I'm sorry.
I missed you this morning.

No, I'm sorry. I got in late last night.
I didn't want to wake you.

Look, about last night...

I totally overreacted.

I get that you don't
understand my decision,

and I know that's hard.

We should talk about that.

I want to hear what you have to say.

Let's carve out some time, just for us.


Actually, one of the teachers
mentioned this photography exhibit.

What if I countered with dinner at home.
I'll cook.

Why would you want to punish me twice?


Okay, compromise.
You cook.

I'll grab dessert?

Please, Tom.
Let me make this right.

All right.
You got yourself a date.

Great. Love you.

Me too.

The hard drives we found in Trettel's lab,

where are we on the data recovery?

We had a few corrupted sectors

but I found something interesting.

DNA panels.
Several actually.

We had already identified Sarah Jenkins

as the woman who died on that plane.

But I think now we've also got
the name of Madrczyk's stand-in,

as well as the pilots.

There are multiple case files here.

Photos of the victims
while they were sedated,

genetic breakdowns,
medical and dental records.

Probably from old clients.

How many more did you find?

A dozen or so, but I'm
sure more will turn up

by the time I've reconstructed
the whole drive.

Ressler: What is it?

Molly and Annie Trettel are alive.

The victims at the Trettel house,

I want autopsies done immediately.

I'm not interested in cause of death,

I want bone marrow drawn,

tissue samples pulled.

And if isn't them?

Then this is an abduction.

Put an Amber alert on the girl.

Get pictures of Trettel and
his wife to the media.

Any news outlet
that will pick up the phone.

Borakove: I called you
as soon as I could.

Ravi actually caught it.

Noticed the document referenced
the address you gave us

and we thought it might be
worth pointing out.

Reddington: Blow it up.

Attractive but treacherous.

It's agent Keen.

Print me a copy.

Just out of curiosity, what
number am I on your speed dial?

Liz: Seven.
Who's six?

Chinese takeout. Can we
come back to this later?

I need your help.

I think Eric Trettel abducted his family.

Tell me what you know.

Two bodies at the wife's house.
A woman and a girl.

Doubles for his family.

Trettel, he's a... Cypher.

Closed off from the world,
shut away in his lab.

But now he's on the run.

He must be leaving some kind of trail.

Bank records?

Wiring money to his new identity?

Reddington: You don't have time for that.

Go back to the wife and daughter.

He's not alone anymore.

You have to look to their
lives in order to find him.

They are the ones that matter.

They are his vulnerability.

The wife, she's a nurse. Single mom.

The daughter.
She's sick, diabetic.

There you are.

Annie Trettel has an insulin pump.

Pull her medical records,
I want the make and model.

How does that help?

Some new medical devices operate
using radio frequencies.

If I could ping a signal, I may be
able to access it and we could...

Locate her using the insulin pump.

Annie Trettel's medical records.

Pump manufactured by Zetak industries.

Serial number?



Come along, dear.

I got a hit!

Signal emanating from a location
nearly 70 miles from here.

Contact local law enforcement,

and have them tie those
coordinates to an address.

Trettel does not leave that location.

You're not going to get away with this.

Those people in your house?

They don't just look
like you, they are you.

I took samples from your shower drain,

toothbrushes, Annie's cord blood.

See, they have your DNA,

and that's all the cops need.

Hey, baby, what are you thinking, huh?

You want a candy bar?

Are you nuts?
She's diabetic.

We have to go.

Mommy, look I'm on TV.

Hey, put the phone down!

I said put the phone down!

Get in the car.

Drop, or I'll shoot!

(All screaming)

Annie! Annie! No, no, no.

Annie, you're going to be all right.

(Sirens wailing)

You're going to be all right.

(Tires screeching)

Special agents Ressler and Keen.

Your suspect's name is Eric Trettel.

We're pursuing him as part
of a federal investigation.

Well, your federal investigation
barricaded himself inside.

I've got a team on standby to move in

and snipers in place.

We get a visual, I will take him out.

Absolutely not. The suspect
has information we need.

He's got multiple hostages in there.

I need to talk to him.

Then your boss better call my boss,

because my orders are to protect
these hostages at all costs.

What the hell are you doing?

I said I need to talk to him.

Do not step over that perimeter, agent!

That's an order.

Hello! Eric.

(Woman screaming)

My name is Elizabeth Keen,
I'm an agent with the FBI.

Show me your hands.

I'm unarmed.
I just want to talk.

I'm not talking to anyone
until you send me a medic.

Liz: You injured?

It's my daughter!
She's been shot.

Let me handle this.

You're going to get us all killed!

Shut up!

You send a medic right away
and I can give you names.

Hundreds of them.

People you think are dead. People
you're gonna want to talk to...

Okay, Eric. That's good.
We can talk later.

But right now your daughter needs help.

You need to open that door.

I'm not opening the door
until we make a deal.

Please, she needs a doctor now.

Shut the hell up.
I'm getting her a doctor!

I get you the names,

and I get full immunity

with WITSEC relocation
for the three of us.

I can't authorize that.


But I can help save your daughter's life.

Liz: You're in
control here, Eric.

Annie's life is in your hands.

Just do what she says.


(Woman screaming)

Sniper over radio: Delta one.
I've got the shot.

Delta, green light. Take the shot.
Take the shot.


(Woman screaming)


Man: Move in!

Move in! Go, go, go!



Please tell me you didn't cook.

No, I didn't cook, because
I figured you'd be late.

So, it is, what it is.

I thought we were
gonna carve out some time,

finally have that talk, just you and me.

How about I pick up some Chinese?


Good luck with Audrey.

I decided what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna tell her it's a huge mistake.

She wants to know my opinion
I'm gonna give it to her.

You sure about that?


Excuse me.
I found Trettel's database.

The list of criminals he disappeared.

(Footsteps approaching)

The Alchemist.
You found him.

Yes. And you were right about
the people he helped disappear.

Some of them we don't even know.

Cooper thought you might be able...

You didn't even look at it.
I have other business.

That's what this was about.

Sending us to find the Alchemist for you.

So you could have that list.

Who is it that you're looking for?

I'd love to talk, Lizzy,

but as I said I have unfinished
business to attend to.



Thank you so much for coming to...

Look, here's the thing.

I've thought about this a lot,

and I want you to know,
for what it's worth...

I think you're making a great decision.

You and Michael, the two of you...

We broke up.


Well, we put it on hold.

The engagement.

I just...

I saw you in the hospital...

I just haven't been able
to stop thinking about you.


Hey, it's Tom.

Tom Keen.

Yeah, no, I was just calling to see

if, uh, your invite still stands

for that art show tonight?

Uh, no, no.

No, it's just going to be me.


(Line ringing)

Tom on voice-mail: Hey, it's
Tom Keen, leave a message.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

(Door opening)

Hello, Meera.

I trust you know why I am here.


You're here to kill me...

...because I'm the mole.